Georg Faust (ゲオルク・ファウスト?) is the magus who created Mephistopheles, appearing in Fate/Grand Order.



Faust was a historical astrologer and alchemist used as the model of the play Faust by Gothe.[1] Within the story, Mephistopheles was said to wage a bet with God over whether Faust would fall into depravity as the demon attempted to sway him onto the path of evil. The demon eventually succeeded in his goal, but it was a happy ending where Faust was saved by a loved one before his soul was cast into hell.[2] The real Faust was said to be killed in a bombing during an alchemy experiment, his whole body bursting and being broken apart. It is unknown if it was Mephistopheles carrying out his contract or another separate factor.[1]

In reality, Faust created Mephistopheles as a Homunculus familiar, granting him human traits.[1] He was very affectionate towards his homunculus, but he was betrayed and killed as if it was only natural for Mephistopheles.[2]



While described as having been affectionate towards Mephistopheles in life, Faust now hates his creation after having been betrayed and sees Mephistopheles as a mistake.[3]

Mephistopheles describes him as a boring, ordinary magus who was willing to sacrifice others as if an ordinary task while being unable to reap any results. He "pretended to chase distant, unseen dreams" while "wasting time" on ordinary life. Mephistopheles claims that was justification to take someone so boring and make him a famous figure.[3]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Faust appears in Mephistopheles' interlude as the antagonist. Mephistopheles takes his Master Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mashu to the London Singularity to plant bombs about to stop a "bad person." Fighting through golems and homunculi created by Faust, Mephistopheles plants several bombs while remaining vague about his actions, but Mashu eventually deduces the enemy is Faust. Mephistopheles describes the bombs as a "present" so Faust can "live and die with a smile on his face."

Upon meeting Faust, he is enraged at his creations, declaring Mephistopheles was a mistake. As Mephistopheles mocks his former master, Faust declares that he will kill Mephistopheles. Fighting Faust's spirit, they defeat him, and Faust calls Mephistopheles a traitor. Mephistopheles declares that he granted Faust's wish to never be forgotten by causing the inspiration for Gothe's play. Mephistopheles tells Faust to blame Gothe, and Faust curses Mephistopheles as he fades away.[3]


Faust is called an "excellent magus", using "gifted engineering" to produce homunculus development techniques that were generations of ahead of their time.[2][1] Through his own "strange sense of aesthetics," he focused on strengthening Mephistopheles ego to create him full of human traits.[1]


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