« During my life, I was once plagued by dreadful nightmares when I lay down to sleep. These dreams, this... whirl of grudges by the many abominations, demons, and inhuman mysteries I slew, must have been sent by the curse of a Tsuchigumo. I was terribly weakened, and resigned to die.
But, one night... Kintoki stood by my bedside beating Raijin's drums. He became brilliant lightning, and gently chased my nightmares away. Then, those cursed dreams, which had morphed into other-realms, were all incinerated by lightning."
"Yes, thus he saved me. During my entire life, I never forgot the joy I felt that evening. Even now, I still remember it."
"Hm? You ask what this has to do with Bear Mk. 1? Ah yes, well. The wheels of that iron horse are the very drums of Raijin which Kintoki used to save me that night. »

(Above, a recorded conversation during Minamoto no Raikou's stay at Chaldea. This event is described in the Tsuchigumo illustrations of Utagawa Kuniyoshi, but their veracity is unknown.)

Golden Drive (黄金疾走ゴールデンドライブ?) is Sakata Kintoki's cherished mount Golden Bear Mk. 1 (ゴールデンベアー号, Gōruden Beā-gō?), a large motorcycle imbued with Raijin’s power. Bound to him when summoned as a Rider, it possesses the ability to transform by its very nature, reconfigured in particular during this summoning to its "Super Accel Assault Mode" to perform a "super charging dash attack" during the release of its true name.

Its horsepower is two million, according to Kintoki, and it possesses as top speed of 2500 KM/H, around Mach 2. Its tires are Raijin's transformed hand drums, and their power rise with each revolution. Kintoki's Rider summoning is one in which his "disposition as the child of a thunder god has been emphasized." As such, "there is a possibility that he has turned into a more 'dangerous man' than when a Berserker as a result." It can be said that "he got caught up in the mood by driving a monster machine."[1]

Golden Drive - Good NightEdit

English | Japanese

« OK, hold on tight!"
"Let's score a goal! Bear howling!"
"Golden Drive!"
"Good night...! »


Golden Drive - Good Night: Night Wolf Deadly Nine - Golden Dash (夜狼死九・黄金疾走ゴールデンドライブ・グッドナイト, Yarō-shi Kyū Kogane ShissōGōrudendoraibu - Guddonaito?) is a charge attack utilizing Golden Bear, wreathing itself in lightning to run down his opponents. As the tires' lighting grows more powerful as they rotate, it becomes more powerful the farther it travels, reaching a maximum speed hundreds of times that of its normal 2500 KM/S.


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