Goredolf Musik (ゴルドルフ・ムジーク, Gorudorufu Mujīku?) is Clock Tower magus who is part of the Department of Policies.

Within the World of Fate/Grand Order, he is the new owner and director of Chaldea Security Organization after the death of Olga Marie Animusphere. After the completion of the Remnant Order marking the end of Chaldea's purpose, he purchases the organization before it can be divided up by the Mage's Association.

In the World of Fate/Apocrypha, he is a part of Yggdmillennia.



Goredolf is the son of the Musik family. He was tutored by a series of homunculi with short lifespans, mentioning Toole, Toole III, and Toole IV. Toole, among other things, taught him abdominal breathing to relieve stress.[3] He is a part of the Department of Policies at the Clock Tower.[4]


He is 28 years old when he buys Chaldea.[1]


Goredolf Musik initially presents himself as an unlikable leader, a flaw that he is aware of and later admits. While he is abrasive, that ultimately stems from his own insecurity and worrying about everything. Even if at first he seems a stereotypical elite magus, he actually cares about his subordinates. As Da Vinci explains, due to Toole's spartan education, Goredolf seems to treat any danger his fields operative are into as a danger to himself, so as a leader he is able to put himself in the perspective of the people he commands.[5]

One of his biggest dreams is to visit the Suzuka CircuitWP.[6] Goredolf has good driving skills. He has played racing games with Lord El-Melloi II.[7]

Goredolf hates being called "old man" due to how he is actually younger than he really appears.[6]

As a running gag, he can never remember Jingle Abel Meuniere's name.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Servant Summer Festival![]

This event reveals that some time during the Remnant Order, Goredolf was in Hawaii when it became the Luluhawa Singularity. He briefly meets the Chaldea group or is in the vicinity of some incidents during each time loop.

Second Prologue[]

Shortly after arriving in Chaldea, Goredolf and Koyanskaya meet Ritsuka, Mash, Leonardo da Vinci, and Jingle Abel Meuniere in the command room. Goredolf informs Da Vinci’s position as acting director will no longer be required, as he will assume sole command of Chaldea. He will also be taking all of Chaldea’s remaining staff into custody. Da Vinci deduces his decision wasn't pre-approved by the Mage’s Association, and threatens to inform the Association about it. Her disobedience frustrates Goredolf, as there shouldn't be anyone left in Chaldea who would disobey him according to Koyanskaya. Koyanskaya admits her report may have been in error and convinces Goredolf to take aggressive action. Goredolf then informs Da Vinci that 120 security guards are on their way and says the Association would back him if he were to take Chaldea by force. He continues that the remaining current staff will be locked up as criminals, while Ritsuka, Mash, Da Vinci, and Meuniere will be kept in a single room together to await questioning from the inquiry board. During that time, the Association will inquire about Chaldea’s activities while beginning the transition to new staff. Da Vinci questions Goredolf’s interest in Chaldea. Goredolf confesses he saw promise in Chaldea, unlike the rest of the Clock Tower. So when Chaldea was being auctioned off in parts, he used his family’s entire fortune to buy all of Chaldea’s assets and prevent its dismantling. Kirei Kotomine then arrives, claiming to have sent been by the church to join the investigation. Chaldea’s remaining current staff is then taken into custody.

For three days, Goredolf’s engineers struggle to thaw out A-Team’s Coffins, so Da Vinci is called in. She is successful, but when the Coffins are opened, they are all empty. An alarm then sounds, with an announcement listing all the things that can no longer be detected or observed. The number of anomalies overload Chaldeas causing cracks to form on it. SHEBA has also shut down. Worse still, Chaldea is being invaded by the Oprichniki, who have cut off access to all exits and are wiping out Goredolf’s soldiers.

Fleeing from the command room, Goredolf tries to hide from the Oprichniki. As he hides from them, he uses the PA system to beg anybody to save him. He laments that his life has always been full of failure and himself ever the outcast. He doesn’t want to die yet, having not been praised nor loved by anyone. The Oprochniki eventually find him, so Goredolf tries to fight back. He soon, however, depletes the ammo in his magical pistol and his talismans. Fortunately for him, Ritsuka, Mash, and Da Vinci come to his rescue. But he isn’t grateful that they rescued him and even blames Chaldea for the whole situation, falsely believing they’ve destroyed the world again. Mash tries to correct his mistake about who caused the Incineration of Humanity, only for Goredolf to her to shut up and start fixing everything. Despite her misgivings about Goredolf, Da Vinci agrees to bring him back with them to the hangar.

The group run for the hangar but they find themselves blocked off by Koyanskaya and the Oprichniki. Goredolf thinks the Oprichniki have captured Koyanskaya. Mash corrects him, though, revealing Koyanskaya is leading the Oprichniki and suspects her of orchestrating the attack on Chaldea. Goredolf realizes Koyanskaya has been deceiving him the whole time and thinks she wanted Chaldea for herself. Koyanskaya reminds him, though, that he was the one who agreed to her recommendation to purchase Chaldea in the first place. She even assassinated his rival bidders to ensure he would gain full rights over Chaldea and its property without the Association interfering. She then orders the Oprichniki to kill the group. Da Vinci prepares to fight them off when the Grand Duchess, the Servant who surrounded Chaldea and froze the east hall, arrives. The Grand Duchess proves stronger, so Da Vinci tosses an anti-spiritual body flashbang, allowing her and the others to escape.

