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Gray (グレイ, Gurei?) is the apprentice and assistant of Lord El-Melloi II at the Mage's Association's Clock Tower. She is a main character in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files and its sequel series The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II, serving as the first-person narrator.



Gray comes from the Blackmore Cemetery in Wales. The clan of the village there aimed to create a being capable of handling the Holy Lance that had been passed down for generations. In other words, their purpose was to revive King Arthur, in flesh and spirit. However, their attempts had thus far been continuous failures, and the ritual had been relegated to folktales and tradition.[1]

Gray was to be the flesh of King Arthur. When she was born, her facial features vaguely resembled those of King Arthur, but ten years ago her body suddenly changed to that of King Arthur's. Losing her true face, she could no longer differentiate her own existence from that of King Arthur. Because of this, she could never fully understand herself.[7][1]

Gray all alone as a child.

Due to Gray's situation, the villagers, including her mother Magdalena, believed her to be King Arthur's second coming, and energized the village elders, making them take seriously the plan to bring back King Arthur. As a result, Gray feared and hated her own face. The villagers treated Gray as the body of the king, and started regulating her lifestyle to the finest detail to try and increase her compatibility as much as they could.[8][1] With Gray as the Body and the Corpse King as the Mind, the last remaining part of the ritual was the Soul, which the villagers were stuck on since manipulating the soul like that would require the Third Magic. However, they were given information from Doctor Heartless about the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War and the upcoming Fifth, and decided to gamble everything on Artoria being summoned again and they could intercept her soul coming from the Throne of Heroes by providing a perfect vessel. Once Gray became a perfect physical copy and just as the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War started, they would use the blade Erosion, given to them long ago by the Black Madonna, to separate Gray's mind and soul from her body, overwrite her personality with the Corpse King as the mental construct, and thus allowing for King Arthur's spirit to enter her body.[9][10] Unfortunately, this meant that Gray's own soul would be lost forever.

During this time when Gray was idolized and yet so alone, her only friend was Add who had first awoken when Gray's face changed to match King Arthur's. She also had teachers in the gravekeeper Bersac Blackmore and the village priest Fernando Croze.

Gray left the village when the corpse of someone who looked exactly like her was mysteriously found, which made Bersac tell her to leave. At the time, Lord El-Melloi II was visiting the village hoping to borrow one of the gravekeepers of Blackmore as a trump card against Heroic Spirits in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Bersac pushed Gray off onto Waver, entrusting her to be made his apprentice and admitting her to the Clock Tower of London, and told them never to return to the village. When Gray agreed to go with him, she asked for him to keep hating her face.[8]

While Lord El-Melloi II once said that Gray was likely a descendant of King Arthur's distant relatives, her family has no actual genetic ties to the Pendragon bloodline. Rather, her family was magically "imprinted with the essence of King Arthur's physical body."[4]


Gray is a young British girl (specifically Welsh[11]) with green eyes and grayish hair. She speaks with a slight Welsh accent.[12] Her most memorable feature is that she bears a striking resemblance to Saber, which Lord El-Melloi II believes is due to Gray being a distant descendant of King Arthur. Her face brings unpleasant memories of the Fourth Holy Grail War for Lord El-Melloi II so he tells her to wear a hood to hide her face. When Gray uses Rhongomyniad, her eyes turn gold.

Gray's clothing changes with every story arc in the novels, but in all of her outfits she always wears black and gray, a skirt, and a hood with a cape, jacket, or something similar.

Gray was not born resembling Saber, but rather began transforming to look like her after Saber was summoned by Kiritsugu Emiya in the Fourth Holy Grail War. When Saber is summoned again in the Fifth Holy Grail War by Shirou Emiya, streaks of Gray's hair turn blonde.

She is about fifteen years old in the events of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files and about eighteen years old in The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II. However, ever since Saber was summoned in the Fifth Holy Grail War Gray has not aged; as a result, she looks the same at eighteen as she did at fifteen. During Fate/strange Fake, she makes a cameo appearance in her early twenties.


Although she can be aloof and shy,[1] Gray is a sweet, innocent and kindhearted girl who gladly puts her life on the line to protect the people she cares about and shows deep concern for others. Her upbringing didn't prepare her for socializing, so she spends discussions hiding behind El-Melloi II hoping no one will address her directly. Because of her sheltered upbringing, others need to explain about magecraft, magic society, or any other subject that's been brought up for her. She enjoys reading detective and adventure novels,[13] and acknowledges that her role is similar to Watson from the Sherlock Holmes books.

