Fuuma Kotarou (風魔 小太郎, Fūma Kotarō?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is a Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Identity[edit | edit source]

Fuuma Kotarou was the fifth to bear this title and served successor of Houjou Souun - Ujitsuna. Their original name derives from that of their village, which was Kazama (風間, Fūma?), and they would normally earn provisions through hunting, lumberjacking and cultivating small fields. However, upon taking up a mission, they would call themselves "Fuuma" and have their dreadfulness become known across the land.[2]

Different from Japan's representative ninja, the Iga and Kuga, there are few reference documents about the Fuuma. The fact that the Houjou family which they served dissolved during the age of warring states is probably a big reason for that. Not even which kind of ninja tool the Fuuma used is certain.[2]

The same can be said about their origins; even what sort of circumstances brought them to settle in the Kazama Valley is unknown. One theory also says that they were an equestrian tribe that immigrated from the continent. They themselves would never reveal their origins. At any rate, they were feared by all people due to their terrific group tactics, and Fuuma Koutarou was their chief.[2]

Fuuma Kotarou is, strictly speaking, a name granted to the head of the Fuuma shinobi clan. However, this is not the case like that of Sasaki Kojirou, where several legends are sublimated and a fictitious swordsman is brought forth; he is, without a doubt, the "fifth" Fuuma Kotarou. Fuuma Kotarou, employed during the warring states period by the Houjou, daimyo ruling the Kanto region, had helped cementing the Houjou rule with those terrifying techniques of his. Among the others, the Fifth is a legendary existence, winning fame as a thief even after Tokugawa's established age.

Fuuma Koutarou is descended from foreigners and, at the same time, also has the blood of the Oni kind mixed in his veins. For the sake of surviving that turbulent war period, the clan performed a thorough match manipulation and gave birth to him as the greatest masterpiece of "shinobi" - the leader of the Fuuma. An inborn chief and shinobi, the Fuuma party would thus welcome one summit.[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

The crucial Koutarou had a nature that was both compassionate and discreet; thus it was said that, while his body was a summit as a shinobi, his mentality was not fit for a shinobi and he spent his days secluded in his room.[2]

Fundamentally, he will accept any and every kind of order, even if said order is ambiguous in its nature of good or evil.

To have somebody die, to have somebody be ruined, to have somebody fall as prey, and simultaneously deciding which should be prey; in order to find the clear solution for those, almost anything and everything is permissible.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Sasaki Kojirou
"Putting the Fuuma after the Koga and Iga... absolutely unforgivable."[1]
Sakata Kintoki
"The great hero that I revere as my great senior. Golden... Immortal Chaos Golden Brigade...!'"[1]
Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily
"I think I did a bit of bad things to her. I apologize."[1]
Katou Danzou
"There is a strong bond. A bond beyond that of a mother, a teacher, an elder sister; a bond beyond those and everything else."[1]

Role[edit | edit source]

Fate/Grand Order[edit | edit source]

The Fuuma shinobi clan had, since the time of the First, came up with all sorts of ingenious plans with the purpose to be cast as the greatest of shinobis of all time. Arousing the blood of oni kin, intentionally adopting the blood of foreigners, polishing and refining their art. Even further, by accurately cultivating the technique of the Fuuma in a karakuri kunoichi, they had prevented the degradation of information caused by oral and book instruction. Their end goal is unknown, but in the course of casting the Fuuma shinobi clan as the greatest of shinobis of all time, several hundreds have lost their live, with the mantle passing on to the next. Fuuma Kotarou, summoned as a Servant, is the fifth head and simultaneously the heroic figure bearing the lives of those several hundreds.

However, it is nothing short of irony for him to be lacking any sort of desire for the prestige, for the pursuing to be the greatest of shinobis of all time.

He wants the Fuuma to remain; yet even as he hold such a sentiment for some reason he did not pass on the technique of the Fuuma to anybody, instead leaving it hidden under the shadow of history.

