« I make an offering. To this broken world, I offer blessings and thanks and sacrifices!"
"I offer thanks to mother Atë, born the embodiment of madness!"
"I offer blessings to the holy spirits of the world, who taught me magecraft, the madness of men!"
"O' saint and knight who showed me a different madness, neither of you were mistaken!"
"I make an offering! To all humanity, permitted by this broken world, I offer the sacrifice that is me!"
"Grand Illusion! »

(François Prelati, Fate/strange Fake)
Grand Illusion: The Sunken Spiral Castle Does Not Exist, Therefore, There is No End to This World's Madness (螺湮城は存在せず、故に世の狂気に果ては無し
, Rain-jō wa Sonzaisezu, Yue ni Yo no Kyōki ni Hate wa Nashi
Gurando Iryūjon
?) is the second Noble Phantasm of François Prelati. The legends that Prelati revealed the form of Beelzebub to his sworn friends, or that he (she) was the incarnation of Beelzebub combined with the art of illusion and lineage that Prelati originally possessed and sublimated into a Noble Phantasm. It is a great Magecraft that surpasses even the environment to deceive the very texture of the World. It is even capable of causing a target to hallucinate that Prelati has imprisoned them in a Reality Marble. It is still an illusion, however, and therefore lacks the power of a Reality Marble.[1]

Francesca states, however, that in some time, the World will realise it is being fooled and the illusion will be dispelled. [2]


The first printing of Caster's profile mistakenly listed the Noble Phantasm as Anti-Unit with a range of "1~20", but Narita posted a correction on Twitter.[3]


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