Grigori RasputinWP (グリゴリー・ラスプーチンWP, Gurigorī Rasupūchin?), Class Name Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?), is an Alter Ego-class Servant working as one of the three Alter Ego apostles of the Alien God in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. They are working in tangent with the seven Crypters attempting to supplant the Proper Human History with the Lostbelts. He first appears under the name Kirei Kotomine (言峰 綺礼, Kotomine Kirei?), acting as an a Executor from the Church tasked with overseeing the investigation into the dissolution of the previous staff of Chaldea for the incoming director Goredolf Musik.



The monster responsible in part for the Romanov Dynasty's collapse, Grigori Rasputin was a self-proclaimed holy man who earned the trust of Tsar Nicholas II's family by his miraculous healing of the tsar's son Alexei, who suffered from hemophilia. He used the favor this earned him to enrich himself and became an influential part of the tsar's court. Rumors spread that he was engaged in heresy and had been carrying on an adulterous affair with the tsarina, but despite the protests of prime minister Pyotr Stolypin and the tsar's secret police the tsar took no action against him. Following further allegations of rape made against him and a string of Russian defeats in World War I, Rasputin was assassinated by a group of nobles who blamed his influence over the tsarina for Russia's decline.


Rasputin is a Pseudo-Servant in the human corpse of Kirei Kotomine, who died in Japan in around 2004. Strangely, the body of Kotomine was reported to have been destroyed in the timeline of Fate/Grand Order.


Initially, Rasputin is in control of Kirei Kotomine's body. As of the end of the Russian Lostbelt, Rasputin has handed control of the body back over to Kirei after he obtained his goal of helping Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova become Tsar.

Grigori doesn't mind using any form of deceitful methods where he initially pretends that his True Name was Metropolitan Marcius, the trusted mentor of Ivan the Terrible. 


Fate/Grand Order[]


Kirei was seen walking alongside with Koyanskaya.

Second Prologue[]

Kirei was introduced by Goredolf Musik as the representative of the Church in charge of assisting the investigation committee.[1] Days after the arrest of the old Chaldea staff, he appears before the Chaldea Master and the others to have a brief talk. He informs them about the investigations made by the committee and about the releasing of the old Chaldea staff. When asked about Leonardo da Vinci, he replies that Leonardo is a servant, so she cannot be released and she will be forced to dematerialize due to the criterion that there is no need for Heroic Spirits of the past in the present world. He explains that Leonardo has been in the Control Room performing the A-Team thawing operation, and that as soon as she finishes, they will have to say goodbye to her. Given Ritsuka's refusal to leave with him, Kirei replies that answer was expected before being interrupted to be informed that the thawing was successful. He flatters Da Vinci and Ritsuka Fujimaru for their efforts, but concludes that in the end such efforts and results will be for naught.[2]

When the Oprichniki begins to invade Chaldea, he comments that it's time to leave and says goodbye to Ritsuka, but not before recommending to others not to leave the room.[3] Later, he suddenly appears behind Da Vinci, single-handely piercing her heart, claiming that he did out of habit after seeing so many openings in Da Vinci's defense. When he tries to withdraw his arm, Da Vinci pushes her back onto him to hold him, buying time for Chaldea members to escape. After confirming the destruction of Leonardo's Saint Graph, he tells Koyanskaya that there was unlisted servant among them, a possibility she had foreseen. He leaves her the job of getting rid of the remaining staff.[4]

He appears in the Control Room along with the Imperial Princess. He comments about his sadness for trampling on the child-like dream of the Animusphere of reaching the Root, but is his work as an adult to teach children about reality. He asks the Princess to accomplish the Tsar's wishes, freezing the Pseudo-Globe Chaldeas for rendering the rayshifting unable to be perfomed and shutting down Chaldea for a undefinite time.[4]

Anastasia: Permafrost Empire[]

He pretends to be Ivan the Terrible's advisor, Metropolitan MacariusWP.[5] He also helps Kadoc Zemlupus in replacing the tsar with Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova, keeping his true identity secret from her.[6] They bring Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to endlessly play his Noble Phantasm to keep Ivan asleep. But after two months of endlessly playing, Mozart’s Spirit Origin began to break apart. This is when Rasputin met Antonio Salieri, who broke through the Oprichniki to meet Mozart. He allows him through due to being impressed by him, and Mozart’s earlier request.[7]

