Gringolet (グリンガレット, Guringaretto?) is the horse of Gawain.



Gringolet is a fae horse possessed by Gawain.



« I am called the fae horse, Gringolet.
A gorilla rides upon my back.
No, that’s not it. He is not a gorilla. He is Sir Galatine.
His silver armor may be heavy, but when it comes to the man, he is a refreshing pretty boy whose body is also heavy, due to his un-pretty-boy-like muscle distribution.
But, his excellent disposition is brilliant, As though he were a downpour, but of sunshine, which I suppose could be sweltering, making him a hot-blooded man, who usually rides around a thousand miles in a day.
And if a fight breaks out, without stopping, he annihilates his opponents with his hands, staying up for three days and three nights straight, as is natural for him. Although he seems obtusely straightforward, Sir Unfaltering, he has a modest heart, is strong, and someone who understands better than anyone the severity of load weight.
I am the fae horse, Gringolet.
Today again too, I shall conquer the moors with Sir Galatine.
No, that’s wrong again. He is Sir Garain. »



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