Event: Onigashima[edit | edit source]

Fuuma Koutarou first appears in this event.[3]

Subspecies Singularity III: Shimosa[edit | edit source]

Kotarou is the only Chaldean Servant who successfully rayshifted to Shimosa to retrieve Ritsuka.[4] Unbeknowst to him at the time, it only worked because of his strong connection to the still living Katou Danzou.[5] He arrives in Toke Castle town, but unfortunately the trip drained him of his magical energy to the point of collapse.[4] The spell he brought with him to restore Ritsuka's comms was also left inert.[5]

Ritsuka and Miyamoto Musashi find collapsed in a alleway, and bring him into Otama's inn. There he explains his reasons and circumstances of his coming to Shimosa. He tries to explain to Ritsuka that they're in a dream they cannot wake from when he passes out again. He wakes up though after hearing Ritsuka has been summoning in battle. He believes they're temporarily borrowing the shadows of the Servant's Spirit Origins. He falls sleep again after Ritsuka assures him that they'll forge a magical energy pathway.[4]

The next day, Kotarou has recovered some thanks to Ritsuka stopping his loss of magical energy. Unfortunately his Spirit Origin isn't stable yet for him to fight. However he is still willing to fight if need be. The group then learn a large procession of samurai has recently arrived from Edo. Yagyuu Munenori explains they're on a official mission to bring the monsters (believing they're banditts) slaughtering innocents in southern Shimousa to justice with Matsudaira's cooperation. He then confronts Musashi, recalling they dueled six months ago. Musashi finds it strange she returned to the same place since it never happened before. Munenori decides to duel her to determine her intentions when monsters fly in from the south. As another wave comes, he orders Sakon to get the townsfolk out of the vicinity. After the samurai leave with their new orders, Ritsuka tells Munenori their assumption that Archer of Inferno is leading the monsters. Munenori tells the group that a hundred of his finest men will confront Archer as a diversion while they ambush her from behind. He advises them to go through the mountain pass to do so. He then introduces Danzou as the spy who saw Archer leading the monsters. She will serve as the group's guide through the mountain pass. Kotarou is shocked to see her, and assumes it's coincidental that she looks like the one he knew.[6]

As the group walk the mountain pass, Danzou confirms she is an over century old puppet animated by machinery. Kotarou confirms she is a living person from the era. He decides not to tell Danzou his clan name, believing it'll only confuse her. He says he is from the Sagami Province, which Danzou finds coincidental since some of her installed ninjustu are from the Sagami clan. Kotarou then realizes Danzou doesn't recognize him to her confusion. Eventually the group reach their destination, and stop Archer from incinerating more samurai. Kotarou orders Danzou take the injured to safety, and give the others new orders since they cannot stand against a Servant. Musashi deduces Archer's True Name is Tomoe Gozen when she shouted Lord Yoshinaka. After Musashi slays her, the monsters are sent into disarray. The group then help Danzou and the samurai deal with the remaining monsters.[6]

Later, Kotarou is challenged by Musashi to a duel since he's fit enough for battle now. After the duel, they learn that a letter was sent to Toke Castle, threatening to assassinate Kiyohime. The group decide to head to Toke Castle, hoping Munenori will let them in.[7]

Inside Toke Castle, the group wait to meet with Kiyohime. They recall Senji Muramasa taking the children back to his hermitage. Kiyohime soon enters the room with Munenori. Kotarou realizes they've yet to see history distorted by the Grail. He feels something is fundamentally different about the world's foundation. Kiyohime tells the group that many were killed when the letter was delievered. Despite having the castle guards and 300 of Munenori's samurai to protect her, she asks the group to protect her also. She then pays Musashi 30 ryou to spar with her to prove the results of her marital arts training. She orders Danzou to fight with her after Musashi warned her not to fight her alone, even though she'll be going easy on her. Afterwards, Kotarou and Danzou praise each other's ninjutsu.[8]

