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« This golem is not meant to be invincible. Rather, it must be designed so that it can die through any kind of means. The golem I'm creating possesses life. Therefore, it will die. My golem is not a craft to simply move clay dolls. My golem is the creation of life… in other words, a copy of the original human, Adam. »

(Caster of Black)

Golem Keter Malkuth: Royal Crown, the Light of Wisdom (王冠・叡智の光
, Ōkan - Eichi no Hikari
Gōremu Keteru Marukuto
?) is the unfinished work of Solomon ibn Gabirol, a golem that he could not complete during his lifetime.[1] Unlike regular Noble Phantasms that can be called "complete existences", it was recorded in history despite being incomplete. His wish in participating in the Holy Grail War is its completion, but simply constructing it is not enough. He wishes to reproduce God's miracle in the creation of life, bringing forth a copy of the Primordial Human, Adam (原初の人間
, Gensho no Ningen
?), so simply creating a golem of unparalleled power will not allow it to become a perfect existence. He wishes for it to become a supreme golem that will act as a "great king who would lead us humans filled with hardship and suffering to the Garden of Eden once more."

Creation and ActivationEdit

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« Born of mother Earth, let thee take in the Wind of wisdom, drink deep of the Water of life...”
“A brand of Fire shalt rest in thy hand, removing thee from the Devil of disease. Thy rancor shalt sunder thee, yet thy love shalt cleanse thy blood...”
“Let thee be a colossus, soaring amongst the highest peaks. Let thee be stone, unyielding and firm. Let thy form befit thine office... our guardian, our leader, our great foundation...”
“Thou art of earth yet not of earth, of man yet not of man. Thou shalt rest in paradise. Thou shalt rule it, for we would be led to its gates by thee. Thou art Dream. Thou art Hope. Thou art Love.”
“Thou art the First Man, bearing the Holy Spirit Ruwach... thy name be Adam. »

(Caster activating Adam)

Caster designs it over time, taking two months to finalize it in his workshop. Through gathering similar materials as used for his other golems, he is able to complete it to the point where he only needs to prepare a casting for the components, a three-day process, that allows him to attune it for the insertion of the final material, the core, at any time. It is noted to be made to consume energy, continuously requiring an infinite amount of magical energy after it is summoned. This function requires a core, a first-class magus, to power it. The quality of the core is reflected in the power of the golem, so those who boast the succession of a thousand-year-old Magic Crest are most suitable. While second-rate and third-rate magi can be gathered easily, only the seven Masters within the Black Faction and extraordinary talents like Sieg with his first-class Magic Circuits are available to him. While initially granted the use of Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia, Caster is disappointed in his quality, "passingly adequate", wishing to have recaptured Sieg. He later uses his own Master, Roche Frain Yggdmillennia, who has the greatest compatibility due to his love for golems.

After it is fully made except for the insertion of the core, it is kept submerged in a lake and Caster inserts the first component of the core, a giant cylindrical key, into the mud and performs an incantation to bring it to life.


Adam is an exceedingly large golem of fifteen meters in height "when it is born", but that in itself is not extremely special. While Adam is much greater in quality due to Caster's skill, it is possible for an experienced golemancer like Roche to construct a similar sized golem within fifty years. Compared to the golem of similar or even a larger size owned by a witch told of in legends, the age of that legend would mean that golem would be spiritually stronger. Although made with costly, pristine materials, they are nothing special despite that. Its greatest power is the "utterly abnormal" conceptual ability it possesses that puts it on a completely different level compared to either of Roche's or Caster's previous creations.


Adam converting the ground into Eden with a step

It is an autonomous Reality Marble that has the ability to continually repaint the world into Paradise
, Rakuen
?) for as long as he exists. Just by stepping on the ground, it is endlessly supplied with mana, and at the same time, it encroaches on the surrounding land and turns it into "Eden". Furthermore, it is able to receive the blessing of the earth so that as long as its feet are on the earth, it cannot be destroyed with any means. It will continue to move unhindered even if its maker, Caster, perishes. As the span of Eden expands, the giant's size will change and multiply until it finally exceeds a thousand meters, its largest size. The body doubles in size in one hour intervals from the moment it is born. It is said that “a fifteen-meter-sized giant could be easily defeated by even a Servant with average C Rank stats", but as expected, one at the size of a thousand meters would be impossible to kill without a group of first-rate Servants.[1][2]

The reason Jeanne and the others were so frantic against the giant when it was still fifteen meters tall is because they could tell that the speed of its growth was extraordinary, and if their response had been even a bit slower, the giant would have grown to thirty meters and displayed even harsher resistance.[2]


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