Fuyuki City (冬木市, Fuyuki-shi?) is a city in Japan located in the Ōita PrefectureWP.[1][2] It is the setting for Fate/Zero, Fate/stay night, Fate/hollow ataraxia, and Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.

Its name, "Winter Tree", supposedly comes from the fact that its winters are long.[3] It is separated into two sections by the river Mion that can be considered two towns, Shinto and Miyama City, which are the new and old sections of city respectively. While not based directly on a real city, many of the locations are based on those located in KobeWP.[4]



Miyama Town[]

Miyama Town (深山町, Miyama-chō?) is the suburban area of Fuyuki that contains old houses and traditional buildings. It can be split into two main parts, the traditional Japanese houses district and the foreigners' houses district.[3] The road to Homurahara Academy, where the protagonist studies, is set between the two districts.

The intersection road connects to the shopping street, the school, the northern and southern parts of town, and to the bridge.

The Matou and Tohsaka residences are located in the foreigners' district, while Shirou's and the Fujimuras' houses are in the traditional district.

There is a shopping district somewhere in Miyama, apparently pretty close to Shirou's place as he walks to and from there to do his everyday shopping.

Emiya residence[]

Main article: Emiya residence

Tohsaka residence[]

Main article: Tohsaka residence

Matou residence[]

Main article: Matou residence

Mackenzie residence[]

The Mackenzie residence is the house owned by Glen and Martha Mackenzie, located on a hill in Miyama.[5]

Waver Velvet, needing to use a fake identity to cover himself in the Fourth Holy Grail War, sought out the couple after learning they lived alone in order to also avoid having to spend money on a hotel. Getting information on them through hypnosis, he deceived them with suggestion magecraft into making them believe he is their grandson, "Waver Mackenzie", through transfiguring their own impression of their grandson onto his own image. He made them believe that he was visiting while studying abroad in England.[6]

Homurahara Academy[]

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Mount Miyama[]

Mount Miyama (マウント深山, Maunto Miyama?) is the shopping district in Miyama Town.

  • Koushuuensaikan Taizan (紅洲宴歳館・泰山, Kōshūensaikan Taizan?) is the only Chinese restaurant in Miyama Town. It is operated by the manager Batsu, renowned for having extremely spicy food. Kotomine frequents the restaurant for mapo tofu.[7]
  • Edomaeya - A food stand in Miyama Town. Sells taiyaki for 80 yen each. On the other hand, the stores in Verde have a better selection. Popular among the students.[8]
  • Singing Birds Retreat (詠鳥庵, Eichō Iori?) - The antique store where Rider works.[9]
  • Flower Shop - One of the many places where Lancer works.[10]

Riverside park[]

Riverside park (海浜公園, Kaihin kōen?) is located by the bridge.

Mount Enzou[]

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Ryuudou Temple[]

Ryuudou Temple (柳洞寺, Ryūdō-ji?) is a mountain temple on the outskirts of Miyama, like the name suggested it is owned by Ryuudou family and the current head of the temple is Issei and Reikan Ryuudou's father.

40 minute dash from Emiya residence. Acts as the keystone of the Fuyuki leylines. Can be said to be the heart of the Fuyuki spiritual grounds. Built on top of a fallen leyline.[11]

As the name suggests, it is the very heart of the city that functions as the keystone of Fuyuki's leylines. It has a mountainside lake that is one of the four possible places for the Holy Grail to manifest. The Greater Grail resides within an enormous cavern beneath the temple, and during the Heaven's Feel scenario, the giant cave-in causes them to take several years to recover. The reason for the collapse was not Angra Mainyu's disappearance, but instead Rin Tohsaka utilizing the Jeweled Sword of Zelretch with no restraint. It can be said Issei was correct in his assumptions about her, truly making him worthy as the Temple's successor for recognizing her as an enemy of Buddhism.[12]

Souichirou Kuzuki was living amongst the monks and the Ryuudou family. In the Fifth Holy Grail War, Souichirou rescued Caster and allowed her to stay in the temple. Caster used the temple as her workshop and used the mountain gate to summon Assasssin as the guardian.

Ryuudou Temple's cavern[]

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Shinto (新都?) is the newer district of Fuyuki that is under development east of the Mion River. Around the 1990s, the area was reclaimed from a previously empty wasteland, beginning a large-scale redevelopment project funded by the local government to build a modern business district containing features like a park and shopping mall in front of the train station. The City Hall being was moved from Miyama to give it a more modern structure, and the maintenance of the park and shopping mall were complete. Although the buildings were only forty percent complete at the time, it was constantly crowded during holidays.[13]

The purpose was for it to be a clean and sterile area that would be pompous and contain no individuality, but it suffered a major setback after the Fourth Holy Grail War when the advent and destruction of the Holy Grail caused a conflagration that destroyed 134 buildings and claimed five hundred lives after burning for an entire day.[14] Much of the city was rebuilt over the next ten years, rapidly developing with tall buildings over the destroyed land. Rin Tohsaka believes the rushing left the town looking very artificial.[3]

Center Building[]

Center Building (センタービル, Sentā Biru?) is the highest building in Fuyuki. Four kilometers away from the bridge.

