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GaneshaWP (ガネーシャ, Ganēsha?), Class Name MoonCancer (ムーン・キャンサー, Mūn Kyansā?), is a MoonCancer-class Pseudo-Servant in the body of Jinako Carigiri summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order.



The Servant's actual True Name is Jinako Carigiri (ジナコ=カリギリ, Jinako Karigiri?), initially called Giant Statue God (大いなる石像神, Ōinaru Sekizō-shin?) during her first ascension. This name displayed on the profile in Chaldea's database is that of Jinako, the human host, but the data is "conceptually corrupted in a way no one can read the name."

She is a Pseudo-Servant imbued with the Divine Spirit Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles and the Hindu God of Beginnings, Success and Wisdom; being a son of ShivaWP and Parvati.

Ganesha forcibly fused with Jinako, altering her Saint Graph on conceptual level to fuse with her with only reason being that they are compatible. And due to this, everyone will refer to her as Ganesha and no one will recognize her, even by her previous servant Karna.

Jinako and Ganesha[]

A divine spirit that resides within a human vessel’s body, resulting in the manifestation of a pseudo-servant. However, there are still many questions as to how she came to be this way.

Honestly, the background to this entire situation seems to involve a lot of bug related issues. The name of the human magician thought to be the vessel looks to be written on the Saint Graph, but for some reason the name has become unreadable by anyone. With that said, due to this and her saying her name is “Ganesha” everyone from Chaldea just refers to her as “Ganesha-san”. Though we still don’t know for sure if the divine spirit is really that of the actual Ganesha from Hindu mythology.

The one who has a bond-like connection with her is able to say her name for some reason, but that can only come from their unconscious and they are unable to say her name consciously. Furthermore, her name holds no meaning for others and cannot be recognized by them either.

We can only assume that a particular high-level AI was involved with her appearing as an Extra Class, but as we’re not certain, there is also the possibility that another world’s far side of the moon may have had something to do with it.


Ganesha, the Indian god she claims to be inside her, is said to be the son of Shiva and Parvati.

To be more exact, Parvati created him from the filth on her body.

Parvati made him to stand guard and not let anyone pass while she was bathing. And that’s when Shiva came in.

Since Ganesha didn’t know Shiva was Parvati’s husband, he stopped him. And since Shiva didn’t know about Ganesha either, he fell into rage for being treated like that and ripped Ganesha’s head off.

Parvati lamented her son’s death and Shiva promised he would bring their son back to life, but he couldn’t find the head.

For that reason, Shiva revived him with the head of the first elephant he found… And that’s the most well-known reason for the elephant head.

Ganesha is the god of fortune and prosperity, the god of learning (it’s said that the Mahabharata was made by him writing down the story the Rishi Vyasa was verbally narrating), and the god of obstacles later turned the god who removes obstacles.



Ganesha’s sense of duty is deep inside her body but on the surface Jinako’s personality is pretty much the same as always.

A big chicken with neet tendencies.

A helplessly lazy, completely self-centered and self-defeating woman on her x0’s.

However, her fate lead her to go through some kind of impactful experience, so it could be possible that for her squeeze some of the neet pride that’s still left in her husk… maybe.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Yuga Kshetra: The Black Final God[]

Five days before Chaldea's arrival, Ganesha materialized in the northern mountains. Not knowing what her objection was, she looked around and eventually came to Bichu. Finding the world idyllic, she returned to the mountains on the belief she was summoned at the wrong place and time.[2]

Eventually, Ritsuka’s party finds her and Ganesha attacks them. Karna soon breaks the statue she is in. They both recognize the other and ask each other what they’re doing in the Lostbelt. Jinako is a bit sad Karna only has vague memories of being her Servant, but since it can’t be helped, she pretends to have vague memories as well. She refuses to help the group and goes back into the statue. Ritsuka’s party removes her from the statue by force. Afterwards, Ganesha explains her circumstances and agrees to help.[2]