The four make it into the hangar, but before they can reach the container where Sherlock Holmes and the rest of the survivors are, Kirei kills Da Vinci. Thanks to Da Vinci using the last of her strength to keep Kirei pinned, though, the remaining three are able to make it to the container. Sherlock asks why Da Vinci isn’t them. Mash tries to tell him, but Goredolf, irritated by her crying, informs Sherlock that Da Vinci was killed. Sherlock then advises everyone to hang on to the pipes on the wall as the container is sent down the mountain slope.

The container spins out of control when Koyanskaya shoots it with her rifle. It is then revealed the container is to be a facade for a vehicle. Then, to their surprise, everyone meets Da Vinci in child form. Sherlock explains she is a spare body Da Vinci created in case of an emergency. It is a low-cost solution, but it has a low output, so Da Vinci is able to behave as if picking up where the former Da Vinci left off. Sherlock advises her to get back to the controls, reminding her she is an artificial Servant created to pilot the Shadow Border.

Eventually, the Chaldean survivors reach the ice shelf. Sherlock confirms all of Chaldea’s command room transmissions have ceased, and all power output has shut down. Chaldea is now lost, with no way of returning to or taking it back. Mash tries to leave to go back to Chaldea, but her body has reached her limit. It is the cost of her transforming while unable to synchronize with her Spirit Origin properly, so she lacks the strength to open the hatch. Then, as everyone watches seven mysterious objects fall from outer space with a straight trajectory, a transmission is then received on the same frequency as Chaldea. It is from Kirschtaria Wodime of A-Team, declaring his decision to revolt against the wrongness of the Proper History by restoring the Age of Gods. Calling the seven objects seeds, he reveals they were sent to select new leaders. Those chosen will remake the planet as they see fit, and the one who reigns supreme shall be given the right to renew the world itself. Those of the Proper History aren’t permitted to participate in this war, or even to view it from the sidelines. Properly introducing himself as representative of Crypters, Kirschtaria declares to the survivors that the Crypters will be the inheritors of the world’s history.

The survivors soon near the coast, but Oprichniki blocks them from reaching the escape ship. Da Vinci advises they try for another observatory, but Sherlock reveals there is nothing anywhere on sonar. He suggests plowing the Oprichniki and pray they reach the sea. Ritsuka approves of the idea, so Sherlock asks Da Vinci permission to use the Paper Moon. He suspects the chances of success are 30% at best, and he can’t predict where they’ll end up. The Border’s Zero Sail function is soon activated, and it dives into the Imaginary Number Space.

Permafrost Empire: Anastasia[]

A week has passed since the Chaldean survivors dove into the Imaginary Number Space. Goredolf has lost his patience and demands to know why Sherlock insists on keeping them in the Imaginary Number Space, believing they should be in a safe zone now. Sherlock explains they can emerge so as long as one of them has a connection that exists in reality. But now that is an impossibility with the world wiped clean. Finding it ridiculous for the world to be wiped clean, Goredolf admits the impact from the “meteoroids” must have been utterly devastating, given their size, but not enough to destroy every nation on Earth. He also believes the Clock Tower could never be destroyed, protected as it is by hundreds of defense mechanisms. Sherlock informs him, though, that everything is gone. Goredolf thinks Sherlock is making it until Ritsuka tells him it isn't the first time humanity was wiped out. Sherlock reveals they can use their connection with the Oprichniki to emerge, though they’ll end up where the Oprichniki are. With the Border running low on power, the survivors take the risk of being attacked when they emerge or emerging a century later in real time. They’re further incentivized when something damages the Border’s armor.[6]

The survivors successfully emerge into Russia, though any future Zero Sail will be impossible until the Border is repaired. Da Vinci reveals Russia is surrounded by a massive storm wall. It blocks all electromagnetic waves and is extremely destructive. Sherlock decides he will serve as Ritsuka’s escort while they investigate the outside. But Goredolf refuses to let Sherlock leave, insisting that as the last bastion of humanity the Border needs at least one combat-ready Servant to defend it. He therefore orders Ritsuka to investigate on their own, believing they’re more than capable since they repaired the Singularities, while the rest of them relay instructions from the Border. Sherlock points out the obvious that it’s too risky to send Ritsuka out alone, though, so Goredolf has Meuniere accompany RItsuka. But Mash decides she will accompany Ritsuka instead. The two leave after Da Vinci gives them their anti-polar region Mystic Code and Meuniere gives Ritsuka the Spirit Origin Trunk.[6]

Once Ritsuka and Mash exit the Border, Goredolf tells them to let him handle any negotiations with the locals, believing a simple charm spell sent over comms will win over anyone. Sherlock points out, though, that charm spells run out quickly, so he recommends letting Ritsuka initiate negotiations with any local and bringing them into the Border once both parties reach a mutual understanding. Goredolf agrees with Sherlock’s plan, believing his own natural charisma will be the surest way to succeed.[6]

