From Hell: The Evil Mist Will Perish With London's Daybreak (悪霧は倫敦の暁と共に滅び逝きて
, Akugiri wa Rondon no Akatsuki to Tomo ni Horobiyukite
Furomu Heru
?) is a Noble Phantasm possessed by the Berserker-class Jack the Ripper. Based on the theory that Jack the Ripper was a demon, this Noble Phantasm transforms Jack into a demon in the sense of a Phantasmal Species. Because it is rooted in the latent fear and unease of nearby people, its power changes in proportion to the population density within a radius of 5 km. In a desert wasteland, its strength is only equal to that of a large beast of prey. In an urban area, it displays a power equivalent to that of a martial Servant. Because it takes the form of a demon that humans envision as their own natural enemy, it inflicts particularly effective damage on humans.[1] Berserker can also use this Noble Phantasm together with Natural Born Killers, which allowed him to create over 200 demon bodies in order to fight True Archer.

The name of this Noble Phantasm and the theories it is based on are derived from a letter supposedly written by Jack the Ripper. Activating it transforms his form as well as his surroundings, displaying changes as a thick fog enveloping the area, roadside trees morphing into bluish-black plants no one has ever seen before, and craters filling with red magma that gives off poisonous steam. Human-faced bats fly through the air, and imp-shaped flames surrounds the traffic lights. Countless illusory, sooty buildings, suggestive of London back alleys, also appear. Jack himself morphs into a monster roughly five meters tall, a raw sensuality accompanied the thing that stood atop the puppet show called "hell". His skin becomes a toxic blue-purple, like a cross between a blueberry and a poisonous insect, his newly long, unusually developed arms ended in glittering, saber-like claws, long twisted horns and sharp fangs protruding from his face like a skull transformed into a demonic beast, and the wings that spread from his back cast deep shadows all around it, fluttering like black cremation smoke.[2]


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