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GawainWP (ガウェインWP, Gawein?), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is the Servant of Leonardo B. Harwey in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA, and reprises his role in Fate/EXTRA CCC.

He is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



One of the Knights of the Round TableWP that appeared in the Arthurian legends, also known as the White Knight of the Round Table (円卓の白騎士, Entaku no Shirokishi?).[3]

Artoria with Bedivere (right) Gawain (far right) and Lancelot (left).

If King Arthur was the night, the symbol of the moon itself, then Sir Gawain was the day, which shoulders the sun. He acted as King Arthur's impersonator (in the kagemushaWP sense) in the royal castle of CamelotWP. In other words, he was one of the candidates to substitute the King after his fall. He is the bearer of the sister-sword to Excalibur, Excalibur Galatine. However, in his blind adoration for the King, he remained unaware of the King's agony. A loyal knight just like Sir Bedivere who took care of King Arthur in his final moments, but unlike Bedivere who wished for the King to attain happiness as a person from the bottom of his heart, Gawain wished for him to flourish as a king. Unmindful of such evaluation and intentions from those who surrounded him, Sir Gawain remained as King Arthur's right-hand to the end.[8]

He never looked down on his enemies. Needless to say, he also never insults his enemies, confronting them with politeness and maintaining his fighting spirit and resolve even when the opponent lacks capacity. Remaining under the shadow of the King, he gallantly proceeds to the battlefield once the command is given and triumphs with a refreshing smile. Naturally, he was described as the ideal knight. His greatest regret was his dispute with Lancelot. He was a knight who was equal to Sir Lancelot but was also incompatible with him, unable to forget that Lancelot killed his brother and sister, Gaheris and Gareth. With a pure personality, he was an ideal young warrior and thus his affection towards his relatives was greater than in others.

« Sir Lancelot not only killed my brothers, that black knight even betrayed the King. Kidnapped the King's wife. How do you expect that to be forgiven? »


But in the end, King Arthur forgave Sir Lancelot; "I was at fault for everything". Gawain, however, never forgave Sir Lancelot's betrayal and remained hostile towards him to the end. That grudge not only cost Sir Gawain's status as a knight, but in the end even played a part in the King's ruin. Sir Gawain continued to reject Sir Lancelot when he attempted to participate in the Battle of CamlannWP even after being excommunicated and, consequentially, caused the death of both the King and himself.

During King Arthur's final battle at the hill of Camlann, Sir Gawain died after being struck by Mordred in an old wound inflicted by Sir Lancelot. Just as King Arthur reproached himself in the hill of Camlann, Sir Gawain, too, cried in his deathbed. His passion invited the King to death. He regretted that his grudge invited the ruin of the King and accepted his enmity towards Sir Lancelot - and even Lancelot's disloyalty - as coming from his own lack of virtue. Although his ending that did not help the king in the legend, that loyalty was sincere to the very end.[8]

« ...in the chance there is a next time. If there is an opportunity to restore my honor - a second life - then at that time I will devote my everything to the king... »


Thus, he was brought back as a Heroic Spirit. From this conclusion, the Heroic Spirit Gawain seems to perceive "being of assistance to the king" as his absolute mission. Now set free from all doubts, Sir Gawain regained his proper figure as a literal Knight of the Sun (太陽の騎士, Taiyō no Kishi?). Having become a Servant while retaining such an oath in his heart in order to correct his mistake, the regret of his past life, Sir Gawain serves his Master as an even more perfect "knight". All for the sake of becoming the cornerstone of a single, lonely king.[7]


Sir Gawain takes an appearance of a tall young man with wavy dishwater blond hair and aqua eyes with long eyelashes. He wears silver armor with floral patterns over his black and dark blue overall. In Fate: Grand Order, Gawain gains capes with intricate design in his later ascensions, as well as taking off his chest plate. Humorously, he is often called Gorilla (mainly by his horse Gringolet), due to the "unpretty boy-like muscle distribution" of his muscular upper body.

  • Britain Waiter (ブリテンウェイター, Buriten ueitā?)
  • Sunset Sun (サン・セット・サン, Sansetto San?) Gawain's swimming pants with sky pattern. He also wears bracelets, sunglasses, and sun locket as accessories.


He earnestly performs all sorts of work. Even if that is, by any chance, debt collecting. Despite his serious character, he has no gloomy aspects and interacts with anyone in a sincere and polite fashion. While he may get enraged, since he never harbors negative emotions such as jealousy and malice, his attitude is refreshing no matter what kind of battlefield. According to the other Knights of the Round Table, "That lack of sarcasm is already a talent". For Gawain to have never been envied, despite being blessed with talent and pedigree, was probably due his own good character and the natural airheadness to think of it as a matter of course, without ever being boastful. A loyal knight, his faithfulness to the king was like iron.[3] His only flaw is that he is somewhat of a skirt-chaser, openly admitting that one of the advantages of being a Servant is that he no longer needs to be faithful to his marriage vows.

Gawain wanted to serve a true king loyally without questions or doubt, like a true knight.

He believes that quantity is over quality when it comes to food. He is satisfied with large quantities of potatoes, vinegar, bread, ale and vegetables.[9]


Leonardo B. Harwey
The relationship between Leo and Gawain is like a real brother watching the growth of the younger brother.[8] However Gawain saw flaws in his Master and he understood that his Master lacked the experience of defeat. Gawain didn't tell him because he wanted to witness his Master's growth before his defeat. He can be overly protective to Leo and insults Hakuno's Servant, for example he calls Nero Claudius as Whore of Babylon (バビロンの妖婦士, Babiron no Yōfushi?), threatening Tamamo-no-Mae to "Step back, you foul demon woman" (「下がれ下郎、魔性の女。」, "Sagare gerō, mashō no on'na"?) and No Name as unskillfulness (不器用, bukiyō?).
Julius B. Harwey
He built a good working relationship with Julius and he describes Julius as similar to Lancelot.
Gawain blames himself for Artoria's death, viewing his distrust in Lancelot as a mistake that led to his King's demise. As a Servant, Gawain sought to become perfectly obedient towards his Master as a way of atoning for his past mistakes, and views Leo as his second King. In Fate/Grand Order, Gawain's guilt drives him to follow all of Artoria's orders, no matter how vile, in order to become the perfect knight.
Gawain held a deep grudge against Lancelot in response to the latter's affair with Guinevere and the murder of Gawain's siblings. His grudge drove him to prevent Lancelot's participation in the final battle, a decision which most likely cost Artoria's life. Gawain came to regret this decision deeply.



In Fate/EXTRA, he was summoned by Leonardo B. Harwey as a Saber-class Servant. Leonardo refers him by his real name to intimidate others.[8] Gawain would follow Leonardo like a shadow and serve him like he would a king.

He was the last Servant that Hakuno would face. Depending on Hakuno's Servants, Gawain would interact with them differently. With his defeat, Leonardo finally learns of defeat and thanks Gawain for his services. Gawain points out to Leonardo that he was honored to witness an honorable king before fading away.[10]

In the Sound Drama, Gawain defeated Lancer with a single blow of his sword, Excalibur Galatine.

Last Encore[]

Gawain is the Servant of Leonardo B. Harwey. He is first encountered when HAKUNO Kishinami, accompanied by Saber and Rin, arrive on the seventh floor.


Gawain is standing in a field of flowers with a large cloak on. However, Saber becomes hostile once she recognizes his voice. Gawain reveals an injury to his chest and reveals his body is in no state to fight nor does he want to, and invites the three for a drink.

