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Gray (グレイ, Gurei?) is an assistant of Lord El-Melloi II at the Mage's Association's Clock Tower. She is a main character in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.



The clan of the village where Gray was born, aimed to create a being capable of handling the Holy Lance that had been passed down for generations. In other words, their purpose was to revive King Arthur, in flesh and spirit. However, their attempts had thus far been continuous failures. 

Gray was to be the flesh of King Arthur. When she was born, her facial features vaguely resembled those of King Arthur, but with the years, her body suddenly changed to that of King Arthur's. Losing her true face, she could no longer differentiate her own existence from that of King Arthur. Because of this, she could never fully understand herself. 

Due to Gray's situation, the villagers, including her mother — believed her to be King Arthur's second coming, and treated her as the body of the king. As a result, Gray feared and hated her own face. It was decided by the villagers that they will use the gods to summon King Arthur's soul, and infuse it into Gray's body. Unfortunately, this meant that Gray's own soul would be lost forever.

Upon hearing the news, Lord El-Melloi II visited the village, and due to circumstances, Gray was entrusted to El-Melloi who made her his apprentice; admitting her to the Clock Tower of London.

While Lord El-Melloi II once said that Gray was likely a descendant of King Arthur's distant relatives, her family has no actual genetic ties to the Pendragon bloodline. Rather, her family was magically "imprinted with the essence of King Arthur's physical body."[1]


She is about 15 years old in the events of Adra Castle Case. She has a striking resemblance with Saber to which Lord El-Melloi II believes Gray to be a distant descendent of King Arthur. Her face brings unpleasant memories of the Fourth Holy Grail War for Lord El-Melloi II so he tells her to wear a hood to hide her face.

In Fate/strange Fake, she appears in her early twenties.


Although she can be aloof and shy, Gray is a sweet girl who gladly puts her life on the line to protect the people she cares about and shows deep concern for others. Her upbringing didn't prepare her for socializing, so she spends discussions hiding behind El-Melloi II hoping no one will address her directly. Because of her sheltered upbringing, others need to explain about magecraft, magic society, or any other subject that's been brought up for her. She explicitly acknowledges her role is similar to Watson.

Unbeknownst to most people, Gray hates her face, as it's Artoria Pendragon's face and not her own. She hates for others to see her face, and thus she wears a hood at all times.

Gray is very loyal to Waver because he rescued her from the village where she was born, who saw her as a vessel rather than a person. Despite his disdain for her face and original intention to recruit her as a soldier for the Holy Grail War, El-Melloi II was the first to acknowledge her as an individual, which spoke more to her than her family's false kindness. Her admirmation towards him developed into something of a crush. Not only does she fight his battles, she also performs many tasks for El-Melloi II that he's either too busy for or can't be bothered to do himself. Though she respects his ability as a teacher, Gray tends to find him exasperating rather than impressive, given she has drag him out of bed in the morning. Upon realizing what Iskandar meant to him after seeing El-Melloi mournfully talk to his mantle, Gray desires to have the two reunited. It is the first earnest wish she's had since coming to London, and frequently defends or ruminates on Iskandar's importance to El-Melloi II. She also finds Hishiri and Luvia's beauty quite arresting on multiple occasions, and thinks to herself about how handsome Melvin is. Svin's behavior around her causes her to falsely believe he hates her, oblivious to his affection for her.

Her experiences with the dead and her childhood means she isn't particularly perturbed by situations related to it, such as eating breakfast with a pair of disembodied eyes watching her the whole time. She does feel slightly sad though when watching horror movies with Reines because she feels she should react. While she doesn't personally believe in God, she was made familiar with Christian prayers and pratices thanks to her village's resident priest teaching her. She sometimes prays for others and performs the sign of the cross out of habit.


Lord El-Melloi II Case FilesEdit

case. Adra Castle SeparationEdit

  • The gathering guest in Adra castle.
  • Gray using the Grim Reaper.

She is the narrator in the novel. She was summoned by Lord El-Melloi II on an early Autumn morning. She learns from her master that Reines El-Melloi Archisorte has requested them to investigate the Adra castle.[2]

Luviagelita Edelfelt was hostile to Gray and calls her master as the worst kind of Magus and the worst kind of person. Gray tells the story about Mentor's cat to Luvia.[3]

Lord El-Melloi II said to Hishiri Adashino, he wishes to participates in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Gray overheard his conversation and she requested her master to take her along.

case. Twin Towers of IselmaEdit

Gray attends a social gathering of Clock Tower elites, intended as a debut for the Gold and Silver Princesses of Iselma, as Reines' bodyguard.

Grace noteEdit

case. Mystic Eyes collection trainEdit

case. Atlas' contractEdit

case. Grand ResolutionEdit


She appears in the second part of the story. Lord El-Melloi II was ordered by the Mage's Association to investigate the Subcategory Holy Grail in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz. She encounters Norma Goodfellow in the Labyrinth.

