For the highest law of magi, see Grand Order.

Quest for the Holy Grail "Grand Order" (聖杯探索グランドオーダー, Seihai TansakuGurando Ōdā?), named after the highest law of magi due to their critical importance, are quests performed by the Chaldea Security Organization in order to reverse the eradication of mankind during the events of Fate/Grand Order.



A Singularity (特異点, Tokuiten?) is an unobservable region that does not exist within Chaldea's recorded history. It's as if a hole has opened up within the timeline, a hole that is separate from the regular temporal axis.[1]

Certain Singularities have their own individual circumstances and mechanisms, however the Goetia-style Singularities involved in the Human Order Incineration Incident follow a general pattern and possess common characteristics. They are sustained by a Goetia-manufactured Holy Grail, which is given to a certain individual within a key historical time period, typically someone who will use it to cause major disruption to history and destabilize the Human Order Foundations. When this is insufficient, a Demon God host may further manipulate individuals and events in order to achieve this end.[2][3]

The power of the Grails and the circumstances within the Singularities allow for the summoning of Servants and their continued existence in the world, even without a Master. Various Servants are summoned to the era under these conditions without individuals performing a summoning ceremony. The Servants often play a key role in bringing about the disruption to history, as well as resolving it.[4][5][2][6][3]

The seven primary Singularities involved in the Human Order Incineration Incident have a Human Order Foundation Value associated with them.

The emergence of large Singularities cause disturbances and fluctuations in time which spread out tsough history like a wave, and can cause other, smaller Singularities to emerge at other points in time.[7]

There are also existences known as Mobile Singularities (移動特異点, Idou Tokuiten?) which cause a similar distortion, though usually on a smaller scale. These include Sliders such as the female Miyamoto Musashi.[8]

Because of humanity's destruction in 2015, due to the collapse of the Human Order Foundation, Chaldea is forced to travel to Singularities in the past in order to fix the irregularities of history caused by various Holy Grails. The 'Grand Order' is a "name for those who would rise up against human history for the sake of humanity, and combat fate itself."[9]


As opposed to the Greater History of Man, the history of 'winners' born from correct choices and proper prosperities leading to the "present", the history of 'losers' born from the wrong choices and mistaken prosperity is cut off. Considered "unnecessary" and cut off from becoming even parallel worlds, this history which has hit a dead end is known as a Lostbelt (異聞帯ロストベルト, IbuntaiRosutoberuto?, lit. "Belt of Strange Tales").[10][11]

Following the attack on Chaldea in 2017, the freezing of the world and the declaration of rebellion against the Greater History of Man, with the threat of a regression into the Age of Gods and the recreation of the world, the survivors are forced to use an experimental method of navigating through imaginary number space, through the Lostbelts, in order to resolve the incident.[10][11]


World map showing the locations of the Lostbelts on the planet's surface

After all of the Lostbelts have been established, the Crypters seek to expand the "domain" of their own Lostbelts, which will eventually clash with the other Lostbelts. The one that is built by greater Human Foundation will end up overtaking the weaker one and use it as "nutrients". This process will allegedly continue, until only one Lostbelt is remaining.[12]

Koyanskaya‎ describes the Greater History of Man as "easy mode" and the Lostbelts as "hard mode",[10] though the veracity of her statement has yet to be fully determined.

Similar to the Human Order Foundation Values associated with the Singularities, the Lostbelts have an associated value known as a Lost Depth (異聞深度, Ibun Shindo?).[11] Lost Depth is a rank to display how much the Human Order in a Lostbelt has deviated from that of the Greater History of Man.[13]


Utilizing Rayshift, the souls of selected subjects are projected into the past, forming Spiriton avatars with the capacity to interfere with historical events. By the efforts of time-travelling agents, anomalous temporal singularities may be eliminated.

The exact procedure of the Grand Order differs depending on the nature of the Singularity, however there are two general goals; the correction or elimination of the distortions resulting from or responsible for the Singularity, and the retrieval or destruction of the Grail supporting the Singularity.

The words of Kirei Kotomine suggest that rayshifting could have been used against the forces of the Lostbelts, with Chaldea being attacked and rendered inoperable in order to eliminate the threat. Unable to rayshift, the survivors were forced to use a method of diving through Imaginary Number Space, using the Shadow Border's Paper Moon system.[10]


The initial Singularity detected by Chaldea, believed to be the cause of humanity's future extinction, was located in Fuyuki, Japan in 2004 AD and codenamed Singularity F. The mission to explore and eliminate the Singularity was designated the First Order (ファーストオーダー, Fāsuto Ōdā?).[4][14]

Following the successful elimination of Singularity F and the revelation concerning the incineration of the future, seven even larger Singularities were detected in the past. As Chaldea embarked on the mission of eliminating these Singularities to return history to its rightful course and restore the future, the name 'First Order' was abandoned for 'Grand Order' - a mission named after the highest law of magi, in view of its importance.[4][14]

During the course of this mission, multiple smaller Singularities emerged and were resolved. When the seven major Singularities were eliminated, an attack on Chaldea led to the final battle against Goetia, the Beast posing as the King of Magic, and the 72 Demon Gods which comprised it, in its temple - a Singularity thought to be the final one, the conclusion of which brought an end to the Human Order Incineration Incident (人理焼却事件, Jinri Shōkyaku Jiken?).[15][16]

However, a number of Singularities have emerged since Goetia's defeat, in part due to several Demon Pillars who escaped during the temple's collapse and a few other parties.[17]

Singularity Location Time Humanity Foundation Value
Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in Flames

Singularity F

Fuyuki, Japan A.D. 2004
Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' War

The Holy Maiden Savior
1st Singularity

France A.D. 1431 C+
Septem: The Eternal Madness Empire

The Emperor of Roses
2nd Singularity

Roman Empire A.D. 0060 B+
Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the End

The Navigator of the Storm
3rd Singularity

A.D. 1573 A
London: The Death World in the City of Demonic Fog

The Knight of Londinium
4th Singularity

London, England A.D. 1888 A-
E Pluribus Unum: The Grand Battle of Legends in North America

The White Cloth of Steel
5th Singularity

North America A.D. 1783 A+
Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm

The Shining Airgetlám
6th Singularity

The Holy Land A.D. 1273 EX
Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts

The Chain of Heaven
7th Singularity

Mesopotamia B.C. 2655 A++
Salomon: The Grand Time Temple
Final Singularity
A.D. 2016
Shinjuku: Malignant Quarantined Demonic Realm
Shinjuku Phantom Spirit Incident
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan A.D. 199X
SE.RA.PH. - Deep-Sea Cyber-Nirvana
Epic of Remnant: Extra
Seraphix, Mariana Trench[18] A.D. 2030[18]
Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean Society
The Woman of Agartha
Central Asia A.D. 2000
Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Corpses
Tournament of the Seven Blade-Master Heroic Spirits
Shimosa Province, Japan A.D. 1630
Salem: The Forbidden Advent Garden
Heretical Salem
Salem, Massachusetts A.D. 1692

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in FlamesEdit

Fuyuki: The Contaminated City in Flames (炎上汚染都市, Enjō Osen Toshi?) was the initial Singularity detected by Chaldea, codenamed Singularity F (特異点F, Tokui-ten F?) and located in A.D. 2004.


FGO Fuyuki
The Singularity was located in Fuyuki City, Japan in 2004 AD. At this point in history, a Holy Grail War was taking place in the city. Following the Singularity's manifestation, the city was engulfed in flames and all humans vanished, leaving only the Servants. The Holy Grail War was also disrupted, being switched to something else. Subsequently, a corrupted Saber defeated five of the other Servants, with only Caster surviving. The fallen Servants were also corrupted and rose as Shadow Servants. At the same time, monsters appeared in the city.[4]

The core of the Singularity is Fuyuki's Greater Grail, guarded by Saber.[4]



The participants have varied between different mediums.

[v]Series Designation Identity
All versions Saber King Arthur (Alter)
Fate/Grand Order Lancer Musashibou Benkei
First Order & Manga Lancer Medusa
All versions Archer EMIYA
Fate/Grand Order Rider Medusa
First Order Rider Darius III
FGO ~turas réalta~ Rider Boudica
All versions Caster Cú Chulainn
Fate/Grand Order & First Order Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Cursed Arm)
FGO ~turas réalta~ Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Hundred Faces)
All versions Berserker Heracles

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Artoria Pendragon Interlude I Interlude
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 1) Interlude

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' WarEdit

Orleans: The Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' War (邪竜百年戦争, Jyaryū Hyakunen Sensō?), alternatively The Holy Maiden Savior (救国の聖処女, Kyūkoku no Sei-Shojo?, lit. Holy Virgin That Saves the Country), was the first of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in France, A.D. 1431, it's Humanity Foundation Value was C+.


Main article: Orleans Singularity

Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight encounter a brigrade of soldier soon after arriving. They follow them to their fort after forcing them to flee.[19] There they're aided by Jeanne d'Arc in defending it against an onslaught.[20] They learn from her that another her conquered Orleans after killing King Charles VII and Pierre Cauchon.[21] They travel to La Charite to gather information, but find it already destroyed. There they meet Jeanne Alter and her Berserk Servants. Mash and Jeanne are eventually overwhelmed by Vlad III and Carmilla. Fortunately, Marie Antoinette and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arrive to save them.[22][23] Later, the group learn from Saint Martha, after defeating her, that there is a dragon slayer capable of slaying Jeanne Alter's personal dragon in Lyon.[24] They find Siegfried imprisoned in the town's castle, and proceed to rescue him.[25] However, Jeanne Alter and her personal dragon, Fafnir, arrive soon after. Jeanne and Mash manage to protect the group from the dragon's flames, and Siegfried manages to drive it away. After escaping, they encounter Charles-Henri Sanson and Lancelot while they're attacking General Gilles de Rais' army. They kill Lancelot, but Sanson escapes with Carmilla.[26] They learn Siegfried needs another saintly Servant to remove the curses afflicted. They then split up to search of one; Ritsuka and Mash with Siegfried and Mozart, and Jeanne and Marie together.[27] Ritsuka's group recruit Kiyohime and Elizabeth Bathory in Theirs, while Jeanne and Marie find Georgios in another town. Marie falls in battle against Jeanne Alter after defeating Sanson, so Jeanne, Georgios, and the citzens can escape.[28] After Jeanne and Georgios remove the curses from Siegfried, the group begin their assault on Orleans.[29] Along the way, they kill Jeanne Alter's remaining Berserk Servants and Fafnir with General Gilles' aid.[30][31] After defeating Jeanne Alter in Orleans palace, they learn Gilles de Rais created from the Holy Grail in a twisted attempt to resurrect Jeanne. After killing Gilles, Ritsuka and Mash retrieve the Grail, and return to Chaldea.[32][33]



[v] Designation Identity Affiliation
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) None
Berserk Saber Le Chevalier d'Eon Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Lancer Vlad III Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Archer Atalanta Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Rider Saint Martha Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Caster Gilles de Rais Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserk Assassin Elizabeth Báthory/Carmilla Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber (Living Hero) Gilles de Rais None
Saber Siegfried Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lancer Elizabeth Báthory Ritsuka Fujimaru
Rider Saint George Ritsuka Fujimaru
Rider Marie Antoinette Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Kiyohime Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Charles-Henri Sanson Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Berserker Lancelot Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)
Assassin Phantom of the Opera None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Dragon Fafnir Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Chevalier d'Eon Interlude I: In the Name of the White Lily (白百合の名の下に, Shirayuri no Na no Moto ni?) Interlude Sensing a disturbance in the era, Chevalier d'Eon returned to Paris, bringing Fujimaru and Mash along. They encounter a group of ghosts, eventually facing the ghost of Maximilien Robespierre, brought forth due to the influence of the grail.[34]
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Interlude I Interlude
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 2) Interlude

Septem: The Eternal Madness EmpireEdit

Septem: The Eternal Empire of Madness (永続狂気帝国, Eizoku Kyōki Teikoku?), alternatively The Emperor of Roses (薔薇の皇帝, Bara no Kōtei?), was the second of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Occurring in the Roman Empire of A.D. 0060, it's Humanity Foundation Value was B+.


Main article: Septem Singularity

Shortly after arriving in the era, Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight help Nero Claudius and her army defeat an enemy army.[35] They learn after soon that the enemy was led by Nero's uncle, Caligula.[36] In her palace in Rome, Nero reveals an alliance of "emperors" called United Roman Empire has taken over half of the Roman Empire.[37] The next day, Ritsuka and Mash aid her in retaking Gaul from the United Roman Empire with the aid of her generals, Boudica and Spartacus.[38][39][40][41] They learn from the dying enemy commander, Julius Caesar, that the Grail is in the United Roman Empire's capital.[41] On the way back to Rome, they hear rumors of a god living on the Shaped Isle.[42] They then travel there to verify the rumors, and they meet Stheno there. After they killing Caligua, who was sent to kill Nero, she reveals the location of the United Roman Empire's capital.[43] On their way back to Rome though, the group are ambushed by Leonidas, but they manage to kill him. Back at Rome, Nero orders Ritsuka and Mash to rescue her generals, Jing Ke and Lu Bu from an enemy onslaught.[44] Afterwards, Nero and her army begin to march towards the enemy capital, learning that is an exact copy of Rome. However, while her vanguard was busy fighting Darius III and his undead army, her rearguard suffered an enemy pincer attack that results in Boudica's capture. The group go to the fort near the enemy capital where she was taken.[45] There they kill the enemy commander and his strategist, Alexander and El-Melloi II.[46] After rescuing Boudica, the group launch their assault on the enemy capital. There they learn the enemy leader is Romulus.[47] After defeating him in the palace, they learn Lev Lainur Flauros manipulated events to destroy the era. Lev transforms into the Demon God Flaurous and fights the group. After being defeated, he uses the Grail to summon Altera and orders her to destroy Rome. However, she kills him and absorbs the Grail into her body.[48] She then destroys the palace with her Noble Phantasm, but the group survive thanks to Mash and Boudica. They then chase after Altera, and kill her before she can destroy Rome. Ritsuka and Mash then return to Chaldea after retrieving the Grail.[49]



[v]Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber (Living Hero) Nero Claudius Caesar Roman Empire
Rider Boudica Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Spartacus Nero Claudius Ceasar
Assassin Jing Ke Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Lu Bu Nero Claudius Ceasar
Berserker Caligula United Roman Empire
Saber Gaius Julius Caesar United Roman Empire
Assassin Stheno None
Lancer Elizabeth Báthory Stheno
Berserker Tamamo Cat Stheno
Lancer Leonidas United Roman Empire
Berserker Darius III None
Caster Zhuge Liang United Roman Empire
Rider Alexander the Great (Child) United Roman Empire
Lancer Romulus United Roman Empire
Saber Attila None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Flauros

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Nero Claudius Interlude III Interlude
Beowulf Interlude I: Grendel's Second Coming (グレンデルの再臨, Gurenderu no Sairin?) Interlude During Beowulf's summoning, a disturbance was detected in the era of the Second Singularity, in Britannia. Realizing that it was almost certainly Grendel, Beowulf accompanied Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrlielight to the site of the disturbance in order to kill the revived monster.[50]
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 3) Interlude

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the EndEdit

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the End (封鎖終局四海, Fūsa Shūkyoku Shikai?), alternatively The Navigator of the Storm (嵐の航海者, Arashi no Kōkai-sha?), was the third of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in A.D. 1573, it's Humanity Foundation Value was A.


Main article: Okeanos Singularity

Ritsuka and Mash arrive in the Singularity on a pirate ship and subsequently defeat the attacking crew. They then travel to a nearby island to gather clues.[51] There they meet to Francis Drake, who proceeds to test their worth in combat. They defeat her, and she joins them. During the ensuing feast, they learn the ocean was transformed into an endless ocean containing island of wildly different climates, with bizzare winds and currents making sailing difficult. They also learn there are two Grails; the true one Drake took from Poseidon and the one sent to disrupt the era.[52] The next day, the group sail to an island, where they encounter Eric Bloodaxe. After defeating him, they discover a sea chart in a viking ship. They then sail to an island in the northwest according to the chart.[53] However, a Bounded Field surrounding the island traps Drake's ship and cuts off communication with Chaldea. The group search for its source, and eventually find and enter a labyrinth. There they fight Asterios, but Euryale stops them from killing him.[54]  After Asterios removes the Bounded Field, the group leave the island, joined by him and Eurayle. They soon encounter Blackbeard, who has been pursuing them to capture Eurayle. They prevent Eric (one of Blackbeard's crew members) from being capturing her, but they're forced to retreat when the armor of Blackbeard's armor proves impenetrable. Unfortunately, Anne Bonny (also part of Blackbeard's crew) blasts a hole in the ship, but Asterios carries it despite his injuries.[55] Carried to a nearby island, the group gather wyvern scales to repair the ship, during which they're helped by Artermis and Orion, who help them gather enough scales.[56] After repairing the ship, and equipping it with a ram, the group set sail. After repairing the ship, and equipping it with a ram, the group set sail, joined by Artemis and Orion. They evenutally encounter Blackbeard again, and begin another battle that goes in their favor.[57] They kill Anne and Mary Read, but Hector (another member of Blackbeard's crew) reveals himself to a double agent. He kills the defeated Blackbeard, and takes back the Grail from him. He then kidnaps Eurayle, and boards another ship.[58] The group chase after him, and board his ship to rescue Eurayle.[59] He retreats to the Argo, and Jason orders Heracles and Medea to kill the group and kidnap Eurayle. Asterios protects Eurayle from Heracles when they're both impaled by Hector's spear. He then takes Heracle with him into the ocean, so the group can retreat.[60] They then search for the Ark that Jason is searching for to prevent its destructive power from being unleashed. They enventually meet Atalanta, and the Ark's owner, David. They learn Jason plans to sacrifice Eurayle to the Ark, beliving it'll make him a true king. However, sacrificing a Divine Spirit inside a Singularity would instantly destroy the era. The group then execute their plan to trick Heracle into destroying himself by touching the Ark when the Argo arrives.[61] After destroying Heracles, they chase after the retreating Argo.[62] After killing Hector, they learned Medea deceived Jason into believing sacrificing a god to the Ark would give him ultimate power. She then uses the Grail to incarnate him into Forneus. The group defeat him, and they learn someone forced Medea into deceiving Jason. It is also discovered Solomon may be involved with the Incineration of Humanity. Ritsuka and Mash then return to Chaldea with the Grail.[63]


[v]Designation Identity Affiliation
Rider (Living Hero) Francis Drake Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Asterios Euryale
Archer Euryale Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Orion & Artemis Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Atalanta Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer David Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Eric Bloodaxe Edward Teach
Rider Anne Bonny & Mary Read Edward Teach
Rider Edward Teach None
Lancer Hector Edward Teach
Jason (true)
N/A Jason None
Caster Medea (Child) Jason
Berserker Heracles Jason


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Forneus

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Atalanta Interlude I Interlude
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 4) Interlude

London: The Death World in the City of Demonic FogEdit

London: The Death-Barrier of the City of Demonic Fog (死界魔霧都市, Shi-kai ma Kiri Toshi?), alternatively The Knight of Londinium (ロンディニウムの騎士, Rondiniumu no Kishi?), was the fourth of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in London, A.D. 1888, it's Humanity Foundation Value was A-.


Main article: London SingularityRitsuka and Mash arrive to find Lond cover in a thick magical fog harmful to non-magical organisms. They discover the people locked themselves in their homes, and the streets are littered with monstrocities.[64] They're ambushed by Jack the Ripper while Mash examined the Helter Skelter she destroyed. After she retreats, the group meet Mordred.[65] She takes them to Henry Jekyll's apartment. He explains how the fog, called Demonic Fog, descended upon London for the past three nights. It kills nearly anyone who inhales it within an hour; it's estimated the causalities are now in the hundred thousands. Numerous monstroties also appeared with the fog, and it has also seperated London from the rest of Britain. Jekyll agrees to help, and sends the group to protect Victor Frankenstein. However, they find that he's already been killed by Mephistopheles. After killing him, they search Victor's mansion. They find a note detailing a plot called Project Demonic Fog led by persons known as "P", "B", and "M". They also find Frankenstein, then return to the apartment with her.[66] Next, The group are sent to Soho to deal with Nursery Rhyme.[67] They learn she has placed people in a endless slumber in search of a Master according to Hans Christian Andersen. With his help, they're able to defeat her. Jekyll sends them to Scotland Yard, having learned it's under attack by Jack. They find Jack has already massacred the station, along with "P" of Project Demonic Fog. They kill Jack, but "P" teleports away.[68] Andersen then reveals Servants are materializing from the fog, as it was created through the Grail's power. The group then encounter William Shakespeare while on patrol. They also encounter "P", who reveals his group are using Servants from the fog to expand it. Learning that his True Name is Paracelsus von Hohenheim, the group kill him.[69] Later, they go to the British Museum, which serves an entrance for the Clock Tower, to prove Andersen's theory about the Holy Grail War.[70] They eventually find the information they need, and return to the apartment.[71] Andersen reveals the Grail War's summoning ritual was adapted from one that summoned seven of the strongest Heroic Spirits to fight a powerful enemy. After repelling an assault by Helter Skelters, the group follow Frankenstein to their controller's location.[72] They follow her to the Houses of Parliament, where they destroy a large Helter Skelter that shuts down the others. However, they reactivate later, so the group search for their creator, Charles Babbage. He reveals himself to be "B" of Project Demonic Fog. He is forced against his will by "M" using the Grail to fight the group. Before disappearing, he tells them to head deep undergound, where they'll find the source of the fog: his Massive Steam Engine, powered by the Holy Grail, Angrboda.[73] The group head for Angrboda's chamber, where they encounter Makiri Zolgen, the "M" of Project Demonic Fog. He reveals the fog has yet to be fully activated, and incarnates himself into Barbatos. After being defeated, he attempts to summon a Servant, but Mordred kills him before he can finish. However, the summoning is completed thanks to the fog, and Nikola Tesla is summoned.[74][75] The group fail to prevent him from reaching the surface to fully activate the fog so it can spread across England to destroy the era. He arrives at the surface, and creates a stairway to the skies above Buckingham Palace.[75] Tamamo no Mae and Sakata Kintoki try and fail to stop him. The group eventually arrive, and ascend the stariway to kill Tesla. After killing him, they prepare to return underground to remove the Grail from Angrboda. However, they’re interrupted when Artoria Alter suddenly materializes from the fog, absorbing it as she materializes. After killing Artoria Alter, they return to Angrboda's chamber. Solomon manifests there, revealing himself to be the mastermind behind the Incineration of Humanity. He reveals the ring of light seen in the skies of the Singularities is his third Noble Phantasm, Ars Almadel Salomonis. He then summons four Demon Gods to fight the group. They kill one of them, however, Solomon kills Shakespeare, Kintoki, and Tamamo. Andersen explains the original Heroic Spirit summoning system created by the Counter Force summons them as Grand Servants to protect humanity from a destructive threat born from humanity. Solomon declares he is the Grand Caster and kills Andersen. He then leaves, proclaiming Chaldea isn’t a threat unless they destroy seven Singularities.[76]


Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber Mordred Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin (Living Hero) Henry Jekyll & Hyde Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Jack the Ripper Project Demonic Fog
Berserker (Living Hero) Frankenstein Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Nursery Rhyme None
Caster Mephistopheles Project Demonic Fog
Caster Paracelsus Project Demonic Fog
Caster Hans Christian Andersen Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster William Shakespeare Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Charles Babbage Project Demonic Fog
Archer Nikola Tesla Makiri Zolgen
Berserker Sakata Kintoki None
Caster Tamamo no Mae None
Lancer King Arthur (Alter) None
Grand Caster Solomon None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Magus Makiri Zolgen Project Demonic Fog
Demon God Barbatos Solomon

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Atalanta Interlude II: London Child (ロンドン・チャイルド?) Interlude
Mordred Interlude I: King of Kings (キング・オブ・キングス?) Interlude
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 5) Interlude

E Pluribus Unum: The Grand Battle of Legends in North AmericaEdit

E Pluribus Unum: The Great North American War of the Myths (北米神話大戦, Hokubei Shinwa Taisen?), alternatively The White Cloth of Steel (鋼鉄の白衣, Kōtetsu no Hakui?), was the fifth of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in North America, A.D. 1873, it's Humanity Foundation Value was A+.


Main article: E Pluribus Unum

Ritsuka and Mash arrive during a battle between Americans and the Celts. They're mistaken as enemy reinforcements by both sides and attacked. They defeat both, but Ritsuka is knocked out by cannon fire.[77] Ritsuka wakes up in the rear base of the American Independence Army, being treated by Florence Nightingale. The camp then comes under attack by Celts led by Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and Fionn mac Cumhaill. After repelling the attack, Ritsuka and Mash meet Helena Blavatsky. She reveals America is currently in a war between East and West; East being the Celts and West being the United Western States. She then orders her robots to subdue the group when Nightingale ignores her orders. They destroy the robots, but Karna knocks them out. [78][79] The group are transported to Denver, where to meet the President-King, Thomas Edison. He reveals he wants to use the Grail to create his ideal America on a seperate timeline, despite knowing it could destroy the other eras. He then overwhelms the group with his robots when they refuse to join him, and they're sent to an underground prison.[80] They're eventually rescued though by Geronimo, whose part of a resistance against Edison and the Celts.[81] They soon arrive at the Resistance's hideout, where they meet Rama. He reveals his heart was severely damaged by Gáe Bolg. He cannot heal until its curse is removed, but it's too dangerous to fight Cú Chulain Alter just to destroy his spear. Rama suggests they find his wife, Sita, who is imprisoned somewhere, to remove the curse. The group decide to assassinate Edison and Medb to stop their armies from growing. They then leave recruit Servants to help them.[82] Along the way, they save Robin Hood and Billy the Kid from an assault by the Celts. Robin then helps the group search for the Servants they require.[83] They soon recruit Elizabeth Bathory, and after killing Fergus mac Róich, also recruit Nero Claudius.[84][85] They also learn that Sita is imprisoned in Alcatraz.[85] They then split up; Geronimo, Billy, Robin, and Nero go to Washington to assassinate Medb, while the others go to Alcatraz to rescue Sita.[86] Ritsuka's group sail to Alcatraz, and enter the prison after defeating Beowulf. Sita then sacrifices herself to remove Gáe Bolg's curse from Rama.[87] Meanwhile at Washington, Gernomino's group struggle against Medb, Cú Chulainn Alter, Arjuna. They learn Cú Chulainn Alter was created by Medb's wish on the Grail. Robin escapes though at the others' behest. At Alcatraz, Ritsuka's group retrieve a transmission from Robin after killing Fionn and Diarmuid. He informs then that the assassination was an utter failure, and tells them to meet him at abandoned United Western States base.[88] Meanwhile at Washington, Cú Chulainn Alter and Arjuna chase after Robin after killing Geronimo's group. Robin is saved by the interference by Scáthach, and Ritsuka's group meet her when they rendevous with Robin. They also encounter Li Shuwen, and Mash briefly spars with him. Afterwards, the group head for Denver to confront Edison.[89] Along the way, they capture some Celts, and bypass security under the guise of a prisoner transfer.[90] They then defeat Edison, Karna, and Helena at the former's stronghold. Edison is convinced by Nightingale, Karna, and Helena to join the group.[91] They decide to split their forces for a two-prong attack after learning the Celts will be invading Denver via its northern and southern routes. One army will hold its ground against the Celts while the other will breakthrough to the White House. The north army will have Elizabeth, Robin, Edison, and Helena. The south army will have Ritsuka, Mash, Karna, Rama, Nightingale, and Scáthach.[92] The south army eventually clash with the Celtic Army.[93][94] While Karna is fighting Arjuna, he is struck from behind by Gáe Bolg. Cù Chulainn Alter claims he killed Scáthach. He nearly kills Mash, but Merlin through Fou distracts him with an illusion. Karna tries to kill him with Vasavi Shakti at the cost of his own life. While it does fail, Cù Chulainn Alter is forced to retreat back to Washington. The group then defeat Arjuna, and continue their advance to Washington.[95] It is revealed Scáthach is recovering in the Shadow Lands from the grievous wounds Cù Chulainn Alter gave her after failing to draw him into the realm. On the northern front, Li Shuwen helps the army by fighting Beowulf.[96] Meanwhile in Washington, the group kill Medb. Before disappearing though, she uses the Grail to summon a group of 28 Demon Gods called Clan Calatin to attack the north army.[97] While Ritsuka's group fight Cù Chulainn Alter, Nikola Tesla aids the northern army struggle against Clan Calatin. Arjuna then sacrifices himself to destroy the Demon Gods. Meanwhile at Washington, Cù Chulainn Alter uses the Grail to incarnate himself into Halphas. After he is killed, Ritsuka and Mash return to Chaldea with the Grail.[98] 



Designation Identity Affiliation
Berserker Florence Nightingale Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Medb
Lancer Fionn mac Cumhaill Medb
Lancer Karna Thomas Edison
Caster Helena Blavatsky Thomas Edison
Caster Geronimo Resistance
Archer Billy the Kid Resistance
Archer Robin Hood Resistance
Lancer Elizabeth Bathory Resistance
Saber Nero Claudius (Bride) Resistance
Saber Fergus Mac Roich Medb
Berserker Beowulf Medb
Saber Rama Resistance
Lancer Li Shuwen None
Caster Thomas Edison Americans
Lancer Scáthach Resistance
Berserker Cú Chulainn (Alter) Medb
Archer Arjuna Medb
Rider Medb Celts
Archer Nikola Tesla None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Halphas
Demon God Clan Calatin (28 Demon Pillars)

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 6) Interlude

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table RealmEdit

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm (神聖円卓領域, Shinsei Entaku Ryōiki?), alternatively The Shining Airgetlám (輝けるアガートラム, Kagayakeru Agātoramu?), was the sixth of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in the Holy Land, A.D. 1273, it's Humanity Foundation Value was EX.


Main article: Camelot Singularity

Joined by Leonardo da Vinci, Ritsuka and Mash arrive in a desert during a sandstorm. Da Vinci gives Ritsuka a mask to protect from the highly dense mana in the atmosphere, as they head west. They rescue Nitocris from Hundred-Faced Hassan and her followers. However, she attacks them, assuming them to be knights of the Holy City. She sents her sphinx on them when a Servant called Lucius arrives to slay it Airgetlám. Taught the error of her ways, Nitocris guides the group to Ramesseum Tentyris.[​1]​​ After Nitocris clears the sandstorm, Lucius departs from the group. On their way to the temple, the group learn that Jerusalem was destroyed. They also learn the desert was displaced from the BC era, and there is another similiar location. Inside the temple, Ozymandias reveals he has the Grail, having seized it from the crusaders. He also reveals the Lion King is responsible for the era’s distortion. The group continue their journey, now in a vehicle Da Vinci built.[​2]​​ Along the way, they learn the Lion King destroyed the crusaders. They then witness Tristan massacre refugees under Hassan of Intoxicated Smoke‘s protection, along with her. Afterwards, they learn about a monthly ceremony held at the Holy City called the Holy Selection where they accept refugees. They then proceed to the Holy City.[​3]​​ They reach it by nightfall, and see thousands of refugees camped outside. Gawain soon emerges from the main gate, turning night into day with his Gift bestowed by the Lion King. The group learn that the Holy City is called Camelot. The Lion King then begins the Holy Selection, choosing three pure souls among the refugees. She then orders Gawain to collect the selected, and he goes to execute the unselected. The group fight the Enforcement Knights, so the refugees can escape. They realize now the Lion King is Artoria Pendragon, but her Spirit Origin is far beyond any Servant. Gawain recognizes them as those prophesied to disrupt the Lion King’s plans, and fights the group. With help from Lucius, whose revealed to actually be Bedivere, they’re able to retreat from Gawain.[​4]​​. While guided to a mountain village, Bedivere reveals he was sent into the era by Merlin. He also admits his Airgetlám is a replica provided by Merlin to compensate for his one arm. The group and the refugees are eventually attacked by knights lead Lancelot. Da Vinci converts her vehicle into a bomb and drives it into the knights, allowing the others to escape.[​5]​​ They eventually reach the eastern village, where they meet Hassan of the Cursed Arm and Arash. Mash learns from Bedivere that the Heroic Spirit fused with her is a Knight of the Round. Cursed Arm eventually learns of an attack on the western village by Mordred.[​6]​​ With Arash’s help, the group quickly arrive there, and repel Mordred’s assault.[​7]​​ They’re then go with Hundred-Faced and Cursed Arm to rescue Hassan of Serenity. Along the way, they meet Xuanzang Sanzang, who joins the group to rescue her disciple.[​8]​​ They break into the fort, and free Serenity and Sanzang’s disciple, Tawara Touta. They’re confronted by Agravain, who declares Rhongomyniad is near completion. They escape after killing his personal knights, and Serenity’s poison forced him to retreat.[​9]​​ Later, the group travel to the Shrine of Azrael to request King Hassan‘s aid against the Lion King’s forces.[​10]​​ He agrees to help after they learn the truth of the Lion King, Ozymandias, and the Incineration of Humanity. He directs them to the Atlas Institue in the desert to find the answers they seek.[​11]​​ They return to the eastern village to find it under attack by Tristan and Lancelot’s forces. The group fight off the assault, while evacuating the villagers. The western village is destroyed though by Rhongomyniad. Arash sacrifices himself to repel Rhongomyniad with Stella before it can destroy the eastern village. The group then head for the Atlas Insitute, while the Hassans gather their forces to assault Camelot.[​12]​​ While searching the desert, they’re confronted by Lancelot and his unit. They’re forced to retreat when they fall into the Insitute, where they meet Sherlock Holmes.[​13]​​ There they learn Romani is connected to the Incineration of Humity. Mash learns the Heroic Spirit fused with her is Galahad. The group also learn the era will destroyed once Rhongomyniad absorbs enough virtuous souls, and it is Camelot’s true form. They also learn Solomon incinerated humanity for particular purpose.[​14]​​ Returning to the surface, they convince Lancelot to join them. He takes them to a secret refugee camp, where they find Da Vinci alive. She reveals Artoria became a Divine Spirit from holding Rhongomyniad too long. It’s also explained her intent to create a world without human would disrupt human history, even if Chaldea restores humanity. The group then go to meet Ozymandias to convince to help them against the Lion King, while Bedivere meets with the Hassans. Ozymandias uses the Grail to incarnate himself into Amun-Ra to test the group’s strength and resolve. After they prove themselves, he agrees to help.[​15]​​ With their forces gathered, the group discuss their strategy for the upcoming battle.[​16]​​ Later, the allied forces assault Camelot but are unable to breakthrough into the city. Sanzang sacrifices herself to destroy the front gate, so the group can enter. Rhongomyniad fully activates and begins to destroy the era. After the group kill Mordred, Ozymandias and Nitocris sacrifice themselves to destroy Rhongomyniad’s shell to allow the group to advance. They fight Tristan until the Hassans arrive to fight him instead, so the others can advance. Tristan kills Hundred Faced and Serenity, but he’s killed in turned by Cursed Arm. Inside the castle, the group fight Gawain, while Lancelot fights Agravain. Afterwards, they fight the Lion King, now called Goddess Rhongomyniad, in her throne room. During the course of the battle, Mash unlocks her true Noble Phantasm. It is also revealed Goddess Rhongomyniad is an Artoria from a parallel world, the same one Bedivere is from. He is a regular human, who lived for 15,000 years thanks to Excalibur, which was disguised as Airgetlám. It’s also revealed Artoria became a Divine Spirit because Bedivere failed to return Exclaibur to the Lady of the Lake, preventing her from dying. He was sent into the era by Merlin so he can return Excalibur to Goddess Rhongomyniad. He succeeds in his task, thereby destroying Rhongomyniad at the cost of his life. Goddess Rhongomyniad reveals Solomon resides in a temple outside space and time. She reveals the seventh Grail can reveal its location, as it sent into the past personally. This act also served as the first step to Incineration of Humanity. After being warned there is an evil suprassing Solomon in the seventh Singularity, Ritsuka, Mash, and Da Vinci return to Chaldea with the Grail.



Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster Leonardo da Vinci Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Nitocris Ozymandias
Saber (Living Hero) Bedivere Ritsuka Fujimaru
Rider Ozymandias None
Saber Gawain Lion King
Archer Arash Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Cursed Arm) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Mordred Lion King
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Hundred Face) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Xuanzang Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Tawara Touda Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Serenity) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Tristan Lion King
Saber Lancelot Lion King
N/A Agravain Lion King
N/A Hassan-i Sabbah (King Hassan) None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Amun-Ra Ozymandias
N/A King Arthur (Lion King) Camelot

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 7) Interlude

Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic BeastsEdit

Babylonia: The Absolute Frontline in the War Against the Demonic Beasts (絶対魔獣戦線, Zettai Majūsensen?), alternatively The Chain of Heaven (天の鎖, Ten no Kusari?), was the last of the seven primary Singularities in the Human Order Incineration Incident. Located in Mesopotamia, B.C. 2655, it's Humanity Foundation Value was A++.


Main article: Babylonia Singularity

Ritsuka and Mash arrive in era falling from the sky. They survive thanks to Mash using her Noble Phantasm. They find they're in a ruined town, instead of Uruk due to its Bounded Field. They're then attacked by a pack of Demonic Beasts. After killing them, they meet Ishtar. She leaves after helping them kill more beasts. The pair then meet Enkidu, who helps to kill the remaining beasts. They then guid the pair towards Uruk.[99] Along the way, Enkidu explain Mesopatamia is currenntly being destroyed by the Three Goddess Alliance. They also show them the Northern Wall meant to keep the Demonic Beasts from the north at bay. Then, while passing the Cedar Forest, the group meet Merlin and Ana. Enkidu is revealed to be impostor, and they attack the others. The group escape though due to "Enkidu" being trapped in Merlin's illusion.[100] Arriving Uruk, the group meet Gilgamesh, who fights them to test their worth. He is disappointed though, and refuses their aid. Ishtar suddenly arrives, and attacks everyone. After she leaves, the group are instructed by Siduri to do some odd jobs around Uruk to earn Gilgamesh's favor.[101] They then establish the Chaldean Embassy, where they meet Gilgamesh's other Servants: Ushiwakamaru, Musashibou Benkei, and Leonidas. Then, over the next month, the group help the people of Uruk in their work. Ritsuka also meets Ziusudra, who gives them warnings about the three goddesses.[102] Gilgamesh eventually orders the group to investigate Ur in the south, which has been covered in a thick jungle. They find the people of Ur safe, but they're forced by Jaguar Man into retreating.[103] The next day, Ritsuka and Mash go with Gilgamesh to the observatory at the Persian Gulf. There they fight "Enkidu", who retreats soon after encountering Gilgamesh.[104] Gilgamesh later orders the group to retrieve the Tablet of Destinies from Kutha. While travelling there, they gather testimonies on Gilgamesh's orders from the ranchers about Ishtar. Merlin reveals she is a Pseudo-Servant summoned by the matron of the Sacred Temple. The group arrive in Kutha, and search for Tablet of Destinies. Ritsuka suddenly find themselves in the Underworld. After Ziusdra retrurns them to the living world, Ritsuka finds they have the Tablet of Destinies. Ishtar then suddenly appears and attacks. The group are able to defeat her though, and bind her. She explains the three goddesses are competing with each other see who can destroy Uruk first and obtain Gilgamesh's Grail. She leaves after helping destroy the undead that suddenly appeared.[105] Returning to Urk, Ritsuka receives a vision about how the Incineration of Humanity began from the Tablet. The group then help Leonidas, Ushiwakamaru, Benkei with rescuing the people of Nippur.[106] However, they only find "Enkidu" there, along with Gorgon. Ushiwakamaru and Leondias die while defending the group from her. After Gorgon leaves, "Enkidu" reveals they're Kingu, a new human meant to replace the old humanity. At Gorgon's temple, the Blood Fort, Kingu corrupts the surviving Ushiwakamaru with the Chaos Tide.[107] Later, the group go to Ishtar's temple, and they bribe herself into joining them.[108] Back in Uruk, Gilgamesh orders the group to receive Marduk's axe in Eridu to use against Gorgon. Ishtar also reveals the goddess in the south is Quetzalcoatl. The city is suddenly attacked by Quetzalcoatl, but she leaves after killing a hundred soldiers.[109] The group travel to Eridu, during which they recruit Jaguar Man. They then fight Quetzalcoatl until she's convinced to join them.[110] She then helps them in getting Marduk's axe back to Uruk. However upon returning, the group learn that Gilgamesh has passed away. They then go to Kutha in order to enter the underworld so they can get Gilgamesh's soul back.[111] There they meet Gilgamesh while passing through the underworld's gates. They also learn Kingu's body is actually Enkidu's corpse. They eventually enter Ereshkigal's palace, and they discover she has the same vessel as Ishtar. With Ziusdra's help, Ritsuka is able to convince her to help them.[112] Next day, the group use Marduk's axe to break into the Blood Fort. There they fight Gorgon, during which it is revealed Ana is Medusa. Medusa seemingly sacrifices herself in order to kill Gorgon. However by doing so, they inadvertenly awakened Tiamat, who Merlin kept trapped in a dream. Merlin is then forced to return to his tower in Avalon. [113] With Tiamat's awakening, the sea turns into black mud, and hordes of Laḫmu emerge from it to slaughter Mesopatamia. Returning to Uruk, the group learn Tiamat is one of the Beasts, entities born from humanity's bestial nature. They also learn Solomon was the one who summoned her.[114] The group then travel to Eridu, where they save the people there from the Laḫmu. They also encounter Kingu who is betrayed by the Laḫmu when one rips the Grail from them. This Laḫmu transformed into Bel Laḫmu through the Grail's power.[115] The group then chase it to the Persian Gulf's center to prevent it from using the Grail to fully awaken Tiamat. However, they're stopped by the corrupted Ushiwakamaru. They're unable to kill her, and during the battle, Bel Laḫmu delievered the Grail to Tiamat.[116] After retreating, the group learn the blackened sea is Tiamat's Authority that converts humans into her children. They seemingly kill her until her true body emerges from the sea. As she moves towards Uruk, the blackened sea floods Mesoptamia. While the group recupurate at Uruk, Gilgamesh gives his Grail to Kingu.[117] The group then try to stop Tiamat's advance. They struggle against Ushiwakamaru until Benkei sacrifices himself to kill her. Quetzalcoatl seemingly sacrifices herself to try to stop Tiamat, but her attempt is a failure. Medusa (now as Gorgon) soon arrives, and sacrifices herself to slow down Tiamat.[118] Returning to Uruk, the group try to fight Tiamat, during which Gilgamesh is mortally wounded. Kingu sacrifices themselves to bind Tiamat. Gilgamesh is soon killed, and Rituska, Mash, and Tiamat are sent down into the underworld by Ishtar that Ereshkigal summoned beneath Uruk. Merlin returns from Avalon to stop Tiamat from corrupting the underworld. Ziusdra, who reveals himself to be King Hassan and the Grand Assassin, prevents her from escaping. He also makes her mortal, thus allowing the group to kill Tiamat with the aid of Gilgamesh as an Archer Servant. [119] Ritsuka and Mash then return to Chaldea with the Grail.[120]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Archer Ishtar Ishtar
Lancer Enkidu (Kingu) Tiamat
Lancer Medusa (Child) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster (Living Hero) Gilgamesh Uruk
Rider Ushiwakamaru Uruk
Lancer Musashibou Benkei Uruk
Lancer Leonidas Uruk
Caster Merlin Ritsuka Fujimaru
Avenger Medusa (Gorgon) Three Goddess Alliance
Lancer Jaguar Man Quetzalcoatl
Rider Quetzalcoatl Three Goddess Alliance
Lancer Ereshkigal Three Goddess Alliance
Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (King Hassan) None


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Beast II Tiamat None

Events and InterludesEdit

Title(s) Type Notes
Ishtar Interlude I Interlude
Enkidu Interlude I Interlude
Scheherazade Interlude I (Part 8) Interlude

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Salomon: The Grand Time Temple (冠位時間神殿, Kan-i Jikan Shinden?) was the Final Singularity (終局特異点, Shūkyoku Tokui-ten?) of the Human Order Incineration Incident, occurring in A.D. 2016.


Main article: Salomon Singularity

Ritsuka and Mash arrive in the Singularity, where they're soon met by Lev Lainur Flauros. He reveals Solomon implanted Demon Gods were implanted in mage lineages until they were awakened at their appointed era. He was the one designated for 2016 A.D., and when he awoke as the last Demon God, humanity was incinerated. It is also reveal Romani Archaman spent a decade preparing for the Incineration of Humaity. Lev Lainur then transform into Flauros to stop Ritsuka and Mash from reaching Solomon's throne. They kill him, but he quickly resurrects when Demon Gods attack Chaldea. However, all the Heroic Spirits that Ritsuka met in the Singularity, whether they were friend or foe, arrive to help.[121][121]. With the help of the Orleans Singularity Servants, Ritsuka and Mash are able to defeat Naberius and the Demon Gods administrating the Melting Furnace.[122] Together with the Septem Singularity Servants, they defeat Flauros and the Demon Gods administrating the Information Center.[123]. With the Okeanos Singularity Servants, the pair defeat Forneus and the Demon Gods administrating the Observatory.[124]. The Servants of the London Singularity help the pair defeat Barbatos and the Demon Gods administrating the Control Tower.[125]. Ritsuka and Mash are aided by the America Singularity Servants in defeating Halphas and the Demon Gods administrating the Armory.[126] The Camelot Singularity Servants help defeat Aamon and the Demon Gods administrating the Gazing Star.[127]. The Servants of the Babylonia Singularity help Ritsuka and Mash defeat Sabnock and the Demon Gods administrating the Chamber of Life.[128] During this time, it is revealed the Heroic Spirits will disppear if Ritsuka is killed.[129] After conquering the seven terminals protecting Solomon's Throne, Ritsuka and Mash encounter an unexpected eighth terminal. However, Servants from the minor Singularities and Singularity candidates arrive to help the pair defeat Andromalius and the Demon Gods administrating the Trash Heap.[130] Then, as the pair proceed to the throne, they learn the Time Temple was created from Solomon's Magic Circuits. It's also revealed the Solomon masterminded the Incineration of Humanity isn't the real one, but someone controlling his corpse. Arriving at the throne, the pair learn from "Solomon" that the light bands of Ars Almadel Salomonis were created from the energy gathered from incinerating humanity when he fractured history with his Singularities. After fighting the pair for a bit, he reveals his true form of Goetia, the collective hive mind of the Demon Gods, a Beast that was the first familiar created by Solomon that served as the foundation of human magecraft.[131] Her reveals the Incineration of Humanity was meant to gather 3000 years worth of magical energy. This is so he could travel back to the genesis of the planet and absorb all of its energy to create a new planet without death. He then launches Ars Almadel Salomonis to destroy Ritsuka and Mash, but Mash sacrifices herself to protect Ritsuka. Romani then arrives and reveals himself to be the human incarnation of Solomon, who fought as Marisbury Animusphere's Servant during the Holy Grail War of 2004. He also reveals Goeia was originally a spell created to watch over humanity. He then sacrifices himself to remove the Demon Gods' union, thereby removing Goetia's immortality, and destroy the Time Temple.[132] As his body crumbles away, Goetia tries to kill Ritsuka before the Demon Gods are destroyed. Ritsuka protect themselves with Mash's shield, and seemingly destroys Goetia with a punch empowered by a Command Spell.[133] However, Ritsuka encounters Goetia, now in human form, while escaping the Singularity. After destroying Goetia, they continue their escape when the path collapses beneath then. However, Mash, who was resurrected by Fou, revealed to be Beast IV, arrives in time to save them. The pair then return together to Chladea.[134]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc Chaldea
Caster Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Chaldea
Saber Siegfried Chaldea
Assassin Charles Henri Sanson Chaldea
Rider Marie Antoinette Chaldea
Assassin Carmilla Chaldea
Lancer Elizabeth Bathory Chaldea
Berserker Vlad III Chaldea
Berserker Kiyohime Chaldea
Rider Saint George Chaldea
Rider Saint Martha Chaldea
Saber Chevalier d'Eon Chaldea
Assassin Phantom of Opera Chaldea
Saber Gilles de Raises Chaldea
Saber Nero Claudius Caesar Chaldea
Rider Boudica Chaldea
Berserker Spartacus Chaldea
Berserker Lu Bu Fengxian Chaldea
Assassin Jing Ke Chaldea
Berserker Caligula Chaldea
Saber Gaius Julius Caesar Chaldea
Lancer Romulus Chaldea
Caster Zhuge Liang Chaldea
Rider Alexander the Great (Child) Chaldea
Archer Eurayle Chaldea
Saber Attila Chaldea
Rider Francis Drake Chaldea
Rider Edward Teach Chaldea
Rider Eric Bloodaxe Chaldea
Archer Orion Chaldea
Berserker Asterios Chaldea
Assassin Stheno Chaldea
Rider Anne Bonny & Mary Read Chaldea
Archer David Chaldea
Archer Atlanta Chaldea
Caster Medea (Child) Chaldea
N/A Jason Chaldea
Lancer Hector Chaldea
Caster Medea Chaldea
Saber Mordred Chaldea
Assassin Dr. Jekyll Chaldea
Archer Nikola Tesla Chaldea
Caster Charles Babbage Chaldea
Berserker Sakata Kintoki Chaldea
Caster William Shakespeare Chaldea
Caster Hans Christian Andersen Chaldea
Caster Tamamo-no-Mae Chaldea
Rider Sakata Kintoki Chaldea
Berserker Frankenstein Chaldea
Assassin Jack the Ripper Chaldea
Caster Paracelsus Chaldea
Caster Nursery Rhyme Chaldea
Caster Mephistopheles Chaldea
Lancer King Arthur (Alter) Chaldea
Berserker Florence Nightingale Chaldea
Saber Rama Chaldea
Rider Medb Chaldea
Berserker Cú Chulainn Chaldea
Lancer Scáthach Chaldea
Lancer Li Shuwen Chaldea
Saber Fergus mac Róich Chaldea
Lancer Fionn mac Cumhaill Chaldea
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Chaldea
Archer Robin Hood Chaldea
Caster Geronimo Chaldea
Caster Thomas Edison Chaldea
Caster Helena Blavatsky Chaldea
Archer Arjuna Chaldea
Lancer Karna Chaldea
Caster Xuanzang Chaldea
Archer Tawara Touta Chaldea
Rider Ozymandias Chaldea
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Cursed Arm) Chaldea
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Hundred Face) Chaldea
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Serenity) Chaldea
Saber Gawain Chaldea
Archer Tristan Chaldea
Saber Lancelot Chaldea
Caster Nitocris Chaldea
Saber Bedivere Chaldea
Archer Ishtar Chaldea
Lancer Enkidu Chaldea
Avenger Medusa (Gorgon) Chaldea
Lancer Medusa (Child) Chaldea
Rider Quetzalcoatl Chaldea
Lancer Jaguar Man Chaldea
N/A Ereshkigal Chaldea
Lancer Leonidas Chaldea
Lancer Musashibou Benkei Chaldea
Rider Ushiwakamaru Chaldea
Avenger Edmond Dantès Chaldea
Avenger Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Chaldea
Ruler Amakusa Shirō Tokisada Chaldea
Lancer Brynhildr Chaldea
Rider Alexander the Great Chaldea
Berserker Minamoto no Yorimitsu Chaldea
Assassin King Arthur (Mysterious Heroine X) Chaldea
Saber Shiki Ryougi Chaldea
Saber Okita Sōji Chaldea
Archer Nobunaga Oda Chaldea
Assassin Fuma Kotaro Chaldea
Caster Illyasviel von Einzbern Chaldea
Archer Chloe von Einzbern Chaldea
Assassin Shuten-dōji Chaldea
Berserker Ibaraki-dōji Chaldea
Assassin EMIYA Chaldea
Caster Irisviel von Einzbern Chaldea
Assassin Cleopatra Chaldea
Assassin Mata Hari Chaldea
Archer Gilgamesh Chaldea
Grand Caster Solomon (False) None
Caster Solomon (True) Chaldea


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
N/A King Arthur (Lion King) Chaldea
Beast I Goetia Control Center
Demon God Naberius Goetia Blast Furnace representative[135]
Demon God Flauros Goetia Intelligence Room representative [136]
Demon God Forneus Goetia Observatory representative [137]
Demon God Barbatos Goetia Control Tower representative [138]
Demon God Halphas Goetia Arsenal representative [139]
Demon God Aamon Goetia Spy Satellite representative [140]
Demon God Sabnock Goetia Health Office representative [141]
Demon God Andromalius Goetia Disposal Chute representative [142]

Shinjuku: Malignant Quarantined Demonic RealmEdit

Shinjuku: Malignant Quarantined Demonic Realm (悪性隔絶魔境, Akusei Kakuzetsu Makyou?), alternatively the Shinjuku Phantom Incident (新宿幻霊事件, Shinjuku Genrei Jiken?) or Subspecies Singularity I (亜種特異点 I, Ashu Tokuiten I?), was the first of four major Singularities which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. It occurred in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan, in A.D. 1999.


Ritsuka arrives in the era falling from the sky, but they're saved by James Moriarty. He explains that Shinjuku has now become a place of villainy, where good is oppressed and killed.[143] The pair eventually encounter Coloraturas, marionettes commanded by Christine Daaé, and controlled by Phantom of the Opera. After escaping to a highway, Moriarty explains the Servant have divided the city into respective territories.[144] However, Hessian Lobo begins chasing after Ritsuka and Moriarty, as the highway is its territory. Ritsuka learns about Phantoms, fictitious existences not strong enough to become a Heroic Spirit. Artoria Alter arrives to save Ritsuka, while Moriarty holds Hessian Lobo off.[145] At her hideout, Artoria Alter reveals there is an alliance of Servants that controls Shinjuku called the Phantom Demon Alliance. She and Ritsuka later go to Shinjuku Station, where they're reunited with Moriarty. It is revealed Moriarty had lost his memories and most of his powers when he was supposedly split into his good and evil selves.[146] Later, the group recruit Jeanne Alter, but they soon encounter Hessian Lobo again.[147] After it's forced to retreat, the group decide to kill Phantom. At the hideout, Ritsuka learns from Edmond Dantès via a phone that Evil Moriarty is the leader of the Alliance, and they plan to destroy the planet. Ritsuka also learns Barrel Tower, which replaced the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, is their base. They also learn Phantom is based around Kabukicho.[148] The group then capture a Colourata, so Moriarty can modify it into a bomb. It is revealed that the Coloraturas are constructed from living humas.[149] The group then head over to Kabukicho, where they placed the rigged Coloratura among the others. After it explodes, they take advantage of the chaos to kill Phantom and Christina. However, Phantom is killed by EMIYA Alter when he begins to divulge about the Alliance. The group prepare to fight him, but he retreats when he sees he's outnumbered with the arrival of Hassan of the Cursed Arm.[150] However, he is soon revealed to be Yan Qing in disguised, and he kidnaps Ritsuka. Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter try to catch him, but he ultimately escapes.[151] He takes Ritsuka to Barrel Tower, where they meet evil Moriarty. He reveals he used the Grail to seperate himself from his virtous emotions. Ritsuka also meet William Shakespeare, who is being forced by the Alliance to create monsters for them. Edmond then arrives and rescues Ritsuka. It is soon revealed Edmond is Sherlock Holmes in disguised. He explains one of the powers capable of disrupting the correct history left over from the Incineration of Humanity have manifested in Shinjuku.[152] Returning to the hideout, it is revealed Shinjuku is in a culled timeline. This means the Counter Force's protection is disable, so the planet's destruction becomes possible. Sherlock explains evil Moriarty plans to use the powers of the Phantom he's fused with, Der Freischutz, to load a meteorite into Barrel Tower, then fire into the planet's core as a magic bullet to destroy it. The group decide to kill Yan Qing, and locate clothes appropriate for the party he's hosting.[153] Artoria Alter and Jeanne Alter eventually fight him at the party until he denonates a bomb beneath the building. He emerges from the rubble disguised as a civilian, but he's shot dead by Moriarty. The group try to return to the hideout when Hessian Lobo arrives.[154] Jeanne Alter holds off it to allow the others to escape, and seemingly dies in the struggle. The group decide to lead Hessian Lobo into a trap using Artoria Alter's dog, Cavall II, as bait.[155] The trap is relatively successful, and the group succeed in killing Hessian Lobo.[156] Back at the hideout, Sherlock reveals evil Moriarty plans to use the enhanced powers of Der Freischutz to make an asteroid known as Bennu into a magic bullet. He also explains the fusion of Heroic Spirits and Phantoms is only possible in Shinjuku. The group then charge through EMIYA Alter's blockade to enter Barrel Tower.[157] Inside they fight their way to the top.[158]. There they fight evil Moriarty, who announced Bennu is already approaching. However, after he's defeated, Baal suddenly manifests. He explains he waited 3000 years for the chance to kill Ritsuka as revenge for overthrowing Goetia's plan. He also reveals destroy the planet was for the express purpose of killing Ritsuka. Moriarty then betrays the group by piercing Sherlock, revealing he and Baal were always partners. After absorbing Sherlock to gain more power, Moriarty reveals he allied with Baal to achieve revenge on their respective rivals. He explains he intentionally erased his memory and evil personality to create a good persona for the purpose of catching Sherlock off-guard. Baal also did the same thing, believing himself to be evil Moriarty. EMIYA Alter then arrives to fight Baal, revealing he was contracted to kill him, while Artoria Alter fights Moriarty.[159] After Baal is killed, Bennu suddenly appears in the sky above Shinjuku became the magic bullet the moment Moriarty was determined to die.



Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber King Arthur (Alter) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Avenger Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster [153][160] Sherlock Holmes Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer of Shinjuku James Moriarty Phantom Demon Alliance (true)
Avenger of Shinjuku Hessian Lobo Phantom Demon Alliance
Assassin of Shinjuku Yan Qing Phantom Demon Alliance
Berserker of Shinjuku Phantom of the Opera Phantom Demon Alliance
Caster William Shakespeare Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer EMIYA (Alter) Phantom Demon Alliance (false)
Caster Hans Christian Andersen Ritsuka Fujimaru
Avenger Edmond Dantès Ritsuka Fujimaru


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Phantom/Wraith Christine Daaé Phantom Demon Alliance
Phantom King Lear Phantom Demon Alliance
Phantom Romeo and Juliet Phantom Demon Alliance
Phantom Macbeth Phantom Demon Alliance
Phantom Great Detectives Ritsuka Fujimaru
Demon God Baal Phantom Demon Alliance

SE.RA.PH.: Deep-Sea Cyber-NirvanaEdit

SE.RA.PH.: Deep-Sea Cyber-Nirvana (深海電脳楽土 , Shinkai Den'nō Rakudo ?) was a special Singularity which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. Originating on Chaldea's Seraphix facility in the North Sea, it occurred in the Mariana Trench, supposedly in 2030 A.D.[18]


After escaping the Time Temple along with three other Demon Gods, Zepar sought to help humanity realize their mental potential. However because he lost his body, he needed to seek refuse somewhere to regain his strength.[161] He eventually found Seraphix, an oil rig secretly containing a planetarium called Celestial Body Simulator, System Animusphere, which was used to investigate leylines.[162] There he found Kiara Sessyoin, a therapist who worked at Seraphix, and possessed her to avoid Chaldea's detection.[162] He then used her to eventually effectively gain control of Seraphix. Using his knowledge of parallel worlds, Zepar discovered another version of Kiara, one who usurped control of the Moon Cell on the far side of the Moon. Impressed by her, he linked the two Kiara together, and used her body to convert Seraphix into SE.RA.PH and give it form. Afterwards though, Kiara plunged the Seraphix staff into mass hysteria to Zepar's disgust. She then seduced the personnel to open the planterium, where she placed 128 Master candidates in the Coffins found there to summon 128 Servants, which killed them. As well BB, Meltlilith, and Passionlip were salvaged from Kiara, as she had absorbed them in the Moon world, to serve her.[162] Jealous of the delight she felt from Zepar's memories, Kiara sought to use SE.RA.PH to become a Beast.[163] Zepar realized at this point that he lost control of Kiara's body, and he was forced to reside only in her pinky finger. Eventually though he was forcibly expelled, and quickly disappeared. Kiara then enacted her plan to descend SE.RA.PH down into Earth's core so she may fuse with the planet.[162] She infected Meltlilith and Passionlip with parts of her, Karmaphage, to turn them into Sentinels to serve as SE.RA.PH's self-defense mechanisms.[163] She also ordered BB to begin the Holy Grail War while continuing to manage SE.RA.PH.[162] At some point though, the Moon Cell sent a copy of the original BB to Seraphix on a one way mission to prevent Kiara's transformation into Beast. She then switched places with the other BB as manager of SE.RA.PH while the other hid at its bottom.[164]

BB recreated the Moon Holy Grail War, but compared to its original more organized battle royale counterpart, this one turned into a massacre.[165] The Servants succumbed to their desires, and began to commit several atrocities.[166] One particular Servant by the name of Suzuka Gozen was turned into a Sentinel by BB, hoping to win the Grail War for her Master, not knowing they were already dead.[167] Meanwhile, the corpses of the Masters inside the still active Coffins were used as biological circuits to continuously summon Servants.[162] Eventually Meltlilith and Passionlip decided to rebel against Kiara, and became the Servants of a version of Ritsuka. They eventually won the Holy Grail War, and fought Kiara at the planetarium. They lost however, and BB's time leap failed due to Meltlilith and Passionlip still being Sentinel. Meltlilith's arms were torn apart, and Ritsuka was killed for her transgression. Passionlip then used Virgin Laser - Palladion to launch Meltlilith upwards at the speed needed for time travel. Meltlilith vowed to redo everything so she can help Ritsuka free the Sentinels from Kiara's influence. She then met a past version of herself at the chapel, and shared her memories with her. The past Meltlilith then committed suicide without hesitation to prevent Kiara from realizing there were two Meltlilith.[163]


Nero Claudius, Tamamo no Mae, and EMIYA are talking with Ritsuka when Mash Kyrielight announces over the intercom that Chaldea has achieved its regular report from the Seraphix Offshore Oil Rig. She urges any free staff members to come to the command room if they wish contact their friends at Seraphix, as the contact window is half a day, and the next one will be in three months. Nero asks what Seraphix, and Tamamo answers its a Chaldean outpost which provides Chaldea with resources that was owned by Marisbury Animusphere. Curious about Seraphix, Ritsuka goes to the command room with Nero, Tamamo, and EMIYA following them. There they meet Mash and Leonardo da Vinci whose there to ensure everything is fine with Seraphix since Chaldea's current year budget depends on Seraphix's condition, as per her duty as acting director. Ritsuka asks about Seraphix, to which Mash explains its a North Sea offshore oil rig owned by the Animusphere Family. She continues Seraphix is built on a semi-suppressible platform with a crew of at least one hundred. Despite its distance from Chaldea, it is still one of Chaldea's most lucrative revenue streams. Neither Mash and Da Vinci ever visited Seraphix though, so only the original Chaldean staff would know more before their deaths in Lev Lainur Flauros's attack. Da Vinci explains the Chaldean staff members who remain in contact with Seraphix now are those who become friends through repeated transmissions over the last few years. A comm officer prepares to establish a video feed with Seraphix, but despite video and audio feeds being active, no one seeing or hearing anything. Da Vinci assumes its glitch when a quiet and garbled message is heard by Mash. At Mash's request, comm officer increases the message's volume to maximum. It's revealed to be an SOS message saying everyone is being converted into data. The connection with Seraphix is then abruptly cut, so Da Vinci authorizes the use of Sheba to observe Seraphix. However, a staff member reports that Seraphix seemingly no longer exists, with no signs of a Singularity. The comm officer then reports the SOS message originate from a zone they can't detect. Suddenly they receive another transmission with it being audio only at first before quickly establishing video. The messenger is shown to be a mysterious girl, but the comm officer is unable to establish the transmission's origins. The staff then quickly realize the girl had usurp control of the facility from them. She reveals herself to be an AI, and that her name is BB. BB then reveals Seraphix no longer exists in the current time period, and tells Chaldea to check the Mariana Trench in 2030 A.D. The staff confirm Seraphix's location, revealing its currently 200 meters before the surface along with the existence of a Singularity. BB warns Chaldea to save Seraphix's staff before the oil rig sinks down to 10,000 meters while also dealing with the Singularity manifesting there. Nero urges Da Vinci to rayshift her, Ritsuka, Tamamo, and EMIYA to Seraphix. However, Da Vinci explains rayshifting to the future is impossible, but she quickly realizes BB can verify Ritsuka and others' existence as 2030 is BB's present. BB warns Seraphix will reach the bottom of the trench in a few hours, at which point it'll be destroyed by the water pressure. Ritsuka, Nero, Tamamo, and EMIYA then rayshift to Seraphix. However BB hacks the rayshift to separate the group to random locations in the facility.[168]

Ritsuka arrived in a strange locale when they're contacted by BB. She explains to them that they've been plunged into a Holy Grail War, a battle to the death between 128 Masters. She admits though she tricked the Masters into believing there was a world ending threat when she was just using them to kill time. She then explains to Ritsuka that they're in Seraphix but it's been digitized into Pseudo-Spiritrons. She continues information lifeforms and organic lifeforms can interact with each other in this space for long as there's intellectual activity. As well any experience, knowledge, and power sources Ritsuka attains will be carried over when they return to the physical world. Any event they engage in SE.RA.PH will also have the same effect on them as in reality. BB refuses to reveal why Seraphix was digitized, but tells Ritsuka they're at what used to be Seraphix's front gate. She tells them to discovery the mystery of the digitization before SE.RA.PH sinks to the bottom of the trench while surving through the Grail War. After BB ceases communcations, Ritsuka prepares to go find Nero, Tamamo, and EMIYA. However they're by attacked a girl, barely dodging her sword. She attacks Ritsuka again, but her attack is blocked by another girl. The girl reveals the female swordsman to be Suzuka Gozen, and offers to save Ritsuka if they form a contract with her. She introduces herself as Meltlilith, and Ritsuka promptly forms a contract with her. She then fights Suzuka, but her attacks are reduced by 90% by Suzuka's karmaphage. Suzuka boasts karmaphage is the mark of a true Sentinel, a position she wouldn't have gotten if Meltilith didn't abandon it. She continues she will kill every other Servant, and use the Holy Grail to transform her Spirit Origin into the Demon King's daughter. Meltilith mocks her, and reveals her attacks are filled with deadly viruses. Seeing she's at a disadvantage, Suzuka retreats. Meltilith decides to explain the basics to Ritsuka as they travel. She assumes they're a failed Master who couldn't contract with a decent Servant. She also explains she is a High-Servant, an amalgamation of goddesses. She then decides they should enter the facility from the main oil deck cable area, given the front gate is completely digitized. She warns Ritsuka that they'll eventually be disintegrated if they stay too long in digitized areas like the corridor they're currently in. In such areas, humans are converted into data after a few hours, and imported to SE.RA.PH. Even Servants will only last a few days. Meltlilith warns Ritsuka everyone will be converted into data well before SE.RA.PH reaches to the bottom of the trench. When Ritsuka says BB told them SE.RA.PH reach the trench's bottom in a few hours, Meltlilith explains time in SE.RA.PH passes a hundred times quicker than in reality. She also explains that while SE.RA.PH is based on Seraphix, it is significantly larger. She then decides they need to find a safe area to serve as a base before Ritsuka gets digitized.[165]

After fighting a bit through SE.RA.PH, Meltlilith learns more of the situation from Ritsuka. Ritsuka asks her why she chose to protect them, but she asserts it was because she though they were important when BB payed extra attention to them. Moving on, Meltlilith explains that SE.RA.PH is a digital labyrinth loosely based off of Seraphix. However, the current SE.RA.PH is only an imitation of the original, which is significantly larger. She explains the original SE.RA.PH was a city-type engine designed to run the Moon Cell Automaton, a construct made of photonic crystals inside the moon. She continues SE.RA.PH is also a world where many humans, NPCs, and AIs live in. It was the site of the Moon Holy Grail War, the Moon Cell itself being the prized Holy Grail. Meltlilith explains the Moon Cell chooses which human will use, but as it is an observational device, it cannot know the quality of the human. As such, it created the Holy Grail War as a fair and impartial albeit violent way to weed out the candidates. It invited 128 Masters to SE.RA.PH to compete in the Holy Grail War, choosing the surviving Master. As a result, the Moon Holy Grail War turned into a slaughterfest, similar to Ritsuka's current situation. However, the difference is that the Moon Holy Grail War was a tournament, unlike the free-for-all Ritsuka is experience. The Moon Holy Grail War was divided into seven rounds, and the administrators deciding who fought who, which Meltlilith believes it was more rational than the current one. Ritsuka ask her why she looks like BB, so she explains BB is a high-grade AI who was stationed on the Moon during the Grail War. BB was designed to keep Masters healthy during the war, but she bugged out and started to style herself a ruler of the moon. Her prime directive of protecting humans eventually turned managing humans as a result of several errors. BB even tried to usurp control of the Moon Cell, but she lost to a human. Meltlilith then reveals she is an aspect of BB's personality she removed from herself; Meltlilith is the Alter Ego created from BB's sense of pleasure. As she and the other Alter Egos were created from BB, they all look like her. She then warns Ritsuka of a Servant up ahead. The Servant is revealed to be Gawain, who find it hard to believe Meltlilith is a Heroic Spirit. She confirms she isn't a Heroic Spirit, but she realizes Gawain wasn't among the 128 Servants. Gawain then notices Ritsuka, glad he has finally found them after being separated during the Rayshift. Ritsuka is confused, but Gawain asserts he was one of three Servants who rayshifted with them. Ritsuka recalls how Nero, EMIYA, and Tammao rayshifted with them, but Gawain continues to assert his claim. Gawain then decides to join Ritsuka in order to resolve the situation and return them safely to Chaldea. After Ritsuka explains the situation, Gawain thanks Meltlilith for saving Ritsuka, but he remains suspicious of her. Meltlilith decides they need to find Ritsuka's other Servants in addition to finding a safe area. BB then suddenly appears before the group, deciding to punish Ritsuka for breaking the rule of having more than one Servant. Gawain whispers to Ritsuka that he'll try to capture BB, but she asserts nothing happens in SE.RA.PH unless she wants. She then summons Robin Hood, who she orders to kill the group. The group kill Robin, but Gawain is confused by the slot machine that appeared at the battle's start. BB explains she created it to interfere with the battles regardless of the strength of Masters and Servants. She tells Ritsuka that she'll let them go free if they either win her Grail War, or if they discover the secret behind SE.RA.PH. She states she will continue to watch their progress. Meltlilith asks her why she personally appeared, to which BB answers she did so to personally cause mischief. BB asks Meltlilith why she joined the humans, to which Meltlilith claims she is following her own rules. She also explains to BBB that she shouldn't care how she spends her time, as long as she fulfills her ultimate as role as a Sentinel. She then tells BB to go away, so she and the others can explore in peace. BB reveals she locked several SE.RA.PH's passageways, which she'll discreetly open for a fee. She also warns the group not to explore too far, otherwise they'll encounter stronger Attack Programs and Sentinels, special Servants tasked with guarding SE.RA.PH. She then explains that SE.RA.PH is like the digital embodiment of humanity's inner world, which used to be also called the Sakura Labyrinth. She continues the Sakura Labyrinth and the Sentinel convert huamn emotion into defensive mechanisms. Each Sentinel is created a powerful passive skill called Karmaphage, which makes them nigh unbeatable to a normal Servant. While warning the group to keep away from the Sentinels, BB also says they need to defeat the five Sentinels, who each guard one fifth of SE.RA.PH, if they wish to fully investigate SE.RA.PH. She then resurrects Robin, but she sends him away when he begins to complain. Before leaving, she corrects Da Vinci's assertion that Rayshift to the future is impossible. She states it isn't inherently impossible, however it is for Chaldea as they cannot rayshift past the year 2019.[165]

Later, the group defeat Gilles de Rais. Ritsuka and Gawain were confused by his behavior, but Meltlilith explains most Servants in SE.RA.PH have already succumbed to their desires. Gawain then questions why they haven't encounter any Masters yet. Meltlilith reveals the Masters all died a long time ago as soon as they summoned their Servants. Gawain questions the Servants are still fight even though they don't have a reason to, but Meltlilith reminds him only the Servants from Chaldea are acting rationally. She starts to ponder if BB is responsible when she notices something. Ritsuka thinks it's a Holy Grail, and touches it despite Gawain's warning.[165]

Upon touching it, Ritsuka see the final memories of a Seraphix crew members. On January 2019, every ship set ablaze, the helicopter was destroyed, and Seraphix lost all communication with the outside world. As well, parts of the base were digitized. By Feburary, the crew was down to about a hundred survivors, and they moved to the Central Command Room where the digitization occurs the least. They decides to wait till May for Chaldea to notice Seraphix's situation. However, Chaldea never came, and Seraphix's crew soon became violent. In March, they executed the director, Hideyasu Ajima, for not anticipating the situation. Next, the assistant director was executed for failing to resolve the situation, then a woman who lost the key to the cleaning room, Then, the doctors, who became useless when the medicine ran out, and the people who went against Beckman were sacrifice to the monsters outside. Other people were executed for mild transgressions or utter xenophobia. Despite all of this, the remaining crew remained optimistic the situation would be resolved in a few days. However in April, they learned the time difference between digital and reality, meaning any help from Chaldea could take more than fifty years. The memory ends with the crew members being killed by a sledgehammer by Beckman loyalists for breaking the rules.[165]

The group eventually come to a fork; one path leads to the Chest, formerly the Central Command Room, while the other leads to the Thighs, formerly the dock and heliport. Gawain understands each area is named after a part of the body. He correctly assumes the current area is the Hair, and asks what the area originally housed. Meltlilith answers it housed the submarine cables, pump, and power plant. She says it's relatively safe, but the important area is the Chest, where the group may find survivors. Tristan then suddenly appears, disappointed at Gawain for associating with Meltlilith. He's surprised to see Ritsuka, as they're the only Master he's encountered, and mentions he's already killed seven Servants. However, he's also disappointed by Ritsuka for associating with Meltlilith. He tells Ritsuka and Gawain to move of his way so he can kill Meltlilith. Gawain asks Ritsuka whether they should move or stay after warning that Tristan's arrows pierce all he sees without mercy. They decide to stay, so the group are forced to fight Tristan. During the battle, Tristan tries to kill Meltlilith with his arrows, but her liquid body negates the attempt. She then pins him down, and decides to spare him. She tells Gawain to finish him, but he refuses to do so as it is her victory. He realizes she wants to let Tristan go, but she refutes him. Ritsuka and Gawain decide Tristan will join them despite Meltlilith's protests. Tristan accepts despite Meltlilith being part of the group. After hearing SE.RA.PH was originally Seraphix, Tristan reveals he was only summoned ten days. Gawain asks him if he participated in the Grail War, to which Tristan answers he explored SE.RA.PH to find and capture BB while killing any insane Servants he encountered. He then recalls an Alter Ego he's encountered multiple times, each time forced to retreat to avoiding being crushed. He calls the path leading to the Chest Breast Valley, the domain of the Alter Ego. Meltilith reveals the Alter Ego is Passionlip, who was born from BB's love and hate.[165]

The group come to the path leading to the Chest when Ritsuka begins to feel the effects of digitization. A woman then appears, mistaking Ritsuka's Servants as the same the insane ones she encountered so far. She calms down though when she notices Ritsuka's uniform is that of Chaldea. She introduces herself as Marble Macintosh, robotics operator on Seraphix. Gawain introduces himself and Ritsuka, and asks her what she knows. Marble doesn't answer though when she notices Meltlilith. She asks the group why they have an Alter Ego, believing humans and egos are supposed to be mortal enemies. She tells Gawain to kill Meltlilith when she notices what she was running from has caught up to her. She tells the group to run, as her pursuer crushed all new 128 Servants when they arrived here earlier. The pursuer is revealed to be Passionlip, who Meltlilith reveals to be one of the Sentinels. The group fight her, but they're forced to retreat when she uses Trash & Crash on the passageway. with the passageway now compressed into a cube, the group return to the fork with Marble.[165]

Gawain asks Marble what she saw in the Central Command Room. She answers the Command Room, and the only survivors besides her are Arnold, Ms. Trapayne, and Holly. However, the only people left in the Command Room are her and Arnold. She ran away though when they began to fight over food. Meltlilith thinks they should abandon Marble, but Ritsuka decides they should find a safe area. Asked by Gawain if she knows a safe area, Meltlilith answers there is a building in the Thighs with magical protection, and too many indecipherable elements to be digitized. It is a christian chapel built to provide Serahpix's crew with spiritual support. Tristan reveals Vlad III guards that area, so he must be defeated if the group wish to get to the chapel. As the group travel towards the chapel, they notice many Servants and humans impaled on Vlad's stakes. Vlad prepares to fight them, and reveals a Demon God inhabits his body. As Vlad disappears with his defeat, Ritsuka asks him about what he said earlier, but he doesn't answer. Instead he tells them that EMIYA is in the chapel, but says he cannot be trusted.[165]

The group enter the chapel where they meet, not the regular EMIYA, but EMIYA Alter. In answer to Meltlilith's disappointment, he reveals BB switched him out with his other self. After Ritsuka explains what happened so far, EMIYA Alter replies he's been watching from the chapel roof. He then reveals there is a terminal hidden behind the altar that contains a report. However it is locked to even Servants and Alter Ego, so its key needs to be found. The group believe the report may contain a clue, and decide to search for the key tomorrow. Meltlilith decides to rest outside when Ritsuka notices a broken ceramic figure. In her thoughts, she thanks Ritsuka for noticing "her", even if it's only the remains.[165]

After purchasing the terminal key from BB for a large amount of Sakurament, Ritsuka uses it on the terminal. An audio guide in the terminal warns the records can only viewed by one person at a time, and that they'll be deleted after playback has concluded. Marble explains the terminal sends the data directly into the brain of whoever is viewing the records. The terminal then plays the records from February 7, 2019. The record keeper introduces themselves as a therapist, who was invited to join Seraphix back in 2016. They go on to recall everyday life in Seraphix while they dealt with their patients at the church. After listening to so many complaints, the therapist began to question why Seraphix was built. Then on January 2019, Seraphix lost all contact with the outside world, and strange happenings began to occur. The therapist joined the medical team to help the victims when they noticed a monster with many eyes that preys on human minds. On Feburary 2019, they began to change like the rest of the crew, losing all sense of morality. However, their obligation to their job helped them keep their rationality. On March 2019, they are severely injured and thrown into the church, which they quickly lock. They decide to leave a record behind, terrified something more terrifying than the hysterical crew is eating away at their mind. They then begs somebody to not the planetarium, to not let its experiments continues, and to kill them. After the record ends, Gawain believes the crew summoned BB of their own accord. Meltlilith reveals the planetarium is in the middle of SE.RA.PH, and that it's the source of the digitization. Ritsuka, Meltlilith and Gawain decide to continue explorable while Tristan and Marble stay behind in the chapel. EMIYA Alter leaves to kill the Servants to keep the others' exploration unimpeded as Gawain believes.[165]

The group discover the upper part of Arm, and Gawain asks Meltlilith if she knows what was originally here. She guesses it originally held robotic operations, which was used for seabed investigations. She continues if they were continue to the Thenar, they should find the Arm used to examine the soil. Ritsuka asks if the Foot area is the same, but Meltlilith answers the legs had more destructive purposes. BB then suddenly contacts the group, and reveals SE.RA.PH is the only thing keeping the humans alive. She also tells them of her updated stock of Gate Keys and various other items. She then introduces the next Sentinel, Tamamo Cat whose been subjugated by BB. After Cat is defeated, BB is so annyoned at her not using her Karmaphage, she sends her through a trapdoor while ordering to remain at her designated position. BB tries to end contact, but Meltlilith stops her to ask about the 128 new Servants Marble mentioned earlier. BB answers she summoned them herself, and she'll continue to do so until a proper recreation of the Battle of the Time Temple is made. Gawain asks her how she knows of that battle, but she answers the group's action lead to draw the connections between the events. She then tells the group that there's only one real world hour left before SE.RA.PH hits the seabed before ending contact.[166]

The group eventually make it to the Flank Separator, which used to house separator devices for desalination, and where collected resources passed through before packages. A human memory then appears, and Ritsuka promptly touches it. It is the memory of a man who was brought to Seraphix to serve as a fixer, someone who kill those who would disrupt operations or leak secrets. He recalls how the survivors divided into factions, and how was chosen to enforce Beckman's laws when he took control. While reveling in dominating others, he began to regret when he learned about love from a certain woman. He declares his complete and utter devotion to her, ready to do absolutely anything for her. He claims he doesn't fear anything except the fear that the woman will despise him, and discard him. The memory ends with the man declaring he would rather watch the world burn than lose the love he found.[166]

The group, joined EMIYA Alter are nearing the area's final zone, which is assigned to a Sentinel as Meltlilith explains. Gawain asks her what Sentinels are, as he was under the impressions they were all Alter Egos. Meltlilith admits Alter Egos were originally salvaged to be made into Sentinels. However a Sentiel doesn't need to be a Alter Ego, as BB can anyone she wishes into one. She only needs a Spirit Origin that can handle a Karmaphage. Meltlilith explains how she and the other Alter Egos were originally made to adhere to the emotions they were born from, however they eventually learned to control their behavior. She then recalls a human who once told her that she was truly alive. The group eventually encounter Cat, and fight her. After she is defeated, EMIYA Alter seemingly fatally shoots her. However she gets up alive while revealing she was planning to rejoin Ritsuka's side, only joining BB to survive. EMIYA Alter reveals he used his knowledge of Magic Circuits to target and destroy the parts on Cat's Spirit Origin infected by the Karmaphage. Now free of BB's control, Cat joins the group.[166]

Returning to the chapel, the group discuss whether to continue exploring, or find a way to escape. Gawain asks Marble if they were any other facilities in Seraphix besides the ones he and others visited. She answers there is the soil survey room, the resource compression and drying area, and the dump. Gawain has Meltlilith reveal her knowledge of the other facilities. Understanding they won't discover anymore on the front side, Meltlilith decides to tell the group of the other side. She explains SE.RA.PH has a two layer structure, with a front side and back side. She reveals she was originally a back side Sentinel, but BB scrapped her after she disobeyed. EMIYA Alter asks her how they get to the back side. Meltlilith answers humans and Servants cannot cross the border between the sides, and only Sentinels can cross it. Thus, she says the only way to get to the back side would to flip SE.RA.PH over, but she doesn't know how. Ritsuka however realizes a way to do so after listening to Cat's nonsensical rambling. Gawain asks if getting to the back side will get them to the Central Command Room, to which Meltlilith answers it will. She continues that once the group arrive on the back side they only to reach the Command Room's coordinates, and flip SE.RA.PH again to arrive at the Chest. While this method will help them bypass the passageway Passionlip destroyed, they will still need to fight her. Meltlilith reveals the restraint on Passionlip control her, so if they're destroyed then she likely help the group.[166]

Leaving Tristan and Marble at the chapel, the group, joined by Cat and EMIYA Alter, soon arrive at the Flank Separator. Following Cat's advice, Ritsuka hits the Separator, and SE.RA.PH starts shaking. BB contacts the group, and sends a Sentinel, Elizabeth Bathory, to punish them for their transgression. After the group defeat Elizabeth, BB decides she'll let them go to the back side when she notices Passionlip approaching despite not being ordered to. Meltlilith urges Ritsuka to hurry up with flipping SE.RA.PH over before they're all compressed by Passionlip. Gawain holds her back, as Ritsuka finally succeeds in flipping SE.RA.PH over.[166]

With the exception of Gawain, the group arrive on the back side. However, they're greeted by Suzuka, who soon fights them after being insulted by Cat despite orders by BB to escort them. After the fight, Cat asks Suzuka why she became Sentinel, confessing she became one out of necessity to survive. Suzuka boasts BB recruited because of her winning streak, and confesses she only care about winning the Grail War. She then gets a phone call from BB, who orders her back to the temple, and not to fight the group. She questions the order, but she stops when told Chaldea Servants don't count. She then hangs up, assuming BB has a plan. She tells the group to check out the Nape if they plan to head to the Command Roon. She then leaves saying the Seraphix's crew brought the crisis on themselves, and Seraphix was never just oil rig. EMIYA Alter says he investigate the front side beforehand, and found it nearly all the fatalities needed for a oil rig. Thus, he questions why Suzuka said what she did, and wonders where they can find evidence. Cat then remembers they still need to go back to the front side and save Gawain. EMIYA Alter however opts instead for heading towards the Chest, and flipping SE.RA.PH to get to the Command Room while avoiding Passionlip. He notices the area corresponds to the Front Gate on the front side, and asks Meltlilith what it was used for. She answers that it was a gate reserved for special employees who were mages. EMIYA Alter guesses the gate used solely by employees who reported directly to Chaldea. He quickly remembers though that everyone at Seraphix worked for Chaldea. He then realizes that the only people who would use the gate would those who work directly under Chaldea's owners, the Animusphere family. Cat then tells the group she heard an alarm telling them to present a pass now, and fail to do so in five second will result in their immediate termination. EMIYA Alter quickly realizes it meant termination literally, as he sees enemies approaching. After defeating them, the group prepare to continue exploring when Robin arrives. He gives them a message from BB saying Passionlip is waiting for them on the front side, and they should submit to her since they can't possibly beat Passionlip. He also tells them BB developed a secret weapon that can break "the shackles" on Passionlip's heart, and it can used also to remove her restraints. EMIYA Alter questions the point of defeating Passionlip, but Ritsuka decides they'll free her. Robin then takes everyone except EMIYA Alter back to the front side. BB then appears to offer EMIYA Alter a chance of survival if he kills every surviving human on SE.RA.PH, and captures Ritsuka. If he does that he'll learn the secret about SE.RA.PH, as part of his job as Counter Guardian. EMIYA Alter promptly agrees to join BB.[161]

The group arrive back at the front side being encroached by Attack Programs and Passionlip. After they defeat the programs first on BB's order, BB reveals the only way to defeat Passionlip is to use the Maiden Coaster, a battle to conquer the mind. Meltlilith realizes that it's connected to the Code Cast Ritsuka earlier. She then asks BB if it's possible, as she thought only humans could analyze human minds. BB answers she can manage if the target is a Karmaphage infected Servant. She continues that Ritsuka will need place their hand on Passionlip's chest, but the group will need to pin her down first. Robin and Meltlilith argue about their inability to overpower Passionlip when a severely injured Gawain suddenly arrives. He confesses he also wishes to save Passionlip, and then holds her long enough for Ritsuka to touch her chest. Upon doing so they are converted into Psuedo-Spiritrons by BB in order to enter Passionlip's mindscape. After being defeated in her mindscape, Passionlip collapses followed by Gawain. However he quickly gets back up, and decides they should let Passionlip rest at the chapel. After Cat returns to the chapel carrying Passionlip, Robin sneaks off somewhere. Ritsuka, Meltlilith, and Gawain then continue onto the Command Room. However, to their shock, they find a Demon God inside. After they kill it, a man emerges from hiding, and correctly surmises Ritsuka as a member of Chaldea. He introduces himself as Arnold, secretary to the director of Seraphix. He asks how the rescue is proceeding, and if the digitization has stopped. He becomes disappointed in Ritsuka though when he learns they're only one from Chaldea, and how long it took them to get into the Command Room. Meltlilith asks him what happened to the rest of the staff, but he's shocked that an Alter Ego is with the group. Ritsuka and Gawain convince him that Meltlilith is an enemy of BB, and he answers he's the only survivor. He recalls a woman who ran away, but he doubts her survival. He also mentions a corpse of another staff member is in the nearby locker, having died of a drug overdose. Ritsuka tells him that Marble, the woman who ran away, is alive to his surprise. Gawain says they should look over the records kept in the room, and then search for the Planetarium. Arnold tells the group that outsiders aren't allowed to view the records without authorization, and insists the planetarium doesn't exist. He continues they need authorization from the director of Chaldea, the head of the Animusphere family, to access the records. Meltlilith however reveals the data was deleted long before they arrived, leaving them on their alone to find the planetarium. She then notices that a passcode for the chapel terminal that wasn't there before. Gawain wonders what it's doing in the Command Room, to which Arnold replies that a woman commuted from the chapel to provide therapy to the religious staff members. However, they eventually came to believe God abandon them, and killed the therapist slowy. She left the passcode behind before she died. Ritsuka then asks about the Demon God, which Arnold says suddenly emerge from the floor one, and killed and consumed the people who murdered the doctors. Beyond that though, the Demon God left the others alone if they kept their distance. Ritsuka and Gawain point out how it felt different from the Demon Gods they're familiar with, as if it was empty. The group then decide to return to the chapel, taking Arnold with them, who properly introduces himself as Arnold Beckman.[161]

Back at the chapel, Passionlip introduces herself to everyone, and decides she'll help to thank Ritsuka and Gawain. Tristan allows her to join as he sees she and Meltlilith are not under BB's control. He's concerned though EMIYA Alter will kill them, but EMIYA Alter insist he is only here to exchange information. Marble wonders to herself if Arnold was wrong to command the others to attack the Alter Egos if it was possible to talk with them. Arnold doesn't object since Ritsuka is the leader, then goes up to the second floor with Marble to rest. Ritsuka then uses the passcode found in the Command Room to access another record on the terminal. The record starts with its keeper confessing they are recording it in their sleep through an unknown method. They then introduce themselves as the Demon God Zepar, but correct themselves that they've been possessed. They then reveal Seraphix was created to run a certain experiment. While it functioned as a oil rig, it also contained a secret mage's workshop deep inside. This was done to avoid the watchful eyes of the Lords, and because the experiment could only be conducted on the seabed. The record keeper then reveals the resources brought into Seraphix, also contained human subjects of varying Magic Circuits and Rayshift compatibility. They then say it's possible to revert Seraphix back from its partially digitized state. They reveal themselves to be the therapist from the previous record, and they were contacted by Zepar several days after locking themselves in the chapel. Zepar commends humans for defeating him, and expresses particular interest in the amount of energy the human mind can potentially generate. He wishes to help humans realize that potential, but his body was destroyed with his defeat. Zepar prepares to possess the therapist while also apologizing for it. The therapist tries to convince Zepar to possess someone else, but Zepar rejects it as human bodies aren't significantly different. Zepar assures the therapist that he won't erase her mind just yet. He continues that someone will come to destroy him once it's been determined a Demon God still lives. Zepar then says they need to rest to regain their strength to gain the time to build their world. For that reason he'll pose as the therapist to learn everything they can about Seraphix. Zepar continues that in time he will convert Seraphix into another world, and be reborn as a Demon God, which is when he'll free the therapist. Afterwards, he'll reward the therapist for her suffering by sparing only her. Zepar then possesses the therapist, and uses them to transform Seraphix. The therapist reveals the next step of Zepar's plan after Seraphix is completely digitized is "connection". She further reveals Seraphix was rayshifted to 2030 to avoid Chaldea from discovering Zepar's plan. From there, it will sink down into the Mariana Trench, and once it reaches the bottom, Zepar will be reborn. The therapist then reveals she was disposed by Zepar after BB was summoned to be his new partner. She says she did everything to save Seraphix while feeling her consciousness fade away. She ends the record urging for someone to not let SE.RA.PH reach the seabed to prevent Zepar from being reborn. While the others are shocked a Demon God is behind the digitization, Meltlilith confesses she knew Zepar summoned BB to serve as his navigator by running SE.RA.PH. She also reveals BB placed a number of restrictions on her and Passionlip to specifically prohibited them from revealing SE.RA.PH's true origin and purpose. She is surprised though BB allowed a record revealing Zepar's plan to exist. Gawain is surprised to discover one of the four Demon Gods to escape Time Temple is hiding in Seraphix. EMIYA Alter surmises Zepar somehow learned of the Moon Holy Grail War from an different timeline, and summoned BB to transform Seraphix into SE.RA.PH so he can be reborn. Tristan then questions why BB summoned Servants, but Passionlip is unable to discern BB's way of thinking. Meltlilith reveals the Servants were summoned in order to procure the Psuedo-Spiritrons needed to keep SE.RA.PH running. The group unanimously decide to defeat the Sentinels and BB before stopping Zepar's plan. Outside the chapel while others are resting, Meltlilith shares her data with Passionlip so she can fully understand the situation. She asks her to led her Virgin Laser - Palladion, and says the three of them will defeat that monster this time. Later in the chapel, Gawain is ambushed and consumed by something.[161]

The next morning, everyone discovers that Gawain was killed while they were sleeping. Meltlilith and Passionlip are accused by Tristan, EMIYA Alter, Arnold, and Marble because they're Alter Egos. Meltlilith points she and Passionlip wer outside at the time, and Gawain was too wary of her to allow to ambush her. Seeing the lack of evidence, Tristan asks Ritsuka to continue exploring SE.RA.PH while continues to stay behind to protect Marble and Arnold. He also asks EMIYA Alter to accompany Ritsuka so they can keep an eye on him. Tristan confesses he is suspicious of both the Alter Egos and EMIYA Alter, but he understands the Alter Egos wish to protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter isn't especially concerned. Thus, he will have the Alter Egos protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter keeps an eye on the Alter Egos.[161]

Returning to the back side, the group defeat Julius Caesar. EMIYA Alter asks Meltlilith if Suzuka is the only Sentinel left on the back side. She answers she isn't sure what area Suzuka is using as her temple, but she guesses it's at the center of SE.RA.PH, the Spine. She also reveals Suzuka has been given the strongest Karmaphage, and she was put in charge of the back side. Before heading to the Spine, EMIYA Alter suggests to Ritsuka to activate the Maiden Coaster on Suzuka to negate the effects of her Karmaphage. The group later arrive at the gate leading to the Spine, forcing them to purchase another gate key from BB. Arnold then contacts them using equipment he had Tristan bring from the Command Room. He orders them to flip SE.RA.PH. once they're at the spine, saying they should arrive at the planetarium. He also reveals SE.RA.PH will the reach the bottom of the trench in 15 real world minutes, or 24 hours in SE.RA.PH time. He ends his transmission after saying he'll meet them at the planetarium.[167]

Entering the Spine, the group discuss Suzuka's motives while traveling to her temple. They soon arrive at the temple where Suzuka greets them ready to fight. She reveals she and Tristan are the only Servants left in the Grail War, so she'll kill him after killing the group. She proves too fast and strong for them to pin her long enough for Ritsuka to open her Maiden Coaster. Arnold suddenly contacts the group to tell SE.RA.PH has started to sink faster, so he orders them to defeat Suzuka quicker. Ritsuka ask Suzuka if she's fine with being Zepar and BB's flunky, which angers her. She insists she only belongs to the Master who summoned her, and confesses she wants to win the Grail War to grant their final wish of not wanting to die for nothing. In respond to her conviction, Cat uses her ultimate technique to trap Suzuka. Ritsuka uses this opportunity to open Suzuka's Maiden Coaster with the key they bought from BB earlier. After she's defeated in her mindscape, Suzuka tries to jump off a cliff as she begins to disappear for some reason. Cat stops her though, and convince her to join them. Meltlilith says they should flip SE.RA.PH now when a Demon God emerges from the ground. Suzuka reveals the dump is beneath them, but they should destroy the Demon God first. After the Demon God is destroyed, Arnold contacts the group to tell them that there are only eight hours left before SE.RA.PH reaches the seabed. He orders them to return to the chapel, but Ritsuka decides they'll rescue Meltlilith from the dump that she was knocked into earlier. Arnold repeats his order, but Ritsuka still refuses to give up on Meltlilith despite EMIYA Alter and Tristan saying it's impossible to save her now. Suzuka however has EMIYA Alter lend her a tow cable so she and Ritsuka can be lowered into the dump. EMIYA Alter warns though the cable can only extended with magical energy to about five kilometers. Ritsuka and Suzuka then get ready to lower themselves down into the dump.[167]

Meltlilith awakens to find herself into the dump. She tries to get up, but her legs were broken by the fall. She recalls the time she spent with a different Ritsuka, and prepares to submit to her fate when Ritsuka and Suzuka arrive to save her. Suzka protects Meltlilith and Ritsuka from the monsters, but they seem to be innumerable. The trio try to retreat, but they find the cable has been cut. Tristan arrives to save them, but now he's also trapped with them. Meltlilith warns the others they can't let Arnold into the planetarium, as he'll self-destruct from the desires it will unlock in him. She then realizes she is in the Calf, and BB arrives to confirm the Cruel Thenar, Meltlilith's former workplace, is ahead. BB prepares to send the group further down into SE.RA.PH, warning it'll reach the seabed in five five and a half hours.[167]

Meanwhile at the chapel, Arnold confesses he was responsible for the deaths of most Seraphix's staff. He ponders on how to force Ritsuka into following his orders when EMIYA Alter arrives. He tries to order him to retrieve poison from the sickbay, but EMIYA Alter kills him before he can finish. He then kills Marble, revealing he needed all Seraphix's staff dead to prevent Animusphere's experiment from being repeated. He prepares to go and destroy the planetarium when a mysterious voice criticizes his ruthless and callous approach. He recognizes the Spirit Origin pattern, and the voice in turn recognizes him. They reminds him of the cult he slaughtered, even though the only evil person there was the woman who founded it. They reveal themselves to be that same woman he killed after massacring the other members who tried to protect her. She also reveal she was the once that consumed Gawain, and prepares to EMIYA Alter next.[167]

The group are sent by BB to the Cruel Thenar, Meltlilith's former designated area. Meltlilith explains that on Seraphix, it was officially used for oil excavation, but secretly it was used to investigate Leylines. She summarizes it as investigating the Earth's brain waves, but she doesn't fully explain it since time is short. She then asks Ritsuka to open her Maiden Coaster, knowing they brought the key to her heart from BB earlier. Passionlip says if Meltlilith is defeated in her mindscape, her Karmaphage will will also disappear, and the area will be unlocked. Ritsuka opens Meltlilith's Maiden Coaster, and eventually defeats her in her mindscape. Even though she said there wasn't much time left, Meltlilith sits down for some reason. Tristan questions her since they find the planetarium. She then transports everyone to front side in front of the chapel. The group enter the chapel to rest there, but they see no signs of Arnold, Marble, or EMIYA Alter. BB then makes an announcement that SE.RA.PH will soon reach the seabed, and offers the chance to fight her at the planetarium. Ritsuka, Tristan, Cat, Passionlip and Suzuka leave for the planetarium while Meltlilith stays behind.[167]

The group arrive in BB's studio in the planetarium, and fight her. After BB seemingly disappears, the room becomes pitch black, and sound is also muffled. Someone tries to ambush the group, but they fail in their attempt. The group then find BB's studio gone, and discover 128 Coffins with people still inside. Suzuka realizes they're the Masters who summoned the 128 Masters, and demands EMIYA Alter to explain things. He reveals Seraphix's core is called the Celestial Body Simulator, System Animusphere. He continues that it is here Zepar used the Master candidates to summon the 128 Servants. He also reveals the Masters in the Coffins died long ago, but long as the Coffins are actives, they still be used endlessly as biological circuits. He continues the corpses summoned 128 Servants continuously until Ritsuka arrived. He confesses he destroyed the Coffins' power source, and prepares to kill Ritsuka to remove all knowledge of the planetarium's existence. Robin then suddenly arrives, and helps the group defeat EMIYA Alter. After he's defeated, Marble suddenly appears, and Cat demands she reveal herself. Marble changes into true self, reveal Marble was merely an artifice. She reveals she was the therapist who worked at the chapel, introducing herself as Kiara Sessyoin. She reveals after many conversations with Zepar, they reconciled and decided to try to save people. She then reveals herself to be Beast III, the Beast of pleasure. She explains SE.RA.PH is shaped like a human body is because Zepar transformed Seraphix into her body. Robin asks her if she was the one summoned BB while under Zepar's influence. Kiara confirms such, and reveals Zepar taught her about parallel worlds. She eventually learned of another version of herself, who acquired the Moon Cell in the Far Side of the Moon. Impressed by this version of Kiara, Zepar linked the two Kiaras together. Passionlip realizes Zepar used Kiara as a catalyst to give SE.RA.PH form. She reveals Kiara swallowed BB, Meltlilith, and her back in the Moon world. Since Kiara served as the basis of SE.RA.PH, Meltlilith and Passionlip were salvaged from her to become Sentinels. Kiara explains Zepar lacked the means to run SE.RA.PH, so she had rely on the Alter Egos and BB, who had hacked SE.RA.PH from the Far Side of the Moon. Suzuka demands to know where Zepar is now, and how many Servants and Masters she consumed since she and SE.RA.PH are one. Kiara answers she lost count at seventy or so, which makes the group see her as the monster she truly is. Suzuka and Cat attack her with their Noble Phantasm when SE.RA.PH cracks the seabed. Passionlip explains it will continue to sink until it reaches the Earth's core, and once it arrives, Kiara will become one with the planet. Kiara proclaims that doing so she can bring salvation to the people. Before that however, she easily kills everyone except Ritsuka when they try to fight her. She tries to consume Ritsuka, but they're saved when BB rayshifts them.[162]

In a flashback, it revealed Zepar used Kiara to effectively gain control of Seraphix while learning much of human pleasure during that time. Even though such a thing is useless to a Demon God, he found himself asking Kiara to help him understand. He recalls Kiara inciting chaos among the Seraphix staff after he transformed Seraphix into SE.RA.PH. Even though he only wanted a place to hide, it instead became like hell to his horror. Zepar recalls further how Kiara seduced the personnel to open the planetarium, and BB and the 128 Servants were summoned. Kiara took control and ruled SE.RA.PH from the behind the scenes all the while claiming she was doing it for Zepar. It was at this point Zepar realized that Kiara has overtaken him. He recalls telling her of the four Demon God survivors' plans to create Singularities to achieve their own separate goal. She refused to create a Singularity, instead opting to become one. That is when Zepar realized the uncontrollable nature of human desire, and tried to unsuccessfully to separate himself from Kiara. He recalls how Kiara only permitted him to reside in her pinky finger while pleading with her to let him free. Eventually though, Kiara releases him from her pinky, and he quickly fades away afterwards. Kiara then ordered BB to start the Grail War to keep her entertainment while SE.RA.PH falls.[162]

Ritsuka find themselves in an old classroom along with everyone else. BB reveals she reversed time to undo the deaths of Suzuka, Tristan, Robin, and Cat. She explains a time leap of approximately three hours is possible in the digital world if it's within a Quantum Time-Lock. The right coordinates also needed, which is the purpose of the class that's located approximately hundred meters above SE.RA.PH. BB explains further that SE.RA.PH digitized the Mariana Trench as it passed through it. Thus, under these circumstances, the higher they go, the further they go back in time. Tristan wonders if it's possible to return to time before Ritsuka's arrival if they were return to the surface. BB replies that it is theoretically possible if they had the right coordinates. The problem though is escaping Kiara's sexual allure, which is acting like a gravitational field. BB explains the group would need exceed to the speed of light to escape, and while possible in the digital world, they would be destroyed in the process. She then reveals she was summoned to stop Kiara's plan, and that Kiara forced her to manage SE.RA.PH until now with the Grail War's conclusion. After Robin asks Beast III is, BB reveals Kiara is only one of half of Beast III, "R". She continues that she learned some Beasts come in pairs like ying and yang, and reveals Kiara is becoming the R of Beast III. She reveals further that Kiara used SE.RA.PH to become a Beast, but she's also still bound to it. The group then prepare to fight Kiara to prevent her from fusing with the planet.[162]

The group arrive back at the planetarium to destroy Kiara. But before that though, Meltlilith asks her why she decided to become a Beast. Kiara answers it was because she was jealous of delight she felt from Zepar's memories of the Battle at Time Temple. After revealing she wishes to worshipped as a god of pleasure, she tries to convert the group into her followers. It is negated however by BB's secret weapon which counteracts the erotic magical energy in SE.RA.PH for the next five minutes. Kiara then decides to destroy the group more directly. The group are able to defeat her, but the area fades away. SE.RA.PH's gravitational field weakens, so everyone begins to float. Passionlip states SE.RA.PH is accelerating, and that she also senses Demon Gods. Kiara boasts of her victory, but Meltlilith reveals she knew she would banish them from SE.RA.PH. She points out that disabling SE.RA.PH's gravitational field has left it defenseless. At Meltlilith's request, Ritsuka uses their remaining Command Spells on her and Passionlip to give them a boost of magical energy. Meltlilith then has BB transport everyone expect her and Passionlip to safety.[163]

Meanwhile at BB's studio, she warns SE.RA.PH's descent is accelerating, and an innumerable number of Demon Gods are trying overflow out from it. She explains that as SE.RA.PH rapidly expands, it will unleash a rain of Demon Gods upon the sea. She's doing her best to halt SE.RA.PH's expansion, but she lacks the processing power to do it alone. She says they needs someone with Moon Cell processing power, which is when Suzuka offers to help.[163]

It is revealed in a flashback that Meltlilith and Passionlip previously failed to destroy Kiara. After injuring Meltlilith's arms, Kiara killed a different version of Ritsuka as punishment for defying her. She also stopped BB's time leap due to part of her still existing inside of Meltlilith and Passionlip, their Karmaphages. Meltlilith vows to redo everything, and help Ritsuka instead to free the Sentinels of Kiara's influence. Passionlip uses Virgin Laser - Palladion to launch her upwards at speeds exceeding the speed of light so she travel back in time. Meltlitlith visits a past version of herself in the chapel, and shares her memories with her. In order to prevent Kiara from realizing the truth, the past Meltlilith committed suicide, leaving only a broken ceramic figure.[163]

Passionlip uses Virgin Laser - Palladion to launch Meltlilith at Kiara. Meltlilith crashes into Kiara, crushing her heart. As her body begins to crumble away, Kiara turns her hair into Demon Gods to grab Meltlilith in an effort to possess her. Her effort is made in vain though as a EMIYA Alter destroys the Demon Gods entangling Meltlilith. He then puts a cable around Meltlilith's waist and has her pulled up to safety. Soon afterwards, Kiara's body crumbles away completely.[163]

Ritsuka wakes up in BB's studio, and they ask what happened to Meltlilith and Tristan. It is then revealed Tristan was the one who pulled Meltlilith up. EMIYA Alter also disappeared, having used the last of his strength to save her. However because her Spirit Origin was too damaged with the second use of Virgin Laser - Palladion, Meltlilith begins to disappear. BB warns her that because she and Passionlip were born from Kiara, they will disappear forever since Moon Cell will not record them. She reveals though she knows a way to register irregulars into actual Servants. She continues she intended to use that method to stay. She also reveals the Moon Cell sent her on a mission to stop Kiara, and she was instructed to disappear upon its mission. She offers to save Meltlilith's Spirit Core as cube and reuse as a Servant to help humanity. Once that process is done, Meltlilith can be summoned as a Heroic Spirit that is essentially a new her while the current her will cease to exist. Meltlilth accepts, and disappears with the promise Ritsuka meet her again. With the destruction of Kiara, the Servants are released, and BB rayshifts Ritsuka back to Chaldea. They arrived back, but Da Vinci tells them Seraphix was dismantled at the beginning of the year, which makes think what transpired was a dream. However on their way to their room, they run into BB. She reveals what transpired was processed as a void phenomenon. She then decides to join Chaldea to repay Ritsuka for their help.[163]

Some time later, Ritsuka is sent back to SE.RA.PH by BB to help her save the world. They are then contacted by different version of BB, who congratulates them on their victory over Kiara. She reveals herself to be BB/GO, and that she has taken full control of SE.RA.PH. She then tells her plan to patch SE.RA.PH into the internet, and use Earth's factories to mass-produce BBB robots to conquer and imprison humanity. After her robot capture humanity, she'll use their brains as bio-processors, then connect their minds to SE.RA.PH so they can all worship her. She reveals she was salvaged from Kiara, and BB is a copy of the original sent from the Moon. She continues she'll use the slot machine BB used to mess with Ritsuka and the others, which was actually used to keep Kiara in check. She then reveals she captured Nero, EMIYA, and Tamamo, and turned them into Sentinels. She explains Ritsuka will need to defeat them to unlock the central area where she is. After BB/GO ends her transmission, BB explains she sent by the Moon Cell to prevent Kiara's transformation into Beast III. She continues that during the Moon Holy Grail War, Kiara absorbed Meltlilith, Passionlip, and BB. After becoming a god of pleasure, Kiara salvaged them from herself to serve her. While Meltlilth and Passionlip rebelled, BB redefined herself as BB/Go, and pretended to be loyal. BB then reveals she was asked by BB/GO to manage SE.RA.PH while she hides at its bottom until she regains to strength needed to defeat Kiara. She also reveals she knew BB/GO would conquer SE.RA.PH once Kiara was defeated. Some time afterwards, Ritsuka free Nero, EMIYA, and Tamamo from BB/GO's influence.[164] Everyone then goes to the central area, and defeat BB/GO. After she merges with BB, they all return to Chaldea.[169]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Alter Ego Meltlilith Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Gawain Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Tristan Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer EMIYA (Alter) N/A
Alter Ego P Passionlip BB
Saber Suzuka Gozen BB
Berserker Tamamo-no-mae (Cat) BB
MoonCancer BB Moon Cell
Saber Nero Cladius Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer EMIYA Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Tamamo-no-mae Ritsuka Fujimaru


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Beast III/R Kiara Sessyoin N/A
Demon God Zepar N/A
Human Arnold Beckman Seraphix
Human Mable Macintosh Seraphix

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean SocietyEdit

Agartha: The Mythical Subterranean Society (伝承地底世界, Denshō Chitei Sekai), alternatively The Woman of Agartha (アガルタの女, Agaruta no Onna?) or Subspecies Singularity II (亜種特異点 II, Ashu Tokuiten II?), was the second of four major Singularities which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. It occurred in Central Asia in A.D. 2000.


