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Girls' Work is an anime series in production from TYPE-MOON and ufotable.



All that is currently known about the scenario taking place in Girls' Work is that the story involves a version of Shinjuku that has "become one" with Paris. The city is called "the city that dreams", and is mentioned to be the real main character of the story.



It was announced as an all-ages visual novel in the June 2008 issue of Tech Gian along with Mahou Tsukai no Yoru and the Tsukihime remake. In December 2010, it was announced that Girls' Work would be released as an anime series instead of a visual novel.


The scenario will be written by ex-Liarsoft employee Meteo Hoshizora. Eri Takenashi is in charge of character design, and the background images accompanying the project announcement were done by Teikoku Shonen with lighting by Iuro.

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