Gawain reveals that after Leo had been defeated by the real Hakuno, Twice H. Pieceman rescued Leo from death, passed on his own ideologies to Leo and convinced Leo to guard the seventh floor as its Master. After several hundred years, Leo deemed there would be no more competitors and chose to go into slumber, leaving Gawain alone to, in his own words, rust over time like a sword.

Gawain agrees to take the trio up the mountain to meet Leo, his "King". Along the way, Gawain admits that he does not fully agree with Leo and Twice's belief that humanity's history should be wiped out. He becomes convinced himself that HAKUNO might be able to defeat Twice and save humanity.

However, Leo awakens with his conviction to let history be wiped out intact, and he orders Gawain to attack Saber. In the ensuing fight, Gawain unleashes his Noble Phantasm on Saber and sends her and her Master plunging to the first floor. Afterwards, he and Leo start assaulting the entirely of the seventh floor in their attempt to defeat Rin; unfortunately, HAKUNO and Saber manage to teleport back to the seventh floor in time, leading to a rematch that ends in Gawain's defeat.

Gawain appears later on during the fight between Leo, Rin, HAKUNO and Saber against Twice. Gawain is summoned by Leo and asked to use the last of his strength to defeat Twice. Although tired, Gawain is more than happy to fight for his Master and launches his Noble Phantasm at Twice, successfully repelling Twice's attack but dying in the process.


While BB devoured both Masters and servants, Leo was able to retain Gawain as his servant. In the majority of the game, he assisted Leo in the student council.

In Chapter 1, when Rin demands money for Hakuno Kishinami to pass through her programs, they can borrow money from Leo. Gawain will travel to the Sakura Labyrinth to find Hakuno and ask them to return the money. If Hakuno doesn't return the money by selecting the second option, a battle between two Servant would start. If Gawain wins, he will reclaim the 100000sm from Hakuno and the opposite if Hakuno wins.[11]

After Hakuno defeats Karna and Jinako Karigiri, Leo and Gawain take action in Chapter Bad End. Leo activates his Sword Camelot codecast skill to create a fire wall to take on BB by himself. Leo and Gawain challenge BB but Gawain and Leo suffer a massive defeat. When BB attempts to absorb Gawain, Leo uses all three of his Command Spells to make it so that he and Gawain had already broken their contract before BB's interference with the Holy Grail War.[12]

Fate/EXTRA CCC Foxtail[]

His role is similar in CCC. When Meltryllis and Passionlip invaded the school, Gawain intercepted them.[13] When the fight appears at a disadvantage, Karna helps Gawain. They teamed up and cut down Passionlip.[14]


Gawain returns as a selectable playable character for Hakuno Kishinami. Gawain is a member Nero's party along with No Name, Cú Chulainn, and Li Shuwen.

Flame Poem[]

Gawain is introduced by Nero as one of her generals. He tells her and Hakuno that he'll serve them as long as their cause is just. He thanks Hakuno for the guidance they gave to Leo, and thus will believe in their righteousness. He then leaves to check on the AIs seeking refugees, as they'll be soon citizens of SE.RA.PH.

Couple days later when Nero prepares to invade Mare Luxuria, Gawain reports the findings of his reconnaissance. While scouting the area, he sensed a powerful source of mana similar to his holy sword. He believes the source comes from a Servant who draws power from the sun like he does. He implores Nero to thus protect Hakuno, for if they die he will no longer serve her. he later joins in the invasion of the Mare Luxuria.

When Hakuno and Nero prepare for their final battle against Altera, Gawain states the upcoming battle will finally unite SE.RA.PH. He tells Hakuno since they guided Leo, he will also believe in Nero like they do.

Orchid Words[]

Gawain joins Li Shuwen and Nameless in invading Mare Luxuria, but Tamamo-no-Mae's army repels it. Later, when Tamamo invades Mare Aurum, he empowers himself with his Numeral of the Saint skill on Nero's order. However he is eventually defeated by Tamamo after they destroy the markers that were chanelling sunlight to the Moon Cell.[15]


Gawain is used as bait by Nero and Archimedes to distract Altera's army in Mare Aurum while they invade Mare Carcer. He is eventually defeated by Altera, which is when she realizes Nero and Archimedes' ruse.[16]

Golden Poem[]

When Gawain sees Hakuno is sovereign of SE.RA.PH, he believes the Holy Grail organized its battles with a sense of justice. He then states he'll believe in their righteousness since they guided Leo. When Nero reveals the true enemy is Velber and its servant, Archimedes, he agrees with Li Shuwen and Cú Chulainn that Tamamo's army intends to conquer Mare Arurum instead of allying against their true enemy. He reports Tamamo has sent Lu Bu and Karna to invade Mare Aurum. He then joins in repelling the invasion.[17]

During the meeting between the Nero and Tamamo's generals, Gawain thanks Nameless for covering his failings in a previous battle, and swears to repay him for it someday. He feels appreciative towards Karna when he admires his fighting prowess. He later joins in conquering Mare Origio.[18]

Gawain later fights the Umbral Forces in Mare Carcer, but stops when they cease to function with the Ark of the Stars's destruction. Realizing it was Hakuno and Nero's doing, he exclaims how proud he is of Hakuno as the one who guided Leo.

Side Story[]

In his side story Symbol of the Holy Sword, Gawain is commanded by Nero to suppress invasion of her territories. Accepting her orders as its his duty as a knight to defend the people, he sets forth joined by Nameless. Later, Gawain encounters Elizabeth Báthory, who had been using her music to control the Attack Programs. Unfortunately, she escapes but before commanding the programs to attack Gawain. After defeating the programs and helping to recapture Nero's territories, he soon encounters and fights Elizabeth. After defeating her, Gawain notices Artoria Pendragon walking about, and wonders what she is doing in SE.RA.PH.[19]

Returning to base, he asks Nameless about the true identity of the Forces of Destruction after he stated that'll destroy all in their path if ignored. Nameless answers that he has his suspicions, and asks Gawain if he saw the destruction the Forces cause when they first arrived. Gawain merely states that to him that he reminds him of Agravain due their alike politeness. Nameless then reveals that Nero has commanded them to drive out the Forces of Destruction and protect SE.RA.PH., and then he asks Gawain about Hakuno regarding Nero's orders. He answers that Hakuno would agree with Nero without question and that expects nothing less from the person who helped Leo grow. Later, Gawain fights the Forces of Destruction, defeating Altera, Iskandar, and Gilgamesh alongside Nameless. Afterwards, he wonders where Artoria could be, but he senses that she's somewhere nearby.[19]

Later, Gawain realizes that Artoria is a Top Servant like Iskandar and that she was summoned to halt the conflict. Nameless tells him that he can return to base, but Gawain tells him that he'll stay and continue fighting as there is something he must see. Continuing, he eventually fights Iskandar, Jeanne d'Arc, and later Artoria, who had came to stop the battle. After defeating them, he tells Artoria about his regret in that his anger towards Lancelot had caused her death when he refused his help in Mordred's rebellion. He continues that he wished to have a second chance at serving a King, telling her about his time as Leo's Servant. Gawain then asks her what he should do regarding his third life, stating that he'll kill himself if she commands as punishment for failings in his first life and his loyalty to another in his second. Artoria tells him to continuing serving as the Knight of the Sun and that he'll always be her honorable knight regardless time passed or if he serves another King. Calling Gawain her pride and joy, she reveals that she'll disappear from the Moon Cell after the Forces of Destruction are gone, and tells him to live his third life as he wishes after the conflict is done. Artoria continues that he should serve with pride if he has found a new king, believing that they will become a great king of SE.RA.PH. She tells Gawain that she has faith in his actions and that she'll for him from afar, then finally finishes by saying he'll always be one of her knights. Hearing her words, Gawain vows that he succeed in living his third life, and tells her that she'll always be his king.[19]

Fate/Grand Order[]


Gawain, along with the other Knights of the Round Table, is summoned by the Lion King. The Lion King gives them the choice to either aid her in her "Holy Selection" or side against her, giving them half a day to decide. Gawain understood the significance of Artoria calling herself the Lion King, ultimately siding with her. He, along with Lancelot, Agravain, Tristan, Gareth, and Mordred, kills his former comrades who sided against the Lion King, which included Gawain's second brother, Gaheris, and form the Knights of the Lion King. The Lion King also gives each of them a Gift, with Gawain receiving the Gift of "Nightlessness" due to wanting to maximize his usefulness.

