The Great Detectives (名探偵?) are a group of Phantoms appearing in Fate/Grand Order.



The True Names of the Detectives are not revealed, but Mash claims she is able to tell. Sherlock Holmes, said to be history's greatest detective, paved the path for thousands of skilled detectives to follow. These detectives are but Phantoms, but they are able to manifest in Shinjuku through William Shakespeare's First Folio and Hans Christian Andersen's Märchen Meines Lebens creating a "derivative work." Two hundred are summoned in total. Four of the detectives take a ghostly form, while the rest merely drift around as formless spirits.



Fate/Grand OrderEdit


They appear in the form of Shadow Servants. They are incapable of directly attacking anyone, but that would be the same as a Phantom or Heroic Spirit due to their innate natures. None of the detectives summoned are said to be worth summoning in a regular Holy Grail War. While they don't compare to the original, they "shine brighter than any Heroic Spirit" when facing James Moriarty after defeating and absorbing Holmes.


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