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|charactertype=[[Human]] (Formerly), [[Dragon]]
|charactertype=[[Human]] (Formerly), [[Dragon]]
{{ServantTop|type = [[Divine Spirit]]|armament = Holy Lance|qualclasses = [[File:FGO Lancer.png|40px|link=Lancer]] [[File:FGO Saber.png|40px|link=Saber (Fate/stay night)|Saber]]}}
{{ServantTop|type = [[Divine Spirit]]|attribute = Heaven<ref name="Camelot 15">''[[Fate/Grand Order]]'' - Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm Section 15 The God King Ozymandias (2/3) </ref>|armament = Holy Lance|qualclasses = [[File:FGO Lancer.png|40px|link=Lancer]] [[File:FGO Saber.png|40px|link=Saber (Fate/stay night)|Saber]]}}
|HGW = [[Fate/Grand Order]]
|HGW = [[Fate/Grand Order]]

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Goddess Rhongomyniad (女神ロンゴミニアド, Megami Rongominiado?), also known as the Lion King (獅子王, Shishi-Ō?), is the wandering goddess version of Artoria Pendragon from the same world as Bedivere's. She appears in the Camelot Singularity of Fate/Grand Order and forms the Knights of the Lion King.



Goddess Rhongomyniad is an alternate form of Artoria Pendragon from a Parallel World where Bedivere never returned Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake after the Battle of Camlann.[3] The “Lion King”, who has the same appearance as Lancer Artoria, was not able to die when she was fated to die, and as a result, became a wandering ghost while keeping onto the Holy Lance. Because the “Lion King” held onto the Holy Lance and transformed into the “Goddess Rhongomyniad”, changing into a complete Divine Spirit in the process, this version of her is different in the inside compared to the normal Lancer Artoria; while she possesses the same appearance as Lancer Artoria, “Goddess Rhongomyniad” is essentially a different person.[4][5]


Goddess Rhongomyniad has a similar appearance to Artoria, more specifically her Lancer version. However, her version of helmet features white fur instead of golden one, and that while Lancer has strong, serene and heartful emerald eyes, Goddess Rhongomyniad instead has bright lime green soulless eyes, signifying the Artoria who lost her human heart.


Compared to regular Artoria who merely suppressed her emotions, this Artoria has little if any emotion left in her. As a result of her becoming a Divine Spirit, she has lost all sight of human value and reason. Goddess Rhongomyniad does not see the value of human life, only seeing value of humanity as a whole. She believes her means of freezing and storing purely good human souls to preserve humanity eternally is the ideal of protecting them and bringing them happiness. This is in contrast to the regular Artoria, who believed merely sheltering the people will not grant them a happiness nor a future. As well her past self also believed that hard work, raising children, and leading fulfilling lives will bring prosperity to the people. However, Goddess Rhongomyniad will laugh if she finds something amusing, such as the prospect of getting a thank you kiss from Romani Archaman. Of course this may have been due to her humanity being restored when Excalibur was returned to her.


Fate/Grand Order

The being called Goddess Rhongomyniad came into existence in the world that Bedivere, due to the wish of wanting his King to not perish after the battle of Camlainn, refused to throw Excalibur back into the Lake even after the third time. As the result of his action, the Sacred Lance Rhongomyniad healed her physical wound but also gradually eroded her identity as Artoria as it transformed her into a Divine Spirit.

For 1500 years, she became a wandering ghost that was fated to roam Earth til the end of time, until she discovered the Mage King Solomon's plan to incinerate humanity.


Goddess Rhongomyniad, calling herself the Lion King, arrives in the "Camelot" Singularity and summons all of the Knights of the Round Table, with the exception of Bedivere and Galahad. She gives them the choice to either aid her in her "Holy Selection" or side against her. Gawain, Lancelot, Agravain, Tristan, Mordred, and Gareth side with her, forming the Knights of the Lion King. After they kill the other knights, the Goddess Rhongomyniad grants each of them a Gift, with the exception of Agravain, who refuses to have one.

Goddess Rhongomyniad and her knights then set out to the Holy Land, killing all that oppose them, including the False Crusaders and their leader, who the knights defeat in a battle, where Gareth also sacrifices herself. Goddess Rhongomyniad then establishes the Holy City, where only those she allows can live.[6]

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm

Six months after establishing Camelot, Goddess Rhongomyniad and her knights became involved in conflicts with Ozymandias's forces and the Saracens. While Camelot and Ozymandias eventually entered into a ceasefire, the Saracens continued to resist. In response, Goddess Rhongomyniad ordered her knights to destroy the rebels while she descimated the land with Rhongomyniad. Those left became refugees who began to flock to Camelot, where Goddess Rhongomyniad initiated the Holy Selection to choose virtuous souls amongst to absorb into Rhongomyniad. When Chaldea arrives at Camelot, they witness her select three such souls, as she stood atop the main gate. Afterward, she orders Gawain to collect the selected before heading back inside.

