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« Let's go with a flash!”
“Blow away. Knock them out! "Golden Spark"! »


Golden Spark: Golden Shock (黄金衝撃ゴールデンスパーク, Ōgon ShōgekiGōruden Supāku?) is the Noble Phantasm of Sakata Kintoki. It carries the power of the thunder god.[2] It is an Anti-Army Noble Phantasm usage in which a flash of lightning is released from Golden Eater and mows down the surrounding enemies. It activates by using 3 of the 15 loaded cartridges. The fact that it activates with a suspicious True Name is just like Golden Eater.[3] The True Name is probably not this, but it is invoked with such name.[2] Unreasonably golden.[2][3]


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