During a rest stop, Gray introduces Norma to her mystic code, Add, after he makes an outburst about eating sandwiches made from parts of the labyrinth's creatures.

Norma and Gray eventually reach the room where the Holy Grail is stored, however, before they can try to find a way out of the room, they encounter Wolfgang Faustus who introduces himself. After some conversation, Norma and Gray get into a battle with Faustus. However, due to being unable to move out of fear, Norma takes on the role of the observer and spends most of the battle observing Gray's fight with Faustus. It is only after Gray is revealed to be human by Faustus, that Norma finally gains the courage to try and help her. Though she is captured in the attempt.

As Norma is about to killed by Faustus, she is rescued by Assassin and the other Servants. Assassin takes Norma to safe spot where she watches the battle between the 3 Servants (minus Saber) and Faustus who has also summoned a pseudo-Berserker class Servant called Asterios to help him. However, just as it seems like Faustus and Berserker are going to beat Gray and the other three Servants, Norma hears Manaka's voice in her mind. After some chiding by Manaka, Manaka then helps Norma destroy the Subcategory Holy Grail which not only causes Berserker to disappear, but enables Gray and the three Servants to finally defeat Faustus.

After defeating Wolfgang Faustus, Gray and Norma manage to escape the labyrinth with the three Servants' help. Gray then introduces Norma to her master, Lord El-Melloi II who wants to question Norma about the incident.

Fate/strange FakeEdit

When Lord El-Melloi II learns from Rohngall that Flat Escardos was participating in the False Holy Grail War, Lord El-Melloi II collapsed on the lecture platform. It is suggested that the student who spoke to Rohngall was Gray, based on her speaking pattern. Gray informs Rohngall that Lord El-Melloi II is always like this whenever Flat is involved. Gray takes her mentor over her shoulder and takes him to the infirmary.[4]

Later, after Lord El-Melloi II speaks to Flueger about his report on the situation in Snowfield, Gray suggests calling Ms. Tohsaka for help in aiding Flat survives the war, as she has experience in Holy Grail Wars. Her mentor rejects the suggestion, pointing out his own similar experience, how Rin's knowledge might be useless with how unusual the war is, and that she might storm off to America herself if she is told.[5]


  • Add
  • Grim Reaper: The scythe of the Death God.
  • Add transforming into Grim Reaper.

She has magic circuits and is an "Earth" Elements attribute user.

It has also been noted by Faker that Gray is also a Cybele who particularly specializes in spiritual possession in order to perform divination, as seen when she had a vision regarding Faker's past. Gray however seemed to have been oblivious to this ability beforehand and had accessed it purely subconsciously.

Gray possesses the Noble Phantasm Rhongomyniad, the holy lance of King Arthur, that has been passed down through the generations by preserving its mystery through a similar manner to the Tradition Carrier trait held by the Fraga family.

Gray possesses a unique Mystic Code referred to as "Add". Add has its own ego and is capable of speech and independent thought. Add typically stays in a birdcage and Gray usually keeps it hidden around the mantle, within the right sleeve. The true function of the Mystic Code is to seal Rhongomyniad away and prevent it from losing its mystery.

Add also possesses the ability to change forms, transforming into a halberd, a tower shield, a large bladed boomerang, a bow with arrows, a jet-powered hammer, a grappling hook/large kusarigama, and possibly more. Each form has its own qualities:

  • Scythe: This is Add's usual form. It is the best one at absorbing mana, while it is second best in attack power.
  • Great Shield: It is capable of absorbing mana and releasing it along with a reversal curse.
  • Hammer: Its mana absorption is D rank, but it has the highest attack. Gray does rely on it when she really needs to.
  • Boomerang: A giant boomerang swung using both hands. If it's for a short distance, they can even be used as gliding wings. She used it this way in volume 7.
  • Halberd: This form shares part of its design with Rhongomyniad. This one has the highest speed and sharpness. Using this one reminds Gray the most of her trance-like state when using Rhongomyniad, so she doesn't like it very much.
  • Bow: A bow that shoots arrows of mana.

The abilities of the other forms are unknown.

Add even has a greatsword mode that is rarely used, which imitates Excalibur. To begin with there's no real reason to have Rhongomyniad imitate Excalibur, but this form was something set up by the Arthur cultists from Gray's hometown.[6]

Its main alternate form is a scythe called Grim Reaper: The scythe of the Death God (死神の鎌
, Shinigami no Kama
Gurimu Rīpā
?). This is Gray's weapon of choice in battle. The scythe consumes Spiritual Body and Magical Energy, and it also has the ability to convert energy and provide a physical boost to the owner. Using this ability, Gray has demonstrated superhuman agility beyond what is capable with typical magecraft reinforcement. Said energy can also be used to enlarge Add's weapon forms, such as doubling the size of the scythe, with no loss to Gray's combat effectiveness. It is unknown what the limits of this ability are.


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