He interrupts a conversation between Kadoc and Anastasia, who finds his remarks disrespectful and intolerable to her as a member of the imperial family. Rasputin corrects that he respects every member of Russian royal family, regardless who they may be, or the end she faced. This angers Anastasia, but Kadoc stops her from attacking Rasputin. He tells him to stop following Anastasia, and return to repairing the cathedral to placate Ivan. Rasputin reports Chaldea has arrived and recommends attacking them immediately. Kadoc replies he cannot leave Ivan’s side yet, so he’ll leave Chaldea to the Oprichniki and Koyanskaya. He asks Rasputin if he’s going to help her, to which the priest replies he cannot stray far from Yaga Moscow out of concern for Ivan’s condition. He remarks on Koyanskaya’s actions as stemming a love for humanity in a sense. He advises Kadoc to think of her as a difficult mercenary who gets the job as long as she’s paid. However, he agrees she’s been acting too freely and decides to tell her to restrain herself in Russia. Kadoc tells him to tell Koyanskaya to watch the major villages, and to eliminate Chaldea when they inevitably stop at one. Rasputin agrees and leaves, advising Kadoc to be more considerate of himself, and to think on where his hostility comes from.[8]

He comments on Kadoc and Anastasia’s relationship with Koyanskaya when she comes to check on Ivan. He reminds her that Russia is devoid of her preferred entertainment, saying the Lostbelt is devoid of hope. He offers to pray for her safe travels, but Koyanskaya refuses, thinking his will have the opposite effect. After Koyanskaya leaves, Rasputin comments she should learn to be mindful of the dangers line her path. He compares her leaving to a rat fleeing a sinking ship.[9]

Anastasia later informs him that Ivan wishes to speak him. She warns him not to anger him, but Rasputin tells him it’s his role as Macarius to sway Ivan’s decisions with frankness. Anastasia asks what his goal is, to which Rasputin says it’s the same as hers. He then enter Ivan’s room.[10]

In Ivan’s room, Amadeus Alter tells Rasputin that Ivan is dreaming peacefully now. He warns him to not wake Ivan. Rasputin reminds him however that it’s his duty to inform the Tsar how his campaigns are faring. He also reminds that Ivan’s anger caused him to destroy a village before. He then orders him to go to Yaga Kazan with the Oprichniki and eliminate the rebels who’ve taken the city over. He assures him that Ivan will be pacified while he’s gone. After Amadeus Alter leaves, Ivan wakes up. Ivan recounts to Rasputin what Anastasia said about him spreading peace and preaching his gospel in his stead across the land. Rasputin misinforms him that the Yaga having nothing but respect and admiration for him. He says this was thanks to the Oprochnik, but regrets that there’s not enough. Ivan therefore agrees to bolster their numbers and send them to cities in the farthest reaches of Russia. He then tells Rasputin that he received a revelation from the Alien God to spread Russia’s glory, and to condemn those worlds that didn’t end up like his. He was also told to destroy the Proper History, and to eliminate Chaldea. However, he cannot take action against Chaldea himself because his anger already destroyed a village. Rasputin tells him those Yaga abandoned their faith and neglected to pay him homage. Therefore, it was only a matter before they gave into evil and perished, thus they don’t need Ivan’s pity. Ivan agrees, but believes it could’ve been avoided if he was stronger. He admits he doesn’t care about using Orochi to spread Russia, instead he’ll use his Oprochnik to achieve his dream. He asks Rasputin if he’s doing the right, and if he must not stop now. Rasputin answers he is, and that mustn’t. He then tells him to sleep, and Ivan promptly does so.[10]

Later, Rasputin and the Oprichniki capture Patxi, and bring him to the palace. He asks him where the rebels’ stronghold is, but Patxi refuses to tell.[11] So Rasputn shows him Ivan, whose appearance fills Patxi with such fear that he betrays the rebels’ location.[5]

With this information, Rasputin and the Oprichniki bypass the rebel stronghold’s defenses with MinotaurosChaos Labyrinthos to launch a surprise attack on the rebels. He commends their efforts, but says they overlooked two crucial details. First was not expecting them to go through the forest, and the second for believing the fortress could withstand against a Servant. Atalanta Alter responds they would’ve detected the deployment of an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, and she knew the forest would handle any Anti-Unti or Ant-Army Noble Phantasms. She reveals the forest is made up of living spirit trees over four centuries old, which are harder than metal, and have their own wills. Rasputin responds though that wood from 400 year old spirit trees can’t withstand against a Noble Phantasm with a longer history. He then orders the bearer of such a Noble Phantasm, Minotauros, to show himself. He has 1/5 of the rebels captured, while Minotauros eats the rest.[5]

