Gun God (銃神, Jū Shin?) or just GODO (ゴドー, Godō?), is the last unmodified human in the world of Notes.



Gun God was born on the "Western Continent" before the attacks by Type Jupiter started. The constant destruction cost him his family around the time he was twelve or thirteen[1]. He later dug up the Black Barrel, not knowing of its destructive power against the Aristoteles, and started to learn to shoot in order to avenge his family. He participated in "Bird Drop", the interception mission against Type Venus, and ended up as the last plane in the sky due to his AI pilot not being affected by the heat emanated from Type Venus. He managed to take aim and fire with the Black Barrel despite the harsh conditions, and hit Type Venus directly in the forehead, placing it into an eternal sleep. He then passed out thinking of its beauty. This act gave him a reputation and the sarcastic nicknames "Gun God" and God Imitator (偽神, Nisegami?, Fake God), though he simply shrugged it off as luck. However, his real name was erased.[2]

He moves to the city on Type-Venus's corpse four years later, and takes up a job hunting twenty angels produced from the World Trees every day. He doesn't make much money due to having to constantly buy more bullets. He could be protected and taken care of as a rare species if he wished, but he would find that boring. He is acquaintances with an Angel A-Type, and they frequently have drinks together. One year after moving to the city, he finds a mysterious angel living in his apartment. He attempts to force her out, but soon gives up when he needs to go to the hospital after attempting to kick her out a number of times. He is forced to start killing thirty angels a day to provide food for her, causing him to also enjoy it more as killing beings similar to her relieves him of stress. At the same time, he ends up being more true to his feelings, and eventually falls in love with her.

Type Saturn eventually starts heading towards the city, causing the inhabitants to evacuate. The angel reveals that she is the humanoid manifestation of Type Venus to him, as he prepares to leave as well. He is enlisted for the battle against Type Saturn because of his reputation of killing Type Venus, and heads off to battle. His plane ends up severely damaged, causing the AI to malfunction, leaving him rising towards the red sky where he has no chance of survival. He has one last conversation with his Angel acquaintance, who ended up injured on the plane, and asks that she leave so that he can die alone. He makes one more attempt to fix the broken AI, and closes his eyes before perishing.[3]


Gun God lives out his daily life without much more than logical reasoning. He doesn't really feel happiness or pain, and has nothing fun in his past to recall. He feels that he hunts angels because he is "twisted", and his main motivation for fighting is revenge and not wanting to die. He states that the only reason he doesn't wish to die is that he has never had anything good in his life. When interacting with others, he really doesn't put much effort into conversation. He often attempted to force smiles, but never could accomplish one. After meeting the Angel, he gains more peace of mind, though her existence also causes him a great deal of stress. He slowly becomes more open with his feelings, and even comes to love the city as he falls in love with her. He becomes more prone to making jokes, even on the verge of death. He states that because he wished to be a hero as a child that he wants to look cool as one before his death, and manages to make the best forced smile of his life. While on his way to his death, a voice asks him why he wishes to live, and the answer end up being different than before.


Gun God is a normal human without any special abilities. He cannot eat any of the food produced for A-Rays and enhanced humans due to the nutrition value being so high that it is poisonous, and he requires special medication in order to receive oxygen due to the Grain in the air. He needs to use firearms in order to match the A-Rays, who rely only on their physical capabilities. Though he is one of the weakest creatures on the planet, he is able to completely reverse that weakness thanks to the Black Barrel, also called Longinus, which he excavated from the sealed region of Atlasia. It is gun that is a "Conceptual Weapon of natural life-span", capable of imposing the notion of limited life-span into the body of near-immortal creatures. Composed of Fifth True Theoretical Element, bullets fired from the gun will disintegrate all instances of Grain and Ether they come into contact with, ignoring any parameters of beings that intake either substance to deliver direct damage.

The greater the quantity of Grain, the more damage will be inflicted upon the enemy, and it is impossible to even hold it unless the body is free of such substances.[4] This makes it extremely effective in the Land of Steel, as only a few remaining lifeforms lack Grain, such as unmodified humans. Due to the Aristoteles possessing extremely large quantities of Grain, it is extremely effective against them, giving it the nickname of "a gun that kills gods." The gun, which is normally a rifle-type with a curving buttstock, is extremely versatile in that it can be refitted with a number of different options to allow for use as a sniper rifle.


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