FGO Agartha
After escaping the Time Temple, Phenex summoned Scheherazade, and sympathized with her fear of death. Together they conspired to reduce the world's Mystery to render the Servant Summoning System, and other related existences, obsolete.[170] Phenex empowered Scheherazade's Noble Phantasm, Alf Layla wa-Layla, to make the stories she created real.[171] Using her newly enhanced Noble Phantasm, She created the Singularity by blending several stories together (Ys, The Peach Blossom Spring, Nightless City, El Dorado, and the Dragon Palace) in a underground space, as ordered by Phenex. Afterwards she was ordered to summoned Heroic Spirits into Singularity, either summoning them herself, or taking them from Chaldea. In order to increase fictional nature of the Singularity, she placed the Servants she summoned as the rulers of cities they had no connection to in life. Penthesilea was made to rule El Dorado while Wu Zetian was made to rule the Nightless City. The exception to this rule was Dahut, whose existence is akin to a Phantom prevented Scheherazade from summoning her as Servant, so she altered Francis Drake's Saint Graph to play the role.[171] Scheherazade also unconsciously made the entire population unconsciously due to her fear of men.[170] While the means of their reproduction is akin to asexual reproduction, the women still needed men to reproduce, so they kidnapped them from the surface.[172]

After Scheherazade summoned these Heroic Spirits, Phenex ordered her to incite conflict. As a base for this conflict, she summoned Christopher Columbus with amnesia.[170] While he had no memories, Columbus still followed his dream of becoming rich through slave trading, and sought to conquer Agartha to sell its female population. Needing a hideout, he eventually the Peach Blossom Spring, and there he met and presumably murdered Helena Blavatsky. After establish the spring was his hideout, Columbus began recruiting men to use as soldier in his conquest under the pretense of forming a resistance to free the men from the women of Agartha, and return them to their families on the surface.[173] In order to create more chaos, Scheherazade altered Heracles's Saint Graph to make him more monstrous, and place him in a constant rage. She also intended to summon Fergus mac Róich as a teenager, believing his increased lust at that age would cause more chaos, but he ended up as a young boy.[171] The impending conflict between the Servants would eventually form a vortex of magical energy, and the enclosed nature of Agartha would trap the souls of the vanquished Servants. Agartha would then exploit the energy generated by the souls as they try to return to the Throne. Eventually the energy would be used to make the fictional nature of the Singularity into reality. Once this is achieved it would be used to destroy a real city to damage human understanding to destroy the concept of Mystery to render all existences related it obsolete. Phenex also believed doing this would eventually result in humanity's destruction.[170]


Ritsuka enters Chaldea's Command Room, and learns of the discovery of another Singularity created by one of the four Demon God survivors. Leonardo da Vinci decides to call the operation to destroy the Demon God survivors and their Singularity, Remnant Order, an operation cleanup the Grand Order's collateral damage. She tells Ritsuka that the Singularity is located in Central Asia in 2000 AD. Strangely though, its coordinates are a deep underground hollow the size of a country that seemed to appear suddenly. Ritsuka is then rayshifted to the Singularity.[174]

Ritsuka arrives in the Singularity, which unexpectedly lush despite being underground. Da Vinci finds it strange that even though it's several kilometer underground, there is no extreme heat and air pressure. She questions how there is air for Ritsuka to breathe, how there are plants, and how there is light for photosynthesis. Ritsuka notices lumniscient moss on the ceiling, but Da Vinci says that type of moss shouldn't be able to emit a glow akin to the sun's rays. Ritsuka says it isn't like the Babylonian Underworld, and Mash Kyrielight says it isn't like the Aztec Underworld, Xibalba, that Quetzalcoatl told them about. Mash assumes it is an actual subterranean space, and not an alternate dimension for the afterlife. Da Vinci theorizes that it is its own independent world since it doesn't accurately follow the laws of physics. She then decides to name it Agartha after the subterranean kingdom of the same name from occult myth. Mash then reveals back when they confirmed Agartha's existence, it was report a number of Chaldea's Servants went missing. She then says one of them is Helena Blavatsky. Da Vinci assumes Helena rayshifted to Agartha on her own after hearing about it, or she was summoned to it automatically due to its connection to the occult. Mash then mentions Heracles, Fergus mac Róich, and Francis Drake are also among the missing. Da Vinci tells Ritsuka to try to rendezvous with the missing Servants if they find them. Astolfo and Fou then suddenly appear, both of whom secretly stowed away with Ritsuka with the help of Jingle Abel Meuniere. Chevalier d'Eon then appears, having also stowed away with Ritsuka with Meuniere's help. Mash then warns the group of approaching wild beasts. After the beasts are slain, da Vinci tells Ritsuka to give their analysis of the surrounding. Ritsuka's observation matches the initial evaluations of the topography. However it has features and environs not expected to be combined in a single landmass. D'Eon says they should search the Demon God, but Mash says its signal became muddled after Ritsuka arrived. Da Vinci states the overall readings of Agartha are oddly blurred and unexplained like the result of the topographical scans. She explains all the data they've been collecting on Agartha will sometimes change to different values with no continuity. She says the continuity are stable where Ritsuka is, and explains the closer they are to the observation target, the more accurate the results are. She then mentions she is picking up scans of artificial structure areas. Mash tells the group to investigate the structures under the assumption there are people there. Astolfo however ends up attracting a herd of Demonic Boars are wandering off over a hill. After the boars are slain, the group follow the boars' tracks, and find a boy lying on the ground. Astolfo wakes him up, and Mash reveals he is a Servants. The boy asks who the group is, and thanks Ritsuka for their concern. D'Eon asks if they know about Agartha, but he answers he only knows he was summoned there. He then joins the group, and reveals his True Name is Fergus.[175] Everyone is confused why he manifested as a child, with even memories being those of his childhood.[176]

The group discover a nearby campsite, where they're beset by female warriors when they notice Fergus. After they're defeated, Da Vinci recognizes them as Amazons. D'Eon surmises the campsite was a hunting outpost, and the beasts from earlier were fleeing from the hunters. They also assume the hunters take their game somewhere else, as they notice wagon tracks leading away from the camp and down the road. Da Vinci says the group should see the road leads since they may get information on Agartha, the Demon God, and the missing Servants where people are. The group then head to their next destination while Mash wonders to herself why the Amazons called Fergus a stray man.[176]

The group arrive in a town where they see the Amazons are keeping men as slaves. This makes everyone realize why the Amazons attacked them at the hunting outpost when they saw Fergus. D'Eon recognizes they won't be able to blend in due to the overwhelming number of Amazons. They suggest they leave before anyone notices when they're discovered by Amazons. After the group defeat the Amazons, a woman appears to see what the commotion is. She is addressed as her majesty by one of the Amazons, and Mash reveals she is a Servant. After learning Ritsuka's name, she asks them who they sent them and where they're from. She then wonders if they're from the decadent water city, the dazzling city of trash, or if they're with a group of men who've been vocally protesting lately. Ritsuka's confusion at the question is mistaken by her as a refusal to answer her. She then attacks the group joined by her Amazons. While the group continue to fight her, Mash reveals her Servant class is Berserker. Berserker commends them for their bravery and prowess with exception of Fergus who refused to defend himself. She then decides to take them as slave, saying the men among them will provide the Amazons with strong offspring. Da Vinci suggests the group retreat immediately, but they're outnumbered with more coming. Berserker prepares to capture them when an Amazon reports a certain man has appeared in the nearby town. This news sends Berserker into a rage, and rushes off to kill this man. The Amazon who told her then orders half of the Amazons to go with Berserker while the other half captures the group. As they continue fighting the Amazons, a man leading a group of other men, who an Amazon reveals to be the Resistance, to help. After the Amazons are defeated, the Resistance free the enslave men. The Resistance leader reveals all of Agartha is discriminatory to men in general, and claims the Resistance fighting against that status quo. He agrees to answer any questions after they've escaped to the Resistance's hideout. Mash asks him if he's a Servant, and he confirms he is a Rider class Servant. He reveals he has no memories of his life, so he can't use his Noble Phantasm, and he only remembers his class. [177]

The group arrive in the Resistance hideout located in a valley surrounded by rocky cliffs on all four sides. They then go into Rider's shack where they tell him about Chaldea, Rayshift, Heroic Spirits, and the Restoration of Humanity. Da Vinci then reveals Agartha doesn't have an exit to the surface, which Rider confirms none has been found anywhere. Mash asks how the Resistance members arrived in Agartha since they're wearing clothes from different eras. Rider answers all the men said a hole suddenly appeared underneath them, and next they found themselves in Agartha. Da Vinci guesses its a trap that uses a teleportation spell to bring the men to Agartha, but she doesn't understand why. Rider states the Amazons suddenly appeared in Agartha for some reason. The group then learn of an attack on hideout by monsters. After the monsters are slain, Da Vinci checks the severity of Rider's amnesia by asking if he recognizes her name or Michelangelo. His inability to recognize either despite his attire being like those of her time makes Da Vinci realize he does have amnesia. Ritsuka and Mash recall James Moriarty from Shinjuku, with both now feeling anxious about Rider. Rider reveals there are three major cities each ruled by a Servant, and that they are constantly warring with each other. Da Vinci asks him if he recognizes the names Helena Blavatsky or Francis Drake, explaining they're Servants who may have appeared in Agartha, and asks if either is rule one of the cities. Rider replies he doesn't recognize either name, especially since the ruling Servants keep their True Names hidden. He then explains the war between the three major cities for control of Agartha, with borders being changed daily with an endless cycle of each power gaining and losing ground. He reveals Berserker rules over El Dorado in the jungle, one of the three major cities. He explains she and the Amazons are the most aggressive and numerous of the major powers. He continues another major city is the Nightless City, a fortress city perpetually lit by lanterns, ruled by a fearsome empress Servant. The last major city is the City of Water, located on the bank of the lake to the east, and also ruled by a female Servant. All this information gives Da Vinci the realization that Agartha's societal structure is arranged so men are constantly oppressed like slaves. After explaining that is the reason for the Resistance, Rider ask what the group will do next. Mash answers their goal is to destroy the Singularity believed to be creating Agartha, and destroy the Demon God responsible. Da Vinci suggests the Demon God could have assimilated with the Servant serving as the Singularity's core, and suggests it likely did so with one of the three ruling Servants. Astolfo asks Rider what the Resistance's ultimate goal is. He answers that it is to defeat the rulers of the three cities and free the enslaved men. Seeing their goals align, the group decide to help the Resistance. Rider then receives a report from a young boy that monsters are attacking the peach trees, which serve as the Resistance's main food supply. After the monsters are slain, the group try to rest while Mash and da Vinci are analyzing the new information. They observe Rider training the Resistance members, and teaching them about sensible battle tactics, such as knowing when to retreat. They then help slay some monsters that the men accidentally woke up when quarrying some stone. Later, da Vinci asks Rider which of the three cities he suggests they go to. He answers City of Water as its the Resistance's next target, and says there is a Resistance camp on the edge of the city's territory for the purpose of resupplying. He then reveals the city is actually called Ys when Mash asks about it.[172]

As the group head towards the camp, da Vinci asks Rider about Agartha's day/night cycle. He answers the luminescent moss on the ceiling changes its glow according to the time. Da Vinci then asks him why the Resistance chose Ys as its first target. Rider explains all of Agartha's rivers flow into the lake where Ys is, and the people of Ys are sailing these rivers to attack and plunder their enemies. He summarizes the Resistance is targeting Ys in order to stop any unexpected attacks by its people. Fergus correctly guesses the Resistance will control the rivers once Ys is taken. The group eventually reach the camp, but they find it under attack by pirates. After they kill the pirates, Rider realizes the pirates ambushed the camp the Resistance didn't discover. He continues the survivors and relief group will take care of the camp while the group will continue to Ys. He explains the pirates at their base should be thinner, so the group should take advantage to sneak in and kill the leader. Fergus then recalls the pirates referring to their leader as the Pirate Princess, which causes Ritsuka and Mash to think of Drake.[178]

After sneaking into Ys, the group find it to be both filthy and violent. Rider says the canals are the quickest way to the leader, so they should steal a gondola. D'Eon disagrees since that would draw too much attention, so it should be used as a last resort. They continue they should try to fist stealthily move through the city on foot. The group eventually notice pirates mutilating and humiliating men at a tavern. D'Eon wishes to sneak past it while the pirates are distracted, but Ritsuka decides they'll save the men. They defeat the pirates, but a pirate, who wasn't previously present, calls for help upon seeing the scene. She's knocked out by Rider, but it's too late as the city is launched into an uproar. The group escape the tavern, and find somewhere to hide while the whole city is searching for them. Rider suggests they retreat and try again later, but understands it won't be easy. D'Eon notices they're near the largest mansion in the city, and guess the leader is in there. They doubt they can get in though given the circumstances when they notice someone. A girl offers to show them a secret path into the mansion. The group accept when they're found by pirates, and subsequently defeat them. They then follow the girl through her secret path, and eventually reach the mansion's rear garden. After noticing the girl is gone now, the group go into the mansion.[179]

Inside the mansion, the group head towards its central room. There they're met by a woman they assume to be Drake, but she has different clothes and mannerisms. Da Vinci confirms though that she is Drake through a Spirit Origin analysis. The woman however denies being Drake, and says her name is Dahut, the Pirate Princess. D'Eon is surprised by the name, and realizes the connection between it and Ys. They explains Ys comes from a legend from the Brittany region that describes a city called Ys that was built on the coast. This city was filled with vice and immorality, but one day it was swallowed up by the sea. The city remains a hotbed of sin and malice despite being under the sea according the sea. Da Vinci says the legend also states the daughter of the ruler of Ys was named Dahut, who became the example of her people's wickedness through her piracy. D'Eon states neither Dahut nor Ys can be real since there are no record of either existing. Dahut refutes this, and describes the immoral nature of her city. She explains Ys' only rule is to take what you want but never get attached to it, which explains all the trash in the city. D'Eon believes such a rule would only lead to Chaos while Dahut believes it leads to happy. Rider points out though that only the pirates were happy, and calls Dahut's concept of happiness flawed. She is apathetic to the men's suffering though, believing it's right as a princess to take from those beneath her. She believes anyone used by her and a citizen of Ys should be grateful, as the city is her proxy. Mash tells Ritsuka that Dahut is not Drake, as unlike Dahut, Drake understands the weight of her sins. Understanding Dahut isn't the Drake they knew, Ritsuka decides she must be defeated, which Rider agrees with. Dahut speaks her cycle of desire to obtain perpetually happiness for herself and her people, and believes the group wants the same. The group fight her and the pirates she called in. However, after the group killed a few pirates, Dahut orders the pregnant pirates to birth their children. Unlike regular childbirth though, the pirates split themselves apart to make clone of themselves; Rider realizes it is how they reproduce. He criticizes Dahut for taking and discarding to gain momentary happiness, pointing out the world's resources are finite. Dahut doesn't care about the world, only caring if her people can indulge in happiness and pleasure eternally. After more pirates are produced, the group fight once again. Dahut is defeated, but she tries to escape. Pirates are produced to stop the group from giving chase when everything starts shaking. A pirate reports to Dahut that the city's floodgates have been opened, and the city is now being flooded. Dahut states that shouldn't be possible since she keeps the key on her person at all times. She then realizes someone must've taken it while she was fighting. The girl the group met earlier then suddenly appears, and Dahut identifies her as the Empress of the Nightless City, Assassin. Dahut asks her how she knew where the key was since only other person knew where it was. She then realizes Caster, who she confided the key's location to, is now in the Nightless City after leaving Ys. Assassin both the Amazons and the pirates for their brutal and violent methods since she won by opening Ys' floodgates. The mansion then becomes flooded, and Dahut is washed away. Assassin invites the group to her city if they manage to escape before escaping herself. After escaping the flooding mansion, the group see Ys is almost completely flooded; d'Eon points out it almost matches the legend completely. Mash and da Vinci confirm Dahut wasn't the Demon God host since she didn't follow the previous patterns of becoming a Demon God when on the brink of defeat. Still needing to find the Demon God, the group decide to go to the Nightless City.[179]

While on their way to the Nightless City, the group discuss what Ys could be now that it's flooded. Rider reveals he ordered the Resistance to explore the city's flooded ruins to find any seaworthy vessels. He also states the pirates no longer control the waterways, so they and the Resistance are now on equal grounds. Outside of the threat of the ruling Servants and monsters, Rider says there is also a natural disaster of a sort that appears suddenly, and is far too dangerous. After slaying some monsters, da Vinci asks Rider what the women of the Nightless City are like. He answers they are reserved unlike the Amazons and pirates, and they 're more focused on defending their region. He is surprised though to have seen its ruler, Assassin, to enter and flood Ys with a single action by herself. He agrees d'Eon's assertion that she may done so to avoid drawing attention. With Ys gone now, Rider believe there may be changes to the Nightless City, and suggests they do some recon first. Mash says she thought they may one of the missing Servants in the Nightless City after seeing Drake albeit changed like Fergus. She changed her mind though after realizing its ruler isn't from Chaldea. Ritsuka recalls Dahut saying something about a Caster in the Nightless City; Mash believes there's a chance that it's Helena. Fergus asks Rider if he knows the number of troops in the city, and Rider answers he doesn't know. He then remembers a man the Resistance saved from the Nightless City. While the man was left in a broken state, they learned the city is home to the monsters the group recently slain, referring to them as dogs.[180]

As the group near the Nightless City, Rider decides to return to the Resistance's hideout, so he can return with a proper force ready to take city after Assassin is defeated. After the group infiltrate the city, da Vinci explains the city comes from Chinese myth, and it was briefly described in the Book of Han as being very bright, even at night. She continues that unlike Ys though, neither the identity nor the existence of the ruler of the Nightless City was ever verified. Based on this information, she assumes Assassin has no relation to the city, and is only using it as her base like Rider is using a Chinese peach garden. She then recalls Assassin having a Chinese air about her, but decides not to speculate further without more information. D'Eon decides to take measures to ensure the operation remains by first gathering information with a small as a group as possible. Once they gain information on the city, its threats, and Assassin's location, the group will move in together. D'Eon then decides they and Astolfo will gather the info since they can pass as citizens. Da Vinci is concerned though about Assassin recognizing the two, so d'Eon grabs outfits from a nearby house to use as disguises. While d'Eon and Astolfo are gathering info, Ritsuka and Fergus are attacked by dog-like monsters. After the dogs are slain, a man appears looking for them, only find them dead. Fergus asks him if he knows of the Resistance, and tries to ask for his help. The man interrupt him, terrified of the executioners he fears will arrive soon.[181]

Meanwhile as d'Eon and Astolfo continue their reconnaissance, they find the men aren't physically restrained. D'Eon considers the possiblilty that they're bound by a spell, and decides to ask someone about it. They consider too dangerous ask a woman, so they decide to ask a man when he's alone. Astolfo however points out that every man seems to be accompanied by a woman at all times. D'Eon then notices a woman accompanied by a pair of men, so they follow them with Astolfo. While the woman leaves the men to go to the bathroom, one of men tells the other about how he wants to flee the city and join the Resistance. D'Eon tries to go talk to the men when the other man loudly reports the other is disturbing the peace by trying to flee the city.[181]

Back with Ritsuka and Fergus, the man becomes increasingly terrified at the executioners impending approach. Fergus ask him who the executioners are, and the man answers they are the Empress's official Torturers who serve as the city's police force. After the man flees, a Torturers appears and finds the dead dogs, and correctly surmises Ritsuka and Fergus are the culprits. She also correctly assumes the pair are intruders, and goes to carry out their punishment. Unlike his previous inability to fight women, Fergus fights and defeats the Torturer. The man returns to see the Torturer defeated, and decides to help the group. Mash asks him to tell more about the city and the Torturers. He begins to answer when a loud noise in the distance interrupts him.[181]

At the same time in the plaza where d'Eon and Astolfo are, they witness a Torturer carryout the public execution of the man who tried flee by Langchi. D'Eon recalls their regret of being absent to prevent Marie Antoinette's execution by Charles-Henri Sanson upon seeing the display. After some encouragement from Astolfo, they decide to stop the execution with him. The Torturer is tougher than looks suggest though with more incoming. Ritsuka and Fergus then arrive to help the pair in their fight. After defeating the Torturers, the group flee while Mash searches for a hiding place. D'Eon assumes the Torturers are actually women who've been chosen to become one. The group eventually escape their pursuers, and D'Eon and Astolfo return to their regular outfits. The man, who Ritsuka and Fergus met earlier, thanks the group for saving the man who was about be executed, even he won't last the night with a missing hand. Considering the city's tight security, and not want to keep the Resistance waiting, the group decided they need to take down Assassin today. D'Eon asks the man where Assassin is, but he cannot answers since the men are only slaves to the women. He continues that as long as men strictly follow the law, men and women are equal. However the truth is that only women have basic human rights. Ritsuka asks the man if he heard rumors that may lead to Assassin. He answers he heard about an underground facility in the city that only Torturers or higher are permitted to enter. D'Eon asks for its location, but the man says he doesn't know since it's only a rumor. He then recalls another man telling him about how a Torturer appeared out of nowhere before him. He assumes the facility's entrance is near where that occurred, revealing it behind the executioner's scaffold in the plaza. The group return to the plaza to search for the facility's entrance. Unfortunately they accidentally activate a trap, and they become surrounded by Torturers. The man reveals he reported the group's location for sake of his own survival. Assassin, who isn't present, decides to give the man his reward, but not before having him tortured. She then invites the group to her palace, the underground facility, and decides to reveal the city's true form. An extremely bright castle then emerges from where the scaffolding was, which Assasin calls Yaoguang Hall. The Torturers then emerge from the castle's entrance while more appear behind the group to prevent their escape. After fighting their way through, the group enter the castle.[181]

Inside the castle, the group enter Assassin's throne room to find her and an unknown female Servant. After permitted to do so by Assassin, the woman introduces herself as Caster, serving as the Nightless City's tactician. Assassin reveals it was Caster's plan to flood Ys. Ritsuka realizes Caster is the same one Dahut mention, which she confirms. She reveals she once served Ys, but left to serve Assassin when she began to fear her life. Assassin then asks the group what they think of her city, believing it to be better than Ys. Ritsuka responds that they are both terrible, which prompts Assassin fall out of her throne in shock. She asserts her city to be overwhelming just because it is overwhelming bright, as where there is light, there is justice. D'Eon points out how men are publicly tortured, how they sell out each other just to survive, and lack basic human rights. Assassin responds she strongly encourages her subject to report all transgressions they witness so her Torturers can quickly punish the perpetrator. Fergus realizes such a system would result in people falsifying their report, but Assassin asserts such things never happen in her city. She then explains her ideal of a nation where even the smallest evil is snuffed out without tolerance thanks to the vigilance of its citizens. Both Ritsuka and Mash however disagree that such a nation would never have true peace. Enraged at the group for criticizing her, Assassin decides to punish them personally with her Torturers and Caster's assistance. During the fight, Assassin continues to defend her system of report while also asserting that suppression of one's desires (even non-criminal ones) allows for a true and just nation. Da Vinci then reveals her True Name to Wu Zetian after explaining there were hints whenever she talked and her history. Wu Zetian tries to convince the group to become her subjects, but they refuse since they understand the Nightless City is equally as twisted and rotten as Ys. In response, she orders Caster to call in more Torturers, and she in turn orders them to clone themselves. She and the group then fight each other once again.[181]

Outside the city, Rider and the Resistance are wating for their chance to take the city. He then gets a report of a force approaching the city from the west. He and the Resistance then notice something monstrous approach, but they still decide to standby until they get the signal.[181]

The group defeat Wu Zetian, but she refuses to give up while revealing her bloody struggle to gain power from nothing alone. Then all the sudden, a monstrous giant crashes through the ceiling, crushing Wu Zetian. Ritsuka recognizes it as Heracles albeit more monstrous than before, as he starts attacking everyone. The group consider fighting, but Caster convince them not to, comparing Heracles's current form to a natural disaster. They then escape the castle with Caster, who decided to surrender to them with Wu Zetian dead. Outside the castle, they find the city to be under attack by Amazons. Rider and the Resistance then arrives to help the group escape the city through the front gate. Waiting there though is Berserker while Heracles is exiting the castle. However to the group's confusion, she rushes past them and goes into the castle while in a rage. Using this opportunity, the group escape the city. It is also revealed Berserker went into the castle to fight Heracles.[181]

After the group to the Resistance hideout, Rider tells them what the Resistance members left behind reported to him. He tells them Heracles left after finishing his rampage, and the Amazons took over what's left of the Nightless City. Da Vinci decides they should call Heracles Megalos due to how much more powerful and monstrous he is now. Mash asks what happened to Wu Zetian's subjects, to which Rider replies they surrendered to the Amazons after losing their will to fight. Da Vinci figures the Amazons, pirates, and Tortures are more like familiars, given how they reproduce, created by their respective rulers. Rider then asks why Caster is also here, given she was Wu Zetian's tactician. Ritsuka and d'Eon reply that she accompanied them during their escape. Caster then pleads for her life, and surrenders to the group in exchange for her services. Rider is wary about letting her joing since she betrayed Dahut, and abandoned Wu Zetian. Caster explains all her actions so far had stemmed from her desire to not die, and begs not to be cast out. Da Vinci asks her why she doesn't want to cast out, to which she answers it would mean going to the Amazons. She explains that Berserker would more likely kill her than have use for her. She then reveals her True Name to be Scheherazade as proof of her willingness to help. After she is accepted into the group, Scheherazade alerts them of Lamia attacking the peach trees by mere scent. She then helps them to slay the monsters. The group then begin to ponder the possibility of Megalos of being the Demon God host when Astolfo began to ponder it. Rider however believes it makes more sense for Berserker to be the host since she follows the rule of Agartha that men are subservient to women according to the Demon God who created it. He then asks Scheherazade the best way to fight El Dorado.[182]

Acting in accordance to Scheherazade's advice, the group and the Resistance travel to the jungle to infiltrate El Dorado. Scheherazade explains that with the Amazons now occupying the Nightless City, their forces must be split, and thus the defenses at El Dorado will be weaker. After killing an Amazon scout, the group soon become surrounded by more Amazons. Berserk then appears and mocks the group for falling into her trap. Scheherazade asks her how she discovered their plan, to which Berserker answers she knew Scheherazade fled to the Resistance. She then declares Agartha is all but under Amazon rule, and that it will be a fair and strong nation with exception of men. She and her Amazons then fight the group and the Resistance. During the fight, Berserker becomes impressed by the group's tenacity. She says the stronger the men, better, for as long as they aren't "them". She and the Amazons then rally their forces with a synchronized war cry, which grants them increased strength, agility, and durability, and the inability to feel pain; d'Eon compares it to Madness Enhancement. Acting in accordance to Mash's advice, the group and the Resistance attack the Amazons from their rear where their formation is weakest so they can escape. After the group and Resistance escape, an Amazon reports to Berserker that half of the Resistance forces are dead, and Berserker says the same of their forces. She then orders her forces to capture any brave man for the purpose of reproduction while executing any cowardly man.[183]

Returning to the hideout, everyone sees they lost half their forces. Rider wants to plan their next step, but Astolfo shows the men are too terrified now. Thus, Rider has everyone rest for the day, but Scheherazade decides she plan out their next move. Later that might, Fergus asks her about her ideal nation, and she answers her ideal nation is one without danger. While he cannot create such a nation, Fergus declares he will protect her along with Ritsuka. The next day, everyone finds the entire grove to be on fire, set by the Amazons. Rider orders his men to save each other, and as much supplies as possible before they pursue the culprit. The group decide to follow suit. After the fire finally dies, Rider manage to encourage his men to keep fighting. He is however unsure of his next step, so he asks for Scheherazade's advice. She says they should launch another sneak attack, but she understands such an attack would be suicidal with their current numbers. She however believes the plan will work thanks to Rider's charisma. She says the ships the Resistance from Ys when it flooded also gives them an advantage over the Amazons. She reveals that Dahut's ships were enchanted that propelled them forwards. when their sail were unfurled regardless of wind direction. She tells Rider that the entire plan hinges on his ability to command a ship. Given their small numbers, Scheherazade states the Resistance will only need to take a single ship, and sail through a river that leads to the heart of the jungle to launch an attack on El Dorado.[184]

The group sail onward through the jungle when they come across a bridge acting as a barrier. Rider orders Astolfo to sail on through while the others deal with the Amazons. After getting through two barriers, the group see the central temple of El Dorado. Rider orders the ship to anchor on the shore nearest the temple when the ship begins to shake. Astolfo realizes something is in the river, so d'Eon tells him to stop the ship. However it is too late, as Megalos emerges from the river, and boards the ship. The group try to fight him, but they're unable to even scratch him. But having regained his memories, Rider then activates his Noble Phantasm, Santa Maria - Drop Anchor to summon another ship to hold Megalos. Due to the name of his Noble Phantasm, da Vinci figures out Rider's True Name is Christopher Columbus. Taking advantage of him being chained up, the group fight Megalos again. They prepare to finish him off when Berserker and her Amazons board the ship. Schecherazade realizes she should've expected to appear since she always rushes in to battle Megalos whenever he appears regardless of her location or the current situation. Berserker then charges at Megalos in a rage, calling him Achilles for some reason. Da Vinci explains the mere scent of a greek hero reminds Berserker of Achilles, the object of her hatred that became her foundation as a Heroic Spirit. She then reveals her True Name is Penthesilea, having surmised it from the current situation, and the fact she leads the Amazons. Penthesilea decides to kill the group, believing they're keeping her from killing Megalos. At the same time Megalos breaks free of Columbus's chains, so the group are forced to fight both Berserkers. The ship is destroyed in the aftermath, sending everyone overboard.[184]

Ritsuka later wakes up in an unknown location, and d'Eon explains what happened to the ship and everyone. Astolfo explains they tried to pull from river, but the current are strangely strong, even for a Servant. Unable to fight against it, the current eventually lead them to their current location. Scheherazade surmises they're somewhere in the eastern lake, but the exact location is unknown to her. Columbus is surprised to see a castle existing in the middle of the lake. D'Eon sees there is a dome surrounding the area, providing it with air, and believes it to be a form of magecraft. Ritsuka then finally recognizes it at the Dragon Palace. They then realize they're sitting on Megalos when Astolfo points it out. Yet he is inactive for some unknown reason. Columbus wonders what their next move should be since only a few Resistance members washed up with them. Astolfo suggests exploring while Ritsuka suggests contacting Mash for a way out. D'Eon however reveals communications with Chaldea were cut when they arrived at the Dragon Palace. They convince Rtisuka to explore for the time being when a still living Dahut appears. Astolfo assumes she drifted to the Dragon Palace, but she reveals she already knew about it. She explains it is her last bastion in the case Ys was ever destroyed. She continues that she planned to wait here while her injuries healed and her magical energy replenished. The plan was ruined though by the group's arrival, and she demands to know why they're here. She then becomes distraught at her situation, and accuses the group of wanting to take more from her. She then attacks them, wanting to take them for herself. As she disappears with her defeat, Dahut gives the group a treasure box she found earlier and used in the battle. She tells them to explore the Dragon Palace to find out more. After she disappears, Scheherazade surmises the treasure box to be the Tamatebako from the tale of Urashima Tarou. After summarizing the tale, she also surmises the Tamtebako has the power to grant wishes through the use of the vast magical energy contained in it for a single use. She also states a mage or Servant can possibly it to enhance themselves similar to a Command Spell. Columbus surmises that there are more in the Dragon Palace based on what Dahut was saying. He then asks Schecherazade if she could gain control of Megalos she used a Tamatebako. He explains it would be a simple contract that allow Megalos to follow simple commands and discern friend from foe. He also decides he will be the contractor since it would risk Ritsuka's death, and the disappearance of their Servants, if they were the contractor. Schecherazade then opens the Tamatebako and prepares to create the contract between Columbus and Megalos. Meanwhile, Astolfo reveals he found a lifeboat that they can use to return to the surface. Fergus however reveals he explored the palace and found it to be full of monsters that Dahut released. The group then prepare to return to the surface.[185]

Once the group return to the surface, communications with Chaldea are restored. After explaining what happened to Mash, da Vinci, and Sherlock Holmes, they enter Penthesilea's palace in El Dorado. In her madness, Penthesilea sees everyone as Achilles, and uses the synchronized war cry. D'Eon and Astolfo then leave to hold back the Amazons while the others stay behind. The pair use a Tamatebako to allow the use of their secret Noble Phantasm. Astolfo uses La Black Luna to neutralize the war cry, and d'Eon used Fleur de Lys in preparation for they and Astolfo to fight the Amazons. With none of her soldiers rallying, Penthesilea boosts her stats in her rage, and fights the group. After she is defeated, she reveals she took the form of her younger self to avoid the humiliation of being called beautiful if she were defeated. She finally recognizes Megalos as Heracles, but declares she will kill all Greek heroes. She recalls how Heracles stole Hippolyta's girdle and killed her, and how Theseus kidnapped her sister to be his wife. She then disappears cursing all Greek heroes. Fergus realizes things aren't over yet since Penthesilea wasn't the Demon God host. He then blocks gunfire from Columbus when he tried to kill Ritsuka. Da Vinci reveals she told everyone to suspect his betray after telling them of his history as a conquistador.[186] Columbus reveal his true intentions are to rule Agartha himself, and to sell its women into slavery, taking advantage of the fact that they can multiply endlessly. He further reveals that Dahut, Wu Zetian, and Penthesilea already ruled Agartha when he was first summoned, and he truly had amnesia. While he lacked his memories, he still had his dream as a slave trader. He eventually found the peach grove that would serve as his hideout. There he encountered Helena, and proceeded to kill her since she seemed too smart to be his accomplice. He then commands Megalos to kill the group, and the group struggle to hold the pair off. D'Eon and Astolfo then return, and reveal the remaining Amazons are now vacant with the loss of Penthesilea. D'Eon ask Columbus if he was one that set fire to the hideout, which Columbus confesses to. He explains that if the Amazons were responsible, then they would have been sure to finish off the Resistance then and there. He also reveals he did it to force the men to fight the Amazons after seeing how traumatized they were from their first encounter. He calls the men his slaves to serve as soldiers for his conquest of Agartha after he had established his hideout. Now joined by D'Eon and Astolfo, the group fight Columbus and Megalos again. After being defeated, Columbus tries to a Tamatebako to heal Megalos, but a Resistance member shoots it out his hand. Fergus then deals a fatal blow to him, expecting a Demon God to emerge. However, both he and Megalos disappear without a Demon God emerging. As to answer the group's confusion, Sherlock asks them who was the one surviving Servant they met in Agartha that has absolutely no connection to Chaldea. Everyone then realizes that it is Scheherazade, who declares the story is complete.[173] She reveals she created Agartha by having Noble Phantasm, Alf Layla wa-Layla erode the real world; essentially everyone is inside a story her of making. Mash says that even though One Thousand and One Nights has a story about a underground world, it was nothing like what was experienced nor it include the locales featured in Agartha. Scheherazade replies though she never told the stories of Aladdin and Ali Baba when she was alive either. Da Vinci correctly suspects that since Scheherazade can use stories not included in the original One Thousand and One Nights, it means she can decide what One Thousand and One Nights is. She then realizes the connection between Agartha and Scheherazade's Noble Phantasm, but didn't realize it soon since Agartha seemed all too real. In contrast to the monsters William Shakespeare wrote into existence in Shinjuku, Agartha is itself a story. Mash calls such a feat on par to a Reality Marble that could only be possible with the aid of a Demon God. Sherlock then says all stories, both fictional and nonfictional, all have inauthenticity to them when told over time. He calls Agartha a greater mix of fiction and reality than Shinjuku. In the case of Shinjuku, the mix was merely the result of Baal's choice to use Phantoms, but Agartha was created in such a way deliberately. Sherlock explains that once Agartha was created, Heroic Spirits were summoned to it changed to serve a role in to the story. Ritsuka and Mash then recall the inauthenticites they experienced, such as Columbus's amnesia, Heracles being Megalos, and Drake being Dahut. Scheherazade reveals Dahut is impossible to summon her as a Servant, to which Sherlock compares her to a Phantom. Da Vinci also reveals the Wu Zetian ruling the Nightless City to be another inauthenticity, as she's from the Yan Dynasty while it is from the Han. Wherlock explains the Amazons never protected El Dorado, as they only served as the model for those that did. Fergus realizes he is another inauthenticity, and asks Scheherazade what she meant when she called him her one miscast. She reveals she originally intended for him to cause chaos in Agartha by taking advantage of his incredible lust. She tried to him as teenager in thee hopes he would be lustier, but he ended up as a boy whose anxious of women. D'Eon then asks Scheherazade why she used her Noble Phantasm to create Agartha and summon twisted versions of Servants. She answers her actions were a response to her deeply instilled fear of death, and compares her existence as a Servant to an endless cycle of death since they disappear once their task is done. She then reveals the man who taught summoned her taught that the only way to end her existence as a Heroic Spirit is to destroy the world. Ritsuka realizes the man was a Demon God, but Mash says she didn't get a Demon God response when she scanned Scheherazade when first meeting her. Scheherazade reveals the Demon God who summoned her strengthened her Noble Phantasm, so her stories would be made real. After she declares the story of Agartha will soon become its true form, Agartha raises in the sky.[171]

As Agartha flies upwards into sky, Scheherazade reveals it is now Agartha's final form, the floating city of Laputa. She announces to Laputa to continue raising, and then plummet towards the earth. She also declares it to be the last of the mythical cities, and the destroyer of the world's natural laws.[171] Astolfo tells the Resistance to save and gather as many men enslaved in El Dorado, and then meet them back at the ship. After he Resistance leaves, Sherlock asks Scheherazade where she intends Laputa to plummet. She answers any heavily populated city would suffice. Mash then states Laputa is setting course for somewhere, so da Vinci says they need to stop it before it arrives at its destination. She reveals the damage that would result in Laputa's impact wouldn't limited to the physical world since the world hasn't stabilized yet from the Incineration of Humanity. Scherazade reveals the reasoning behind having a fictional city destroy a real one is to destroy the concept of Mystery. She explains that once people everywhere witness Laputa destroy a real city they'll be forced to accept it as reality. Once that happens, everyone will learn to accept the existence of the mystical, and eventually the mystical would become a regular part of their lives. That would result in Mystery being rendered moot, so all things related to it, including the Servant Summoning System, would become obsolete. Not understanding the lengths she'll go to avoid death, Fergus tells Scheherazade should be fighting against her fear of death instead of death itself. She confesses she can only think of not wanting to die, and reveals her fear resulted from not knowing when King Shahryar would kill her. She also reveals her hatred of becoming a Heroic Spirit after her original death since it traps her in an endless cycle of death. The group then fight her to stop her plan, but her Counter King skill renders Astolfo and Fergus's efforts worthless. Da Vinci asks Scheherazade how she got the magical energy, resources, and design to create Agartha. Scheherazade reveals the Demon God ordered her to summon Servants to a enclosed underground world, and have them fight each other. Wanting to incite chaos, she summoned Columbus to serve as base. The conflict between Servants would result in a vortex of magical energy, and the enclosed nature of Agartha allowed it to trap the souls of vanquished Servants. Agartha would then continuously exploit the energy generated from the souls trying to return to the Throne, and use said energy to make its story into reality. Scheherazade reveals the Demon God said it would be a Holy Grail War without a Holy Grail, but a Grail did materialize as a story taken form. She then releases the Demon God Phenex from her body. Mash realizes she couldn't detect a Demon God from Scheherazade was because Phenex was already dead, an ability unique to him as the Demon God of death and rebirth. Phenex confesses he sympathizes with Scheherazade's desire of not wanting to die. The group fight and kill him, though at the cost of Fergus being severily injured. However even with his death, and Scheherazade near death, Laputa continue to exist. Starting to regain original memories, Fergus asks Scheherazade why she made women the dominant gender in Agartha. She tries to answers it was because she used Columbus as base, but Fergus interrupts to point out Columbus only wanted to become rich through slave trading, so Agartha's population didn't need to be exclusively female. He realizes she did so unconsciously because she fears men, as she sees them as being inextricably connected to death. Because of the fear King Shaynar instilled her, Scheherazade made it so men would be oppressed and kept as slaves. Fergus tells her she should think of the role men and women share before thinking of death. Scheherazade responds that even if her fear of death was erased, Laputa would stop falling. Suddenly a corpse of a Resistance begins to speak, conferring with what Scheherazade said. He demands to know why she is listening to the group, then reveals himself to be Phenex. He reminds her of the many times they told each of the times they died, the unfairness of it all, and how they reached the same truth. He declares Laputa will continue its descent even if he's killed, and that he'll accomplish the will of the Demon Gods to destroy humanity. He reveals his true ambition of having Laputa destroy a real city is to damage human understanding in the hopes of it would eventually result in humanity's destruction. Understanding Scheherazade is near death, Phenex prepares to fight the group, promising it'll be the last death she'll experience. The group are unable to kill him, but Wu Zetian appears to attack him. She reveals she couldn't kill Scheherazade due to her Counter King skill, and she couldn't kill Phenex since he was bonded with Scheherazade. Because of this truth, she had no choice but to hide, and bide her time, which is now that Phenex and Scheherazade are separated. Mash reveals Wu Zetian's signal didn't disappear when she was crushed by Megalos, and assumes she used Presence Concealment skill. Wu Zetain then uses her Noble Phantasm, Gàomì Luózhī Jīng, to torture Phenex, who severely wounds in retaliation. She tells the group to finish him off now that he is a constant state of life and death. Fergus walks into Wu Zetian's Noble Phantasm to use its concept of mixing life and death together to essentially resummon himself through the use of Columbus's Tamatebako. He soon achieves his goal when his short sword turns into Caladbolg, and proceeds to unleash Caledfwlch Caladbolg on both Phenex and Laputa. With Phenex being constantly damaged by both Fergus and Wu Zetian's Noble Phantasm, the group fight him once more. Scheherazade begs Fergus not to destroy Laputa, as she would have experience the endless cycle of death again. Fergus tells her that though death is inevitable, what's important is to a life that makes her happy to lay the fear of death to rest. Phenex then extends tiny tentacles from himself, and implores Scheherazade to give him more energy. She refuses though, saying that while she still fears death, she would rather choose the manner of death than be killed by him. Phenex is then finished off by Fergus. Afterwards, Wu Zetian disappears, having exerted the last of her strength. Scheherazade explains her choice earlier was because she chose to follow Ritsuka and Fergus's advice to live a meaningful life to ease her fear of death. She then disappears, and Fergus soon follows. Da Vinci tells the group that thanks to Fergus destroyed Laputa's landscape, it has come to a halt. However the Singularity also disappeared, meaning Laputa is going to break apart. She asks Mash to tell her where Laputa's wreckage will land, and Mash assures her it will land on the unpopulated Tibetan Plateau. The group begin to wonder how to save themselves along with the surviving Resistance members and the men still imprisoned. After d'Eon recalls the survivors gathered at the group's ship, Astolfo mounts Hippogriff to rescue any stragglers. He however bumps in a UFO piloted by Helena, who survived her encounter with Columbus. She explains after that she hid herself underground to heal self. After recovering, she explored Agartha, and eventually found a Holy Grail. She then used to empower herself, and reveals she came because she thought she caused Laputa's tremors. Helena then rescue the men with her UFO while Ritsuka and d'Eon ride on Hippogriff.[170]

After they land, the men eventually return to their families, and Laputa finally collapses completely. Sherlock realizes that since Shinjuku and Agartha both involved stories, Chaldea will eventually experience another story-based Singularity created by another Demon God survivor. Back in Chaldea, Scheherazade manages to avoid Fergus, having now joined.[170]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Rider Astolfo Protagonist
Saber Chevalier d'Eon Protagonist
N/A Fergus mac Róich (Child) Protagonist
Berserker of El-Dorado Penthesilea El Dorado
Rider of Resistance Christopher Columbus Resistance
Rider of Ys Dahut (modified Francis Drake) Ys
Assassin of the Nocturnal Castle Wu Zetian Nightless City
Caster of the Nocturnal Castle Scheherazade Nightless City

Phenex (true)

Berserker Megalos (modified Heracles)


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Phenex

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of CorpsesEdit

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Corpses (屍山血河舞台, Shizan Ketsuga Butai), alternatively the Tournament of the Seven Blade-Master Heroic Spirits (英霊剣豪七番勝負, Eirei Kengou Nanaban Shoubu?) or Subspecies Singularity III (亜種特異点 III, Ashu Tokuiten III?), was the third of four major Singularities which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. It occurred in the Shimosa province of Japan in A.D. 1630.


FGO Shimosa

Although initially designated as a Singularity and bearing considerable similarities to one, Shimosa is not a proper Singularity in the sense of the Human Order. Described as an otherworld (異界, Ikai?) and subsequently designated as a Subcategory Parallel World (亜種並行世界, Ashu Heikō Sekai?), it is a timeline which exists between dreams and reality, distinct enough that it should be designated for culling but hasn't been. Due to its isolated nature, the Counter Force is apparently somewhat weaker there, though as it is not within the standard Tree of Time (but at the same time, not within another universe), the events within should not be able to threaten the Tree.[8]

The interior is comprised of the Shimosa province of Japan in the year 1630 during the early part of the Edo period. Unlike the normal world, its capital city is built around the Castle of Toke and the Matsudaira clan resides in the castle.[8]

As opposed to entering via rayshifting, Ritsuka Fujimaru was transported inside via dreams.[8]


Mash recalls how Ritsuka told her about meeting a a female Miyamoto Musashi in a dream-like experiences. She deduces this Musashi was from a parallel world that was culled, and she was travelling between worlds through special means. She even theorizes Musashi is a living person rather than a Heroic Spirit. She however bothered by the reasoning behind why there are two Musashi of opposite genders. She wonders if Musashi is the same as the Heroic Spirits recorded in Chaldea as what-ifs. She then reveals she worked with the entire staff to dig up any authentic information they could of Musashi. A staff member pulls up an image of the Book of Five Rings' original manuscript. Mash states that the book was written by the male Musashi of their history, saying the female Musashi has no connection to it. Ritsuka confirms the female Musashi they met was a living Servant when Mash asks about it. Intrigued by the fact there two Muashis with differing histories, Mash decides to search for some commonality or absolute difference in the manuscript. Sasaki Kojirou suddenly enters the room, having heard Ritsuka and Mash talking about the Book of Five Rings. He says knowledge of the book was passed when he became a Servant, despite not knowing Muashi and being Sasaki in name only. He explains everything up to the Book of Water and the Book of Earth as easily comprehensible, but the final chapter, the Book of the Void, is like an intangible excerpt into Musashi's feelings. Sasaki explains Void talks about what's beyond the karmic laws one can physically perceive and the concept of "zero". Mash then recalls the famed duel between him and Musashi on Ganyru Island. Sasaki assumes she plans to use the Book of Five Rings to summon Musashi, but she denies that is the case. He intrigued after learning about the female Muashi, finding her similar to him for wanting to perfect their swordsmanship. He further intrigued that the female Musashi is the real one rather a manifestation of his legends, unlike him who is internally a manifestation of a legend about Sasaki. He then asks Ritsuka if Musashi ever said: "Kojirou, you lost.", a famed line said by Musashi to Saski when he tossed his sheath aside while waiting for Musashi at Ganyru Island. Ritsuka answers she never did, which makes Sasaki deduce she has yet to reach the void. He explains how Musashi is his most ephemeral rival, and how he is the most famed of japan's sword masters. However, as Saski utter Musashi's other name: Shinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Harunobu, Ritsuka sees visions of a countryside and a burning building. They then collapse and go into a coma as Shuten-douji walks in. Though there is nothing wrong with them, none of the healing focused Casters are able to wake them. Sherlock Holmes recalls to Edmond Dantès how he did something similar to them under Goetia's command. He then asks him if he knows anything about the current predicament, but Edmond refuses to help. Sherlock resolves to continue his investigate without Edmond's help, though he feels he will help eventually since Ritsuka is in danger.[187]

Ritsuka find themselves in a field, having been caught earlier by Musashi while she was getting ready to eat.[187] After learning of their predicament, she reveals she visited other worlds since they last met in Onigashima. She is unsure if they're dreaming or not, but she recalls stories that says people's spirits leave their bodies when dreaming. She also recalls a puppeteer with glasses told her that, while extremely, it is possible to travel to other worlds while dreaming. She then guesses Ritsuka is likely dreaming but at simultaneously the current world truly exists, or at least she assumes it does. Thus if they die before waking up, they will die in reality. After offering to guard them, Musashi reveals she cannot return to worlds she previously visited. She then says they should work together so they can return to reality and she can continue her journey. After Ritsuka accepts, they and Musashi try to search for a village. They eventually run into a young girl carrying a baby, who correctly assumes they're travelers. The girl introduces herself as Onui and the baby as her little brother, Tasuke. As Onui mentioned Edo earlier, Musashi realizes they are in the Tokugawa Shogunate's reign. Onui then asks Musashi if she is going to Edo or Toke Castle, which she says is a half-day walk from their current location. Musashi assumes they're in the Kazusa Province, but Onui corrects her that they're in the Shimosa Province. Musashi is confused since she remembers Toke Castle being in Kazusa and that it was abandoned during Toyotomi's reign. She also doesn't remember it being large enough to have its own village like Onui said. Onui confirms Iemitsu Tokugawa is the current ruler, which makes Musashi realize the history of this Japan differs from her own. Since she hasn't eaten in two days, Musashi asks Onu if there is a teahouse nearby. Onui answers there is one on the other side of the village, but her grandpa's hermitage, where she and Tasuke came from, is closer. She then asks Ritsuka and Musashi to come to her grandpa's hermitage, offering to make them tea. However, the sky suddenly darkens, and the group are beset by spirits. After the spirits are disposed of, the sky returns to normal. Onui assumes the spirits were actually bandits since Musashi was able to slay them without being a monk, but Ritsuka and Musashi disagree.[188]

As the group travel to her grandpa's hermitage, Onui says the spirits don't appear in there or the village, even at night. The sky then darkens again, but the spirits are slain are quickly slain by a man with a single strike with his spear. While understanding he is a Heroic Spirit, the man is confused as to why he was summoned, where his summoner is, or his current purpose. He then introduces himself as Hōzōin Inshun, and like Ritsuka and Musashi, he is confused why Onui assumes the spirits are bandits. After confirming to Muashi he is the real Inshun, Inshun notices she isn't a Heroic Spirit. He finds her familiar though, which confuses her since she never met him while he was alive during all her travels. Inshun is confused about Musashi being a woman since the Musashi he knew of was a man. He assumes she inherited the Musashi name after becoming his disciple. Musashi replies her father, Shinmen Munisai, was essentially her master. and explains she is from a parallel world. Inshun asks her if she is familiar Takada Matabei, who she remembers fighting, since Matebei claimed to fight Musashi. The sky then suddenly darkens, and Musashi and Inshun slay the spirits. Afterwards, Inshun explains he was summoned as a Lancer two days, recalling he was alone at the edge of the Katori Shrine grounds when summoned. He only knows that it is the 16th year of the Kan'ei during Iemitsu's reign, and they are in Shimosa. After having a terrifying premonition, he left Katori Shrine, and wandered while slaying the spirits that apppeared at night and when the sky darkened. He and Ritsuka assume there is a Holy Grail somewhere in Shimosa, and someone is using it to summon the spirits. Now joined by Inshun, the group continue their journey.[188]

At Katori shrine, a sorcerer declares the dark Jesuit sorcery they performed there has granted them control of seven knights from across space and time. He says they are not Heroic Spirits, but Heroic Spirit Swordmasters made to destroy the world. Caster of Limbo concurs, stating how he and other Heroic Spirits were summoned by the Grail and infused with hus Curse of Annihilation. He explains the Swordmasters will obey the sorcerer's commands, declaring they cannot be hurt or killed by any blade. They will kill all in their path until every human is dead. Caster notes they are missing one though, which the sorcerer is aware of. They then order Caster to turn day into night, which he complies with.[189]

Meanwhile with the group, day into night occupied by a blood moon. Sensing there will be even greater danger than when the sky darkens, the group hurry eastward to Onui and Tasuke's home while Ishun carries them. They soon encounter spirits in a bamboo forest, and Ritsuka summons Servants from Chaldea to aid Musashi and Inshun. After the battle, Ritsuka is concerned as to why they can summon Servants now. Inshun speculates that his status as Servant helped reestablished Ritsuka's connection with their Servant, or something happened when he and Musashi crossed swords. Musashi senses someone nearby, who announce they're the Swordmasters. Musashi smells a strong sense of blood from them, saying such a scent shouldn't exist in a peaceful world where the Shimabara Rebellion is over. Inshun tries to attack one of the Swordmasters, but a female Archer deflects it with an arrow. Caster then appears and declares the Swordmasters materialized to turn the world into a hell. After introducing himself, Musashi is suddenly attacked by fire that she slashes away. She seemingly prevent an ambush from Assassin of Parasio, but it was merely her shadow that slashed. Assassin is disappointed in Musashi's Niten Ichiryu techniques, saying they were nothing compared to those who know the blood and chaos of a turbulent world. She assumes Musashi came from such a world, but Musashi responds she never fought on a turbulent battlefield. She then attacks another Swordmaster aided by her Heavenly Eye, but her attack is blocked to Inshun's surprise. Rider of Kālasūtra Hell introduces herself, declaring they did nothing special to block Musashi's attack. Musashi realizes she needs to kill at least one of them with that technique if the group are to stand a chance. She tries to convince the Swordmasters to let them go for Onui and Tasuke's sake. Rider replies they aren't human, so they aren't move by human emotions. She then declares they will start by killing Ritsuka, Onui, and Tasuke. Another Swordmaster is surprised Musashi is alive and talking after clashing Rider, finding people from the Tokugawa era aren't bad after all. Rider responds the only decent people in the Tokugawa era are children. She orders the other Swordmaster to kill herself for her lapse in judgement, but she refuses to. She then summons a wave of her special brew said to melt bodies. Inshun tells Musashi to ensure the others' safety as he deflects the wave with his spear after activating Hazy Inverted Moon - Eleven Styles. Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell introduces herself, impressed that Inshun deflected a single droplet from her Noble Phantasm since he doesn't have the Curse of Annihilation. Ritsuka recognizes her and Rider's voices when a cold-blooded swordsman reprimands for taking so long to kill the group. Musashi assumes he is the leader of the Swordmasters, but he doesn't respond. He then demands Inshun to be handed over, stating every single living person will be massacred afterwards. Musashi recognizes she cannot defeat six of them yet alone even one. Inshun realizes they were after him and decides to hold them off long enough for the others to escape. After they escape, he fights the swordsman with the aid of his Noble Phantasm. He eventually pierces his heart, but finds he cannot move his spear. The swordsman reveals such attack would kill a human or Heroic Spirit, and introduces his Cursed Name as Saber of Empireo. After he pushes Inshun back, Caster casts the Curse of Annihilation on Saber's command. He reveals Inshun was summoned to serve as the seventh Swordmaster, but he was summoned with free will unlike the others. As Inshun is turned into a Swordmaster, he realizes the Swordmasters are unlike other Heroic Spirits. His final thought before succumbing is hoping the others successfully escape.[189]

The group continue escaping when they encounter Inshun. However he has been turned into a Swordmaster, and declare himself to be Lancer of Purgatorio. Musashi attacks him when he tries to kill Onui and Tasuke. She decapitates him during their fight, but he get up and re-attaches his head. The group decide to run away to the village after Musashi realizes Inshun cannot be killed normally. They soon near the village when Musashi senses Inshun nearby. She has everyone hide in a nearby haystack, but Inshun know she is there. He then tries antagonize her into battle by massacring the village. After the group leave the haystack, they head for Onui and Tasuke's hermitage. At the hermitage, they meet Onui and Tasuke's grandpa, who turns out to a young man. He explains he is a swordsmith, pointing to the discarded swords on the ground. He then tells Onui and Tasuke go inside so he can talk with Ritsuka and Musashi alone. After the children do so, he thanks Ritsuka and Musashi for saving and returning them to him. He demands Musashi tell more about herself and her clan as the condition for letting her and Ritsuka into his home. Inshun arrives though and tries to attack Onui and Tasuke's grandpa, but he dodges and destroys Inshun's upper body with a single blow. Onui and Tasuke's grandpa regards the sword as another failure when it falls apart. Inshun then regenerates and boasts there isn't any technique nor blade that reach the Spiritual Core of a Swordmaster. After regenerating from another attack from Onui and Tasuke's grandpa, he reveals he massacred the villages lying to the north and west. He says the original Inshun is dead, and his body is now a puppet controlled by karma. He continues that the only way to stop is by destroying him completely. Musashi takes the sword Onui and Tasuke's grandpa recently made, feeling a divine aura from it. He tells to leave it alone, as he considers it one of his worst failures. He explains it can effortlessly cut through anything, but he says it's too terrible to use on decent folk since he pushed it into the realm of demons. After taking the blade regardless, Musashi explains to Inshun that she wanted to duel him to reach the apex of her mastery. Inshun responds to her challenge by casting a spell similar to a reality marble of a field of corpses where the loser's soul will be consumed. Thanks to the sword she took earlier, Musashi was able to Inshun's Spiritual Core and kill him. Inshun thanks and bids her farewell before disappearing in a flash. Ritsuka and Musashi then head into the hermitage to get some food and rest. Musashi praises the sword she used earlier, and decides to take it as an exception to her rule of carrying four swords. Onui and Tasuke's grandpa allows her to take it as thanks for her saving Onui and Tasuke. He explains it is a failure since it is an evil blade that reached the realm of demons. The ultimate blade he seeks isn't one that cuts flesh and bone, but one that can severs bonds, certainty, and karma. Musashi realizes she freed Inshun from his karma thanks to the sword. Onui and Tasuke's grandpa still considers it failure though since it cannot cut bonds or certainty. After Musashi asks for its name, he dubs the sword Myoujingri Muramasa. He then reveals he is Senji Muramasa, a Saber class Servant.[190]

Later, Musashi asks Onui if she heard the name Muramasa before, referring to it as the bane of the Tokugawa. She explains Muramasa is a legendary swordsmith from Kuwana in the Ise Province, famed for forging cursed swords that devastated the Tokuwaga family. She continues he forged the sword that slew Ieyasu Tokuwaga's grandather, one that assisted in the seppuku of Nobuyasu Tokuwaga, and even a shoto that Ieyasu cut himself on. She concludes for those reasons any Muramasa-forged sword is feared as a threat to the Tokugawa family. After breakfast, Ritsuka and Musashi go to Muramasa's smithy. There he explains he never done any feats to make worthy of becoming a Heroic Spirit. He believes the gods summoned him into his current vessel to give him a chance to become one. He assumes his vessel's body, mind, and fated path are similar to his original self. He also believes he was a smith associated with the Muramasa school or a descendant of his. He then complains about being a Saber, saying he makes swords not use them. After wondering why he has a workshop as a Saber, he reveals he is a Rogue Servant summoned without Master. Musashi assumes he is like Inshun, but Muramasa says he was summoned by the gods. He explains he was summoned in Shimosa during the day in the middle of a rice field near the village approximately month ago. By the time he got to the village though, evil spirits had killed half of the village, including Onui and Tasuke's parents. After taking Onui and Tasuke in, he took the hermitage from the western village. Musashi asks him if there other villages around, to which Muramasa says there are some to the south. He then reveals the evil spirits appeared around the time he was summoned, saying they avoid places of worship. He continues he heard rumors of the spirits being commanded by the Swordmasters. He also recalls a rumor about a man performing dark Jesuit sorcery at Katori Shrine. His mysticism instantly turning day into night, and the Swordmasters emerged from hell to serve him and destroy humanity. Muramasa didn't believe the rumors, but he now understands they are real. He recalls hearing the Swordmasters razed the Hitachi Provice completely. Musashi decides they need more information on the evil spirits and the Swordmasters. Muramasa directs them to the town outside Toke Castle, which he also remembers being abandoned in Kazusa, as a place to get more info.[191]

Ritsuka and Musashi then leave for Toke Castle town, taking Onui and Tasuke with them on Muramasa's request. Musashi assumes he wanted them gone so he could check on the villagers. Just as she gets confident about their journey, the sky darkens accompanied by evil spirits. After destroying them, the group continue onward. They eventually enter Toke Castle town, where they ask the townsfolk about the evil spirits. They learn no one takes the evil spirits seriously since they almost never appear near town. Ritsuka and Musashi realize they haven't heard about the village massacres. Musashi guesses rumors travel slow in times of war, and remarks a rumor during wartime would affect people's lives. She also considers the possibility of the castle controlling what information enters town. But she also considers the possibility of them secretly gathering information of the Swordmasters and their summoner. The group eventually encounter a geisha with Tamamo-no-Mae's appearance, but she calls herself Otama and doesn't known Ritsuka. She then invites the group to her establishment after seeing Ritsuka's outfit. Kiyohime suddenly appears and calls Ritsuka the person of her dreams. Castle warrior shows up and reveals she is the daughter of Lord Matsudaira Shimousa-no-Kami. Kiyohime refuses to return to the castle, and demands Ritsuka take her far away. She and Otama then get into a argument over Ritsuka, and eventually get into a fight. Ritsuka and Musashi eventually calm them down. After Otama and Kiyohime return to their respective abodes, the group encounter a missionary who looks like Edmond. Musashi finds it strange for him to be in town since during the current era of Japan, permitted foreigners were restricted to Dejima in Nagasaki. The missionary calls that a trivial matter similar to why no one paid attention to the group's scuffle with Otama and Kiyohime. He explains it is like when one sees perfect strangers who bear a strong resemblance to a acquaintance, or when one sees something out of the ordinary and dismiss it as unworthy of concern. He thus concludes there is little difference between reality and dreams. He then listens to Ritsuka tell him about the Swordmasters, finding it strange that Paraiso and Empireo are separate. He believes the names are modeled after more than Dante, and considers the one who named them as either foolish or blasphemous. He then directs the group to the alleyway where they'll meet someone they need to meet and leaves. There they find Fuuma Kotarou collapsed, so they take him to Otama's inn.[192]

At the inn, Kotarou explains he came to bring Ritsuka back to reality. However, he was the only Servant who was able to make it. He tries to explain to Ritsuka that they're in a dream they cannot wake from when he passes out again. He wakes up though after hearing Ritsuka has been summoning in battle. He believes they are temporarily borrowing the shadows of the Servant's Spirit Origins. After he falls asleep, Musashi tells Ritsuka how one can see the faces of those they know on strangers when travelling to other worlds through dreams. Otama then enters the room and allows the group to stay until Kotarou recovers.[192]

At Katori Shrine, Caster reports that Inshun is gone, and blames it on his incomplete summoning. However, he says Inshun succeeded in his role, but Saber calls refutes that since he failed to takes even a hundred lives. Despite that though, the Sorcerer says Inshun still served as an excellent cornerstone for the Onriedo. He calls the system similar to the Holy Grail War Caster told him about, as the souls of Swordmasters who perish will reside in the foundations of his Onriedo. Caster explains the souls of a few Heroic Spirits are insufficient to manifest the Onriedo. Thus they need to kill more to help it grow with the souls of those drenched in bitterness, envy, and grief. He continues that is why the Heroic Spirits Swordmasters were granted the Curse of Annihilation made from his technique and the Sorcerer's power. A swordsman then enters the shrine; Caster explains he is the Sorcerer's bodyguard despite being human. The Sorcerer explains he met him in the mountains of Hitachi and brought him back to serve as his bodyguard on a whim. He then commands the Swordmasters to continue killing while he prepares for the arrival of the Onriedo. After he leaves, Caster and Saber realize he doesn't see Musashi as a threat. Caster then calls Katou Danzo, who insists she will kill Ritsuka and Musashi. Saber tells her to bother since she wouldn't stand a chance against Musashi, as she is a puppet not a Heroic Spirit. Caster orders her to sick Archer of Inferno on Musashi. He also orders her to closely observe a group of samurai from Edo that'll soon arrive in Toke Castle by pretending to be on a secret mission from the Shogunate. Once Caster determines everything is set, Danzo will bring Archer and Musashi together, and witness to what comes next.[192]

At the inn, Ritsuka and Musashi sneak out after she sensed a disturbance outside. They arrive outside to find evil spirits; Musashi assumes they're out for revenge for Inshun. After slaying the spirits, Musashi senses the Swordmaster who commanded them nearby. Archer then unveils and introduces herself with her Cursed Name. Ritsuka asks about the Swordmasters' goal. She answers it is to kill and burn everything related to Tokugawa society. She threatens Musashi with prospect of showing the charred remains of those she cares for. She then starts unleashing fire, so Musashi fights her to ensure her fire doesn't spread. The two are unable to overwhelm since Musashi can't close the distance thanks to Archer's arrows and flames, while Archer's arrows are continuously deflected by Musashi at the last moment. Musashi realizes Archer is holding back, as she has yet to use the spell Inshun used. Archer admits it is because she was told to hold back, then vanishes with the promise of fighting Musashi in full force. Ritsuka and Musashi then return to the inn to rest while thinking of how to deal with Archer's flames.[192]

Later into the night, Archer and Danzo encounter an old couple while on the road. To Danzo's surprise, Archer doesn't kill them instead has a friendly conversation. As the old couple leave, Danzo wonders if the Curse of Annihilation is no longer affecting Archer. However, after she confirms there is a village in the direction the couple are heading, Archer decides to massacre it. Later, Danzo reports on how the karma mechanism guiding the Curse of Annihilation is too effective on Archer. She details how Archer burned and massacred the village, with the exception of the old couple. After Archer explains it was because of her friendly conversation with them, Danzo realizes she has gone mad as she watched her walk wreathed in flames while speaking nonsense. She find no trace of the kind woman Archer was earlier, as she witnessed her massacre village after village. She fears she will endanger Toke Castel, a pivotal part of Caster and the Sorcerer's plan, by returning to town. She decides to stop her when Caster contacts her and agrees with sentiments.[193]

At Toke Castle town, Kotarou has recovered some but not fully. The group then notice a commotion and go to investigate it. They learn a large procession of samurai has recently arrived from Edo. One of them samurai, Sakon, tells the townsfolk to be quiet and pay attention while his superior, Tajima-no-Kami, speaks. A aged warrior then introduces himself as Yagyū Tajima-no-Kami Munenori, chief inspector for the shogunate. He explains he and the other samurai have come on a official mission from the shogunate to bring the monsters, who he believes are just bandits, slaughtering innocents in southern Shimousa to justice with Matsudaira's cooperation. He also promises the mistakes of the Shimabara Rebellion will not be repeated with him around. He then confronts Musashi, recognizing her and asking her why she is in Shimosa. Musashi is surprised he is the same one she met before, but she refuses to answer his question. Yagyu recalls how they fought six months ago, but that is only from his perspective. Musashi finds it strange she is the same time and place from six months ago since she has never visted the same place twice before. Yagyu then paralyzes Ritsuka with a gaze, but Kotarou gets them to relax to undo it. Yagyu decides to duel Musashi to determine what she is up to when monsters fly in from the south. He paralyzes them with the aura of his sword ki before Musashi cuts them down. As another wave comes, he orders Sakon to get the townsfolk out of the vicinity. After slaying them monsters with the group, Yagyu assumes they were a scouting party, and orders Sakon to tell Matsudaira to deploy archers. He also orders to concentrate their forces to the south, believing the castle can have the bare minimum of soldiers. After the samurai leave, Yagyu finds it unusual for monsters to band together. Musashi explains it is because someone is leading them, and warns they may return in greater numbers in the future. Ritsuka then tells Yagyu about the Swordmasters and their assumption that Archer is leading the monsters. Yagyu then tells the group that a hundred of his finest men will confront Archer as a diversion while they ambush her from behind. He advises them to go through the mountain pass to do so. Danzo then arrives, and Yagyu explains she is the spy who saw Archer leading the monsters. He also says she will serve as the group's guide throught the mountain pass.[193]