The Knights of the Lion King set out to the Holy Land, killing anyone there who opposes them. They engage the False Crusaders, easily defeating them, with the exception of their leader, a Servant claiming to be Richard I. He possesses immense power, enough to fight equally with the knights. Finally, Gareth sacrifices herself by restraining their opponent using her own body, giving her comrades a chance to finish the battle. Gareth willingly sacrifices herself, due to not being able to withstand the cruelty of her acts. Gawain is the one that cuts down both their opponent and his sister, shedding away the last threads of his humanity. The Holy Land thus falls into the hands of the Lion King and her knights, who establish the Holy City.[20]

Sixth Singularity: Camelot[]

Before Chaldea's arrival, Gawain killed Hassan of Shadow Peeling at some point. He escorted Xuanzang Sanzang out of the Holy City of Camelot, along with his fellow knights, feeling a bit sad that she left.[21][22]

Emerging from Camelot’s main gate, Gawain addresses the refugees who’ve gathered outside. He explains it suddenly turning from night to day is due to his Gift given to him by Goddess Rhongomyniad with the words, “May the sun always bless you.“ Thanking the refugees for coming of their own accord, he proclaims Camelot to be the only haven against the world’s destruction, calling it an ideal world. He states Goddess Rhongomyniad accepts all people without exception regardless of race or religion. Goddess Rhongomyniad then emerges on top of the main gate and selects three virtuous souls among the refugees. She then orders Gawain to collect the selected and goes back inside. Gawain apologizes to the unselected, and orders his knights to carry out their execution, the Holy Punishment.[23]

As Ritsuka’s party tries to evacuate the surviving refugees, Gawain confronts them intending to kill them. He realizes they’re the ones prophesied to defeat Goddess Rhongmyniad and confesses they could’ve coexisted if things were different. In the ensuing fight, he then easily overwhelms them. He explains Goddess Rhongomyniad and the Knights of the Round seek an untainted utopia, declaring that obeying her laws is the only right way for humans to live. To achieve that, only the truly virtuous are selected, while the rest are executed. Gawain declares that by denying the Holy Selection, Ritsuka’s party is now enemies of Camelot. He criticizes Mash for still not viewing him with hostility, asking her why she entered the battlefield with such a mindset. Since he ordered the Holy Punishment, Mash should exhibit the same hatred for him as she had for the Enforcement Knight who killed Salia. Gawain declares those who don’t understand that don’t belong on the battlefield. Bedivere suddenly arrives to help Mash. He criticizes Gawain’s denouncement of Mash’s beliefs, saying individual beliefs and actions on the battlefield are separate. He then uses Airgetlám to disable Gawain’s Gift, and fights him before collapsing from using Airgetlám. Leonardo da Vinci disorients Gawain with a flashbang, allowing the group to escape. Gawain is left wondering why Bedivere has apppeared.[23]

Later in Camelot’s throne room, Gawain is told by Agravain that he already reported his failure to Goddess Rhongomyniad before she went to sleep. He says he is to wait in his manor until his punishment is decided. Gawain accepts Tristan‘s decision to execute him personally, as his Gift is useless in the throne room. Agravain stops Tristan however to hear Gawain’s explanation. Gawain replies they were simply two unknown Heroic Spirited mixed in with the crowd, declaring them to not be a threat. Goddess Rhongomyniad then enters the room, wondering if the knights are holding a war council for the desert invasion. Gawain reports to her that two of the three selected were successfully collected, but one was killed. He continues he lost 12 Enforcement Knights, and over a hundred refugees escaped. The refugees split into two groups: one to mountains; one with suspicious merchants. After hearing his report, Goddess Rhongomyniad blasts him out of the castle and into Camelot’s outer wall as punishment for his failures. Since he managed to survive though, she pardons him.[24]

When Tristan reports Bedivere is amongst Ritsuka’s party, Gawain and Mordred confess they also encountered Bedivere. Gawain didn’t report it because he doesn’t consider Bedivere worthy of attention. He then reiterates his belief that Goddess Rhongonmyniad is perfect. Because of that, he believes one of two knights changing sides won’t affect the overall plan. Agravain agrees Bedivere cannot do anything, and orders Gawain to return to protecting the main gate.[25]

As Chaldea’s allied forces assault Camelot’s walls, Gawain orders the soldiers on the wall to only aim for enemies directly below, given the sandstorm. A soldier reports the Third Unit at the right flank is requesting backup, saying they’re being assaulted by waves of grain. Gawain realizes it’s an enemy Servant and tells them not to engage. He orders them to hold rank until Mordred‘s unit arrives. Another soldier then reports the First Unit at the left flank is at risk of being overrun. Finding it unfortunate that Lancelot is leading the assault, Gawain orders the soldier to tell everyone at the left flank to retreat and regroup with the Fourth Unit. He also orders him to rally with the right flank afterwards. He then declares his intention to use Excalibur Galatine, for which the soldier praises him until he is suddenly bisected by the First Hassan. Gawain correctly assumes that Hassan is responsible for the sandstorm.[26]

They fight for an hour until Hassan ceases the sandstorm. Gawain attacks him with Galatine, but Hassan easily deflects it. Gawain asks Hassan why he stopped the sandstorm, wondering why the latter didn’t stop Goddess Rhongomyniad six months ago if his power rivals hers. Hassan answers his blade is only a threat to those who disobey the will of heaven. The will of heaven hadn’t tasked him to fight Goddess Rhongomyniad, instead it tasked Ritsuka’s party to do so. Hassan tells Gawain to hurry to the castle before Rhongomyniad consumes the era, along with his chance to confess the last and only stagnation in him before leaving. Gawain orders the soldiers to hold the gate while he returns to the castle. He orders them to head north if the castle goes up in flames. He thanks them for their service, saying this expedition was doomed from the start.[26]

Gawain confronts Ritsuka’s party as they near the throne. He reveals the knight’s job was done when the Tower was activated, so those left must figure out how to serve the king in their own way. Goddess Rhongomyniad told him he could do anything after she summoned the knights. Gawain says Bedivere couldn’t understand his elation at that, calling it a coincidence that Bedivere was present for Artoria’s last moments. He decided to serve Goddess Rhongomyniad, as he blamed his focus on his personal grudges for Artoria‘s death. He then reveals Percival, Kay, Gaheris, Palamedes, King Pellinore, and Bors had revolted against Goddess Rhongomyniad after being summoned instead of accepting her proposal. They were, of course, killed by those who accepted her proposal. Gawain believes those who pledged loyalty to Goddess Rhongomyniad were branded as sinners, but he is grateful to serve her nonetheless. Calling himself a knight who serves the Lion King, he challenges Bedivere. Bedivere accepts, calling his right arm the end of his loyalty and proof of his sin he couldn’t erase. For the sake of truly saving the one who walked alone, he fights Gawain. After being defeated, Gawain calls it his fate as an unfaithful knight. Bedivere however refutes there is no knight more loyal than him. He finds he and Gawain are the same, as they admired what it meant to be the king instead of the concept of honor. Gawain asks him why he only appears now at the end, believing Goddess Rhongomyniad may have regained her heart if he came sooner. He then disappears saying he wholeheartedly resents Bedivere.[26]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Gawain is one of the "Camelot" Singularity Servants that aid Ritsuka Fujimaru.

