Funny Vamp (ファニーヴァンプ, Fanī Vanpu?, localized as "Temptress") is an Extra Servant Class. It is said to be the proper class of Arcueid Brunestud if given the status of a Servant. When summoned under the Class, she is a "poisonous woman" (Vamp) (毒婦(ヴァンプ), Dokufu (Vanpu)?), able to easily destroy a man. She is a "Blood Drinker that drains the life from her opponent", "Life Eater that consumes her foe's vitality", and a "Financial Crisis where electronic trading decimates an entire nation's economy."

Known Funny VampEdit

Heroic Spirit War Master

Other qualifying heroesEdit

Heroic Spirit Current class Notes
Arcueid BrunestudBerserker