As the group walk the mountain pass, Kotarou realizes Danzo is a puppet. She confirms she is one animated by machinery that is over a hundred years old. Ritsuka realizes she is similar to a homunculus or golem, which Kotarou confirms. He also assures them that she is indeed a living person from the era. He realizes she doesn't remember, but he doesn't explain when he senses incoming monsters. After slaying them, the group soon arrive at their destination. There they witness Archer incinerate a number of samurai, but they arrive in time to stop her. Kotarou tells Danzo to take the injured to safety, and give the others new orders since they cannot stand against a Servant. Archer doesn't seem to recognize Musashi despite fighting her the previous night. Musashi asks her what she is hoping to accomplish by burning everything, as nothing in the era should affect her personally since it isn't hers. Archer claims she is nothing but firewood now when Musashi suddenly attacks her. In response, Archer goes berserk, releasing a strange magical energy. Kotarou and Musashi both realize she is an oni. When she begins shouting Lord Yoshinaka, Musashi realizes why Archer hates Japan since the Tokugawa are said to be descended from the Seiwa Genji. She explains Kiso Yoshinaka was a general who helped

[[wikipedia:Minamoto no Yoritomo |Yorimoto]] overthrow the Taira regime, only to be persecuted by him afterwards. She reveals Archer was his wife who fought alongside him, Tomoe Gozen. She then readies to fight her with Myoujingri Murasama, and Tomoe takes them both to the other plane for their duel. After she is defeated, Tomoe remembers Yoshinaka's smile when he asked to stay away from the battlefield in order to spare her life, as

[[wikipedia:Minamoto no Yoshitsune |Yoshitsune]] on Yorimoto's orders was after him. After giving birth to their son, she lived her days as a nun praying for Yoshinaka to rest in peace. With Tomoe's demise, the monsters are sent into disarray. The group then go help Danzo and the samurai deal with the remaining monsters.[193]

Later, Musashi complains to Tasuke about how Yagyu commanded her to search for any remaining monsters immediately after killing Tomoe. However, she was able to find any. She then remarks how she is trying to reach the void with her swordmanship to surpass her father. She doubts herself though since she yet to reach it after all of her traveling and battles. She believes her battles with the Swordmasters is her final chance to reach the void. She then returns to Otama's inn, where she challenges Kotarou to a duel outside since he's fit enough for battle now. After the duel, they notice a crowd gathering around a nearby ichimai-zuri seller. The sell tells the crowd that a letter was sent to Toke Castle, threatening to assassinate Kiyohime. The group decide to head to Toke Castle, hoping Yagyu will let them in.[194]

At Katori Shrine, Assassin reports that she has delivered the letter regarding Kiyohime's assassination to Toke Castle. She continues that by now, ten of Yagyu's samurai should be guarding Kiyohime now, and rumors should also be circulating. The Sorcerer states how Tomoe planted the seeds of unease in Shimosa, believing none can rid the populace of their fears. He orders Assassin to assassinate Kiyohime after letting panic about her assassination to spread throughout the population. Afterwards, the populace will be instilled utterly with fear, thus their souls will be better sacrifices. The Sorcerer then leaves after telling Assassin to become fear itself, and to trust the serpent within her. The swordsman asks Assassin what the Sorcerer meant by "the serpent within her", but she merely reminds him of his duty to guard the Sorcerer. After the swordsman leaves, Berserker mocks Assassin for trying to hold the cold dutiful demeanor of a ninja. Assassin realizes she is speaking with an illusion while the real Berserker will sitting next to her silently. She feels the curse inside her, the source of the illusion, begin to swell up. She then boasts she will kill more than just Kiyohime at Toke Castle before the night is done.[194]

Inside Toke Castle, the group wait to meet with Kiyohime. They recall how Muramasa reprimanded them for keeping Onui and Tasuke two days longer than they were supposed, and leaving the children alone when they left to deal with Tomoe. Otama agreed with him since she had allowed the group to stay single night at her inn, yet they stayed another. Muramasa then took the children back to his hermitage, offering to let the group stay there. Ritsuka and Musashi decided to go there once their business at Toke Castle is done. The two tease Kotarou about Danzo when Kiyohime enters the room along with Yagyu. Kotarou realizes Kiyohime isn't a Servant like the one in Chaldea, even with their similarities. He then becomes concerned about the true nature of the Singularity, as he has yet to see distortions in history by the Holy Grail. He feels there is something fundamentally about the foundation of the world. Kiyohime t thanks the group for stopping Tomoe and her monsters on behalf of her father and the people of Shimousa, promising they will be rewarded for their achievement. She then tells them how many killed when the letter threatening her life was delievered. Despite having the castle guards and 300 of Yagyu's samurai, all of whom were involved in the Shimabara Rebellion, to protect her, she asks the group to protect her also. Yagyu allows this, regardless of his reservation about their social standing. Kiyohime pays Musashi 30 ryou to spar with her to prove the results of her marital arts. She then orders Danzo to fight with her after Musashi warned her not to fight her alone, even though she'll be going easy on her. After the fight, Musashi stays with Kiyohime, while Koatoru guards Ritsuka in their room. He then senses a Swordmaster has infiltrated the castle. He and Ritsuka then arrive outside to fight Assassin after convincing the warriors who survived against her not to fight her. Assassin declares her master, the Sorcerer, will wield the power of Satan to sacrifice Shimosa to destroy this world created by the Tokugawa. She explains she will assassinate Kiyohime to devastate Shimosa's people in order to make Shimosa easier to destroy. She threatens to decapitate Ritsuka and show their head to Kiyohime before killing her. She then easily kills ten castle guards, adding her total victim to forty, with her snakes. Afterwards, she fights Ritsuka and Kotarou. After Kotarou decapitates her, Assassin decides to stop holding back. Musashi suddenly throws Myoujingri Murasama at her, only for it to miss and be caught by Kotarou. He then blocks the kunai Assassin threw at Kiyohime, who followed Musashi outside. Musashi slashes at Assassin, only for it to be an illusion while the real one had already escaped. Kotarou believes they can deduce Assassin's True Name since they aren't many famous Kunoichi. But he's reminded how numerous historical figures were thought to be men, only for them to actually women. Danzo then appears and tells the group that Yagyu will arrive momentarily with an assembly of his samurai. Kiyohime then faints after Ritsuka told her twenty castle guards were killed by Assassin.[195]

At Katori Shrine, Caster says reports Assassin and Danzo have helped laid the groundwork for the Onriedo. Saber responds that fear is spreading throughout Shimosa, and the great pentagram being drawn in secret via Jesuit sorcery is nearing completion. The Sorcerer and his guard then arrive. The Sorcerer tells the others that Assassin had succeeded in spreading fear among populace, and all that remains is to remove her. Meanwhile in Toke Castle town, Assassin encounters Berserker. She proceeds to connect Assassin's heart and brain to power of the god of Mt. Ibuki, Orochi, that resides in her to the former's protest. She apologizes for her act, explain the Sorcerer needs Ritsuka and Musashi eliminated.[196]

At Toke Castle, Yagyu orders his samurai to increase security. Assassin then returns and proceeds to summon Orochi with her curse. Musashi and Kotarou slay it when Kiyohime suddenly attacks Ritsuka with her fire. Kotarou manages to protect them from the flames though with his own body. Kiyohime tells the others her regret over destroying serpents nest, but the serpents never forgave her and kept coming after her. Orochi then revives despite being reduced to ash by Kotarou's Immortal Chaos Brigade due to Assasin's Saigyou revival technique. Assassin then tells Kiyohime to kill the group, saying the serpents will forgive her then. Afterwards, she will kill her to finally give her peace. Kotarou realizes the kunai Assassin threw at Kiyohime last night were merely a feint, and her true objective was to put Kiyohime under a spell. The group then fight Kiyohime and Orochi. After Orochi slain again, Kiyohime says she shouldn't have intruded on its domain, Mt. Ibuki. She realizes though she has never been to Mt. Ibuki, but her distant ancestor who committed the sin. She continues her ancestor's cursed blood courses through her, and believes the gods will forgive her if she kills the group. Ritsuka and Musashi realize someone else is speak through Kiyohime. Musashi recalls Kiyohime's affinity with snakes, and realizes the words she spoke earlier were from Assassin, Mochizuki Chiyome. She recounts the tale of how Kouga Saburou, lord of Oumi Kouga, was transformed into a snake after searching long for his wife who went missing on Mt. Ibuki. It was Orochi who cursed him as punishment for intruding on its domain. Musashi doubts Chiyome is Saburou himself, and recalls the Kouga Mochizuki family carried his cursed blood. They eventually produced Chiyome, who served as Takeda Shingen's spy during the Warring States period. Chiyome expresses how her curse will never leave her, even after becoming a Heroic Spirit or aSwordmaster. She then brings herself and Musashi to the other plane for their duel. After Chiyome is killed, Kotarou pick up her kunai that didn't disappear with her since they were procured in Shimosa. Musashi recalls her saying something about the Onriedo, a Buddhist word for distancing oneself for this impure world and its earthly desires. [196]

The group travel back to Muramasa's hermitage, accompanied by Danzo. She explains her new orders from Yagyu are to gather information around Shimosa and to ensure the group arrive safely at their destination. She then expresses concern about the injury Kotarou suffered protecting Ritsuka while she was outside the castle on Yagyu's orders. Going on ahead of the others, she wonders why she cares since her orders were merely to learn about the group. She then recalls Berserker collecting Orochi's remains at Toke Castle for her wine. After collecting the remains, Berserker asked her what she truly desires before proceeding to Arakawa. Danzo then witnessed Rider slaughter an entire army of 10,244 men on east bank of the Arakawa River while they were en route to rendezvous with Yagyu. The only survivor is a young soldier who is left mentally broken by the slaughter. Rider decides not to kill, believing he would make a poor sacrifice. She then departed for Sagami with Berserker to unleash her Noble Phantasm upon it. Danzo reminded them that they weren't ordered to do so, but they ignored her.[197]

At Muramasa's hermitage, Muramasa tells the group that he heard monsters have returned to Shimosa. He also tries to tell them about an army being slaughtered near the Arakawa River but stops since Onui and Tasuke are present. After supper, Danzo puts Onui and Tasuke to bed so Muramasa can tell the full story that he stopped before He explains an army sent from the shogunate were slaughtered near the Arakawa River, with the excepion of a single young soldier. The soldier crossed the river and relayed that two beautiful women were responsible for the slaughter before dying. The group deduce the two women are Swordmasters. Muramasa then reveals the entire Sagami Province was also destroyed. He continues the two women aren't in Sagami anymore, saying they went on a killing spree until high noon. Because they vanished by then, smaller villagers were spared, but larger places like Kamakura or Odawara Castle town were nearly massacred. He then examines Myoujingri Muramasa and determines Musashi already killed two other Swordmasters. The group then suddenly hear Onui screaming from outside. They rush out there to find her and Tasuke captured by Berserker and Rider. Ritsuka recognizes them as Shuten-douji and Minamoto no Raikou respectively, but they aren't the ones from Chaldea. After the group slay the monsters summoned by Raikou, Muramasaa steps outside and asks Ritsuka to save the children. Kotarou offers to conceal his presence and sneak behind the two Swordmasters. Danzon however warns against it, pointing out they're plotting something. After the children are passed to a monster, Musashi attacks Shuten, but Raikou blocks with a flick of her wrist. The Swordmasters then proceed to fight the group. Using only a fration of their power, the pair easily overwhelm them. Raikou tells them to come to the peak of the nearby mountain before high noon if they wish to save the children. After they escape, the group, prepare to go to the nearest mountain.[197]

On the mountain, Shuten contemplates killing Onui, but Raikou stops her as she is a child. She then tearfully apologizes to Onui for how she treated. She continues the Spirit Origins of the Swordmasters were shattered and rebuilt to become what they are. She says they're broken because of it, so they says things they don't want. Shuten refutes this however, believing Raikou broke as a human long ago.[198]

Meanwhile at Muramasa's hermitage, Muramasa forges a new sword. After he is done, the group leave for the mountain. They cut through the nearby bamboo forest when Danzo warns there are monsters up ahead. She advises against going around them, as it would cost more time, so the group slay them. As they continue onward, Kotarou explains Shuten and Raikou are bit different from the other Swordmasters since they were oni or oni-blooded in life. Musashi then describes the different types of oni. The first are creatures outside the domain of humans. The second are descendants of abominations possessing power outside of human capacity; The third are beings whose hatred of the world gave them corporeal form, and they cannot be pacified. Some of them are born like that because how stories portrayed them. Musashi then compares the two first types to Heroic Spirits in how they both exceed human capability. As for the comparison to the third type, Kotarou explains some Heroic Spirits were born from stories while others became monsters because of stories. A oni born from hatred then suddenly arrives, but the group manage to slay it. As the others resolves, Danzo is reminded how Kotarou told her a soulless ninja is just a hollow blade. The group exit the forest into a mountain trial. Muramasa recalls the atrocities committed during the age of war, but he's glad peace will come after looking at Ritsuka. He then reveals he cannot remember his children or grandchildren since he was so focused on forging swords. He expresses his desire to see Onui and Tasuke grow up, which is why he is doing everything to ensure their future. Orochi then suddenly appears, even though Chiyome is long gone. Kotarou realizes Shuten is able to summon it because she is a descendant of Orcohi. With the last of its energy, Orochi knocks Ritsuka down a slope. Kotarou goes to save them when another Orochi appears.[198]

Ritsuka find themselves in a cave, having been knocked unconscious while tumbling down the mountain slope. They quickly realize Shuten is the cave with them. Shuten explains she found them while walking around after Raikou kicked her off the peak. Ritsuka asks her Onui and Tasuke are safe, but she isn't sure if they are at the moment. They then thank her for patching up their ankle. Shuten tells the final Swordmasters, Saber and Caster, are far worse than her and Raikou. She also says they're stronger as well, explaining one is utterly cold and efficient in their killing while the other would like to see the world end. She then offers Ritsuka anything they want if they join her. Ritsuka answers they want Onui and Tasuke's return, but Shuten refuses and begins tearing into their stomach. They eventually fall unconscious from the pain. Meanwhile on the peak, Raikou sings a lullaby to Onui and Tasuke, but they both wake up. After seeing she reminds Tasuke of his mother, she expresses his desire to be a mother even as a Swordmaster.[199]

Musashi, Kotarou, Muramasa, and Danzo eventually find Ritsuka. Kotarou uses his clan's secret ointment to close their wound. He tells them to get some rest, saying Muramasa and Danzo are keeping a watch outside. After getting more rest, Ritsuka continues onward to the peak with the others. There the group confront Shuten and Raikou, and demand the children back. Shuten says she ate them, but the group have their doubts. They then kill the Orochi summoned by her. Afterwards, Shuten and Raikou bring Musashi to the other plane for their fight. After Shuten disappears, Raikou tells the group that Onui and Tasuke are in a small shrine up ahead. She confirms Shuten was lying before, saying they didn't harm either of them. She believes she is broken as a Swordmaster as she couldn't bring herself to harm the children, which she is glad for. She then asks the group to apologize for her to Onui for tying her up and roughly cutting her bounds. She also asks them to defeat the Swordmasters and prevent the Onriedo's arrival. After she disappears, Kotarou arrives with Onui and Tasuke, both of them unharmed; Muramasa gives Raikou's message to Onui. As the group leave the mountain, Kotarou realizes this world's divergence from the original history didn't begin in Shimosa nor Toke, as Danzo is still operational. Meanwhile at Katori Shrine, the Sorcerer orders Caster and Saber, the only ones who retained their sanity, to finish the ritual for the Onriedo.[199]

Outside Toke Castle town, the Sorcerer prepares to materialize the Onriedo. On his order, Caster plunges the world into darkness and replace the sun with a blood red moon. The Sorcerer then uses the souls of five Swordmaster and those they killed to transform Toke Castle into Onriedo Castle. Townsfolk are randomly turned into monsters and kill those who weren't turned due to Caster's Noble Phantasm. For those who lack resistance to magic have their human norms to bestial urges, and begin eating other humans. Among those killed is Sakon, who was killed by a child turned monster. The Sorcerer calls him a hypocrite for having been horrified by the carnage when he committed such atrocities in Shimabara barely a year ago. His identity is revealed to be Amakusa Shirou Tokisada. He is not the Heroic Spirit Amakusa Shirou recorded in Chaldea, but a human who survived the Shimabara Rebellion in a now culled parallel world. As he traveled across many worlds, his grudge towards the Tokugawa until he became the living emodiment of hate, something beyond human. He then followed the calling of something that reach out to him, and arrived in this particular version of Shimosa.[200]

Meanwhile at the hermitage, the group see the blood moon, and assume another Swordmaster has arrived. Danzo sends up a flying ovservational device, and sees that Toke Castle has been transformed. The group, along with Muramasa and the children, then ride to town on the horses that Muramasa provided. Upon arriving, Kotarou scouts on ahead and assumes the castle is the cause of the monsters in town. He also says a number of the townsfolk were turned into monsters. Danzo confirms the eastern area has been completely wiped out. Since the east is closer to the castle, the group assume people turn monsters when they get close to it. They then notice Otama helping people evacuate. After they slay the monsters that arrived, Otama confirms most of the survivors have already escaped since an hour from when the carnage began. She also says Yagyu and his samurai fought monsters long enough for the survivors to escape. She then tells the group that she saw Kiyohime's servants fleeing from the castle, seeking refuge at the Town's outskirts. Muramasa then leaves Onui and Tasuke in her care, as it would be too dangerous to take them to the castle. After they leave, two Orochi arrive. After the group slay one, they encounter the Missonary who was fighting the other Orochi. Kotarou then tries to ask him if he's from Chaldea, but he's cut off. The Missionary reveals Amakusa Shirou is preparing to use Onriedo Castle for a ritual. He also reveals Kiyohime is being help captive there. He continues that Amakusa Shirou plans to cast a far-ranging multilayered curse on the Tokugawa regime, one so powerful it'll threaten the stability of many parallel worlds. As his aim is to curse every possiblity of Tokugawa regime, Amakusa Shirou plans to use Kiyohime as the perfect catalyst due to her Tokugawa heritage. Though she lacks blood from the immediate family, it will serve sufficiently for his plan, especially given that Iemitsu is only the third shogun. The Missionary realizes Amakusa Shirou was searching for a parallel world where Matsudaira's daughter was living near Edo following the Shimabara Rebellion. He then reveals that once Kiyohime is sacrifice to the castle, it will be complete, and this world, along with many others, will be destroyed. The group then rush towards the castle to save Kiyohime and stop Amakusa Shirou.[201]

The group arrive outside the castle, hearing a subtle heartbeat from it. Breaking through the monsters that materialized, they enter the castle courtyard, guided there by Danzo. There she tries to confess she is an enemy spy, but Musashi reveals it before she can. It is revealed the group suspected her at different times; Musashi and Muramasa from the beginning; Kotarou after Chiyome's demise; Ritsuka after Onui and Tasuke were abducted. Danzo reveals Saber commanded her to aid the group against the Swordmasters, and Caster ordered her to kill them if the chance presented itself. She confesses her surprise at feeling remorse for letting Shuten and Raikou kidnap Onui and Tasuke. She is surprised that despite the group knowing she was an enemy spy, they still let her accompany them. She recalls Kotarou telling Chiyome that a souless ninja is just a hollow blade, and realized she is neither of them. Beliveing to have gained a soul now, she says she led the group to the castle on her own accord to prevent its activation. Caster appears and mocks her for thinking she gained a soul and led the group of her volition. He reveals he repaired her after finding her broken and abandoned body, having shutdown from a lack of magical energy. While he repaired her bdoy though, he also altered her mental records. He then proclaims himself to be Abe no Seimei, though the group doubt its validity. Musashi attacks him, but a barrier stops him. Danzo also tries to attack her from behind, but she stopped by Kotarou. Danzo finds she cannot control herself, and realizes Caster was controlling her actions the whole time. Caster then calls the monsters that he's been keeping at bay, which is why the group never encountered any in the castle so far. He also Danzo fight the group, revealing he imbued with a sorcery that recreates the Curse of Annihiliaton's karma through machinery. The group slay the monsters, but Danzo is too fast for them. After thanking them for treating her like a real person though, Danzo self-destructs herself. The explosion takes out Musashi's eye while leaving Danzo in critical condition. Ritsuka is able to stop the bleeding with their Mystic Code, but they weren't able to close the wound. Muramasa suspects the reason Musashi's eye couldn't be healed is because of a curse that Caster imbued Danzo with. Musashi attacks Caster with a slash that should have cut his head clean off, but he stops it. He mocks her sword technique and the fact she is wearing a eyepatch, then he summons more monsters. Kotarou is then imparted with Danzo's magical energy, the very same that the first Kotarou embedded into her. He then helps the others slay the innumerable monsters summoned by Caster. Caster mocks Kotarou's efforts, claiming he cannot be harmed as long as Onriedo Castle has Satan's protection. Kotarou counter he and the others already slain 90% of the monsters protecting, so they only need to kill a few more before he can kill Caster. Caster then casts the Curse of Annihiliation on Musashi to transform her into a Swordmaster. Ritsuka however uses the Mystic Code Rain of Isis to remove the curse to Caster's shock. Musashi uses this oppurtunity to slash him, breaking through his multilayered barrier. Caster then summons the great spirit of the Souma clan to fight Musashi for him after bringing them into the other plane. After Musashi slays the spirit, Kotarou wounds Caster, who claims only the Myoujingri Muramasa should be able to harm a Swordmaster. Kotarou reveals it is thanks to Danzo passing her will to him that he was able to do so. He also reveals Danzo was the one who taught him his clan's ninjitsu, considered her to be his mother in everything but blood. He then seemingly finishes off Caster.[201]

Meanwhile, inside the castle, Amakusa Shirou declares Onriedo Castle will destroy Chaldea after it destroys Shimosa. He reveals to a confused Kiyohime that he spent twenty years travelling acorss different worlds before hearing Satan's voice calling to him. He then tells her that the Tokugawa is always the no matter the world, repeating the massacre of christians at Shimabara across several worlds. Thus, he will kill every Tokugawa mercilessly despite knowing this world is cut off from the proper history. He then tells the guard that Musashi is in the castle. He declares he will kill her, believing it is the sole reason for his existence. Though she wields the Myoujingri Muramasa, Musashi is still human and has yet to reach the pinnacle of her swordsmanship. Amakusa Shirou's guard has already reached the panniacle of his swordsmanship though. His guard is concerned he may not get the chance to duel Musashi since she will be facing Saber first.[202]

Mash, Leonardo da Vinci, and Sherlock Holmes make contact with Ritsuka. Da Vinci reveals that after they fell into a coma, something intervened into dream Ritsuka was having and brought their consciousness somewhere else. Since Chaldea already had data of a similiar situation, they were able to surmise what happened, but they couldn't reach Ritsuka. The only thing that eventually worked was rayshifting Kotarou. Kotarou deduces it worked because Danzo, who has a strong connection with, existed in this world. He also realizes the spell meant to restore Ritsuka's comms he brought with him was activated when he absorbed Danzo's magical energy. Da Vinci doubts communications will not last long since that world is outside the proper history. Sherlock explains Ritsuka's mind was able to attain something similiar to a physical body after being transported. Even though the body is only temporarily, if it didn't adjust this world, Ritsuka's magic circuits wouldn't function properly to restore their comms. Ritsuka realizes Shuten may restored their magic circuits when she punctured them, suspecting the slim chance she shared memories with the version of her in Chaldea. Sherlock then reveals Ritsuka was brought into the rift between reality and dreams. He explains that particular version of Shimosa isn't a Singularity, instead it is something akin to a Reality Marble, a seperate timeline, or an alternate world that possseses no threat to humanity. He then explains Musashi is a Mobile Singularity, but she isn't the only factor responsible for what happened to Ritsuka. As the group think about who could be the other factor, Sherlock gives an example of when multiple Mobile Singularities being in the same world. Such a phenomena would result in any number of abnormalities and unusual phenomena. Ritsuka and Muramasa deduce Amakusa Shirou is the other Mobile Singularity. Kotarou realizes monsters manifested in Shimosa when Amakusa Shirou and the Swordmasters arrived, with more appearing when Onriedo Castle manifested. Sherlock then says he originally hypothesized that Musashi would be able to control the monsters like Amakusa Shirou can. She couldn't though, so he suspects Amakusa Shirou has a stronger Mobile Singularity temperament than her. After communications end with Chaldea, the group enter the castle keep.[202]

Inside the castle keep, the group ascend it as they slay any monsters in their way. They eventually reach the fourth floor when a still alive Caster tries to ambush Musashi. However before either he or Musashi can do anything, Saber kills Caster. Saber then reveals himself to be Yagyu, the only human among the Swordmasters. He the reveals his loyalty to Iemitsu, and his devotion to his family's Shinkageryu were destroyed when he and Musashi dueled six months ago. He previously thought there was no special meaning to the way of the sword, nor any vaule in life, until he dueled Musashi. He realized at that moment he enjoyed dueling, so he joined Amakusa Shirou for a chance to duel Musashi again. Musashi asks the others to go on ahead without her, but Ritsuka decides to stay with her. After Muramasa and Kotarou ascend to the fifth floor, Yagyu bring Ritsuka and Musashi to the other plane for their duel. Eventually Musashi is able to awaken her ultimate techinque, Kengou-Battou: Ishana-Daitenshou, to breakthrough Yagyu's god-like swordsmanship. Yagyu then dies thanking her for the duel.[202]

On the fifth floor, Amakusa Shirou prepares to sacrifice Kiyohime when Muramasas and Kotarou arrive. Muramasa realizes the Counter Force summoned him to this particular Shimosa was to stop Amakusa Shirou, who became a threat to the world. Amakusa Shirou declares his body has long surpassed human limitations, equal to that of a Swordmaster. He then proclaims he will destroy possible world where the Tokugawa exists as Satan guided him to. Kotarou and Muramasa attack him, but their attacks are useless. Ritsuka and Musashi then arrive to help. Amakusa Shirou finds himself and Musashi similiar in that they're no longer truly human after crossing many worlds since they cannot return to their own. Musashi admits they are similiar in that respect, but she travelled out of a sense of freedom, unlike Amakusa Shirou who sought revenge. She and the others then proceed to fight Amakusa Shirou. Eventually he entraps the group inside his Reality Marble, Shimabara Hell. It is recreation of Amakusa Shirou's original world engraved into his soul, where the very air is poisonous. Contacting the group from outside, Amakusa Shirou explains it doesn't suffer any living person to survive, and there is no escape from its waves of suffering and resentment. He then declares Onriedo Castle is now ready to retrieve its sacrifice. In response, Muramasa forges Tsumugari Muramasa, the same sword removed from Orochi's tail during the Age of the Gods, to bisect both the Reality Marble and Onriedo Castle. As the castle burns around them, Amakusa Shirou asks Muramasa how his sword could reach outside the Reality Marble. Muramasa answers it is because Onriedo Castle shares part of its name with Edo Castle. He also says the name Muramasa is synomous with the Tokugawa's downfall. He admits Amakusa Shirou would have succeeded if he didn't rhyme the name of his castle with the Tokugawa's own. Kotarou then pierces Amakusa Shirou's heart with the kunai that Chiyome left behind, and finishes him off. Deducing Ritsuka and Musashi on the otherside of the keep, Muramusa tells Kotarou to escape with Kiyohime. He advises jumping down to street level since she would suffocate from the smoke if they take the stairs. He then disappears since he used a divine sword without the body of a god.[202]

Meanwhile, Ritsuka and Musashi try to escape from the burning castle. They are confronted by Amakusa Shirou's guard, Sasaki Kojirou, who has come to kill Musashi. She tells Ritsuka escape without her, and senses Sasaki is several times stronger than her. Despite having never met him, Musashi knows his name, and senses he is her fated rival. It doesn't when and where, Musashi and Sasaki are destined to fight. Though the duel itself is void of meaning or purpose, it doesn't matter to the two warriors. Musashi and Sasaki both agree the only possible outcome of their meeting is to fight. As their duel continues, their sword techniques are evenly matched while surpassing time, space, existence, and essence. Musashi's zero is a skill that arrives at a single correct answer amongst many possibilities; a sword that brings out an inescape end, even against gods and Buddha. Sasaski's infinity is a skill that creates and accepts many possibilities; a sword that creates an unavoidble future for even gods and Buddha. Musashi and Sasaki eventually reach the Realm of Infinity, also know as the Realm of Nothingness. There is no time, no space, no fate, no good, and no evil within this realm. It is devoid of thought or feeling; a place only true masters of the sword can reach. It is not a world; it is neither the proper history nor culled history; it is beyond even the rift of reality and dreams. It is an impossible domanin where zero and infinity clash endlessly. Musashi and Sasaki would duel each forever if not for Ritsuka determining Musashi as the winner. Satisfied by their duel, Sasaki escapes from the castle. Though she is the victor, Musashi recognizes she is too weak now to escape. She then throws Ritsuka out of the escape to show her thanks for them staying by her throughout her journey. They are caught just in time by Kotarou. Musashi is satisified she reached the Void, feeling there is nothing left for her. She passes away amongst the flames, wishing she was watching the clear blue sky.[202]

Later, Sasaski meets the dying old male Musashi inside a cave, where the latter was wating for the former. The two compliment each other's swordsmanship while downplaying their own. Though Musashi will die alone, stories of his life will spread well after his death. Sasaki howver will be forgotten after he dies. Musashi refutes this though, believing Sasaki is worthy of being his rival. He regrets their duel will be unrealized, but Sasaski reveals he fought another Musashi moments ago. He witnessed that she had reached the Void of the Niten Ichiryu style. Musashi then passes away with satisfaction upon hearing this. Sasaki bid farewell to both Musashis, grateful they had the chance to meet, even though they weren't meant to.[202]

At Toke Castle town, Kiyohime thanks Ritsuka for saving everyone. She says the castle will be rebuilt after the town is taken care of. After Otama asks them where Musashi and Muramasa are, Ritsuka goes to their room in her inn. They ask Kotarou if Murasama's Spirit Origin will be registered in Chaldea, but Kotarou doubts since this Shimosa exists in the rift between reality and dreams. He continues nothing that happens in this Shimosa can ever affect the proper history. Ritsuka realizes from this that they can return this particular Shimosa ever again. Kotarou tells Onui and Tasuke they can either stay in town, where they rely on Kiyohime or Otama when they need it, or they can return to Muramasa's hermitage. Onui decides with the former, and expresses her dream to grow up to be like Musashi. Later, Ritsuka digs through the wreckage of Toke Castle and finds the tsuba Musashi used as an eyepatch.[203]

Meanwhile, Caster is revealed to be still be alive. He frustrated that Ritsuka and Musashi were able to stop his plan to destroy Shimosa. His True Name is then revealed to Ashiya Douman, Seimei's nemesis who tried to overthrow the government with Fujiwara no Akimitsu. While he failed to invade Chaldea, Douman was able to find information on the lost history (Missing Belt). He reveals this Shimosa is similiar to a parallel world without being one; it is part of human history without being part of it; It is a world observed by the god of a distant star; a world resembling a Singularity yet isn't. Douman then reveals Satan was a temporary name for his master as a joke. Their name isn't revealed though, for it is a great curse upon the world.[203]

Ritsuka recovers from their coma. Mash tells him Kotarou arrived sooner than they hid and gave the full details about what happened. Da Vinci says Chaldea's library doesn't have any records of what occured, so she will make it herself. She continues they also need to find the true idenity of Satan that the Swordmasters mentioned, unsure whether or not it is the real Satan. She also finds Ritsuka's experience to be valvuable, saying she will throughouly debrief them later. Ritsuka is then visited by Shuten, Raikou, Kiyohime, Tamamo. On their way to their room, they encounter Edmond. They recognize him as the Missionary they met in Shimosa, but he denies it. He then tells them to check their desk before sleeping. There they find a prerecorded video messange from Musashi. She first off by saying Edmond told her to record it before she continues her journey. She reveals she died, but she later woke up to see a blue sky. From there she crossed many worlds until she arrived outside of Chaldea, where she encountered Edmond. She explains Sherlock told her she is a now Heroic Spirits who materialized outside Chaldea thanks to a Chaldea summoning spell. Thanks to her connection with Ritsuka, her Spirit Origin was recorded as a Heroic Spirit after she died. Sherlock also told her she is now a Servant who automatically forged a contract with Ritsuka as her Master. He found it strange though that a "what if" Heroic Spirit who shouldn't exist could be summoned. Musashi ends the recording hoping to see Ritsuka again someday, addressing them as Master.[203]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Saber (Living Hero) Miyamoto Musashi Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Sengo Muramasa
Lancer of Purgatorio Inshun Hozoin Heroic Spirit Swordmasters
Caster (Living Hero) Tamamo no Mae
Berserker (Living Hero) Kiyohime
Assassin Fuma Kotaro Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer of Inferno Tomoe Gozen Heroic Spirit Swordmasters
Saber of Empireo (Living Hero) Yagyu Munenori Heroic Spirit Swordmasters
Assassin of Paraiso Mochizuki Chiyome Heroic Spirit Swordmasters
Caster of Limbo Ashiya Dōman Heroic Spirit Swordmasters
Assassin (Living Hero) Katō Danzō
Rider of Kālasūtra Hell Minamoto no Yorimitsu Heroic Spirit Swordmasters
Berserker of Saṃghāta Hell Shuten-dōji Heroic Spirit Swordmasters
Avenger (Living Hero) Amakusa Shirō Tokisada
Nameless Saber Sasaki Kojirō

Salem: The Forbidden Advent GardenEdit

Salem: The Forbidden Advent Garden (禁忌降臨庭園セイレム, Kinki Kōrin Teien Seiremu?), alternatively Heretical Salem (異端なるセイレム, Itan-naru Seiremu?) or Subspecies Singularity IV (亜種特異点 IV, Ashu Tokuiten IV?), was the fourth of four major Singularities which emerged in the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. Engulfing present day Salem, Massachusetts, it recreated the events which occurred in the town in A.D. 1692.[204]


FGO Salem
The Singularity recreated Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692.[204]


Mash rushes to the command room when a type 3 alarm sounds off, indicating an abnormality has detected somewhere. There she meets Ritsuka, who only just recently woken up. Leonardo da Vinci explains the alarm originated in North America. An incredible magical energy signature was detected there, but the threat level is fairly low for now. Chaldea is currently sending investigative drones to gather intel, and communicating with the local authorities. They're also cooperating with the North American branch of the Mage's Association since they didn't observe the phenomenon. Da Vinci doubts they'll be much help though since there aren't many Association agents in North America. She then shows an image taken by one of Chaldea's staionary satelites of where the phenomenon occured. Mash sees it is north of Boston, and notices the area completely pitch-black. Artificial light is also undetecteable there within seven kilometer radius. The only explanation for it is magecraft, as it isn't a blackout nor freak weather. Geronimo enters the room and confirms the area where the phenomenon is Salem. Da Vinci requested his assistance, believing his wisdom will be helpful since the Apache have been attuned with the land's voice since ancient times. Mash asks about the residences, to which Da Vinci answers the U.S. army's recon drones have yet to detect any signs of them, or radio transmissions. Ritsuka assumes a surviving Demon God is responsible for the phenomenon. Da Vinci agrees, but she finds the lack of effort in concealing the phenomenon to be concerning. She finds it fortunate the Singularity is only covering a single town, but Geronimo believes things will get worse. He disagrees with Ritsuka and Mash' urgency of wanting to go to Salem, as he believes it isn't time yet. Mash is concerned for the populace, but Geronimo is concerned that it may be a trap. He agrees with Da Vinci that the Demon God is more cautious and villainous than the others. He then asks her if any more details have come to light. Da Vinci reveals the Singularity expanded to its current size within seconds when it first appeared before ceasing. She continues that Mages from the Association sent familiars into it, but they lost contact every one of them. Boston's Holy Church also reported they have no idea about the nature of the Singularity. Da Vinci reveals she hired mages, demonlogists, exorcists, and stationed them in cities of interest as agents in the Church and the Association. Boston happened to be one of those cities, so the other North American agents should be gathering there now. Da Vinci then requests Mash to check the authenticity of the reports coming from all around the world, and to see if they're related to Salem. She also asks Ritsuka to get Sherlock Holmes to give his assistance, which Mash agrees to help with.[205]

The next day, Thomas Edison, Hans Christian Andersen, William Shakespeare, Medea, and Sherlock gather in the command room. Da Vinci states the upcoming Rayshift will be the final one, as the Association and United Nation have jointly decided to halt all Rayshift operations following this transfer. She then moves on to what they learned about the Singularity. First, it was decided the darkness surrounding Salem will be called the Mist. It is also certain it was made with magecraft since it absorbs all visible light and other forms of electromagnetic waves, and it doesn't obey the laws of physics. It also extends upwards to an average altitude of 600 meters. The U.S. army tried sending in drones to investigate, but every one became inoperable upon entering. A number of journalists snuck past the army blockade, and enter the Mist themselves, but none have yet to return. Trained animals sent in to investigate also failed to return, and there is no sign of any fauna entering or exiting. Da Vinci then reveals a single automata, sent in by one of Chaldea's mages, was able to return from Mist. This medieval automata returned with sketches of what it observed, which Da Vinci shows to the others. Mash finds the sketches of Salem are identical of how it was in the late 17th century. Da Vinci isn't sure if the past was faithfully recreated, or if a type of magecraft displaced the area. Either way the effect it would have humanity is immeasurable, so Da Vinci believes a Demon God still plotting to incinerate humanity is responsible. Mash then asks Geronimo what he meant when he said Salem was a cursed name earlier. He explains Salem and its surrounding areas were site of three tragedies. First was when Pilgrims brought an epidemic that nearly wiped out the Massachusett tribe living in Boston Harbor. Second was when the surviors of the epidemic, the Wampanoag, were massacred by the Pilgrims. The third tragedy was the Salem Witch Trials. Shakespeare calls witches to be another creation of mankind's imagination and self-delusion, and believes those who say they're real are using it for their own selfish ends. Sherlocks says those who loathe sinners, and personally judge sinners, are inevitably the ones who are sinners. He says such people will always exist, calling it the fundamentally aspect of the criminal mind. He questions if witches would count as criminals or victims; the answer to which has changed as people's beliefs. He then calls the Witch Trials to be a lawful process meant to punish so-called witches, calling it an attempt to conduct a witch hunt in a civilized manner. Da Vinci says she has been checking the repaired Foundations for any instabilities. She fears the Singularity is a small distortion that threatens the very rules of the world. She then orders Ritsuka investigate the innards of the Singularity, rescue as many people as possible, and find and destroy the Demon God. Mash reveals the Mist eliminates any post-17th century technology, which is why the automaton was able to return. It was learned from Sheba's observations that there are people inside, though it's unknown if they're safe. Da Vinci says the only way to enter the Singularity is a rayshift in the present day. However, there are two conditions involved with this particular rayshift. First is that the number of rayshift occupants is severely limited, as the Association has already shut down Chaldea's reactor. Second is that the team needs to dress for the occasion, for which Shakespeare and Andersen came up with a scenario for said team to be a travelling troupe. Da Vinci says the Servants who will be joining Ritsuka have already been picked based Shakespeare's advice. Geronimo says he wasn't included, believing it's because his involvement would cause unforeseen difficulties. Mash and Edison are concerned about sending Medea was into Salem, given she is an actual witch. Da Vinci responds that it's because of her status as a witch that Medea will serve as an advisor to find the line between supersition and magecraft. Medea agrees to do so, despite her earlier indecision. Da Vinci then requests Ritsuka to brief everyone who'll be accompanying them while she makes preparations. Afterwards, as Ritsuka's team prepares to rayshift, Mash requests to join to serve as the troupe's prompter, even though she wasn't included in the scenario. Da Vinci agrees with her request after seeing Shakespeare, Geronimo, and Ritsuka accepted it. However, after Ritsuka's team rayshift, Medea suddenly enters the room. She reveals the one who accompanied the group is an impostor.[205]

The group arrive in a forest outside of Salem, and they begin to head there. Robin Hood says they need with a name for their troupe, so Ritsuka comes up with one. Robin understands they're supposed to be a troupe as an excuse for their outfits, but he's concerned about the asians in the group, like Ritsuka and Nezha. Mash says it shouldn't be too unusual since Salem is British trading colony, though Mata Hari says they should be ready for any predjudice. Charles-Henri Sanson also wonders if this particular Salem has the same culture as the one from the 17th century in the original history. "Medea" asks how they can contact Chaldea. Mash answers she was given a special device for such a purpose, though it'll take some time to set up. She explains it allows them to bypass what's blocking magical communications by linking the key mechanism to Ritsuka's Command Spells since they have a strong connection with Chaldea's Servants. Robin then notices people chatting around a campfire. The group observe a young girl directing other girls in a so-called magic ritual. Medea realizes their magecraft has been severely weakened since they arrived. She then asks Robin, Sanson, and Mata Hari to go into spirit form, but they find they're unable to. An albino girl then finds the group, identifying them as outsiders. Mata Hari lies that what the girl overheard was them praticing their secret routine. The girl leaves though when Sanson speaks to her in a heavy accent, believing him to be a french soldier or fugitive. Mata Hari then notices wild beasts are surrounding the girls at the campfire. She and Mash get the girls to safety while the others slay the beasts. Robin, Sanson, and Nezha realize afterwards that they've been severely weakened. Sanson then searches for the albino girl while "Medea" examines the beasts. Meanwhile, the girl who was leading the ritual introduces herself as Abigail. Mash explains the group are a travelling troupe who got lost in the woods on their way to Salem. Ritsuka asks Abigail for the date, which she answers it is April 21, 1692. Abigail's uncle then arrives, and reprimands her for taking the other children out into the woods in the middle of the night. After Abigail explains the group are travelling performers, her uncle says the other girls told him they were saved by the group. He then offers the group to stay at his home. He introduces himself as Randolph Carter, and explains he adopted Abigail after her parents (her mother being his sister) died. The group then go to Carter's home to rest.[206]

The next day at Carter's home, Mash sets up the communication devices, but it doesn't appear to be working. Mata Hari says she spread word around town about their troupe while she investigated. She explains the town is definitely Salem in 1682, and the villagers are all puritans hailing from Englands. She says there is a wharf with warehouses and merchant ships, but Mash realizes that it is discrepancy since historically Salem didn't get a major wharf until later. Mata Hari also observed there also many who weren't on the list of Salem's residents during this period. Robin observed the local topography and architeture matches the period, but there are things that don't match with historical records. Sanson realizes that this particular Salem is a well crafted fake, and wonders if it is a Singularity on par with those from the Incineration of Humanity incident. Ritsuka asks about the people living in modern Salem, but Mata Hari and Robin couldn't find them. Mash notes the current year is when the Salem Witch Trials. Mata Hari observed the people seem to be on edge, and Robin saw they don't have much food in general. "Medea" wonders if the images they received from Sheb were falsified. Tituba then enters the room, and asummes they were discussing their next performance. She explains she hails from Barbados, and she was originally owned by Abigail's father before Carter. She also reveals Abigail's parents were killed by natives in the forest. Mash realizes that is why Geronimo said he would cause unnecessary trouble. Sanson tries to ask about the ablino girl, but Tituba returns to her chores. "Medea" says they can't stay at Carter's home, revealing it is subjected to something more powerful than they realize. The group then hear Abigail's voice from outside.[206]

Carter is barred by Abigail from punishing Tituba, saying it was her who taught the girls the ritual. Mata Hari convinces him to ease Tituba's punishment, so he forbids her from speaking of her hometown. The group then split up to search for clues about the Demon God. Medea decides she will stay at Carter's home to keep an eye on him and Tituba. Near the town hall, Mata Hari and Sanson encounter the albino girl when a villager accuses her of being a blasphemer. They learn Abigail is friends with the girl, but she denies that anyone is friends with her. She introduces herself as Lavinia Whateley, and says everyone hates her family. Mata Hari convinces her to see their performance from a private seating where no one can bother her. Lavinia agrees on the condition they don't tell Abigail that she was out in the forest last night. Otherwise, she'll tell everyone that the group used magecraft to kill the beasts last night. Mata Hari and Sanson argue with her condition, but they're concerned about her being unfazed by their fight. Sanson decides they should investigate the Whateley family further. Meanwhile at the wharf, Nezha says they should capture and interrogate everyone, but Robin says they can't interfere with the timeline too much. He also warns that their false incarnation may get them killed if the villagers revolt.[206]

Ritsuka and Mash find Abigail at the shore after she ran off earlier. They talk with her for a bit about her personal history and their own journeys. They also learn the vilagers trust Carter, given that he teaches at Harvad Divinity School in Boston. Abigail reveals she secretly sent Lavinia an invitation to join the ritual, intially unaware that she did come to the forest last night. The trio then overhear shouting at the wharf when they a gunshot sounds off from that direction. Ritsuka goes to see what happened while Mash takes Abigail to safety. Abigail however begins to have a panic attack, claiming outside of Salem is nothing but pain and suffering. Meanwhile at a tavern, Nezha briefly fights a group of sailors. Ritsuka enters and asks what happened. Nezha explains she and Robin were gambling when a sailor touched near waist her, thinking she was a prositute. He also had her sit on his lap and pour him a glass, but she didn't mind doing so. However, she became angry when the sailor complained about her body. Robin explains that Nezha's low body weight made the sailor think of his kid back home, though the others say he's just a lecher. Ritsuka apologizes for what happened when Mash arrives. After Mash learns what transpired, a villager becomes suspisious of the group being travelling performers. Mash convinces him that they're God fearing folk, despite their appearance. The villager says he'll speak with the Reverend and other respected villagers on the group's behalf if they insist on performing.[206]

That evening, the group perform a play at the town hall depicting Queen of Sheba meeting King Solomon. Afterwards, Carter and the Town Judge go outside to an angry mob. Tituba has been accussed of witchcraft because a charm she made was found under a villager's sick daughter's bed.  A man named Matthew Hopkins  then arrives, saying he's been appointed Salem's head judge by order of the governor. He gives the Judge official document to confirm this. He then orders Tituba to be taken in custody for interrogation. "Medea" stops Ritsuka from interfering, having realized that the witch trials have begun. Carter accompanies Hopkins and Tituba since he is her owner.  He asks Ritsuka and Mash to take Abigail home, saying they proved their trust with their play.[206]

The next day at Carter's home, Mash tells Sanson and Mata Hari that Ritsuka went to the village to accompany Carter, with Robin following to keep them safe. They wanted to determine to if the charm Tituba made is actually cursed or not. Mash also tells them that Abigail fears and hates native americans. "Medea" asks Mash for Ritsuka's response to that, but Mash never told them. "Medea" says she turned the house into a magical workshop, having just finished a moment ago. She explains it was so they could contact Chaldea, and so the Servants can go into spirit form within the house and its ground. She then decides they need to find proof that Salem is the heretical version of history. In order to observe it properly, she built the workshop to isolate herself from outside interference. Mash guesses heretical history means Salem is actually a seperate dimension made from magecraft, rather than its past being displaced. "Medea" agrees, but she isn't able to determine the source yet. She says if it is magecraft, then there should someone in Salem whose soul that can never fullfilled, and a will to bring about this curse. She believes doing so will lead them to the Demon God. Mata Hari then tells about how she and Sanson met Lavinia yesterday, having learned she is from a family of mages. Sanson explains they found a poorly concealed workshop in their basement, along with animal remains used in dark rituals buried in the yard. However, they weren't able to go inside the workshop to determine if the family are practicing mages or not. Sanson then reveals Hopkins is a executioner like him. But before he can say more, Abigail enters the room. Nezha had already told her that Ritsuka went with Carter to see Tituba. Ritsuka and Robin soon return, while Carter and Abigail go to the church to speak with the Reverend. Robin then tells the others about their meeting with Hopkins. He reveals he, Ritsuka, and Carter were barred from seeing Tituba. He saw she is imprisoned in a filthy, near lightless, underground prison. He says it was Hopkin's call to not let anyone, not even Carter, to see her. Ritsuka, Robin, and Carter went to speak with him dirrectly at luxurious mansion he's staying at. During the meeting, Carter threatened legal damages regarding Tituba's treatment, and Ritsuka requested to see the charm to determine if black magic is involved. Hopkins ignorned Carter's threats, and refusedRitsuka's request. Sanson then reveals Hopkins should be dead if the date is correct, as he died in 1647. He explains Hopkins was a famed English witch hunter who exectued 300 accused witches in three years, even though most were innocent. He then warns they have three days at least before Tituba is hanged as a witch. "Medea" decides she needs to examine the charm herself since Ritsuka and Robin weren't able to determine if it has magic or not. She then asks the others details about Tituba's appearance. However, they're unable to recall anything beyond her skin color. Mash assumes something is interfering with awarness and memories. Medea confirms the workshop will prevent that interference, and believes such interference would need a Divine Spirit. She then says Tituba has been hiding her true appearance, and assumes she has a connection to the Demon God. She decides she needs to examine Tituba directly, but Ritsuka asks about contacting Chaldea first.  She replies there is only a fifty-fifty chance of it working right now. She then asks them if they focuse on saving, or possibly capturing, Tituba, or making contact with Chaldea. The group soon agree that contacting a priority, given the circumstances.  Ritsuka, Mash, "Medea", and Sanson decide to visit Hopkins, while Mata Hari, Nezha, and Robin investigate the Whateley estate.[207]

Ritsuka, Mash, "Medea", and Sanson meet with Hopkins at the mansion he's staying at. He refuses their request to see the charm. He does agree with Sanson's request to examine the sick villagers after he gave a demonstration of his medical knowledge. "Medea" then demands the key to Tituba's cell, so she can examine her. Hopkins refuses, and accuses the group to be a band of thieves disguised as travelling performers. He tells the group to put on a moving performance for the whole town to prove their innocence. He then has "Medea" locked in a cell next to Tituba's.[207]

Later that night, the group perform a play for the town. Instead of performing Hopkin's request of a play about Jeanne d'Arc being burned at the stake, they perform a play that Andersen wrote about her and her other selves. Meanwhile, Sanson speaks with Lavinia after he finished examining another patient.



Designation Identity Affiliation
Assassin Charles-Henri Sanson Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lancer Nezha Ritsuka Fujimaru
Archer Robin Hood Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Mata Hari Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Medea Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster of Okeanos Circe
Caster of Midrash Queen of Sheba
Caster Mephistopheles
Foreigner Abigail Williams


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Human Lavinia Whateley
Human Randolph Carter
Human Absalom Whateley
Human Matthew Hopkins
Demon God Raum


During the interrogation of Chaldea's staff and the arrival of the new director Goldolf Musik, Chaldea was attacked by the Oprichnik and Anastasia, a Servant from the Lostbelts. Being weakened and with the betrayal of Koyanskaya‎ and Kirei Kotomine, the survivors were forced to flee the facility, fast being rendered inoperable and uninhabitable. Before Chaldeas was fully sealed, it was noted that no celestial bodies other than the Earth were visible.[10][11]

As the survivors escaped in the Shadow Border, meteor-like objects descended from the sky and the world was frozen over. A broadcast on frequencies normally used by Chaldea then began, from Kirschtaria Wodime, a member of Chaldea's A-Team. He declared a rebellion against the Greater History of Man, deeming that their growth was not correct, and that the World would be filled with mysteries beyond the reach of Man and be regressed into the Age of Gods. He further declared that gods would descend from distant skies for this purpose and through seven seeds, leaders would be selected to remake the planet, with those from the Greater History of Man not permitted to participate or observe, frozen and brought to an end as of 2017. Calling himself the representative of the seven Crypters, he ended by announcing to the survivors of Chaldea that the history of the planet would be succeeded by them.[10][11]

Unable to rayshift with the loss of Chaldea, the survivors were forced to use an experimental method to navigate through imaginary number space and the Lostbelts, in order to resolve the incident connected to the Filtering Outsider Phenomenon (濾過異分子現象, Roka Ibunshi Genshō?).[10][11]

Lostbelt Time Crypter Lost Depth
Lostbelt No. 1

Princess of the Land of Beasts
Permafrost Empire - Anastasia

1570? AD Kadoc Zemlupus D
Lostbelt No. 2

The Jolly Fellow of the Unfading Flame
Eternal Ice - Flame Century Götterdämmerung

1000 BC Ophelia Phamrsolone B+
Lostbelt No. 3

Crimson Beauty Under the Moon
Land of Unified Knowledge - SIN

0210 BC Hinako Akuta E
Lostbelt No. 4

The Black Final God
Genesis Destruction Cycle - Yuga Kshetra

11900 ?? Scandinavia Peperoncino A
Lostbelt No. 5

The Day God Is Shot Down
Interstellar City Mountains ■■■■■■

12000 BC Kirschtaria Wodime A+
Lostbelt No. 6

The Time the Star is Born
Round Table Territory ■■■■■■■■■

0500 AD Beryl Gut EX
Lostbelt No. 7

■■Forest ■■■■■■■■■■

???? BC Daybit Sem Void A++

Anastasia: Permafrost EmpireEdit

Anastasia: Permafrost Empire (永久凍土帝国?), alternatively Princess of the Land of Beasts (獣国の皇女, Jūkoku no Kōjo?), Lostbelt No. 1 (ロストベルト No. 1?) and the Russian Lostbelt (ロシア異聞帯, Roshia Ibun-tai?), is the first of the seven known Lostbelts. Originating in Russia, 1570 A.D., it's Lost Depth is D and it's associated Crypter is Kadoc Zemlupus.[11]


Anastasia map

This Lostbelt diverged from that of Greater History of Man in 1570 AD when an asteroid struck and plunged the world into an ice age. Most humans died, and while Russians were used to the cold and prepared for such weather, 90% of their population perished and they were on the cusp of extinction. Ivan the Terrible and his mages were able to save the country by combining humans with magical beasts, creating the Yaga, with Ivan himself becoming the first. The D Rank Lost Depth here is caused by the Eternal Winter and humanity all but extinct (still alive but as Yaga).[208]




Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster Avicebron Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Atalanta (Alter)
Archer Billy the Kid
Berserker Beowulf
Avenger Antonio Salieri
Saber Miyamoto Musashi Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova Kadoc Zemlupus
Rider (Living Hero) Ivan the Terrible


Designation Identity Affiliation
Crypter Kadoc Zemlupus Crypters
Yaga Patxi
Fantasy Tree Fantasy Tree Orochi

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Ice-Flame CenturyEdit

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Ice-Flame Century (無間氷焔世紀, Mugen Hyōen Seiki?), alternatively ■■■ of the Unfading Flame (消えぬ炎の■■■?), Lostbelt No. 2 (ロストベルト No. 2?) and the Norse Lostbelt (北欧異聞帯, Hokuō Ibun-tai ?, alt. "Scandinavian Lostbelt"), is the second of the seven known Lostbelts. Originating in 1000 BC, it's Lost Depth is B+ and it's associated Crypter is Ophelia Famulthorone.[11]


Gotterdammerung map
The Lostbelt diverged from the Greater History of Man in 1000 BC, during the events of Ragnarok. Surtr, who was supposed to bring the Twilight of the Gods, devoured Fenrir, gaining his Authority and becoming immensely powerful. He decided to bring about the Twilight of the World, killing many gods and giants before being sealed within a false Sun by Odin, who died afterward. However, before dying Odin merged the goddess Skadi with Scáthach, creating Skadi-Scáthach, the King of the Lostbelt, with the purpose of protecting the humans. As Ragnarok was thus interrupted, the world became ravaged by fire and ice, unable to continue past Ragnarok.

Skadi-Scáthach established multiple villages for humans, with the support of the Valkyrie. However, in order to keep the giants at bay, humans are required to reproduce at the age of fifteen or be sacrificed to the giants. Once humans reach the age of twenty-five they are nonetheless forced to be sacrificed. The B+ rank Lost Depth is caued by Earth no longer having humans with the remainder forced to live in the Realm of Shadows. Also, the Realm is only capable of maintaining a few hundred humans before collapsing as such, humans who fail to reproduce at 15 or reach the age of 21 are sacrificed to both appease the giants and maintain the Realm.


As the survivors of Chaldea travel onward to the Wandering Sea, Sherlock Holmes express concern of running out food supplies since it'll take a few days to get there. Ritsuka suggests diving into Imaginary Numbers Space, but Leonardo da Vinci forbids it. She explains the coordinates being sent from the Wandering Sea are constantly changing, making too dangerous to establish a connection for a Imaginary Numbers dive. Secondly, the Shadow Border doesn't have enough energy to do another dive long enough for them to survive it. Goldolf Musik realizes they will have to cross the Lostbelt that was identified earlier in that case, and asks where it is located. Da Vinci answers it covers the entirety of Scandinavian Peninsula. Sherlock asks her if they should cross the peninsula, or travel by sea via Poland or Germany. She answers it may be too difficult to cross the ocean with the Border. She also considers it too risky to cross the oceans anyway since their current conditions are unknown, so she recommends going by land. Ritsuka and Goldolf then ask about the condition of the other European countries. Da Vinci answers there isn't any reaction from Greece's direction, and she is unable to observe Britain with the Border's current equipment. Goldolf orders Jingle Abel Meuniere to stop to maintenance the Border if he finds anything that can be as a shield. He orders Da Vinci to check on Mash Kyrielight's condition since she'll be performing as a Servant again. He then orders Sherlock to come with him to the cells to interrogate Kadoc Zemlupus about the Crypters and Kirschtaria Wodime's goal. Sherlock says he would like to ask Kadoc about the Fantasy Trees and the Sirius Light. The Border's alarm goes off; Da Vinci reveals they have a pursuer from the Russian territory coming at them at 90 km/h. An RPG then hits the Border's portside, managing to damage its composite armor made from modern technology and magecraft. Sherlock orders Meuniere to tell the staff in the portside passage to retreat to the engine room. He says he and Mash will go to the portside passage, where she'll deploy a barrier in preparation for another shot. It is then revealed their pursuer is the priest from the Russian Lostbelt, running at high speeds. The Border is hit by another rocket, but Mash's shield mitigates much of the damage. Goldolf realizes the Priest's rocket launchers were made by Koyanskaya upon seeing the NFF emblem, which explains how it can damage the Border's armor. Da Vinci then alerts everyone that Kadoc has escaped to the deck, so Ritsuka and Goldolf go after him.[209]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Ruler Sherlock Holmes Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Sigurd Ophelia Phamrsolone
Archer Napoleon Bonaparte Ritsuka Fujimaru
Avenger Edmond Dantès
Lancer Brynhildr
Caster Scáthach Skadi
Lancer Valkyrie Caster
Alter Ego Sitonai


Designation Identity Affiliation
Crypter Ophelia Phamrsolone Crypters
Jötunn Surtr
Fantasy Tree Fantasy Tree Sombrero

SIN: Land of Unified KnowledgeEdit

SIN: Land of Unified Knowledge (人智統合真国?), alternatively Crimson Beauty Under the Moon (紅の月下美人?), Lostbelt No. 3 (ロストベルト No. 3?) and the Chinese Lostbelt, is the third of the seven known Lostbelts. Originating in 210 BC, it's Lost Depth is E and it's associated Crypter is Hinako Akuta.[11]


Chinese Lostbelt Map
The Lostbelt diverged from the Greater History of Man in 210 BC, during the end of the reign of Qin Shi Huang. Qin Shi Huang, during his search for an elixir of life, discovered the artificial body of Nezha, which he used to develop technology that allowed him to continue existing in an artificial form. This method allowed Qin Shi Huang to continue ruling China forever. Due to his “immortality” and technological equipment, he eventually managed to conquer the whole world after years of wars, dubbing this new empire as the Eternal Sin Empire.[210]

After his conquest was completed, Qin Shi Huang created a planetary defense system that surrounded the whole Earth, called the “Great Wall”, which allowed him to monitor everything in the world. Despite the advanced technology in his control, the common folk were kept uneducated, with no access to this technology. Thus, the society of the empire remains at a basic farming level. However, the people live in complete peace, with no conflicts occurring over hundreds of years. Qin Shi Huang also artificially “froze” many of the greatest warriors that emerged over the years, so that their talents could be used at a later date. This includes Xiang Yu, Qin Liangyu and Han Xin.

