God Hand: The Twelve Labors (十二の試練
, Jūni no Shiren
Goddo Hando
?) is a "hidden ability" possessed by Heracles, a continuously active-type Noble Phantasm that grants him a "body that knows no death."[1][2] It is a blessing of the gods representing immortality, as well as being a curse, that was granted to him for completing his Twelve Labors in life.[3] It is the ability that required attacks of the highest grade to harm him and prevented him from even being scratched by anyone during the Age of Gods, described as "nearly foul play" even by acquaintances at the time.[4][5] It lacks an overt external manifestation such as a weapon or armor, but in attributing a shape to it, can be said to be the body of the user itself.[3] It transforms the body into a tough suit of armor that acts similar to a conceptual weapon in practice, coloring his body like lead and covering it with strange protrusions.[3][6][7] It provides the three effects of resurrection, attack-nullification, and the ability of "immunity against an attack he has experienced previously."[3][8]

Differing from simply tough armor that will endure attacks and eventually wither under the damage, God Hand applies a conceptual defense based upon ranks, a "'law' of immortality created from abnormal amounts of magical energy."[6][9] It defends against all attacks B-rank and lower, regardless of the attack being physical or magical in nature.[3] It also grants the effect of automatic regeneration, including resurrection after death, reviving him with a stock of eleven extra lives through layered resurrection magic.[3][10] He has lives equaling the number of labors he overcame to atone for his sins, rendering him an "immortal" being who must be killed once for each labor to be fully eliminated.[3][10] For him to be damaged, he must be hit by A-rank attacks or above, requiring the opponent to have at least an A-rank "normal attack" registered through their Strength statistic, A-rank magecraft, or an A-rank Noble Phantasm. It only works based on rank and not numeral equivalents due to its "refusal" property that "goes beyond the rules of reality", meaning that, although a C-rank Noble Phantasm can be considered A or A+ rank in terms of a regular attack, it would still be nullified by God Hand. Even should an attack be capable of destroying the world, Saber believes it would be nullified should the rank be too low.[5][6][11]


God Hand nullifying low rank weapons and then being pierced by high ranking weapons.

It is unlike Magic Resistance that completely nullifies the attack, instead allowing the attack to take effect without registering any damage.[12] He can attack without even thinking of defense due to it, able to ignore Saber's sword that simply bounces off of his skin without leaving a mark or making him flinch, Rin's basic magecraft that leaves him completely undamaged, and Archer's basic arrows that has no effect after hitting him directly in the temple and forehead. He only needs to respond seriously to their Noble Phantasms and Rin's A-rank jewels.[6][9][10][3] Saber believes for an opponent to defeat him, they would require at least an A-rank attack and a Noble Phantasm that exceeds even that.[6] Those without anything above B-rank like Assassin and True Assassin cannot harm him at all, while he can be affected by Caster's high sorcery and Lancer using his runes and Gáe Bolg together to bolster it to A-rank.[11] Against the strengthened Saber Alter, she is able to easily cut through his steel body without issue with her sword, and against Gilgamesh, he has no issue in piercing his skin with numerous Noble Phantasms from the Gate of Babylon.[13][14]

It is exceptionally compatible with his Battle Continuation, allowing his resilient body to take a great deal of damage.[3] When healing and reviving, it is different from normal regeneration and closer in nature to the time reversal attribute of the Curse of Restoration possessed by vampires.[15] Non-fatal damage can be healed within minutes, but the damage from multiple lives being taken, such as in the battle against Archer, requires three days to heal.[5] He is able to take each continuous assault from Gilgamesh, regenerate, and continue to move forward while his lives drain away.[14] He is able to revive in ten seconds from Fragarach piercing his heart, and used again a second time with the intent of blinding him by piercing through his face, it barely impedes him as he begins to move even before his eyes regenerate seconds later.[1] Multiple lives can be taken at once, and they appear to have a set amount of damage they can take, allowing Berserker to calculate that an attack had enough power to take two more lives than the stock he had available at the time.[16] Caliburn, hitting Berserker from the inside, is shown to take seven lives, Illya comments that Rin utilizing five times the jewels required to take one life may have been able to take all six lives, and while it is dubious if the weakened Excalibur could take off even two of his lives, Illya believes its full power could also have taken the rest of his lives and completely kill him.[10][16][17]

Every time he is harmed by an attack, regardless if it leads to death or not, he will gain resistance after he heals. In the case of being damaged by flames, he would gain around "+100 fire resistance" after healing. Rather than rendering them "completely ineffective", it makes subsequent attacks almost useless against him.[8][18] No matter the power of the Noble Phantasm used to kill him, it will be nullified after he resurrects, so even the greatest attack will not be effective on him twice and will require different methods to take each subsequent life.[3][5] Under circumstances where his Eye of the Mind (False) is available, it will bolster his resilience in being able to see through attacks previously witnessed, but he has lost his swordsmanship techniques as a Berserker and can only rely on the natural ability of God Hand.[8] Even with the support of Assassin and Kuzuki Souichirou, Caster can only damage him two or three times before her spells are rendered ineffective.[11] Due to Illya's immense magical energy, even his stock of lives can be regenerated with enough time.[3] It takes three days to restore at least two lives.[19] Due to Heracles' legend, God Hand is ineffective against Hydra venom, one single strike from a venom-coated dagger being enough to eat through all of God Hand's lives and kill him.[20]

In the world of Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA, the installation of the Berserker Class Card has deteriorated the ability in many ways, rendering so that it only protects against attacks of C-rank and below and displays a lesser stock of lives.[21] Upon death, revive is automatically cast, but when it activates, the card gets discharged from the user's body.[21][22]


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