Gray claims she isn't very smart and often apologizes for not understanding things, but Reines believes that it's more like Gray isn't used to dealing with so much information due to her countryside upbringing, and tends to take in everything at once so it overwhelms her. Add accuses Gray of not being dumb, but rather of putting off thinking; of deciding that it's easier to simply say "I can't, I can't".[14]

Unbeknownst to most people, Gray hates her face, as it is Artoria Pendragon's face and not her own. She hates for others to see her face, and thus she wears a hood at all times. Gray acknowledges that she has had suicidal thoughts before regarding her situation, but also is afraid of coming back as a ghost even if she were to kill herself. The idea of wandering the earth unable to die scares her.[14] Of course, after growing close with El-Melloi II, Reines, and the others, she has come to a brighter place.

Gray is very loyal to Waver because he rescued her from the village where she was born, who saw her as a vessel rather than a person. She refers to him as Sir (師匠, Shishō?). Despite his disdain for her face and original intention to recruit her as a soldier for the Holy Grail War, El-Melloi II was the first to acknowledge her as an individual, which spoke more to her than her family's false kindness. Not only does she fight his battles, she also performs many tasks for El-Melloi II that he's either too busy for or can't be bothered to do himself. Though she respects his ability as a teacher, Gray tends to find him exasperating rather than impressive, given she has drag him out of bed in the morning. Upon realizing what Iskandar meant to him after seeing El-Melloi mournfully talk to his mantle, Gray desires to have the two reunited. It is the first earnest wish she's had since coming to London, and frequently defends or ruminates on Iskandar's importance to El-Melloi II.

She finds Hishiri and Luvia's beauty quite arresting on multiple occasions, and thinks to herself about how handsome Melvin is. Svin's behavior around her causes her to falsely believe he hates her, oblivious to his affection for her. In the anime adaptation Gray appears to have a crush on El-Melloi II, but it is not present in the original novels.

Her experiences with the dead and her childhood means she isn't particularly perturbed by situations related to it, such as eating breakfast with a pair of disembodied eyes watching her the whole time. Although she was a gravekeeper, Gray is noted to be afraid of ghosts. Her fear of them comes from how due to her nature she is too susceptible to being influenced by their negative thoughts and feelings. When surrounded by ghosts in Adra Castle, Gray was so scared that it was almost impossible to move her body and she wanted to throw up. She does feel slightly sad though when watching horror movies with Reines because she feels she should react.

She was made familiar with Christian prayers and practices thanks to her village's resident priest Fernando Croze teaching her. She sometimes prays for others and performs the sign of the cross out of habit. She even begged God not to give Waver such a sad death when he was mortally wounded by Faker. Even if she said that ''She didn't believe in God'', these are still leaps of faith on her part.

Although Gray is quiet, shy, and reclusive, her thoughts as the narrator of the novels shows that she tends to judge and criticize people very harshly to herself. Even Lord El-Melloi II is not safe from her private criticisms.

Gray's notebook in the Castle Adra case.

Gray keeps a notebook that she uses to record and keep track of information for El-Melloi II's cases.[15]

Gray enjoys homemade fudge that her mother used to make for her before her face changed, and taught her how to make.[16] She took introductory painting lessons in her hometown, though doesn't think that she's very good at it and never had the opportunity to use a real brush.[17] She enjoys watching a children's TV show where a dog chef becomes a knight in shining armor to protect his princess, and makes sure to leave room in her schedule for it every week, though as she knows it is a show meant for very young girls she denies that she actually likes it.[15]


Lord El-Melloi II Case Files[]

Two months prior to the start of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, the corpse of someone who looked exactly like Gray was mysteriously found at her hometown, which made her teacher Bersac Blackmore tell her to leave the village.[18]

case. Castle of Separation Adra[]

Gray is called by Lord El-Melloi II on an early autumn morning in London. She learns from her master that Reines El-Melloi Archisorte has requested them to investigate the Adra Castle.[19]

After their arrival, Luviagelita Edelfelt was hostile to Gray and calls her master as the worst kind of Magus and the worst kind of person. Gray tells the story about Mentor's cat to Luvia.[20]

When Lord El-Melloi II says to Hishiri Adashino that he wishes to participates in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Gray overheard his conversation and she requested her master to take her along, although she acknowledges later on that the war would be over before they could participate.

case. Twin Towers of Iselma[]

Gray battling Touko Aozaki while wearing Trimmau as armor, alongside Svin.

Gray attends a social gathering of Clock Tower elites, intended as a debut for the Gold and Silver Princesses of Iselma, as Reines' bodyguard.