When Ritsuka’s party return to the stronghold after learning of the attack, Rasputin confirms the Oprichniki are Ivan’s Noble Phantasm, Chyornyj Oprichniki. He claims his True Name is Macarius, and confirms that he is indeed a Pseudo-Servant. He also confirms he had the rebels captured and reveals Paxti betrayed their location upon seeing Ivan. He then calls for Minotauros, who had eaten the rebels except for the 1/5 captured. Mintotauros then separates the group with his Noble Phantasm. Avicebron was isolated from the labyrinth by Kadoc so they can speak without interference. Rasputin assures Avicebron that the Ritsuka and the others are safe for the time being.[5]

Back at the palace, he speaks with Salieri, who was amongst the captured rebels. He confirms Salieri’s suspscions that he kept Mozart in the palace, revealing he took Salieri to see him before at the latter’s request.[12] He then unlocks Salieri’s self-blocked memories to reveal he replaced Mozart in keeping Ivan asleep. Rasputin encourages Salirei to play when Ivan begins to awake.[7]

Outside the palace, while Ritsuka’s party fight Ivan, Rasputin is called for by Kadoc. He assumes Kadoc is ready to escape Russia, having exhausted all of his options. Kadoc replies he suspects Rasputin has a trump card and says now it’s time to play it. Rasputin agrees, as neither he nor Anastasia can escape Ivan’s wrath any longer. He commends Kadoc for his idea of using Mozart’s music to keep Ivan asleep, but that wasn’t going to solve the fundamental problem. Kadoc still needs to learn how to stir up other people’s emotions. Rasputin calls Kadoc wrong for thinking he requires repentance and talent. He then calls upon Saleri (who's in the palace) to play. As Salieri plays Dies Irae, Kadoc is shocked that the musician’s wrath is increasing his abilities, not thinking it possible for anger to boost a Servant’s abilities. Rasputin responds that it is indeed possible, especially if that anger is a core part of that person.[7]

After Anastasia defeats Ivan, and he leaves to speak with Ritsuka, Kadoc reveals Rasputin’s true identity to her. Kirei however says Rasputin left his body after Anastasia took the throne. With his connection with Russia gone, Kirei leaves after agreeing to Anastasia’s request.[6]

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Icy Fire Century[]

In order to retrieve Kadoc, he chased and bombarded the Shadow Border several times. Reaching to the deck and rendering Kadoc unconscious, he congratulates Chaldea for conquering the Russian Lostbelt. Having no intention in eliminate Chaldea, he states his True Name and after instigating the group in solving the actual mystery about the whitened earth and the Lostbelts so he could hear their conclusions by himself, he takes Kadoc and jump out the Shadow Border, successfully retrieving him.[13]

When Kadoc regains consciousness and whined about feeling like his heart was stopped, Rasputin admits it indeed was stopped, because the possibility of Chaldea wanting to take back Kadoc due to knowing he was alive would trouble him somehow. The mission was bring Kadoc to Olympus. When Kadoc mentions about the pettiness of those actions, Rasputin answers that his job would be easier if that man would be a different kind of people, but given the fact Kadoc still has the Sirius Light, his life can still be used for the convenience of the Alien God.[13]

SIN: Synchronized Intellect Nation[]

It was stated by Koyanskaya that Rasputin is fighting against the Heroic Spirits from the Greater History of Man who manifested in the Greek Lostbelt.[14]

Atlantis: Ancient Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods[]

He is seen telling Muramasa about the arrival of the remaining servants of Panhuman history in Atlantis. He is confident that both of them are enough to defeat the opposition without reinforcements.[15]

Olympus: Interstellar Mountainous City[]

Alongside Limbo, they were called by Zeus to a meeting. He is seen admonishing his fellow alterego for going too far in upsetting Aphrodite, reminding him his previous failures in the Indian Lostbelt and asking him to stop embarrassing himself before the gods, to which Limbo sarcastically acquiesce.[16]

At the second meeting, Rasputin intercedes for Douman, trying to correct him before Zeus by saying there is no reason for the Alteregos to be present if they wouldn't be allowed to act.[17]

At the third meeting, Rasputin admonishes Limbo, reminding him the only thing the emissaries of Alien God should be concerned is about the Fantasy Tree, so there is no need to involve themselves in the Lostbelt's affairs.[18] When Limbo brings Europa before Zeus so the Chief God can judge her by her betrayal, the priest step in, scolding the alter ego once again, telling him he has been interfering too much in the Olympus' affairs.[19]