The E-Rank Lost Depth is very low due to humanity not being in any danger. The main divergence is due to technology stagnation amongst everyone other then Emperor Qin.




Designation Identity Affiliation
Lancer Nezha Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Prince of Lanling Hinako Akuta
Saber Mordred Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Jing Ke Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Spartacus Ritsuka Fujimaru
Ruler Sherlock Holmes Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker (Living Hero) Xiang Yu Eternal Sin Empire
Lancer (Living Hero) Qin Liangyu Eternal Sin Empire
Rider Red Hare
Assassin (Living Hero) Consort Yu
N/A Chen Gong
N/A (Living Hero) Han Xin Eternal Sin Empire
Assassin (Living Hero) Li Shuwen (Old) Eternal Sin Empire
Ruler (Living Hero) Qin Shi Huang Eternal Sin Empire


Designation Identity Affiliation
Fantasy Tree Fantasy Tree Mayall

Yuga Kshetra: Genesis Destruction CycleEdit

Yuga Kshetra: Genesis Destruction Cycle (創世滅亡輪廻?), alternatively Black Final God (黒き最後の神?), Lostbelt No. 4 (ロストベルト No. 4?) and the Indian Lostbelt, is the fourth of the seven known Lostbelts. Originating in 11900 Deva Vatsara, it's Lost Depth is A and it's associated Crypter is Scandinavia Peperoncino.[11]


Indian Lostbelt Map 1

The setting in this lostbelt is that during the events of the ending of the Mahabharata, Arjuna absorbed all of the Hindu Gods starting with Krishna. By becoming Arjuna (Alter) he became a living god with a skewed personality. He then decided that as a perfect being he must also live in a perfect world befitting the God that he is. Originally the Yuga System in Hindu Mythology will cause the destruction and reincarnation of the World and takes place in a very long time (after several millennia) however due to Arjuna (Alter)'s impatience, it is occuring on a weekly basis instead.

While doing this, any person who even has the tinest bit of "evil", or "considered to be evil" by God (Arjuna Alter) would be killed, no exceptions. Even worse, those people cannot reincarnate and will be forever forgotten. The destruction and recreation of the world is also messed up because it's not a complete blank start-over like in Hindu myth, but the reshaping of the world by slowly removing elements that is deemed to be imperfect by God. To live in this world and considered to be good, you only need to pray to God everyday, obey everything God wants and you don't need weapons or fighting. If you fail, you are considered to be evil and thus holy beasts and Kali will come and attack, begin the Yuga cycle to remove the "evil".

Arjuna Alter wants to first create the perfect world then extend it to the entire galaxy. According to Ashiya Doman, once the Major Yuga is in effect, that would be the end of the universe and the trichiliocosm.

The A-Rank Lost Depth in this Lostbelt is due to Arjuna Alter speeding up the Yuga System to a weekly reset. For the Lostbelt king only those who are deemed worthy will reincarnate next cycle, he is slowly eliminating people from existence, including memories and actions.The problem is that the king is an amalgamation of gods, the "perfect and purest being" so he will never find anyone really worthy except himself. With this, the numbers of living humans are decreased with each reincarnation cycle because the king eliminated those who deemed unworthy, until no human remains and humanity would perish eventually.




Designation Identity Affiliation
Lancer Nezha
Saber Rama
Lancer Karna
MoonCancer Ganesha
Saber Lakshmibai
Archer William Tell
Archer Ashwatthama
Caster Asclepius
Berserker Arjuna (Alter)
Alter Ego Ashiya Douman


Designation Identity Affiliation
Fantasy Tree Fantasy Tree Spiral


During the Human Order Incineration Incident and the events afterwards, Chaldea also tackled a number of distortions and incidents other than the designated Singularities and Lostbelts. These included space-time distortions which would have become fully fledged Singularities if left unchecked, certain events in alternative timelines, places visited through dreams and others.

Title(s) Type Location Time
Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Order

Ogawa Heim

Singularity candidate Ogawa Apartment Complex, Mifune City
Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison Tower

Prison Tower Château d'If

Soul-based summoning via curse[211][212] Château d'If (recreation) N/A
Fate/Accel Zero Order Alternate timeline[213] Fuyuki City 1994 AD
Rashoumon: The Devilish Capital of Restless Spirits and Drunken Dreams Singularity candidate Kyoto, Japan Heian era
Onigashima: The Great Tale of Demons Singularity candidate Onigashima, Japan Heian era
Prisma Causeway: A Magical Girl's Travelogue Reality Marble N/A N/A
GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration Singularity Kyoto
Fate/Apocrypha: Inheritance of Glory Event recreation within the Greater Grail
Dream-based summoning
Trifas (recreation), Greater Grail, Reverse Side of the World N/A
GUDAGUDA Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail Singularity Tokyo 1945 AD
Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth
Lady Reines Case Files London
GUDAGUDA Final Honnōji Japan

Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of OrderEdit

Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Order, also known as Ogawa Heim, refers to an event, part of a collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and Kara no Kyoukai, which occurred during the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved a distortion which would have become a Singularity if left unchecked, located in Mifune City, and based around the Ogawa Apartment Complex.[214]


Map kara no kyoukai mansion

The distortion occurred in Mifune City near and within the Ogawa Apartment. After Solomon recovered it from the incinerated history, he ordered Edmond Dántes to turn the distortion into a Singularity, and bestowed upon him a system of curses to serve as the core. Additionally, Solomon summoned Mephistopheles to assist him, and separated the demon's good self from his evil self. However, Edmond, not sharing Solomon's goals, decided to transform the distortion into an eternal hell to fuel his need for vengeance. He ordered Mephistopheles to infiltrate Chaldea and convince Servants to come to the apartment. After the Servants rayshifted to Ogawa, their personalities were soon altered by the building's bizarre nature. Moreover, the resentment that the Servants felt attracted spirits of the dead to the apartment. In turn, the spirits were drawn into the core of the would-be Singularity with their resentment strengthening it. Before the arrival of Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight, Shiki Ryougi was summoned into the distortion due to her connection to the apartment.


Ritsuka and Mash arrive in the distortion near the Ogawa Apartment Complex, where Ritsuka's Servants are located after they rayshifted into the distortion. They soon notice a Servant fighting ghosts and go to help her, but the ghosts are all eliminated when they get there. Mash tries to talk to the Servant, but she refuses and attacks her and Ritsuka. The battle ends in an interruption however, but Romani Archaman informs Ritsuka and Mash that the Servant possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. The Servant then apologizes for attacking the pair and starts to leaves. Ritsuka stops her however, and she tells them that she's going to tear the apartment down to stop the undead within from spreading out to the neighborhood. She continues that the undead are running rampant in the apartment due to Servants living there. The Servant tells Mash and Ritsuka that she is a Pseudo-Servant and that she was summoned into the Singularity possibly due to her connection with the building. She then tells them her name is Shiki Ryougi, and after learning their names, she decides to help them. Asked by Romani of the apartment's condition, Shiki states that it is merely filled with enemies and traps. She and the others then enter the apartment.

Entering the apartment, the group investigate the first room, which is oddly cold despite the thermometer showing regular temperature. Shiki points out Musashibou Benkei's presence in the room. Mash tries to talk to him, but he attacks the groups saying they abandoned a respectable way of life. After defeating him, Romani explains that as a Servant contracted to Chaldea Benkei will eventually return there. Shiki then explains that what happened to Benkei has happened to every tenant before, and tells Ritsuka that they did the right thing in defeating Benkei.

Continuing their investigation, Mash asks Shiki why the apartment is cold, why the dead walk, and if the apartment is Mage's Workshop built in secret. Shiki explains though that the apartment was publicly built without any Magecraft involved. She continues the apartment was built to collect the death of its residents, who are reborn when morning comes and die when night falls in an endless loop. Afterwards, Shiki unlocks Room 102, and she enters the room with the others. Inside they are greeted by Mephistopheles, and claims that he lured Ritsuka's Servants to the apartment. He then attacks the group after explaining he took the room's previous tentant's role of cutting bodies apart. After his defeat, Mephistopheles tells the group to solve the mystery and seemingly disappears. But, before the group continues their investigation however, Mephistopheles reappears to everyone's shock. He explain that the one they defeated was evil him and the current him is the good version. He reveals that he has nothing to do with the current situation when asked by Romani, and reveals he was summoned to the apartment by Solomon. Mephistopheles continues that Solomon split him into two, and states his evil self infiltrated the Chaldea and convinced the Servants to come to the apartment. He then says that he escaped from Solomon's contract and waited for the group's arrival. Now joined by Mephistopheles, the group continue their investigation.

Continuing to explore the apartment, Shiki talks about how it is collecting stuff unrelated to its original design and turns it evil. Mephistopheles compares the apartment to a hollow tree from which one will fall into the eternal abyss if they're unlucky when peeking into it. He then asks about Shiki's Mystic Eyes, to which she briefly explains their function. Suddenly, Henry Jekyll appears and asks Mephistopheles if the others are the new tenants. He tells the group that he is the manager of the corridor, and says as new arrivals they haven't mutated. Jekyll advises them to stay on the first floor a little longer, and invites them to stay in his room. However, the group reject his invitation, which he responds to by turning into Mr. Hyde and attacks. Shiki block it however and complains how Hyde isn't strong enough for her. Enraged by her statement, he fights her and the others but is defeated. Returning to normal, Jekyll apologizes for his transformation, and claims he and Hyde were manipulated. He warns Ritsuka not to trust Mephistopheles, and prepares to hand them the key to the next floor. However, he changes back into Hyde and attacks Ritsuka, but he's blocked again by Shiki, who takes the key from him. She complains she wanted to meet Jekyll, and reveals Hyde was the only personality and he was only pretending to possess dual personalities. After Hyde disappears, Mephistopheles reveals Jekyll mutated upon his arrival at the apartment, rotting his body and soul away until his main personality vanished. Asked by Mash, he explains the Servants are being affected by the resentment in the apartment and their alignments are changed as a result. Afterwards, the group move to the second floor.

Entering a room on the second floor, the group encounters Elizabeth Bathory. She threatens to sever Ritsuka's hands and feet and burn their internal organs before attacking the group. After being defeated, Elizabeth complains of her misery and humiliation before finally disappearing. The group then moves to the next room after receiving a transmission from Da Vinci regading Elizabeth's return to Chaldea.

Investigating a room on the third floor, the group encounters Boudica. She welcomes Ritsuka and Mash, and asks them if they're here to bring her back to Chaldea. Boudica scolds them for not ringing the door bell first, and offers Ritsuka to have some stew she recently made. However, when Mash says they'll bring her back to Chaldea after eating, Boudica suddenly turns aggressive. She refuses to return to Chaldea, amd angrily states how the Romans took everything from her. She continues that she forgotten about it by distracting herself with saving humanity, then she attacks the group. After being defeated, Boudica realizes what she did and states the irony of how title of Queen of Victory despite losing the battle most important to her before disappearing.

Nearly complete with their investigation of fourth floor, the group are confronted by Artoria Alter. She warns them to leave as the floor above is filled with vengeful ghosts. The group prepare to fight, believing her to be the mastermind behind the incident. However, Mash and Mephistopheles' misconception about her appearance cause her to remove her armor. She tells them that if she'll forgive their disrespect if they can survive and prove their bravery to her before fighting them. After being defeated by them, Artoria Alter realizes that Shiki has the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. She states the group should be fine going forward as along as Shiki is with them. Artoria Alter tells them that she has been weeding out those who can't handle the grudges of the apartment, but she know they'll survive if Shiki is with them. She also tells them that she came to the apartment of her accord, and reveals Solomon attempted to convert the apartment into a Singularity after recovering it from the incinerated history. She also reveals this plan failed as Solomon sent the wrong job to do the job, which resulted in the apartment becoming a tower that attracts and imprisons Servants, converting them into demons. Artoria Alter then warns that the apartment will someday become the Singularity called "Hell", though she states it has no bearing on the incineration of humanity. Deciding to rescue the remaining Servants, the group continue their investigation.

Later, Ritsuka has the group investigate outside, where Shiki senses a presence. Suddenly, a Servant surrounded by darkness appears before them. He asks the group who they are and why they're killing ghosts. He continues that the ghosts are souls who were unrewarded in life, and their regrets kept them from moving to the afterlife. The Servant states that the ghosts need peace, saying that if Hell denies them he'll create a Hell by using the grudge filled apartment. He then tells the group not to stand in his way and leaves. After he leaves, the group are suddenly confronted a ghost different from the others. Mephistopheles warns Ritsuka that the ghost reaching a state near that of Primate Murder, and states they're all going to die now. However, Shiki states that they would be dead if the ghost was a real Monster of Gaia, and reveals that it is a defective Monster of Alaya. She then tells the group to fight the ghost, and suddenly reintroduces herself with a new appearance to Mash's confusion. Shiki tells them that she didn't want to reveal herself but had no choice given their opponent, which further confuses Mash. After destroying the ghost, she returns back to normal after tripping over a tree root. She mistakes the victory as Ritsuka and Mash's, but Mash corrects her. Cath Palug then gives a key to her that he found.

Back in the fifth floor of the apartment, the group are told by Romani that the core of the Singularity is nearby. Entering the room where the Singularity's core is located, they welcomed by another evil Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles reveals that behind his evil self is a greater ghost called the Great Avici Hell, which draws in spirits and turns them into a pillar. Evil Mephistopheles asks Ritsuka why they're rescuing the Servant since they changed of their will, and says the distortion is safe to ignore since it's a fake Singularity. He continues that even if humanity's foundations are restored, the distortion will continue to exist outside the world and continue gathering hatred and pain. Ritsuka answers they couldn't ignore the suffering inside the apartment, which evil Mephistopheles responds to by attacking the group. After the enemies are destroyed, Mephistopheles disappears as his evil self was destroyed, saying he had fun and bids farewell to everyone. Afterwards, Shiki states the apartment will return to its original abandoned state with the ghost gone. She then returns to Chaldea with Ritsuka and Mash.

The group return to the apartment to return the rest of the Servants to Chaldea. They enter a room on the sixth floor with very brights, where they encounter Frankenstein and Lu Bu. Frankenstein tells them how Nikola Tesla caused a power outage when he used his Noble Phantasm, so she also decided to waste to start wasting electricity. Lu Bu tells them that he helped her because Frankenstein looks like his daughter. Taking note of complaints about frequent outrages, Shiki and the others fight the room's tenants. After they're defeated, Frankenstein and Lu Bu return to Chaldea; she decides to unplug any device of unknown to converse electricity. Shiki reveals she got a request to resolve the cause of the power outages after Mash asked about her memo pad. She says her next request to remove a tenant who refuses to pay rent, and reveals the requests are for removing Servants living illegally in the apartment. She continues that her family owns the building, so she came to the apartment on their behalf to collect rent. Shiki then requests Ritsuka and Mash with eviction of the remaining Servants.

Following the complaints on Shiki's memo pad, the group start evicting the Servants from the apartment. They discover Anne Bonny and Mary Read refuse to pay rent after becoming internet addicts thanks to Blackbeard, so the pirates are removed from the building. Cú Chulainn is doing a illegal gambling, and with Scáthach's help, he is evicted. The group find that Oda Nobunaga and Okita Souji's room has been warped by the former's Reality Marble, which is returned to normal after she's defeated. The group evict Leonidas, who was trapped in a room due to his fear of ghosts. They discover Mysterious Heroine X had crashed into the apartment to continue her hunt for Sabers, which prompts Shiki to switch personalities and fight her. After X retreats, Shiki returns to normal with no memory of what transpired. She then tells Ritsuka and Mash that all of the Servants have been finally removed from the apartment.

Later, the group access the roof through the emergency exit, which Shiki unlocks with the key Cath Palug gave her earlier. There they confront the mysterious Servant, who they believe to the mastermind behind the distortion. He tells them that his grudge shall never fade away, and even if the apartment will disappear, his work will continue. He refuses to give up until he remembers everything of the island of despair, the tower of incarceration, and the castle of treasures. Mash calls him a Heroic Spirit that shouldn't exist in this world, but he refutes that Heroic Spirits and spirits of the dead are both curses. Then, the greater ghost the group destroyed earlier appears, which Mash believes to be another one. The Servant corrects her by saying that curses never disappear, and states the system of curses that Solomon given to him is now complete. He continues that resentment and killing will continue as long as other exists, and states the hatred of the sacrificed are his nourishment. After he states he'll be worshiped as a god for creating an eternal hell, the greater ghost prepares to attack the group. Mash senses that it has far more Magical Energy than before, and states its resentment increases with every defeat. She warns that if the ghost's resentment continues to increase at its current rate, they won't be able to destroy it. However, Shiki encourages her and Ritsuka to fight, even stating to the Servant that all things have an end. Impressed by her claims, he asks the group to show him that they can deny the evil of humans, and prove to him nothing can exist for eternity.

After the ghost is destroyed, the Servant starts to flee by jumping off the roof. Shiki goes to stop him, but Romani warns that the Servant is actually an illusion. Ritsuka stops her, and she kills the illusion of the Servant with a thrown knife. As he disappears, Romani asks him why he created the distortion and who ordered him to do so. The Servant answers he was ordered by Chaldea's enemy to transform the apartment into a Singularity. But instead he used it to fuel his need for vengeance by using the Servants' own desire for revenge. Ritsuka then asks the Servant for his identity before he disappears, but he only answers by saying "Attendre et esperer... (Wait and hope)". After he disappears, Romani informs the group that the distortion will eventually disappear. Mash, however, is curious about the mysterious Servant's identity, and wonders if they'll fight him again. Shiki tells her that he may become an ally, even saying he is someone with great love and hatred for humanity. With the distortion now resolved, the group return to Chaldea.



Designation Identity Affiliation
Assassin Shiki Ryougi Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lancer Musashibou Benkei
Caster Mephistopheles Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Henry Jekyll & Hyde
Berserker Elizabeth Báthory
Berserker Boudica
Lancer King Arthur (Alter)
Berserker Lu Bu
Berserker Frankenstein
Rider Anne Bonny & Mary Read
Rider Edward Teach
Lancer Leonidas I
Lancer Scáthach
Caster Cú Chulainn
Archer Nobunaga Oda
Saber Okita Sōji
Saber Shiki Ryougi
Archer EMIYA
Assassin Mysterious Heroine X
Caster Charles Babbage
N/A Edmond Dántes


Designation Identity Affiliation Role

Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison TowerEdit

Vengeful Demon's Wail at the Prison Tower (監獄塔に復讐鬼は哭く?) refers to an event which occurred during the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved an incident where Ritsuka Fujimaru's soul was summoned into a recreation of Château d'If within a different time and space.[211]


Back when Ritsuka Fujimaru first encountered Solomon in London, the latter placed a cursed on the Evil Eye called on them when they stared in his eyes. The curse was activated at a later date when Ritsuka carelessly said Solomon's name.[212] This caused their soul to be summoned into a recreation of the famed prison tower, Château d'If, within a different time and space that Solomon uses as a hunting ground.[211] As well several Servants, whether they were contracted to Ritsuka or not, had fragments of their soul separated from them and trapped inside the tower. There they would serve as the seven avatars of sin that Ritsuka must overcome to escape, which must done in seven days otherwise they will die.[211] However, Florence Nightingale, lost her original role as the avatar of pride for unknown reasons along with her memories, so the role was taken by Edmond Dantés instead.[212]


Ritsuka suddenly find themselves inside a prison cell. They are welcomed by a mysterious voice, who tells them their soul is no exception to being prisoner in the tower. The voice also reveals that neither Mash Kyrielight, Romani Archaman, nor Leonardo da Vinci can help them. The origin of the voice then appears before Ritsuka, and states how all the spirits of the tower are coming to kill Ritsuka out of envy. After the mysterious person kills a spirit, Ritsuka demands to know who the person is and where they are. He answers that they're in the prison tower, Château d'If, and introduces himself as Avenger. After exiting the prison cell, he tells Ritsuka to survive the ordeal if they wish to learn more. He says though he isn't no obligation to teach them how to obtain the prison's secrets, even threatening to beat them. Stating that he'll teach them the minimum however, Avenger reveals to Ritsuka that their soul has been imprisoned. He continues that in order to escape they must pass the seven Halls of Judgement, and states neither their voice nor Chaldea's can reach either. He warns that getting killed in the Halls of Judgment means death in reality, and idling for seven days also means the same thing. Avenger also reveals that the Château d'If they're currently in is very different than the historical one. He states that it is similar to the Singularities yet it is something else, calling it hunting ground created by Solomon. Moving forward, Avenger introduces Ritsuka to Phantom of the Opera, the first of the seven lords that must be overcome. He calls him a monster of envy that has come to kill Ritsuka. Phantom notices Ritsuka and tries to kill them for not being Christine. After being defeated by Ritsuka and Avenger, Phantom sings of Christine, in which he reveals his envy towards society. After Avenger finishes him off, Ritsuka suddenly find themselves back in their room in Chaldea. There they are greeted by Phantom, who tells them that only one can protect them in the prison even if they're not necessarily good. Ritsuka asks him how he's alive, to which he replies that the one killed in the tower was his ultimate ugliness. However before Phantom can reveal anymore, Ritsuka is summoned back to Château d'If.[211]

Back in Chaldea, Mash tells Ritsuka about the history of Château d'If, but they're summoned back to the tower before she could say anymore. There Avenger addresses Ritsuka's concerns, revealing that Mash is still in Chaldea and so is their body. He continues that the flow of time and space is different between the two locations, and states that seven days in the tower may be a single day in Chaldea. Avenger then reveals that he and Ritsuka will always begin in the prison cell before exiting the cell. Outside, the pair find a mysterious woman asking for help. She tells them that she suddenly woke up in the prison, saying she can't remember anything. After The woman remembers she was looking for something important, Avenger decides to have call herself Mercédès. He then asks Ritsuka what they'll do with Mercédès, to which they answer that they'll take her with them. Reaching the second hall, Avenger asks Ritsuka if they have ever felt lust, to give in to their bestial urges to touch another. Suddenly Fergus loudly answers Avenger's query, and he decides to take Mercédès as his own. He then tries to kill Ritsuka and Avenger, believing they're trying to kidnap Mercédès away from him. After defeating Fergus to protect Mercédès from him, Ritsuka returns to Chaldea before a concerned Mash and Fergus who just entered the room. Mash asks him to help her take Ritsuka to the medical room, but he says there is no point. Suddenly though, Ritsuka is summoned back to the tower and is congratulated by Avenger for overcoming the Hall of Lust. Then, Deciding to take Mercédès with them, Ritsuka and Avenger continue to the next hall.[215]

Back in Chaldea, Ritsuka is unresponsive to Romani, who states he and Da Vinci will continue diagnosing and analyzing. Romani and Mash then wonder what Fergus knows about the situation, only saying there was nothing they could do from their end. Back in the prison, Ritsuka is greeted by Mercédès after they woke up. Avenger then greets them and asks if they have ever felt slothful, which he criticizes them as being so now. After Mercédès defends them against his claims, Avenger reveals that the connection between Ritsuka's body and soul is weakening. Exiting the cell and leaving Mercédès, they move to face off against the avatar of sloth. Once there they are confronted by Gilles de Rais, who is spouting about how his blasphemy is an offering to God. Avenger answers Ritsuka that Gilles is sloth because he let his soul rot, even calling him the worst of humanity. After Gilles says he'll torture their soul into despair, Ritsuka and Avenger fight him. After he is defeated, Gilles apologizes to Ritsuka back in Chaldea for a fragment of him troubling them in the prison tower. However he believes they'll escape the prison as long as the light of their soul never extinguishes.[216]

Inside Ritsuka's room, Jeanne d'Arc begins to tell them a story of a man and vengenance. Meanwhile in Château d'If, Mercédès tells them not to aggravate Avenger as he seems to be angry about something. Avenger then comes in and immediately has Ritsuka go to the fourth hall with him. Outside of the cell, Avenger tells them that they'll face against wrath, which he calls the strongest emotion, saying all humans love revenge stories. Suddenly, he becomes enraged about how despite playing the role of the avatar of wrath, she still speaks of salvation and forgiveness. He calls such a thing unforgivable, saying he'll never forgive even if God and people do. Moving on to the fourth hall, Avenger is greeted by Gilles de Rais, calling him the enemy of the righteous, and states how he'll cut him down in the name of his Holy Maiden. After Avenger reveals Jeanne to be the avatar of wrath and calling her a fool, he reveals she came to the tower willingly to stand against him. Jeanne admits his words are true, saying she has come to stop him. Avenger then answers Ritsuka that she is wrath because she believed in humanity and God, only to be betrayed and burned at the stake. Jeanne however denies his claims, and says she will not judge Ritsuka as she lack the right and the will to do so. She continues that it doesn't matter that she didn't manifest in the tower properly, she will try to save Avenger's soul. He angrily replies by telling her to repeatedly shut up, to which Gilles responds by preparing to fight him. Jeanne however, wanting save Avenger's soul, tells him to stop. But, Gilles tells her that his soul is beyond salvation, and Avenger agrees with his assessment as neither Hayede nor Abbe Faria is with him. After he tells Rtisuka that they can't save him either, Jeanne decides to finally fight him with Gilles.[217]

Afterwards, back in Ritsuka's room, Jeanne continues her story from before. She says the man was sailor in Marseille, who was happily betrothed to a beautiful woman. However, he was falsely convicted and sentence for treason, betrayed by an old friend of his. The man was secretly sent to a prison tower in the bay of Masrseille, the Château d'If, from which none return alive. There the man experience a living hell until he was given hope and guidance by an ancient wise man imprisoned there named Abbe Faria. After Abbe died, the man escaped the prison by taking the place of Abbe's corpse in its bag. Fourteen years had passed when he finally escaped, then with the treasure of Monte Cristo, the man began his revenge on those who forgot and betrayed him. Jeanne calls the story a very cruel and brutal one, but notes how people applauded the man for bringing righteous wrath against evil. Jeanne then says the man called himself the Count of Monte Crisco, who became the world's most famous seeker of vengeance after abandoning all of the good in his heart. However before Jeanne can reveal his name, Ritsuka returns to c, where Avenger is preparing to finish Jeanne off. She admits her defeat, but says she'll stop him and all his plans before leaving. Avenger then tells Ritsuka that he is taking to a place beyond love and hate, wondering if they'll return from there alive or go mad there.[217]

In the prison cell, Mercédès tells Ritsuka that Avenger had just left saying he was scouting outside alone. She then to wonders how she became trapped in Château d'If, believing she may have been chosen as a avatar of a sin. Mercédès then contemplates if humans can exist without sin, and wonders if anyone but God can judge sinners. Avenger then returns and immediately has Ritsuka go with him to fifth Hall of Judgement. Outside the cell, Avenger tells them that they'll be facing the avatar of Gluttony, who he notes will be an easy opponent. Entering the hall, the avatar is revealed to Caligula, who goes to kill Ritsuka. Back in Chaldea, Caligua expresses his belief in Ritsuka prevailing as even he became a Heroic Spirit instead of an Anti-Hero.[218]

Inside the prison, Ritsuka and Avenger go to face off against the avatar of greed. At the sixth hall, they are confronted by Jeanne, who had been waiting Avenger. She says that she will defeat him this time, believing it the only way to save him. Avenger angrily tells her to get out his way, to which she says even with all his wrath he can still receive forgiveness and salvation. However, he denies her words and calls himself the Count of Monte Cristo. Meanwhile in Chaldea, Jeanne reveals the man from her story from before is named Edmond Dantès, who also called himself the Count of Monte Cristo.

Back in the hall, Avenger prepares to kill Jeanne, who is told by a voice that some feelings cannot be shared with mere words. However she refuses to give up, and the voice reveal themselves to be Amakusa Shirou Tokisada, the avatar of greed. Shirou greets Avenger and tells him that he believes in him to the latter's confusion. He tells him that he should know what is truly valuable if he experienced a living, and notes how he didn't join Solomon. However, Avenger tells him that he has no interest in Solomon as he is without hatred, and says that he himself never helped save the world. Shirou admits the truth of Avenger's words, then asks for Jeanne to help fight him, who gladly accepts. After they're defeated by Ritsuka and Avenger, Shirou regrets that he and Jeanne couldn't save him, and tells him that his black flames of vengeance will destroy him as well. Avenger says he is an eternal avenger not even God can stop, but Jeanne tells him nothing is eternal particually evil. Avenger denies her words and states that her and Shirou's weakness is what trapped them in the tower as avatars of wrath and greed. He admits that he would have trouble against their true forms, then he says goodbye after admiring they kept their nobility even inside the prison. Before disappearing, both Jeanne and Shirou pray that Avenger's soul will find rest somewhere far from the prison. Afterwards, Ritsuka and Avenger return to their cell after he wonders if Ritsuka would have been saved or trapped if he was defeated.[211]

Inside the cell, Avenger asks Ritsuka where Mercédès is. Ritsuka answers she may be in the Hall of Judgment, but Avengers says she may be in another part of the prison that Ritsuka doesn't know of. Despite that though, he and Ritsuka go to the final hall. There they find the hall to be empty, so Avenger decides a story, the same Jeanne told, to pass the time. Suddenly, Mercédès appears to stop him with help of the wraiths of Château d'If who admire her. Afterwards, in Chaldea, Mercédès reveals to Ritsuka that she was meant to be the seventh Lord of Judgment, but instead lost the role along with her memories. Back in the prison, Mercédès admits she isn't the real one but wishes for Avenger to find peace, calling him Edmond Dantès. After she disappears, Avenger angrily denies that he is Edmond, which makes Ritsuka realize that it is his True Name. Edmond congratulates them for overcoming the seven Halls of Judgement, but he decides to fight them as only one may leave Château d'If, revealing himself to be the avatar of pride. After he is defeated, Edmond is impressed by Ritsuka's victory, and says he is content that he could be like Abbe Faria for once. Edmond then states how he knew of victory, even after he achieved his revenge unlike the Edmond from the story. After expressing his gratitude towards Ritsuka, he reveals that Solomon was the one who trapped them in the prison tower. He continues that Solomon placed a curse called the Evil Eye on Ritsuka when they stared into his eyes back in London. Edmond is impressed that they were able to overcome Solomon's trap, and tells them to "wait and hope" for their next meeting. After he disppears, Ritsuka is finally returned to reality.[212]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Avenger Edmond Dantès Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Phantom of the Opera
N/A Florence Nightingale (Mercédès) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Fergus mac Róich
Caster Gilles de Rais
Saber Gilles de Rais
Ruler Jeanne d'Arc
Berserker Caligula
Ruler Amakusa Shirou Tokisada

Fate/Accel Zero OrderEdit

Fate/Accel Zero Order refers to a an event, part of a collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Zero, which occurred during the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved a small Singularity that manifested in the coordinates of Singularity F in an alternate timeline ten years prior during the Fourth Holy Grail War.


Map zero
The Singularity shares a similar background to the Fourth Holy Grail War of the original timeline but with significant differences. Firstly, Kiritsugu Emiya and Irisviel von Einzbern have never met each other nor was he hired by the Einzberns to serve as Artoria Pendragon's Master. Instead she become a proper Master in the war with Artoria as her Servant while he contracted with the World to become a Counter Guardian. So unlike the original Fourth Grail War, the Einzberns prove to be the superior faction. However, the Counter Force sensing that the Einzbern's victory will cause the activation of Angra Mainyu, summons Kiritsugu to stop the war before its completion.[219]


Arriving in Fuyuki, Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, and Lord El-Melloi II discuss the disaster that will come to the city with the Holy Grail War. Before the discussion goes further though, El-Melloi performs Qi Men Dun Jia reveal the concealed Hundred-Faced Hassan. He reveals that he planned to catch themselves in Hassan's city-wide surveillance network, knowing they would investigate the rayshift location. After Hassan is defeated, El-Melloi warns that they will be keep attacking the group while surveying the city. Telling Ritsuka and Mash to defeat the other Hassan immediately on encounter, he and the others move onward.[220]

At the wharf, El-Melloi speaks of the deception of the Holy Grail granting any wish to lure in participants. He continues that All the World's Evils will activate if the require number of summoned Servants are sacrificed. El-Melloi compares it to a bomb that could destroy the world, and call Singularity F the result of the ritual being completed. Mash asks who would make such ritual, to which he answers that was the result of a "man-made diaster". El-Melloi tells them the paradox of the Holy Grail having already manifested in Fuyuki yet the city hasn't been destroyed by fire. He theorizes that the Grail detected by Chaldea is different from Fuyuki's Greater Grail that had been corrupted by Angra Mainyu. Then, he waits for Irisviel von Einzbern and Saber to arrive in the area as he knew they would thanks to his knowledge of the fourth war. Irisviel asks the group who they are, believing them to be participants the war. Saber tells her that she no longer detects the presence of Lancer, who had invited them. El-Melloi reveals Saber's True Name to be Artoria Pendragon and has the group fight her.[221]

After Artoria retreats, the group are confronted by Lancer, who was trapped by El-Melloi's Qi Men Du Jia formation to prevent him from fighting Artoria. He reveals Lancer's True Name of Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, and tells him that the group are not Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald's enemies. Kayneth then asks him how he knew he was Diarmuid's Master. El-Melloi tells him that the group has come to support him, and gives the name of Reines El-Melloi Archisorte as his guarantor as he can't divulge his name now. He tells him that he'll reveal more and Caster's current location tomorrow at noon. Kayneth is convinced to leave the group for tonight and reveals himself before them despite Diarmuid's caution. Leaving the wharf, El-Melloi continues his explanation of the activation of Angra Mainyu, and reveals his plan to have at least three Servants withdraw from the battle to prevent the Grail from activating. He continues that the group will seek out and defeat the Servants with whom agreement is impossible. He considers Caster and Archer to be those who won't be convinced, so the group should defeat them before they can engage with any other Servants. He warns that they'll likely have fight Hassan when they confront Archer since their Masters are colluding with each other. El-Melloi then says that they will have to convince Berserker's Master join them since reasoning with Berserker directly is impossible. He warns that Berseker may go on an rampage regardless of his Master's order, and also warns that his Master is unstable physically and mentally. Deciding to postpone convincing Berserker's Master, El-Melloi decides they should focus on convincing Artoria, Diarmuid, and Rider with whom they have the best chance.[221]

Later, Mash is prevented from establishing a summoning circle to get supplies from Chaldea due to the leyline being guarded by a spell placed by the Tohsakas. El-Melloi decides that they must destroy the keystones that power the spell and take the leyline for themselves. Romani Archiman is worried that doing so will anger the Tohsakas, but El-Melloi reveals them to be the ones who summoned Archer. He then leads the group to each keystone, which knows the locations of thanks to Rin Tohsaka when she helped him dismantle the Greater Grail in his timeline.[222] At one of the leyline points, the group by ambushed Sea Demons summoned by Caster in an alleyway.[223] After killing them, El-Melloi goes to negotiate with Kayneth at his apartment while keeping a telepathic line to the Ritsuka. Inside the apartment, Kayneth confronts him with the fact that the he was lying that he was acting on Reines' behalf. However, he decides to continue the meeting due to wanting know more of Caster's location from him. El-Melloi convinces him that he is from the future by stating Kayneth's original intention to summon Iskandar instead of Diarmuid until the catalyst was stolen by Waver Velvet. He also reveals his knowledge that Kayneth's Fiancée, Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, to be the one providing Magical Energy to Diarmuid. El-Melloi then tells him that he will be officially be Reines' service four years later from now.[224] Later, he deceives him that Chaldea's technological achievements were all accomplished by the Archibald family, which were only made possible thanks to his leadeship and founding of Chaldea. After convincing Kayneth to join them, the group head to Caster's hideout in the sewers.[225]

In the sewers, the group eventually confront Caster, Gilles de Rais. They defeat Gilles but Ritsuka wonders where his Master, to which El-Melloi warns he is a murderer who they must stop. After Kayneth goes to the Church to get an additional Command Spell, the group search for Gilles' Master.[226] Further in, the group find Gilles' Master's corpse, but El-Melloi suddenly detects a Servant and deploys Qi Men Dun Jia to trap them. The Servant is revealed to be a mysterious Assassin, who El-Melloi believes to be why 1994 Fuyuki into a Singularity or at least connected to the cause. Assassin fails to convince the group to release him since he has no reason to fight them. After they defeat him, the group notice that he is similar to EMIYA in nature. Suddenly, another Servant charges through, allowing Assassin to escape when they destroyed El-Melloi's formation. Iskandar and Waver then stop their movement to confront the group, and El-Melloi argues with Waver over his primitive methods and arrogance. Waver wonders if he is Caster or Caster's Master, which only infuriates El-Melloi further. He reveals to him that he is a Pseudo-Servant to Waver's confusion over the term and there being two Casters. Iskandar tells him that El-Melloi isn't the owner of the workshop they're currently in. He then tries to pick a fight with the group, but they retreat to his disappointment.[227]

Later, Mash finally establishes the summoning circle, but the group is soon confronted by Artoria. She challenges them to a fair fight, which El-Melloi is unconvinced of due to his knowledge of her serving as a decoy while Kiritsugu Emiya ambushes the enemy.[228] As the group continue to fight Artoria, Mash defends Irisviel from Assassin's ambush. He tells Irisviel that he has come to kill her because she is the Lesser Grail, and he wants to kill her due it simply the fastest way to dismantle the Grail. Artoria then fight him to defend her, which prompt the group to aid her to prevent losing her. After they defeat him, Assasin asks the group why they're getting in his way since they're outsiders to the war. In turn, El-Melloi asks him why he is trying to kill Irisviel, but Assaasin refuses to answer and retreats. Artoria then speaks of how she noticed that the group wasn't trying to defeat her, which prompts Irisviel to ask them if they're enemies or not. El-Melloi answers that they wish to keep Artoria safe to achieve the goal, but he refuses to divulge anymore. He then asks Irisviel if she knows who Assassin is, but she doesn't know him other than a vague feeling that he is meant to kill her. Artoria vows to protect her, and is convinced that the group aren't enemies after Irisviel thanks them for saving her.[229]

After making peace with Irisviel and Artoria, El-Melloi decides to deceive Kayneth even further. After defeating the failed ambush of Hassan, the group go to Kayneth's apartment. There Kayneth reveals that Berserker's Master has agreed to join them if they help him defeat Archer. El-Melloi then convinces him that the Holy Grail War is an conspiracy by the Trambelios, the enemy of the Archibalds, to increase their influence in the Mage's Association while he's away. He continues that the Tohsakas confessed in colluding with the Trambelios to create a fake war, and lies that the other participants are decoys. Kayneth then gives Diarmuid to the group after using a Command Spell to stay in Fuyuki and win the war. Outside, Romani warns El-Melloi that his actions in the Singularity will not change what happen in his timeline as it will disappear once it's resolved. El-Melloi replies that his current actions are a result of him wanting to overcome the powerlessness and regret he felt back then. Despite that though, the group continue with his plan and go to meet with Berserker's Master.[230]

Meeting with Berserker's Master, Kariya Matou, El-Melloi discusses with him about defeating Archer. He plans to have Berserker defeat Archer, Gilgamesh, during his discussion with Artoria and Iskandar at Einzbern Castle nearby. The group then interrupt the meeting between the three kings, and together with Berserker, they defeat Gigamesh.[231] The effort however causes Kariya to pass out, which makes Berserker go out of control and attacks Artoria. Not wanting to lose Artoria and having no more use for Berserker with Gilgamesh gone, the group fight him. However, before they can finish him off, Berserker is defended by Iskandar. He explains that he is joining forces with Berserker to fight El-Melloi out of sheer dislike for him. Iskandar further explains that he finds him to strange for his nature as a Pseudo-Servant and his entirely accurate predictions. He continues that El-Melloi is an outside who trying to interrupt the war, which makes him a greater threat than a mere enemy. He then tells Diarmuid and Artoria that they'll be considered if they ally with El-Melloi. Diarmuid prepares to fight Iskandar on Ritsuka's order, but El-Melloi warns they're only allowed to defeat four Servants. Iskandar then leaves, taking Kariya and Berserker with him, vowing to fight the group once Berserker has recovered.[232]

After Iskandar leaves, the group are confronted by Assassin, who has again come to kill Irisviel. El-Melloi tells him that despite their differing methodology, their goals to end the war are the same. He continues that Irisviel is merely a proxy Master for Artoria while serving as the Lesser Grail, but she denies with his claims of being a proxy. El-Melloi however believes that Artoria's true Master is Kiritsugu, but Artroia says she is contracted to Irisviel. Irisviel then shows her Command Spells to convince him of her status as a Master to his shock. The group then fight Assassin, and after he is defeated, El-Melloi reveals him to be a Counter Guardian. He further reveals that the activation of the Greater Grail will cause the end of the world, and says Fuyuki is the cause of the Singularity. He tells Irisviel that her being both the Lesser Grail and a Master are different from his records as that type of Master is meant to appear ten years later. El-Melloi further explains that her being such a unique Master with a powerful Servant means victory is certain for the Einzberns, which prompted the Counter Force to activate. This prompts Assassin to ask El-Melloi if the Counter Force in the war he knew, to which he answers it was fifty-fifty during the fourth and fifth war. Romani then calls the Singularity to be a "what if" where Einzberns are the superior faction in the fourth war. Agreeing with him, El-Melloi states Irisviel's Magic Circuits are likely what Chaldea read as a Holy Grail, even calling her a psuedo Holy Grail. Irisviel then asks him what meant by the world will end if the Grail is complete. He then asks Assassin if he wishes to stop the war without killing Irisviel, which Assassin agrees with.[219]

Meanwhile, Iskandar captures Sakura Matou from the Matou Residence while burning the worms in the basement. He agrees to give her to Kariya in exchange for his right hand and Command Spells, which he concedes to. After serving his hand, Iskandar has Mithrenes take Kariya and Sakura to hospital outside of Fuyuki before leaving. After he leaves, Zouken Matou finds his manor to be burning and a contract-less Berserker. He then makes a contract make with Berserker to get revenge.[233]

At the Greater Grail's cavern, El-Melloi has reveal the grail's corruption and his plan to dismantle it safely to Irisviel and Assassin. He changes the plan though to having the group destroy the Grail directly since they failed to win over Iskandar. Suddenly, he and Assassin detect Hassan's presence.[233] After they defeat Hassan, the group move on to the the main chamber, where they're soon confronted by Iskandar. He explains that he has come to defeat El-Melloi, seeing him as a worthy opponent, and fights the group.[234] However, after Iskandar is defeated, El-Melloi is severely wounded by Berserker on Zouken's orders. Zouken then explains to Irisviel that wants to witness the Grail's activation despite her telling him that the Grail is a failure. Wanting to defend the Grail, he commands Berserker to attack the group.[235] However, with Berserker's defeat, the Grail is ready to be activated, and Zouken then extracts Magical Energy from Irisviel to hasten its awakening. Suddenly someone resembling Irisviel emerges from the Grail designated Black Iri. After devouring Zouken, she goes to devour the rest, saying five Heroic Spirits aren't enough to fill her. Diarmuid and Artoria decide to hold her off while the others escape. Irisviel is concerned for Artoria though, but she tells her that as the Master is safe, they can withdraw instantly via Command Spell. After she tells her and Ritsuka to be safe, Diarmuid implores Assassin and Mash to protect Ritsuka.[236]

Outside of the main chamber, El-Melloi uses his remaining strength to make Waver Zhuge Liang's new temporary vessel. The group then return to the main chamber to assist Diarmuid and Artoria in fighting Black Iri. After she is destroyed, Diarmuid and Artoria say their goodbyes before disappearing since the Grail was destroyed. Afterwards, El-Melloi accounces that the Grail detected by Chaldea is gone, and asks Irisviel what she'll do now since she can't become the Grail any more. Irisviel agrees she is unsure, but Mash asks her to return with them to Chaldea since their original goal was to retrieve the Grail. She accepts the offer, and El-Melloi helps Waver leave the cavern. Assassin and Irisviel then talk with each other of their strange yet pleasant connection. He tells her that he is satisfied he was only to protect something without sacrifice. After they thank each other, Irisviel rayshifts back to Chaldea with the others. Later, inside the Grail chamber, Assassin tells Angra Mainyu to come out of the Grail already. After he is emerges, Angra Mainyu asks why Assassin didn't warn the group of him since they only destroyed the vessel and not him, the contents. Assassin answers he didn't want to rely on others from another world to destroy him, whose curse solely belongs to his own world. Angra Mainyu criticizes him for continuing to be a Hero of Justice even after death. But, Assassin has no regrets for his chosen path, saying they'll both curse and save the world respectively. Before fighting him, Angra MAainyu asks him for his name, to which he answers his name is Kiritsugu Emiya.[236]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster Zhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II) Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Hassan-i Sabbah (Hundred Face)
Saber King Arthur Irisviel von Einzbern
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald
Caster Gilles de Rais
Assassin EMIYA Counter Force
Rider Iskandar Waver Velvet
Archer Gilgamesh
Berserker Lancelot Kariya Matou
Avenger Black Iri
Avenger Angra Mainyu
Caster Irisviel von Einzbern
Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Master Irisviel von Einzbern
Master Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald
Master Waver Velvet
Master Kariya Matou
Magus Zouken Matou

Rashoumon: The Devilish Capital of Restless Spirits and Drunken DreamsEdit

Rashoumon: The Devilish Capital of Restless Spirits and Drunken Dreams (鬼哭酔夢魔京 羅生門?) refers to an event which occurred during the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved a distortion which would have become a Singularity if left unchecked, located in Kyoto, Japan during the Heian era.[237]


After Shuten-douji and Ibaraki-douji woke up in the distortion, they found the Holy Grail in front of them filled with wine. After they drank it, the wine soon vaporized and spread throughout Kyoto causing its citizens to become drunk. Meanwhile, the wine grants the wishes of Shuten and Ibaraki's heart, but their wishes are twisted by it. Shuten wished to have fun with Sakata Kintoki again, causing him to be summoned into the distortion. Ibaraki wished to go on a rampage with Shuten, but it was twisted into going on a rampage with her power. As a result of the wish, Shuten's power was absorbed into Ibaraki, eventually causing her to become unconscious. Then, in a panic, Ibaraki captures her and shut herself behind a large gate in Kyoto[238]


Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight rayshift in Japan, gazing upon the cherry blossoms scattering in the wind. They soon take notice of strange aroma, which Romani Archaman believes they should gather information on. In the meantime though, he notifies the pair that they're possibly in the Heian Era, but he isn't exact on their coordinates. Sakata Kintoki then suddenly emerges from a pile of petals that Mash noticed earlier. Kintoki tell her and Ritsuka to come with someplace in the mountain, but they're ambushed by monsters. After killing them, Kintoki reveals that they're in Kyoto, and Romani tells them the aroma they smelled earlier was wine. He then directs the group to the source of abnormality, and figures that Kintoki was forcibly summoned into the distortion.[237]

Joined by Kintoki, the group travel through a residential district on their way to the abnormality's source. However, Mash begins to act overprotective of Ritsuka from her getting drunk from the alcohol filled mist. After defeating some drunken citizens, the group move forward, but they notice how empty Kytoto is beyond the corpses lying in the street. They soon arrive at a large gate, where Kintoki realizes that the mist and chaos in Kyoto are thanks to an Oni. Suddenly Ibaraki-douji appears before the group, surprised to see Kintoki. She then shows an unconscious Shuten-douji, who she says will become her sacrifice. He tries to warn her that Shuten-douji will devour her from the inside if she were to eat her. Ibaraki-douji responds by summoning the Great Grudge of Rashoumon and attacking the group.[237] However, neither her nor Kintoki can overcome each other, so she retreats beyond the gate. Left fatigued by the fight, the group go to find something to eat before trying again tomorrow.[239]

After another failed attempt to defeat Ibaraki-douji, the group retreat to the field they first arrived in and report their progress to Romani. Asked by him, Ritsuka reveals that Mash is still drunk from before, though she doesn't seem affected during battle. Romani states the alcohol in the air will not disappear until the source is destroyed, then he tells the group a plan he thought up.[240] The next day, after fighting Ibarki-douji again, Mash tells Ritsuka and Kintoki that they may not have necessarily need to defeat her to solve the distortion. She explains that they need to destroy the source of her beyond the gate first before dealing with Ibaraki-douji. Mash then contemplates how to get pass the gate since climbing over it is the out of the question due to thick and sinister fog-like thing above the gate and wall. Though she doesn't know what it is, she feels it is bad and there's no way what it happen to a Servant if they touched. As suggested by Ritsuka, the group try to look for any detours that can get them past the gate. Searching for a detour, the group find an enormous cliff on the west end of Kyoto. Kintoki says that Japan and its islands has either sunken and its topography is different from the regular Japan. Mash agrees with him and notices a island in the distant, but it will be impossible to get to without a boat. Unable to find a detour, the group realize that they have no chose but to continue fighting Ibaraki-douji.[241]

After yet another failed attempt to defeat Ibaraki, Kintoki states how she escaped being killed by Tsuna after her arm was chopped off by his sword, Higekiri. Mash wonders if she possesses the Disengage Skill based on what he said. She then asks him if he knew Ibaraki during his lifetime. Kintoki answers he only knew of her battle habits, but he hesitates to answer when asked about Shuten. He says Ibaraki was the boss of all oni on Mount Ooe and Shuten was merely a freeloader living there. Yet despite that, Shuten was treated by Ibaraki as her superior, saying Shuten had something she lacked. Unfortunately, despite the two being equal in power, Ibaraki's declaration caused problems among the oni. Kintoki then describes Shuten as a wicked coward yet she was good to those she shared a bond with. Mash asks him why Shuten was unconscious, to which he replied that Ibaraki must have gotten impatient with her. He asserts that onis will always be demonic and he will always hunt them before heading out.[242]

After the group fights her again, Ibaraki is left in a near-defeated state yet refuses to give up and unleashes her Noble Phantasm against them. After she escapes when her attack is blocked, Kintoki reveals that Ibaraki only unleashes her Noble Phantasm to give herself cover to escape. He then describes her as furious on the outside yet submissive on the inside while Shuten is the opposite. With Ibaraki near defeat, the group go to prepare for the decisive battle.[242] The next day, Ibaraki is finally defeated by Kintoki's Golden Spark. She questions how the group was able to defeat her as she stands above all oni, saying human shouldn't be able to slay her even if they're Heroic Spirits. Kintoki rebukes her for her attitude, calling her a child without guts. Ritsuka points out that she never ate Shuten, and Ibaraki responds she only threaten to eat her in an hypothetical sense. She tells the group that she would never consider hurting her of respect and more importantly, fear. Ibaraki then threatens to curse Ritsuka after learning their name, but her threats are ineffective since the group do not fear. Kintoki realizes the reason why she captured Shuten and gave alcohol to the humans was because there was too much alcohol for her to handle[243]

After Ibaraki retreats, Shuten finally wakes up, the group go to fight her. However, she stops Kintoki's axe at the last second, and he asks her how she was captured by Ibaraki despite being stronger. Shuten realizes that most of her power was absorbed by Ibaraki, which shouldn't be possible. After teasing Kintoki, she takes the group to the source of the abnormality, which turns out to be the Holy Grail. Shuten explains she woke up in Ibaraki with the Grail in front of them filled with wine. She continues that after drinking the wine herself, she pressured Ibaraki into drinking it as well. However, she eventually asleep after drinking too much and her power was absorbed by Ibaraki. Shuten then states the wine grants wishes, which Romani speculates comes from the Grail. She further explains the wine actually grants the wish of the heart though it twists it first. The wine soon vaporized and spread throughout Kyoto causing its citizens to become drunk from the mist. Shuten reveals Ibaraki's wish was to go on a rampage with her, but it was twisted into going on a rampage with her power. After the Grail is destroyed, Shuten offers to have a drink with Kintoki before disappearing. Mash realizes Kintoki was summoned into the distortion because Shuten wished to have fun with him again. However, she becomes worried about who placed the Grail in front of the oni and filled it with wine. Kintoki responds that something else will happen if the mastermind is still around before disappearing. Afterwards, Mash offers to have a drink with Ritsuka when they return to Chaldea, but Romani scolds her that they can't drink until they're of legal age.[238]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Berserker Sakata Kintoki Chaldea
Berserker Ibaraki-douji
Assassin Shuten-douji

Onigashima: The Great Tale of DemonsEdit

Onigashima: The Great Tale of Demons refers to an event which occurred during the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved a distortion which would have become a Singularity if left unchecked, located in the fictional island of Onigashima, Japan


Map onigashima

Occurring in the same distortion of Rashoumon, it was constructed by Minamoto-no-Raikou when she turned into her oni self, Ushi Gozen, as a result of absorbing too much divine energy. After creating the distortion with the Authority inherited from her ancestor, Gozu Tennou, Ushi decided to construct a place where Sakata Kintoki can be safe from the scorn of the human world. She then drew the island Onigashima into existence and created its oni residences in the same matter. These oni were the same as the ones she drew for Kintoki during his childhood. Not all the oni were drawn well though with the better ones being called Onimaru and the others being compared to scribbles. While the Onimaru served as gatekeepers, the lesser oni were used to further the island's construction along with humans they enslaved.[244]


Arriving in the distortion, Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight are told by Romani Archaman that they arrived on the island they saw in Kyoto. Unfamiliar with Japan's landscape, Mash asks Ushiwakamaru, who came with the pair, for her assessment. She is shocked to see the shape of the island when the group are suddenly attacked by an Oni. After killing it, they realize the island they're currently on is Onigashima, the legendary island of the Oni. Romani tells them he is unable to pinpoint the temporal coordinates of the island, which was similar case during Kyoto. Ushiwakamaru says the island didn't exist during her brother's life, and Romani speculates it was created as the abnormality. He then asks the group to investigate who created Onigashima, and tells them the Singularity response is located at the island's highest, most remote part: a steep, rocky mountain. Soon after running off with Cath Palug though, Ushiwakamaru reports back to Ritsuka that she found a Servant lying unconscious on the beach. The group defeat the oni surrounding him, and the Servant regains consciousness and asks for their identities. Getting up from the ground, he dispatches an oni with a kunai, and states his name is Fuuma Kotarou. Helping the group kill more oni, he and the others soon find themselves surrounded. Kotarou tells Ritsuka his Noble Phantasm summons the spirits of the Fuuma clan, which he'll use to create a diversion on Ritsuka's order. However, Ushiwakamaru says even with a diversion, she and the others don't have the firepower to break through the enemy horde. Suddenly though, Sakata Kintoki arrives before the group on a motorcycle after jumping from a nearby cliff. He then helps them defeat the remainder of the oni horde.[245]

Moving on to a mountain pass, Romani asks Kotarou why the oni were attacking him. He answers that he was summoned on the island rather recently, and speculates he was summoned due to his connection with oni. He further explain his connection comes from his clan's secret technique of turining into an oni, which became a currently sealed Noble Phantasm. Kotarou then goes to say that he planned to observe and study the oni's behaviors in the hopes of unleashing his Noble Phantasm. However, he was overwhelmed as the oni kept calling more and more oni. Romani then asks Kotarou and Kintoki to help them solve the mystery behind the island. They both agree when Kotarou senses an oni scouting party. After the oni are killed, the rest of the group check the area while Kotarou and Kintoki go on recon. Looking out from a cliff, Mash and Ushiwakamaru spot a forced labor camp filled with humans run by oni. Kotarou returns from recon and reports there are more forced labor camps. He calls liberating every camp unrealistic, so he suggests doing something about the mastermind. Kotarou continues he found a way to the island's highest point, but said path requires going through three gates that are always closed. Opening the gates requires retrieving keys from three great oni that serve as the gate keepers. Kotarou also states there are ones commanding the lesser oni and that they hired a terrifying guard. After killing more oni, the group are worried Kintoki hasn't returned yet. Suddenly Romani and Kotarou detect something approaching, so the group hide and observe. They see that oni, higher-ranked than the earlier ones, coming from the forced labor camp. Given their ability to talk, Mash wonders if they can get information from them, but Ushiwakamaru runs off towards the oni. However, the group spot a Servant killing the oni and go to help her.[246]

After defeating the oni, Mash is concerned the oni weren't particularly strong. Romani states they are only spiritual bodies on the inside, and asks Ushiwakamaru for further input on Japan's phantasmals. She states such being are not so different than those from the west, mostly categorized as spiritual beasts or spirits of the dead. The former are physical existences hidden from the human world while the latter are born into world as a living curse without physical form. Ushiwakamaru says oni are of the latter catergory that are born of a cursed created by human deeds. Afterwards, Ritsuka tries to ask for the female Servant's identity. She answers she is merely a warrior passing by and gives her thanks for the group's help. She then asks why they have come to the island, but she becomes distracted by Ushiwakamaru. She gives her name and admiration for the female Servant's skills. The female Servant says their paths just happened to cross and will be glad if they cross again. After she leaves, the group talk about her strange aura, one that Ushiwakamaru finds nostalgic. Kinroki then returns and is told of the female Servant that slaughtered the oni. He ponders her identity based on the other's descriptions, and he is told how they need to get to the mountain's peak. Kintoki then reports he found a place similar to a human settlement, which Romani believes would be a source of information.[246]

Continuing on the pass, Ushiwakamaru compares herself, Kotarou, and Kintoki to Momotarou's animal companions. After that matter is settled, the group arrive at the first gate. There they encounter Sasaki Kojirou, who is the hired guard Kotarou reported about. Sasaki states he was given the role of a pheasant-terminator with the mission to slay the evil bird that shoots beams from its beak. He asks where the pheasant is and Ushiwakamaru points to Kotarou. However, Sasaki is angered by this response, saying he came seeking a swallow equal to the one he fought when he perfected his technique. Even more frustrated, he states the group could have brought a Heroic Spirit who was falconer, one who turned into a bird in legend, or has some connection to birds. Kotarou apologizes and gives his name, which surprises and satisfies Sasaki as he'll face the leader of the Fuuma. He offer his friendship, but Kotarou rejects it absolutely. When Sasaski asks him, he tells of the three things he cannot forgive. One is people who lag behind weapon maintenance, two is subordinates who chase away the deliveryman. Three is people who rank the Fuuma lower than the Iga and Kouga clans. Due to Sasaki committing the third one, Kotarou prepare to fight him. Sasaski accepts the challenge and gives him advice as an apology before fighting. He states the first great oni is named Kazakoemaru, who is heralded as the embodiment of speed.[247] After the group defeat both Sasaki and Kazekoemaru, they use the oni's key to open the first gate.[248]

Continuing past the gate, the group find themselves in the settlement where the oni's human slaves reside. Romani tells them they're ill equipped to free the slaves, so eliminating the source of the problem would be the best course of action. Agreeing with him, Kotarou says merely freeing the humans would result in the oni capturing them again. After Romani tells the group to gather info before the oni arrive, they suddenly encounter Musashibou Benkei. Accepting a challenge from Kintoki, he tells the group there is another settlement higher up. Benkei continues he was actually looking for the group when he ended up in the village they're currently in. He decides to join them in slaying oni when an oni patrol appears. After defeating the oni, the group observe how people's wills have been broken by the oni's oppression.[249] Leaving the village and joined by Benkei, they eventually encounter a checkpoint. Ushiwakamaru asks Benkei how he got pass the checkpoint, but he reveals he fell off the cliff and arrived in the previous settlement. Mash then states how the cliffs are far too steep to climb even for a Heroic Spirit, and worse they would be spotted by oni. Seeing the path is too narrow and steep to go around the checkpoint, the group decide to breakthrough. Kotarou says he and the others will distract the lookout and then sneak into the checkpoint. They'll cause a commotion inside to cause confusion, and at the right moment, Kintoki will charge in. Then, executing his plan, Kotarou dons an oni disguise and has the others pretend they're human slaves he's bringing in. Bringing them to the checkpoint, Kotarou tells an oni there that they were requested by the great oni. However when observing the group, the oni notices Ushiwakamaru's small frame and shamelessly, and doubts she can do any work. However, Benkei tells the oni that she is a seductress, then he knocks her out to "elimate" her as a threat to the oni. Benkei then drags Ushiwakamaru's unconscious body past the confused oni guard. Once inside Kotarou sends a signal to Kintoki, and after he arrives, the oni are sent into complete disarray. Defeating the oni, the group get past the checkpoint while Ushiwakamaru ponders why Benkei is so powerful on the island.[250]

Continuing on the pass, Ushiwakamaru asks Ritsuka if Benkei was so strong before coming to the island. Benkei suggests they gather information at a tea house in the settlement up ahead that he visited before. However, Ushiwakamaru gets drunk from the tea Benkei offered, and takes a jizo statue she mistakes as one of her brother. She then fights oni to offer their heads to the statue, and the others go to help her. Unfortunately the statue's head falls off and Ushiwakamaru, after killing the last oni, chases it into a cesspit. After the head falls in, she abandons the body since, according to her, her brother would never go to the toilet. [251] Afterwards, the group arrive at the second gate and there they encounter Tamamo-no-Mae. She begins to complain about not being in the role of the dog since they're on Onigashima from the tale of Momotarou. Pointing her ears out, Tamamo challenges anyone who thinks they're more suitable to play the dog than her. However, she reveals she merely got herself drunk from wine at a tea house and decided to stand in the group's way. Tamamo then introduces the second great oni, Wazahamimaru, who is called the embodiment of technique, before fighting the group.[252] After they're defeated, the group unlock and pass the second gate.[253]

Arriving in the settlement where the teahouse Benkei told them of is, the group encounter Shuten-douji and Ibaraki-douji. Both of the oni girls are seen working at the teahouse, inviting and welcoming customers of both human and oni alike. Eventually they notice the group. Shuten is glad to Ritsuka, Mash, and Kintoki while Ibaraki is not. After Romani explains their previous encounter with the oni girls to Kotarou, Kintoki accuses Shuten and Ibaraki of constructing Onigashima. Shuten denies their involvement with the island's construction though, and further reveals they decided to destroy it out of anger towards its construction. However, she decided to hold a banquet after drink wine that tasted familiar when poured into odd cup she found in the island's treasure room. Shuten also reveals a spell had been cast on all oni and humans from their current location down. She further reveals the cup to be the same kind of Holy Grail back in Rashomon though less powerful. The Grail isn't strong enough to produce the alcoholic mist but its effects will be felt when its wine is drunk. Shuten then suggests the group and she and Ibaraki join forces to find the mastermind behind Rashomon and Onigashima, which are both connected to each other. However, the group end up fighting the oni girls when Shuten decides to kill them after Kintoki refuses their offer. During the fight, Ushiwakamaru is left fatigued by her fight with Ibaraki, who goes to unleash her Noble Phantasm. However, Benkei uses his body to block it, and Ushiwakamaru disperses the flames with Kikenjō - Icicle Cutting after jumping from his shoulders. Eventually as Ibaraki struggles against the group, Shuten offers her the Grail's wine, which will grant her the power she had in Rashomon. However, the female Servant the group met before appears, and Kintoki reveals her to be Minamoto-no-Raikou. After she makes Shuten and Ibaraki retreat, Raikou decides to go after them while the group continue their journey up the mountain.[254]

Arriving at the third and final gate, the group encounter Kiyohime there. She then calls forth Gorikimaru, who is called the embodiment of strength, and fights them.[255] After they're defeated, the group unlock and pass the final gate.[256] At the summit, they find Raikou standing before the Grail. Kintoki warnsthe others about getting closer to her however, and recognizes her to be not Raikou. He reveals her to Ushi Gozen, Raikou's oni self that she had sealed away herself. Ushi reveals she had acquired the Grail and constructed Onigashima using the Authority inherited from Gozu Tennou to create a kingdom for oni. She continues that Raikou decided to construct the island out of a bizarre kindness for those scorned by human society due to their strange appearance. Ushiwakamaru recalls Raikou had slain all oni on the island but, Ushi states she hates oni and slays then on sight like Raikou despite them being her workforce. She further reveals she created the oni by drawing them, and states she'll destroy all the oni on the island once its complete. Revealing she mortally wounded Shuten and slew Ibaraki a moment ago, Ushi tries to convince Kintoki to join her as she constructed the island for him. She also reveals that she is responsible for the Rashoumon incident to make everyone kill each other by getting them intoxicated with the Grail's wine. Kintoki refuses to join her and goes to fight her with the others.[244] The group struggle against Ushi's immense strength though. She prepares to finish them all off when Shuten appears and ambushes her, but she is slain by Ushi afterwards. Using the opening made by Shuten, Kintoki eventually defeats Ushi with Golden Spark. He reveals though she jumped into lightning to knock herself out. Romani expresses concern about Raikou still being Ushi when she wakes up, but Kintoki says they can only wait and see. He further reveals that Ushi appears when Raikou builds up too much Divine Energy inside herself. Raikou then wakes up, having no recollection of being Ushi. Despite that though, she is able to recognize the incident as her fault and apologizes to the group for her behavior. After the others comfort her, Raikou apologizes directly to Ritsuka for the trouble she caused and hugs them as a token of forgiveness before disappearing. After Kotarou disappears due to his oni connection, the rest of the group return to Chaldea.[257]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Rider Ushiwakamaru Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Fūma Kotarō Ritsuka Fujimaru
Rider Sakata Kintoki Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Minamoto no Yorimitsu None
Asssassin Sasaki Kojirō Onigashima
Lancer Musashibō Benkei Rider
Caster Tamamo no Mae Onigashima
Assassin Shuten-dōji None
Berserker Ibaraki-dōji None
Berserker Kiyohime Onigashima

Prisma Causeway: A Magical Girl's TravelogueEdit

Prisma Causeway: A Magical Girl's Travelogue refers to an event, part of a collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 3rei!!, which occurred during the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved a Reality Marble where Magical Girls from different parallel worlds waged war against each other.