Ritsuka and Mash eventually make contact with a Yaga named Patxi, who brings them to his hometown of Yaga Smolensk. From him, Chaldea learns the world was plunged into an ice ago after being struck by an asteroid 500 years, eliminating most of humanity except for 10% of Russia’s population. To prevent extinction, the remaining population was fused with Demonic Beasts through magecraft, with the still living Ivan the Terrible being the first. Goredolf is disgusted by the Yaga, stating humans fusing with Demonic Beasts violates one of magecraft’s taboos.[6]

Ritsuka and Mash later find Koyanskaya. Given hers and Kirei’s connection with the Crypters, Chaldea realize they are both Servants. Ritsuka and Mash rescue Patxi from the Oprichniki and escape town. Paxti escorts the pair to the leyline at which Ritsuka powers up the Trunk with an electric storm. They use it to summon Avicebron in a cave. Avicebron agrees to repair the Border’s armor if provided with magical ore to create new plating. Patxi then escorts the group to a village rumored to have rebel ties. Goredolf tells Ritsuka he awaits good news and an overdue supply of food, reminding them that the Border’s reserves are nearly depleted and the crew’s morale is very low. Da Vinci questions though if Kritchat mean is edible for humans, but Goredolf insists his spells can make any meat edible.[8]

Ritsuka’s party eventually meets Atalanta Alter, leader of the rebels, and ally with her.[9] She provides them with a few materials, which Avicebron can use to repair the Border. She promises to give them the rest if they help capture cities allied with Ivan.[10] After completing their first task for the rebels, Ritsuka and Mash return to the Border with Avicebron while Patxi remains behind.[11]

At the Border, Sherlock tells Ritsuka and Goredolf that Russia isn’t a hypothetical history like a Singularity, but a history onto itself. He suspects the human mage with Ivan is one of the Crypters, possibly Kadoc Zemlupus. The next morning, Avicebron’s golem repair the Border’s armor.[12] Ritsuka and Avicebron then leave for the rebel stronghold.[13]

Later, after allying with Beowulf and Billy the Kid,[14] Ritsuka’s party helps the rebels get food from Yaga Smolensk.[15] A massacre ensues there, however, culminating in Patxi abandoning the rebels.[16] Goredolf doesn’t care about Patxi’s reasons and is more concerned that they lost their guide in Russia.[17]

On another night, Ritsuka’s party go to Yaga Thule, where they encounter Antonio Salieri. Kadoc arrives there following their battle with the composer.[17] He reveals the Cypters’ goal is to grow their Lostbelts and end the Proper History. Then, after his Oprichniki are killed, he calls upon his Servant, the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov. Goredolf questions how she could even be a Servant, as nothing she did in life should have let her become a Heroic Spirit. Anastasia confirms Goredolf is right, but she has Viy and calls herself a Lostbelt Servant. Thanks to Avicebron, Ritsuka’s party escape from Kadoc and Anastasia, bringing Salieri with them.[18]

Sherlock explains the difference between Singularities and Lostbelts. Salieri recalls Kirei calling the Fantasy Tree the cornerstone of the Lostbelt and without it the Lostbelt will no longer be a threat to reality. Goredolf figures removing the Tree will return Russia to normal. It is, however, protected by Ivan and his Oprichniki.[19]

Back at the rebel stronghold, Atalanta Alter tells the group she tracked down the materials they asked for days earlier. Goredolf is frustrated that she will only share the information in exchange for another favor. He tries to deny he wants to leave the Lostbelt once the Border is repaired, but he quickly admits to being a coward. Atalana Alter then explains she wants the group’s help in building a new stronghold, though Goredolf doesn’t understand why she cares about the Yaga knowing how to survive on their own once she’s gone. He believes it isn’t any concern of hers what they do and that providing them with supportive technology will only brighten their futures.[19]

After the new stronghold is built, RItsuka and Avicebron return to the Border with Billy.[20] Avicebron finishes repairing the Border with the materials they brought. The next day, everyone learns that the new stronghold was attacked. The ones responsible were the Oprichniki and Minotauros lead by Kirei, who found the fort thanks to Patxi betraying its location.[21] Ritsuka and Billy become trapped in Minotauros’ labyrinth, where they find both Patxi and Miyamoto Mushashi.[22] The four escape and meet Beowulf, from whom they learn Atalanta Alter and Salieri are being held prisoner near Yaga Moscow. Sherlock warns the slightest disturbance in the capital could awaken Ivan after deducing others are trying to keep him asleep.[4]

Goredolf is against picking up Ritsuka’s party in the Border and bringing them to the prison, afraid of any potential combat situation. He claims he isn’t, though, saying he is only concerned for the Border’s safety. Sherlock tells him keeping the Border will not stop the world from ending and that they need to fight back. Goredolf understands that, but asks Sherlock if he can guarantee their safety. Sherlock answers Goredolf that he’ll have to trust his and Meuniere’s driving technique, adding he completed the simulator’s hardest course ten times out of hundred. Goredolf is impressed as he only completed it five times himself and decides to trust Sherlock. Ritsuka's party finds the prison empty, though, and learn Salieri and Atalanta Alter are scheduled to be executed in Yaga Moscow.[4]

