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HAKUNO Kishinami (岸浪ハクノ?) is the main protagonist of Fate/Extra Last Encore . He acts as the Master of Saber during the Moon Holy Grail War. He is different person than Hakuno Kishinami, and he is a Deadface.



HAKUNO is an existence brought about after Twice H. Pieceman decided that it was worthless to try to guide humanity's path, ceasing the Moon Holy Grail War and shutting down the Moon Cell's systems. The Moon Cell normally allowed for the emotions of those who die to be set free, but the closing of the Angelica Cage changed that process. As regrets of the deceased were no longer disassembled and purified, they began to congregate, and the regrets of the many "victors", people who were slain by Twice upon reaching the Angelica Cage, caused a new existence to awaken to bear the burden of their grudges. HAKUNO became a "mass of death" in the shape of female Hakuno Kishinami's components.


HAKUNO has brown hair, fair skin and wears his school uniform 


HAKUNO mainly comes off as very despondent and introverted. Despite being friends with Shinji and his girlfriend, he doesn't show much interaction with either of them and mainly prefers being by himself. Other than this, his only other prominent trait is his hatred. As he is a Dead Face, a wraith that can do nothing but hate everything, including the living, he can feel no other emotion. That being said, he is determined to remain as Saber's Master, but not for the purpose of survival. Like the original Hakuno, he lacks a wish and has no true motivation to progress through the Holy Grail War, even though it has been stated many times that the Holy Grail War has long since ended. He pushes on regardless, and even though his existence is one that means hate, he still has some capacity to feel empathy for others, such as when he tried to save Rani after she had been shot by Dan Blackmore.  After discovering his true origins, however, HAKUNO loses the motivation to fight any longer and wallows in the hatred accumulated inside of him because of the Masters killed by Twice he embodies.


Fate/Extra Last Encore

The Preliminaries

Both versions of Hakuno appear as characters in Fate/Extra Last Encore. The female Hakuno appear in the first episode of the series, dying with Saber in a fight with Saver. The story shifts directly to the male Hakuno, waking from a dream of him standing in a corpse filled room, in a classroom during the preliminaries of the Holy Grail War. After listening to a lecture about the Moon Cell, he goes to lunch with his friend, Shinji Matou, and Shinji's girlfriend, Misao Amari. On their way to the cafeteria, Shinji and Misao talk about Limbo, and Hakuno wonders aloud why their school even exists. His friends look at him baffled by his question, but they all soon turn their attention to a chess match between N.Amagi, the president of the chess club, and Leonardo B. Harwey.

After witnessing N.Amagi defeated by Leonardo B. Harwey, Hakuno approaches his body, but he is interrupted by Rin Tohsaka, who is about confused why he cares. Carrying the body to the infimary with her help, he has a series of images flash in his mind that cause him pain, though answers Sakura Matou that he's fine. He then asked by Sakura to drop one of the students in the infirmary into Limbo due to all of the beds now being occupied and her wanting put them to rest. After dropping the body into Limbo, he see a vision of a burning city, and then the cyber ghost of Twice H. Pieceman appears behind him. Twice tells him that lowest level is an artificial paradise consisting of three layers: The original ruins, the school, and the landscape of the one's heart. He continues that everyone finds something different in the Moon Cell, and tells Hakuno that the Moon Cell has created paradise though it was one created by machines. Twice then asks him to look past the illusion of repeating school days , and states that anyone with the slightest aptitude of being a Master becomes trapped in the Moon Cell. Hakuno asks why the artificial paradise was created, but Twice merely tells him to go to the core in order to get his answers. After Twice disappears, Hakuno hears Kirei Kotomine announcing the selection of the twenty-eight Master candidates over the hundred candidates through purging has begun.

