Gakuto (学人
?) is a schoolmate of Mikiya Kokutou and Keita Minato.



Attending high school in 1995, Gakuto was a member of the judo club.




Kara no KyoukaiEdit

Part 2Edit

Gakuto asks Mikiya to meet him during lunch to talk about Shiki Ryougi, attempting to confirm if Mikiya and Shiki are dating. Gakuto says their attraction is obvious to everyone, but Mikiya denies it and claims they are just friends. Gakuto pushes the issue upon hearing how informally Mikiya addresses Shiki and the siting of them standing together in the rain. He asks why Mikiya is interested in Shiki, and they discuss what Mikiya likes about her.

Part 3Edit

In 1998, Mikiya reaches out to Gakuto to borrow money. Gakuto agrees upon the condition that Mikiya look into the whereabouts of Keita, who is said to be in trouble according to a mutual friend of his and Gakuto.


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