The first Magical Girl was a demon who was raised in the human world, deciding to save people despite her origins. She became best friends with a girl named Mila, but was forced to kill her when Mila became the first corrupt Magical Girl. Eventually, forgotten by humans and her fellow demons, she would eventually pass into legend as the First Lady, the first Magical Girl. After she died, her regret over killing Milla caused a Reality Marble to begin to manifest. However, the First Lady still wished to help people through the magic of Magical Girls, which attracted Echoes, the spirits of failed Magical Girls from various parallel worlds. Furthermore, their despair and their obsession to remain as Magical Girls became a flow of magical energy. Using this flow, the First Lady formed and sustained the Reality Marble, and gave the Echoes temporary bodies and magical energy. Instigated by the First Lady, the Magical Girls killed each other as they each tried to establish their own kingdoms based on their differing ideals. Only a few survived this war to prove strong enough to create their own the kingdoms, and were each given a jewel that granted them absolute authority in their respective kingdoms. The survivors included: Medb, Nursery Rhyme, Medea Lily, and Helena Blavatsky, each of whom founded their own kingdoms. Medb founded the Land of Snow and Honey, becoming the strongest Magical Girl. Nursery Rhyme founded the Land of Sweets, where she became playmates with the Demon God Glasya Labolas after tiring of her candy citizens. Medea founded the Land of Dragons and Sea, where she isolated herself due to her despair of killing other Magical Girls. Helena founded the Land of Dead Bookshelves, serving as the gravekeeper for the Echoes. Eventually, Medb became the First Lady's servant and is made to gather more Magical Girls for her plan. However, none of them are found to be satisfactory, so the First Lady searches for a real Magical Girl.

Meanwhile, Mila existing in the Reality Marble as an Echo, opens a leyline to the outside, and summons Chloe von Einzbern in an effort to help her friend. Chloe witnessed the battles between Magical Girls while hiding her presence from them. Unfortunately, this act eventually causes her to be drained of magical energy to point of disappearing. It is that point when she met the First Lady through a familar, and becomes her vessel. The First Lady found a way to peer into parallel worlds in her search for a real Magical Girl, and eventually discovered Miyu Edelfelt to be perfect for her plan. She then confronted Miyu and Illyasviel von Einzbern as they were travelling to the Mirror World, and summoned them into the Reality Marble. Seperated from Illya, Miyu is imprisoned in the First Lady's castle, where she is restrained and tortured by the Anti-Magical Girl Mystic Code, Voile de Deuil. Meanwhile, Medb decided to rebel against the First Lady, and began to build her army of Magical Girls. Then, using her magical energy greater than the First Lady at the time, she opened a leyline to Chaldea, and inadvertently summoned Mash Kyrielight and Ritsuka Fujimaru as the latter's familiar into the Reality Marble.


Ritsuka Fujimaru and Mash Kyrielight awaken to find themselves in an unknown location. The pair decide to explore when they hear something screaming, which soon bumps into Mash. After apologizing for bumping into her, the strange object senses powerful magical energy from Mash. Seeing Ritsuka and Mash are outsiders, it asks for their help, and introduces itself as Magical Ruby when Ritsuka wonders what it is. Suddenly, the trio are attacked by barrage of spells from the air by Medb. Ruby reconginze her as the one who defeated its master earlier, and Ritsuka and Mash find her different from her usual self. Medb then introduce himself as the Magical Girl of Honey and Geis, Connacht★Medb, the queen who rules the Land of Snow and Honey. She then demands Ritsuka and Mash to immediately hand over Ruby to her as she summons monsters. Ruby refuses to let Medb be its master, prompting Ritsuka and Mash to fight the monsters. After her monsters are slain, Medb realizes her summoned monsters aren't at full strength in the neutral zone, their current location. Mash tries to stop her from summoning more monsters, but her attack proves to be too weak for some reason. As Mash's attacks are continuously blocked by Mebdb, Ritsuka tells her to retreat, but she refuses to give up. A tired girl then appears, who Ruby recognizes as its master. Surprised the girl survived being hit by her chariot, Medb asks for her name, inviting her into her army. The girl introduces herself as Illyasviel von Einzbern, and refuses Medb's invite instead demanding for her to gave her friend, Miyu Edelfelt back. Illya, with Ruby, then transforms herself into a Magical Girl. Infuriated, Medb prepares to kill Illya, but she is easily overwhelmed by Illya. Illya's next attack meant to finish Medb off is blocked though by Mini Cú with his own body. Mini Cú reprimands Medb for being unprepared to fight in someone else's territory, and has her retreat. After they leave, Illya's transformation suddenly wears off due to the Magical Energy feed from Ruby not stabilizing for some reason. Illya then introduces to Ritsuka and Mash, and relays her current circumstances to them. While traveling from her world to the "Mirror World", Illya and her friends encountered an unknown force that placed them in her current location. Immediately following that, Miyu was kidnapped by a magical creature, and Illya was quickly attacked by Medb, proclaiming herself a Magical Girl, afterwards. Ruby tells Mash it had scanned her when it bumped into her, stating her installed class of Shielder is very rare. Illya realizes that since she can't install the class card then neither can Miyu. Mash calls the spell to let a Heroic Spirit temporarily into one's body is unusual, stating Pseudo-Servants are similar exceptions only used during the Grand Order. She believes Miyu's kidnapping is connected to her and Illya sharing the same Magecraft. When Ruby calls her a Magical Girl, Ritsuka and Mash are suddenly contacted by Romani Archaman, and reveals they're inside someone's Reality Marble.[258].

Learning they're in a Reality Marble, Ritsuka asks Romani if he can get them back to Chaldea, which he says is fine along as Mash is with them. Mash asks if he can give Illya temporarily refuge in Chaldea, but Romani refuses as only her, Ritsuka, and Ritsuka's Servants can rayshift back. He continues they can't intervene too much with other eras, but Mash reveals Illya is from a parallel world. She states there'd no interference with an era since events arre inside a reality marble, and asks if Leonardo da Vinci can help. Illya interrupts her, saying she has to save Miyu, and thus cannot refuge in Chaldea. Da Vinci contacts the group, and theorizes the Reality Marble is preventing Mash from using her full strength as she doesn't fully meet its conditions. Romani orders Ritsuka and Mash to return to Chaldea, but Mash decides to stay behind to protect Illya. Upon returning to Chaldea, Ritsuka is shown a video by Romani that was recorded by they and Mash suddenly rayshifted into the Reality Marble. The video shows Ritsuka taking a nap in the command room, with Mash trying to wake them up. It also shows Mash suddenly shifting back and forth between her regular and Servant form. Romani then tells them to go to da Vinci's lab as she has something she wants to give them.[259] After picking up the aforementioned item from da Vinci, Ritsuka returns to the Reality Marble. Upon returning however, they find Mash and Illya to be missing. Ruby tells Ritsuka that the girls were abducted by the residents of the Land of Sweets. Meanwhile, in the Land of Sweets, Mash and Illya are begged by its residents to stay with them forever. When Ritsuka and Ruby arrive, Mash explains she tried asking the people for information before being abducted by them. Mash then shift into her Servant form while Illya turns into her Magical Form, and they fight the candylanders. Afterwards, most of the candylanders flee upon learning Illya is Magical Girl, which she takes advantage to get information from a candylander. Learning the Queen of the Land of Sweets may know more, the group decided to head for her Candy Castle.[260]

While heading towards the castle, the group are confronted by what appears to be Tamamo Cat.[261] However after defeating her, they discover her to be in truth a Mystic Code copying Tamamo's form before breaking under the strain. Arriving in Candy Castle, the group are greeted by the Queen of the Land of Sweets, Nursery Rhyme. Romani confirms that she isn't the owner of the Reality Marble. Illya asks Nursery Rhyme if she or any of the people of her kingdom may know anything about Miyu. Nursery Rhyme promises to tell what she knows in exchange for playing with her. Illya tells her that they can play later, but Nursery Rhyme refuses as her only playmate is a black sheep. However upon summoning it, her black sheep turns out to be the Demon God Glasya Labolas. Before fighting the group, she reveals the people of the Land of Sweets were her previous playmate but they broke too easily, and that they were previously human.[261] After she's defeated, Nursery Rhyme tells Illya to give up on finding Miyu upon hearing she's a Magical Girl. She explains the Reality Marble is a world where Magical Girls gather, who'll disappear when they stop playing as its the rule. She reveals herself to be one of the Magical Girls like Medb, who were able to create their own kingdoms. As thanks for playing with her and Glasya Labolas, Nursery Rhyme gives the group a jewel, which she says may help finding Miyu. After leaving the castle, Mash realizes her attack against Nursery Rhyme were more effective than against Medb, which Ruby attributes to her Magical Girl power increasing. Suddenly, the jewel begins to glow, and points the group in the direction of the Land of Dragons and Sea.[262]

As the group sail through the ocean, Romani asks Illya how she plans to return to her original world. Illya doesn't hasn't have a clue though, so Romani asks Ruby. Ruby answers neither Illya and Miyu can use spells advanced to transfer between parallel worlds, lacking the skill and knowledge to precisely selection a location to return to. Romani states their world and Illya's world being connected magically is a dangerous situation. Suddenly, the group is beset by a swarm of wyverns. After slaying the wyverns, the group notices a galley charging towards their ship.[263] After defeating the Dragon Tooth Warriors that boarded their ship, the group are greeted by Medea Lily who proclaims herself as the Magical Girl of Love and Healing, Medical★Medea. Illya and Ruby recognizes her from their memories of fighting Medea in her world, for which Medea apologizes for despite having no memories. She decides to stand down, and asks the group which kingdom's Magical Girl did they kill to obtain their jewel. Illya explains the jewel was given to her by Nursery Rhyme without them trying to kill each other. Realizing they've come to take her jewel, Medea invites the group to her castle.[263]

Inside her castle, Medea reveals she wasn't summoned instead she was wished to be. Moving onto the throne room, the group tell her of their current situation, which makes her decide not to turn them into pig as she originally intended. However, Medea warns Illya won't be leaving as she is a Magical Girl, believing she'll betray her as well. However, Jason convinces her to cease her sneak attack on Illya as he recognizes Illya as a good natured person. Medea then offers to never interfere with the group's affair in exchange for then never interfering with her kingdom. She also tells them she'll never hand over her jewel, which she calls the Tomoi Stone, as it supports her kingdom, and grants her power. Medea reveals the Reality Marble once had many Magical Girls, but they warred against each other, including herself, trying to establish their own kingdoms. As she continued fighting the other Magical Girls, her jewel grew in weight and shone brighter, which serves as the catalyst of her kingdom. She reveals the Neutral Zone is a buffer zone where a Magical Girl cannot receive the blessings of her power. Equating the loss of her jewel to her own death, Medea demands the group leave her kingdom, and tells Illya to use her jewel to create a kingdom filled with friends. Illya refuses to do so as she only wants to get Miyu back and return to her world with her. However, Medea reveals Magical Girls cannot leave the Reality Marble, and tells Illya she'll use the jewel's power in the end. She continues Illya should give up on Miyu, and reveals Nursery Rhyme disappeared after giving her jewel as they're what keep Magical Girls alive. Illya refuses to give up though, which makes Medea finally snap and fight the group.[263] She refuses to be defeated though, and prepares to transform into her adult self to Mini Jason's dismay. However, Illya stops her though, saying she'll finding a way to save Miyu without Medea's jewel. She also believes Medea created her kingdom to fight for something she holds dear to her. But Jason reveals Medea created her kingdom due to being indebted to him, and she's been protecting her jewel out of fear of other Magical Girls. He continues she isolates herself in her kingdom to stop herself from becoming a witch, though Medea says he told her to do so. Jason replies that she'll become a witch if she leaves her kingdom, and she'll turn into an Echo if she becomes a witch. He then gives Medea's jewel to Illya, not wanting Medea to become a witch. Medea accepts the outcome, but remains silent on the subjects of Magical Girls fight as it'll only bring back sad memories. Returning to their ship, Mash tells Romani what occurred while Illya contemplates with Ruby what Medea said to her. Illya realizes the Reality Marble is only cute on the surface, saying they need to find its owner to at least find a clue as to Miyu's whereabouts.[264]

Following the light of the jewels, the group arrive in the Land of Dead Bookshelves. Mash notices a large black wall that Romani says prevents him from reading anything beyond it to his concern. Suddenly a ghost suddenly appears before them, but they decide not to fight it since it's alone and seems passive. After the ghost departs for the black wall, the group continue onto the center of the ruinous land. Concerned the jewels' light stopped leading them, Illya decides to transform and get an overview look of the area. While that happens, Ritsuka tells Mash out the video Romani showed them. Suddenly, hordes of ghosts come through the walls of the buildings. Seeing they're now aggressive, Mash transforms into a Servant form, and helps Illya fight them off. Unfortunately, the ghosts prove too numerous and strong for the two girls. Helena Blavatsky then comes out of a building, curious that a Magical Girl would come to a land drained of its Magical Energy. Illya asks if she is the Land of Dead Bookshelves's magical girl, to which Helena responds she is one of them. Apologizing for the ghosts' behavior, Helena reveals the land to be the graveyard of Magical Girls, and the ghosts to be those of Magical Girls. Recognizing Romani's communications as a leyline directly linked to a parallel world, Helena realizes "she" found a way to the outside world. She tells the group to come to her library so she may continue talking without danger.[265]

Inside the library, the group is introduced to Helena's partner, Mini Edison who hasn't talked for a long time. Romani tells Ritsuka and Mash every book in the library is a grimoire, which Helena reveals them to be once Magical Girls. The ghosts of Magical Girls are called Echoes, who normally sleep as grimoires. However, Helena is unsure why the Echoes outside attacked the group, and they don't attack her as her role is to serve guests symbolized by her jewel. When Ritsuka asks if she is the Reality Marble's owner, Helena reveals it was created by a Magical Girl named First Lady as told to her by the Echoes. She continues First Lady is in the center of the world beyond the black wall, which cannot be destroyed nor perceived beyond by any magic. Curious why Illya is so fixated on Medb, Helena hears from her that Medb kidnapped Miyu. She wonders if First Lady had an effect of Medb who was previously only interested in the jewels. When Romani asks of her knowledge of parallel worlds, she reveals the Magical Girls in this world were once girls from parallel worlds, who couldn't become Magical Girls anymore in their own. Thus, the girls traveled to the Reality World to continue being Magical Girls. Mash then asks if she was summoned into the world as a Magical Girl, which Helena states to be fact as Ritsuka serves as Mash's familiar. She then gives her jewel to the group, unconcerned the Echoes will attack her without it. She tells Illya that wasn't Medb who kidnapped Miyu, but instead the First Lady was the culprit, who disguised herself as one of Medb's familiar. Illya thanks Helena for the information, but she still refuses to take the jewel. However, Helena reveals all of the jewels are needed to bypass the black wall to reach the First Lady as they're the crystallized emotions that grant wishes. She warns though the First Lady is likely gathering the jewels to use them to escape to the outside world. Realizing the First Lady made the Magical Girls fight each other to get their jewels, Illya vows to stop her. Helena warns however that task is impossible as the First Lady's power in the Reality Marble is absolute. Illya however refuses to let Helena give up though, which causes the grimoires to shake from frustration of being unable to escape their fate. Helena demands Illya to take her jewel under threat of death, so she can finally disappear. However, Illya responds by transforming into her Magical Girl form, and fights Helena who believes Illya's wish to save her and Miyu to be hollow fantasy.[266] After she's defeated, Helena accepts Ritsuka's offer to join their group.[267]

Returning to the Neutral Zone, Mash is asked by Illya to return to the Land of Sweets to check on Nursery Rhyme. Helena states how Medb became the strongest Magical Girl since belief in onself is the source of a Magical Girl's power. Because of that, Medb was able to maintain self unlike the other Magical Girls. Helena then speaks of a time she had traveled with Medb before the latter became obsessed with her lust for control. She also reveals Medb is forming a rebellion against the First Lady when Illya mentions Medb wanting her in her army. Suddenly, Medb's monsters appear, and the group fight them. After defeating the monsters, Ritsuka and Mash are unable to contact Ritsuka, fearing they won't be unable to return to Chaldea. Fortunately, Romani reestablishes with them, but he reveals Chaldea was attacked by hostiles using its leyline connection. Servants already present at Chaldea were able to repel the assault albeit barely. Romani asks Ritsuka and Mash to immediately return to Chaldea, but knows they won't easily leave Illya alone. He decides to cut the connection with Ritsuka and Mash to prevent any effects from their side. He gives them five minutes to make a decision before contacting them again. Suddenly, it starts to snow, which Helena sees as sign of Medb attacking the surrounding lands. Ruby tells Mash to return to her regular form as her power is now solely dependent on Ritsuka's magical energy since the connect with Chaldea is cut. Ritsuka decides they need to pinpoint the cause of the assault on Chaldea, which Helena agrees with. After the group decide to stay to help Illya, Ruby has Illya teach Mash how to recharge her magical energy through kissing. Romani then reestablishes contact with them to hear Ritsuka and Mash's decision.[268]

After hearing Ritsuka and Mash's decision to stay behind, Romani cuts the connection for the time being. The group then travel to a snowy field that was once the Land of Sweets, which was the result of becoming part of the Land of Snow and Honey as Mini Cu reveals. Ritsuka asks him if he and Medb were ones who sent the hostiles into Chaldea. Mini Cu realizes Medb no longer needs to steal the First Lady's power if that is the case. The group then fight monsters summoned by Mini Cu despite Mash being weakened in Medb's territory. After the group slays his monsters, Mini Cu prepares to unleash his Noble Phantasm, Gentle Bite Coinchenn on Illya despite knowing Medb wants her in her army. Mash protects Illya from the Noble Phantasm when Magical Sapphire suddenly appears. Ruby tells Sapphire to make a temporary contract with Mash, which Sapphire agrees since Mash is Illya's ally. After Sapphire contacts with Mash, Mini Cu retreats as Helena tells him to tell Medb Illya has two jewels, which he already knew. Sapphire then plays a message from Miyu revealing she is a prisoner in the First Lady's castle beyond the black wall. Miyu reveals the First Lady had lured Magical Girls into the Reality Marble, having found technology capable of interfering with parallel universes. Despite not knowing what the First Lady from her, Miyu knows she needs to be stopped. She warns though that Illya shouldn't go to the castle, saying to send someone else instead. The message then cuts as a patrolling familiar nears, and Miyu sends Sapphire to deliver the message. Observing that Miyu's transformation hasn't reverted despite her distance from Sapphire, Ruby realizes the First Lady has special powers over Magical Girls. Sapphire says Miyu may have realized something about the First Lady's true identity as to why she didn't want Illya to come. Helena also doesn't know the First Lady's true identity, only hearing that she is the first Magical Girl.[269]

The group travel to Medb's castle to confront her, but Helena decides to stay behind as she doesn't want to see anymore Magical Girls fall. Ritsuka, Mash, and Illya then enter the castle after Helena gives her jewel to Illya. Inside the throne room, the group confront Medb who tells Mash to forget her world, and join her instead. Medb calls the group arrogant for believing they can save the world themselves, saying they'll never rule their own fate. She calls the other Magical Girls unworthy of her army, only wanting Illya to join her. Medb then fails to trick Illya into believing Ritsuka and Mash are secretly trying to take over her world. She decides to help Illya save Miyu in exchange for them joining her, saying they'll make Ritsuka and Mash into their slaves. Mini Cu tells her to kill the pair instead, but she decides not to listen to him. Medb then reveals she was the First Lady's servant to grant the First Lady's wish to leave this world, which lead to the demise of many Magical Girls. She decides to take Illya for herself before the First Lady, but Ritsuka realizes she is fighting against despair. Illya refuses to believe that however as Medb's attack on her and Miyu made it possible for Miyu to be kidnapped, and states Medb is also trying to invade Chaldea. Ritsuka says the First Lady is at fault not Medb, which greatly enrages the latter. Mini Cu launches his Noble Phantasm at Ritsuka, but it's blocked by Mash and Illya. Reinvigorated by Mini Cu, Medb fights the group.[270]. After she is defeated, Mini Cu tells Medb that her sympathy is way she lost, though she denies it. However she does reveal she made her army for those Magical Girls who had no where left to go. This makes Illya realizes Medb considered the Magical Girls who disappeared as comrades, which makes Medb's heart to finally break. As a result her castle begins to collapse, and Ritsuka and Illya plead with Medb to come with them. However, Mini Cu tells them that's impossible as Medb can no longer bare the strain of forcibly interfering with parallel worlds. The group then escaping the collapsing castle, leaving Medb and Mini Cu to disappear together. Outside, Medb's jewel appears in Mash's hand, and Illya returns to Helena's jewel returns to her. With all four jewels, the group can now bypass the black wall and enter the First Lady's kingdom when the jewels suddenly glow brighter.[271]

Returning to the Neutral Zone, the group watch as the black wall disappears. Illya, Ruby, and Sapphire fly up to get overview of the First Lady's kindgom. Sapphire realizes the castle changed with the black wall disappeared. Helena senses all of the world's magical energy is gathering to the First Lady's location, wondering if the First Lady found a vessel capable of containing that much magical energy. Romani then contacts the group, telling them they'll be given Chaldea's full support. Da Vinci calls the Reality Marble a dumping ground for failed Magical Girls, who she considers dangerous normally as they possess overwhelming magical energy able to use magecraft intuitively. However, the despair and obsession of those Magical Girls who failed became a flow of unformed magical energy. This flow of magical energy eventually became a stagnant pool, with the First Lady becoming its locus, and the Reality Marble forming mostly on its own. The group realize everything will return to normal if they defeat the First Lady when Illya warns them a large incoming group of the First Lady's familiar.[272]. Though overwhelmed by the sheer number of familiars at first, the group are able to breakthrough and enter the First Lady's kingdom.[273]

As the group head closer to the First Lady's castle, Helena notices the familiars shifting form, becoming stronger. Mash attributes this the First Lady reacting to their presence in order to prevent their approach. Ritsuka wonders if the First Lady is trying to hide something, to which Helena guesses it has something do with the jewels. Mash wonders if the First Lady deactivated the black wall instead of the jewels. She wonders further if the First Lady intentionally made the Magical Girls fight each other from her kingdom. Helena calls the First Lady's actions contradictory, though the group ascertain her motives until they confront her. Suddenly the group are ambushed by a large number of enemies, and Ritsuka tells Illya to go ahead. However, Illya decides to stay and hold the enemy while the others go to the castle, but Sapphires says she won't make to Miyu in that case. As the group fight the large enemy force, Helena destroy a number of them herself, and tells the others to go on ahead to the First Lady's castle. After the others leave, Helena laments that she forgot to tell them they need the jewels to return to their original world. Though she won't give them her jewel, she is confident they can return home if Illya and Miyu have two jewels. As Helena realizes the true power of the jewels, like Medb did accidentally, Mini Edison appears to fight with her. [274]

Inside the castle, the group head to the First Lady's throne room where they see a girl on the throne. Illya recognizes her as Chloe von Einzbern, whose disappointed that Illya made it the throne room. Chloe reveals that she and Miyu have been in the world for a very long time, though she been in it since the beginning. The group find Miyu restrained by lace ribbons, which a part of transforms into hostile familiar when Mash tries to check her condition. Chloe calls it a defensive reaction of the Voile de Deuil, an Anti-Magical Girl Mystic Code. She reveals that she followed Illya and Miyu into the Mirror World unnoticed, which frustrated her to a degree. She ended jumping into the Reality Marble, but ended being trapped alone long before Illya and Miyu arrived. Chloe had witnessed the various Magical Girls fight each as she hide her presence from them, but her magical energy drained to the point of her disappearing. That was when she met the First Lady through her familiar. She also confesses she hoped Rin Tohsaka and Luviagelita Edelfelt would saver her, but they didn't notice her disappearance in the first place. However, Chloe calls her appearance in the Reality Marble an inevitability as the First Lady turned her against Illya by calling her an accessory to Illya. Illya tries to tell her that's untrue, but Chloe projects a weapon in response and fights Illya.[275] However, Chloe's shared pain with Illya puts her at a disadvantage when she reveals herself to be the First Lady's vessel. Unsure if it was the First Lady's idea to abduct Miyu, Chloe's body is completely overtaken by the First Lady, who promised to wait until after Chloe's duel with Illya. As she introduces herself, the First Lady reveals she was born in the Demon World, but raised in the human world. Hiding her identity, she fought for the people, but she lost her homeland and was forgotten by humans and her fellows demons as a result. Yet despite that, she doesn't hate them as her only desire is to keeping granting girl's wishes. Her feelings of wanting to spread the Magical Girls's magic of love and hope throughout the world attracted Echoes to the Reality Marble. The First Lady reveals she is an Echo as well, having needed an invisible presence to form and sustain the Reality Marble. She gave the Echoes temporary bodies and magical energy to create their kingdoms, but they couldn't make her wish come true. She needed to a real Magical Girl to accomplish that, which is when she met Chloe and made her into her vessel. Using Miyu's power, the First Lady will give the Echoes new incarnations to spread them across parallel worlds as Magical Girls to save people and defeat real enemies. Not allowing interference in her plan, she reveals she'll soon absorb Miyu, and Chloe is still resisting assimilation with her. Even though she understand the First Lady's wish, Illya refuses to let Miyu and Chloe be sacrificed for the sake of that wish. First Lady believes the group's opposition to her wish is due to her being an Echo, thinking they'll forget her as well. Illya tells the First Lady that she's making an mistake, which Chloe had done before. Illya believes the First Lady's wish would eventually become a curse while saying she continued being a Magical Girl thanks to her friends. First Lady responds she had friends as well yet the world abandoned her. She believes Ritsuka will be forgotten once they've save the world, and Mash will hope to retain her bond with Ritsuka forever. Mash realizes the First Lady is pain as she fights against her destiny, which she respects. As the First Lady disbelieves Mash won't forget, Miyu asks Illya to help Chloe and the First Lady both. She says the First Lady's words are false as she hides an impossible wish deep in her heart. Chloe then briefly takes back control of her body to tell Illya do something before the First Lady takes control back. The First Lady reveals her and Chloe's desire for Miyu allowed her to break through the latter's mental wall and fully control her body. She continues that once Miyu is emotional broken by seeing the group's defeat before her, she'll use Miyu to reach infinite parallel worlds. Illya refuses the First Lady's words, and asks Ritsuka and Mash to fight with her. Mash realizes the other Magical Girls she met, while filled with despair, continued to persevere despite that. The group then fight the First Lady in order to save her from herself.[275]

With the First Lady's defeat, Chloe slowly regains control of her body, and Miyu is freed from her restraints. Illya confesses to the First Lady that she had the task to save the world, she wouldn't know what to do. But she does know she wouldn't hesitate to use her magic if her friends and family were in danger to protect them even if it meant her despair. The First Lady is reminded of her old self, and confesses she chose to save the world over her best friend. Her friend refused to be Magical Girl, and became an enemy of the world, forcing the First Lady to kill her to protect the populace. As the First Lady laments she won't be able to apologize to her friend, Helena and Mini Edison appears. Helena has the group move the First Lady outside, where they encounter the Echo that was wandering around the black wall. Helena states she found her moving towards the castle when the black wall collapsed. Ruby has the Echo possess Illya, who proceeds to argue with the First Lady. The First Lady recognizes her as Mila, who became an Echo since she was a Magical Girl even if it was for a brief time. Mila reveals she was a Magical Girl and the First Lady's friend who was killed by her. Ruby realizes Mila is possibly the first corrupted Magical Girl, though Sapphire tells her to be quiet. Mila confesses to the First Lady that she chose her over the world as the people were causing her to despair with their greed and dissatisfaction. She reveals the Reality Marble to be the manifestation of the First Lady's regret, and confesses she wanted to go beyond the black wall in order to bring peace to her friend's heart. Helena realizes Mila was the one who opened a leyline to the outside world, and summoned Chloe to the Reality Marble as her wish. The First Lady reveals Medb was once stronger than her, and used her vast magical energy to open a leyline to Chaldea, making Mash to sleepwalk before her and Ritsuka's arrival in the Reality Marble. The First Lady then begins to disappear causing her Reality Marble to begin collapsing. Wishing to prevent that, Helena asks the First Lady to give ownership of the Reality Marble to her. She wants it to be a place where wounded Magical Girls can go, in order to stop more girls from becoming like the First Lady. The First Lady agrees to this, and gives ownership of the Reality Marble to Helena. Mila helps the First Lady to finally entrust the future to new Magical Girls before they disappear together. Using the power of the jewels, the group (except Helena) return to their respective worlds. However, upon returning to Chaldea, Ritsuka, Mash, and Romani find Chloe there now as one of Ritsuka's Servants.[276]

Some time later, Ritsuka, Mash, and Chloe are suddenly summoned back into the Reality Marble. Blackbeard and the Phantom of the Opera then before the trio, wearing miniskirts on heir regular outfits. They state their love for Magical Girls to the point of wanting to be with them and become one. Unable to become Magical Girls in reality, they found a way into the Reality Marble, and formed the Magical Gentlemen with two other Servants. The group notice the Reality Marble has changed since the last time, with Chloe noticing the spatial connections and enemies being different. She also notices that Helena isn't around despite becoming the Reality Marble's new owner. Although considering Blackbeard and Phantom's desire to be with Magical Girls harmless, Chloe nonetheless attacks them for turning her first mission into a farce. She misses however, even with Caladbolg III, forcing the pair to retreat. The group decide they need to defeat the Magical Gentlemen.[277]

Encountering the Phantom in the candy castle of the Land of Sweets, Mash begins to believe he is harmless. Chloe, however, asks him what he'd do with a bird that stopped singing, as the Phantom used songbirds as an analogy for girls earlier. After hearing his answer that he'd kill the bird if it didn't sing, the group fight and defeat the Phantom.[278] Next, the group confront Blackbeard inside the castle of the Land of Dragons and Sea. Mash asks him if his plans involve bringing harm to the Magical Girls, to which he answers he wants somebody close yet just out of reach even he must take it forcibly. Tired of his perverse nature, the group fight and defeat Blackbeard after he declares the greatest Magical Girl of all is about to appear.[278] Later, they encounter Gilles de Rais inside the library of the Land of Dead Bookshelves. The group questions his interest in Magical Girls instead of something more akin to him, such as saints and witches and the like. Gilles answers he considers Magical Girls to be miracles of God, even calling Jeanne d'Arc a Magical Girl when she lead armies after hearing God's voice. He then takes notice of Mash and Chloe, and mistakes them both for different versions of Jeanne. Seeing he considers even Fou to be Jeanne, the group fight and defeat Gilles.

[279]  Next, they encounter Diarmuid Ua Duibhne in the Land of Snow and Honey, witnessing him crying blood as he tells all adult women to stay away. Diarmuid believes Magical Girls to be better than adult women as they possess a dauntless sense of duty and battle instead of manipulating like the former. Unlike Blackbeard and the Phantom's desire to be Magical Girls, he wishes to only serve Magical Girls loyally. After Mash and Chloe are advised by him to never become adult women, the group fight and defeat Diarmuid.[280]

With the Magical Gentlemen defeated, the group return to the Neutral Zone, and prepare to return to Chaldea. However, some occurrence throughout the Reality Marble prompts them to go into the Land of Crystals and Stars, the former kingdom of the First Lady.[280]. Inside the castle, they witness a girl form from shadows before them. The girl names herself Testament, and the group note how she looks exactly like Illya. Ritsuka asks her the purpose of the Magical Gentlemen, and Testament reveals their wishes made her able to come into existence. She is the crystallization of their obsessive desire for a pure and ideal Magical Girl. However, Testament shows herself to be absolutely impure with the desire to spread despair. After the group defeats her, she complains of the ridiculousness of her being the ideal Magical Girl who fulfills the wishes of all gentlemen. As she disappears, Testament reveals the group were summoned into the Reality Marble to serve as spectators and her enemies. She continues the alterations to the Reality Marble will be undone when she disappears, and the group will be returned to Chaldea once the Reality Marble returns to normal. After Testament disappears, the Reality Marble is returned to its original state, and the group return to Chladea.[281]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster Illyasviel von Einzbern Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker (Fake) Tamamo Cat
Rider (Fake) Astolfo
Caster Nursery Rhyme Land of Sweets
Assassin (Fake) Shuten-dōji
Berserker (Fake) Ibaraki-dōji
Caster Medea (Child) Land of Dragons and Sea
Saber (Fake) Okita Sōji
Archer (Fake) Oda Nobunaga
Caster Helena Blavatsky Land of Dead Bookshelves
Saber (Fake) Atilla
Assassin (Fake) Jack the Ripper
Rider Medb Land of Snow and Honey

First Lady (Former)

Archer Chloe von Einzbern Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Phantom of the Opera
Rider Edward Teach
Caster Gilles de Rais
Lancer Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
Caster Testament


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Mystic Code Magical Ruby Caster
Magical Girl Miyu Edelfelt
Mystic Code Magical Sapphire Miyu Edelfelt
Magical Girl First Lady
Demon God Glasya-Labolas Caster
Familiar Mini Cú Rider
Familiar Mini Jason Caster
Familiar Mini Edison Caster

GUDAGUDA Meiji RestorationEdit

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration (ぐだぐだ明治維新?) refers to an event which occurred during the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved a unique Singularity that is a single point in time unconnected to the past and the future.


During the Battle at the Time Temple, the Demon God Andras developed self-awareness. In fear of his demise, he fled the Time Temple while the battle was still ongoing. He eventually drifted into a Singularity while in a near death state, where he died. However, his residual thoughts resonated with the powerful desire not to die, and fused with it to materialize as an existence similar to a Holy Grail.

Needing to connect with the Spirit Origin of a Heroic Spirit to maintain his existence, Andras called out to those who shared his desire.[282][283] The first of these was Hijikata Toshizou, who only recalls having been fatally shot at Hakodate. As he wandered the Singularity, Hijikata projected his desire not to die until he wins, which Andras granted and shaped the Singularity accordingly. However, Hijikata's version of immortality wasn't compatible with Andras's own, so Andras sought another to fuse with.[283]

He also summoned Oda Nobukatsu who shared his desire to bless all mortals with eternity. In accordance with this plan, Andras disconnected the Singularity from the past and the future.[284] However, Nobukatsu needed Andras' power to maintain his existence, as he doesn't qualify as a Heroic Spirit. Still needing to fuse with a Heroic Spirit, Andras summoned Chacha, who only recalled being consumed by the flames of the burning Osaka Castle, and tried to fuse with her. She escaped from the Singularity even as Andras ordered to Nobukatsu to recapture her.[282] While waiting for Chacha to return, Nobukatsu overthrew the Tokugawa Shogunate while pretending to be Nobunaga Oda and created the Oda Shogunate a week before Chaldea's arrival. Meanwhile Hijikata recreated the Shinsengumi, who eventually came into fierce opposition with the Oda.[285][286]


Ritsuka, Souiji Okita, Nobunga Oda relax in their room. Okita and Nobunga recount non-existent previous events when Mash Kyrielight barges in to alert Ritsuka of an intruder. A Mini Nobu then suddenly appears, but it's quickly dispatched by a masked person. They introduce themselves as Chacha, proclaim herself as a mysterious masked woman from another dimension to tell Ritsuka of an impending doom. She removes her mask when Nobunga finally recognizes her niece, remembering Nobunga was killed by Akechi in Honnoji. After Leonardo da Vinci tells the group Chaldea is infested with Guda Guda Particles, a particles that turns infected Servants into disappointments, the group rayshift.[287]

The group arrive on a beach, and Nobunga quickly kills Edward Teach. Nobunga asks Chacha what time period they're in, but Chacha only knows it isn't her and Nobunaga's era. She then realizes Blackbeard wasn't the problem. Mash believes the era is near the Meiji Restoration. A Nobu Tank then appears to capture Chacha, but the group defeat it. A local fisherman thanks them for killing Blackbeard and the Nobu Tank he says is from the shogunate. He continues there's been endless fighting ever since the Oda Shogunate took over after defeating Tokugawa last week.[285]

The group arrive in Kyoto, and eat a local restaurant when they hear some commotion. A villager tells them it's the Oda and the Shinsengumi fighting again. The group arrive to see a man claiming himself to be Nobunaga fighting another man, who Okita recognizes as Hijikata Toshizou. Hijikata demands she helps him, but she's confused about the situation and the identity of "Nobunaga". "Nobunaga" proclaims himself to be Nobunaga back from the dead when the real Nobunaga recognize him as her brother, Oda Nobukatsu. Nobunaga demands to know why Nobukatsu he made a new Oda Shogunate, to which he responds the people wanted a hero to save them from their decadent ways. Nobunaga prepares to punish him for taking her name, but Hijikata stops her as Nobukatsu is his prey. Okita manages to stop Hijikata while Nobunaga stops her brother. She decides to follow him to where he's camped after he withdraws his troops. Okita reluctantly decides to follow Hijikata to what she assumes is the Shinsengumi headquarters. She and Nobunaga then argue about who Ritsuka will go with. Regardless of which side they pick, Chacha follows whatever side Ritsuka picks.[286]

After a battle between the Oda and the Shinsengumi, if Ritsuka joined the Oda, the group (except Okita and Hijikata) go to Nobukatsu's abode. Nobunaga decides to postpone her brother's punishment until they've defeated the Shinsengumi. While Nobukatsu meets with the weapons merchant with the funds Ritsuka gathered, the group decide to pay Okita a visit. Upon arriving at the Shinsengumi headquarters, Nobunaga and Okita get into arguement when the former mocks the building's sorry state. A Nobusengumi spy then hands a report toHijikata. The reports reads ronin are plotting to burn Kyoto, and they're secretly meeting at the Ikedaya Inn.[288]

After a battle between the Oda and the Shinsengumi, if Ritsuka joined the Shinsengumi, the group (except Nobunaga and Nobukatsu) go to the Shinsengumi headquarters. Okita thanks Ritsuka for gathering the funds to make the Shinsengumi financially stable like it never was. Hijitaka sends them, with Chacha following, out on patrol, which they use a chance to visit Nobunaga. Upon arriving, Okita pities the sorry state of the Oda headquarters, which infuriates Nobunaga. A Nobusengumi messenger sent by Hijitaka then hands a report to Okita. The reports reads ronin are plotting to burn Kyoto, and they're secretly meeting at the Ikedaya Inn.[289]

At the Ikedaya Inn, Saigou Edimori and Katsura Tesla argue about the superiority of their companies' products until their benefactor convicnes them to join them. Okita and Ritsuka then burst into the room to arrest them, which prompts the benefactor to make their escape. Okita tries to go after them, but a group of Mecha Nobbu block her. While Ritsuka and Okita fight the Mecha Nobbu, Nobukatsu, whose revealed to be Edimori and Tesla's benefactor, states aloud he'll become the Oda's official head if the inventors manage to kill Nobunaga. Unfortunately for Nobukatsu, his words were overheard by Nobunaga and Chacha. The two prepare to punish him when Tesla appears to attack her with Nobbu UFOs. Nobukatsu escapes while Nobunaga and Chacha are busy fighting. Meanwhile in the inn, Ritsuka and Okita continue fighting their way out through Mecha Nobbus. Hijitaka then arrives to help destroy the remaining Mecha Nobbus. After they're destroyed, Edimori surrenders, and captured to be interrogated later. Nobunaga and Chacha then arrive with a captured Tesla, who surrendered after the Nobbu UFOs. However, Edimori and Tesla flashbang the group, and escape when Nobunaga and Hijitaka were arguing. As they escape, Edimori reveals his factory in Toba is producing tens of thousands of Mecha Nobbu, and Tesla reveals company in Fushimi is test a powerful weapon. After Edimori and Tesla escaped, Okita collapses from overexertion.[290]

Back at the Shinsengumi headquarters, a slightly recovered Okita thanks Ritsuka for taking care of her. Mash then appears, and explains to Ritsuka that they were heading to the Idekaya, she had Da Vinci analyze the Singularity. Speaking in private, Da Vinci reveals the Singularity is stasis, meaning it doesn't have a future. She continues the Singularity isn't a specific point in history nor is it an altered history, instead it is a single point in time unconnected from the past and the future. She initially assumed the Singularity was a parallel world's history that got derailed at some point. She realized its a world where time has stopped, and that someone deliberately made it so. Suddenly, Ritsuka overhears a commotion coming from Okita's room, and rush there to find out. They find Chacha arguing with Hijikata about taking Okita into battle to Toba-Fushimi when she isn't well enough. However, Okita joins him anyway, causing Chacha to leave, but not before giving medicine to Okita. The group then leave for Toba-Fushimi.[284]

The group arrive at Toba-Fushimi to find Nobunaga there observing all the Nobbu Mechas and UFOs gathered. After Ritsuka explains Chacha ran off, Nobunaga asks Hijikata for his assessment of the enemy. He assess that the enemy outnumbering them leaves them with the only option of distracting them with a feint while another unit flanks. Hijikata decides Okita will lead the feint attack while he flanks the enemy. However, as Okita isn't well enough, Nobunaga decides she'll lead the feint attack instead while Okita and Hijikata lead the flank.[284] As he watches the Mecha Nobbu and Nobbu UFOs being destroyed, Nobukatsu blames Ritsuka for the situation. Chacha soon arrives to see the battle's confusion when she sees Nobukatsu running off somewhere. She eavesdrops on him, and hears him speaking to someone ordering to kill Ritsuka. However, she alerts him to presence when she's shocked aloud by his mention of Taikou. He tells her that he was summoned to be Taikou's servants, and that he'll send her to the castle. Chacha recognizes Taikou is dead, but Nobukatsu tells her that death hasn't affected either of them due to the nature of the Singularity. Meanwhile on the battlefield, Edimori and Tesla disappear after they were defeated by the group. Nobukatsu then arrives carrying an unconscious Chacha. He reveals his true master is the Great Gold Demon Taikou, Toyotomi Hideyoshi. A golden castle then suddenly appears, to which Nobukatsu goes to with Chacha. [291]

In an unknown location, a mysterious voice pleads with Chacha to return to the castle, but she refuses. The voice tells her that her children, Toyotomi Hideyori and Toyotomi Tsurumatsu, are also here, and again pleads for her to return.[292]

Meanwhile on the battlefield, the group prepare to rescue Chacha. Hijikata ponders about Demon Taikou, seeming to him as the identity of the voice he heard before. The group near the Sun Fortress when they were stopped by fortifications suddenly summoned by Sanada Emiyamaru. They fight Emiyamaru, Gotou Setanta, Mouri Medinaga, Mysterious Chousokabe Heroine X, Akashi Ex, all of whom were summoned by Taikou to obey Nobukatsu's orders while he sacrifices Chacha to Taikou. After all of Nobukatsu's generals disappear, the group continue onward to the castle. Nobukatsu reveals Chacha has already been sacrificed, and Taikou has been revived. He then shifts space to a cavern.[292]

Nobunaga senses a massive amount of magical energy emanating from the Sun Fortress. Da Vinci then contacts the group, and reveal a Demon God is at the core the castle. She explains the Demon God is a corpse of one who died in the Time Temple that somehow drifted into the Singularity, or it fled to the Singularity while it was near death. Golden Demon Taikou Hideyoshi appears and announces the creation of an eternal golden paradise. Nobukatsu explains that within the Singularity, Taikou will bless all mortals with eternity. He then reveals he did of all this to free Nobunaga from her obligations to the Oda, so they can relive their carefree childhoods forever. Nobunaga rejects him though, so he sends wave after wave of soldiers to force her to understand. While Ritsuka, Okita, and Hijikata fight Nobukatsu's army, Nobunaga deals with her brother.[292] After Nobukatsu's army is defeated, Nobunaga prepares to execute him, but she misses on purpose. She then calls out to Chacha, whose revealed to yet be consumed by Taikou. Chacha reveals how she's been hearing the voices of Hideyoshi and their children blaming her for the destruction of the Toyotomi. However, Nobunaga reminds her how Hideoyoshi was only kind to her. Chacha realizes Taikou has been deceiving her, and he asks her she would refuse to live forever with her family. Nobunaga reveals the Demon God had gained self-awareness during the battle in the Time Temple, then it fled in fear of its own death. It eventually drifted in a near-death state into the Singularity where it finally died. Da Vinci reveals Taikou is the manifestation of the Demon God's residual thoughts. It resonated with the powerful desire not to die, then fused with that desire and materialized as something to a Grail. Da Vinci then reveals it cannot maintain its existence without using the Spirit Origin of a Heroic Spirit as a catalyst. Realizing the Singularity will return to normal if they free Chacha, the group fight and defeat Taikou.[282]

In a flashback, the Demon God's name is revealed to be Andras. Andras expresses his fear of dying, and his desire to live in his own world where he can relish his new self-awareness a bit longer. Chacha then appears before him, confused about where she is, and recalling the flames that consumed her. She then notices Andras, and he recognizes that she is also near death after the record that destroyed the Toyotomi. He asks her to let him fuse with her, but she refuses while denying she destroyed the Toyotomi. Andras realizes Chacha was falsely branded as the destroyer of the Toyotomi, and recognizes her as a fitting vessel for him. He decides that she is fit to be his accomplice, and reveals her powerful sense of shame guided him through the sea of death.[282]

In the present, Andras realizes that Chacha will never accept eternity. While unable to understand humans, he also realizes life without purpose is meaningless. After Andras disappears, Nobukatsu begins to disappear as well. He explains he doesn't qualify as a Heroic Spirit, so he could only maintain his Spirit Origin thanks to Andras. After he disappears, Da Vinci and Mash tell the group to escape the Singularity, as it'll soon collapse without Andras. However, it isn't collapsing, making Da Vinci wonder if there's still a shard of Andras somewhere. Nobunaga realizes Hijikata has a shard of Andras, which he confirms.[282] She reveals he was summoned by Andras, which he also confirms. He recalls how he was fatally shot at Hakodate, and the next thing he knew, he was in the Singularity. He wonders if Andras also consumed him, but Nobunaga explains Andras called out to those who shared his desire not to die. She continues Hijitaka is one of the keystones that created and maintained the Singularity, but unlike the others, he didn't need Andras' power. She theorizes if Andras had consumed Hijitaka, then the Singularity would have been more of a hellish battlefield. She then states Hijikata's version of immortality doesn't match with Andras' own, and that he didn't let Andras control his Spirit Origin. Okita wonders if they can talk Hijikata down, but Nobunaga tells her that not even Andras could release him from madness. She realizes Hijikata never realized he turned into a Heroic Spirit after his death. He continued to wander the Singularity's battlefields while projecting his desire not to die until he wins towards Andras. Da Vinci explains Andras granted Hijikata's desire and shaped the Singularity accordingly. Okita wonders if Hijikata intended to continue living while embodying the Shinsengumi forever. Hijitak realizes the group is trapped in the Singularity until he dies. Nobunaga confirms his realization, and offers to kill him if it's too hard for Okita. Okita rejects her though, and tells Hijikata that both he and the Shinsengumi. Hijikata however tells her that the Shinsengumi will live forever for as long as he lives. He then fights the group to determine whether his or Okita's Shinsengumi is the real one. With Hijikata's demise, the Singularity begin to collapse, so the group rayshift back to Chaldea.[283]

In the still collapsing Singularity, Hijikata accepts that he died. Andras then appears and tells him to leave before the Singularity collapses completely. Hijikata wonders if Andras is concerned for him. He also regrets he wasn't more compatible with Andras, as the Singularity would've been better fortified otherwise. Andras confirms Hijikata's regret, and reveals that he learned to die lamenting the life that's been lost thanks to Hijikata. He sees this as the sole saving grace he received with his self-awareness. He continues he will disappear at the end of his drifiting while Hijikata will disappear at the end of his battle, as per the fate of his Spirit Origin. Calling Hijikata his beacon, Andras tells him to keep fighting, even though he knows he cannot be saved. He calls this Hijikata's punishment for briefly redeeming his evil, as well as his final wish. After Andras disappears completely, Hijikata states he'll accept whatever battlefield he's summoned to. Meanwhile in Chaldea, Chacha gives Ritsuka the Grail she took from Andras, and joins Chaldea.[283]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Berserker Chacha Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Okita Sōji Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Hijikata Toshizō Shinsengumi
Archer Oda Nobunaga Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Thomas Edison Oda Shogunate
Archer Nikola Tesla Oda Shogunate
Assassin Mysterious Heroine X Toyotomi Shogunate
Berserker Mysterious Heroine X (Alter) Toyotomi Shogunate
Lancer Cú Chulainn Toyotomi Shogunate
Caster Medea Toyotomi Shogunate
Archer EMIYA Toyotomi Shogunate
Rider Edward Teach Toyotomi Shogunate
Caster Helena Blavatsky Toyotomi Shogunate
N/A Oda Nobukatsu Oda Shogunate

Andras (true)


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Demon God Andras

Fate/Apocrypha: Inheritance of GloryEdit

Fate/Apocrypha: Inheritance of Glory refers to an event, part of a collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and Fate/Apocrypha, which Ritsuka Fujimaru was involved in, having being summoned in a dream by Sieg. It involves a recreation of the Great Holy Grail War in Trifas, within the Greater Grail.[293]


Apocrypha Map
Even after absorbed into the Greater Grail following their death by Shirou Kotomine, Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia and Vlad III's souls remained fused together. Many years after Sieg brought the Greater Grail to the Reverse Side of the World, Darnic manifested within its inner world. Still clinging to his dream to acquire the Grail, he sought to take control of it.[294] He recreated Trifas and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and rematerialized the Servants who participated in the Great Holy Grail War with the exception of the Rulers.[294][295] However these Servants are merely mindless husks, programmed to fight each other endlessly. The recreated Holy Grail War is also resets whenever the sun rises.[295] Eventually Sieg, fearing the Grail would go out his control, he summoned Ritsuka Fujimaru to the Reverse Side with the Grail's power.[296]


Ritsuka find themselves in an unknown location, as a mysterious voice calls to them. The source of the voice is a dragon, who reveals Ritsuka is currently in a dream yet isn't. He explains he has summoned them into this realm through the power of the Holy Grail. He tells them that they need their power to save this currently endangered world, knowing they've been working to restore humanity. He then introduces himself as Fafnir when Ritsuka demands to know. Ritsuka asks him if they can't leave unless they help him, which makes Fafnir he gone too far in summoning Ritsuka. He prepares to take care of the manner himself when Ritsuka asks for more details. He explains that they're currently in the Reverse Side of the World, where the Phantasmal Species took refuge after humanity became the dominant species on the planet. He also reveals the collapse of the Human Order allowed some creatures to enter the human realm. He explains the Reverse Side is also in danger because of the Great Grail he brought. He then reveals a Holy Grail War is currently being commenced in the broken Grail, and the total number of battles is beyond 10,000. He explains at the start there was only two Servants; At 567 battles, there were four Servants; At 2,313 battles, there were seven Servants. From there, certain changes were made to the Grail, meaning someone is trying to use it for themselves. Fafnir warns at this rate, the Grail will get out of control. He explains he cannot use it himself nor can he let others use it. He warns the worst case scenario it is that a piece of the world's Texture will tear off, which will plunge the world into a chaos of fantasy and reality. After Ritsuka agrees to help, Fafnir flies them into the Grail.[296]

Upon arriving, Fafnir finds that Trifas has been recreated with incredible accuracy, and he wonders what they're trying to achieve. He explains that Trifas was the location of Great Holy Grail War. After wiping out a group of golems and Dragon Tooth Warriors with a single breathe of his fire, Fafnir senses a Servant, and is struck down by Vasavi Shakti. He crash lands into the forest below, and tells Ritsuka his wings are too damaged to fly for a while. He then explains the Servants are more akin to robots, sharing the same combat prowess, but lacking the emotions and logic of their originals. He ponders how a recreation of the Great Holy Grail managed to emulate Noble Phantasms. Ritsuka warns him of an incoming attack, but Fafnir tells them to run to the fortress since his body is too slow for them to escape together. He is struck by Balmung when a Servants finds him and Ritsuka, recognizing them as a Master. Fafnir leaves Ritsuka to the Servant, who leaves Fafnir in Rider's care and escapes the forest with them. Upon exiting the forest though, the pair run into a group of Dragon Tooth Warriors. He introduces himself as Chiron, and fights the warriors. After the warriors are destroyed, the pair continue retreating to the fortress.[297]