After infiltrating Yaga Moscow with their party, Ritsuka asks where Mash is. Goredolf answers she is being treated in Da Vinci’s ICU, so she can transform into a Servant. Given the risk of the Border being attacked so closed to enemy territory, he suggested Mash prepare herself for battle. Even if she can’t fight on the frontline, Goredolf believes she can at least protect him. Ritsuka is clearly upset by Goredolf’s plan. Goredolf doesn’t understand why they’re upset, believing it's a reasonable. Sherlock then advises Goredolf to keep an eye on the mountains south of Yaga Moscow.[23]

Eventually Ivan wakes up with the construction of Golem Keter Malkuth. Goredolf is disturbed by what he’s seeing on the monitor, saying “huge doesn’t even begin to cover it.” He then realizes they’re heading towards Ivan and orders Meuniere to stop the Border, believing they’ll only be killed. Not willing to risk his life, he demands an immediate retreat from Russia. Sherlock reminds him, though, that they still have teammates in Yaga Moscow and suspects Ivan would kill them well before they can escape. Therefore, their conditions for victory remain the same: defeat Ivan and capture Kadoc. After hearing from Da Vinci that Mash will be ready for battle, Sherlock orders Meuniere to take them to Yaga Moscow’s western area, so they can rendezvous with Ritsuka’s party. Goredolf orders they stop, afraid for his life.[24]

After his mammoth form is defeated[24] and losing a battle with Anastasia, Ivan goes to Fantasy Tree Orochi. There he questions Ritsuka if their world is truly worth destroying his. Goredolf says fixing the Losbelts will solve everything and chides Ivan for calling Chaldea murders for simply wanting to restore humanity. Ivan cuts off Goredolf’s comms for interrupting his conservation with Rtsuka.[25]

Ivan is killed in battle with Mash. Once he’s gone, however, Kadoc orders Atalanta Alter to kill the others. He had convinced her to betray the Proper Human History, knowing she could never abandon the Yaga. As Ritsuka’s party fight their former allies, Goredolf notices Ritsuka has lost the will to fight and demands they get them out of there and retreat. Sherlock says that is impossible, with Anastasia keeping Beowulf occupied, Mash needing to recharge her Noble Phantasm, and Musashi now gone from the Lostbelt. Ritsuka regains their will to fight, though, when Patxi sacrifices himself to protect them from rebel gunfire and uses his last breath to encourage Ritsuka to continue fighting for their world. Billy then arrives and kills Atalanta Alter in a duel.[25]

Anastasia uses her newfound powers as the Lostbelt King to let Orochi take root, so the Lostbelt can finally expand. She is defeated, but Kadoc refuses to give up and tries to use Sirius Light to rewrite the Lostbelt. Billy shoots at him, only for Anastasia to shield him. After she disappears, Billy knocks Kadoc unconscious. Goredolf is surprised Anastsaia protected Kadoc, and while he’ll never forgive her for destroying Chaldea, he will commend her for that. He then congratulates RItsuka for capturing Kadoc alive and orders them to bring him back to the Border for interrogation when Orochi begins releasing True Ether. When told to destroy Orochi, Ritsuka doubts that they can. Goredolf questions why they’d give up now after they nearly died against Kadoc and reminds them they’ll all be wiped out if they destroy Orochi. He says the Musik family still has a name to make for itself and refuses to let it fade away. Da Vinci sends the Border’s extra magical energy to Ritsuka’s party so they can ascend and stop Orochi.[25]

Ritsuka’s party stops Orochi, but they lack the means to destroy it. The Priestess of the Alien God then appears at its roots, and freezes and shatters it with a touch. Mash retrieves an imitation Holy Grail from its remains. With Orochi gone, the Lostbelt begins to disappear and Chaldea leaves.[25]

Once they cross Russia’s border, however, they find the world is now completely blank. They then receive a coded transmission from the Wandering Sea, saying they're currently waiting for more survivors.[26]

Eternal Icy Fire Century: Götterdämmerung[]

Goredolf reluctantly agrees to Da Vinci’s plan to cross the Scandinavian Peninsula, despite the Lostbelt there, understanding it’s the best possible route to the Wandering Sea. Seeing it will take two days to reach the peninsula, Goredolf orders Meuniere to ensure the Border is in good working order and Da Vinci to ensure Mash is in good health. He then tells Sherlock to accompany him to the solitary confinement so they can interrogate Kadoc. However, the Border is then struck by an RPG, which damaged its armor. Sherlock orders all staff in the port-side hallway to evacuated to the engine room immediately, while he and Mash deal with the attack. He also orders Mash to place a magical barrier in the internal hallway to fend off a possible second RPG. Ritsuka wants to go with them, but Goredolf orders them to stay put. Everyone then sees that their attacker is Kirei. A second RPG hits the Border, but the damage is minimal thanks to Mash placing a magical barrier earlier. Goredolf sees the RPG is one of Koyanskaya’s weapon based on the NFF Services logo on it, which is why it could damage the Border’s armor. Everyone then learns Kadoc took advantage of the attack to escape out onto the deck. Goredolf has Ritsuka come with him to follow after Kadoc.[27]

