Golems (ゴーレム, Gōremu?) are artificial beings created through a variety of techniques.


The very basis of the golem can be said to be found in the passage of Genesis reading "The Lord molded man out of the dust of the ground and breathed life into him through his nostrils." Based on this passage, magi attempted to create "humans" in the same way as God created Adam from the earth. The first makers of golems came about in ancient Israel during the period between the 2nd century and the 9th century, creating the basics of their manufacturing. These makers felt that the ideal golem was one that matched the human form, hoping to create one in the same manner as God.[1] Each golem is treated as a fetus, "that which is without shape", and golemancy is treated as the "arcane craft of the Lord to breathe life into Adam and thus mankind." While many practitioners shape the earth into their desired form and bring it to life, they go no further into the craft, that of seeking out the creation of Adam himself. It is the dearest wish of all Kabbalists, one that they do not take lightly. The more perfected a golem is under that ideal, the more it will become an existence removed from their original design.[2]

While those following the Kabbalist ideal think that the quality increases as they reach closer and closer to the human form, other magi simply focus on the task of "how to make a strong golem."[1] The common perception of golems has come to be that of "manmade existences birthed by some thaumaturgical method."[2]


While golems will generally take on a humanoid shape, it is possible to create them in various shapes and varieties, even the shapes of animals.

Kabbalistic golemsEdit

Golems produced through Kabbalistic techniques are produced from earth, stone, and wood. Following the traditional method, those who use this technique are specialized in making golems close in shape to humans. [1] An example of this kind of golem would be Jubstacheit von Einzbern.

Dragon GolemEdit

  • Dragon golem

This Dragon Golem (ドラゴンゴーレム, Doragon Gōremu?) is a man-made monster which resembled a "dragon", that were in legends all over the world. Its entire body which was endowed with overflowing prana, its physical characteristics which resembled a snake, reptile, and bat mixed together, and, its four strong legs that were covered by scales that were equal to heavy metal armour. It is a great beast who has a core which resembles a prana powered nuclear reactor.


Golem (ゴーレム, Gōremu?), Stone Golem (ストーンゴーレム, Sutōn Gōremu?) and Iron Golem (アイアンゴーレム, Aian Gōremu?) appear as Berserker-class enemies in Fate/Grand Order.


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