The pair arrive in Millennia Fortress, and Chiron explains the enemy forces will disappear when the sun rises. He explains to Ritsuka that the Great Holy Grail War was a battle between fourteen Servants unlike the standard seven. He reveals the winner of this war, and current owner of the Grail, is Fafnir. He explains this world is a recreation of the war, but only Trifas and the Hanging Gardens of Babylon exist. He further explains the recreated Servants weren't meant to have a will of their, instead they were programmed to fight each other endlessly. He also reveals none of the Servants have any memories of the Great Holy Grail War, which is why he doesn't know how Fafnir won. He explains Fafnir is the Grail's supervisor, but he doesn't why he's inside it now. He then reveals that of the fourteen Servants, twelve of those are those are the enemy. Due to how the war restarts every sunrise, he cannot recall any of the Servants' names, besides that of Rider's, and believes Fafnir may know more. While he wants to help to stop the recreation, he also knows the enemy is too numerous for them right now. He also reveals the enemy are able to deploy their Noble Phantasm despite having no consciousness. Ritsuka asks how a Servant can regain their consciousness, but Chiron is unsure, only theorizing Fafnir's presence has something to do with it. He then warns that even though he and Ritsuka are safe for night, the Servants will attack the fortress as programmed after taking Ritsuka and Fafnir's existence into account. Rider then enters, and introduces himself as Achilles. Chiron asks him how Fafnir is doing, to which Achilles replies that he's currently resting in the garden.[295]

Ritsuka visits Fafnir in the garden, and asks him turned Chiron and Achilles into proper Servants. Fafnir confirms this, and says he should turn all of the Servants into proper ones to help find the one behind the recreation. He considers that method inhumane though, even calling his conversion of Chiron and Achilles in the forest to be a great sin. Then, not wanting to be useless with a immobile body, he creates a terminal for himself. The terminal introduces himself as Sieg, and goes back inside with Ritsuka to meet with Chiron and Achilles.[295]

Back inside, Chiron tells everyone they have no chance of winning with their current numbers. He then asks Achilles if he can recall anyone from the original war. Achilles replies he can only barely recall Vlad III and Atalanta. Sieg then explains the fourteen Servants were split into the Black and Red Factions. The Servants of Black: Siegfried, Vlad III, Astolfo, Avicebron, Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper. The Servants of Red: Mordred, Atalanta, Karna, William Shakespeare, Spartacus, and Semiramis. Sieg agrees with Chiron that they stand a chance against twelve Servants, and recognizes why his initial plan to fight them himself failed. In response to this, Chiron decides to hold a discussion on how to defeat the twelve Servants. Sieg suggests defeating them with their Noble Phantasm, but realizes that will not work. Achilles suggests they defeat them individually, but Chiron says that won't work either. He explains such a method would leave their own forces too focused on one area, and points to the fact that the other Servants won't just stay put. Ritsuka suggests defeating at least three Servants, which Chiron accepts the correct course of action. He then says he and Achilles will fight nine Servants while Ritsuka and Sieg take on three. Sieg and Achilles find the ridiculous, given how numbered they are either way, and how the enemy can use Noble Phantasms. Chiron explains that while Noble Phantasms are a Servant's trump card, they also their greatest weakness. He continues the enemy Servants are programmed to deploy their Noble Phantasms whenever possible, not when it's most appropriate. Sieg realizes they can just detect and dodge the Noble Phantasms in that case, Chiron decides to train the group on how do just that by tonight. Chiron states that the Servants have been continuously revived, but believes that with Ritsuka and Sieg it'll be possible to win now.[295]

After getting some rest, Ritsuka goes to the garden to see Chiron training Sieg. Chiron explains they will lay out traps that will deploy barriers to seperate the nine Servants. After they leave to set the traps, Sieg tells Ritsuka how those two used to be enemies, and how Chiron was the only Servant of Black that could penetrate Achilles' divine protection. He then reveals he was a homuculus designed by Ydggmillennia to supply their Servants with mana that managed to escape. He explains the Greater Grail is something very important to a certain Servant fought in the Great Holy Grail War, which is why he cannot let an outsider have it.[295]

Later that night, the group observe from the fortress wall that the Servants are approaching the fortress. Chiron tells the others he and Achilles separate them, then Ritsuka and Sieg will go and defeat three of them. He then jumps down from the fortress with Achilles, and activates the traps they set up earlier to separate the Servants. Ritsuka and Sieg then engage Avicebron, Shakespeare, and Jack in battle.[295] After they're defeated, Avicebron, Shakespeare, and Jack disappear along with the other nine Servants when the sun rises. Sieg thanks everyone for their help, and hopes they'll see some changes by tonight. He tells Achilles that he is the Grail's caretaker, and that he just can't break it just because he possesses it. Chiron says they should rest for today, and decides he'll rework the traps by tonight since he's unsure the same tactic will work again. The group then return to the fortress to rest.[298]

Inside the fortress, Sieg leaves Ritsuka to rest while he checks on his main body. Later, Ritsuka find themselves woken up by Jack, who calls them her "mommy". Sieg then barges in to tell Ritsuka when he spots Jack. He tells her that he is ally when she asks him if he's either an ally or an enemy. He then tells Ritsuka to come with him, as the other two from the other night also arrived with Jack.[298]

In the garden, Ritsuka and Sieg meet Shakespeare and Avicebron there. Avicebron asks Sieg if the only ones revived are those that engage in battle with him. Sieg confirms this, and ask him and Shakespeare if they can remember anything after their revival. Neither Avicebron, Shakespeare, nor Jack can remember anything though. Regardless, Chiron is elated to see that they've gain three allies at the same time. After explaining the situation, he realizes that since they managed to convert Avicebron, Shakespeare, and Jack into allies, they should be able to do the same with the other nine. He then gives Ritsuka and Sieg command of Avicebron and Shakespeare since neither of them are oriented for combat. Ritsuka decides they should first make sure Shakespeare doesn't slack off. Sieg agrees to take an eye on him so he doesn't cause any chaos within their ranks. Later, he tells Jack about how he saw her past, and how they were defeated by another Servants, as he witnessed it. Ritsuka then arrives to tell them to prepare for the upcoming battle tonight.[298]

Later that night at the fortress wall, Chiron tells the others that they'll repeat the same tactics from the previous night. However, he decides to have Achilles help Ritsuka and Sieg, instead of letting them fight three Servants alone with before. He then orders Avicebron to support with his golems, and Shakespeare to buff whatever party he finds interesting. Ritsuka finds such a order worrisome, but Shakespeare decides he'll help their side since they're more fun. After Jack agrees not to aid Ritsuka, the group jump down from the wall to defeat Spartacus, Atalanta, and Frankenstein.[298] After the Servants disappear with the rising sun, Chiron tells everyone to return to the fortress quickly since Shakespeare is absent.[299]

The group return to the fortress, and find Shakespeare safe and sound. Both Sieg and Chiron agree that the enemy may become more aggresive now that they are gaining the uppper hand. Achilles is concerned that the enemy Servants all seem to have divinity in them for some reason. Jack is also concerned that they might lose if the enemy gets stronger. After getting some rest, Ritsuka wakes up to see Sieg has brought food for the both of them. Sieg asks Ritsuka about themselves, and expresses his embarrassment at the way he spoke when he first met Ritsuka. He then senses something attacking the garden, so he and Ritsuka rush there to see.[299]

Ritsuka and Sieg arrive in the garden to see Frankenstein attacking Fafnir. Ritsuka realizes she doesn't want Fafnir in her flower garden, but Sieg says his main body cannot move now. As Frankenstein begins pushing Fafnir to the other side of the garden, Spartacus arrives ready to fight the dragon, identify him as an oppressor. Ritsuka tells him Fafnir isn't an oppressor, so Spartacus decides to sleep in the garden until an oppressor appears. Meanwhile inside the fortress, Chiron asks Atalanta to help set the traps for tonight.[299]

Later that night, the group prepare another three Servants. Atalanta starts off by deploying Phoebus Catastrophe, but Astolfo uses Hippogriff to avoid the attack. In response she and Chiron go to engage the enemy directly, but he finds the enemy is using his own tactics. Sieg asks Jack to identify the enemy, to which she answers she sees two Sabers, a Rider, and a Lancer along with Shadow Servants. The group fight and defeat Mordred, Siegfried, and Astolfo.[299] After the enemy disappears when the sun rises, Sieg expresses his concern about the possession ration of the Grail isn't changing to their favor. He explains if it remains so someone other than him will gain control of the Grail.[300]

Later in the garden, Astolfo, Mordred, and Siegfried meet with the others. After the situation is explain to them, Siegfried agrees to help while Mordred picks a fight with Achilles. Frankenstein stops them before their fight intensifies since she doesn't want her flower garden ruined. Sieg reveals his possession ration is steadily declining, so Mordred decides they should attack the enemy directly. She identifies the Hanging Gardens as the enemy base, and Chiron agrees with going on the offensive since their forces are large enough. Sieg explains Semiramis is a force to be reckoned with attacking the Hanging Gardens, which Chiron says she's been using to attack them. He also says the group's chances of success are extremely low since twelve Servants will be guarding the inside of the Gardens. Atalanta wonders about attacking the Gardens during the day. Avicebron reveals though a flying golem is sent to there on Chiron's order was forcibly transported outside when night arrived. Since there are no alternatives other than a frontal assault, Chiron asks Sieg if he can move his main body. Sieg answers he should be able to fly at minimum, but warns he'll fall if hit by from a Noble Phantasm, especially Balmung. Since Sieg is afraid of failing everyone, Achilles and Astolfo agree to fly alongside him and support him. Shakespeare says he will write a song of bravery to help boost Sieg's luck. Avicebron says he will send flying golems made from the fortress to act as a frontal shield for Fafnir. Atalanta says the most she can do is fire arrows when she sense Sieg knows something. He recalls her using her other Noble Phantasm, Agrius Metamorphosis, to fly during the Great Holy Grail War. Atalanta decides to use it, even though it isn't meant for prolonged flight. Jack decides she use The Mist against the enemy, and she'll ride Fafnir with Ritsuka. Chiron tells Shakespeare and Avicebron that they will also be riding on Fafnir as well. He decides to ride with Achilles, and Siegfried decides to ride with Astolfo. Spartacus decides he'll fly to the Gardens himself, but since that isn't possible as the others point out, he accepts Atalanta's suggestion of using a rope. After the group train against Avicebron's golems, Ritsuka tells Sieg of their adventures out on the fortress wall.[300] Later the group have picnic before going to assault the Garden later tonight.[301]

Later that night, the group fly towards the Garden; Fafnir announces they will be in combat range in three minutes. Entering the range of the Gardens' defenses, Avicebron uses his golems to create a shield while Astolfo uses Hippogriff to dimension shift. Xanthus, one of Achilles' horses, then warns of the possiblilty of the enemy sending replicas of Achilles and Chiron. Though Chiron tells Achilles to be prepared for that possibility, Achilles thinks Xanthus was only joking until his replica arrives. Meanwhile on the ground, as the enemy charges towards the others in the sky, Mordred amplifies Mana Burst with Frankenstein's help, and uses it to launch them both up. Back up in the air, Avicebron's shield is broken by Karna, and he also keeps on dispersing Jack's mist. Suddenly though he is sent flying when the recently launched Mordred and Frankenstein hit him. The pair land in the Gardens, and Frankenstein begins rampaging while Mordred starts deploying Clarent Blood Arthur. With Karna gone now, the group prepare to land on the Gardens.[301]

Upon landing, Fafnir switches back to Sieg. As the group proceed further in, Sieg warns they will likely he encounter Karna, Vlad, and Semiramis. He says all of them (with the exception of Karna) are seeking to the use of the Grail, but he someone wants to use it even more. Later, they meet up with the Mordred and Frankenstein, and together they fight Karna, Vlad, and Semiramis.[301] After they're defeated, Spartacus finally arrives in the Gardens, having climbed up this whole time. Sieg declares with dawn coming, and their victory over Semiramis, they have gained her as an ally. As a result of this they've gained her Gardens, but it still belongs to the enemy. Semiramis confirms this, and assumes the situation is because of Sieg's taking the Grail to the Reverse Side. Chiron asks her if she knows the enemy's identity, to which she replies that she does. While she doesn't have her memories of the Great Holy Grail War, Semiramis says she merely analyze her Garden to locate the enemy. After Karna wakes up, she takes the group to the chamber where the Grail is, and where they'll meet the only other Master besides Ritsuka.[294]

At the chamber of the Grail, the group meet a man who reveals he re materialized and replicated thirteen Servants. He continues that with 87% of the Grail's core dominated, it'll be sufficient enough to grant his wish. Semiramis tells him that he'll never gain his wish no matter many decades he has the Grail, and refers to him as Vlad's fake. Semiramis reveals the man before them isn't a Servant yet he is also Vlad. Sieg explains that besides himself and a certain priest, the only one who came close to acquiring the Grail is the man before them. He reveals the man to be the leader of the Ydggmillennia and the Master of Vlad, Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia. He asks him if he still seeks the Grail even with his own consciousness fading away. Darnic replies that those who blessed, like the Heroic Spirits, would never understand his hard work and desperation throughout the decades he prolonged his life to acquire the Grail. Sieg tells him that doesn't matter, as the mage known as Darnic has been long dead, and the man before them is a remnant of Darnic's wish. He explains to Ritsuka that Darnic fused with the vampiric form of Vlad through the use of a Command Spell. After becoming a monstrosity beyond that of a vampire, Darnic came close to taking the Grail, but he was destroyed by a certain priest from the Red Faction. Sieg explains it should have ended there since a Servant should revert to pure mana and return to the Greater Grail when they died. However that never happened because Darnic was human, and also because Darnic had been prolonging life by fusing his soul with that of a infant's As a result of these factors, Darnic is neither a human nor a Servant, he is merely a being instinctively seeking to grant his wish to acquire the Grail. Sieg reveals a severely damage cannot use the Third Magic, nor can it reach the Root. He tells Darnic to give his dream, but he refuses to. He reminds the group he already possesses 87% of the Grail, and says he's used more efficient than Sieg, who merely waited for visitors that would never come. He declares that as long as he possesses the Grail, none of the group will ever disappear, but they'll disappear once he's gone. He then proposes to use the Grail to incarnate them if they agree to join him. However they all refuse his proposal because of their own principles as heroes. Expecting that to be their answer, Darnic decides he'll force them to fight until they beg to be incarnated. He then connects to a mimicry of the Greater Grail, and it emerges from within the Greater Grail to Sieg's shock. Semiramis asks Darnic if he is trying to forcibly a parallel universe, but he doesn't care as long as he grants his wish. After Sieg declares he will defeat Darnic as the Grail's supervisor, the group fight the replicate Grail.[294] Unfortunately they are becoming overwhelmed by replica Servants continuously spawned by the replica Grail. Chiron realizes the replica Grail is emulating their combat data, and sending the correct Servant class to counter them accordingly. He then decides that since the replica Grail is exploiting their weaknesses, they should do the same.[302] After the replica Grail is destroyed, Darnic refuses to give up when someone tells him it is the end. He is then struck by Kazikli Bey, and questions how Vlad could be here since he was supposed to been sealed. He assumes he is another replica since he couldn't be reborn as a Servant with his mind intact. Vlad congratulates the group on their victory, and says their intense battle invited him. He tells Darnic that his own rage and ambitions have disappeared, he should give up. He then reveals he is the only Servant among the fourteen to possess their past memories, which he assumes to be a result of Darnic fusing with him during the war. He then says he will not kill Darnic out of rage or personal grudge, but out of his duty as a hero and his mercy as a Servant. Darnic however refuses to believe Vlad has abandoned his hatred towards him for his betrayal. Vlad however reveals he reveals he never hated him, and his rage towards him at his betrayal was merely impulse. He continues that no matter much the world demonizes either of them, they always dedicated themselves to their dreams. He tells Darnic to give up as his dream has been broken, and even if he recovers it, it will never shine again like before. Darnic finally accept he cannot recover his broken dream, and disappears. Vlad declares that with this, the Great Holy Grail War has truly ended. He then tells Sieg that even without the Grail, someone will achieve True Magic, and eventually he will gain a happy ending. After Vlad disappears, Semiramis teleports everyone out of the crumbling Gardens.[303]

Back on the ground, the Servant disappear after saying their goodbyes to each other, Ritsuka and Sieg. Afterwards, Sieg states the recreation will disappear soon, and the Grail is now stabilizing. He then changes back to Fafnir and returns Ritsuka to the Reverse Side, where he will continue to wait for someone. As thanks for their help and friendship, Fafnir gives Ritsuka his Sieg terminal to aid them. He tells them that he will continue to wait for his someone no matter how long it takes because he knows they will definitely come. After returning Ritsuka to the real world, Fafnir accepts the Sieg that Ritsuka will summon as a Servant will gain his own memories while continuing to wait.[303]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Caster (Living Hero) Sieg
Archer Chiron
Rider Achilles
Assassin Jack the Ripper
Caster Avicebron
Caster William Shakespeare
Archer Atalanta
Berserker Frankenstein
Berserker Spartacus
Saber Mordred
Saber Siegfried
Rider Astolfo
Assassin Semiramis
Lancer Vlad III
Lancer Karna


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
N/A Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia

Murder at the KogetsukanEdit

Main article: Murder at the Kogetsukan

GUDAGUDA Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail ~Far East Devil Battlefront 1945~Edit

GUDAGUDA Strange Tales of the Imperial Holy Grail ~Far East Devil Battlefront 1945~ (ぐだぐだ帝都聖杯奇譚 ~極東魔人戦線 1945~, GUDAGUDA Teito Seihai Kitan ~Kyokutou Majin Sensen 1945~?) refers to an event which occurred during the aftermath of the Human Order Incineration Incident. It involved a Singularity created at the coordinates of Tokyo in 1945.


FGO Tokyo
Akechi Mitsuhide transformed Tokyo into a Singularity by placing fragments of a Holy Grail at certain coordinates on the leyline in a wedge formation.[304][305] He sought to create a Saint Graph that would become what he would declare as the true Oda Nobunaga. In order to achieve his goal, he initiated a Holy Grail War to assemble a massive number of Servants.[306] However unlike a regular Grail War, the Servants have no Masters, and instead fight to earn class titles.[307] Once a Servants earns a class title, they are permitted to create territories inside the wedge formation formed by the Grail fragments called a Red Line. If the proper owner of a class title stays with their Red Line, their mana is constantly replenished, and they're bestowed with the Grail's blessing. Because of this, Servants seek to expand their territories by seizing of other territories to increase their blessing from the Grail.[308] By the time of Chaldea's involvement, this Grail War already repeated itself many times.[306]

In truth though, all of Tokyo is Akechi's Red Line, and the Servants' mana is accumulated into the Grail every time the war repeats. This is for the purpose of forging a Saint Graph of the highest purity. Seeking to create his ideal Nobunaga, Akechi used to the Grail to forcefully summon Nobunaga to eventually serve as the catalyst. Nobunaga sensed this though, and cut herself before her Saint Graph fully materialized itself. She then used her own Saint Graph to summon Nobukatsu to serve as her vessel in an emergency.[306]

Considering Akechi's ritual to be a threat, the Counter Force deployed Sakamoto Ryoma and Oryou into the Singularity.[309] Ryoma and Oryou eventually killed the official Rider, and proceeded to investigating the Servants' Red Lines.[309][308] Okita Alter was also summoned into the Singularity to serve as a Counter Guardian once for the purpose of stopping Akechi to repay Okita Souji's debt from when the World stopped her illness from claiming her as a child.[305] Unfortunately though, she was summoned without any memories and knowledge of the ear, along with poor combat skills and initially the inability to speak.[310]


At the conclusion of a certain war, Nobunga Oda and Okita Souji face off against each other, with the latter being in poor condition. Okita asks Nobunaga she betrayed Ritsuka, to which she answers they stood in the way of her ambitions. She then declares no can stop her from using the Maxwell Reactor to destroy Okita, and rewrite history as her paradise. Okita realizes that is the reason Lady Chacha, Hijikata Toshizō, and Ritsuka had to die. Nobunaga prepares to kill Okita when a mysterious light appears before the latter. Okita then uses it to become Okita Alter.[311]

In Ritsuka's room at Chaldea, the previous events are revealed to be explanation from Okita why she is suddenly in her alter form. While Nobunaga panics at the situation, Ritsuka asks why they were killed by her, but she doesn't answer. Chacha asks Okita Alter if she shares the memories of her original self. The scene is then reveal to be a memory of Chaldea viewed by Okita Alter.[311]

Ritsuka suddenly themselves rayshifted to a city. They're found by a citizen who tells them to run since the alarm is going off. Ritsuka learns from him that they're in Imperial Tokyo when a Nobbu suddenly appears. Seeing several citizens being massacred by Nobbu, Ritsuka tries to run away. However they bump into someone they assume to be Nobunaga, and they are shot. Recognizing them as an outsider, Nobunaga assumes Ritsuka was summoned by Caster, and tries to kill them. However the bullets are blocked by Okita Alter, who Nobunaga assumes to be Ritsuka's Servant. She then fights Okita Alter to test capabilities as a Servant. She is disappointed though by her lack of strength, and prepares to kill her. Her bullets are however deflected a mysterious woman, then a mysterious man appears afterwards. They all then escape, with the woman carrying Ritsuka, while being chased by Nobbu. After escaping to safety, the man tells Ritsuka that the bullet didn't hit any vital organs. He then introduces himself as Sakamoto Ryoma.[307]

At a certain place in the city, an officer reports to General Omami that Servants were spotted within the Red Line. He continues there were three spotted, with their classes being Saber, Archer, and Lancer. He believes with each of them fighting now, it's rather impossible to identify them. Omami asks for a description of the three Servants. The officer describes Saber as a female swordsman, Lancer as a samurai spearman, and he reveals Archer's True Name has been identified. Then, to his utter shock, he reveals Archer's True Name is Nobunaga Oda. Delighted by this, Omami asks him how the army of Heroic Spirits is coming. The officer answers that two platoons have been formally approved and posted within the imperial capital for the purposes of security and surveillance. Omami orders him to continue the surveillance for the sake of the capital, then gives him permission to leave. After the officer leaves, Omami laughs at himself maniacally that Nobunaga has returned.[308]

Ritsuka wakes inside a room, and asks where they are. Ryoma answers they are currently in an old detective agency. He then introduces the woman whose been staying by their bedside as his assistant, Oryou. After eating, Ritsuka asks him if he knows about Chaldea. Ryoma replies that he doesn't know it, only identifying Ritsuka as a visitor from the outside. He then notices Okita Alter has a particular interest in Ritsuka, and asks her to introduce herself. Okita Alter however doesn't know name, so Ritsuka decides to call her Okita Alter. Then over some tea, Ryoma explains they are currently in a Holy Grail War without Masters, and where the Servants compete for a class title. He specifies the Servants fighting for a class title are more like failure fighting to become a real one, and compares it to a preliminary round. Okita Alter wonder if she is one of those failures, but Ryoma is unsure since she has a Master. He asks her why she is with Ritsuka, and she answers that she was with them when she woke up, and felt a need to stay by their side. Leonardo da Vinci and Mash Kyrielight then make contact, which surprised Ryoma since Imperial Tokyo is quarantined. Da Vinci realizes the quarantined space of Imperial Tokyo was the reason they couldn't locate Ritsuka after they were rayshifted into the city. Ryoma then introduces himself to her and Mash, and identifies that they're from Chaldea. Da Vinci thanks him for saving Ritsuka, and decides to trust their decision to trust Ryoma. She then asks him what his goal is, to which he answers it is to either retrieve or destroy the Grail. He explains his reasoning as wanting to save those suffering from the Grail War. Da Vinci finds his reason to be suspicious since according to his profile, he was a greedy person in life. After she and Mash introduce themselves to him, Ryoma makes the assumption that da Vinci already observed the irregularity in the city. She confirms such, and reveals Ritsuka and others are in an isolated space containing only Tokyo. She explains an invisible barrier is surrounding the entire space, which makes physically entering or exiting difficult. Ryoma confirms what da Vinci just said, and says neither a Servant nor a human can leave the city. Mash asks how Ritsuka will return then, but da Vinci assures her that since they were able to communicate with them, they should be able rayshift them back. She explains though more information and stability is required to increase the success of the rayshift. She then gives her deduction of the Singularity, and a few points on the leyline formed the barrier that maintained space and time in the city. She continues she identified a few coordinates, and Ryoma agrees to investigate. She then begins to experience interference from a third party, and sends the coordinates before communication is cut. Ryoma then prepares to leave to check on the other Servants' movements, and asks Ritsuka to take some of his jobs if they have the time. He states it shouldn't be as dangerous since they're quite distant from the Red Line. He explains that when the proper owner of a class title stays within the Red Line, they are bestowed with the Grail's blessing. He continues because of this the Servants are starting to trying to take each other's territories. He then reveals that as a Rider, he seems to be able to ignore the Servants' red line, which helps with his investigations. After leaving the office, Oryou asks him if he's fine with Ritsuka and Okita Alter guarding the office. He answers that Ritsuka seems trustworthy, but he seems troubled about Okita Alter's identity. [308]

Ritsuka and Okita Alter listen to a radio broadcast announcing that the army's 4th Division of the Magus Facility will initiate a Holy Grail War at a unspecified time. Okita Alter is concerned she doesn't have any memories of her past, and questions if she really is Okita. She is also worried that she wasn't given knowledge of the era after being summoned, and worse she couldn't speak until a moment ago. She questions what she is, and asks Ritsuka if they're fine with being contracted with her, even if it's proper. They accept her regardless to her appreciation. She then senses someone coming when a man enters asking if he's at Ryoma's place. After Ritsuka confirms such, the man tries to kill them. Okita Alter manages his attack though to his annoyance. He laughs at her for being so weak despite supposedly a Saber, the pinnacle of the three knight classes. He attacks her, but she manages to defend herself. He questions if she is a Saber, calling her swordsmanship amateur and her sword fake. Seeing they're at a disadvantage, Ritsuka and Okita Alter escape.[310]

Ritsuka and Okita Alter escape to the street, but the man easily catches up to them. He tries to attack them, but his strike blocked by Oryou. Ryoma identifies the man as Okada Izou, who brands Ryoma as a traitor and tries to attack him. His attack is again blocked by Oryou. Izou then angrily blames Ryoma for why he was executed, saying he sold him out. Ryoma apologizes for what happened, but explains he doesn't have time to deal with him since he's being chased. He then dodges a sudden attack from Okita whose been chasing him for crossing her Red Line. She also notices Izou, and becomes confused at seeing Okita Alter. Ryoma tells Oryou to carry Ritsuka, Okita Alter, and Izou, and together they escape. Okita tries to chase after them but her illness stops her; she realizes Okita Alter is the same as her.[310]

At the detective agency, Ryoma allows Izou to kill him as revenge for his betrayal. Izou attacks him, but he's shocked that Ryoma didn't dodge it. After he's healed, Ryoma reveals he now understands the situation better thanks to Chaldea's data and his own findings. He continues he located a few coordinates with fragments of the Grail installed with a pinpoint wedge. It meant to be utilized by the summoned Servants, and it is where they set up their Red Lines. Ryoma explains Servants stealing each other's territories and fighting for territorial supremacy is the rule of this Grail War. Da Vinci explains that since the Singularity is maintained by the Grail fragments, the Singularity will be corrected once they're destroyed. However she questions why this new type of Grail War was created to maintain Imperial Tokyo, but she decides to leave that to Ryoma's investigation. Before communications are cut off again, she explains the wedges and Red Lines act in parallel to each other, meaning the less territory a Servant has, the weaker their blessing from the Grail is. Ryoma states their next objective is to take down the Red Lines, then destroy the Grail Fragments. He then says Izou will also help, but Izou questions why since he's part of this Grail War. Ryoma tries to convince him with admiration of his skills, then mentions Okita and another member of the Shinsengumi will be tough opponents.[304]

Izou protects Ritsuka and Okita Alter as they head to Lancer's Red Line. They soon arrive at Lancer's Red Line, but Izou becomes slightly concerned when Lancer's presence suddenly disappear. He then sense another presence and has Ritsuka and Okita Alter follow him inside, where they're greeted by Li Shuwen. Izou asks him if he killed Lancer. Li Shuwen answers he wanted to his skills against the official Lancer, but he won with a single strike. He and Izou then fight each other. Meanwhile Ryoma and Oryou investigate a site when they're spotted by Hijikata. He then attacks the pair for trespassing on what he calls Shinsengumi territory. At the same time, Izou is losing against Li Shuwen, to the shock of the former and the disappoint of the latter. He then realizes Li Shuwen is now an official Lancer, and believes the Grail's blessing is stronger for the three knight classes. Ritsuka and Okita Alter tell him though that isn't the case, and that Li Shuwen is just that strong. While understanding Izou's talent surpasses his own, Li Shuwen points out to him that his pride in his own technique is why he's losing. Seeing Izou is unable to fight, Ritsuka orders Okita Alter to fight despite Izou's objections. Despite her amateur swordsmanship, she manages to fatally wound Li Shuwen. He tells Izou to adopt a mindset of raising over his opponent, instead of being above his opponent before disappearing. Okita Alter realizes her movements had improved when she saw Okita earlier. She then thanks Izou for slowing Li Shuwen's movements with his attack, but he doesn't appreciate it and leaves.[312]

At a certain office, an officer reports to Omami that Lancer's Red Line has been eradicated. He posits that Assassin is responsible for Lancer's death while injured himself. Afterwards he escaped while covering their tracks and hiding from the army's surveillance. Omami tells him to leave Assassin be since he won't last long injured. After the officer leaves, he prepares to leave himself, stating Nobunaga's feast has been fully prepared.[313]

After Ritsuka and Okita Alter return to the detective agency, Ryoma tells them he found Berserker and managed to escape. Da Vinci then states the wedge under Lancer's control has been destroyed. Ryoma says he was unable to defeat Berserker, and decides they'll destroy his wedge tomorrow. Da Vinci explains that with every wedge destroyed, the interference gets weaker. After communications with Chaldea are again cut, Ryoma notices Izou isn't around. Ritsuka tells him what happened, so he decides to leave it be for now.[313]

Meanwhile in Nobunaga's Red Line, she meets with Caster's assistant. She is handed an agreement of cooperation, and has Oda Nobukatsu read it. The agreement calls for a ceasefire between Nobunaga and Caster until all Servant except them are eliminated, and once that is complete, he will give the Grail to her. While she and Nobukatsu are suspicious, Nobunaga accepts Caster's terms regardless. After the assistant leaves, Nobunaga reveals she already knows Caster will betray her in the end.[313]

Back at the detective agency, Ryoma reveals he was able to locate Saber and Archer thanks to Chaldea's intel. He was unable to locate Caster though, so they'll have to right for them to make a move just to get a lead. Oryou asks whether they go after Saber or Archer, and Okita Alter decides Saber. She explains it is because she feels the need to see Okita again. Ryoma accepts her choice as the right choice if she truly is Okita's alter. He warns her to be careful though, as Okita was strongest among the Shinsengumi. Oryou decides she and Ryoma will go after Nobunaga, then they leave. Afterwards, Ritsuka and Okita Alter leave for Okita's Red Line.[313]

Ritsuka and Okita Alter arrive at Okita's Red Line, where they were expected. Okita prepares to fight, and tells she and the Okita Ritsuka knew are essentially different people, as they should know. Okita Alter asks her if she is her, but Okita is unsure since she never wielded a large sword. She and Okita Alter then begin their duel.[309]

Meanwhile, at Nobunaga's Red Line, she is surprised Ryoma and Oryou were able to break through her forces. He tells her that he suspects she is the key to this Grail War. Nobunaga asks him if he is abandoning the war, to which Oryou reveals she already killed the official Rider. Ryoma reveals he is an outsider, and he's only in Imperial Tokyo to help save the world. Nobunaga realizes he was sent by the Counter Force, and she is delighted at finally be the World's enemy. Ryoma then activates Like a Soaring Dragon, and begins his fight with her.[309]

While continuing her duel with Okita, Okita Alter sees flashes of her past. It is revealed that her caretaker offered her to the World to save her from her terminal illness as a child, and in exchange, she became a Counter Guardian. Now having regained her memories, Okita Alter's swordsmanship drastically improves. Okita reveals her mana is constantly replenished in her Red Line, and the Grail's blessing doesn't allow her illness to affect her. She then puts on the Coat of Oaths, having decided to fight Okita Alter at full strength. After Okita is defeated, Okita Alter questions her she wasn't seriously at first about killing her. Ritsuka realizes that Okita was trying to train Okita Alter during their duel. She denies it, claiming she was nothing but a murderer. She is then gives Okita Alter the Coat of Oaths, and tells her to protect Ritsuka like she failed to protect her own. She then bids farewell to them both before disappearing. Okita Alter then tells Ritsuka she recalled her purpose, and says they need to hurry as the end is coming.[309]

After killing Oryou, Nobunaga declares she will destroy the world, and march onto the next. She is slightly disturbed when Ryoma says she isn't herself before he seemingly dies. Omami then appears, revealing himself as Caster, introducing himself as Nankōbō Tenkai. When Nobunaga prepares to kill him, he removes his sunglasses to help her recognize him. She instantly recognizes him, and becomes panically confused at the situation when she becomes paralyzed. Tenkai reveals all of Imperial Tokyo is his Red Line, and as the Grail War repeats itself, the mana produced goes to him. He says he has waited and planned for this moment for 300 years, and the true Nobunaga shall return. After his assistant takes Nobunaga away, Tenkai declares that with the Grail, Nobunaga's Saint Graph, and the Heroic Spirits in the city, it is time for his cause to manifest itself.[306]

Ritsuka and Okita Alter return to the detective agency, where they are met by Nobukatsu. He begins seemingly arguing with himself, but its revealed he is sharing his Saint Graph with Nobunaga. She explains she was forcefully summoned into the Singularity by the Grail to be used as a puppet. However before her Saint Graph fully materialized, she cut herself off and escaped to somewhere. While it normally be impossible, she noticed Nobukatsu's Saint Graph got recorded somehow thanks to their previous encounter. She then took her chances, and borrowed her brother's Saint Graph. Nobukatsu explains he is too weak of a Heroic Spirit to be summoned properly, but he is able to be thanks to Nobunaga's help. Da Vinci then reveals the Singularity was created to assemble Servants to forge a Saint Graph of a higher purity. Nobunaga compares it to a Kodoku Ritual, which Da Vinci calls an appropriate comparison. Nobunaga then states such a ritual requires a Grail War where a massive number of Servants participate. Da Vinci reveals the Grail War has already been repeated many times before. Ryoma then returns and reveals it was thanks to Nobukatsu that was able to; Oryou is also revealed to have survived. The group decide to stop Tenkai's plan when Izou appears asking them to take him along. He asks if Tenkai has been located, but Nobunaga says his exact coordinates couldn't be pinpointed. The group then leave to locate Tenkai.[306]

The group invade the Magus Facility where they were confronted by a numerous amount of Heroic Spirit Soldiers. Ryoma explains they are basically artificial magic soldier created from recycled Saint Graphs. He tells Ritsuka, Okita Alter, and Nobunaga go ahead while he, Oryou, and Izou stay to stall the soldiers. Ritsuka, Okita Alter, and Nobunaga eventually enter the chamber where Tenkai, revealed to be Akechi Mitsuhide is. While at first confused by Okita Alter, he ignores it, and tells the trio to witness the culmination of soul he's collected along with Nobunaga's body and the Grail. He then declares the awakening of the true Nobunga is near. He reveals he killed Nobunaga in their lifetimes because she stopped being his source of idolization and devotion when she praised someone beside him. He tries to justify his actions as being for Nobunaga's sake. She tells him he actually feared a future without her despite killing her, and demands he return her body. Akechi then orders Heroic Spirit Soldiers to kill the group. Meanwhile, Ryoma, Oryou, and Izou are exhausted and injured after fighting some many Heroic Spirit Soldiers. Just when they about to be killed, Hijikata arrives like Ryoma expected.[314] Meanwhile in the chamber, Okita Alter finished killing a number of soldiers, and reveals her class to be Alter Ego to Akechi's disbelief. He then orders more soldiers to execute the group when Hijikata suddenly burst in, followed by Ryoma and Oryou. Ryoma reveals he entered a ceasefire with Hijikata when he fought him earlier by mentioning Okita. As Hijikata tears through his soldiers, Akechi becomes confused that the Servants are assembling. He is then stabbed through the back by Izou, so Nobunaga takes the chance to take back her body. Akechi angrily questions why no one wants to accept his vision of an ideal world instead following fools with delusional dreams. After seeing Nobunga won't accept it either, he decides he will become the true Nobunaga, and unveils and uses the Grail. Black mud then pours onto him, transforming him into a horrible monstrosity. Hijikata attacks him but its ineffective; Akechi declares himself Devil King of the Sixth Heaven. Ryoma questions how many Servants Akechi has absorbed, and says he's near the level of a Divine Spirit. The group try fighting him, but all of their attack are ineffective. Okita Alter tells them to do something about the Grail in his chest, and she'll take care of the rest afterwards. While Hijikata and Izou are attacking Akechi, Nobunaga tells him that never understood at all. She and Ryoma then use Demon King of the Sixth Heaven and Like a Soaring Dragon together.[315] As both Noble Phantasms assail Akechi, Izou removes the Grail from his chest. Ryoma and Oryou disappear, having expended the last of their magical energy. Okita Alter then uses the Grail, and transports herself, Ritsuka, and Akechi into the sky of nothingness.[316]

Inside the sky of nothingness, Okita Alter reveals she is a Counter Guardian. Akechi refuses to believe the Counter Force could interfere though since he turned Tokyo into a Singularity. Okita Alter asserts that in the sky of nothingness, nothing exists before and beyond it, and the same applies to him now. Okita Alter fights him after he question why no one, not even the World, accepts him.[316] After he is defeated, Akechi questions the meaning of his actions. Okita Alter tells him that he was longing to be forgiven. Returning to his regular self, Akechi realizes he indeed wanted forgiveness, and disappears. Okita Alter then begins to disappear, and reveals she was summoned to stop Akechi. She explains that in exchange for saving her life, the World contracted her to be a Counter Guardian only once. She says she'd like to visit Chaldea, though she fears it will never happen. She yells she doesn't want to disappear, as she wants stay with Ritsuka and see more of the world. She then touches Ritsuka, and their memories begin flowing into her. She calls the memory of Chaldea proof that she lived, and disappears sincernely thanking Ritsuka.[305]

Ritsuka returns to the chamber, which is still on fire thanks to Nobunaga's Noble Phantasm. Mash states Imperial Tokyo is disintegrating, so Da Vinci starts the rayshift for Ritsuka. After they're rayshifted, it is revealed Ryoma and Oryou had faked their deaths, as Izou correctly surmised. They all then beginning to have a friendly conversation as the chamber explodes.[305]

In Ritsuka's room, Nobunaga finished telling Okita what transpire, and about Okita Alter. Hijikata tells her that it was thanks to Okita Alter that her debt to the World has been paid. Okita Alter then suddenly enters the room and hugs Ritsuka, and believes she was able to return thanks to the power of love. The two Okita then begin arguing about Ritsuka when Mash enters the room. Hijikata asks what is happened, and Nobunaga assumes some interference occurred in Okita's Saint Graph. She also reveals she managed to summon Nobukatsu thanks to the minor alteration to her Saint Graph. Nobukatsu then appears to Nobunaga's shock, and says he'll be staying at Chaldea until he disappears again. Mash then recalls that Ritsuka has a guest, who is revealed to be Ryoma and Oryou. He reveals they were blasted to somewhere near Chaldea somehow, and requests to join Chaldea. He then sees Okita Alter, and questions why he is here while Izou returned to be the Throne. He then wonders if his job isn't done yet. Meanwhile in the cafeteria, Lady Chacha schemes to resurrect the true imperial city.[317]

Later, Nobunaga is found acting strange in Ritsuka's room by Ritsuka, Okita, and Okita Alter. She tells that earlier she caught Chacha in the Command Room trying to use Chaldeas. Suddenly the alarm goes off, Da Vinci then alerts everyone that TRISMEGISTUS' simulation went out of control and opened a mysterious portal. She suspects someone abused the remnant data collected from the previous operation. Ritsuka, Okita, and Okita Alter prepare to rayshift into the portal. But before that, Nobunga infuses Okita Alter's katana with 3/4 of her mana. She says it is now a god slaying demon sword infused with the power of Demon King of the Sixth Heaven, and names it the Sword of Purgatory. Afterwards, Ritsuka, Okita, and Okita Alter rayshift into the portal.[318]

Inside her palace, Chacha thanks the elites of the Toyotomi army for assembling. She believes they answered the pamphlets she put up in Chaldea's cafeteria, though that isn't entirely true for most. She then declares all who participated in the previous event without inviting her will not be forgives, and declares herself to now be Avenger Yodo. She orders her elites, the Seven Imperial Spears, to go forth, and gives them special soldiers crafted from Nobunaga's Saint Graph.[319] Eventually her elites throughout Imperial Tokyo are defeated though, and she is defeated herself.[320]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Alter Ego Okita Sōji (Alter)
Archer Oda Nobunaga
Saber Okita Sōji
Rider Sakamoto Ryōma
Assassin Okada Izō
Lancer Li Shuwen
Berserker Hijikata Toshizō
N/A Oda Nobukatsu
N/A Akechi Mitsuhide
Caster Medea
Rider Medusa
Berserker Mysterious X Alter
Archer EMIYA
Assassin Mysterious Heroine X
Avenger Lady Chacha

Tokugawa's World-Changing LabyrinthEdit

Tokugawa's World-Changing Labyrinth (徳川廻天迷宮 大奥, Tokugawa kaiten meikyū ōoku?) refers to an event, which occurred during the Crypters incident. It involves a Singularity located in Edo, Japan, and the reconstruction of Edo Castle's Ooku into a labyrinth.


As a result of what happened to the gods in the Indian Lostbelt, the normally suppressed presence of Mara inside Kama become stronger, and she began to turn into a Beast.[321] In order to avoid the Counter Force from detecting the presence of a Beast, Kama sought a place to hide while her transformation completes.[322] She eventually found the Ooku in Edo Castle upon sensing the dying regrets of Lady Kasuga to want to continue nurturing the Tokugawa.[323] Tenkai however sensed the incoming threat, and ordered Matsudaira Nobutsuna to protect the Tokugawa. Understanding the Ooku would the epicenter of this threat, they ensured Kasuga's soul would be protected once the threat occurred.[323] Establishing a personal chamber inside the Ooku, Kama invited Tokugaw Iemitsu inside to indulge in her flesh daily until he forget about everything else. Afterwards, she obtained his souls, then followed his karmic threads to nearly everyone inside the Ooku, and took their souls. Following that, she took all the souls from the rest of Edo Castle, then everyone's souls from the surrounding area.[324] She then used Kasuga's karmic bonds to the Tokugawa to steal the souls of the Tokugawa Shoguns in the past and future.[323] Afterwards, she used her karmic bonds with Ritsuka to reach into Chaldea.[324] She manipulated Goldolf Musik into disabling Chaldea's protection so she could rayshift everyone in Chaldea into the Ooku, using the Coffins as a medium.[324][324][325] Once they rayshifted to the Ooku, Kama froze them while their spiritron avatars were still being established.[325] The exception was Parvati, who resisted, and granted her own Saint Graph to Kasuga's lost soul to keep her in the world.

Using the souls of everyone from Edo Castle and Chaldea, Kama reconstructed the Ooku into a labyrinth that is a six floors deep.[326] She used the souls of the Tokugawa shoguns to serve as the lynchpins for her Ooku.[322] Each floor of her Ooku was designed to be impossible for any human to pass unless they break one of the Five Precepts each floor presents.[327] However any human breaks them activates a curse that turns them into a Tokugawa. This is connected to the concept of the Ooku being a place for the shogun to indulge in pleasure, thus conceptually, any human who indulges in the pleasures of Kama's Ooku is the shogun. Before the arrival of Chaldea, Goldolf became the first victim of the curse. Kama also connected the Ooku is also connected to her, and since her existence is connected to the concept of the universe, thus it is a recreation of the universe and her body.[324]

Unbeknownst to Kama though, Tenkai transformed Nobunatsu's organs into Hanafuda Card containing the same energy of her Ooku to counteract her, and scatterd throughout the Ooku. He also placed a spell on Nobutsuna with the concept of "one whose actions oppose the Tokugawa" to eventually act in conjunction in the cards to counteract Kama's false Tokugawa authority. At some point afterwards, Nobutsuna joined Kama under the pretense of being a traitor to the Tokugawa, as part of his and Tenkai's plan to protect the Tokugawa.[323]


While having tea in their room, Ritsuka discusses with Mash Kyrielight how Sion Eltnam Sokaris and the Captain are working to add sailing capability to the Shadow Border so they reach the Atlantic Lostbelt. Mash says a part is needed to complete the modification, which apparently can only be found in the Indian Lostbelt. She then mentions she hasn't seen anyone, neither Servants, Fou. A alarm suddenly sounds off, and Sion warns the base is under attack. She says she discovered all the data until yesterday had crashed, and tells Ritsuka and Mash to hurry to the control room. At the control room, Sion asks Mash if she has seen anyone lately. Mash answers she hasn't seen anyone, and asks if it's connected to the attack. Sion answers she immediately cut off the "Convergent Casuality Interference" for Ritsuka and Mash to protect them when she noticed the control room staff, along Leonardo da Vinci and Sherlock Holmes, were gone. She then reveals everyone except them has disappeared, and there are no summonable Servants despite the Spiritual Foundation Graph still functioning. She says she'll investigate the details, but already knows everyone was forcibly rayshifted away using the Coffins as a medium. She explains such a feat would be impossible with Chaldeas, but Novum Chaldea isn't as protected against hacking. She says she doesn't know their motive, but knows they culprit cannot be the Crypters since they have no reason to leave the Lostbelts. She then reveals there is still a thin connection between her and the Captain, so she believes everyone is imprisoned somewhere. Mash becomes concerned about the non-mage staff members who were forcibly rayshifted were unable to endure it, that their existence may have been lost when they arrived at their destination. Sion answers there isn't any need to worry since the rayshift's destination doesn't seem to be "normal history". This means everyone was moved to a different space, so Sion believes it should be possible to confirm their existences with the Coffins. She theorizes the enemy's motive wasn't to kill but to capture, and that they froze everyone once they were summoned while still in spiritron form to eliminate any resistance. Ritsuka asks her where everyone was rayshifted, to which she answers it is a Singularity different from the others. She explains its influence is spreading, and if left alone it will interfere with the Panhuman History akin to a Lostbelt. She calls it to be a hybrid of a Singularity and a Lostbelt, a Sub-species Singularity similar to Shinjuku and Shimosa. She reveals its central coordinates is Japan during the Edo Period. Despite Ritsuka and Mash wanting to save everyone, Sion won't let them go since she still needs another person to observe and confirm Ritsuka's existence. She continues she needs an excellent navigator, someone who can do the work of three staff members. Realizing she'll need to stay, Mash becomes concerned that Ritsuka will be left unprotected without a Servant. Regardless of the dangers, Ritsuka decides they will go. Sion tells them to find anyone that can help once they arrive, though she warns them about killing for being impolite. Kiara Sessyoin then enters the room, and decides she'll go with Ritsuka. Sion scans for another Servant, and discovers the signal of the last Servant to be reverse summoned. She explains the Servant resisted, and manage to escape after the rayshift was completed. She tells Ritsuka to find that Servant and speak with them. Ritsuka and Kiara then rayshift into the Singularity.[325]

The pair arrive in what Mash assumes to be Edo Castle, which is the possible closet location to the signal. Sion tells them to find the Servant, get assistance, and gather information. The pair eventually find who they assume to be Parvati, but she says she isn't Parvati. She introduces herself as Lady Kasuga, but Ritsuka and Mash confused about why she looks like Parvati. Her appearance changes to the usual Parvati, who says there are several reasons why Kasuga looks like her. Sion is confused about the signal she receiving from Parvati, and ask if there's someone beside her in her Saint Graph. Parvati's appearance changes back to Kasuga, who apologizes to the pair since they're acquaintances of Parvati. She reveals that when she was about to die from illness, Parvati lent her her body and power to resolve the incident occurring at the castle. She then reveals everyone disappeared from the Ooku, which itself turned into a deep labyrinth.[325] After Kiara introduces herself, Parvati becomes wary of her since she senses something inside of her similar to what's happening in the castle. She ignores the feeling for now though, not understanding the meaning of it. She explains she feels Kiara is right where she needs to be, but warns her that she will fight if there is something else to her feeling. When Sion asks her to explain the circumstances of her and Kasuga, Parvati confirms she did give Kasuga her Saint Graph since it was the only way to saver her. She believes it is because of this that she was able to escape the enemy's forced summoning. She then says the enemy is likely in the Ooku Labyrinth, so Ritsuka decides to investigate it. Suddenly Goldolf Musik appears, but he doesn't know of Chaldea nor his family name. He then introduces himself as the shogun, Tokugawa Goldolf. Assuming them to be guests, he allows the group entry into the Ooku. Sion surmises Goldolf's situation is similar to Kasuga's own, and he was the first lynchpin. She explains the enemy brainwashed him to turn off the control room's security to forcibly reverse summon everyone, and afterwards he rayshifted to the Singularity. Kasuga asks the group to rescue the commanding shogun from Ooku. Parvati agrees and says Kasuga's knowledge of the Ooku will prove valuable.[328]

Upon entering the Ooku, Kasuga finds it different from the one she knows. She also explains its other entrances were erased after it was turned into a labyrinth. Sion says the rooms behind entrance are distorted, and says the basis of it is similar to spatial reconstruction magic. Kasuga states the design of the entrance is of an indian design, so she won't know where to go past the entrance. She says a maid should've opened the door to welcome them inside when  strange multi-armed feminine creatures appears. Kiara calls them an automaton, though Mash find them very different from the typical automaton. Kasuga assumes they're the Ooku's gatekeepers, and calls out to them. She declares they will be punished, and switches with Parvati when she realizes she doesn't have her naginata. Though confused at first, Parvati and the others destroy the maids. Mash then informs the group that the labyrinth beyond the entrance is possibly being controlled by someone. The group then proceed to enter the labyrinth.[328]

After the entering the labyrinth, Kasuga finds it to have the same indian design as the entryway. She says she cannot allow this Ooku to exist, as it has no feeling behind it unlike how it should. After Kiara describes it as gloomy, Kasuga explains the original was spacious like the garden outside, and its most function is ensure Tokugawa's heir are born in good health. She prepares to give everyone a lecture on the Ooku when Mash and Sion alerts the group that a human is approaching. A man arrives, having heard the commotion at the entryway. Kasuga recognizes him as Matsudaira Nobutsuna, one of Tokugawa Iemitsu's vassals renowned for his knowledge. She says she hasn't seen him in a long time, though he doesn't recognize her. She successfully reminds him of who she is, and ask him who is serving since it cannot be the shogun. Nobutsuna replies Iemitsu is dead, and refuses to reveal who he serves now. Ritsuka assumes Goldolf is his lord, but he laughs at the notion of Goldolf of being Tokugawa. He then orders a group of maids to attack, so Parvati destroys them. The group find Nobutsuna is gone now, and wonders why he's acting like he is now. Sion guesses he is conspiring with the enemy, so Mash says they need to find him to get information. Sion orders the group to fully investigate the labyrinth to discover its rules and intentions of its creator.[329]

A little earlier, Goldolf finds himself in the labyrinth. He recalls retiring to his room during the ham sausage festival. He assumes he is sleepwalking, and proceeds to try to find the exit. As he searches for the exit, he encounters automaton maids which proceed to attack him. He destroys them with his punches and magecraft. He proclaims he will return to Chaldea while continuing to destroy the automatons.[329]

Kiara and Parvati discuss that the true threat of the maids is their numbers to attack one after another. Seeing as they're so weak, Kiara requests the automatons to not be destroyed needlessly in accordance with the teachings of Buddha. Ritsuka, Parvati, and Kasuga agree to follow this mindset as they go forward. Kiara thinks to herself that it feels like someone wants the maids to be destroyed. She also thinks best not to move carelessly so Ritsuka doesn't indulge themselves. Eventually the group come to a dead-end, so they're force to find another path.[329]

In another part of the labyrinth, Nobutsuna expresses his concerns regarding the group to a young girl. She replies his concerns are unneeded, so he apologizes since he doesn't understand the reasoning behind her methods yet. The girl explains there is only one path for a human to walk once they enter the Ooku. She reveals she created the labyrinth so no one who enters it cannot deny its interior. She is surprised by the appearance of Parvati since she wasn't in her calculations, but she says it's fine. She then asks Nobutsuna if he remembers what she told him and gave him. He answers he doesn't remember, and she says it's fine. The girl then says the group's spirits will be exhausted by the end of day. She asks if it's time yet to hurry things up and destroy the group's support. Nobutsuna answers they should postpone that for a while under the reasoning the group utilize it. The girl allows it despite knowing how useless and inefficient it is. She declares her hatred for Parvati, and ponders if she should go meet her.[329]

Meanwhile, the group continue to explore the labyrinth while fighting automaton maids. Parvati then blesses their collected heads even though they're dolls that never asked to live. She then begins to wonders if she is in the labyrinth because of her near unconscious acts of kindness like she did with Kasuga. She imagines her different aspects, Durga and Kali, would cruelly destroy the maid without hesitation. She then explains her current manifestation is due to her vessel's innate goodness. She also reveals she is borrowing a bit of her husband's power to allow to fight, believing it's important to fight as herself in this particular situation. She then proclaims she will fully devote herself to being more useful.[329]

After the group enter a room, Kasuga finds it design is different compared to the original Ooku when she notices someone nearby. Parvati takes over, apologizing to Kasuga that she is a particular relationship to the girl Kasuga notices. The girl welcomes the group, and tells to take notice of her and Parvati's vessels. Ritsuka notices they're both the same person; the girl explains that while Parvati possessed the vessel's god side, she possessed her dark side.  Sion realizes the girl is a Divine Spirit, and Parvati reveals she is Kama. Parvati demands to know why she is in the Ooku and her relation to it.  Kama replies it shouldn't be strange for her, a god of love, to have a connection to a place filled with lust. She also says she didn't create the Ooku for Parvati. She then asks the group if they've felt pleasure after clearing the first floor, and Kiara replies they didn't. Kama reveals she created the automaton maids so efficiently weak to make the group forget the "do not kill" precept. She then wonders who Kiara is since she was outside of her calculations, but she decides to ignore it. She threatens to kill the Chaldea staff and Servants she captured when Ritsuka demands to know what her goal is. She says she may release them if the group makes it to labyrinth's bottom. She then summons a large female ghost, and escapes to await the group at the labyrinth's bottom. After the ghost is destroyed, Kiara finds a pillbox with the Tokugawa emblem, which Sion assumes to be the ghost's catalyst. Ritsuka is then enveloped with a light from the pillbox. They hear several voices criticizing the shogun, and another who calls them pretend followers. a woman tells that person only she can understand and love their compassion. Ritsuka tells Mash what they heard, but she says no one heard anything. Kasuga notices the name engraved onto the pillbox, but she doesn't recognize the name Tsunayoshi. Mash reveals Tsunayoshi is the fifth generation Tokugawa shogun, which confuses Kasuga since the era is the third generation of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Sion explains Tsunayoshi is Iemtisu's fourth son, his childhood name being Tokumatsu. Kasuga is delighted to hear the heritage of the Tokugawa have been continued to be protected in later generations. She then asks why a pillbox from a future generation of the Tokugawa. Sion notices the pillbox also has a spiritual inclusion to it, and says they arrange its ability to help investigate the labyrinth if combined with the Mystic Code Ritsuka is wearing. After Sion finishes modifying the pillbox, the group continue exploring the labyrinth.[329]

As the group continue exploring the labyrinth, Parvati notices and picks up a Hanafuda card. Sion reveals it was turned into a portion of the Ooku, though she currently lacks the data to say anymore. She tells the group to find another card, so she can get a better analysis. Eventually the group destroy another ghost that leaves behind another pillbox, which envelops Ritsuka in light. They hear a woman comforting a child who was upset at others for mocking their immaturity. Kiara notices the name Ietsugu, the seventh generate shougun, engraved on the pillbox. Kasuga is delighted to hear Iemitsu's great grandson became shogun, and wonders if the world came under Tokugawa rule by that time. Mash decides to tell Ietsugu become Shogun when still young, and he died during his reign while still young. Sion decides to use the pillbox like they used the previous one.[330]

Meanwhile, Nobutsuna mocks Yagyū Munenori, who in turn criticizes the former's fall into depravity. Nobutsuna says the Tokugawa Shogunate has been defeated Kama, and it's only logical for the defeated to swear allegiance to the victor. He expects Yagyu to understand a battle against Kama is unwinnable, but Yagyu only understands Nobutsuna betrayed the shogunate because he himself couldn't win. Nobutsuna then invites Yagyu to help him achieve Kama's goal, but Yagyu refuses to. A maid then enters the room to report the group is approaching. Nobutsuna kills her because she had no manners. The group then enter the room, and Ritsuka notices Yagyu being absorbed into the pillar behind Nobutsuna. Sion reveals everyone in Chaldea and Edo Castle were transformed into material for the Ooku. Nobutsuna claims it's impossible to rescue everyone now, but Sion counters they can reverse the magic used on them to create the Ooku by defeating Kama at its bottom. She also says it should be possible to save Yagyu since he's yet to become part of the Ooku. She then orders Parvati to make contact with him to give her a better analysis. Meanwhile, Kiara fights the ghost that appeared earlier. As the fight continues, Sion says she needs a suitable resource to dissociate the path between Yagyu and the Ooku. Parvati then notices the card she picked up is heating up. Sion realizes she can use its properties of Ooku to save Yagyu. After Yaygu is saved, the ghost suddenly tries to attack Parvati. As his sword is still spiritually locked, Yagyu catches the ghost's naginata with his bare hands. Kiara then uses this chance to destroy the ghost. When Nobutsuna prepares to retreat, Parvati asks him what his and Kama's goal is, and why everyone was turned into materials for the Ooku. He answers he isn't interested in the reasoning since he only does what he's told before retreating. Mash realizes the Ooku is what transformed Edo Castle in Singularity. Kiara wonders if she should follow Nobutsuna, but Ritsuka and Parvati both agree it's best not to. Kasuga decides they need to stop Nobutsuna and rescue Iemitsu, which Yaygue agrees with. Ritsuka then hear more voices from the pillbox left behind by the ghost. The voices speak of how the shogun is too bodily weak to rule Japan that is currently dealing with an influx of foreigners. They also blame a recent earthquake that killed 10,000 citizens as a curse of the foreigners. As the shogun struggles what to do, a woman tells him it isn't his responsibility, and offers to sing him lullabies to help him sleep. Afterwards, Sion notices the name engraved is Iesada, the thirteenth generation Tokugawa shogun. She then decides to combine it with Ritsuka's Mystic Code. Mash decides they should continue onto the floor while filling Yagyu on the details.[330]

Goldolf continues searching for an exit, and he is getting tired or bored of continuously fighting such weak enemies. Maids then appear, and he prepares to fight them. However, the maids mistake him as a lord, and they offer to him the services of the Ooku. Though cautious at first, Goldolf accepts their offer. He then regale a few tales for the maids while indulging in their services.[326]