After the incident is resolved, Gray witnesses her master looking quietly at the piece of Iskandar's cloak, and wishes that she could let him meet Rider again.[21]

Grace note[]

case. Mystic Eyes Collection Train[]

Grace Note Special Episode[]

case. Atlas Contract[]

After the events of the Rail Zeppelin, Gray is worried for her master because of how he decided to give up his chance to participate in the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War at the end of the case in order to pursue the mystery of Iskandar's Shadow. Her state of mind distracts her during class in Modern Magecraft, though Lord El-Melloi II rouses her from her stupor by giving back a report on Kabbalah she submitted, criticizing her paper harshly but praising the section on Necromancy, asking her to include the paragraph in his thesis. When she gets back to her seat, Flat Escardos congratulates her, but soon get into a fight with Svin Glascheit, resulting in Lord El-Melloi II promising one course credit, exemption from one report, or one hour of personal counseling to anyone who stop the two's fight. During the chaos, he asks Gray what's wrong but she evades the question and quickly exits the class. She later goes to the El-Melloi residence for tea time with Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, with both discussing the recent events from El-Melloi's abandonment of the Holy Grail War to the true extent of Dr. Heartless' involvement. Eventually, in order to help her teacher as his disciple, Gray asks Reines to tell her how and why Lord El-Melloi II first met her back at her hometown.[22]

Lord El-Melloi II recalls something that Zepia Eltnam Atlasia said back when he first visited Blackmore Cemetery that makes him realize he was connected to Doctor Heartless, so both he and Gray go back to the cemetery and find Zepia still there, who then activate Logos React, one of Atlas' seven superweapons, which sends the two of them into a recreation of the past. In the reenaction, Waver and Gray are exploring catacombs and run into bone soldiers, and Waver notes that the mana in the area makes them almost like incomplete Servants, or Shadow Servants. Behind the bone soldiers there is an armored figure whom Gray senses is a Saberface even though her face is obstructed by a helmet. Said Saberface, the Corpse King, tells them it's too early and that the future king hasn't awoken, and that Gray is supposed to be on the surface, whereas she is meant to be underground. She leaves, and Gray tries to reach her but is being overwhelmed by the bone soldiers because Add seems to not be working properly. Just as things are getting desperate, Add shines, and out comes a knight in silver armor and a bit of a haze around him that would suggest he's not fully there. He's annoyed about being summoned improperly, particularly about him being summoned at all as opposed to the other knights, but he takes a look at Add and realizes that it the scythe woke him up to protect Gray despite not being in any condition to. Gray asks who he is, and on reflex he says that he's Add, with the laugh that Add usually gives, but he then slaps his temple for goofing up. They've been sleeping together so long that their personalities have mixed a bit, or so, and he tells Gray for now to remember the name Kay.[18]

case. Grand Resolution[]

After getting notified of an upcoming Grand Roll (冠位決讓?) — an official meeting of the Lords — Gray accompanies Lord El-Melloi II in his investigation to track down the former apprentices of Doctor Heartless. At the workshop of one of Heartless' apprentices, they run into Touko Aozaki, who claims to be investigating the same case for the Neutral faction, and they agree to share information. Heartless had five apprentices, and of the ones they've checked, they've all gone missing. Waver has managed to get the information that they're all labyrinth survivors. Gray is given a lecture on mazes and labyrinths, and their mystical meanings, and receive an explanation on the Spiritual Tomb of Albion, a huge labyrinth under London formed out of the corpse of a giant dragon that tried to burrow to the Reverse Side of the World at the end of the Age of Gods.[23]

Heading down to the front offices of Albion in Soho, Chinatown, they track down the last two of Heartless' apprentices, who have joined the organization managing the labyrinth. Gray and Yvette have a brief fight with a Chimera that escaped the labyrinth.[23]

El-Melloi II questions himself, wondering if he should even stop Heartless if he gets to see Iskandar again, and he has a little fight with Gray over it, but manages to get back on his feet. Following a tip from Atrum's posthumous message, him and Gray visit a hospital where Heartless was treated decades ago, supposedly after he was kidnapped by the faeries and left with no heart and changed eyes.[24]

After El-Melloi II figures out Heartless' plans to transform Iskandar into a Divine Spirit and summon him in the present day, Gray comes with him on the Rail Zeppelin, along with Luvia, Flueger, and Seigen, to reach him in time and stop him.

along the ley lines to Magisfair, the town in the upper reaches of the labyrinth. They meet up with a guide there, and prepare to do a fast dash to the deepest depths, taking every shortcut no matter how risky it is. There's a lot of battles and fighting as the party progresses through the dungeon, and in the end most of the party has to stay behind to hold off monsters and traps left by Heartless while Waver and Gray go alone and plunge downwards down a shaft.[25]

They encounter the still form of a a beast of incomprehensible size there. It's beyond massive, and in the dark all they can see are six glowing eyes, so El-Melloi II suspects it of being a creature of the same archetype as Cerberus and Abaddon(WP), and Gray compares it to Touko's box monster. As they're sneaking past, Heartless uses his Mystic Eyes of Usurpation, and one of the beast's six eyes opens and fixes its sight on them. That is all it does, but the weight of the creature's attention alone is enough to apply a crushing pressure, sure to kill El-Melloi II.[25]

