Grand Servants (グランドサーヴァント?), also referred to as Grand Class (グランドクラス?), are existences summoned by the Counter Force in order to prevent the extinction of mankind by the Beasts.


Grand Servants are of a higher order than regular Servants. The ritual utilized during Holy Grail Wars is based upon the Grand Servant ritual on a much lesser extent. Those who hold the position of Grand Servant are said to be the seven greatest Heroic Spirits, each titled with the GrandThe Station of the Crown (グランド冠位, GurandoKan'i?) position.[1] If a position is abdicated, the position is filled by another qualified candidate, such as Merlin replacing Solomon. Merlin is a living person rather than a Heroic Spirit, so it is unknown how that factors into the summoning process.

Although the Grand Servants are chosen from the pinnacle of Heroic Spirits, the overwhelming strength that the Grand Servants display against Servants is not because they themselves are that much stronger than other Heroic Spirits, but because they are summoned with a completely different Saint Graph by the World itself.[1]

The Lostbelt Qin Shi Huang is said to possess a Saint Graph on the level of a Grand Servant, but he is not one himself.

Daybit Sem Void's Servant is said to be a Grand Servant of an unrevealed class.

Known Grand ClassesEdit

The following have been featured or mentioned:


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