Gugalanna Strike: Bull of Heaven (天の牡牛
, Ten no Oushi
Gugaran'na Sutoraiku
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Ishtar.

It temporarily summons the “Bull of Heaven”, viewed as the greatest and strongest Divine Beast that was once dispatched to destroy Uruk on behalf of the goddess Ishtar. The “Bull of Heaven” appears in the skies and pulverizes the ground with its very large hooves. Large destruction is done similar to a meteorite falling down (meteor strike). It looks like a shining sky is falling down. It is as if the sky is blanketed with the Morning Star emitting a beautiful light, but it is actually a large golden hoof coming down to pulverize everything that is in the space between the sky and the ground. The attack deals a large damage, regardless of friend and foe, and temporarily bestows a rank down effect (heavy pressure) to one’s entire parameters, but only Ishtar herself does not receive any of the damage and effects.[1]

When releasing the True Name, there are words being spoken similar to the ones spoken when utilizing a portion of the “Authority” possessed by the (original) source of the goddess Ishtar, but in any event, one of her Noble Phantasms is exactly the same. Because it does not work as the materialization of the physical Bull of Heaven, it is also possible to employ this Noble Phantasm while confined by the space called “the indoors”, all done without destroying the structure. In “Fate/Grand Order”, it is not used because of some existing circumstances.[1]


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