Eventually finding Shinji as he runs, Hakuno asks him where Miaso is, to which Shinji answers that she's somewhere safe. The two then begin running, looking for a place to hide to wait out the purge. However, he is suddenly stabbed by Shinji, who says it's fine for Hakuno to die for him since they're friends. He is then repeatedly stabbed in the back by Shinji, which qualifies him to be a Master. He survives the stabbing however, and he begins to make his way to Limbo as he has hateful thoughts towards the Moon Cell. A stone effigy of Archer then suddenly appears behind him and shoots him causing him to fall into Limbo. Landing in a decrepit theater resembling Aestus Domus Aurea, he sees a lone red sword in the center, and he decides to take it to fight the effigy. However, by taking the sword, he inadvertently summons Saber while also restoring the theater to its former glory. She quickly disposes of the effigy, and then asks him if he is her Master.

The First Floor

They access the Moon Mile Ladder, leading them to the first floor of the first battle. While they wait for it to arrive, he bathes and marvels as the injuries he took from Shinji and Archer heal. He becomes slightly shocked when Saber joins him in the bath, unconcerned with being seen naked by a man. She becomes confused when she realizes he has amnesia and is ignorant of his situation, commenting that those chosen as Masters should have recovered their memories by now. She explains the nature of their world and of the Holy Grail War, and becomes impressed when he remains determined to fight, despite the high risk of dying.

When they arrive on the first floor, they only discover a festive ocean city. When they venture around it to find their first opponent, they meet with a woman in a bar who explains to them that in this floor the Masters sold off their Servants and gave up on the Holy Grail War to live peacefully. He impresses her when he refuses to give up Saber and she comments there is one other Master who kept their Servant. Outside the bar, they are arrested by women wearing police uniforms and are brought to the mayor's office. Shinji reveals himself as the mayor and offers Hakuno to sell Saber in exchange for citizenship but he refuses after Shinji says the Servants are "recycled" for raw materials and energy.

An enraged Shinji separates him from Saber with a firewall. After he gets stabbed by the five police girls under the orders of Shinji, he feels hatred and reaches Dead Face.

He knocks out the police girls, but passes out just as Saber reaches him. Rin Tohsaka arrives on a flying motorcycle and rescues them. He later wakes up in Rin's apartment to find his wounds slowly healing, and Rin gives him and Saber mana-replenishing drinks to speed up his healing. Rin explains how Shinji came into power and suspended the Holy Grail War after a mysterious circle in the sky called Chakravatin removed SE.RA.PH.'s influence. The only way to advance to the next floor is to defeat a Master-Servant pair in battle, and the only qualifying Masters are Hakuno and Shinji. Hakuno resolves to kill Shinji.

The next day, Rin helps them sneak into the mayor's office, then stays behind to battle Shinji's Berserkers. He and Saber take the elevator to the top floor and are shocked to find a setting resembling a school. They find Shinji, who accepts their challenge and floods the city before calling upon Rider to battle Saber. Saber ends up falling into the water, runs low on mana, and nearly drowns, but Hakuno dives down and kisses her to restore her energy. Saber defeats Rider, which slowly causes Shinji to die as well as his life is tied to hers. Shinji solemnly explains that he did what he did because he wanted to accomplish a wonder and leave behind a legacy, but Hakuno interrupts him and says he doesn't care about his motives, before commenting that he doesn't hate him anymore. Rider asks Hakuno why he wants to ascend the floors, but she and Shinji die before he can respond. After they die, the city reverts to ruins and Saber remarks that this was what the first floor was supposed to look like. The Moon Mile Ladder arrives to take them to the second floor, and Rin joins them.

The Second Floor

As the Moon Mile Ladder ascends, Rin and Saber bathe and Saber asks him to join them, but he declines. He sits and contemplates Rider's final words, admitting he has no reason to fight and ascend other than his overwhelming hatred. Saber steps out of the bath wearing nothing but a ribbon, but he does not react. She tells him in time, they will discover what his heart truly wants.