Half a world away, Shirou Emiya summons Artoria Pendragon as Saber, Gray's body reacts and transforms. She gains blonde streaks in her hair and the same dragon Magic Core as Artoria, allowing her to use Mana Burst. She unleashes Rhongominyad at the monster. It does no real damage beyond forcing it to shut its eye, giving them time to escape, and something breaks within Add, who had been under stress ever since she unleashed some of the seals when using Rhongominyad on the Rail Zeppelin. The lance remains sealed, but Add speaks no more, his consciousness dead.[25]

In the heart of the dead dragon, they confront Heartless, but he has succeeded and before them stands Divine Spirit Iskandar. When it opens its eyes, the Spiritual Tomb of Albion is replaced by the Ionioi Hetairoi Reality Marble, with all the soldiers of the army blessing the awakening of the Divine Spirit Iskandar. Despite King Arthur's summoning giving her a vision close to that of a Servant, Gray is unable to look at the shining figure properly. It looks to her as if it consisted of different heights and figures – that of Faker and the giant Iskandar – but it's otherwise impossible to process all that excess information and her eyes can only see it as dazzling light.[25]

The ritual is then stopped by Lord El-Melloi II, who uses the Command Spell Luvia gave him to order Iskandar to unsummon himself, foiling Heartless' plans. After the final battle and a brief hospitalization, it's revealed that Gray heard Rider's voice at the end, congratulating Waver on getting one over on his body double. As a reward, he used his powers as a Divine Spirit to grant a miracle, returning Add to his full function.[25]

The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II[]

The Man Who Devoured God[]

Ergo and Gray facing Latio's bone familiars.

Three years after the Fifth Holy Grail War, Gray and Lord El-Melloi II travel to Singapore, where they meet up with Rin Tohsaka and encounter the mysterious man Ergo. El-Melloi II made sure to keep Gray out of the classroom whenever Rin had a class, and so until this meeting in Singapore the two had never met. When they meet, Rin freezes after getting a look at her due to her resemblance to Artoria, whom Rin had met as Saber during the Grail War.[26]

Over the course of her interactions with Ergo, Gray comes to think of him as a younger brother and the two bond over their similar pasts.[27]

Ever since Saber was summoned in the Fifth Holy Grail War, Gray's body has not aged. Although she is three years older, she looks the same as she did before. Lord El-Melloi II plans on soon quitting his teaching job so he can focus more on finding a cure for her.

The Devil of the Wandering Sea[]

Two weeks ago (before he arrived in Singapore) El-Melloi II had sent a letter to Touko Aozaki asking if she knew anything about removing curses, intending to find a cure for Gray. Touko said she knew just the person for the job and arranged a meeting between El-Melloi II and Mikiya Ryougi in Tokyo. While he had originally intended this to help Gray, now that he's met Ergo it could also help him.

Mikiya offers an exchange of favors: to get help from the curse remover, he would like El-Melloi II to investigate the kidnapping of Akira Yakou, a girl who was taken away from her family.[28] Akira has the organ of a Japanese god inside of her, making her situation similar to Gray and Ergo's. El-Melloi II hopes that she can help him find a cure for them.[29]

Irritated at the unfair circumstances of Akira, Bai Ruolong, and Ergo, Gray finds the will to reject a reality where people face suffering they didn't choose for themselves. Gray develops a new transformation for Add, Rhongomyniad Mythos. No one is sure how or why she was able to unlock this new ability, but when she unlocks it she feels jealous of how Ergo grows up fast while her body has been frozen in time, but that is all more reason for her to move forward, as she can't let her heart be frozen in time too.[30]

After finishing in Tokyo, as they board the airplane to begin to fly to Egypt, Gray notices that more of her hair has turned blonde. Add also begins acting up, which is worrisome as they are about to enter the homeland of his creators, Atlas.[31]

After this arc, Ergo starts calling Gray big sister (姉さん, nee-san?).[31]


She appears in the second part of the story. Lord El-Melloi II was ordered by the Mage's Association to investigate the Subspecific Holy Grail in the Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac Alcatraz. Upon arrival, she gets separated from Lord El-Melloi II and encounters Norma Goodfellow in the Labyrinth.

During a rest stop, Gray introduces Norma to her Mystic Code, Add, after he makes an outburst about eating sandwiches made from parts of the labyrinth's creatures.

Norma and Gray eventually reach the room where the Holy Grail is stored, however, before they can try to find a way out of the room, they encounter Wolfgang Faustus who introduces himself. After some conversation, Norma and Gray get into a battle with Faustus. However, due to being unable to move out of fear, Norma takes on the role of the observer and spends most of the battle observing Gray's fight with Faustus. It is only after Gray is revealed to be human by Faustus, that Norma finally gains the courage to try and help her though she is captured in the attempt.

