Foreigner (フォーリナー, Fōrinā?) is a Foreigner-class Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Foreigner's True Name is Mysterious Heroine XX (ナゾノヒロインXX, Nazo no Hiroin XX?), a version of Mysterious Heroine X from further in the future. She has taken up a job in the Servant Universe that involves hunting down Foreigners.[1]


MHXX's Stage 1 appearance shows her in high-tech full body armor with flight capabilities. Stage 2 removes the helmet, revealing a woman underneath with most of the armor pieces intact. Stage 3 has all of the armor removed, instead wearing a two piece bathing suit, blue cap, and a small long sleeve blue shirt.



Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Serva★Fes 2018: Servant Summer Festival!Edit


Mysterious Heroine XX wields the double-ended lance Rhongomyniad LR (ロンゴミニアドLR, Rongominiado LR?) and is equipped with the Holy Lance Armor Avalon (聖槍甲冑アーヴァロン, Seisou Katchū Āvuaron?).[1][2]


Mysterious Heroine XX's Class Skills are Existence Outside of the Domain (D), Independent Action (A) and Riding (A). She also possesses Cosmo Reactor (B). Her Personal Skills are Piloting (乗着, Jōchaku?) (EX), Detective's Instinct (刑事の直感, Keiji no Chokkan?) (E) and Furthest Justice (最果ての正義, Saihate no Seigi?) (A).[1]

Noble PhantasmEdit

Mysterious Heroine XX's Noble Phantasms are Regulation of the Aether​ Cosmos, also referred to by her as Twin-myniad Disaster (ツインミニアド・ディザスター, Tsuinminiado Dizasutā?) and Double X Dynamic (ダブルエックスダイナミック, Daburu Ekkusu Dainamikku?), and Unnamed Nebula Sword (無銘星雲剣, Mumei Seiun Ken?).[1]



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