Later, Goddess Rhongomyniad is told by Agravain about how Gawain's failure to carry out the Holy Executions thanks to Chaldea's interference. She later wakes up at night to see Agravain, Gawain, Tristan, and Mordred arguing in her throne room about Gawain's punishment, wondering if it's a war council for the desert invasion. Gawain reports to her that two of the three selected were successfully collected, but one was killed. He continues he lost 12 Enforcement Knights, and over a hundred refugees escaped. The refugees split into two groups: one to mountains; one with suspicious merchants. After hearing his report, Goddess Rhongomyniad blasts him out of the castle and into Camelot's outer wall as punishment for his failures. Since he managed to survive though, she pardons him. She then tells Mordred to return outside, as she is only allowed inside the city during the day. After Mordred leaves, Goddess Rhongomyniad threatens to punish Agravain like Gawain after he questioned her decision to not let Mordred inside the city. She calls it unnecessary to station Mordred in the city to solidified their guard. She declares Mordred's only use is to roam outside, and orders to keep her alive until their eventual battle with Ozymandias. She stops Agravain from ordering Mordred to pursue the refugees, considering it unnecessary since they'll die in the wasteland. She orders to prepare for battle against Ozymandias, which will begin when Lancelot returns. Days later, Goddess Rhongomyniad orders Tristan to attack the eastern Saracen village, while she destroys the western village with Rhongomyniad. Her attempt to destroy the eastern village to repelled though by Arash's Stella. Following the operation, Lancelot returns to Camelot to report that he has found twelve humans fit for Holy Selections and gave them to the city's supervisors. He questions Goddess Rhongomyniad's decision to unleash Rhongomyniad on the eastern village, even though Tristan already set fire to it. She responds that use of Rhongomyniad of her own volition, declaring its use on a human settlement would only fan the flames of rebellion. However, she did so this time because the Tower of the Farthest Reaches is nearing its completion, which needs to done before Solomon enters the next stage of his plan after the Incineration of Humanity. Tristan returns and reports the eastern village wasn't destroyed thanks to Arash's intervention because Lancelot failed to kill him. Lancelot decides to chase after Chaldea before they join forces with Ozymandias to redeem himself. Goddess Rhongomyniad allows him to do so, ordering him to return before the walls of Camelot manifest. Agravain tells her to let Bedivere concern her, after learning of his appearance from Tristan, Gawain, and Mordred. She however doesn't seem to recognize Bedivere.

As Chaldea and their allies assault, Goddess Rhongoymaniad manifests the Tower in compliance with Agravain's pleas. Eventually she comes face to face with Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, Leonardo da Vinci, and Bedivere in her throne room. She declares correcting the course of humanity and killing her are the same. She further declares Ritsuka's soul knows good yet commits evil, thus their soul is not needed in her utopia. She then prepares to fight the group, unleash the storm at the Ends of the World as well. She declares she will eternally store the truly virtous of humanity in Rhongomyniad in order to save humanity from Solomon's plan. She then asks Mash if she understands her ideal, knowing she is one whose life is more limited than others. She then fights the group, her Authority down on them and her magical energy destroying pieces of SHEBA. She declares humanity will be granted eternity inside her lance as the ultimate conclusion of protecting it. Mash however rejects her ideal and challenges her to combat. In reponse, Goddess Rhongomyniad launches Rhongomyniad, but Mash blocks it with her true Noble Phantasm, Lord Camelot. Goddess Rhongomyniad fails to recognize Bedivere, and she begins to struggle to remember after recognizing the light from Airgetlám. She remembers his name after Da Vinci realizes Airgetlám is Excalibur in disguise. Despite having no memories of him, she orders him to throw Excalibur away, and return to her. Bedivere rejects the order, and fights her with the others. Goddess Rhongomyniad is shocked that a mere human like Bedivere is pushing her back, even as his body breaks down. She asks him why he is doing this, to which he replies it's because he remembers her smile. He then returns Excalibur to her despite her pleas from him not to use it. With Excalibur returned to her, Goddess Rhongomyniad remembers Bedivere, and thanks him for being her last and loyal knight. After Bedivere disappears with his task complete, she considers fighting the group with Excalibur since she lost Rhongomyniad with Bedivere's final action. She decides against it though upon seeing they are being ejected from the Singularity with the Holy Grail collected and Rhongomyniad now gone. She tells Mash that Bedivere's sacrifice wasn't in vain when Da Vinci revealed she would disappear. She then reveals her status as Divine Spirit allowed to see from Solomon's perspective. She reveals Solomon resides in temple outside the proper flow of time and space. Only the seventh Grail can reveal its location, as it was the one Solomon personally sent into the past. She confirms Romani Archaman's speculation the other six were left by mages descended from Solomon to manifest as Demon Gods when the time of their awakening arrives. She reveals the seventh Grail being sent into the past by Solomon served as the first step towards the Incineration of Humanity. She then tells Ritsuka that she will not apologize for her actions. She believes her actions were still right, as protecting humanity differs from protecting the individual. Because of this she tells Ritsuka to follow the path they feel is best. She then warns the Seventh Singularity lies a great evil greater than Solomon. She tells the group to gather allies to face off against the Evils of Humanity. As the group are forcibly returned to Chaldea, she bids them farewell, and declares there was meaning to Bedivere's mistake and her existence.