As Norma is about to killed by Faustus, she is rescued by Hassan of the Cursed Arm and the other Servants. Assassin takes Norma to safe spot where she watches the battle between the three Servants (minus Artoria Pendragon) and Faustus who has also summoned a pseudo-Berserker class Servant called Asterios to help him. However, just as it seems like Faustus and Berserker are going to beat Gray and the other three Servants, Norma hears Manaka's voice in her mind. After some chiding by Manaka, Manaka then helps Norma destroy the Subcategory Holy Grail which not only causes Berserker to disappear, but enables Gray and the three Servants to finally defeat Faustus.

After defeating Wolfgang Faustus, Gray and Norma manage to escape the labyrinth with the three Servants' help. Gray then introduces Norma to her master, Lord El-Melloi II who wants to question Norma about the incident.

Fate/strange Fake[]

When Lord El-Melloi II learns from Rohngall that Flat Escardos was participating in the False Holy Grail War, Lord El-Melloi II collapsed on the lecture platform. It is suggested that the student who spoke to Rohngall was Gray, based on her speaking pattern. Gray informs Rohngall that Lord El-Melloi II is always like this whenever Flat is involved. Gray takes her mentor over her shoulder and takes him to the infirmary.[6]

Later, after Lord El-Melloi II speaks to Flueger about his report on the situation in Snowfield, Gray suggests calling Ms. Tohsaka for help in aiding Flat survives the war, as she has experience in Holy Grail Wars. Her mentor rejects the suggestion, pointing out his own similar experience, how Rin's knowledge might be useless with how unusual the war is, and that she might storm off to America herself if she is told.[32]

Fate/Grand Order[]

Main article: Gray

Gray is summoned as an Assassin-class Servant by Zhuge Liang's Noble Phantasm Chu Shi Biao, which gives its target (in this case, Lord El-Melloi II) something required for the situation at hand.

She also appears on the Craft Essences "Prayer for Winter" and "Grace note".


Gray has B-ranked Magic Circuits[2] and her elemental affinity is Earth.[3][4] However, she is not a mage strictly speaking. The only magecraft she has studied during her time at the Clock Tower is necromancy, and she has only studied it, never actually practiced it.[33]

She has a Magic Crest which is what allows her to use Add, her Mystic Code. However unlike the Crests of other magi, the Magic Crest of the Blackmore grave keepers has not had any magecraft added to it over the generations. Its only function is to manipulate Add. The Crest's lack of magecraft means there is virtually no rejection when it is implanted into someone outside the family. This is why Gray is able to have it despite not being from the Blackmore bloodline.[34]

She has knowledge of Gravekeeper secrets (墓守の秘法, Hakamori no Hihō?) that she learned from Bersac Blackmore, including certain kinds of Necromancy and techniques for carrying souls.[2] From being brought up as a grave keeper of a cemetery that calls for attention even within the British Empire, Blackmore Cemetery, Gray is able to fend off all sorts of evil spirits and the sort through what she learned.[35][1] Even Servants that are the materialization of a great Heroic Spirit are not able to lift a finger against her skills.[1] Due to her training as a gravekeeper, Gray's combat abilities have reached a level far beyond that of normal humans.[1]

It has also been noted by Faker that Gray is also a Sibyl (巫女?) who particularly specializes in spiritual possession in order to perform divination, as seen when she had a vision regarding Faker's past. Gray however seemed to have been oblivious to this ability beforehand and had accessed it purely subconsciously. As a Sibyl, she is heavily affected by powerful demonic and spiritual beings such as Touko Aozaki's Sealed Box even though it was still sealed within it,[36] as well as the negative thoughts and emotions of ghosts. Gray's sensitivity to spirits is no accident, it was built into her on purpose in order for her to be a receptacle for the mind of King Arthur.[37] As a result of her having spiritual sensitivity that is extraordinarily high, Gray is one of the only people who can perceive the Deputy Manager's existence.[38]

Vessel for King Arthur[]

Gray is the vessel for King Arthur that one family once tried to create. They tried to faithfully recreate the body of the ancient king and it exhibits abilities impossible for regular humans. But from Gray's point of view, these were all changes that suddenly started happening to her, and even know she still can't accept her new face as her own.[8][1] While Lord El-Melloi II once said that Gray was likely a descendant of King Arthur's distant relatives, her family has no actual genetic ties to the Pendragon bloodline. Rather, her family was magically "imprinted with the essence of King Arthur's physical body."[4]

When Artoria was summoned in Fuyuki during the Fourth Holy Grail War prior to Case Files, Gray transformed and her face became that of Artoria's.[8] When Artoria is summoned in Fuyuki during the Fifth Holy Grail War during the end of Case Files, Gray transforms further and inherits her Magic Core in the process of becoming the perfect copy of King Arthur, allowing her to use Mana Burst.[25] A result of this transformation caused her to no longer age, as Gray still appears to be 15 even though she is 18 by the time of Adventures.


