Sir Gaheris (サー・ガヘリス, Sā Gaherisu?) is one of the Knights of the Round Table.


Profile Edit

Gaheris was a member of the Knights of the Round Table, led by King Arthur, holding the 6th seat. He is the brother of Gawain, Agravain and Gareth, as well as a cousin of King Arthur. He and Gareth were killed during Lancelot's attempt to save Guinevere.

He bestowed the condition "The battle must not be inhumane." on Arthur's Excalibur.




Fate/Grand OrderEdit


Gaheris and the other Knights of the Round Table, apart from Bedivere and Galahad, are summoned by the Lion King. The Lion King tells them to decide between joining her on her "Holy Selection" or fighting against her, giving them a half-a-day to decide. Gaheris resolved himself to part with his siblings, deciding to oppose the Lion King unlike them.

As he ultimately chose to oppose the Lion King, he fought and perished when fighting against his fellow knights and siblings.[1]


When summoned as a Servant, Gaheris, like the other Knights of the Round Table, would be the "cream of the crop" when it comes to Heroic Spirits. He can be summoned with pieces of the Round Table.[2]


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