They arrive on the second floor, and are amazed at the sight of ruins in a forest. A sniper shoots at him, but Saber deflects the bullets and they run to the cover of the forest. He was able to tell the sniper was in a tower in the distance, and tells Saber this before thanking her for saving his life. She tells him he should smile more often and learn to appreciate the beautiful and fun things in life. Archer attacks them with arrows and a poisonous mist while remaining concealed. As Saber deflects the arrows, Hakuno protects himself from the poison by casting a Code Cast, and is horrified when the mist reduces a snake to a skeleton. Archer taunts him, having deduced that he is just going through the motions and has no real motivation to win the Holy Grail War. Saber gets shot with an arrow and weakened, so he spends a Command Spell to boost her power, allowing her to ignite her sword and burn down several arrows and trees. However, Saber is then spent and is unable to respond to a second volley of arrows. Rani VIII arrives and destroys the arrows with magic, forcing Archer to retreat.

Rani takes them to their cabin and treats Saber's injury. She explains that she lost her Servant and has been trapped on this floor for over fifty years, and that Archer's Master had been murdering every Master that came before them. Saber and Hakuno suddenly realize Rin is not with them and they have no idea where she is. Saber is exhausted and goes to sleep, and the others follow suit.

Hakuno has nightmares of Twice H. Pieceman claiming he doesn't belong and then murdering him. Unable to sleep, he goes outside and finds Rani and several duplicates of her planting weapons into the ground as makeshift graves for the murdered Masters. He questions her, asking if she arrived here sometime during the 1970's if she had been here for fifty years. She corrects him, as right now, it is the year 3020, utterly shocking him as he had believed it was roughly 2020. She further explains that humanity is on the verge of extinction, as the people in this world competing for the Holy Grail are among the last humans in existence.

The next morning, he is depressed and worried after contemplating the actual year, but Saber lectures him that she doesn't care what time period she is in, and neither should he. Rani tells them about how Archer's Master Dan Blackmore had previously lost and is not an actual participant in the Holy Grail War. The two had been killing every Master and Servant that came before them in a futile attempt to ascend to the third floor. Rani also explains that Archer is Robin Hood, and that his arrows are poisoned and he can detonate the poison at will after dropping his invisibility. The three form a plan where Saber will engage Robin while Hakuno and Rani head to the tower in Rani's motorcycle.

As he and Rani drive off, Rani discusses how SE.RA.PH. simulates human behavior, but since it is a machine and does not truly understand emotions or the human condition, it got certain things wrong. Rani is suddenly shot by Dan and falls off the motorcycle, causing it to crash. Hakuno gets up and takes cover from the sniper. He hallucinates several corpses of students telling him to leave Rani behind, but he roars that they do not control him. He activates Dead Face, giving him a boost in strength and speed. Evading the gunfire, he picks up Rani and takes her to the cover of the forest.

Rani is unable to walk, but she can still create a duplicate of herself. He had suspected something was wrong with the tower, and sends the duplicate as a decoy. His suspicions were correct: Dan is not actually in the tower. He is hiding inside another one and ricocheting bullets off the first tower's bells. The first tower also holds a bomb. The duplicate is destroyed by the bomb, which causes Dan to let his guard down. Hakuno then enters the tower, figures out where Dan is, and shoots him before he can react, killing him.

Saber, having defeated Archer, arrives in the tower and congratulates him on their victory. With Dan's death, the floor starts to fall apart. The Moon Mile Ladder arrives and tells them they have two minutes to get in. He wishes to retrieve Rani, but Saber tells him to leave her behind, as they do not have enough time to reach her in the forest and Rani had earlier said she wanted to stay. Hakuno reluctantly leaves Rani behind and they enter the Moon Mile Ladder, which ascends to the third floor as the second floor is destroyed. Inside, they find Rin, who remarks that Rani got what she wanted even in death. Annoyed, they ask where she had been.


Similar to Hakuno, HAKUNO has no training as a magus and lacks experience. But he is Deadface, a being made of "death", making him hard to kill. Even after being stabbed five times, HAKUNO is still alive to make his way to the location where he inadvertently summons Saber. In his Deadface form, he gains a boost in speed and strength, being able to move fast enough to dodge Dan Blackmores's bullet or bomb to kill him. Unlike Hakuno, HAKUNO is quite good in hand-to-hand combat, able to fight and kill Julius when both of them turn into Deadface.



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