Gordius Wheel: Wheel of Heaven's Authority (神威の車輪ゴルディアス・ホイール, Shin'i no SharinGorudiasu Hoīru?) is a large antique war chariot with two prows that is led by two Divine Bulls with rippling muscles. Its dimensions are greater than that of an average truck and it has two large, curved sickles on its sides used to demolish surrounding obstacles and hurl the debris at enemies. The bulls and the chariot tread atop lightning strikes, manifestations of Zeus, allowing it to also move through the air just as easily as it travels atop the ground. They create thunderous sounds and webs of lightning with each "stomp" as they travel, and each lightning strike generates the amount of magical energy Saber or Lancer would use in an attack that utilized every ounce of their strength.[1]

The bulls, which Rider calls the "Children of Zeus", were originally an offering to Zeus from King Gordius, but Alexander claimed them by cutting the Gordian Knot with his sword. The reputation of this act apparently defined him as a being of the Rider class. The chariot can be freely summoned anywhere by Rider by cleaving the air with his Sword of the Cypriots, much like the way he cut the knot in the legends, in order to open up a rift in the empty space resembling a gaping mouth. With a thunderous roar and a tremor, the chariot emerges from the rift into the world. The impression of the aura of lightning and thunder is great enough to believe him to be some sort of thunder god upon first seeing him, and Zeus is instantly brought to mind in connection to the bulls.[2]

  • Rider cutting the air to summon the chariot
  • Gordius Wheel from various angles

Charging the chariot causes it to be engulfed in lightning, and upon trampling an opponent, it delivers eight heavy attacks from the bulls and a decisive strike from the wheels. Each of their hooves is enveloped in purple lightning, and they simultaneously kick with their front hooves and then trample the fallen target with their hind hooves. It should be enough to bring about fatal wounds, and even the robust Berserker, having avoided the wheels, is left only able to struggle to his feet and retreat. The bulls' charge is capable of reaching over four hundred kilometers per hour, not slowing at all while the scythes easily cut through trees and still only slightly losing acceleration while tearing large chunks of concrete and asphalt. He is able to keep the noise from being emitted while traveling to avoid detection by ordinary humans, but it still gives off a large amount of magical energy that is detectable to Servants. Waver compares its destructive power to that of a strategic bomber, predicting that it can easily turn the entire Shinto area into scorched earth if Rider was allowed to go on a rampage for less than an hour.

All parts of the chariot can be separately reduced in size, it is possible to stow them away, and it can transform into its most effective form to match the terrain that it is traversing over. The illustration of the chariot is its completely released form used for a trampling attack.[1] There is a protective force field over the coach of the chariot that will prevent at least an amount typical of a blood spray from coming near those on it. Strictly speaking, it is not a Noble Phantasm, but one of the armaments that exemplifies Iskandar.[3]

Via ExpugnatioEdit

« Light is at the other end of the world — conquer! Via Expugnatio! »


The true trump card of the chariot is the Noble Phantasm, Via Expugnatio: Distant Trampling Domination (遥かなる蹂躙制覇ヴィア・エクスプグナティオ, Harukanaru Jūrin SeihaVia Ekusupugunatio?). It is a powerful trampling attack performed using Gordius Wheel. The damage is decided by two factors, damage from the eight strikes from the hooves of the bulls and the damage from being struck by the wheels of the chariot, with both physical damage and the effects of the lightning strikes taking effect with each attack roll. If the target is not strong enough and fails a saving throw, additional damage will also be dealt.[4] The power emitted is significantly greater than its normal charge after Rider calls out its True Name. Its speed is also very significant, reducing a distance of one hundred meters to zero the instant after its activation, almost matching the speed with which Excalibur is activated.


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