Galvarosso Scladio (ガルヴァロッソ・スクラディオ, Garuvarosso Sukuradio?) is a character who appears in Fate/strange fake.



Galvarosso is the boss of the Scladio Family. Galvarosso's bloodlines run back to the Sicilian mafia, but the Scaldio Family he leads is far different from a regular mafia, as it extends beyond national borders, bloodlines or ideologies. Galvarosso himself had extended his roots deep into the criminal underworld and helps those mages who had been abandoned by the Mage's Association, driven out of their home country, gone bankrupt or in some other way needed assistance. With this practice, the Scaldio Family managed to gain considerable influence, making itself a force recognized as dangerous by even the Clock Tower. Due to the organization holding considerable influence and power, Galvarosso himself is a very influential person, holding many connections across not just the United States but also the world. Galvarosso's ultimate goal, as he himself has declared, is to restore the Holy Roman Empire in America.[1]

Galvarosso's name is a topic of interest, as it is not his actual name but a pseudonym he has taken. One theory states that it is a cross between the nickname, "Barbarosso", of the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I, and Galvarosso's own name.[1]




Fate/strange fakeEdit

One of the other leaders of the Scladio Family, Bazdilot Cordelion, is chosen as one of the "True" Masters in the True and False Holy Grail Wars held in Snowfield, by Francesca. Galvarosso himself recommended Bazdilot to Francesca, as he had a particular interest in the "mud of the Grail" Francesca had and believed that Bazdilot could contain it inside himself. However, Faldeus Dioland, one of the other perpetrators behind the War, is far more worried of Bazdilot and the Scladio Family as a whole, due to their power.[1]

Eventually, Faldeus sends his Servant, True Assassin, to assassinate Galvarosso, intending to weaken the powerful family. However, it is yet unknown if Galvarosso is dead, though multiple affiliates of his are mysteriously killed in a single day.[2]


Galvarosso holds a great amount of influence, both political and economic, that reaches even beyond the boundaries of the United States. He has also gained great fame in the underworld, due to his cunningness.

Galvarosso once bought Mystic Eyes of Future Sight and implanted them on himself, but all he was able to see was his own death in a loop, forcing him to remove them.


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