Gransurg Blackmore (グランスルグ・ブラックモア, Guransurugu Burakkumoa?), also known as the Black Wing Lord (黒翼公, Kokuyoku-Kō?), Peng (鵬, ?), Moon Drinker (月飲み, Tsuki Nomi?), and Dead Apostle Killer (死徒殺し, Shitogoroshi?), is the sixteenth of the The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors in Tsukihime Worlds. In Fate Worlds, the title of Dead Apostle Ancestor does not exist, and he has been deceased for almost two millennia as of the 21st century.

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Background[edit | edit source]

Tsukihime Worlds[edit | edit source]

Gransurg Blackmore was originally a Magus from Austria, whose research involved the sanctification of birds. These eccentricities garnered the attention of Crimson Moon, who sought to battle Gransurg despite him having average thaumaturgy and no unique traits. Gransurg was quickly defeated and only survived due to a last minute coincidence, which lead Crimson Moon to make Gransurg his personal magus. He pledged absolute obedience to Crimson Moon, believing that the defeated must serve, and chose to become a Dead Apostle on his own through arcane research. Stating "If I am to serve my Lord, I shall take on a fitting appearance", he gave himself the form of a bird, destroyed his birthplace, discarded his name, and worked diligently, more akin to a familiar than an Apostle, to serve his master.

Gransurg continued to serve Crimson Moon until his defeat at the hands of Zelretch, at which point he sought out a position as an independent Apostle. He attacked the castle of the sixteenth Ancestor and destroyed that entire clan, and from thereon took on the name Blackmore. As he had been recognized by the Ancestors while Crimson Moon was alive, they recognized his succession and allowed him a title appropriate for his abilities. He cooperates with the Mage's Association as Merem Solomon does with the Church, and he is currently imprisoned by the Church.[1] He seems to have escaped as of the timeline of Prelude, where he is shown speaking with Merem before the time of the Aylesbury Ritual.

Fate Worlds[edit | edit source]

Within Fate Worlds, Gransurg died 1700 years before the time of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files. In despair at Crimson Moon's defeat to Zelretch, he gave into despair and accepted his destruction. He was defeated by an Executor of the Holy Church. When he died a family that watched over a certain cemetery took his name in his honor.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Blackmore reveres birds as holy creatures and the kings of the world. He greatly adores their internal composition, and hopes to build a better sky for them. He goes as far as modeling his own appearance, and those of his minions after them as well. While he is considered a very social and great vampire with many minions, his appearance and his minions unorthodox status as improper vampires causes him to be looked down upon by the other Ancestors as ungraceful. He has been given the title of "Black Wing Lord" derived from sarcasm, contrasting him as someone close, yet far away from the current lord of the Apostles the "White Wing Lord", Trhvmn Ortenrosse. He personally holds the same sentiments towards the other Ancestors, believing their human forms to lack grace. He apparently dislikes his own current name, and becomes irritated upon hearing it.

He holds Crimson Moon as his absolute master, and even continues to follow him after his death. He is actively participating in the Aylesbury Ritual, which was established by Crimson Moon. He similarly currently worships Arcueid Brunestud, the golden princess, as his current master due to her connection with Crimson Moon. Everyone else is unworthy of his respect no matter their strength. He also has a great hatred for Altrouge Brunestud, called the impostor of Crimson Moon, and wishes to slay her. He does not fight for personal reasons, and the one and only basis for him taking action is for the sake of his master. He will only engage in battle with other Apostles if they have forgotten the teachings of Crimson Moon, their "Lord", or to follow Crimson Moon's wishes. Even if he hates them or has a personal grudge, he will still avoid confrontations for over one thousand years if it has no relation to Crimson Moon.

He became acquaintances with Merem one thousand years ago, and considers him to be both a friend and an enemy at the same time. They both consider Crimson Moon as their god, but they are at odds with one another, as Merem sees him as an idol, while Blackmore sees him as a master. While he feels lifetime friendship under the same master and they have no true hatred for each other, he cannot forgive Merem for mixing affection with worship. While capable of having friendly conversations in a casual manner, he is just as easily capable of stating that he wishes to rip Merem apart with a silent black murderous aura, and Merem notes that it is troubling having "two kings of the sky." Blackmore has done nothing for a millennium due to his practice of not fighting, and he is glad to finally be able settle their dispute at Aylesbury where he can freely destroy Merem without holding back. He wishes to make him realize that his shape of loyalty was unacceptable during his last moments. Before their dispute comes their hatred for Altrouge Brunestud, who they plan on fighting together before destroying each other.

Role[edit | edit source]

Prelude III[edit | edit source]

The following events take place in a Tsukihime World based in the ■■■■■■■■ of Human History. These events may not line up properly with those in a Fate World.

Blackmore has only been detailed in Character Material and its brief short story, Prelude III. He visits Merem in the shrine where he was kept as an idol and discusses the upcoming Aylesbury Ritual.

Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[edit | edit source]

The following events take place in a Fate World based in the affirmation of Human History. These events may not line up properly with those in a Tsukihime World.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Blackmore is considered to be Ortenrosse's equal in both history and ability, placing him within the top-class of the Ancestors. Merem holds him in high regards, believing him capable making a large difference in their planned battle with Altrouge and her minions. He normally takes the appearance of a humanoid with the features of a crow, and he is capable of changing his shape into a large bird several kilometers in size. His numerous minions, rather than transforming from humans into pure vampires, have become hybrids with the heads and wings of birds. He is skilled in carrying souls with his thaumaturgical system based upon birds, as they are known as "those who carry the souls after death" in the world of magi.

He has a Reality Marble called Nevermore (ネバーモア, Nebāmoa?), which was used to wipe out the previous sixteenth's clan of over one hundred vampires without damaging anything or staining the castle walls, gardens, or curtains with a single drop of blood after declaring "-Be careful, gentlemen. The birds dancing in my sky are vicious only to the dead-". It covers the sky with a canopy of "death wings" that produce a "world of death" where absolute darkness swallows the light of the moon and stars.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Kagetsu Tohya - 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors Series, 16/Gransurg Blackmoa

    Lord of the Black Wing. Magical existence. Controls the Reality Marble 'Nevermore.'
    Since he bothers others a lot, he's imprisoned by the church.
    Used to be a human who researched magic. Now, however, he has the form of a gigantic crow.

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