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

Unbeknowst to himself and Ritsuka, Gawain was brought from Chaldea by BB, along with two other Servants; their memories falsified into believing they rayshifted with Ritsuka.

Ritsuka and Meltryllis ambushes Gawain, initially mistaking him as one of the 128 Servants. He notices Ritsuka, and recalls how they were separated during the rayshift. Proclaiming himself to be one of the three Servants who rayshifted with Ritsuka, he recalls he came with an Archer and someone he doesn’t know what to call. Ritsuka tells him though that it was Nero Claudius, Tamamo-no-Mae, and EMIYA who rayshifted with them, but Gawain believes they’re mistaken. He assures Ritsuka he is indeed from Chaldea and joins them and Meltyrllis. He thanks Meltryllis for helping Ritsuka, but he finds her timing too convenient, believing an Alter Ego wouldn’t have a reason to cooperate with Chaldea. Though he doesn’t believe Meltryllis is lying, he cannot trust her completely. The group decides to search for Ritsuka’s other Servants in addition to finding a safe area. BB then suddenly appears to punish Ritsuka for breaking the rule of having more than one Servant. She then summons Robin Hood and orders him to kill the group. After they kill Robin, BB claims she’ll let Ritsuka go free if they either win her Grail War, or discover the secret behind SE.RA.PH. She reveals she locked several passageways that she’ll discreetly open for a fee. She also explains what are the Sentinels are and their function.[27]

Later, Meltryllis explains most Servants in SE.RA.PH have fallen into depravity. She also reveals the Masters died long ago when they summoned their Servants; the current set of Servants never even saw their Masters before being sent to SE.RA.PH. Gawain is shocked the Servants are killing each other of their own accord, to which Meltryllis reminds him every Servants except those from Chaldea are acting purely on their desires. The group come across what Ritsuka assumes is a Grail. Upon touching it, they see the last memories of a Seraphix crew member.[27]

The group eventually comes to a fork; one path leads to the Chest while the other leads to the Thighs. Meltryllis reveals the current area, the Hair, is relatively safe, but the Chest may have survivors. The group is then confronted by Tristan, who tries to kill Meltryllis under the assumption that she works for BB. They fight him until Ritsuka and Gawain convince him to join. After explaining his circumstances, Tristan recalls encountering an Alter Ego many times, each time forced to retreat to avoiding being crushed. He calls the path to leading the Chest, Breast Valley, the Alter Ego’s domain. Meltryllis reveals the Alter Ego is Passionlip, whose restraints are currently suppressing her sense of self and causing her to attack indiscriminately.[27]

They encounter Mable Macintosh, and she believes Ritsuka’s Servants are insane like the ones she encountered so far. Upon noticing Ritsuka’s Chaldean uniform, though, she calms down and introduces herself. She begs Gawain to kill Meltryllis upon noticing the latter, asserting that humans and Alter Egos are mortal enemies. However, her pursuer, Passionlip, soon catches up to her. Passionlip also crushed the new 128 Servants when they arrived. Meltryllis reveals Passionlip is a Sentinel. The group fights her, but they’re forced to retreat when she uses Trash & Crush on the passageway. With the passageway now compressed into a cube and their path to the Chest gone, the group return to the fork with Mable.[27]

Later, Mable reveals the one only survivors beside her are Arnold Beckman, Torapain, and Holly since they stayed in the Central Command Room. However, the only people left in the Command Room are her and Arnold before she ran away when food got scarce. Meltryllis reveals there is a chapel in the Thighs that can be used as a safe haven since it has magical protection and too many indecipherable elements to be digitized. However, Vlad III guards that area, so he must be defeated if the group wishes to get to the chapel. They eventually encounter Vlad and defeat him. He reveals EMIYA is in the chapel. Gawain is suspicious that EMIYA doesn’t come to Ritsuka’s aid. Vlad affirms EMIYA cannot be trusted. After he disappears, the group enters the chapel.[27]

Inside, they only find EMIYA Alter. He explains BB switched him for his regular self. He reveals there is a terminal hidden behind the altar that contains a report. However, it is locked to even Servants and Alter Egos, so its key needs to be found. The group believes the report may contain a clue and decide to search for the key tomorrow.[27]

After purchasing the terminal key from BB, Ritsuka uses it on the terminal. After they view the record, Gawain believes the crew summoned BB of their own accord. Meltryllis reveals the planetarium is in the middle of SE.RA.PH, and it’s the source of the digitization. Ritsuka, Meltryllis and Gawain decide to continue exploring while Tristan and Mable stay in the chapel. EMIYA Alter leaves to kill the Servants.[27]

The group discovers the upper part of the Arm. BB contacts them, and introduces them to the next Sentinel, Tamamo Cat; Gawain recognizes her as one of the Servants that accompanied him. After Cat is defeated, BB sends her down a trapdoor out of annoyance that she forgot to use her Karmaphage. She warns there’s only one real world hour left before SE.RA.PH hits the seabed before ending contact.[28]

Eventually, the group makes it to the Flank Seperator. A memory appears that Ritsuka promptly touches it. After they view it, the group head for the area’s final zone joined by EMIYA Alter. Then asked by Gawain, Meltryllis explains that the Alter Egos were originally salvaged to be Sentinels. But Sentinels don’t need to Alter Egos, they just need a Spirit Origin that can handle a Karmaphage. But Sentinels don’t need to Alter Egos, they just need a Spirit Origin that can handle a Karmaphage.The group eventually encounters Cat and fights her. After she is defeated, EMIYA Alter seemingly fatally shoots her. However, she lives because he used his knowledge of Magic Circuits to target and destroy the parts of her Spirit Origin infected by the Karmaphage. Now free of BB’s control, Cat joins the group.[28]

Returning to the chapel, the group notes the areas they’ve yet to explore. Meltryllis reveals SE.RA.PH. has a two layer structure, with a front side and back side. Humans and Servants cannot cross the border between the sides though, only Sentinels can. Thus, the only way to get to the back side would be to flip SE.RA.PH over. Ritsuka realizes there is a way to flip SE.RA.PH. Meltryllis reveals they can reach the Command Room through the back side, where they can flip SE.RA.PH. again to arrive at the Chest. While this method will help them bypass Breast Valley, they’ll still need to fight Passionlip. However, she will help them if her restraints are destroyed.[28]

Joined by Cat and EMIYA Alter, the group arrives at the Flank Separator. Ritsuka hits the Separator using a tickling hand they bought from BB, and SE.RA.PH starts shaking. BB sends a Sentinel, Elizabeth Bathory, to punish them for their transgression. The group defeat her, but Passionlip begins approaching. Gawain holds her off, while Ritsuka successfully flips SE.RA.PH.[28]