Confronting Kadoc on the deck, Goredolf demands he get back in the Border. Kadoc, seeing there’s no possible way for him to escape safely, agrees to tell Chaldea everything. But Kirei renders him unconscious before he could say anything. Goredolf considers attacking Kirei for what he did, but realizes his Goff Punch would be useless. Mash and Sherlock then soon arrive. Kirei reveals his True Name is Grigori Rasputin then escapes with the unconscious Kadoc.[27]

Two days later, Chaldea reaches the storm wall of the Norse Lostbelt. They plan to pass through it for the time being to reach the Wandering Sea, where they’ll upgrade their observatory devices. They then initiate Zero Sail to bypass the storm wall. The Border is chased however by an unknown entity in the Imaginary Number Space. Chaldea therefore make emergency exit into the Lostbelt.[27]

Goredolf immediately orders Ritsuka and Mash to investigate their surroundings. He and Meuniere freak out about giants being in the Lostbelt. Goredolf takes a rest afterward, saying he’s having a nervous breakdown.[5]

He wakes up hearing Ritsuka, Mash, and Sherlock ready to face whatever powerful figure is approaching the Border. Immediately, he orders a Zero Sail, calling the viable option in this situation. He reminds everyone that RItsuka still can’t summon Servants, Lostbelt Servants are tremendously powerful, and they can’t send Mash into battle at every opportunity. Furthermore, they don’t even know this presumed Lostbelt Servant’s identity, so retreat is the best option. Da Vinci agrees and tries to start Zero Sail, only for the Servant to grab and throw the Border. Ritsuka, Mash, and Sherlock exit to confront them when the Servant cuts into the Border.[28]

Despite the efforts of Ritsuka’s party to stop him, Sigurd, the aforementioned Servant, enters the Border and heads for the cockpit. There he confronted Goredolf and Meuniere, demanding they hand over the Paper Moon. The three then go onto the deck where Goredolf hands over the Paper Moon, believing Sigurd will leave them alive now that he has what came for. He is glad when Sigurd agrees, but his mood turns sour when Ritsuka and Mash arrive to take back the Paper Moon. Sigurd easily overwhelms the pair, but stops short of executing them and leaves.[28]

The next day, Chaldea determines the Lostbelt’s Crypter is the one who sent Sigurd to steal the Paper Moon, since only Chaldea and the Crypters would know what it is. Therefore, they will go cut down the Fantasy to get a response from the Crypter. Goredolf believes that will be the perfect chance to get the Paper Moon back. Da Vinci reveals Servant summoning will be impossible due to damage to the Border, lack of leylines, and the magical ice and snow. Goredolf, therefore, tells Ritsuka and Mash that the expedition will only comprise them and they’ll set off tomorrow; Da Vinci gives them coordinates to a possible village to the northwest.[29]

Previously unable to communicate with Ritsuka and Mash, Goredolf finally reaches them when they enter Village 23. Mash recalls they couldn’t communicate with each other once she and Ritsuka got a few kilometers from the Border. Goredolf informs her that under his supervision, Da Vinci built and deployed a Mystic Code drone that extends their comm range. He then meets Gelda and learns Ritsuka and Mash reached her village after rescuing her. Seeing the connection isn’t stable, Goredolf decides he wants to interrogate a local via transmission, though obviously not a child. He therefore tells Gelda to run off to her parents, but Gelda has no concept of parents. So he tries to get her to bring forth an authority figure in the village. Gelda thinks he’s talking about the Envoy, though the Envoy isn’t coming until tomorrow. Ritsuka, Mash, and Goredolf then learn the villagers are sacrificed to the giants once they reach the age of 25 after the children are raised to the age of 10. Villagers who haven’t had children by the time they’re 15 are also sacrificed. Goredolf gets upset at Gelda for happily accepting such a way of life.[30]

Later that evening, Goredolf asks Gelda for her thoughts on her life and her future and if she ever wanted to be free. But Gelda doesn’t know what the word future means and thinks to be free means she can fully explore the village. Goredolf describes to her how people in Chaldea’s world live much longer, have extended families, and generally spend their lives with their loved ones. He then gets angry at Gelda and her society in general for accepting that their lives will be cut short, recalling the Yaga were free to live to old age despite the harsh conditions they lived in.[30]

Goredolf isn’t able to contact Ritsuka and Mash again until after they reached Village 67 with Napoleon Bonaparte and Brynhildr. He immediately warns them that the giants are approaching Village 23 and orders the group to protect it.[31] Later, he drives the Border outside of Da Vinci’s Bounded Field in trying to find a spot with a better signal. As such, Border’s position is compromised and comes under attack by the envoys. The Border crew warn Ritsuka’s party of the attack. Ritsuka’s party head over to the Border immediately and suppress the attack.[32]