Gray possesses a unique Mystic Code referred to as "Add". Add has its own ego and is capable of speech and independent thought. Add typically stays in a birdcage and Gray usually keeps it hidden beneath her cape, behind her right sleeve. The true function of the Mystic Code is to seal Rhongomyniad away and prevent it from losing its Mystery.[39][1]

Add possesses three stages of restraints that hold back his power. With the first stage restraint rescinded, Add gains the ability to transform into Gray's weapon, transforming into a halberd, a tower shield, a large bladed boomerang, a bow with arrows, a jet-powered hammer, a grappling hook/large kusarigama, and possibly more.[39][1] Each form has its own qualities:

  • Scythe: This is Add's usual form. It is the best one at absorbing magical energy while being second best in attack power.[1]
  • Great Shield: It is capable of absorbing magical energy and then releasing it in a concentrated burst of flame.[1]
  • Hammer: Its magical energy absorption is D-rank, but it has the highest attack. Its strength is equivalent to a D-rank Mana Burst from a Servant.[40] Gray does rely on it when she really needs to. Its swings are jet-powered via magical energy flames from exhausts.[1]
  • Boomerang: A giant boomerang swung using both hands. If it's for a short distance, they can even be used as gliding wings. She uses it this way in volume 7.[1]
  • Halberd: This form shares part of its design with Rhongomyniad. This one has the highest speed and sharpness. Using this one reminds Gray the most of her trance-like state when using Rhongomyniad, so she doesn't like it very much.[1]
  • Bow: A bow that shoots arrows of magical energy.[1]
  • Grappling hook: Used to return to the Rail Zeppelin when she was knocked off the train.[1]
  • Greatsword: Rarely used, an imitation of Excalibur. To begin with there's no real reason to have Rhongomyniad imitate Excalibur, but this form was something set up by the Arthur cultists from Gray's hometown.[1]

Any other forms and their abilities are unknown. All of Add's various forms are just a shadow of the Holy Spear sealed inside him.

Its main alternate form is a scythe called Grim Reaper: The scythe of the Death God (死神の鎌(グリム・リーパー), Shinigami no Kama(Gurimu Rīpā)?). This is Gray's weapon of choice in battle. The scythe consumes spiritual bodies and Magical Energy, then runs it through Gray's magic circuits into her nerves and muscles to boost her strength and speed beyond what a normal mage's reinforcement magecraft is capable of. There is a risk of Gray's blood vessels exploding if she takes in too much magical energy into her body, but she is so used to using it that she doesn't hesitate.[5] Said energy can also be used to enlarge Add's weapon forms, such as doubling the size of the scythe, with no loss to Gray's combat effectiveness. It is unknown what the limits of this ability are.

By throwing Add's boomerang form into the sky, he conjures a pillar of shadow onto the ground that Gray can then detonate. It works like a variation of a Baptism Sacrament, and while isn't as physically destructive as the size of the explosion suggests, its power to cleanse mana is astounding.[41]


« Gray: Gray(Darken), Rave(Celebrate), Crave(Desire), Deprave(Corrupt). Grave(Engrave) me(in me). Grave(A grave) for you(for you).
Add: Pseudo-personality suspended. Magical energy yield exceeds regulation. Second stage restraint rescinded.
Gray: Sacred lance, removing restraints! »

(Gray and Add activating Rhongomyniad.)

When Add's second stage restraint is rescinded, Add reveals the Noble Phantasm kept concealed within him: Rhongomyniad: The Lance that Shines to the Ends of the World (最果てにて輝ける槍(ロンゴミニアド), Saihate nite Kagayakeru Yari(Rongominiado)?), the Holy Lance of King Arthur, that has been passed down through the generations by preserving its Mystery via Add.

Rhongomyniad at second stage restraint rescinded.

By suspending Add's pseudo-personality, Add temporarily releases the seal on Rhongomyniad, allowing Gray to wield the spear. When Gray wields Rhongomyniad, she can feel her consciousness slipping away as she enters a trance, another "self" that was hidden deep inside her heart taking over her because of the machinations of the cult from her home village.[42] During this trance her eyes turn gold.

« Pseudo-personality suspended. Magical energy yield exceeds regulation. Second stage restraint rescinded.
Seal Thirteen. Decision, start.
This is a battle that will harm no Elemental. Approved.
This is a battle against an enemy mightier than oneself. Approved.
This is a battle to live. Approved.
This is a battle that does not stand against humanity. Approved.
This is a battle for truth. Approved.
Third stage restraint rescinded. »

(Add activating the Restraints of the Round Table against Faker.)