Though she is easily overwhelms him, Gawain recovers when the others return from the back side. He offers to hold Passionlip to give Ritsuka a chance to toucher her chest and initiate the Maiden Coaster, assuring the others he is doing it to save Passionlip.He then holds her long enough for Ritsuka to touch her chest. Upon doing so, they’re converted into Psuedo-Spiritrons by BB in order to enter Passionlip’s mindscape. Following the mental battle, Passionlip’s Karmaphage is removed, and she collapses. Gawain also collapses, though he quickly recovers. After Cat returns to the chapel carrying Passionlip, Robin sneaks off somewhere. Ritsuka, Meltryllis, and Gawain then continue onto the Command Room.[29]

IInside they find and kill a Demon God. Afterwards, they then meet Arnold Beckman. He tries to stop the group from viewing the room’s records by asserting they can only access by those authorized by the Animusphere’s head. He also insists the planetarium doesn’t exist. Meltryllis however reveals the data was deleted long before they arrived, so they’ll have to find the planetarium themselves. She then finds a passcode for the chapel terminal. Gawain questions why it’d be kept in the command room if it’s meant to be used in the church. Beckman responds that a therapist from the church came to soothe the more religious survivors only to be killed by them, so Gawain figures she left it behind. Beckman then explains the situation of the Demon God. Ritsuka and Gawain noticed it felt unusually weak compared to the previous ones. The group then returns to the chapel with Beckman.[29]

There the newly recovered Passionlip expresses her gratitude towards Gawain for seeing her and Meltryllis as girls, though she couldn’t respond at the time thanks to her restraints. Gawain tells it was thanks to her own strength that she made a safe return. He is grateful to her as well, as he had few opportunities as a knight to end a maiden’s tears, so seeing her happy smile is reward enough for him. After Ritsuka views the record, Gawain is surprised to find that one of the four Demon Gods that escaped the Time Temple would be in Seraphix. Meltryllis reveals BB summoned Servants to procure the Pseudo-Spiritrons needed to keep SE.RA.PH running and uses their deaths from the “Moon Holy Grail War” as a fuel source. The group decides to defeat the Sentinels and BB before stopping Zepar‘s plan. Later, Gawain is called by someone while the others are asleep. Before he can even finish asking what they wish to discuss, he is consumed by them.[29]

Avalon le Fay: Fae Round Table Domain[]

Garden of Avalon[]

Gawain recounts the battle against the Dragon King, Vortigern, in which he participated alongside Artoria. He witnessed her utilizing Rhongomyniad to kill the Dragon King.[30]

Other appearances[]

Artoria's family in Capsule Servant.

He was briefly mentioned in the original novel of Fate/Zero when Saber fought against Berserker. As Berserker revealed his true identity, Saber was tormented on how she led her kingdom. She thought of her knights and wondered if they had left this world with resentment and unwillingness. Saber claims that Gawain had heroically sacrificed himself.[31]

Although he doesn't appear in Capsule Servant game but within the world of Capsule Servant, Gawain is the father of Master Artoria, Lancelot, Kay and Bedivere.

Gawain appears with other Knights of the Round Table in episode 6 of the Fate/Apocrypha anime adaptation when Kairi Sisigou dreams of Mordred's past.


Being a Knight of the Round Table, Gawain is one of the greatest knights to ever live and a hero sung of in legends. As such, when summoned as a Servant, he boasts indisputable fame and strength.[32] It is said that Gawain's prowess was equal if not superior to that of Sir Lancelot,[2][7] and a rival to King Arthur himself.[7][33] As such, he claims that he'd normally defeat Mordred without breaking a sweat, even at night. He claims that the reason he was defeated by her when they were alive is that Mordred was lucky enough to run into him before he had recovered after his fight with Lancelot.[34] Being a prodigy, Gawain's standards are quite high. Even after confirming that Elizabeth Báthory's power is that of a B+ to A class servant, making her a really high-level Heroic Spirit, Gawain said that she wasn't exceptionally strong.[11] Thanks to being summoned in the Saber Class, Gawain possesses impeccable parameters at a high-level.[35]


In the Moon Holy Grail War, Leonardo B. Harwey was the strongest Master, accompained by Gawain, the strongest Servant. Even during the events of the CCC Incident, where Hakuno Kishinami had no memory of the Holy Grail War, that fact didn't disappear from her mind.[11] Gawain and Leo's strength is such that even Cú Chulainn and Rin Tohsaka would not be able to face them unaided.[10] Gawain's power remained unmateched until Hakuno met Karna, whose aura alone was enough to make Hakuno Kishinami believe that he is a Heroic Spirit on the same level as Gawain, possibly even higher.[11] Even BB was worried of him, and she claimed that if Gawain and Karna joined forces, even she would be overwhelmed.[36] When Gawain finally faced BB, he used a special attack called Sword Camelot: The Brilliant Castle Where Holy Swords Assemble to create a fire barrier preventing her from escaping or calling reinforcements. Although Leo can only maintain it for three minutes, its incredible firepower was way beyond BB's expectations. Being of the same power level as Karna, BB had assumed that Gawain on his own wouldn't be able to do anything against her either. However, due to the difference in the power of the master, Gawain was able to face her. Nervetheless, being unable to counter BB's Ten Crowns, Gawain was defeated all the same.[12]

As stated by Hakuno Kishinami, Leonardo B. Harwey, and BB, Karna and Gawain are Heroic Spirits on the same power level.[11][12][37] Therefore the only factor that gives either of them an edge is the difference between their Masters.[12][37] Due to Jinako Carigiri being a third rate master, even inside the Sakura Labyrinth where it is always night-time, and therefore Gawain is weaker than normal, Karna and Gawain are evenly matched in close range combat. Gawain was able to repel Karna's Brahmastra with an attack called Sword Flash of Loyalty.[38] Although Karna tried to activate his armor against him, Leonardo B. Harwey used his vanish_add(a) command to cancel out Karna's advantageous effect. After receving a powerful blow from Gawain, Jinako Carigiri ordered Karna to fire Vasavi Shakti, to which he reluctantly agreed.[39] By forcibly activating his Numeral of the Saint skill which greatly reduces damage for 3 turns, and Leo further buffing his Endurance with a code command, Gawain was able to ward off the edge of this attack and avoid getting a direct hit. Although Gawain wasn't able to defend against it completely, he still had enough strength left to fire his own Noble Phantasm as a counter attack, defeating Karna in the process.[37] As expected of the toughest Knight of the Round Table, Gawain is able to survive a strike of the Lion King's sacred lance which blasted him away not only through the castle wall but to the Holy City's outer wall as well. Although it was a casual strike, he was left in a near-death state, however, it is undoubtedly an impressive performance even among Heroic Spirits of his caliber.[24]

Blessing of Wisdom makes Suzuka Gozen a bad match up for Gawain. Gawain is an honest and upright swordsman. In other words, he's extremely easy for Suzuka to read. However, Gawain has absurdly high Parameters, even in the Sakura Labyrinth where it is always night time. If he pushed forward through force and kept it limited to a short decisive battle, he would win 7 times out of 10.[40]

