Forte (フォルテ, Forute?) is a magus associated with the Clock Tower of the Mage's Association appearing in Talk.



Forte was born as the oldest daughter of her lineage, one lasting many generations. Described as a "rare magus," she has experienced many "gruesome melees" such as participating in protecting Seal-Designed Magi and recovering grimoires. She encountered one of the Aozaki sisters, with whom she shared the wind magical element, several times.[1]




Forte enters the Forest of Einnashe as a hunter. Four days after its appearance, she, Ciel, Merem Solomon, and Shiki Tohno are the only four survivors out of the hundred who entered. She encounter Shiki, entering combat with him. She is completely defeated by him, but she does not suffer any wounds. Surprised she is still living, she understands that she cannot defeat him. She feels like her hiding from him in the shadows is but her own delusion, that she is actually dead. Planning to retreat, she asks for his name, but she is not able to understand what he says due to not knowing Japanese. She only barely is able to hear the pronunciation of his name, but she engraves it into her memory and departs.[2]


Forte is of the Wind Element. She wields a sword acting as a magical staff with three orifices on its body to generate sounds, making it unfit for slashing. Though she looks like a "blade-wielding swordsman," she performs her swordplay hundreds of meters away from the opponent. Favoring spells called Aero Strikes (空気打ち, Kūki Uchi?), she slashes the sword to create resonant effect that produces invisible impacts on targets several hundred meters away.[1] She believes she can hold her own against the members of the Church's Burial Agency.[2]


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    Forte [Name • Colloquial Term]
    A magus of the Association.
    A rare magus who experienced gruesome melees such as protecting Seal-Designed Magi and recovering grimoire.
    Forte favoured spells called Aero Strikes, and the sword acted as the magical staff.
    There were three orifices on the body of the sword, thus the sword was not quite fit for slashing. The purpose of the orifices was to generate sound. Slashing the sword generated a resonant effect, producing an invisible impact on the target.
    She looked like a blade-wielding swordsman, but this swordsman performed her swordplay hundreds of meters away from her opponent.
    The oldest daughter of a mage lineage of many generations. It seemed like she encountered Aozaki, who also shared the Wind Element, several times.


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