Meeting Brynhildr afterward, Goredolf thinks their victory against Sigurd is assured. Da Vinci reminds him though that they still have Lostbelt King, Scáthach-Skadi, and the Crypter, Ophelia Phamrsolone, to contend with. She and Goredolf both agree, however, that they don’t know how Skadi might respond once she learns they intend to cut down the Fantasy Tree. Nevertheless, Goredolf believes its best to follow the advice Ritsuka’s party got from Sitonai and makes cutting the Tree down a first priority, calling it as just as important as getting the Paper Moon back. He believes it’s possible to negotiate with Skadi, though, after recalling Ritsuka said Skadi stopped Sigurd from killing them while they were at her castle. Chaldea’s biggest threat right now is therefore Ophelia and her Servant, Sigurd.[33]

It is later revealed Surtr was possessing Sigurd, and the Lostbelt’s false sun was the Ancient Giant’s prison. With the destruction of Sigurd’s Spirit Core at the hands of Brynhildr, Surtr regains his true body and is finally resurrected.[33] Goredolf is shocked by the fact giants have a king and dreads how many reports he’ll have to write, assuming anyone even believes them. At that moment, he realizes the credibility of said reports will disappear with the Lostbelt.[34]

After Village 23 is protected from Surtr’s attack, Ophelia joins the others and informs them that if Surtr burns the planet and the Lostbelt becomes the new history, the planet’s Texture will be fire. Though highly reluctant to work with a Crypter, Goredolf agrees to a temporary alliance with Ophelia, informing that she’ll be taken into custody once it’s all over. Ophelia accepts the terms and destroys her Mystic Eye to sever her contract with Surtr, removing his source of magical energy. She then uses her Sirius Light to rewrite the Lostbelt.[35]

Surtr is desroyed. Ophelia dies as the price of as the cost of using the Sirius Light was her life. Skadi and Ortlinde turn on Chaldea to protect Fantasy Tree Sombrero. Ritsuka and Mash defeat them and destroy Sombrero afterward.[36]

With the Paper Moon back in their hands, Chaldea leaves the Lostbelt and continuse onward to the Wandering Sea. Goredolf wishes he could have said something to Gelda before they left, understanding she and everything there will disappear with the Lostbelt. Though he fully understands destroying the Lostbelt is necessary for their survival and calls himself cold-blooded, he says he cannot easily forget that they wiped an innocent girl from existence. Chaldea then suddenly finds themselves at the entrance of the Wandering Sea and are invited in by Sion Eltnam Sokaris.[37]

Synchronized Intellect Nation: SIN[]

Meeting Sion, Goredolf immediately identifies as a mage of Atlas from her crest and uniform. As such, it should have been trivial for her to have predicted what befell Chaldea. He admits that by falling for Koyanskaya’s scheme, he inadvertently allowed the Crypters’ plan to be carried out. He also believes he was the first casualty in Atlas’ prognostications. Sion isn’t surprised he’s still alive, noting his chances were not zero as long as he had solid help and backup.[38]

Following Sion’s explanation of Lostbelt Depths, Chaldea realizes getting to the Atlantic Lostbelt is their highest priority. Goredolf recommends going to the Atlantic Lostbelt immediately, saying the other Lostbelts can wait, a course of action Sion agrees with since the other Lostbelts aren’t expanding or will self-destruct. Sion then recommends everyone get some rest, especially Ritsuka and Goredolf. Her consideration delights Goredolf, who heard Atlas mages were old misanthropes. He then leaves the command room to take a hot shower in his office.[38]

That evening at the docks, Goredolf is angry at Captain for not having his office is ready and telling him to use a sleeping bag at the docks until it’s done. After noticing Captain had built rooms for the rest of Chaldea, he goes to the cafeteria for a midnight snack.[38]

There he eats half of cake, allowing RItsuka to have the other half. Once Ritsuka eats the other half, Goredolf admits he found the cake with a note that said it was for them. He therefore assumes Ritsuka’s friends baked it for a welcome party to be held tomorrow morning. But Ritsuka says they knew nothing about the cake. Goredolf gets worried about who made the cake then and notices they aren’t looking so good. An alarm then sounds, warning of an intruder. Captain protects Ritsuka and Goredolf from a sneak attack from Koyanskaya. Goredolf is so shocked to see her in the Wandering Sea that he blurts out her full name: Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya. Koyanskaya doesn’t divulge how she got into the Wandering Sea and reveals the cake was poisoned before warping away.[38]

Half a day after Ritsuka and Goredolf's treatments, Sherlock estimates Goredolf has approximately ten days to live. Ritsuka is relatively fine, though, thanks to poison resistance they gained through their contract with Mash. Sherlock and Sion then report their findings on the poison. While its main ingredient no longer exists on Earth, the fact it is of Taoist origin means it originated in China. So it is decided Chaldea will go into the Chinese Lostbelt in search of an antidote. Sherlock then determines Koyanskaya entered the Wandering Sea through an object connected to her. Goredolf realizes it was the lipstick Koyanskaya gave him long ago.[38]