Despite being so strong, Gawain's power isn't unlimited. Back when he was alive, he was among the elite soldiers that joined Artoria Pendragon her final confrontation against Vortigern. In an instant, before the others could react, Vortigern released its true form as a dragon that clouded the sky despite it being the mid of day, and vaporized the elite troops and the uninjured with a single attack. Out of all the knights present, only Artoria was able to react in time, quickly coming to Gawain's aid and shielding him from Vorigern's attack. Still, being a devourer of holy swords, he not only devoured all the light of Gawain's sword, depriving him of the power to fight in the process, but he also reduced the glow of Artoria's Excalibur to that of a weak bonfire, allowing his darkness to grow thicker than it was before. In fact, Vortigern was a monster not even the Knights of the Round Table could have imagined, manifesting the will and avatar of the entire island of Britain. Against such an enemy, all Gawain could think of was praying in the darkness. However, even as faint as it was, the sword of the King did not go out. On the contrary, it continued to shine as shelter in the storm, allowing her to sprung to engage the dragon by herself. Although Gawain advised the King to retreat, Artoria rejuvenated his weakened spirit with her faint cool smile. After the both of them faced Vortigern for several hours, they managed to restrain the dragon's movements by digging their holy swords into his hands, depriving him of some of his freedom. It was then that Artoria used Rhongomyniad to pierce through the heart of the crucified dragon which then roared its death scream and crumbled to dust.[30] Being a regular Servant, Gawain's power can't be compared to that of a Grand Servant. While fighting King Hassan inside the sandstorm he had created, the Old Man of the Mountain was able to parry Gawain's initial attack with his coat, and it took fighting him for an hour for Gawain to start getting accustomed to his fighting style.[26] Jeanne d'Arc was also able to corner and defeat Gawain much to Iskandar's surprise. Ruler regarded Gawain as a formidable adversary nonetheless.[18]

Gawain claims that he was among the most skilled chess players at the Round Table, with Percival and Galahad being his worthy rivals. Although he lost to Rani VIII, Leo states that he put up a good match.[41]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (B Rank): Cancels spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by greater magecraft and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.[1][2]
  • Riding (B Rank): Most vehicles and animals can be handled with above average skill, even vehicles that did not exist in the time period one was alive in, for they are no exception. However, cannot ride the likes of Phantasmal Species such as Monstrous Beasts.[1][2]

Personal Skills[]

Gawain under the Sun taking his characteristic fighting stance.

  • Numeral of the Saint (EX Rank): A special constitution that Sir Gawain possesses. His power becomes three times greater only in the three hours between 9 AM and noon, 3 PM and sunset. It indicates 3 as the sacred number of the Celts.[1][2] Due to this skill, Gawain boasts the fame of a peerless knight who is unmatched during daytime.[3] Even Lancelot, who was considered the strongest Knight of the Round Table, was forced to wait until the sun set to strike what became a fatal blow. Rin Tohsaka claims that as long as the sun shines, Gawain might be the mightiest Heroic Spirit, even greater than Arthur.[10] Gawain however disagrees, saying that Artoria is no ordinary Servant, but a Top Servant like the King of Conquerors. Because of this, her existence is truly above and beyond his.[19] When Hakuno's Servants fought Gawain for the first time, they were left struggling for breath, having to thank SE.RA.PH's intervention for their lives. His power surpassed even Hakuno Kishinami's expectations. Even though Hakuno and their servant had overcome a lot of powerful enemies, such as Li Shuwen and Lu Bu or Cú Chulainn and Arcueid Brunestud (Berserker), it was beyond their capabilities to make even a scratch on Gawain's silver armor.[10] Karna regards Gawain under the sun as a strong Saber, and warns Tamamo-no-Mae that fighting him in that state would be unwise, despite being fully aware that Tamamo was able to wield the Authority of the Moon Cell at the time. Instead, Karna recommended her leading Gawain to Lu Bu, who should be on par with Gawain. This way, Tamamo was able to destroy the markers that were empowering Gawain by drawing sunlight into the Moon Cell.[15] Altera was strong enough to defeat Gawain in the Rome Capital,[16] where the Sun itself shines upon.[42]
  • When serving the Lion King during the Camelot Singularity, he received the gift of "Nightlessness", which makes the sun shine anywhere he goes even at night, ensuring he is at his peak at all times. As a Servant of Chaldea, he later gains the upgraded skill Nightless Charisma, which is the result of the Gift, the events of the Singularity, being engraved on his Saint Graph. Compared to the other Knights of the Lion King who came to their own answers, he has not cast aside his sins.[43][44]
  • Charisma (E Rank): The natural talent of commanding an army. Charisma is a rare talent, but occasionally it does affect the development of its possessor's personality. In the case of Sir Gawain, the honesty in what he says is what led to his reputation of being the "the oblivious knight."[1][2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Gawain's Noble Phantasm is Excalibur Galatine, the sister-sword of Excalibur which was given to him by the Lady of the LakeWP.[3][7] Unlike Excalibur's centralized attack, Galatine is a broad wave, a radiation-type attack that completely annihilates the enemy army.[45] Despite its great power, its legend has been greatly overshadowed by its more famous counterpart, and therefore very few people know of its true significance.[7] This holy sword possesses an artificial sun stored on its hilt, said to be able to purge evil.[3] Gawain says that the sword is an incarnation of the sun, capable of scorching the earth.[10] As such, this Noble Phantasm draws its power from the grace of the Sun.[3][7] Similar to its owner, the sword manifests its greatest amount of power at noon.[45] Dr. Roman and Gawain himself agree that his sword is second only to King Arthur's himself.[23][26] Due to being the wielder of the holy sword of the Sun, Hakuno Kishinami states that Gawain's nature has some similarities to that of Karna and Cú Chulainn. Karna is sometimes called "the Hero of the Sun," and protrayed as an incarnation of the Sun itself, and Cu Chulainn is the son of the Sun god Lugh. Hakuno estimates that Gawain must be on their level.[17] Despite its increased power during daytime, King Hassan is able to easily deflect a strike from it while claiming: "that light couldn't even awaken one who is asleep".[26]


Fate/EXTRA - Gawain Skills list
  • Protection of the Spirits (精霊の加護, Seirei no Kago?, localized as "Divine Aegis") to boost his Luck, the effect would only last for 3 turns. He will use this skill on the 2nd move.
  • Siege Perilous (円卓の刻印, Entaku no Kokuin?) to boost his defense, it seals enemy Skills when using GUARD. The effect would only last for 3 turns. He will use this skill on the 5th move.
  • Blade of the Devoted (忠義の剣閃, Chūgi no Kensen?), a powerful strike with Excalibur Galatine. He will use this skill on the 3rd move.
Fate/EXTELLA LINK - Saber Skills list
  • Explosion - Area Attack Skill - stab your sword into the ground and cause explosions all around you.
  • Fire Strike - Close-Range Attack Skill/Class Skill (Saber) - Slam the sword into the ground, sending a seismic shockwave forward.
  • Blade of Loyalty - Rush Attack Skill - Rush forward and perform a sweeping attack along one continuous line.
  • Holy Sword Release - Strengthing Skill - Breifly imbues your sword with the power of the sun, increasing your attack range.
  • Buring Sword Flash - Burst Attack Skill - Three consecutive Attacks, each causing a shockwave.
  • Numeral of the Saint - Counter Skill - Enter a special guard state, which nullifies enemy attacks and automatically counterattacks, for a breif time.
  • Blade of the Sun - Close-Range Attack Skill/Class Skill (Saber) - a chain of flaming sword swings, launching the enemy up into the air before slmming them back down again.


His first appearance was shown in the cover illustration of Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] soundtrack. However this design was later scrapped in favor for the Fate/EXTRA design.

In the Fate/EXTRA Visual Fanbook, it was revealed that Takashi Takeuchi was responsible for Gawain's facial design. His appearance is very likely based on the original Archetype Saber while the armour design is roughly based on Saber from Fate/stay night.