The next morning, the group travel back to Bichu. However, they notice the environment has become completely desolate within a single day. They eventually return to Bichu to find it destroyed. They try to protect the survivors from an increasing number of Kali when Ashwatthama suddenly appears. As he fights the group, Nezha, William Tell, and Asclepius arrive.[3] William points to the approaching Vimana with God Arjuna, the sole god in India, riding it. God Arjuna calls Chaldea and their allies failures and begins gathering energy for Mahāpralaya. Rama throws Brahmastra at God Arjuna, only for it to harmlessly bounce off him. Rama and Karna prepare to fight God Arjuna when Scandinavia Peperoncino arrives and advises against it, calling God Arjuna an amalgamation of the Hindu gods. Peperoncino tries to help the group escape when they’re confronted by Ashwatthama. He reveals he was Peperoncino’s former Servant, but now he is one of God Arjuna’s Lokapala. Karna eventually hits him with Vasavi Shakti in the ensuing fight, and the group escapes without finishing him off. Peperoncino warns them that God Arjuna has been preparing to destroy everything in the Lostbelt and then remake it. They reach the Border when God Arjuna initiates the restart. Karna exits and uses Kavacha and Kundala to protect the Border from God Arjuna’s Mahāpralaya. Though he doesn't understand it, he is confident he will meet everyone again. He asks Ganesha to take care of Ritsuka for him before he is erased.[4]

Peperoncino explains the circumstances of how Arjuna became his current self. He admits he spent a few months trying to control him, but God Arjuna changed after Ashiya Douman spoke with him. God Arjuna then stole Peperoncino’s contract with Ashwatthama and summoned other Servants. After the Border resurfaces, Ritsuka, Mash, Rama, Ganesha, and Peperoncino exit to investigate.[5] They notice the environment is now beautiful and gentle before proceeding to Bichu.[6]

The town looks relatively pristine, and some are kinder because the current Yuga is the Krita Yuga, the Yuga of Happiness. The group meets Ajay and Asha, but she doesn't remember Vihan. Afterwards, they leave town to discuss the distorted Yuga cycle.[6]

Peperonico reveals God Arjuna removes what he deems as failures and unnecessary between each cycle in pursuit of a perfect world without evil. Later, the group learns of a village rebelling against God Arjuna and fighting against the Kali.[6]

The next day, the group reaches a walled village, Dewar, which they suspect to be home to the Resistance. They try to enter when the Resistance leader, Lakshmibai, suspects them of being Lokapala. She fights them when Holy Beasts suddenly attack. Seeing them slay the Holy Beasts, Lakshmibai realizes the group isn’t Lokapala. Despite the risk of being deemed flawed, Lakshmibai joins the group. She then leads them to the location of God's Skyboulder.[7]

Along the way, Lakshmibai reveals the Cube was already there when she was summoned. The group soon reaches the Cube, but the abnormal number of Kali there forces them to retreat.[8]

Later, Dewar is attacked by Nezha. During the fight though, Nezha overloads herself by rapidly using her Noble Phantasms because she couldn't stand having Kubera (who's considered the same as her father) exist inside her any longer. She then explains which territories each Lokapala is charged with, with exception of Ashwatthama who's on an independent mission. After Nezha disappears, it is deduced killing the Lokapala, thereby freeing the divinities inside, will return Servants like Rama to their original strength and reduce God Arjuna's power. The group agrees to target Asclepius first. Lakshmibai recalls a town in the southwest that she suspects Asclepius will appear at.[9]

The group arrives at a village, where a doctor came and stopped an epidemic from spreading. They suspect it’s Asclepius when he appears and denies it. He summons the undead using Yama's power. The group fights the undead, but they’re constantly restored. Suddenly, God Arjuna appears and defeats the group. He then leaves, and Asclepius prepares to finish them off. However, Daybit Sem Void suddenly appears and his Grand Servant destroys Asclepius' undead. After those two leave, the group recovers and forces Asclepius to retreat. They then leave the village out of concern they’ll be considered outcasts after God Arjuna defeated them.[10]

On their way back to Dewar, Peperonciono tells the others that God Arjuna’s power will decrease if people stop revering him as a god. The group also realize Lakshmibai’s Resistance could be used as a starting point for this goal. Peperoncino suggests they incite rebellion in the other villages. Unfortunately, the group reaches Dewar to find it besieged by Holy Beasts. After killing them, they move the survivors to Bichu.[11]

The next morning, Bichu’s citizens and Dewar’s survivors argue about the latter slaying Holy Beasts. The town is then attacked by the Kali, which the group fight joined by the survivors and later the Bichu citizens. Aided by Vayu's power, William snipes the Kali from far outside the village, but the Holy Beasts continue attacking. After all the Kali are dead, William changes his target to Ritsuka's party. The group enters a horse carriage, with Lakshmibai serving as the driver. Though shot several times, she gets the others to William.[11]