Later, She is met by a grievously wounded Agravain. She expresses concern for his wounds, determining he faced a fierce opponent. Agravain confirms thus, and she permits him to approach the throne. She will not be able heal him, but she can at least ease his pain a little. Agrvain claims he isn't worthy as he still needs to work to help establish Goddess Rhongoymiad's ideal. She forgives him though, and tells him to rest. She states his one flaw is his workaholism, but Agravain replies it is nothing compared to hers.

Salomon: The Grand Temple of Time

Goddess Rhongomyniad is amongst the "Camelot" Singularity Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars. While her appearance is that of Artoria Lancer, her words suggest otherwise.[7]


Due to having wielded the Holy Lance Rhongomyniad, a Divine Construct regarded as the "Spear of the End" for hundreds of years, Artoria's mental structure and spiritual make-up drastically changed, transforming her into a full goddess, the highest-ranking Divine Spirit there is.[4][8] As the "Lion King", Artoria's raw power is so vast, that after Ritsuka's party first arrived to Camelot and saw her for the first time, Dr. Roman stated that the Spirit Origin output they just observed was far beyond that of King Arthur in Chaldea's data, far surpassing Saber and Lancer Alter and that it was no longer in the realm of a Servant.[9] When fighting Ritsuka's party, the power she unleashed was so powerful that it even sent waves through space-time and started to damage Chaldea's equipment in the present day.[10] A single strike from her lance was enough to blast Gawain through the castle wall in a near-death state and after King Hassan effortlessly blocked a strike of Excalibur Galatine powered by the Sun, Gawain estimated that the might of the "Old Man of the Mountain" was comparable to her, indicating that Goddess Rhongomyniad's fighting capabilities are on the level of a Grand Servant.[10]

After becoming a goddess, Artoria also acquired a new level of perspective on par with the King of Magecraft, understanding both his ideal and his purpose. Her gained awareness over the flow of time is such that she learned both that Solomon's temple resides outside of time, and that in the Babylonia Singularity there may be an "evil" that surpasses him on power.[10] She is also able to Rayshifft on her own such as when she reached the Camelot or Solomon Singularities.[6][7]


The Lion King didn't participate in any fights throughout most part of the Camelot Singularity, however, she was still considered a great threat thanks to her Holy Judgement. According to Dr. Roman, the magical energy of this attack had a value of over 3,000,000 even though the highest-ranked Noble Phantasms usually only range between 1000 and 3000.[11] Even the Sun King Ozymandias didn't attack her until the very end in fear of her counter attack.[10]

Rhongomyniad however is actually not meant to be used as a weapon to strike down external invaders. It is only the shadow of its true form, the Tower that fastens the outer layer of the World onto the planet. The Holy Lance Rhongomyniad makes that tower, a “pillar of light”, as its main body, existing to ensure the World's stability.[4] The Lion King is at her strongest when she releases Rhongomyniad's true form as the tower of light, as the magical energy surrounding it is so dense and big, that even Ozymandias transforming half his Spirit Origin into magical energy to shoot Ramesseum Tentyris Dendera Electric Bulb 10 times wasn't enough to reach her.[10]

In the Shinjuku Singularity, when Da Vinci doubted the existence of Noble Phantasms capable of destroying the planet, she said the only ones that had come close to accomplishing said feat were Goetia with the Human Order Incineration Incident and the Lion King, whose tower would have wiped out all of humanity except a select few had she not been stopped by Bedivere who managed to return Excalibur to her, thereby destroying Rhongomyniad and severing her link with the Lance at the cost of his life.[12][10]

Other Capabilities

  • With her new gained power alone, she can summon Servants and bestow Gifts upon them, granting them special abilities. 
  • The Lion King has access to powerful spells that allow her to create Enforcement Knights, beings that give off the magical responses of humans, but who are also close in form to Heroic Spirits.[9] When directly created from Rhongomyniad's magical energy, they become akin to Divine Constructs.[10]


Creation and Conception

Akira Ishida is the character illustrator for Goddess Rhongomyniad.


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