Gray releasing the restraints on Rhongomyniad.

If necessary, Rhongomyniad can be further strengthened by releasing the thirteen Restraints of the Round Table, as she did against Faker and Hecatic Wheel. The approval process to deactivate the restraints begins when Add declares "Seal Thirteen. Decision, start." If enough are approved, Add's third stage restraint will be rescinded. For every one approved, Rhongomyniad gets stronger. Rhongomyniad's full power can only be unleashed when all thirteen conditions are met. However, Add using the Restraints of the Round Table puts a lot of strain on his pseudo-personality and risks breaking it.[43]

Its rank is A+. It would usually be A++, but since Gray can't use it properly, its rank has been reduced.[1]

Rhongomyniad Mythos[]

Rhongomyniad Mythos.

Three years after Case Files, Gray develops the ability Rhongomyniad Mythos: Tower of Dreams Founding the Ends of the World (最果てにて礎なる夢の塔(ロンゴミニアド・ミュトス)?). This is the true function that Rhongomyniad was made for, the ability to anchor the world in place. There is a world of fantasy, dreams, and myths that Rhongomyniad keeps pinned inside the Texture of the world. With Rhongomyniad Mythos, Gray can contain Mystery and make sure none of it leaks outside. When the light of Rhongomyniad Mythos pierces Bai Ruolong, the spirit of Typhon inside him is "anchored" and Ruo's wings and Blaze of Etna armor that he gained from Typhon disappear, preventing any of Typhon from leaking out and preventing Bai Ruolong from using Typhon's abilities.[30]


Creation and Conception[]

Gray was the first character designed for the series, to parallel Watson's role in Sherlock Holmes stories. Even as the story changed dramatically in early development, Gray was mostly unchanged from her conception. Her concept was “A girl who excelled as a gravekeeper, but was afraid of ghosts. And the Noble Phantasm she holds is King Arthur’s…"[4] Being scared of ghosts was Kinoko Nasu's idea.[44]

Makoto Sanda, the author of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, struggled at first with whether he wanted Gray's name to be spelled with the American spelling 'gray' or the British spelling 'grey'. He chose 'gray' to represent being halfway between black and white, as opposed to 'grey' which he had heard was sometimes seen as a paler color.[4]


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    • Birthday: June 17
    • Height: 154cm
    • Weight: 42kg
    • Likes: A quiet room, the smell of cigars and old books, a classroom where everyone is talking animatedly
    • Dislikes: Something that walks the earth even though it should be dead
    • Day of Their Decisive Battle: To warm that palm
    • Magecraft System: Grave keeper secrets. Certain kinds of necromancy and techniques for carrying souls
    • Circuit Quality: B
    • Circuit Quantity: B+ ~ EX (EX is at the end of Case Files)
    • Circuit Composition: Altered (Her magic circuits are unattainable by modern humans)

    Comment from Makoto Sanda


    • 生日: 6月17日
    • 身長: 154cm
    • 体重: 42kg
    • 好きな物: 静かな部屋、葉巻の香り、古い本のにおい、みんなが賑やかに語らっている教室
    • 嫌いな物: 死んだはずなのに地上を歩いているもの
    • 決戦の地: 掌にぬくもり
    • 魔術系統: 墓守の秘宝、ある種の死霊術、魂の運び手の術
    • 魔術回路 / 質: B
    • 魔術回路 / 量: B+ ~ EX (EXは事件簿終盤である)
    • 魔術回路 / 編成: 変質 (彼女の魔術回路は現代の人間にはありえない)

    三田誠's Comment

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    Gray [Person]
    The hero(ine) of the story. The closest disciple of El-Melloi II.
    Taking the detective novel role of Watson, she was pretty much the first character designed for the series. Case Files changed dramatically over the course of its early development, but she alone survived the process mostly unchanged. “A girl who excelled as a gravekeeper, but was afraid of ghosts. And the Noble Phantasm she holds is King Arthur’s…” Such was her catch copy.
    While there was originally some distance between her and El-Melloi II, the decision to have their relationship gradually deepen was decided at the same time it was decided to make Case Files a series. Making El-Melloi II an important person for her, not as a romantic partner but as a teacher, was also decided at that time. She certainly came a long way since calling him nasty in the first volume.
    Furthermore, while El-Melloi II proposed that she was “likely a descendant of a distant relative of King Arthur” in the first volume, while that wasn’t just a handwave explanation at all, it would be more correct to say she belonged to a family which was imprinted with the essence of King Arthur. Gray’s family possessed the essence of King Arthur’s physical body, while the Corpse King had the essence of King Arthur’s spirit planted within it, sleeping until the time when the Corpse King should come.
    Ten years prior, her appearance suddenly transformed, at the same time that Saber (Artoria) was summoned in the Fourth Holy Grail War. At that time, in response to the awakening of that essence, Add’s personality also activated, but in exchange Gray lost her other friends. To the people of her hometown, she had become an object of worship. For that reason, when El-Melloi II was scared by seeing her face for the first time, she took an interest in him, deciding to accompany him.
    Gray most definitely doesn’t hate her current face. But, the idea of it changing scares her. Her lone friend is one that awoke due to her transformation. In that case, did that mean her existence had any value? Shouldn’t she just allow herself to completely become that past hero?
    And in the Grand Roll case, as the Servant Saber was summoned once more in the Far East, her body would transform once again.

