Cath Palug

Cath Palug(WP) (キャスパリーグ(WP), Kyasu Parīgu?), also known as Fou (フォウくん?, Fou-kun, sometimes translated as "Four"), is a character that appears in Fate/Grand Order.

He is an alternate iteration of Primate Murder—inhabiting those timelines wherein the Common Sense of Man pulses with life, and the Twenty-Seven Dead Apostle Ancestors do not exist as an organization. He is known as Beast IV.



Cath Palug is a member of a species of organism known as the Breed of Calamity (災害の種, Saigai no Shuu?), which preside over the principle of "Comparison" (比較, Hikaku?)[1]

Originally a Beast of the Planet that became Merlin's familiar, Cath Palug was at some point subsequent to Merlin's sealing driven from the Isle of Avalon.[2] In those worlds where the Common Sense of Man is insufficiently prominent, he came eventually to be known as Primate Murder—the pet of Altrouge Brunestud.

In the timeline of Fate/Grand Order, he came to reside within the Chaldea Security Organization, journeying across the assorted eras of human history in the company of Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight.

Cath Palug describes himself as the Beast of Calamity (災厄の獣, Saiyaku no Juu?) that bears the Characteristic (特徴, tokuchou?, lit. "distinct feature") of "ever exceeding the strength of an opponent" (相手より強くなる, aite yori tsuyokunaru?)—growing unto maturation by the conflict that arises amongst Men, feeding upon their Envies (妬み, Netami?) and Regrets (悔しさ, Kuyashisa?).[1]

Cath Palug is an entity of the Beast class, holding the title of Beast IV (ビーストⅣ?).


Mash Kyrielight describes the Cath Palug as a squirrel-like creature[3] -- "a cute animal," according to his official profile.[4] However, he states that if he were let to normally mature, he would eventually degenerate into an "unsightly monstrosity."[1] Status up cards depict him as having horns, a possible hint at his identity as a beast of man. Lancelot and Gawain compare Cath Palug to Barghest's demonic hound form.[5]


Removed of the Civilization of Man, Cath Palug would be nothing more than a harmless animal.[1]

He considers Merlin to be a "loathsome wretch," claiming that the man forced him from comfort of the Tower of Imprisonment (幽閉塔, Yuuhei-Tou?) in Avalon against his will.[1] As such, he frequently attacks Merlin on sight. However, some of his former masters perversion may have rubbed off on him as he has demonstrated making some suggestive remarks on Mash Kyrielight.


Garden of Avalon[]

Merlin throws out Fou.

While Merlin was imprisoned within the Garden of Avalon, he went through the drafts and sketches he had made in life and started telling Cath Palug the events of the life of King Arthur.[6]

Upon witnessing Arthur's final moments, Merlin releases Cath Palug from the Garden of Avalon, insisting that he seek out "that which is beautiful."[2]

Fate/Grand Order[]

Cath Palug is found by the Chaldea Security Organization and given the nickname of "Fou-kun" (フォウくん?).[1] During his stay with the organization, he is permitted to freely wander their facilities.[3]

Fuyuki: Flame Contaminated City[]

Cath Palug is met by Ritsuka Fujimaru alongside Mash Kyrielight.[3]

E Pluribus Unum: North American Myth War[]

Merlin uses Cath Palug as a conduit through which to temporarily reveal himself, so to lend aid to the protagonists in the battle against Cú Chulainn Alter.

Babylonia: Absolute Demonic Front[]

Cath Palug attacks Merlin

Cath Palug here, interacting with Merlin and the others, with even his identity as a beast being revealed by Ishtar/Ereshkigal.

Cath Palug smacks Ishtar

Solomon: The Grand Temple of Time[]

In the aftermath of Mash Kyrielight's sacrifice, Cath Palug locates her soul in the place beyond life—revealing his true name and his nature as a Beast. He then expends the majority of the Magical Energy that he's collected across the centuries of his life to transplant his Force of Providence into Mash's soul, perfectly resurrecting her. However, the act deprives him of both his Sapience (知性, Chisei?) and Characteristic (特性, Tokusei?), leaving him as nothing more than a common animal. In the end, he congratulates Mash and the people of Chaldea for defeating the Beast IV without violence.[1]

Avalon le Fae: Fairy Round Table Domain[]

Unlike all previous Singularities and Lostbelts, Fou strangely chooses to stay behind at Chaldea rather than travel to the English Lostbelt.

Merlin briefly transforms into Fou to guide Artoria, Fujimaru, Mash, and Muramasa through the Spiritual Tomb of Albion on their way to Avalon.


Cath Palug transplanting his Force of Providence to Mash Kyrielight.

