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« Wishing to blossom, visibly in the open!"
"Dancing, to blossom in full glory!"
"Passing through, Guillotine Breaker! »


Guillotine Breaker: Glory to the Crown of Lilies (百合の王冠に栄光あれ
, Yuri no Ōkan ni Eikō are
Girochin Burēkā
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Marie Antoinette. A Noble Phantasm that was formerly known as Fleur de Lys, it is the representation of the glory of the French monarchy. It takes the form of a beautiful horse made of glass and imprinted with lilies, the royal symbol of the Crown. By unleashing its True Name, Marie can call forth this horse, dashing through the battlefield while sending radiant particles of light swirling all about, dealing damage to enemies of the Crown. At the same time, it cancels out negative statuses on allies and recovers their health and mana.[1]


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