Later that night, Kotarou guards Ritsuka in their room. He then senses a Heroic Spirit Swordmaster has infiltrated the castle. He and Kotarou arrive outside and convince the guards to leave Assassin to them. She declares the Sorcerer will use the power of Satan to destroy this world created by the Tokugawa. She further declares that news of Kiyohime's death will plummet Shimosa's people into despair, thus making Shimosa easier to destroy. She decides to kill Ritsuka in order to devastate Kiyohime, knowing she is infautated with them. To demostrate how easily it'll be kill them, she kills twenty guards with her snakes, bringing her total victims to fourty. Slaying her monsters, Kotarou asks her if her actions as a Swordmaster go against her wishes as a Heroic Spirit. She replies that Swordmaster only exist to kill. Kotarou asks if commting such atrocities eats away at her soul. Assassin counters how his soul feels when he kills other Heroic Spirits to grant his Master's wish in a Holy Grail War. Kotarou however explains he didn't ask as a Heroic Spirit, but as a fellow ninja. Assassin calls him an immature whelp, but Kotarou declares he's stronger than her. Assassin is enraged at his demand of surrender, and fights him. After killing her once, Kotarou tells her that a soulless ninja is nothing more than a hollow blade. Assassin revives and decides to stop holding back. Musashi suudenly throws Myoujingiri Muramasa at her, only for it to miss and be caught by Kotarou. He then blocks the kunai Assassin threw at Kiyohime, who followed Musashi outside. Musashi slashes at Assassin, only for it to be an illusion while the real one had already escaped. Danzou appears and reports that Munenori will arrive momentarily with his samurai. Kiyohime then faints after learning twenty castle guards were killed by Assassin. Danzou attends to her, and offers to heal Kotarou's injuries. He rejects her offer, and stops himself from revealing that he isn't human.[8]

Assassin later returns, and summons Orochi to kill everyone. Musashi and Kotarou slay it when Kiyohime suddenly attacks Ritsuka with her fire. Kotarou manages to protect them with his own body. Orochi then revives despite being reduced to ash by Kotarou's Immortal Chaos Brigade due to Assasin's Saigyou revival technique. Assassin then tells Kiyohime to kill the group, and she will kill her afterwards. Kotarou realizes the kunai Assassin threw at Kiyohime last night was merely a feint to put her under a spell. The group then fight Kiyohime and Orochi. After Orochi is slain again, Musashi deduces Assassin is Mochizuki Chiyome. Musashi slays her, and Kotarou pick up her kunai that didn't disappear with her since they were procured in Shimosa.[9]

The group travel back to the hermitage accompanied by Danzou. Her new orders from Munenori are to gather information around Shimosa, and to ensure the group arrive safely at their destination. She finds it strange Kotarou isn't injured despite what happened to him last night. She thought it was a Sagami ninjustu, but her database doesn't have a ninjutsu that would explain Kotarou's rapid recovery. Kotarou says his body is quite different from an ordinary person, but it isn't because of any ninjutsu. He assures her that pain isn't new to him, prompting Danzou to walk ahead of the others. Kotarou wonders if he did something to offend her.[10]

At the hermitage, Muramasa tell the others about the massacre near Arakawa River done by two women according to a surviving soldier before dying. The group deduce the two women are Swordmasters. Muramasa then reveals the entire Sagami Province was also destroyed by the women. Afterwards, they went on a killing spree until high noon. Because they vanished by then, smaller villagers were spared, but larger places like Kamakura and Odawara Castle town were nearly massacred. The group then suddenly hear Onui screaming from outside.[10]

They rush out to find her and Tasuke captured by Shuten-douji and Minamoto no Raikou. Musashi attacks Shuten, but Raikou blocks it. The Swordmasters then overwhelm the group using only a fraction of their power. Raikou tells them to come to the peak of the nearby mountain before high noon if they wish to save the children. After they escape, the group prepare to go to the nearest mountain.[10]

After Muramasa forges a new sword, the group leave for the mountain. They cut through the nearby bamboo forest into a mountain trial. During this time Kotarou confesses to Danzou that he's a Servant.

As they continue to ascend, Orochi suddenly appears, even though Chiyome is long gone. Kotarou realizes Shuten is able to summon it because she is a descendant of Orcohi. With the last of its energy, Orochi knocks Ritsuka down a slope. Kotarou goes to save them when another Orochi appears.[11]

He and the others eventually find Ritsuka. He uses his clan's secret ointment to close their wound caused by Shuten. After getting more rest, Ritsuka continues onward to the peak with the others.[12]

There the group demand Shuten and Raikou to give the children back. They doubt Shuten's claims that she ate them. They then kill the Orochi summoned by her. After Shuten disappears, Raikou tells the group that the children are safe in a small shrine up ahead. She confirms Shuten was lying before, saying they didn't harm either of them. She asks them to defeat the Swordmasters and prevent the Onriedo's arrival. After she disappears, Kotarou arrives with Onui and Tasuke. As the group leave the mountain, Kotarou realizes this world's divergence from the original history didn't begin in Shimosa nor Toke, as Danzou is still operational.[12]

