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« I'll show you a true Oni's power!”
“Kuhahahah... Ever since this arm was severed and came back, it has become strange! Run wild, sweet fire!"
"Great Grudge of Rashoumoni! »


Great Grudge of Rashoumon (羅生門大怨起
, Rashōmon Daiengi?) is the Noble Phantasm of Ibaraki-douji.

It is her right hand, severed by one of Minamoto no Raikou's Four Heavenly Kings, Watanabe no Tsuna. Normally, it is properly attached, but she can freely detach and manipulate it, making it fluttering about in the sky or even having it act as an offensive weapon. Her fist, clad in the dreadful, sweltering heat of the Oni Kind, enlarge in size, just like that of a great Oni. Reminiscent of an Onibi, it then revolves around the enemies' lines and destroys them.[1]


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