Gram: Dawn of Ruin (破滅の黎明
, Guramu?) is the "Sword of the Sun" wielded by Sigurd in the Völsunga saga of Norse Mythology.[2][3] It was originally an enchanted sword wielded and pulled from the trunk of a mighty tree by Sigurd's father, Sigmund; later, it shattered from clashing against Gungnir and was reforged anew into a cursed demonic blade that was capable of killing even a dragon by Sigurd.[2][3] After that, it became renowned as a "demonic sword of both glory and ruin."[2][3] It is said to be the strongest demonic sword that can only be equaled to the strongest holy sword Excalibur, so it possesses the special characteristic of "dragon slayer".[2] The weapon is said to appear in the Der Ring des Nibelungen, a legend of a knight equal to that of King Arthur under the appearance of Balmung, but it is rather called the "origin" of Balmung that was wielded by Siegfried.[2][4]

The incident of Gram being pulled from the tree by Sigmund within the halls of King Völsung is a legend of a "sword of selection" originating with the sword Merodach.[5] Gram itself, "the sword of supremacy in the tree" from Northern Europe, was the model for Caliburn, the sword in the stone possessed by King Arthur.[3][6]

An uncommon Noble Phantasm that came into existence as a magic sword, despite possessing the attributes of the sun. Bestowed by his ancestor Odin, this sword is a rare weapon that not only selects a king, but simultaneously brings about glory, jealousy, ruin and fate.[1] Its design differs between Gilgamesh and Sigurd's possession of the weapon, no doubt due to the reforging it underwent.


Gram (Reforged)Edit

Sigurd’s Demonic sword, Gram, was once shattered into fragments in a clash against Odin's Gungnir, by Sigurd's father, Sigmund. However, through the process of restoration, Sigurd has reforged the weapon, having connected the broken segment of the blade to the pommel, thus making it a double-blade Sword.[7] It glows emerald for some unknown reason.

Bölverk GramEdit

Bölverk Gram: Heaven's Wheel of Destruction (壊劫の天輪
, Guramu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Sigurd. The full power release of Gram, which is originally an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm. Instead of releasing energy from the sword, Sigurd draws out the power of the sword and throws it as an "Anti-Fortress" Noble Phantasm.[1]

"I think throwing it is more effective" is what he believes.[1]

The thrown sword strikes the target while scattering flames, and right after that, Sigurd slams his fist into Gram's hilt at full strength. Bölverk means "he who causes disasters", which is an alias of Odin, his ancestor.[1]


Hirokazu Koyama is the weapon designer for Gram in Fate/stay night.

Shirow Miwa is the weapon designer for Gram (Reforged) in Fate/Grand Order.


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