Hades's Cap of Invisibility (ハデスの隠れ兜, Hadesu no Kakure Kabuto?), also called the Cloth of Concealment (身隠しの布, Mikakushi no Nuno?), is the cap of invisibility owned by Hades. It is the prototype of all Noble Phantasms that “hides the figure.” Normally kept by Gilgamesh in the form of a sash, anything covered or enclosed by the cloth cannot be observed through magecraft and optical means. Using optical magic to block all forms of magical detection and any presence of magical emanations from the wearer, it is incredibly effective against those relying solely on magecraft to detect enemies. It does not obscure sound, smell, body temperature, or the wearer's tracks, so its usage is mostly situational. Without such indicators being readily apparent, it is possible to easily walk by enemies while keeping quiet, and it allows for the easy kidnapping of others through Bounded Fields without detection. While in its sash form, it can be held by multiple people at once, and it can wrap up itself automatically to return to its cap form. The cloth of which it is made of is of a very complex weave estimated to have "reached five dimensions", and complete reproduction of the cloth is impossible for humans.


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