At the hermitage, Ritsuka's party see day become the blood moon night. They assume another Swordmaster has arrived. Danzou sends up a flying observational device to see that Toke Castle has been transformed. Kotarou gets the horses that Muramasa provided ready for them to ride to town. Afterwards, he finds Danzou alone in Muramasa's smithy. He asks her if she's concerned about the situation as an agent of the shogunate or a lone ninja, or if something else is weighing on her mind. He confesses he'd personally rather have her remain at the hermitage, concerned about her safety. Danzou thanks him for his concern, but nonetheless decides to go with him and the others.[13]

Arriving in town, Kotarou scouts on ahead, and assumes the castle is the cause of the monsters in town. He also says a number of the townsfolk were turned into monsters. Danzou confirms the eastern area has been completely wiped out. Since the east is closer to the castle, the group assume people become monsters when they get close to it. They then notice Otama helping people evacuate. She confirms most of the survivors have already escaped an hour from when the carnage began. Munenori and his samurai fought the monsters long enough for the survivors to escape. Leaving the children with Otama, the group leave for the castle when two Orochi arrive. They slay one, then encounter the missionary who fought the other Orochi. He reveals the Sorcerer, Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, is preparing to use Onriedo Castle to cast a far-ranging multi-layered currse on the Tokugawa, powerful enough to threaten the stability of many parallel worlds. He plans to use Kiyohime as the perfect catalyst due to her Tokugawa to achieve his aim of cursing every possibility of the Tokugawa. Though she lacks blood from the immediate family, it will be sufficient for his plan, especially given that Iemitsu is only the third shogun. Once she is sacrificed to the castle, it will be complete, and this world, along with many others, will be destroyed. The group then rush towards the castle to save Kiyohime and stop Amakusa Shirou.[13]

Danzou guides the group to the castle courtyard. There she tries to confess she is an enemy spy, but Musashi reveals it before she can. The group suspected her at different times; Musashi and Muramasa from the beginning; Kotarou after Chiyome's demise; Ritsuka after Onui and Tasuke were abducted. Danzou reveals Saber commanded her to aid the group against the Swordmasters. Ashiya Douman ordered her to kill them if the chance presented itself. Danzou recounts what Kotarou said to Chiyome, and confesses she tried and failed to be that. She believes she gained a soul, and guided the others to the castle of her own volition to stop its activation. Douman appears and mocks her for thinking such. He found and repaired her broken and abandoned body, having shutdown from a lack of magical energy. While he repaired her body though, he also altered her mental records. Musashi attacks him, but a barrier stops her. Danzou also tries to attack her from behind, but Kotarou stops her. Danzou realizes Douman has been controlling her actions the whole time. Douman then calls the monsters that he's been keeping at bay, which is why the group never encountered any in the castle so far. He also has Danzou fight the group, revealing he imbued her with a sorcery that recreates the Curse of Annihiliaton's karma through machinery. The group slay the monsters, but Danzou is too fast for them. Danzou then self-destructs herself.[13]

Kotarou apologizes to her for not calling her mother once in his life. Fighting as a Servant to save the world, he now sees why she fought so hard to do the same. He feel fighting for what's right is very diffirent from struggling to survive in an age of war. He tries to say something else when he's imparted with Danzou's magical energy, the very same that the first Kotarou embedded into her. He then helps the others slay the innumerable monsters summoned by Douman. Douman casts the Curse of Annihiliation on Musashi to transform her into a Swordmaster. Ritsuka however uses the Mystic Code Rain of Isis to remove the curse. Musashi uses this opportunity to slash through Douman's multi-layered barrier. After Musashi slays his spirit, Douman is wounded by Kotarou. While Myoujingri Muramasa should be the only blade capable of harming him, Kotarou was able to thanks to Danzou passing her will onto him. Kotarou recalls how Danzou raised him, calling her mother in everything but blood. He then seemingly finishes off Douman for his mother.[13]