After forcing him to retreat, the group return to Bichu. Lakshmibai agrees to teach Bichu's citizens on how to fight.[11] The Kali Yuga eventually begins, and the group prepares to leave Bichu with the villagers now trained in combat. But they’re forced to fight a large Kali that’s an amalgamation of other Kalis instead. While they’re fighting, holy beasts and Asclepius arrive. Asclepius uses his newly granted Varuna divinity to strengthen the holy beasts. The group defeats him and the holy beasts when Asclepius notices his body breaking down. Peperoncino suspects God Arjuna gave him another divinity, knowing he’d self-destruct. Rama kills Asclepius. William then arrives, forcing the group into another fight. They struggle against him thanks to him using Vayu’s power to change his arrows’ trajectory. As the fight continues, Asha picks up a crossbow and aims it toward William. William aims his crossbow but notices himself unable to fire. Ganesha tries to get him to remember his son, but God Arjuna erased those memories. While the others fight William, Ganesha protects Asha.[12]

As William struggles mentally, Rama deals a fatal blow. He tries to finish him off when Ashwatthama arrives.[12] William gets up and shoots Ashwatthama as he remembers he was made to forget something. The group uses this opportunity to retreat. Ashwatthama chases after them when he suddenly collapses from William’s arrows. God Arjuna then arrives and begins preparing Mahāpralaya. The group runs towards the Border to dive into the Imaginary Number Space. The Border crew pick up Koyanskaya after noticing her trying to hitchhike.[13]

After the Yuga cycle resets, the group head for Bichu. There, they discover Ajay, and the people of Dewar were erased. Lakshmibai confesses the goddess inside her isn't Lakshmi but Alakshmi. After Rama convinces Lakshmibai to continue helping, Vitch guides the group to Ashwatthama’s location.[13]

By the first day of the second Yuga, the group finds Ashwatthama in the mountains. They fight when they discover he has KrishnaWP’s curse after noticing how painful regenerating is for him. Peperoncino realizes God Arjuna placed the curse on Ashwatthama after stealing his contract with him. Ashwatthama confesses in his rage that he followed God Arjuna’s commands to escape from his eternal suffering. With his rage further increasing his power, he fights the group again. Rama then transfers his curse to himself since he and Krishna are both avatars of Vishnu.[14]

Joined by Ashwatthama, the group leave the mountains. He suggests they deny the Yuga to weaken God Arjuna by surviving and rejecting his Noble Phantasm. Ganesha confesses to herself that she thought God Arjuna would erase her first, yet she still remains, even though she considers herself a spectator who's only here by coincidence. But not wanting to betray Karna's trust in her, she decides to help Ashwatthama achieve his plan. Lakshmibai also agrees to help. The two decide to use their Noble Phantasms to help achieve Ashwatthama's plan. Ashwatthama decides to send them into the past, which he can do thanks to God Arjuna’s constant resting damaging space-time. He will send them to the beginning of God Arjuna's rule, from which they will have to become an ever-present element. If they can do that, it will prove God Arjuna’s imperfection and weaken him in the present. Holy beasts then start approaching, so Lakshmibai uses Alakshmi's power to call upon the Kali to distract them. As the others fend off the holy beasts, Lakshmibai and Ganesha activate Nahi Doongi and Ganesha Vighneshvara. They then enter the rift opened by Ashwattham’s Mahakala Shakti.[15]

It is revealed God's Skyboulder was created through the combination of Ganesha and Lakshmibai's Noble Phantasms. As she needs to remain conscious to maintain the Cube, Ganesha spends centuries playing video games. Eventually, though the isolation gets to her as she starts to forget nearly everything, except her promise to Karna. Fortunately, she and Lakshmibai are freed when Ritsuka touches the Cube.[16]

Freed, Ganesha recalls she wrote down Ritsuka's name in her notes. Using those and her divine powers, she restores her memories. Ashwatthama then disappears due to using his Noble Phantasm and God Arjuna severing their contract. However, to most of everyone's surprise, Karna returns from God Arjuna's "trash dump" thanks to Ashwatthama relinquishing his own body and Spirit Core to him there earlier.[16]

