Genji-Monogatari・Aoi・Mononoke: The Tale of Genji Aoi Specter (げんじものがたり・あおい・もののけ
, Genji-Monogatari・Aoi・Mononoke
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Murasaki Shikibu.

“If there is a limit, then please let this pale black robe, shallow though it is, tis my sleeves that tears shall drench, creating my own abyss”.

Accompanying the true name release is a poem acting as a certain type of curse, bringing forth ruin to the target. This damages and inflicts debuff status on the target. A Japanese poem contained in ‘Aoi’, chapter 9 of “The Tale of Genji”. Recited by (Hikaru) Genji, heartbroken after the passing of his wife Aoi no Ue who gave birth to his son Yūgiri, this is a poem of regret and lamentation. The reason behind Aoi no Ue’s death is the lingering resentment of Genji’s mistress Lady Rokujō, and thus it would be a sort of curse killing. ——— By reciting this forlorn poem intertwining resentment and cursed death, Caster Murasaki Shikibu mourns the fate of the target. In fact, the anecdotes and circumstances surrounding Aoi no Ue’s death is the source of the Noh play “Aoi no Ue”.

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