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« It's TIME for punishment!"
"What you should hate is not you. It is the sins within you. Our law is the one to draw out all of those sins with the scale of pain and anguish! Savor it thoroughly. Niha~☆"
"You will not simply rejoice... Know that your luck is truly high! For you shall gaze upon our affair more closely than anyone else! Torture, torture, and even more torture! Nyufufufufufufu~ »


Gàomì Luózhī Jīng (Manual of Accusation) (告密羅織経
, Kokumitsurashokukei?) is the Noble Phantasm of Wu Zetian. Gàomì Luózhī Jīng is a manual for the Kù Lì/Kokuri (Inquisitors) that was said to be written by her during her reign. A How-To book on torture and interrogation that serves to increase the number of criminals, so to speak.[1]

This Noble Phantasm is an equivalent to the materialization of a national law where "she freely allows for criminals to be produced." In other words, when she activates this Noble Phantasm, she becomes the "one who tortures" to anyone she faces, and the other party confronting her is made into an unquestioning, unresisting "target to be tortured."[1]

Rightfully, a multitudinous amount of torture methods are able to be used for punishing those insolent, but recently, she uses broken wine jars and poison that have been often arranged for torture-use against former political enemies.[1]


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