Goredolf Musik (ゴルドルフ・ムジーク, Gorudorufu Mujīku?) the new owner and director of Chaldea Security Organization after the death of Olga Marie Animusphere. After the events of Epic of Remnant, he purchased the organization before it could be divided up by the Mage's Association.



Goredolf is the son of the Musik family. He has mentioned that his tutor was Toole, who among other things taught him abdominal breathing to relieve stress.[1]


He is 28 years old when he buys Chaldea.[2]


Goredolf Musik initially presents himself as an unlikable leader, a flaw that he is aware of and later admits. While he is abrasive, that ultimately stems from his own insecurity and worrying about everything. Even if at first he seems a stereotypical elite magus, he actually cares about his subordinates. As Da Vinci explains, due to Toole's spartan education Goredolf seems to treat any danger his fields operative are into as a danger to himself, so as a leader he is able to put himself in the perspective of the people he commands.

One of his biggest dreams is to visit the Suzuka Circuit. Goredolf has good driving skills. 

Goredolf hates being called "old man" due to how he is actually younger than he really appears. 


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Arc 2 PrologueEdit

Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

Young Goldolf in Anime

Young Goredolf

Even as a child, Goredolf is a part of the Policies Department at the Clock Tower. He makes a cameo appearance with his design from Fate/Apocrypha Material to arrest Gurdoa Davenant, who almost exposed magecraft to London due to how he underestimated the influence of modern social networking.


After the end of the Great Holy Grail War, the homunculus Toole becomes Goredolf's tutor. She performs this duty through "thoroughly beating up" Goredolf, and subsequently beating up Gordes' wife after she protests the treatment of her son, and then Gordes himself.[3] In the anime adaptation of Fate/Apocrypha Goredolf can be seen in the final episode learning alchemy from his father.


As a member of the Musik Family, Goredolf knows alchemy. His magecraft skill is average by Clock Tower standards, but decent enough at combat to be able to fight against the Oprichniki on his own until rescue comes. He uses a magic gun, magical amulets and his own brand of magecraft, the Goff Punch: Iron Fist (鉄の拳ゴッフパンチ, Tetsu no KenGoffupanchi?), that consists in turning his own arms into iron with alchemy to protect himself and punch enemies. He also devised a personal Magic Formula to turn bad meat into good meat with the usage of alchemy.

He seems to be an expert driver too, known by the name Phoenix Musik (不死鳥のムジーク, Fushichō no Mujīku?), being his own sponsor, driver and team. Goredolf also is quite good at cooking, being confident enough to trust his own pasta cooking abilities to be able to make prisoners spill the beans tempted by it. This is later proven true when he interrogates Caenis by cooking a croissant.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Gordes son

A young Goredolf in Fate/Apocrypha Material.

Goredolf made his first appearance in Fate/Apocrypha Material, as the unnamed son of Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia. The art depicts him as a boy instead of an adult, as he was during the time of Fate/Apocrypha.


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