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« Let me tell you the story of a king.”
“The inner sea of the planet. The platform of the watchtower. From the edge of paradise, you shall hear my words. Your story shall be full of blessings. ━Let only those without sin pass."
"Garden of Avalon"! »

Garden of Avalon: The Forever-Sealed Utopia (永久に閉ざされた理想郷
, Towa ni Rozasareta Risōkyō
Gāden obu Avaron
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Merlin. It reproduces onto the surrounding area the “tower” where Merlin is, even now, being confined. Flowers bloom in profusion above the ground, and no matter what sort of darkness or hell that might be, a warm sunlight shall shine upon it. Even if the space that he has been permitted with is nothing but a jail of a mere 10 meters in all directions, and the scenery that was given to him is only an isolated sky found far away in the horizon, it continues to eternally exist as an utopia.[2][1]

The place where Merlin, the Magus of Flowers, is must not be a hell, but a land filled with hope.[2][1]


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