Under certain circumstances, Cath Palug is capable of enacting a miracle that exceeds the scope of Magic -- "the Complete Resurrection of Death" (死者の完全な蘇生, Shisha no Kanzen-na Sosei?). More specifically, he was able to resuscitate Mash Kyrielight, but this was possible only due to the extra-temporal nature of the context of her death, the interior of Ars Paulina. So to facilitate the process, Cath Palug consumed the majority of the Magical Energy he had accumulated across the centuries of his lifetime, using it to fuel the transference of his Force of Providence to Mash, and overwriting the limitations of her remaining lifespan (3 days). However, as he wasn't yet an adult of his species, he was capable only of granting Mash a lifespan comparable to that of a normal human—at the cost of his own Sapience (知性, Chisei?) and his Characteristic (特性, Tokusei?) as a Beast of Calamity.[1] He has since been witnessed communicating in snippets of human language even after this, however, so it is unclear as to how much of his intelligence was actually sacrificed.

Fou's ability of "Comparison" lets him feed off the competition and growth of Humans and their negative feelings toward it, allowing him to become stronger than his opponents.


He has even demonstrated the ability to escape the Chains of Heaven or enter inside Nega-Genesis to aid Ritsuka by teleporting him right above Tiamat's weak spot, even though it can instantly destroy Servants by denying all established forms of life. In the epilogue of Tunguska Special Territory, he's able to sense U-Olga Marie's presence above the Wandering Sea before even Chaldea's super computer Trismegistus II.


Taiki is the illustrator for Cath Palug.


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    -- a relief. It's good that you haven't yet departed, Mashu.
    Your annihilation was absolute.
    You'd reached the termination of your life.
    Even so, your consciousness yet lingers within this Void (虚無, Kyomu?).
    Even so, you have labors yet to complete.
    And therefore, I shan't tell you that "you've done a good job, and earned your rest."
    The time, however, has come for me to bid you "bye-bye."


    There isn't time to dally, and so I'll say it bluntly: I intend to bring you back to life.
    I am that which presides over the principle of "Comparison" (比較, Hikaku?).
    I am the Beast borne of the Distinction (特徴, tokuchou?, lit. "distinct feature") of "advancing beyond one's opponent," which comes unto maturation by the conflict that arises amongst Men, supping upon their Envies (妬み, Netami?) and Regrets (悔しさ, Kuyashisa?).
    The Beast of Calamity, Cath Palug (災厄の獣キャスパリーグ, Saiyaku no Juu Kyasu Pari-gu?).
    In a different world, I am the one that would be called the Slayer of the Primates(Primate Murder) (霊長の殺人者(プライミッツ・マーダー), Reichou no Satsujinsha(Puraimittsu Ma-da-)?).
    Removed of the Civilization of Man, I would be a harmless animal.
    And thus, I was once confined to a solitary isle, uninhabited by humans.
    However, the Magus charged with the duty of caring for me was a loathsome wretch.
    Forcing me from the comfort of the Tower of Imprisonment (幽閉塔, Yuuhei-Tou?), he released me unto the world without.
    ... but, it was thanks to that that I arrived upon Chaldea.
    And there, I discovered you and Gudako.

    -- y-you are --

    Perhaps you find this troubling?
    But, well, the Magus did once claim that goodwill is fundamentally something to be forced upon others.
    Let that my actions be an emulation of that.
    Expending the stores of Mana (魔力, Maryoku?, lit. "Magical Energy") that I've collected to myself across the centuries, I shall here enact a Miracle (奇蹟, Kiseki?) irreplicable even by way of the True Magics (魔法?).
    "The Complete Resurrection of the Dead" (死者の完全な蘇生, Shisha no Kanzen-na Sosei?).
    Or rather, any deaths that come to pass within the Temple of Time (時間神殿, Jikan Shinden?) aren't in fact counted as applicable within reality.
    I shall now be conducting a transference of my Force of Providence (運命力, Unmei-Ryoku?).
    It shall persist to the extent that your remaining lifespan -- less than three days in duration -- will be entirely overwritten.
    However, as I am yet to fully mature, I can grant you only a lifespan comparable to that of the Humans (人並, hitonami?).
    And by the consummation of this act, I shall be as merely a beast.
    Neither Sapience (知性, Chisei?) nor Distinction (特性, Tokusei?) shall remain.
    Until now, my responses to you in conversation have indeed held meaning, but henceforth, they may be little more than the cries of an animal.
    But this isn't something you should unnecessarily concern yourself with.
    From your perspective, after all, nothing will have changed.
    But, I suppose I can't help but feel a bit of loneliness in that.
    For this reason, I desired that my final act would be to bid you alone a personal farewell.
    Goodbye, Mashu Kyrielight.
    This journey that I've undertaken at your side was to me a refreshment.
    It is owing to that that I was able to retain this form until the end, even as I might have normally degenerated unto unsightliness.

    W- wait --
    Fou, -san -- Fou-san -- !

    ... Once, a certain Magus uttered these words on unleashing the Cath Palug upon the world.
    "Go forth and seek beauty," he said.
    -- Yes.
    I have indeed witnessed a beautiful thing.
    There exist evils that may be defeated without the crossing of blades, and answers that be reached only absent of the spilling of blood.
    I congratulate you, good folk of Chaldea.
    By your efforts, the 4th Beast (第四の獣, Dai-Yon no Juu?) is here defeated.









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    A cute animal who the protagonist meets alongside Mash. It seems to walk around Chaldea freely.


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