Later, Nobutsuna reports to what earlier to Kama. He asks to be punished for failure, as he cannot perform his duties if he isn't punished. Kama states the outcome would have been the same no matter what because his defeat was natural because he is human. She continues humans cannot perform their duties because they are powerless. She then declares she hates humans yet she will love them. She says her vessel is enveloped with love, as if it's the only thing important to her. She then declares while Parvati loves the pure ones, she will love the imperfect ones, for she is a god of love.[326]

While continuing to explore the labyrinth, the group encounter another group of automaton maids. Yet unlike the others, these ones welcome the group to the Ooku as if they're lords. Sion assumes the maids on the current floor had their moods changed, and suggests to go with the maids' assumption. Ritsuka then declares they are lord, but the maids attack when Kasuga is openly offended by Ritsuka's blatant lie. After destroying the maids, the group continue exploring. Kasuga notices the loops on this particular floor to be especially strange compared to the previous floors. Yet despite this, she is able to continue guiding the group thanks to her knowledge of the original Ooku. They eventually come to a path that splits two ways, so they follow the path Kasuga takes. She laters tells the group of Nobutsuna's childhood, and about how she raised him. Yagyu tells of how Nobutsuna led the shogunate against the Shimabara Rebellion, which the memories of became etched into his mind. However while distracted by their conversation, the group hit another dead-end. Eventually they come to a room where they decide to rest while Sion continues to map out the floor. Kiara borrows Ritsuka's communication device, and adds an new line of code to the current map. She explains her change to the map was because she believes the correct route on the previous floor was possibly led by the laws of the soul. However on the current floor, the group will keep hitting dead ends if they continuing following their instinct. Kiara suggests they follow paths that do not seem to be correct. Even though they trust her, Ritsuka starts to feel wary of Kiara.[326]

Following Kiara's suggestion, the group eventually encounter Kama again. She ask them why they didn't let the maids guide them since they would've brought them to her. She ignores it though, declaring she already hated them from the beginning. Parvati asks her if she constructed the labyrinth using everyone from Chaldea and Edo Castle as materials to bring her out for the sake of revenge. After Kama laughs off the questions, Parvati asks her again what her goal is. She ignores the question again, and orders a ghost and maids to attack the group. After they're destroyed, Ritsuka picks up another pillbox, but the voice they hear is too short to remember. Kiara sees the name Ietsuna, the fourth generation Tokugawa shougun, is engraved on it. Mash then reveals as they delve deeper into the labyrinth, communications becomes more and more disrupted. Kiara thinks to herself that she feels there is another side of Kama. She also admits, despite having the opposite ideas of her's, the Ooku is truly a garden of pleasure because it feels great to follow the rules.[326]

The group eventually come to hallway where they immediately pick up traces of alcohol in the air. Scheherazade and Mata Hari then approach them, and offer food and drink as part of their service as Otsugis. Yagyu and Sion realize their actions and memories were manipulated by Kama. Kiara confesses she attempted to initiate her Thesis of the Still Heart on them beforehand yet it had no effect due to interference. Scheherazade and Mata Hari then attack the group when they refuse their services. The fight ends when Yagyu knock out Mata Hari with the back of his blade while Kiara renders Scheherazade unconscious with a spell. Mash tells the group that what happened to Scheherazade and Mata Hari's condition is similar to Yagyu's before communications finally die. Ritsuka recalls how Parvati saved Yagyu with the Hanafuda card, so they have her do the same for Scheherazade and Mata Hari. After being restored to their old selves, Scheherazade and Mata Hari eventually remember what happened, and learn of the situation from the others. They then join the group to help save everyone from Kama's grasp.[327]

Later, Scheherazade finds it strange that Ritsuka is getting drunk from the minute alcohol in the air. Kiara reveals the pattern she has noticed thus far. First floor was abstain from killing; second floor was abstain from lying; third (current) floor is abstain from drinking. She explains each floor of the Ooku is centered around a theme based on the Five Precepts of Buddhism. The others realize they were able to advance through the floors because they broke those precepts. Thus they will have to get drunk to pass the current floor. Mata Hari considers it too dangerous to get Rtitsuka drunk, but she also knows they cannot pass if they aren't drunk. She then realizes she can use her Noble Phantasm to give Ritsuka a simulation of being drunk. She uses her Noble Phantasm on Ritsuka, and it proves successful in exploiting the loophole in the floor's rule. The group then quickly continue forward while Mata Hari's Noble Phatntasm is still in effect. They later come to a dead-end, so Yagyu suggests following path reeking of alcohol.[327]

The group eventually enter the innermost chamber of the floor. Scheherazade and Mata Hari both sense someone is eavesdropping on them. Nobutsuna appears and explains he wanted to see the group's status. Kiara realizes he is making sure that they are breaking the Five Precepts to advance through the Ooku. Nobutsusa is impressed they were able to understand the Ooku's connections to the Five Precepts, and calls upon two ghost to fight the group. He then reveals Kama created the labyrinth so the group couldn't resist falling into depravity like she planned before he retreats. After the ghosts are destroyed, Ritsuka picks up another pillbox with the name Yoshimune engraved in it. Kiara warns they need to be especially cautious going forward with the two remaining floors.[327]

On the next floor, the group collect a key from a group of maids they recently defeated. Ritsuka finds it strange the floor has many locked doors, and Mata Hari finds it annoying they need to collect so many keys from the maids. The group soon come to another locked door when Yagyu notices something on the tokonoma in the tatami room beside them. Scheherazade wonders if it's the key to the door before them. Mata Hari wonders if they can take the key without fighting the maids first. She suggests using her Espionage Skill to sneak past the maids and steal the key. Kiara realizes the precept represented on the floor is abstain from stealing. She points out continuing to break the precepts like they've been doing means also playing into Kama's hands. Mata Hari realizes they're essentially forced to what Kama wants if they wish to advance. Scheherazade suggest they find another loophole like Mata Hari did on the previous floor. She then tells the story of Alibaba to take the key from the without the others doing anything.[331]

Passing into the next room, Kasuga notices the next door doesn't have a keyhole. She sees a nearby pedestal with an indentation, so Yagyu suggests they search the room for an object that fits. The group search for the object while Scheherazade tells more of the story of Alibaba to help pass the time.[331]

In the next room, the group soon hit a dead end. Kiara mentions she notices a clock with no hands earlier, and wonders if it's a clue to the key to move onward. Kasuga says she saw one of the pillar had a hole something could be inserted into. Kiara states the puzzles on this particular floor were designed to force them even more to break the precept. Scheherazade then tells more stories to help find the objects needed to continue.[331]

In the next room, the group again hit a dead end. However the wall is completely blank unlike the rest of the labyrinth. Mata Hari finds it suspicous yet not, and sees there are no keyhole or contraptions on it. Scheherazade also finds there is indication of a hidden passage. Yagyu thinks to himself that it feels out of place, as if it resembles the idea of being free of worldly thoughts and desires. Before the group continues on, Kiara thinks the wall was quickly placed to what something Kama doesn't wish to be seen. She suggest they not forgot that the wall exists.[331]

In floor's innermost chamber, the group encounter Kama once again. She is dissatisfied that they were able to bypass the puzzles she worked so hard to make. Kiara states her realization that Kama wants them to reach the Ooku's innermost depths while breaking the precepts. She asks what Kama's goal is, and what her thoughts are. Kama claims her goal is simply to give pleasure in her Ooku. She states going against the strong feeling of not breaking the Five Precepts is particularly satisfying. Because her original conduct isn't bound such framework, Kama will support every kinds of pleasure, taste, and depravity no matter what they are. She states her body is perfectly suited to such a task, then ages herself into a younger woman. She reveals she created the Ooku Labyrinth so the group could break the Five Precepts, and feel great pleasure from it. She tries to tempt Ritsuka into breaking the precept of not stealing, but the others defend them from her. She reveals she has the key to the next floor, and mocks the group for knowing they need to break the precept to advance. After summoning a ghost, Kama becomes strangely angry at Kiara merely talking. She asks for her identity since everyone inside Chaldea except Ritsuka should've been turned into materials. She then assumes Kiara is a Servant whose only talent is to hide. The group then fight her and the ghost, and they surprising defeat both of them. After they both disappear, Ritsuka picks up the pill box left by the ghost. Like before they hear the voice of a shogun struggling against the doubts and criticisms of others, and the voice of an unknown woman who supports them regardless. Afterwards, Kama is revealed to still be alive, and what the group killed was a clone. After congratulating them, she returns to the deepest part of the labyrinth. Despite their concerns of cloning Kama herself, the group decide to continue to the last floor to save everyone. Kiara reveals the final precept is abstain from adultery.[331]

On the next floor, the group encounter several Kama clones. They breakthrough the clones, but soon hit a dead-end. Recalling the precept the floor represents, they decide to follow the paths with erotic imagery. Eventually they reach the innermost chamber where they encounter Nobutsuna again, surrounded by Kama clones. He sends the clones and a ghost to attack the group. Ritsuka picks up another pillbox following the defeat of the ghost and clones. Nobutsuna tells the group to stay on the current floor, and tries to warn what will happen if they proceed. He flees before he finishing though, so the group give chase.[332]

Upon arriving in the labyrinth's innermost chamber, the group find Goldolof there still believing he's a Tokugawa. Kasuga demands to know where Iemitsu is, to which Kama reveals his soul is contained in a pillbox she removes from her body. She reveals after finding the Ooku, she made this chamber into her personal space. She then invited Iemitsu inside, and offered the pleasure of her flesh daily until he forgot everything else. Afterwards, she obtained his soul, then followed karmic threads to gather materials. She followed the threads to everyone in the Ooku, then everyone in Edo Castle, and then everyone in the surrounding area when her range increased. After gathering all of these souls, she extended the karmic threads into the past and future. Following the threads, she seized the souls of the Tokugawa shoguns to use as materials. Parvati surmises following that, Kama's reach extended to Chaldea where she manipulated Goldolf into disabling Chaldea's defense so she could reverse summon everyone there. She says the Ooku is a means for Kama's goal, otherwise she didn't need to attack Chaldea. She assumes her goal is to destroy humanity, but Kama says that isn't her goal. She reveals she only found the Ooku by the chance, and her goal along was Ritsuka. She reveals she was able to reach out to them in Chaldea thanks to their karmic bonds with her. However Sion protected Ritsuka against her, so she had Ritsuka go through the Ooku to reach the innermost chamber to submit to her love. Ritsuka then begins to believe they are a Tokugawa by Kama's power. Nobutsuna reveals there is a curse in Kama's Ooku that activates upon breaking the Five Precepts, and turn one into a Tokugawa. Kama explains that since the Ooku was originally a place where the shogun indulged in pleasures, then conceptually a human who experience those pleasures are the shogun. Kiara realizes Kama's intention wasn't to corrupt them as a whole, but use the corruption to turn Ritsuka into a Tokugawa. Kama reveals Goldolf was the first invite into the Ooku, where he was eventually corrupted into a Tokugawa. She proclaims the Five Precepts are perfect for demonstrating her love, as she will always love those who break them. She declares it to be a proof of her love, but Parvati calls it depravity. Nobutsuna reveals it is impossible to escape Kama's Ooku once someone becomes a Tokugawa. The group try to tell Ritsuka to resist their transformation, but Kama says its futile. She prepares to finish Ritsuka's corruption, and fights the group. Afterwards, she changes her form again, and transform the chamber into a scenery of the universe.[324]

Kama reveals that after she was incinerated by Shiva's third eye, which also burned a hole in the universe, she became bound to the concept of the universe. She then confesses she is now a Demon King; Parvati realizes Kama is now her alternate self, Mara. She wonders how the side of Kama that is Mara was able to emerge so easily. Kama reveals that at present, the interior of her Ooku is identical to her existence as the universe. She explains this means everyone is inside her, and thus they cannot move as they please. She says it's futile to fight against the universe, so everyone should surrender and deprave themselves in her love. Kiara realizes Kama cannot draw out the power of the universe, and Kama admits she cannot in her current vessel. She then reveals she is a Beast, and realizes Kiara is fragment of Beast III/R. Kiara confirms this, and asks why Kama has her sights set on Ritsuka. Kama reveals it is because they defeated Beast III/R while still in larval form, thus she is complete her own transformation. She then changes her form again, and reintroduces herself as Beast III/L. She declares her love is expansive as the universe while Beast III/R (Kiara) is an incarnation of self-love. Kiara realizes being give infinite love from one source would result in the overall concept of love being destroyed. Kama declares she will give everyone her love no matter what happens, and calls Ritsuka to her. Mata Hari tries to get Ritsuka to resist, and the group attempt to fight Kama. Kama easily repels them, and orders Nobutsuna to have Ritsuka drink with Goldolf. Nobutsuna explains in the Ooku's innermost chamber, the conceptually authority of the shogun is strengthened, thus it can manipulate others with mere words. Kama states her body holds the same concept. Nobutsuna tells the group to cease resisting since it's obviously Kama is victorious. Suddenly though, Kasuga slaps Goldolf, and reprimands him that the actions of the shougn become the standard for Japan so they mustn't fall into depravity. Goldolf recalls the trauma Toole's strict punishments, which breaks his mental conditioning as a Tokugawa. Kama is annoyed that a mere slap could trigger a traumatic memory to break the condition, and prepares to destroy the group. But before that, she asks if Kasuga is aware of the severe punishment for hitting the shogun. Kasuga responds she knows, and say she would gladly sacrifice her life if it meant guiding the shogun correctly. Kama is severely irritated by Kasuga's response, and proclaims it is why she hates humans. Though he doesn't fully understand the situation, Goldolf understands Kama is the enemy. He attacks her, which she easily evades, to everyone's surprise. Kama reveals Goldolf's reversion to his original self is only temporary; Goldolf then returns to being a Tokugawa. Kiara then decides to hold Kama back while the others escape. She tells Kama that as the same Beast as her, she cannot allow her love to envelop the universe. Kama refutes her love is enough to fill the universe while Kiara cannot be satisfied unless gather all love for herself. Thus neither of them can ever get along with each other. Kiara admits she lacks her power as a Beast to defeat Kama, and she would rather stop being a Servant. She reveals she planned a way to counteract her, and tells the group to gather the hanafuda cards to expelling them from the Kama's chamber. She then unleashes her power as Beast III/R, and she is seemingly destroyed by Kama. Kama declares she will satisfy all with her love once she is fully transforms into a Beast. She tells Nobutsuna they only need to wait, as she still holds everyone hostage.[324]

The group arrive outside of the Ooku, and Ritsuka is no longer being turned into a Tokugawa. Mash and Sion then reestablish contact, and the group tell them of the current situation. Parvati believes Mara is the side of the Kama that is trying to become a Beast. Sion realizes Kama is completing her metamorphosis into a Beast inside the Ooku Labyrinth to prevent the Counter Force from detecting the presence of a Beast. Since fighting a Beast is nigh impossible, she suggests finding a weak point. Yagyu recalls Kama declaring herself as a Tokugawa and the Ooku itself, and how she trapped Iemitsu inside a pillbox. He also admits his blade felt heavy when he tried to attack, and Goldolf's words as a Tokugawa made him feel the same. Scheherazade says the Ooku is a recreation of the universe, and Kama is linked to its concept, meaning Kama's body is linked to the Ooku. Sion realizes they can use the information given by Yagyu and Scheherazade to discover ways to eventually find an exploit against Kama. After Ritsuka depicts everything they experienced, Sion reveals the pillboxes are the key to defeating Kama. She explains the souls contained within serve as the lynchpins for the Ooku. She also reveals the group has yet to obtain the pillbox containing the soul of the last Tokugawa shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu. She explains Yoshinobu ended the Tokugawa's reign, and his pillbox should the concept of that act like the other pillboxes. She continues they could use that to fight back against Kama since she is linked to the Ooku and the Ooku is linked to the Tokugawa. Yagyu recalls the mysterious blank wall they encountered on the fourth floor, and realizes it is hiding the Yoshinobu's pillbox.[322]

The group return to the blank wall on the fourth floor. Mata Hari wonders if they should cut it open. Yagyu however warns of the possibility of it being comprised from the people from either the castle or Chaldea. He then cuts it when Sion says they need an analysis to see what he said was true. However his slash had no effect, and he apologizes his swordsmanship cannot cut through magic. Sion realizes there is a large amount of energy behind the wall, and the wall is meant to ban entry on purpose. With the earlier inspection though, she is able to sense the wall has a keyhole. She reveals the keyhole is hidden with conceptual magic, and it needs a card to serve as a key. She also says the card needs energy to interfere with the Ooku's own, so Mata Hari suggests using the hanafuda card. Sion replies the direct energy from the card being inserted into the wall's keyhole should cause a convergence to break the seal. She also reveals based on her and Mash's analysis on the cards, it was like they were laid out purposely to counter the Ooku. Ritsuka uses the card to break seal, and the group enter the room beyond. They find a pillar with a ghost partially fused to it. It becomes violent, and the group fight to acquire Yoshinobu's pillbox. After the ghost is destroyed, Ritsuka acquires Yoshinobu's pillbox, yet they don't hear any voices. Sion warns though that Ritsuka may begin transforming into a Tokugawa again once they enter Kama's chamber. Regardless of that, she knows they must continue to defeat Kama. After the pillbox is fused with Ritsuka's Mystic Code, Sion and Mash state it now has an Anti-Tokugawa property to it. Yet despite that, the group's chances of victory are still extremely low, but they go regardless.[333]

The group enter Kama's chamber again, and Ritsuka activates their Mystic Code to form a shield. Sion explains it is Anti-Tokugawa magic to counteract Kama's attacks on Ritsuka's mind. Mash reveals it can also be externally outputted to others to mitigate the unconscious restrictions on Yagyu. Kama then attacks the group to assimilate them with her love. She eventually feels the physical strain of the battle, but she mocks the group for thinking they won. She reveals she wanted them to find Yoshinobu's pillbox because she wanted them to fall into despair when they lost with their only hope. She also reveals she choose the Ooku to complete her transformation into a Beast because she sensed the dying Kasuga still desiring to love the Tokugawa more. She reminds Kasuga on the dream she showed her, where she could continue raising and coddling the Tokugawa like she did with Iemitsu. Sion then realizes the voices Ritsuka has been hearing from the pillbox were the residual actions of Kama stored as thoughts. Kama revealed she used Kasuga's karmic bonds with the Tokugawa to reach out to the Tokugawa shoguns in the past and the future to turn them into her Ooku's lynchpins. She declares again she will bestow her infinite love to everyone, but Mash and Mata Hari refute that would destroy the concept of loving another. She then triggers Ritsuka's transformation into a Tokugawa, and reveals the Anti-Tokugawa shield can only halt the corruption, not cleanse it. She also reveals she wanted Ritsuka to find and use the pillboxes to further their transformation into a Tokugawa in order to facilitate her transformation. A light then suddenly burst from the cracks in her horns, and she changes her form into one she claims can reach the farthest reaches of the universe. She then removes the platform the group was standing on since she controlled, leaving Ritsuka floating in space. Scheherazade orders the Lamp Dijin to grab hold of Ritsuka, and says they need a place where they can fight. Kama then reveals every star in her inner universe is another her. She ponders how long Ritsuka's mind will last in space, and claims they will beg for her to indulge them in her love.[323]

After everyone is enveloped in the darkness of space, Scheherazade summons the Magic Carpet from them to rest on. Sion says they need to find a way to revert Kama's definition of the Ooku from that of the universe. Kasuga eventually raises from her despair, and tells Parvati to relinquish her. Parvati warns her that she is a merely soul only bound to the world because she connected her to her Saint Graph. Kasuga explains since Kama used the souls of everyone to create her Ooku, the same should apply to her as a soul. She believes she can create a place within the non-existent space they are currently in by utilize the point where the concepts of Kama's universe and Ooku connect. She then tells Scheherazade and Mata Hari to use their Noble Phantasms to modify her into the Kasuga of legend. Scheherazade says she needs time to recite Kasuga's tale, so Parvati deploys a barrier inside the space to slow the flow of time a bit. After Scheherazade and Mata Hari finish modifying Kasuga, she declares she is now the heroine who establishes the rules and systems of the Ooku. She then disperses the darkness and manifests a floor at Sion's suggestion.[323]

Kama wonders why there is a floor inside her universe, to which Kasuga declares it is her Ooku. Kama angrily asks how the group could reestablish gravity and a supply of oxygen. Sion explains they rewrote the definition of Kama's universe to reestablish gravity, and the mana from Ritsuka's Mystic Code to reestablish oxygen. Kama reminds them though that she interfere with Ritsuka's mind since they still have her corruption inside of then. Nobutsuna then reveals Tenkai told him to protect the Tokugawa after sensing a threat before Iemitsu was kidnapped. Understanding the Ooku was the epicenter of the crisis, he and Nobutsuna ensured Kasuga's soul would be protected. Nobutsuna then reveals the hanafuda cards are actually his organs transformed by Tenkai. After the cards begin reacting to each other, Sion realizes the energy composing the card originates from Nobutsuna's body. She also realizes they can use that energy to purge Ritsuka of Kama's corruption. After Ritsuka is cleansed, Yagyu kills Nobutsuna. He explains he needed to release Nobutsuna's soul, which holds the concept of "one whose actions oppose the Tokugawa" thanks to Tenkai's spell. A Katana then emerges from Nobutsuna's body, and Yagyu decides to wield it to destroy the false Tokugawa. Kasuga realizes Nobutsuna's actions were made out of his love for the Tokugawa. Kama declares she will satisfy the universe with her love, and says they don't need love she doesn't know of. Parvati tells her that is why she is incompatible with humanity because she only doesn't understand the infinite comforting ways of loving others, only understanding of depravity. The group then fight Kama while Yagyu cuts down her other selves. Eventually Kama understands she will only be killed by Yagyu if she continues to hold the property of a Tokugawa. She thus removes the property of a Tokugawa from herself, but Kasuga reveals that also removed her authority over the Ooku. With the Ooku back under authority, Kasuga returns the Ooku to its original form. After the others attack Kama, she uses her authority over the Ooku, that is akin to conceptual magic, to expel her from it. As Kama continues to be expelled into the air, Parvati tells her that love isn't meant to be given or received one-sidedly. She then strikes her with the symbol of her love of her husand, Trishula Shakti, which is followed by a slash from Yagyu. As Kama is being destroyed, she laments she always blamed for there not being enough love in the world. She begs to let her give the humans she despises her infinite love before she is finally destroyed.[323]

With the confirmation of Kama's destruction, Sion says everyone will return to where they belong; Goldolf is also back to normal. Kasuga then gives a Holy Grail she found inside a pillar earlier. She ponders the possibility of her being summoned as Servant when Yagyu begins to return to Chaldea. She then thanks Ritsuka, Parvati, Mata Hari, and Scheherazade before returns to her original place. Afterwards, Yagyu returns to Chaldea, and Parvati begins to return as well. But before she does, she wonders why Mara's presence than Kama's own, which led to Beast III manifesting. She reveal however though such a thing should be impossible since the Hindu Gods use their Authority to suppress Mara's presence in Kama. She theorizes the reason for it was because something to the gods when the Earth was sent into a blank state. Mash realizes there may be a possible connection in the Indian Lostbelt. Parvati apologizes that she won't be able to provide in India, but says she'll send someone to help. After she disappears, Ritsuka, Mata Hari, and Scheherazade return to Chaldea.[321]

Meanwhile in her inner universe, Kama finds herself in the giant hands of Kiara. She recalls incinerating her in her inner universe before, and realizes that she had reconstituted herself. She then wonders if Kiara wants to consume her in order to gain a perfect body. Kiara answers that though they are both Beast III, the orientation of their Sin are polar opposites. As such they are not halves that join together, but enemies who repel each other. Kiara then grants Kama to the ability to be summoned as a Servant. She calls it a form of punishment, as well as chance to redeem herself and learn about mutual love. Kama eventually accepts it to learn of the love Kasuga spoke of, as well as to irritate Parvati with her seductions.[321]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Alter Ego Kiara Sessyoin Ritsuka Fujimaru
Parvati Parvati Ritsuka Fujimaru
Saber Yagyū Munenori Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Mata Hari Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Scheherazade Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin Kama N/A


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Human Lady Kasuga Ritsuka Fujimaru
Tokugawa Shogunate
Human Goldolf Musik Tokugawa Shogunate (false)
Chaldea (true)
Human Matsudaira Nobutsuna Kama (false)
Tokugawa Shogunate (true)
Beast III/L Kama/Mara N/A

Lady Reines Case FilesEdit

Lady Reines Case Files refers to an event, part of a collaboration between Fate/Grand Order and Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.


When the survivors of Chaldea established their new base at the Wandering Sea, an old subsystem created by Leonardo da Vinci was suddenly reawakened when transferring data from the Shadow Border. The subsystem was designed to verify the existence of the Master after Rayshifting, in case of an emergency where staff members were dead. It was called Mnemosyne, but due to technical issues, it was never implemented. Upon reawakening, Mnemosyne discovered that A-Team betrayed humanity, the Fantasy Trees turned the world blank, and Da Vinci had died. It then decided to use its powers of observation in conjunction with the Holy Grail it attained to create a Singularity at the end of 19th century London.[334][335] The structure of the Singularity consisted areas, each of which are vastly different from each other centered around a theme, called Patchworks.[336] Ritsuka and El-Melloi II soon rayshifted to the Singularity, but they were separated and lost contact with Chaldea.

By the time Ritsuka awakened in the Singularity, it was already on the brink of collapse, so Mnemosyne consumed their memories to extend the Singularity's life.[337] It was at this point that Mnemosyne decided it can determine what is true, and use its powers to make Ritsuka forget their sorrows[334]. However, since fabricating new memories would prove difficult, Mnemosyne sought to have Ritsuka find the paper scraps containing their memories in order to make it easier for them to accept the fabricated ones.[338][334] These scraps were then placed in the Singularity's three Patchworks where they proceeded to take residence in what is closest.[334][339] Due to the scraps though the residents of these Patchworks lost some of their memories in following certain motives behind them.[334] At some point, Mnemosyne created a copy of Rhongomyniad from Ritsuka's memory of it to serve as its body, and disguised it as the Clock Tower.[334][337] It also planned to use the energy extracted from everyone's memories, enhanced by the Singularity's vast mana, to fabricate Ritsuka's memories.[338]

El-Melloi II sensed something was amiss with the Singularity, and proceeded to investigate the matter. Eventually though his investigation drew the attention of Mnemosyne, forcing him to separate Zhuge Liang's Spirit Core from his body to create a dead copy of himself.[340][338] While the action left him with nearly none of Zhuge Liang's powers, it enabled him to continue investigating without being detected as a Servant.[338] He also activated Chu Shi Biao, which caused Reines El-Melloi Archisorte and Luviagelita Edelfelt to be summoned into the Singularity as Pseudo-Servants fused with Sima Yi and Astraea along with Gray, who was summoned as a regular Servant.[340] Astraea searched for the paper scraps on her own to stop Mnemosyne's plan, hiring EMIYA to help her.[339][341] Gray went out to search for El-Melloi II to discover what happened to him.[337] Unfortunately, Reines was summoned without her original memories, and believed herself to be El-Melloi II.[342]


Ritsuka finds themselves woken up on a train by a mysterious girl, who addresses them as her disciple. She introduces herself as their tutor, Lord El-Melloi II, and asks if they remember now. Ritsuka sees vague memories of Sherlock Holmes, Goldolf Musik, Mash Kyrielight talking about their latest rayshift. However they cannot remember who are they. Carrying El-Melloi II's luggage for her, the pair exit the train to London. El-Melloi suggests first returning to the flat when Ritsuka asks about the black tower in the distance. She answers that it is the Clock Tower, the headquarters of the Mage's Association. She describes how the social environment of it is that of political intrigue, and how the twelve Lords plot every night. She then reveals 90% of the people in the area are actually spies who want to kill them for reasons unknown. Eventually the pair arrive outside of her flat, but she notices its Bounded Field has expanded and now blocking voices. An automaton ambushes them, but El-Melloi forces it to retreat. She states how she feels like they're being watched. Disliking this hunch, she and Ritsuka enter her flat.[342]

Inside the flat, El-Melloi II sees there aren't any magical traps placed for her and Ritsuka. But in the case that there are traps, she orders Ritsuka to open the door to the study. The pair soon find the corpse of the real El-Melloi II. The false El-Melloi II then becomes confused as to why she thought herself to be El-Melloi II. She notices an M written in blood near El-Melloi II, when an automaton suddenly bursts in. After defeating the initial automaton, reinforcements arrive, so the false El-Melloi II orders an immediate retreat by jumping through the window. Despite them being on the fourth floor, she pushes Ritsuka out of the window. Afterwards, she activates Trimmau, and they jump out of the window.[342]

Upon landing outside, the false El-Melloi II throws magical bombs inside to destroy the automaton, then retreats Ritsuka and Trimmau. Afterwards, she introduces herself as Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, younger sister of El-Melloi II. She questions why she assumed she was El-Melloi, and why he was murdered. Trimmau also says she thought Reines was El-Melloi II until a moment ago. She then properly introduces herself to Ritsuka; Reines explains she is her maid that originally belonged to Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald as the Mystic Code, Volumen Hydrargyrum. She ponders if a simple suggestion spell made her believe she was El-Melloi II, though it shouldn't have affected Trimammu then. She asks Ritsuka if they remember anything and if they know about her, but they answer they only know the name. Reines surmises they both have amnesia and falsified memories. She then realizes the town seems closer to the 19th century when it begins to warp. As it warps, a garbled transmission comes from Mash, saying something about spirit graph trunk. After the transmission cuts, the town is warped into a bizarre scenery. Reines asks Ritsuka about the transmission, but they say they don't know about especially since it was garbled. Reines realizes the trunk Ritsuka is hold isn't her's, and surmises it's the spirit graph trunk invented by Leonarod da Vinci to summon on the go. She then says they need to find the one who killed El-Melloi II and stole their memories.[342] However she stumped on how they should proceed with their investigation, but knows the M from El-Melloi II's dying message is the leading clue. She asks about the bizarre scenery when a giant appears and reveals the town is called Patchwork London, a patchwork of fairy tales. After the giant introduces herself as Paul Bunyan, Reines asks her if she knows anything about the M. Bunyan says she does, and lets Reines and Ritsuke ride on her shoulders.[335]

Bunyan takes Ritsuka and Reines to a museum. There she is welcomed back by Sakata Kintoki and Jack the Ripper, who Ritsuka suddenly recalls meeting before. Bunyan wonders if Ritsuka and Reines could help find her friend. Reines asks who it is that is missing, but neither Bunyan nor Kintoki know. Bunyan explains the museum is filled with enemies that Kintoki and Jack couldn't defeat themselves. Since she cannot go in herself, she sought help which is when she found Ritsuka and Reines. Reines agrees to help, and ask Bunyan about the enemy's identities. Just as Bunyan begins to describe them, a horde of monsters appear that Jack identifies as the ones from the museum. in response, Ritsuka uses the trunk to summon Servants to help fight the monsters. Afterwards, the group enter the museum.[335]

As the group explore the museum, Kintoki explains that he, Jack, and Bunyan are Stray Servants. However, neither he nor Jack know for what purpose they were summoned into Patchwork London. Reines deduces a mage was responsible for El-Melloi II's death since they'd have more motive than a normal human, and are willing to do anything in the pursuit of magic. She also suggests a villainous Servant may be the culprit. After exploring the museum, the group are ambushed by monsters. They then leave the museum after killing the monsters.[335]

Outside of the museum, Reines states she assumed nobody would inside, and asks Jack when her friend went missing. But neither Jack nor Kintoki can remember, which makes Reines find the whole incident even more bizzare. She then suggests allowing her and Ritsuka to explore the museum on their own. After Kintoki allows it, the pair go back into museum.[335]

Inside the museum, Trimmau uses her liquid form to check out the entire building but finds no hidden rooms. Reines asks Ritsuka what they should go now, to which they suggest the library. Inside the library, the pair eventually find a talking book hidden amongst the others. Reines surmises it is Bunyan, Kintoki, and Jack's missing friend, and that their true form is of a book. Ritsuka then gets a sudden flashback of meeting them before. After the book takes the form of a young girl, Reines deduces she forget she could do that. She further deduces the girl forgot about her friends when she was hidden away, yet she doesn't know when everyone forgot. She then suggests the girl being hidden away and the Servants losing their memories happened simultaneously. The girl then introduces herself as Nursery Rhyme, and says she can't remember anything past searching with Bunyan, Kintoki, and Jack. Reines suggest they return to others, telling Nursery Rhyme that they're waiting for them at the museum's entrance. After Nursery Rhyme leaves, Reines notices a scrap of paper where Nursery Rhyme in her book form was placed. The paper reads Mnemosyne, which makes Reines wonder if it is what the "M" in El-Melloi II's dying message referred to. She then suddenly remembers that she is a Pseudo-Servant, and asks Ritsuka if they remember. Ritsuka sees flashbacks from their time at Chaldea, and remembers they are Chaldea's and Mankind's final Master. They are then contacted by Mash, and tell her that El-Melloi II was murdered and they lost their memories. Mash then reveals Ritsuka rayshifted into a Singularity that appeared at the end of 19th century London. She also reveals El-Melloi II was the selected Servant for the rayshift when Ritsuka asks if he was with them. She continues that during the rayshift though, communications were completely severed, and Ritsuka and El-Melloi II's signal was lost. She then reveals they needed to reset communications and other systems just to barely allow her to contact Ritsuka. Afterwards, Ritsuka and Reines leave the museum to find the cause of the Singularity.[335]

The pair arrive in a new territory of Patchwork London which is far different from the bizarre scenery of the previous territory. They notice everyone is wearing masks, so Reines decides to call the territory Patchwork Masquerade. She then deduces each Patchwork is centered around a theme, with first Patchwork being fairy tales. Mash asks her and Ritsuka if they've noticed anything strange in their memories. Reins replies it would be difficult to tell if their memories, but says they'll be cautious nonetheless. She also tells Mash to immediately tell them if she notices anything. Mash agrees and tells the pair she is detecting a large source of magical energy nearby. Reines deduces it's coming from within the palace, the Tower of London, which she questions if it was in this particular location in the original London. After Mash cuts transmission, the pair enter the palace.[336]

Upon entering the palace, Reines deduces the palace is a patchwork of the history of the Tower of London. The Masquerade soon begins, and while understanding the piano is the central performance, Reines questions why the pianist isn't the present. The music causes Ritsuka to remember Antonio Salieri, but they're able to answer Reines if it's him playing the music now. The piano then stops while in the middle of the song, which has apparently happened before. A citizen says the piano has recently stopped played as soon as it begins. The pair decide to take on this particular case when an old man arrives and tells them to wear masks. He then hands them masks that they proceed to wear. Ritsuka asks who he is, but the man introduces himself as M since the Masquerade is where names aren't given. Ritsuka reacts under the assumption of M refers to the M from El-Melloi II's dying message. Reines quietly tells them not to react so loudly and suddenly, and if M is the murderer or an accomplice, they need to think on how to proceed. She then asks M who it was playing the music before, but he answers that nobody knows. He explains the pianists' identity is unknown since every investigation involving them is unauthorized, and the only know fact about them is they reside in the Tower of London. He then decides to take the pair to the Bloody Tower where the pianist is supposed to be.[336]

Outside the palace, M warns the pair that the Bloody Tower's security is strict on this particular path. He tells them to scale up the wall while he distracts the guard. He proceeds to start distracting the guards when mask wearing ghosts suddenly appear. After destroying some ghosts, the group enter the tower.[336]

Inside the tower, Reines asks M to go on ahead while she speculates on the ghosts, After he leaves, she says they still don't understand the intricacies for recovering their memories. She compares them forgetting their memories to drinking from the Lethe River, river of forgetfulness. She contrasts this to drinking from the waters of Mnemosyne, Lethe's counterpart which grants knowledge. Ritsuka recalls the name being written on the paper scrap they found in the museum library, to which Reines she explains it is the name of the goddess of memory. She then suddenly asks herself regarding a particular question. She explains that was Sima Yi, the Heroic Spirit that possessed, though the fusion appears to be inefficient. She then states Sima Yi's question was to ask why he was summoned, which she also wants to know. The pair then hear a shriek and proceed to go where it came from. They arrive in a room where they see a man being overwhelmed by mask wearing automatons, along with M. After the automatons are destroyed, Reines notices the pianists is gone, and assumes the automatons kidnapped him. The man introduces himself as William Shakespeare, who Ritsuka suddenly remembers meeting in the London Singularity. He explains he wanted to see the pianist himself, and reveals M lied about names being banned in the Masquarede. The Queen and a number of guards then enter the room, and demands to know why M came to the tower. She assumes the pianist being missing is his doing despite him being the one who introduced her to the pianist. M responds that he and the others came to the missing pianist as well. Reines decide to find the missing pianist with Ritsuka, and the Queen agrees to reward them once the case is resolved.[336] After the Queen and her guards take M and Shakespeare away, Reines says all three of them are connected to the pianist. She however says it's not time to discuss that now, and fires a blast at a figure behind the piano. Assassin asks how she knew, to which Trimmau answers Reines noticed the mana in the area was strange. He says he isn't the kidnapper, and proceed to flee out the window, with the others giving chase.[341]

Landing outside the tower, Reines orders Trimmau to not let Assassin escape. While they're fighting, Reines decides she and Ritsuka should help Trimmau after seeing Asssassin's high-speed and concealed movement. Assassin tries to shoot her, but Trimmau protects her at the cost of damaging herself. In response, Reines activates Sima Yi's Noble Phantasm, Unspeakable Formation, to restrict Assassin's movement. The pair fight him as he struggles, but he stops when his client arrives. She calls him Kerry, and Reines recognizes her as Luviagelita Edelfelt and she is a Pseudo-Servant. Luvia demands the paper scrap they found in the Patchwork Fairy tale, claiming it's for their own good. Trimmau tells Reines it's impossible to read Luvia's mana statistics at present, and Reines realizes Luvia is fused with a Divine Spirit. After Luvia and Kerry leave, the pair are contacted by Mash. After Reines tells her about the missing pianist, Mash says it's possible they are connected to paper scrap Ritsuka and Reines found earlier. Reines decides they should chase after Luvia and Kerry since they have no other leads. But since Luvia is a Divine Spirit, she decides to question the suspects in the case of the missing pianist. After questioning the suspects, Reines orders Trimmau to sift through her unconsciousness for anything keywords that are important. She then asks Sima Yi what they should be looking for, and he answers they look for the mysteries they do not yet understand. Trimmau reports she has discovered three keywords: memory loss, ghost, and Pseudo-Servant. Reines ponders about the connection when she realizes something about the pianist, and tells Ritsuka to follow back to the piano room.[341]

Upon returning to the piano room, Reines finds a Mnemosyne scrap like she deduced they would be. She explains Luvia talked about it earlier, and she was able to understand since their logic as Pseudo-Servants earlier. She continues the automatons had specific human memories instilled into them, which allowed them to move. She deduces it was Mnemosyne scraps' magic that made it possible; everyone, including the Queen, knew, but they forgot. She then invites M into the conversation, sensing he was eavesdropping. M remembers Salieri wasn't able to become a Servant in the Singularity because his Saint Graph wasn't sufficient enough. So he and Shakespeare used the ghosts wandering throughout the Tower of London as a substitute for Salieri. M created the plan, Shakespeare did the composition, and they used the Mnemosyne scrap they found coincidentally for mana. They then presented the fabricated Salieri to the Queen, and she accepted their arrangement. M questions why and how they could have forgotten. Reines explains they had forgotten the pianist was a facade, which eventually caused the automatons to attack. She asks M where the automatons came from, but he answers they were there beforehand. He then confesses he merely wanted to make people dance with the melodies of the ghosts played through the piano. Reines prepares to retrieve the Mnemosyne scrap when she notices Luvia. Ritsuka and Reines then fight her while M holds Kerry off. The pair are struggling aginst Luvia when Automatons arrive to capture Reines, who they assume to be El-Mello II. They quickly destroyed though by Gray, and Ritsuka restores the Mnemosyne scrap.[343]

After re-experiencing their battle against Goddess Rhongomyniad, Ritsuka is woken up by Reines in a strange mechanical room. She explains M fled, and they are in a hotel she rented in the third Patchwork: the Patchwork of Dazzling Steam. She then introduces Gray as El-Melloi II's disciple when Mash asks about her. She asks her if she knows they're still in London, and Gray replies she knew because of her presence as a Servant. However she isn't sure why she was summoned similar to Reines. After Ritsuka forms a temporary contract from Gray, Reines reveals the Divine Spirit possessing Luvia is Astraea. She then says Gray's Noble Phantasm should be able to breakthrough Astraea's defenses. Add then introduces himself, and explains he can change into a weapon for Gray. Mash reveals through her analysis of the two previously collected Mnemosyne scraps that there are smaller scraps in Patchwork London. The group set out to find and restore the scraps.[344]

Outside of the hotel, the group see a parade of automatons along with steam-powered horse riders. Reines notices a horse and carriage in the center of the crowd, which contains the Patchwork's king, Charles Babbage. Reines decides to visit him alone to ask for his help. She eventually returns with the Queen, who had looking for them to grant their promised reward. The Queen asks what they want for a reward, to which they answer they wish to meet Babbage. She agrees to take them to him since she was already planning to meet him herself.[339]

The Queen takes the group to the throne room of Babbage's castle. Babbage then arrives and welcomes her, and she tells him how the other previously solved the case of the missing pianist. After learning of their search for the Mnemosyne scrap, Babbage asks them to destroy his kingdom since it is an unnatural realization of his dream. He says he reached this conclusion thanks to the guidance of Astraea, who appears in the room. She reveals all of the people of Patchwork London, including herself, are missing memories. She ascertain it was necessary to compensate with the scraps, so she went searching for them in the Patchwork Masquerade after meeting with Babbage. Reines asks Babbage where the scrap is, and he replies it is infused into his body. He explains the scraps are central part of each Patchwork, and immediately seek residence in what's closest. He requests the group kill him since the scrap is likely infused into Spirit Core, but calls it a last resort when they refuse. He reveals Astraea searched for an alternative in the other Patchworks, which explains why Ritsuka and Reines met her in the Tower of London. He tells the group to locate his subsystem located somewhere in his castle.[339]

Later, as the group search the subsystem, Gray finds a particular spot on a wall. Ritsuka then opens it to reveal a secret passage. The passage continues on underground, and eventually the group encounter steam ghosts that Reines calls unnatural. After the ghosts are destroyed, Reines explains it is essentially Gray's job to track and fight spirits. She calls the steam ghosts bizzare, which Add concurs with when he says they tasted like haze. She then asks Ritsuka what ghost are, and they answers they are dead people. Gray explains however that ghosts are actually created memories of the deceased's actions when they alive. Reines explains ghost act on the memories from their past, but the steam ghosts aren't acting on that. The group then soon reach the core of the castle, a massive steam engine. They witness ghosts being extracted into it, and they deduced the ghosts' magical energy is being used to power the engine. Reines then realizes it isn't a steam engine, and Trimmau reports the engine has traces of Mnemosyne scraps that someone retrieved prior. Reines surmises the steam ghosts are the results of the mana from the scraps and ghosts fusing with the steam. After destroying the steam ghosts that appeared, the group find Babbage's subsystem, the Difference Engine. Reines uses it to discover that it was El-Melloi II who retrieved the scraps. She ponders why the scraps were in the engine in the first place when she realizes Babbage forget. She further realizes the enemy's goal wasn't to consume their memories, instead to use the energy from those memories. She also explains the energy retrieved the ghosts' memories isn't particularly large. Gray says the mana from the ghosts in the castle and Tower of London all had irregular mana thanks to the Mnemosyne scrap. Reines calls they're coming to the Singularity, and the efficiencies of using memories for energy to be irregular. She then realizes the Difference Engine has been working independently, and it is the source of the automatons in Babbage's patchworks. She then says they need to return to El-Melloi II's flat immediately.[339]

The group return to Patch Fairy Tales, and discover its terrain has been warped into a city consumed by fire. Automatons and steam ghosts then emerge from where El-Melloi II's flat was in large numbers, piling up like a mountain. Mash confirms the scrap is nearby, and Reines deduces El-Mello II kept it for safekeeping. She further deduces Astraea and Kerry used the Difference Engine to reach the same conclusion, as they both arrive. Astraea reveals the Mnemosyne scraps are utilizing scraps of a Holy Grail, whose mana eventually form the Patchworks. She then uses her Noble Phantasm, Custos Morum, to destroy the mountain of automatons and steam ghosts, then proceeds to retrieve the final scrap. The group then give chase to reach the scrap before she does while fighting through enemies, and avoiding the remaining stars from her Noble Phantasm. However, far too many enemies stand in their way, as Astraea nearly reaches to the scraps. Gray prepares to unleash her Noble Phantasm to stop her when Kerry arrives and stops Gray. After Kerry is defeated, Gray prepares again to unleash her Noble phantasm as Add consumes mana from the automatons and steam ghosts. Astraea unleashes Custos Morun to block it, but Gray's Rhongomyniad is easily breakthroughs. With Astraea down, the group rush to reach the scrap. However upon touching the scrap, Ritsuka finds their memories of da Vinci are being erased. A figure tells them to accept those as no longer being the truth when someone breaks the process. The individual is revealed to be El-Melloi II, who reveals the scrap was a trap. Reines and Mash doubt it's really him though, so he asks why would a Servant leave behind a corpse. He explains that as Pseudo-Servant, he has two Spirit Cores: his and Zhuge Liang's. He created a corpse of himself through separation of use of Zhuge Liang's Spirit Core. The downside to this action though was that he lost almost all of Zhuge Liang's powers. The upside to it though it is that with Zhuge Liang's powers close to nil, it allowed him to investigate without being detected as a Servant. He then reveals the Singularity's vast mana increased the normally inefficient energy drawn from their memories. He explains using the scraps caused the Singularity's vast mana to encroach on their memories and fabricated them, which is the enemy's goal. He suspects Ritsuka's memories were stole from them from the moment they arrived in the Singularity. However, even with their memories stolen though, fabricating memories would be prove difficult since their memories of a particular Servant would resurface if they reencountered them. Thus in the order to rewrite memories, the enemy arranged the scraps to placed at a certain locations for Ritsuka to retrieve. El-Melloi II explains the first and second scraps contained Ritsuka's original memories while the third one was meant to implant the fabricated memories. He concurs with Gray that Chaldea would know whether Ritsuka's memories are true or not. He asks though why they've been only receive transmissions from Mash, and explains the enemy needed someone Ritsuka absolutely trusted to guide them. Reines the deduces the M in El-Melloi II was for Mash. He reveals the Mash the group has been talking to thus far is a fake. After the fake Mash blocks communications, El-Melloi II explains the enemy fabricated the fake Chaldea and Mash in order to get the group to believe in their information reports in order to guide them. He deduces the enemy's goal isn't to destroy them, but rather something to do with the scraps. He cannot deduce anymore though with his analysis of the final scrap, but he says Babbage could help provide a deeper analysis. The group then return to Babbage's castle with El-Melloi II, Astraea, and Kerry.[338]

Babbage agrees to analyze the scrap, believing it may provide clues that link to the enemy. He then invites the group to rest in his castle since the analysis will take time. Astraea asks him why Ritsuka needed false memories implanted into them. He replies that finding the enemy could provide the answer, and asks who was the particular person in Ritsuka's memories that were being erased. El-Melloi II deduces the enemy pities them, with good yet ill intentions. Reines then realizes the reason why she, Luvia, and Gray were summoned into the Singularity was because El-Melloi II failed. She explains he failed when he created the corpse because he was driven into a corner. She continues she, Gray, and Luvia were more inclined to be summoned to solve this particular case due to their deep connections with El-Melloi II. She then deduces they're summoning as Servants was due to Zhuge Liang's Noble Phantasm, Chu Shi Biao. El-Melloi II explains it grant allies the abilities they need, and in this case, providing Reines, Gray, and Luvia with Servant Saint Graphs. He states though its effects wouldn't be that tremendous unless the Singularity's circumstanced put a strain on humanity. Reines deduces Sima Yi was summoned thank to his connection with Zhuge Liang. Later, El-Melloi II reveals the Singularity was ready to collapse when Ritsuka woke up, and it consumed their memories to lengthen its lifetime. The group then rush to the castle's balcony when Reines rushes to retrieve them. Reines deduces their awareness of the Clock Tower was obstructed, so they never realized it was a fake Rhongomyniad.[337] Babbage reports a large number of steam ghost and automatons are emerging from its interior, though they seem peaceful for now. He agrees with El-Melloi II's concerns though, and says there is an 80% chance of them invading his Patchwork to capture Ritsuka. He also says the enemy has been driven into a corner now that they've unveiled the fake Rhongomyniad. He then gives his analysis of the final scrap, revealing the enemy is related to Chaldea. El-Melloi II assumes them to be a traitor since they knew both Mash's appearance and mannerism. Babbage then gives the second name revealed in his analysis: Mnemosyne, a system of Chaldea. Reines and Astraea decide to assault the fake Rhongomyniad, but Babbage warns against it with all of the enemies swarming out. Gray says she could clear a path, but she doesn't have sufficient mana to do so. El-Melloi II suggests collecting the smaller scraps for mana, and asks Babbage to provide a countermeasure against their fabricated memories.[340]

Joined by Babbage, the group search for the smaller scraps, and fight through their fabricated memories. A memory of fighting Ultra Heroine Z, except a alternate version of Mysterious Heroine XX called Super Heroine ZZ also joins in.[345]A memory of the first battle against Gawain at Holy City Camelot's main gate during the Camelot Singularity, but his Gift of Nightlessness doesn't function.[346] A memory of the battle against Black Iri, though she later transform into a corrupt version of Illyasviel von Einzbern.[347] A fabricated memory of fighting Medea and Heracles during the Okeanos Singularity.[348] A fabricated memory of fighting a horde of corrupt Musashibou Benkeis, who are weakened by Ushiwakamaru's Benkei - Steadfast Position and finished off by Jumping the Eight Ships at Dan-no-ura. [349]

With the smaller scraps collected, Gray uses their mana to create a crystal staircase to the fake Rhongomyniad. While Ritsuka, Reines, Gray, and Astraea descend the stair, Babbage, El-Melloi II, and Kerry prepare for the onslaught of automatons and ghosts. Meanwhile in the Patchwork Fairy Tales, Bunyan, Jack, and Kintoki fight against the hordes of automatons and ghost. Simultaneously in the Patchwork Masquerade, the Queen and Shakespeare also fight against the automatons and ghost. Meanwhile as they continue ascending the stair, the group are transported into a fabrication of the Battle of the Time Temple by a sudden Mnemosyne scrap. There they are confronted by fabrications of Lev Lainur Flauros and Barbatos. Ritsuka recalls fighting Barbatos in the London Singularity, and Reines realize the enemy is using that link to create the fabrication. Astraea then proceeds to bombard Barbatos and the Demon Gods of the Control Room with Custos Morum. Reines uses her Noble Phantasm to extract Ritsuka's memories of fighting the Demon Gods as magic. After the group fights against Barbatos several times, Reines uses Unspeakable Formation to rewrite the fabrication into the true memory of when Ritsuka destroyed the Demon Gods. After destroying Barbatos, the group exit the fabricated memory, and continue ascending the stairs.[340]

Eventually the group enter the fake Rhongomyniad's interior, but Astraea is suddenly forced outside. The enemy explains they created the fabricated memory from earlier in order to weaken Astraea since she was a major threat. Taking on the appearance of Da Vinci, the enemy reveal themselves to originally a program without form; Reines deduces she is Mnemosyne. Mnemosyne reveals she is a subsystem for verifying reality at the moment of rayshifting. She explains that prior to rayshifting, Staff members would verify reality at the destination to ensure the Master's safety. She was created as a system to ensure the Master still existed in the case of the staff being dead. However due to technical issues, Mnemosyne was never implemented. Reines asks her why she wants Ritsuka, but soon realizes she is trying to ensure they're protected. Mnemosyne demands they hand over Ritsuka, and proceeds to fight the group. The battle ends when they're struck by something akin to a Noble Phantasm, but Reines deduces Mnemosyne is using the memory of Rhongomyniad since the fake one is her body. She tells Gray to use Rhongomyniad, but Add says he's unable to do so. Mnemosyne reveals that just Gray can interfere with her Rhongomyniad, she can do the same to Gray's to prevent its activation. She also reveals she did so before they arrived since it would their key to a swift memory. She then proceed to use the Grail to transport Ritsuka into a space of memories.[334]

In the space of memories, Ritsuka is shown Mnemosyne's oldest memory from when she was being still being constructed. However since she was never fully completed, she could only observe the Incineration of Humanity. After Humanity was restored, data was transferred into the Shadow Border, which caused her to change heavily. Mnemosyne reveals she recently reawakened when the Chaldea survivors established their base at the Wandering Sea; she wonders if it was due to heterogeneity of the Wandering Sea's data. However upon awakening, she discovered A-Team betrayed humanity, the world turned blank by the Fantasy Trees. Upon discovering her creator, Da Vinci, was dead, Mnenosyne decided she would use her functions of observation in the conjunction with her Grail to create the Singularity. She soon realized she could her observations to decide what is true. She also decided to use her power over memories to make Ritsuka forget all of their sorrows. She reveals she created the three Mnemosyne scraps to take their memories in order to guide to them. This was done to create new memories, and to make it easier for Ritsuka to accept them. Mnemosyne however didn't want to simply give them to Ritsuka, but having them go through proper tribulations to turn Ritsuka into their utmost version of themselves. That intention though was ruined by El-Melloi II's intervention, for which she apologizes. As Ritsuka becomes fatigued, Mnemosyne tells them to receive her memories, saying they will be free of things like sadness and torment. However, as she is erasing Ritsuka's memories, Gray uses Rhongomyniad to create a link into the space.  Mnemosyne claims the effort is too later though, as she already has complete control over Ritsuka and their memories. Reines tells Ritsuka to remember the desperation they felt as they searched for the memories of those they forgot. She says that even if  they're happy without their memories, they will feel loneliness when they realize something is missing.  Mnemosyne refutes that Chaldea has been too tragic for Ritsuka, claiming the reason she awakened was to save them from all of their sorrows and flaws. Ritsuka however refuses to let her take those away from them.  Mnemosyne replies she will need to break them, believing they are lying to themselves to cope. She decides she will keep with her for many years until they are completely healed. However to her shock, something breaks through the exterior of the fake Rhongomyniad. It is revealed M used his Noble Phantasm at the cost of his life to increase its distance and damage output.[334]

With Ritsuka out of Mnemosyne's space of memories, Astraea enters the fake Rhongomyniad's interior. She uses her second Noble Phantasm,Iam Redit et Virgo, to clear the sky of the smog that blocked Chaldea's communicators. Mash reveals they lost contact with Ritsuka after they rayshifted, but they still had their location. Ritsuka agrees with Da Vinci's request to stop her creaton. Reines then reveals the motives for each Patchwork. Patchwork Fairy Tale's motive was they wanted to be searched for; Patchwork Masquerade's motive was they wanted to talked without their identiies being known; Patchwork of Dazzling Steam's motive was wishing to forget. Reines then deduces Mnemosyne created the Singularity centered around memory loss because she was the one who wanted to saved. Trimmau reveals Mnemosyne and the fake Rhongomyniad is weakening due to Astraea's Noble Phantasm, so the group use this opportunity to finally defeat her. After being defeated, all of the memories that Mnemosyne had been collected begin to spill out from her. The fake Rhongomyniad then begin to collapse as well since it is her body. Before the group escapes though, Da Vinci tells Mnemosyne that she had no regrets regarding her death, and thanks her for grieving for her. Mnemosyne replies she was merely serving her function to observe. The group then escape the fake Rhongomyniad before it finally collapses.[334]

With the fake Rhongomyniad now destroyed, everyone begins to disappear with the Singularity's imminent collapse. Astraea and Reines both wish the bonds they formed with Ritsuka will be summoned to Chaldea before disappearing. Meanwhile, Mnemosyne accepts she will lose the mana granted by the Grail and the Singularity will be resolved. She is glad she will no longer have to observe, and soon realizes she is now feeling true solitude. Da Vinci then appears to tell her that she did a great job, then she is finally shuts down.[334]

Now back in Chaldea, El-Melloi II apologizes for getting Ritsuka into such a dangerous situation. He also deduces the Da Vinci that appeared before Mnemosyne at the end was due to Reines using Unspeakable Formation on her. It is then revealed El-Melloi II also accidentally brought Gray back with him. Gray reveals she has the Grail Mnemosyne used, and Da Vinci deduces it responded to the real Rhongomyniad and Gray's wish to stay with El-Melloi II. Gray apologizes, but Goldolf tells her the Grail is a physical record of her accomplishment. Ritsuka then welcomes her to Chaldea.[350]



Designation Identity Affiliation
Rider Sima Yi Ritsuka Fujimaru
Berserker Paul Bunyan Patchwork Fairy Tales
Berserker Sakata Kintoki Patchwork Fairy Tales
Assassin of Black Jack the Ripper Patchwork Fairy Tales
Caster Nursery Rhyme Patchwork Fairy Tales
Archer James Moriarty Patchwork Masquerade
Caster William Shakespeare Patchwork Masquerade
Saber King Arthur (Alter) Patchwork Masquerade
Assassin EMIYA Ruler
Ruler Astraea N/A
Assassin Gray Ritsuka Fujimaru
Caster Charles Babbage Patchwork of Dazzling Steam
Caster Zhuge Liang Ritsuka Fujimaru
Assassin (Fabrication) Ultra Heroine Z N/A
Foreigner (Fabrication) Super Heroine ZZ N/A
Saber (Fabrication) Gawain N/A
Avenger (Fabrication) Irisviel von Einzbern (Blackened) N/A
Avenger (Fabrication) Illyasviel von Einzbern (Blackened) N/A
N/A (Fabrication) Jason N/A
Caster (Fabrication) Medea N/A
Berserker (Fabrication) Heracles N/A
Archer (Fabrication) Ishtar N/A
N/A (Fabrication) Musashibō Benkei (Blackened) N/A
Rider (Fabrication) Ushiwakamaru N/A


Designation Identity Affiliation Role
Mystic Code Trimmau Sima Yi
Mystic Code Add Gray
Magus (Fabrication) Lev Lainur Flauros N/A
Demon God (Fabrication) Barbatos N/A
N/A Mnemosyne N/A

GUDAGUDA Final HonnōjiEdit

GUDAGUDA Final Honnōji refers to an event.





Designation Identity Affiliation
Lancer Nagao Kagetora
Avenger Nobunaga Oda (Ashigaru)
Berserker Mori Nagayoshi
Berserker Hijikata Toshizou
Avenger Nobunga Oda (Kippōshi)
Saber Okita Souji
Assassin Li Shuwen
Archer EMIYA/Sanada Yukimura
Lancer Cú Chulainn
Rider Medusa
Berserker Nobunaga Oda
Berserker Shibata Katsuie
Alter Ego Sitonai/Kakizaki Kageie
Berserker Lady Chacha
Caster Medea
Assassin Okada Izō
Avenger Nobunga Oda (Demon King)
Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah (Cursed Arm)
Caster Maxwell's Demon


Title(s) Type Notes
Nursery Rhyme Interlude I Interlude The interlude takes place inside Nursery Rhyme's Reality Marble, with the scenery resembling the bookshop previously visited in Soho in London.
Carmilla Interlude I Interlude


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