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    • Master: Leo B. Harwey
    • Identity: Gawain
    • Gender: Male
    • Height, Weight: 180cm/78kg
    • Alignment:Lawful Good
    • Strength: B+
    • Endurance: B+
    • Agility: B
    • Mana: A
    • Luck: A
    • Noble Phantasm: A+

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B

    Riding: B

    Personal skills
    Numeral of the Saint: EX

    Charisma: E
    The natural talent of commanding an army.
    Charisma is a rare talent, but occasionally it does affect the development of its possessor's personality. In the case of Sir Gawain, the honesty in what he says is what led to his reputation of being the "the oblivious knight."

    Noble Phantasm
    Excalibur Galatine
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 20 ~ 40
    Maximum number of targets: Three Hundred People


    • マスター:レオ・B・ハーウェイ
    • 真名::ガウェイン
    • 性別:男性
    • 身長・体重:180cm/78kg
    • 属性:秩序・善
    • 筋力:B+
    • 耐久:B+
    • 敏捷:B
    • 魔力:A
    • 幸運:A
    • 宝具:A+






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    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Strength: B+
    Endurance: B+
    Agility: B+
    Mana: A
    Luck: A
    Noble Phantasm: A+

    Personal Skills
    Numeral of the Saints: EX
    Charisma: E
    Bercilak's Belt: EX

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: B
    Riding: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Excalibur Galatine: Sword of Transmigrated Victory
    Rank: A+
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    One of the Knights of the Round Table from Arthurian legends.
    One of the longest-serving knights, a devoted knight who served until the conclusion of the king's fight.
    Possessing the holy sword of the sun, said to be Excalibur's sister-sword, he won fame as a peerless knight who was unmatched during daytime thanks to the blessings of a saint.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 180cm・78kg
    Source: Arthurian Legends
    Region: England
    Alignment: Lawful Good  Gender: Male
    He earnestly performs all sorts of work.
    Even if that is, by any chance, debt collecting.

    Level 2 Bond
    "Sword of Transmigrated Victory"
    Rank: A+  Type: Anti-Army
    Excalibur Galatine.
    The sword of the sun that has an artificial sun stored in its hilt.
    Just like the "Sword of Promised Victory" that King Arthur possesses, this is its sister-sword that was brought about the fairy, "Lady of the Lake".
    While the king and her sword receive the divine protection of the moon, he and this sword receive the grace of the sun.

    Level 3 Bond
    A prince charming* with a gentle smile to match.
    Despite his serious character, he has no gloomy aspects and interacts with anyone in a sincere and polite fashion.
    While he may get enraged, since he never harbors negative emotions such as jealousy and malice, his attitude is refreshing no matter what kind of battlefield.
    According to the other Knights of the Round Table:
    "That lack of sarcasm is already a talent".

    Level 4 Bond
    For Gawain to have never been envied, despite blessed with talent and pedigree, was probably due his own good character and the natural airheadness to think of it as a matter of course, without ever being boastful.
    A loyal knight, his faithfulness to the king was like iron.
    Gawain himself wishes for nothing but to be a single sword for the king's sake.
    ...to a third party that does not know of his inner aspects, such sorry state might even seem like blind devotion.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Numeral of the Saint: EX

    A special constitution that Sir Gawain possesses.
    His power becomes three times greater only in the three hours between 9 AM and noon, 3 PM and sunset.
    It indicates 3 as the sacred number of the Celts.


     *lit. "prince on a white horse"

    ガウェイン - セイバー



    聖者の数字 EX
    カリスマ E
    べルシラックの帯 EX

    対魔力 B
    騎乗 B



    属性:秩序・善   性別:男性

    ランク:A+ 種別:対軍宝具





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    • Weight: 78kg
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    • Image colour: Silver
    • Talents: Effective hit confirmation with the Holy sword use
    • Likes: King Arthur
    • Dislike: Older wife
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    ガウェイン SABER

    • 身長:180cm
    • 体重:78kg
    • 血液型:不明
    • 誕生日:不明
    • イメージカラー:白銀
    • 特技:hit確認からの聖剣の有効利用
    • 好きな物:アーサー王
    • 嫌いな物:年上の妻
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    Keyword: Knight of the Sun, Excalibur
    Strength: B+, Defense: B+, Agility: B, Magic: A, Luck: A
    Anti-Magic: B, Dragoon: B, Numeral of the Saint: EX


    01 - Excalibur Galatine: The Resurrected Sword of Victory
    The sword of Sir Gawain and the sister sword to Excalibur. It is said that like Excalibur, Galatine once belonged to the Lady of the Lake. However, its legend have been overshadowed by its more famous counterpart, and therefore very few people know of its true significance.

    Another difference is the while Excalibur was said to absorb light radiated from the Earth, Galatine reflected the warming rays of the Sun.

    02 - Knight of the Sun
    While King Arthur was ruled by the movement of Artemis, the goddess of the moon, Sir Gawain drew his strength as a knight from the sun.
    It is said that his power are at their greatest when the sun is at its zenith.

    03 - Excalibur
    Arthur, said to be the mightiest of all the kings to rule Britain, is believed to have ruled sometime in the fifth or sixth century.

    The sword that is said to have proclaimed his rule was bestowed upon him by the Elemental known in legends as the Lady of the Lake. The entire episode was passed in the stories collectively known as "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table."

    01 - 転輪する勝利の剣(エクスカリバー・ガラティーン)


    02 - 太陽の騎士

    03 - エクスカリバー



    Anti-Magic [B]
    Cancels low-level spells with chants consisting of les than three full verses.
    Even high-level thaumaturgy and the greater rituals will only have a negligible effect on him.

    Dragoon [B]
    Allows him to control any kind of transportation with exceptional skill.
    However, it does not bestow the ability to ride upon any of the Phantasm races.

    Numeral of the Saint [EX]
    A condition unique to Sir Gawain's existence. During the hours between 9am and 12pm and those between 3pm and sunset, all of his powers increase by a factor of three. This was related to the ancient belief that numeral "3" was the sacred number of the Celtic gods.





    01 - Character Background
    One of the major knights mentioned in the Arthurian legends and often thought to be King Arthur's nephew.

    A knight said to be equal of Sir Lancelot, Gawain was frequently at odds with Lancelot due to his slaying of both of Gawain's brothers. Although pure of heart and loyal beyond question, it was Gawain's all-consuming hatred that not only led to him being stripped of his knighthood, but also led to the downfall of King Arthur himself.

    Although his hostility inevitably led to his death at the hands of Sir Lancelot, he realized that it was his own lack of virtue that led to Sir Lancelot's betrayal and the defeat of King Arthur at the battle of Camlann Hill.

    Up until his death, Sir Gawain was considered a paragon of knighthood; chivalrous, loyal, and gallant. Even as King Arthur became a legend, Gawain was content to stay in the background, doing his duty regardless of whether his efforts were acknowledged or not. In reward for his gallantry and loyalty to Arthur, as well as his eventual forgiveness of Sir Lancelot, Gawain was resurrected as a Legendary Soul and, freed from the sins of the past, has once again reclaimed his role as the "Knight of the Sun."

    02 - "The White Knight of the Round Table."
    The White Knight of the Round Table.

    Widely considered to be equal of King Arthur by many and the wielder of the lesser-known holy sword Galatine, Sir Gawain was fiercely loyal to the king, or more accurately, the King's station. Unlike Sir Bedivere, a trusted friend of Arthur's who wished only that he would find peace and contentment, Gawain's only concern was that Arthur maintain the throne of Britain.

    If King Arthur was seen as the personification of the moon, then Sir Gawain was the harbinger of the sun. He was frequently compared with Arthur, although Gawain himself ignored these comparisons and devoted himself to serving his king to the best of his abilities. Though loyal to the end, his irrational hatred of Sir Lancelot proved to be his and Arthur's undoing.

