Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia (ゴルド・ムジーク・ユグドミレニア, Gorudo Mujīku Yugudomirenia?) is the Master of Saber of Black in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.[2]



Gordes comes from the Musik house, which once boasted a skill with alchemy which rivaled the Einzberns. Their thaumaturgical blood had eventually decayed enough that they were forced to fold themselves into the ranks of Yggdmillennia. It was shameful for such a once-famed house to have been absorbed by another, so Gordes' mother and father constantly told him of their legacy as alchemists from his youth. At the age of thirty-six, he is unable to separate dream from reality, having been raised to be proud of his family's former legacy.


Gordes is 36 years old during in the Great Holy Grail War.[1]


Gordes is a portly man whose pompousness can be gleamed from a single look at his expression. He holds great pride in his family name, and he is especially proud of having claimed the Saber-class Servant, famed as the strongest class, of the Black Faction. He is the first top-class magus from his family since they joined, so that also likely plays a part in his excessive pride towards his own bloodline. His contributions to their cause in the form of the Homunculus system is enough for others to ignore his hubris. Underneath Gordes' grumpy disposition beats a heart of gold despite his denial publicly.



Gordes summons his Servant, Saber of Black, along with Fiore, Celenike, and Caules in a multiple summoning. He keeps his catalyst, a bloodstained leaf from a sacred fig tree obtained from connections with the Einzbern family, in a case due to its value and not wishing for others to see it due to its connection to his Servant. Though it was agreed that all would share the names of their Servants, he vehemently disagrees, claiming that he had not yet had his catalyst when he agreed to the promise. He claims that revealing knowledge of his Servant's true name to anyone but Darnic would be detrimental to their battle.

He wishes for the name to be able to be spoken by few people as possible, so Lancer of Black and Darnic agree to the proposal. The rest note his pride as he leaves, and Darnic can only say that is suitable for his character. Upon returning to his quarters, he confirms Saber's identity as Siegfried, and although he is in high spirits, he is worried about his Servant's fame. He commands Saber to only speak when given permission, brandishing his Command Spells to emphasize the strictness behind the order. He hopes to keep any possible hints towards his identity to a minimum if at all possible.

He becomes worried that Saber may not forgive him for such an order due to acting so high-handed towards a great hero. He still only recognizes saber as "simply a Servant", a temporary guest brought to the world by his Master, despite the tension. Saber consents with a nod, causing Gordes to recognize that he has bent his Servant to his will, creating a misunderstanding between the two that will bring events to a fatal pass.


Gordes is an Alchemist who can undoubtedly be called a first-class magus. His boasts are not completely unwarranted, as he has provided the Black Faction a very significant advantage. He proposed and managed a way to manipulate the Grail system, foul play that allows for the division of the magical energy path-lines. Using Homunculi to provide magical energy for the Servants rather than the Masters allows them to have an abundance of magical energy and makes the usage of Noble Phantasms much less selective.


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