Upon returning, Karna addresses Ganesha as Jinako Carigiri and commends her for how she's grown in the time he was gone. Ganesha responds with a smile and tears of joy.[16] Through Ashwatthama’s Spirit Core, Karna knows almost everything that has transpired since his absence. Seeing him, God Arjuna descends to face Karna as the end of the final yuga approaches. Douman also arrives, and Vitch leaves. God Arjuna and Douman retreat following a battle with Ritsuka’s party and Karna filling God Arjuna with doubt.[17]

Ritsuka's party follows God Arjuna in the Border to Fantasy Tree Spiral when they’re stopped by the Sea of Milk. Captain activates his Noble Phantasm to transform the Border into the Nautilus to cross the poisonous waters, revealing himself to be Captain Nemo.[17]

Reaching landfall, Ritsuka’s party arrives at Spiral. Rama gives Karna his Brahmastra to grant him Vishnu's power. Taking Shiva and Vishnu's powers as his own, Karna's Saint Graph transforms. God Arjuna and Douman then appear. Douman has Spiral fully activate, and God Arjuna absorbs some of its power for his fight with Karna.[17]

After God Arjuna disappears, Ritsuka's party prepares to destroy Spiral when Peperoncino decides to stop them. To the shock of his allies though, Karna declares he will betray them. He then returns Brahmastra to Rama after getting him to realize Krishna’s curse disappeared with God Arjuna. Now back to his original state, Karna confesses he spent all his magical energy in his fight with God Arjuna. Only through sheer force of will does he remain. Karna then joins Peperoncino and readies to return his body and Spirit Core to their original owner. Ganesha tells him that she plans to return to her regular NEET self once everything is over. Karna tells her however to use the opportunity now afforded to her as a god to go out and experience new things. Though this is goodbye, he feels the two of them will fight together again, as long as she remains Ganesha. Ganesha dislikes the idea of fighting again though and bids Karna farewell. Karna bids her farewell as well and returns Ashwatthama’s body and Spirit Core to him. Now rejoined as Master and Servant, Peperoncino and Ashwatthama fight the group.[17]

Eventually, the group defeats them and destroys Spiral. Ashwatthama disappears, and Douman arrives. He intended to help defend Spiral, but Asclepius (resurrected through delayed Emulated Medicine) delayed him. After Douman’s current body crumbles away, Vitch transports Peperoncino to the Atlantic Lostbelt. Lakshmibai soon disappears. Ganesha decides to follow Karna's earlier advice. She also feels it's up to keep an eye on the Lostbelt inhabitants to see what they'll do with their new sense of freedom, something she finds meaning in despite knowing the Lostbelt will disappear. Then, congratulating Ritsuka and Mash on a job well done, Ganesha departs in her statue form.[17]


Ganesha's armaments are a staff, spoon, axe, overwhelming weight, and dangos.

Ganesha is capable of damaging enemies with intense light and stream of water. She can create small tornadoes and air streams.

As a Hindu God, Ganesha's intellect should be high, specializing in science and wisdom. She is quite skilled fighter as well, capable of keeping up with the likes of Karna and Rama. Ganesha also has good analytical skills, using her seemingly useless knowledge of otaku culture as a tool to analyze Arjuna's plan.


Class Skills[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Prosperous Business (A Rank): A Skill representing the fact Ganesha is the god of fortune and prosperity. Almost all commerces and banks in India put up an image of Ganesha.[1]
  • Broken Tusk (B Rank): A speciality of the elephant head god, a skill that displays their severed right tusk. There’s a famous tale of the tusk being broken when purposely not avoiding a blow from Parashurama’s axe as it was a gift from their father Lord Shiva. Though there have been many other tales, such as the one where the tusk was actually broken all together from the beginning. And another where they threw the tusk at the Moon.[1]
  • Vinayaka (EX Rank): Ganesha’s other name with the meaning of "The Supreme Head". It is also the name of the demon king who is the remover of obstacles. It is connected to the meaning of "there is a success when you overcome the obstacle" and because of that, she is believed as "the God who removes obstacles". It also refers to a group of demons who had the nature of being "The ones who are obstacles". Which further connects to the meaning of "If you overcome your difficulties, success will come to you" and from this we come to the belief of Ganesha being "The god who removes obstacles".[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Jinako's Noble Phantasms are Ganesh Impact and Ganesha Vighneshvara.[1]


Arco Wada is the character designer for MoonCancer.


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