    Though Arthur eventually forgave his wayward knight's transgressions, Sir Gawain could not find it within himself to do the same until the very last moments of his life and only after being stripped of his knighthood, excommunicated from the church, and causing the downfall of his sovereign king.

    With his dying breath, he swore that if he was ever given a second chance at life, he'd support his king, no matter what. Upon being reincarnated as a Servant, Gawain devotes himself completely to the goals of his Master and by doing so hopes to gain absolution for the sins of the past.

    01 - 人物背景




    02 - 円卓の白騎士










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    Gawain [Servant]
    He is a class Saber servant, but due to the immediate reveal of his true name in his first appearance, is the story he is referred to as Gawain. His Master is Leo B. Harwey.
    Gawain has a well-proportioned tall and sturdy body. He is cast as a calm and sweet handsome man.
    He considers selfless devotion to be of the utmost importance, and he has dedicated his sword to Leo, whom he has recognized as a true king. When Leo is talking Gawain never tries to express his own views, and he only speaks as a representative of his Master’s opinion.
    His voice and tone are clear and refreshing, and he would never insult his enemy even when they are down. Even if his opponent is lacking in power or ability, Gawain courteously engages with them out of consideration for their desire for battle and their determination.

    Sir Gawain appears in The Legend of King Arthur, and is a Knight of the Round Table. He is King Arthur’s nephew, and appears alongside Lancelot as one of King Arthur’s most trusted knights.
    In the legend Gawain ends up being unable to save the King, however his loyalty was true to the end.
    His regrets remain after being summoned as a Servant, so he is determined that this time he will be of assistance to those who hold sway over the fate of the King, and he has sworn to give it his all with every swing of his sword.
    Luckily, the Master to whom Gawain has pledged his sword to seems to be very suitable for him.
    Gawain believes that through birthright Leo possess the right to become king, and that it is his role protect and nurture the development of the young king.
    …at least at first. Gawain eventually learns that Leo has never experienced defeat, and as the people’s king that it is something that Leo will eventually encounter.
    No. It’s more that from his time as a Knight of the Round Table he was thoroughly taught the lesson that without experiencing defeat, a person can never become a true ruler of the people.
    This upstanding and honest knight doesn’t believe in Leo unconditionally as Julius does, but has sworn to be Leo’s sword until the inevitable time comes when Leo will become a true ruler.
    “—Of course. Until that time comes, I will continue to be victorious.”
    As Gawain discusses Leo like this, it’s as if an older brother is watching over his younger brother’s growth.
    Even to the end, Sir Gawain never tells Leo what “that time” is. Leo, trusting in Gawain does not try to discover what “that time” refers to, and together they continue their streak of victories in the Holy Grail War.


    ガウェイン卿はアーサー王伝説に登場する円卓の騎 士のひどりだ。アーサー王の甥であり、アーサー王の 片腕と称されたランスロットに並ぶ騎士である。
    伝説では王を助けられなかった結末を持つが、その 忠誠心は最後まで誠だった。
    サーヴァントどして召喚されたガウェインはその無 念を残しており、今度こそは王の宿命を持つ者を補佐 し、一振りの剣として尽くしきる、と誓っている。
    幸運な事に、マスターであるレオは彼が剣を捧げる に相応しい人物だった。
    レオという、生まれながらに王聖を獲得している幼 い王を守り、羽化させる事が自分の役割だとガウェイ ンは信じている。
    ……もっとも。ガウェインはレオに足りないものは 敗北であり、人の王である以上、いずれその刻が来る 事を知っていた。
    いや。そうでなければ人を治める王として完成しな い事を、円卓時代に思い知ったのだ。
    この清廉潔白な騎士は、ユリウスのように絶対なものどしてレオを信奉するのではなく、いずれ絶対なも のになるレオの剣になる事を誓った。


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    When it comes to meals, it is about quantity over quality, is it not? Large quantities of potatoes & vinegar & bread. That, along with ale, is enough for satisfy me. And vegetables as well. Eating carrots alone would do. That king and his fellows consumed those meals without a single complaint

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  44. Higashide Yu Twitter 11:48 PM JST - Aug 15, 2019 - Bamboo Broom Diary update. Have fun with the Summer Casino Event. Also, damn, Gawain... Incidentally, Tristan already got his answer in the Interlude, and Mordred can clearly tell "If I was serving that Father, that's what I would do, and the me from Chaldea would kill me to stop it.".
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    Gawain's Anti-Army Noble Phantasm. A Pseudo-Sun is contained in the hilt.
    A holy sword in King Arthur's legends, it is the sister sword to Excalibur. If Excalibur is a sword that destroys castles, this sword destroys the enemy army.
    If King Arthur's holy sword collects the light of the stars, Sir Gawain's holy sword represents the rays of heat from the sun.
    Unlike Excalibur's centralized attack, Galatine is a broad wave, radiation-type attack that completely annihilates the enemy army. Like Excalibur, the original owner is a Maiden of the Lake. Hidden in Excalibur's shadow, it's a holy sword rarely mentioned in the legends.
    In the remaining legends, it is similar to its owner, Gawain, and shows its greatest power at noon, the unsurpassed shaprness of the edge is said to become visible. That sharpness sliced clean through the shield and chainmail of the enemy, the Saracen soldier Priamus.
    As Arthur has the providence of the night (Alto, Artemis, the pedigree of the goddess of the moon), Gawain is the knight who receives the blessing of the sun.
    That special characteristic is reflected in the Noble Phantasm, which is like the rays of heat from the sun. Caladbolg is the prototype of Galatine, like a long rainbow, and cleanly sliced off the top of a hill with its full power.
    It was a sword of light that stretched from the magic sword like a rainbow. Galatine is similar; with a motion like drawing a sword, and the pseudo sun inside and the magical energy put into it, the attack extends as far as it is possible to visualize the blade of the sword.
    That is to say...about 13 kilometers or so.

    アーサー王伝説における聖剣、エクスカリバーの姉 妹剣。エクスカリバーは対城宝具だったが、こちらは 城攻めより大軍相手の聖剣となっている。
    アーサー王の聖剣は星の光を集め、ガウヱイン卿の 聖剣は日輪の熱線を顕す。
    エクスカリバーは一点集中型だが、ガラティーンは 押し寄せてくる敵兵たちをなぎ払うための、真横への 放射型になつている。
    本来の持ち主はエクスカリバーと同じく、湖の乙女である。伝承ではエクスカリバーの影に隠れ、 多くを 語られる事のない聖剣だった。
    わずかに残る伝承では、持ち主であるガウェィン同様に正午に最大の力を発揮したとされる他、切れ味に優れて 決して刃こぼれしなかったという事ぐらい。
    その切れ味はサラセン人の戦士プリアマスを、相手 の盾と鎖帷子ごと叩き斬ったほどである。
    アーサーが夜(アル卜、アルテミス系の、月の女神 の名前の系譜なので)の守りであるのに対し、ガウエ ィンは太陽の恩恵を受ける騎士である。その特性を色濃く反映した彼の宝具は太陽の熱線を顕して いる。
    ガラティーンの原型であるカラドボルグは、虹のように長く、丘の頂天を斬り落とすほどの威力を 持った どされる。剣光を虹のように伸ばした魔剣だった。
    ガラティーンもこれと同じく、抜刀し、魔力をこめると内部の疑似太陽が運動し、剣の刀身を可視 できる 範囲まで伸ばすという。

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