Fuyuki City Hyatt Hotel[]

Fuyuki City Hyatt Hotel (冬木市ハイアットホテル, Fuyuki-shi Haiatto Hoteru?) is the hotel located in the Centerville neighborhood. In the Fourth Grail War, Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald and Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri used the hotel as their headquarters until Kiritsugu destroyed it with explosives.[15] It was later rebuilt, Bazett Fraga McRemitz was staying there before the Fifth Holy Grail War.


Lancer's (lost) heaven. It is the spot where Lancer fishes during the events of Fate/hollow ataraxia.[16][17] The heaven becomes "lost" to him when Archer and Gilgamesh begin a fishing competition there.[18]

Kiritsugu used to leave and come back to Fuyuki using the harbor.[19]

Fuyuki Station[]

One hour walk from the Tohsaka residence. Constructed several years ago.

Semina Apartments[]

Semina Apartments (蝉菜マンション, Semina Manshon?) is an apartment building located in block four of the Kurokizaka district. It is an L-shaped building that contains two apartments per floor, occupying the entire horizontal part of the L and entire vertical part of the L respectively. The entrance to the building is located in the center of it, containing a door leading to an elevator and the emergency stairwell of the building. Room two of the eleventh floor is a four-bedroom residence. Each apartment features a four-meter-long hallway between the living room and the front door, an unusual design without any utility rooms for storage or a bathroom. Each apartment hallway has lights with the exception of room two of the eleventh floor due to a structural flaw allowing for no space for their installation.[20]

The building was the site of a family suicide in room one on the eleventh floor. After a married couple and their three-year-old daughter, called Little Red Riding Hood moved into the apartment, the wife attacked and killed her husband with a knife, slashed her daughter, and then killed herself. It is unknown exactly what happened to the daughter, and the neighbor in room two, Mr. A, disappeared a month later. Both became the subject of rumors and a ghost story told by Ayako Mitsuzuri.[20]

Fuyuki Church[]

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Foreign Cemetery[]

Fuyuki Foreign Cemetery.png

The Foreign Cemetery (外人墓地, Gaijin Bochi?) is a graveyard for the foreigners that moved into Fuyuki long ago.[21] This is where the fight between Artoria Pendragon (Saber) and Heracles (Berserker) take place during the Fifth Holy Grail War.[22][23]

Fuyuki Civic Center[]

The Fuyuki Civic Center (冬木市民会館, Fuyuki-shi Tami Kaikan?) is a building formally of Miyama until it was to be moved to Shinto during the 1990s. The location happened to be that of one of the four advent locations of the Holy Grail, and it was destroyed along with much of Shinto in the conflagration at the end of the Fourth Holy Grail War. The area was turned into a park, and it is unknown where it was relocated.

The building of the 1990s was in the process of being moved piece by piece to steal all central municipal functions from Miyama. They wished for a modern structure of iron, glass, and mortar to be the physical symbol of the area's development along with the Central Building at the cost of eight billion yen. It was designed by a prestigious architect, creating a design meant to make it as majestic and splendid as an ancient shrine. The building covered an area of 6600 square meters, contained 4700 square meters of usable space, and was designed to house four floors and one basement level. It contained a two-story music hall able accommodate around three thousand patrons. At the time of its destruction, only its exterior was complete. In preparation for the commemoration ceremony, it was to be decorated and still could not be used in a practical manner.[24]

Fuyuki Central Park[]

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Copenhagen (コペンハーゲン, Kopenhāgen?) is where Shirou works.[25] Run by Neko's father. Liquor shop and pub sort of place.[26]

Fuyuki Central Library[]

Located in the middle of the Fuyuki citizen's park during the Fourth Holy Grail War. Shutters ended up getting wrecked by an Iskandar who decided to take the books out.[27]


Verde (ヴェルデ, Verude?) is the biggest shopping center in town.

  • Fancy Shop - The name of the biggest stuffed animal store in Shinto.[28]
  • Tea shop

Exciting Splash[]

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Edefelt's Twins Mansions[]

During the events of Fate/hollow ataraxia, Bazett was staying in one of these mansions throughout the loops. One is located close to the Tohsaka residence, and the other is located close to the Fuyuki Church.[29]


Fuyuki Bridge[]

Main article: Fuyuki Bridge

Mion River[]

The Mion River (未遠川, Mion-gawa?) is the river that divides Fuyuki in half.

Ryuujin Matsuri[]

A festival celebrating the legend of a traveling monk and the dragon god of Miongawa that rampaged in Fuyuki a long, long, time ago. Used to take place in the fall and the summer, but now is only held in the summer. Using his power (houriki, spiritual power) the monk used incantation and prayer on the dragon god for three days and three nights. At the end of that, he converted the dragon god (more like tricked the simple bloke). The monk joined Ryuudou Temple later and the dragon god taught juudou to the monks over there to pass the time.

None of this probably happened since there have only been a few monks in Ryuudou Temple historically with that sort of power. The festival is not exactly that well-known anymore.


In the Fourth Holy Grail war, Ryuunosuke Uryuu and Caster used the sewers as their hideout and workshop. They kidnap children and perform inhuman torture for their art.

Waver Velvet managed to track down Caster's lair by alchemy.[30]


Einzbern Castle[]

Main article: Einzbern Castle

Einzbern Forest[]

Main article: Einzbern Forest

Nearby locations[]

Yatsushirodai Elementary School[]

Yatsushirodai Elementary School (八代台小学校, Yatsushirodai Shōgakkō?) is located just outside of Fuyuki.[31]



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