Entering the Lostbelt, Chaldea is attacked by farmers out of fear they’re hostile. After they retreat and the summoning circle is established, Goredolf orders the summoning of a Caster capable of brainwashing the farmers en masse. Given he and Ritsuka could be dead in a matter of days, he wants to make progress posthaste. The others convince him, though, that it’s best to simply negotiate with the farmers. After Da Vinci and Sherlock negotiate peace with the farmers, the group waits for a Heroic Spirit to answer Ritsuka’s summons, but Da Vinci doubts one will come since their definition of a Heroic Spirit differs from the Lostbelt’s.[39]

The next day, Chaldea protects the village from Kritchat from the Russian Lostbelt they suspect were brought into the Lostbelt by Koyanskaya. Afterward, Da Vinci shows surveillance footage from a drone she sent towards the capital. It shows a highly advanced metropolis and a massive floating construct, from which Da Vinci asserts the Losthbelt’s technology surpasses the Proper History’s. She then shows an image of a line in a low orbit that runs along the storm wall. She reveals the capital, Xianyang, is the most technologically advanced place in the Lostbelt, as the rest is just farmlands.[39] A container is then shot from the capital towards the village. It lands with Hinako Akuta and her Servant, Prince of Lanling, coming out of it. The two are eventually forced to retreat.[40]

Mordred, Spartacus, and Jing Ke are summoned with the Spirit Origin Graph when another container is launched from Xianyang. Hinako and Lanling emerge from it, this time with automaton soldiers. The pair is again forced to retreat.[40] Later, the village is attacked by Jotunn, which Ritsuka’s party slay.[41]

On a later evening after Ritsuka’s party destroyed the monster nest, Goredolf chides Spartacus for his lamentations about the villagers’ absence of education and knowledge. He reminds everyone that the Lostbelts must be destroyed, so it’s best not to sympathize with their inhabitants. Spartacus disagrees and declares they cannot assume the Proper History is the only one that deserves to live. Goredolf is appalled by what Spartacus is saying and thinks it’s his Madness Enhancement talking. But after the others give their opinions on the matter, he seems to understand Spartacus is only sharing his opinions and admits he looked up to the rebel when he was young. He then gets worried it’s been two days since they arrived and they still haven’t found an antidote.[42]

Qin Shi Huang later speaks with Chaldea after Qin Liangyu stopped a fight between Chaldea and the forces of Hinako, Lanling, and Xiang Yu. He agrees to hand Koyanskaya over if they agree to let him examine the Shadow Border, so the group reluctantly agrees. After examining the Border, Shi Huang reveals the line in low orbit is the Great Wall meant to protect the world from extraterrestrial threat since the world is united under the Qin. However, it is meaningless with his empire limited now to China. Shi Huang wants to manufacture vehicles like the Border, not believing what he was told about Lostbelts or Pruned Phenomenons. The group soon realizes his true form is the construct at Xianyang when he points out they’ve been looking at him this whole time.[43] He analyzed Nezha's remains, mechanizing his body to gain immortality.[44]

Goredolf has no issue sharing the Border’s technology with Shi Huang, believing it will be to Chaldea’s advantage for the emperor to weaken the other Lostbelts. But Sherlock and Da Vinci warn him of the risk that the Qin could conquer the planet or Chaldea becoming collateral damage in the conflict between the Lostbelts.[44]

The next night, Nezha and Jing Ke report Spartacus and several villagers are missing. The remaining villagers said they saw him and others heading towards Xianyang. Goredolf says if Shi Huang sees it, the emperor will think Chaldea is leading a rebellion. So he recommends Ritsuka use a Command Spell to stop Spartacus. But Mordred asserts that won’t work and says she’ll stop Spartacus by beating him. She, Ritsuka, Mash, and Jing Ke then leave to deal with Spartacus. While they’re gone though, the Border is stolen by Liangyu. Sherlock has Nezha escape with the Spirit Origin Graph. As the Border is towed away from the village, Liangyu calls Chaldea Confucians for providing knowledge to the villagers.[45]

Confined at Ankang, Goredolf’s condition worsens, and he passes out.[46] Ritsuka’s party soon arrives at the prison and rescues the Border Crew and reluctantly Koyanskaya as well. They all escape, with Chaldea learning Hinako is Yu Mei-ren and an entity akin to a True Ancestor.[47][48]

After escaping Ankang, Koyanskaya is tied by her hands and feet. She gives the antidote to her poison, but there is only one dose. Ritsuka and Goredolf play a game of rock, paper, and scissors to determine which one of them will get the antidote. Goredolf loses, but we forcibly given him the antidote since his condition was worse compared to Ritsuka. Ritsukas tells Goredolf that they wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for him, as he ate half of the poisoned cake meant for them. Afterward, Koyanskaya confirms her poison and its antidote were distilled from the Fusang Tree, which is still alive in the Lostbelt. Goredolf agrees they should head for Xianyang in search of the Fusang Tree and the Fantasy Tree in order to get an antidote for Ritsuka, saying it’s his duty as director to keep his staff alive.[48] The group is then approached by the Qin’s counterfeit Borders. After destroying the vehicles, they rendezvous Mordred and Nezha while en route towards Xianyang.[49]

