Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine: The Long Unended Epicurean Saga (遥か終わらじの食遊綺
, Haruka Owaraji no Shoku Yūki
Guran Dikushonēru do Kyuijīnu
?) is a Noble Phantasm possessed by Alexandre Dumas based in his multiple experiences of co-authorship and revision in his works, the posthumously released Grand Dictionnaire de cuisine (Great Dictionary of Cuisine), and the fact that he acted as the head of an inspection museum for ancient relics and other such artifacts. This changes the Caster Class Skill of Item Construction to Item Construction (Revision), granting the ability to increase the "Rank" of existing objects and granting them the status of pseudo-Noble Phantasms through the act of personally writing their stories.

Within the True and False Holy Grail Wars, he provides various Noble Phantasms for Clan Calatin. The quality of an object reflects how much it can be revised, such as Orlando Reeve's sword and the Hydra Dagger imbued into the false arm of John Wingard. If he was to obtain a relic that already possessed a Rank of A or higher, the story would already be complete, so he would be unable to add anything to it.


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