    As a disciple, Gray is extremely devote.
    Though saying that, for someone used to the austere lifestyle of a gravekeeper, her current life feels rather lax to her. Being left entirely to her own devices when she wasn’t doing work for El-Melloi II, the first two months had her in a state of bewilderment. Of course she had effectively none of the basic knowledge expected of a magus, so her adaptation to the El-Melloi Classroom has been largely a result of cooperation from Flat and Reines. Svin was basically like that from the moment he first met her, so there was no cooperation there.
    “You’re always taking care of my brother, so isn’t there something we can do for you in return?”
    “Not really, but…”
    “If…if it’s okay, just for a little longer, if I could keep things like this…”
    Standing in front of the fireplace, with a sad smile, Reines suddenly offered her a new kind of sweet to try. Or something like that.
    By the way, as far as English spelling, her name could be spelled either “Gray” as in American English, or “Grey” as in British English, and I struggled for a time to decide which would be appropriate. Since she wasn’t born in either country, and I heard that “gray” is perceived in both countries as being halfway between black and white, while “grey” is a paler color, I decided on the American spelling (to emphasize being in the middle of black and white).



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    A Mystic Code in the form of a dagger, passed down in Gray’s hometown.
    According to legend, it was handed down to them by the Black Madonna, to be kept until the time of King Arthur’s return. The blade itself possesses the ability to separate the mind and soul from the flesh. It was intended to separate Gray’s mind and soul from her body, allowing the spirit of King Arthur to inhabit her body in the final stages of the ritual.


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    …in truth, that function was built into her on purpose, so that she might receive the mind of King Arthur.


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    The ability to safely extract and transplant Mystic Eyes with one hundred percent certainty was limited to the Rail Zeppelin alone.
    Though it originally only ran in the heart of Northern Europe, after being destroyed in battle by a certain Grand class doll maker, the original owner disappeared. Once the Rail Zeppelin had finally been repaired, it began to make appearances throughout the entirety of Europe, even being found in Britain, despite it being entirely surrounded by the sea. Miss Touko was really quite thorough.
    The owner’s representative that appeared part way through is like a shadow of the original owner. Only Gray, whose spiritual sensitivity is extraordinarily high, or people like the conductor and auctioneer who had a connection to the original owner in life, can perceive her existence.


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    Add [Mystic Code/Other]
    The Mystic Code sealing the Noble Phantasm Rhongomyniad, possessed by Gray.
    Created by the Witch Morgan, she based the artificial personality within it on the knight with the least adoration for King Arthur from the Round Table. Thinking about the Atlas Contract Incident, that trick seemed more like a plot to “prevent the return of King Arthur” at that time. It was like a strange trick to say “I’ll help with your revival, but I don’t want it to succeed.”
    Before being created, its true form was that of the Logos React Replica. Using the extreme calculative ability inherited from the Seven Superweapons of the Atlas Institute, it continues to seal Rhongomyniad within it. In its released form, it can of course take the shape of a scythe, but also that of a hammer, shield, hook spear, or even a boomerang. It is also able to use its immense calculative ability to display a portion of the power of Rhongomyniad itself. The appearance of the knight in “The Atlas Contract” occurred due to the same theoretical principle. Their personality was a result of a complex merger of that original knight’s and the present day Add’s, so strictly speaking it belonged to neither of them. That was likely why it was able to finally deploy the Pseudo Phantasm.
    For Gray, Add was her only friend for a long time.
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    —The other important character in this series is Gray. What was the process like in her creation?

    Makoto Sanda: I went through several different proposals before the original novel series for Case Files ended up in the shape it is now, but she has been a character that has been around from the early stages. Back during the original planning stages, her background that she is a grave-keeper that has been taking care of Arthur's grave was basically set in stone. Being afraid of ghosts was an idea that Kinoko (Nasu) came up with. He told me, "Her background as a grave-keeper is good, but wouldn't it be more interesting if she was afraid of ghosts on top of that?" and I remember I just used that idea right then and there. The fact that she uses the Noble Phantasm Rhongomyniad was a setup that originated from the idea that a human who can unleash a Noble Phantasm would be able to fight against a Servant, and that was solidified at about the same time.

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