Arriving in Xianyang, the group kill Liangyu.[50] Afterward, they enter the Epang Palace’s Ministry of Technology to find the Shadow Border there. Epang Palace’s Ministry of Technology to find the Border there. They defeat Han Xin and Li Shuwen, and take the Border to the Fusang Tree.[51]

Reaching the treasury, the group is confronted by Yu Mei-ren and Xiang Yu. It is also learned that the Fusang Tree is the Fantasy Tree Mayall. After Xiang Yu and Yu Mei-ren are defeated, Koyanskaya has Mayall activate. She reveals it has existed within the Fusang Tree, spreading its roots without exposing itself. Realizing he was told the truth about the prune phenomena, Shi Huang declares he will prune all other worlds. Koyanskaya then teleports away, and the Epang Palace crashes near Mayall.[52]

Shi Huang appears from the ruins now in humanoid form. He fights the group to determine whose world will continue. He is defeated, so he entrusts the future to Chaldea. Xiang Yu rejects the emperor’s decision, though, and fights the group despite his wounds. In maddened grief from his death, Yu Mei-ren allows Mayall to absorb her. After Yu Mei-ren is absorbed, Mayall is fully awakened, and begins emitting cosmic radiation. Da Vinci reveals a galaxy exists inside the Tree, and Sherlock suspects it connects to another world. With Shi Huang’s aid, Mayall is destroyed and Yu Mei-ren is ejected from it. Shi Huang convinces her to consider aiding Chaldea in the future before she disappears. Afterward, the group returns to the Border.[52]

Ritsuka finds the antidote in their room; Sherlock suspects Koyanskaya delivered during the battle with Mayall. After Ritsuka drinks it, Sion contacts the group to confirm the elimination of the storm wall. They then return to Novum Chaldea to prepare for their next mission to the Indian Lostbelt.[52]

Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth: Ooku[]

Saṃsāra of Genesis and Terminus: Yuga Kshetra[]

Ancient Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods: Atlantis[]

Interstellar Mountainous City: Olympus[]

Fae Round Table Domain: Avalon le Fay[]


Young Goredolf in Fate/Apocrypha

After the end of the Great Holy Grail War, the homunculus Toole becomes Goredolf's tutor. She performs this duty through "thoroughly beating up" Goredolf, and subsequently beating up Gordes' wife after she protests the treatment of her son, and then Gordes himself.[53] In the anime adaptation of Fate/Apocrypha Goredolf can be seen in the final episode learning alchemy from his father.[54]

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[]

Young Goredolf

In the World of Fate/stay night, even as a child, Goredolf is a part of the Policies Department at the Clock Tower. His arrival at Policies greatly entertains his senior Hishiri Adashino.[55]

He makes a cameo appearance in the anime adaptation Grace note with his design from Fate/Apocrypha Material to arrest Gurdoa Davenant, who almost exposed magecraft to London due to how he underestimated the influence of modern social networking.[56] He makes another cameo in the Special Episode looking through Amleth Wotan's office along with Adashino.[57]

Fate/strange Fake[]

Acting under orders from Reines El-Melloi Archisorte,[58] Goredolf and Hishiri Adashino place Lord El-Melloi II under house arrest in his office. Goredolf stations several homunculi outside the building.[59] They did this so that he wouldn't learn what his students were doing in Snowfield.[58]

Other appearances[]

In Fate:Lost Einherjar, ten years after Fate/Apocrypha, Remina Eltfrom Yggdmillennia refers to Goredolf as a brother figure.[60]


As a member of the Musik Family, Goredolf knows alchemy. His magecraft skill is average by Clock Tower standards,[1] but decent enough at combat to be able to fight against the Oprichniki on his own until rescue comes.[61] He uses a magic gun and magical amulets,[61] as well as his own brand of magecraft, the Goff Punch: Iron Fist (鉄の拳(ゴッフパンチ), Tetsu no Ken(Goffupanchi)?),[6][8][33][62][63] that consists in turning his own arms into iron with alchemy to protect himself and punch enemies. He also devised a personal spell to turn bad meat into good meat with the usage of alchemy.[8]

He seems to be an expert driver too, known by the name Phoenix Musik (不死鳥のムジーク, Fushichō no Mujīku?), being his own sponsor, driver and team. Goredolf also is quite good at cooking, being confident enough to trust his own pasta cooking abilities to be able to make prisoners spill the beans tempted by it. This is later proven true when he interrogates Caenis by cooking a croissant.


Creation and Conception[]

A young Goredolf in Fate/Apocrypha material.

Goredolf made his first appearance in Fate/Apocrypha material, as the unnamed son of Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia. The art depicts him as a boy instead of an adult, as he was during the time of Fate/Apocrypha. He was not given a name until two years later when he appeared in Fate/Grand Order.

Young Goredolf was designed by Ototsugu Konoe, while adult Goredolf was designed by BLACK.


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