Mash, Leonardo da Vinci, and Sherlock Holmes make contact with Ritsuka. Kotarou realizes his connection to Danzou was why his rayshift could succeed. He also realizes the spell he brought with him was restored because he absorbed her magical energy. However it will not last long since that world is outside the proper history. Da Vinci reveals something intervened with Ritsuka's dream and brought their consciousness somewhere else. Sherlock explains their mind obtained something akin to a physical body after being transported. Even though it's only temporary, if it didn't adjust to Shimosa, Ritsuka's magic circuits wouldn't function properly to restore their comms. Sherlock then reveals Ritsuka was brought into the rift between reality and dreams. Shimosa isn't a Singularity, instead an alternate world that poses no threat to humanity. Musashi is a Mobile Singularity, but she isn't the only factor responsible for what happened to Ritsuka. When multiple Mobile Singularities are in the same world, a number of abnormalities and unusual phenomena will occur. Ritsuka and Muramasa deduce Amakusa Shirou is the other Mobile Singularity. After communications end, the group enter the castle keep.[14]

The group reach the keep's 4th floor when Douman tries to ambush Musashi. However before either can do anything, Saber kills Douman. Saber then reveals himself to be Munenori, the only human among the Swordmasters. He reveals he joined Amakusa Shirou for a chance to duel Musashi again. Kotarou and Muramasa go on ahead to the 5th floor while Ritsuka and Musashi stay to fight Munenori.[14]

On the fifth floor, Kotarou rescues Kiyohime before Amakusa Shirou can sacrifice her. He and Muramasa, who realizes he was summoned to stop him, attack Amakusa Shirou. However his body is equal to a Swordmaster, so their attacks are useless. Ritsuka and Musashi then arrive to help fight him. Ritsuka and Musashi then arrive to help fight him until he traps them in Shimabara Hell. However Muramasa forges Tsumukari Muramasa upon hearing Onrideo Castle is ready to activate, and bisects both the Reality Marble and Onriedo Castle.[14]

As the castle burns, Muramasa explains his sword could reach outside the Reality Marble because Onriedo Castle shares part of its name with Edo Castle. The name Muramasa is synomous with the Tokugawa's downfall, so Amakusa Shirou would have succeeded if he didn't rhyme the name of his castle with the Tokugawa's own. Kotarou then pierces Amakusa Shirou's heart with the kunai that Chiyome left behind, and finishes him off. Deducing Ritsuka and Musashi are on the otherside of the keep, Muramusa has Kotarou escape with Kiyohime. He then disappears since he used a divine sword without the body of a god.[14]

The next day at Otama's inn, Ritsuka asks Kotarou if Murasama's Spirit Origin will be registered in Chaldea. He doubts it since this Shimosa exists in the rift between reality and dreams. Nothing that happens in this Shimosa can ever affect the proper history. Onui and Tasuke are sadden to hear that Ritsuka and Kotarou will be leaving Shimosa. Kotarou tells the children they can choose to stay in town and ask either Kiyohime or Otama for help when they need it. They can also choose to return to the hermitage. Kotarou recommends the first options, and tells them that Muramasa wouldn't want to see them dispirited. Onui recalls Muramasa always said he'd leave someday. Though she misses him, Onui resolves to be brave and become like Musashi one day.[15]

Kotarou returns to Chaldea ahead of Ritsuka and gives the full details about what happened.[15]

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore[edit | edit source]

He is summoned by an unknown female Master during the Moon Holy Grail War. After arriving in the second floor, they both get killed during a fight with Dan Blackmore and Archer.[16]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

In the Shimosa Singularity, after Katou Danzou entrusted him with the Magical Energy left to her by the first Fuuma, his power was greatly increased. In this state, Kotarou possesses more energy than most servants, however, he is still unable to equally match Caster of Limbo. Despite him being physically weaker, thanks to his mother's protection, Kotarou is capable of wounding Heroic Spirit Swordmaster with mere kunai.[17] However, even when fighting alongside Senji Muramasa, they are unable to harm Shirou Amakusa.[18]

Class Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Presence Concealment (A+ Rank): A skill that suppresses one's presence as a Servant. By perfectly suppressing his presence, detection is next to impossible. However, as he moves in preparations to attack, the rank of this skill drops considerably.[1][2]

