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"The fusion of all creation, the purity of the soul which descends beyond the horizon of qualia. Tincture Trismegistus..., primary form... SHOOT!!"
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(Rani VIII and Berserker)

God Force: The Five Soldiers of the War God (軍神五兵
, Gunshin Gohei
Goddo Fōsu
?) is the True Name of the Houtengageki (Sky Piercer), a two handed halberd known as Lü Bu's primary weapon. It was a masterpiece of a weapon due to its versatility that put to use all major characteristics of large two handed weapons, allowing it to be efficient in slashing, thrusting, battering, scything, and sweeping. The actual weapon was from the Northern Song era, and didn't exist while Lü Bu was active. God Force was actually a Chinese gadget created by Chen Gong, a military adviser, who thought it up in order to aid Lü Bu during numerous dangerous predicaments resulting from each time he betrayed a lord.[2][3] To be exact, it is the strongest weapon born from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era of China.[4]

Chen Gong saw a War God in Lü Bu's strength and form, and projected on him the image of China's oldest God of War, Chi You, who was said to be the inventor of the war axe, shield, bow & arrow, and held a different weapon in each of his six arms. The result born from this idea was an artificial, multi-mode Noble Phantasm super weapon that had six forms in order to let the many martial techniques of Lü Bu bloom as he pleased in order to take advantage of his opponent's weaknesses.[3] It has three different categorizations of varying strength, and it can be said Lü Bu has the equivalent of six Servants' worth of Noble Phantasms for himself.[5] The forms, Forces (フォース, Fōsu?), include:

  • Slash (切断, Zetsudan?) for heavy damage attacks that nullify or cut and break through all kinds of physical defense.
  • Thrust (刺突, Shitotsu?), the Halberd (矛, Hoko?) Force, for heavy damage attacks that can stun on hit (the target being rendered immobile due to spear impalement) and penetrate through a line of enemies.
  • Blunt Strike (打撃, Dageki?) for raising his defense by transforming into huge bracers, or using a special defensive technique for blocking and redirecting attacks.
  • Sweep (薙ぎ, Nagi?) mode for sweeping aside a row of enemies.
  • Parry (払い, Harai?) mode for doing special counterattacks to do damage while deflecting physical attacks.
  • Shoot (射撃, Shageki?), the Cannon (砲, ?) Force, for a large-bore, wave motion cannon-like "Lü Bu beam". The halberd separates into a large bow and arrow that charges and fires at the enemy.

Under the Mad Enhancement of the Berserker class, the weapon has lost its multiple functionality due to most of Lü Bu's skills being erased from his mind with only his knowledge of the spear and basic artillery left behind, making him only able to use the Halberd and Cannon functions.[3][5]

In Fate/Grand Order, Lu Bu was updated to display more usage of the forms of the God Force, showing it transform into a pair of Spiked Gauntlets, Tonfas, a Nine-Ringed Broadsword, Chain Whips, and a Warhammer.

Imitation God ForceEdit

Imitation God Force: False - The Five Soldiers of the War God (偽 軍神五兵
, Nise Gunshin Gohei
Imitēshon Goddo Fōsu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Red Hare. He doesn't have the Noble Phantasm God Force that Lu Bu possesses as a spirit, the so-called spear Houtengeki. He releases the Noble Phantasm in a shooting mode.... considerably conscious of God Force's shooting mode. However it is not released as magical light of a large caliber, but a enormous spear fired like an arrow from a drawn bow.

As a consequence of searching for large strong arrow, he may have judged "Jeez, It's faster to fire a spear now....".


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