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« Prepare yourself!"
"This is the root of my conflict! The point is, I'm a guy who will stand and punch and kick my way through to victory!"
"Oraoraoraaa! Fly away! »


Grendel Buster: Primal Conflict (源流闘争
, Genryū Tōsō
Gurenderu Basutā
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Beowulf. It is the proof of his battle prowess, even after losing both his weapons in legend.[1] It is a special Noble Phantasm that is barred from being used, but its ban can be lifted with the destruction of Hrunting and Naegling. The concept of killing Grendel becoming a Noble Phantasm. This Noble Phantasm temporarily revives the amazing power he had in life, before crushing his target in front of him by throwing, punching and kicking it.[2]

In addition, since this attack is the same primitive form of weaponry (one's own limbs) that has been unchanged since the primeval times, Noble Phantasms and Skills with characteristics of "grasping and perceiving attacks after seeing them once" are nullified against this attack.[2]


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