In the gardens of Olympus-Dodona, the priest is listening Chaldea's struggles when a badly wounded Kadoc appears. Rasputin warns him that with those wounds he could die if he tries to speak. Zemlupus replies that he superficially treated his wounds, to which the priest comments that his fate will depend on his luck. Kadoc asks him if he is going to finish Limbo's job of silence him, to which Rasputin replies that won't be the case. The priest was summoned for supervising the Alien God's chosen, so Kadoc is safe from Rasputin regardless of what he thinks or acts. After talking for a while about Chaldea, Kadoc decides to ask the priest what he is planning before collapsing due to his injuries. Rasputin praises his mental resilience and determination for having gone this far in that state. Although the moment of the descent of the his master is near, Rasputin feels uneasy in leaving Kadoc to his fate, so he decides to fulfill the promise he made to Anastasia by taking Kadoc to the Storm Border so he can be treated by Chaldea.[20]

He encounters the Alien Priestess in crypters' meeting room. He asks her if she wanted to stop or eliminate the remnants of Chaldea, to which the priestess answers with a gesture that Rasputin interprets as "it's fine either way". Rasputin decides the battle between Kirschtaria and Chaldea doesn't need his intervention and that he will be watching to determine the answer his master is seeking.[21]

Rasputin appears, claiming the battle for the Fantasy Tree ended in Chaldea's victory, so there is no need to continue the conflict. Greeting Chaldea, he apologizes for the hostile behavior of his fellow alterego Limbo; the onmyouji can't help being like that even with his allies. Caenis interrupts him, remarking she is a servant of Kirschtaria, so she was never on the side of the emissaries of the Alien God. Because Beryl had brought down Wodime, a traitor to the cause of their master, the priest asks him if he can consider him an ally, to which Beryl sarcastically responds. His plan was to destroy the Fantasy Tree the Alien God would take as its body, preventing his descent and, due to the status of Fantasy Tree in English Lostbelt, the entity couldn't emerge in his Lostbelt, so Beryl declares the most powerful existence on the planet is the King of his Lostbelt. After hearing that Rhongomyniad is an artifact that was modified to fight his master, Rasputin takes Beryl's position as the representative of the English Lostbelt. He warns Beryl that, since the Alien God has no direct control over the lives of other crypters other than Kirschtaria, he can do whatever he wants, but from now he will be labeled as an enemy of the Alien God. Beryl, feeling Rasputin's murderous aura, calls Koyanskaya to help him to get out of the Atlantic Lostbelt. After seeing Vitch helping the werewolf, Rasputin remains unsurprised, saying that they, as altergos, will eventually fight each other.[22]

After acquiring a body, the Alien God demands a report from him. Rasputin informs her that Magellan and Seyfert have been consumed by the flames, reducing the range of her authority. Once the Alien God reveals her intentions of eliminate everyone, including her apostles, Holmes asks him if he is okay with being eradicated. Rasputin replies that he already fulfilled his role successfully. But he is surprised to see Kirschtaria alive and ready to challenge the Alien God. The Crypter asks if he plans to interfere, but the priest insists that his purpose is to supervise. And since his master hasn't ordered him to act, he comments Wodime's actions could be a lesson for the Alien about the rules in which the earthlings operate.[22]

At some temple in Atlantis, Rasputin is seen conversing with Muramasa. He comments Wodime's attack didn't physically harm the Alien God, but thanks to his sacrifice the apostles can still continue living because their master entrusted them with two new tasks. Even if the attempts to communicate with Douman have been unsuccessful for the priest, the two can fulfill the interests the Alien God developed. Rasputin entrusts Senji to investigate the spear that burned the Fantasy Tree in the English Lostbelt while he was entrusted with searching for a stronger vessel to the Alien God. The smith is unable to believe that there is anything stronger than his master in her current state, but the priest claims that it actually exists: the Ultimate One of the Oort Cloud.[23]


Rasputin is very similar to Antonio Salieri. Neither of them would generally be expected to become a Heroic Spirit and it is only thanks to finding a suitable human that they were able to become Servants.[10]

Rasputin displays the ability to kill a Servant with a melee strike, striking all the way through Leonardo da Vinci's chest and piercing her heart. As she does not die immediately, she is able to hold him in place to prevent him from moving until she fades away.[4]

He is able to run at 90 km/h in order to catch up to the Shadow Border while carrying and firing an RPG, somehow enhanced to be able to damage it. He states that he only has jurisdiction over Russia and has no means of traveling between Lostbelts like Koyanskaya. Instead he has to take similar methods to Chaldea. He also cannot move to another Lostbelt without the Alien God's permission.[13]


Rasputin's Character Designer is Takashi Takeuchi.

He was first mentioned in Fate/Grand Order material III in Caster Irisviel's profile. There is only a single line of Irisviel saying "Eh? First thing first, could you die for me?" 


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