Personal Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Subversive Activities (B+ Rank): The ability to reduce the enemy's war potential in the preliminary stage before going to battle. An expert of traps. With this skill at B Rank, it is possible to disable close to 30 percent of the enemy forces before they advance. In Fuuma Kotarou's case, the more subordinates he has the more the damage ratio increases. However, the higher the ranking of this skill is the more one's spiritual status as a hero declines.[1][2]
  • Ninjutsu (A+++ Rank): Consist of intelligence gathering skills, combat techniques, larceny skills, torture techniques, and etc. utilized by ninjas. At A++, one can be said to be on the class of Iga and Koga's head. At A+++, one stands shoulder to shoulder among the legendary ninjas. The system is unique for each school, and almost no documents related to the Fuuma shinobi clan brought to ruin by the Tokugawa house, are left behind. This Heroic Spirit, the fifth head of the clan, is thought to be chosen by means of his true strength and competency.[1][2]
  • Afraid of Your Own Shadow (C Rank): A state that originates from soldiers of a defeated army being frightened simply from the sound of the wind, or the cry of the crane; from fear as the origin itself. As Fuuma Kotarou suppresses his presence and lays a surprise attack, by making use of his subordinates as if they are his own limb he is capable of intentionally reproducing the state of paranoia. The will to fight severely declines and all kinds of bad status effects are applied as a matter of course.[1][2]

Noble Phantasms[edit | edit source]

His Noble Phantasms are Immortal Chaos Brigade and Ogre Trance.

Development[edit | edit source]

Creation and Conception[edit | edit source]

Shounen Sasaki is the character designer for Assassin.[1][2]

References[edit | edit source]

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    Fuuma Koutarou - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Strength: C+
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    Agility: A+
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    Fuuma Clan. Their original name derivates from that of their village, which was Kazama, and they would normally earn provisions through hunting, lumberjacking and cultivating small fields.
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    Fumma Koutarou was their fifth chief and served successor of Houjou Souun - Ujitsuna.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 158cm・49kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Japan
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Male
    There are some disparities with the description found in the "Hojou's Five Generations Annals"

    Level 2 Bond
    Different from Japan's representative ninja, the Iga and Kuga, there are few reference documents about the Fuuma. The fact that the Houjou family which they served dissolved during the age of warring states is probably a big reason for that. Not even which kind of ninja tool the Fuuma used is certain.

    Level 3 Bond
    The same can be said about their origins; even what sort of circumstances brought them to settle in the Kazama Valley is unknown. One theory also says that they were an equestrian tribe that immigrated from the continent.
    The themselves would never reveal their origins. At any rate, they were feared by all people due to their terrific group tactics. And Fuuma Koutarou was their chief.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Undying Chaotic Brigade"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Army  Range: 2~50  Maximum Targets: 100 people

    Immortal Chaos Brigade.
    Rather than Fuuma Koutarou's Noble Phantasm, it is more appropriate to call it the Noble Phantasm of the Fuuma Ninja Corps.
    It summons his 200 subordinates as spiritual bodies. Automatically turns the surroundings of the enemy group into darkness and throw them into a hell of agonizing cries.
    Together with 200 thugs, the Fifth Fuuma Koutarou that was employed by the Houjou infiltrated into the encampment of the Takeda army and indiscriminately murdered wounded soldiers, plundered weapons and provisions, and dumped fire here and there while raising war cries. Those night raids that continued every day and night forced the Takeda army into retreat.

    Level 5 Bond
    Fuuma Koutarou is descended from foreigners and, at the same time, also has the blood of the oni kind mixed in his veins. For the sake of surviving that turbulent war period, the clan performed a thorough match manipulation and gave birth to him as the greatest masterpiece of "shinobi" - the leader of the Fuuma.
    An inborn chief and shinobi, the Fuuma party would thus welcome one summit.

    ...but. The crucial Koutarou had a nature that was both compassionate and discreet; thus it was said that, while his body was a summit as a shinobi, his mentality was not fit for a shinobi and he spent his days secluded in his room.


    ヘンリー・ジキル&ハイド - アサシン



    破壊工作 B+
    忍術 A+++
    風声鶴唳(ふうせいかくれい) C

    気配遮断 A+

    ランク :B


    属性:混沌・悪  性別:男性



    ランク:B  種別:対軍宝具  レンジ:2~50  最大補足:100人





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