Hakuno Kishinami can select between three Servants in Fate/EXTRA and an additional fourth Servant and temporary contract during the story in Fate/EXTRA CCC. The selected Servant does not affect the overall story, but dialogue between certain characters, personal conversations with the Servant, and the overall endings differ.

  • Fate/EXTRA
  • Fate/EXTRA CCC
    • Gilgamesh
    • Lancer - Lancer contracts with Hakuno for a specific portion of the storyline no matter which Servant it chosen, and she cannot be used anywhere else afterward.
    • Berserker - Hakuno had contracted with an unknown Berserker on the Gilgamesh path. Rather than traveling to the Far Side like the other three Servants, Berserker was left behind on the Near Side and terminated their contract upon losing sight of Hakuno. Gilgamesh takes up the contract in his ending.
  • Fate/EXTELLA
    • Saber - Altera forces a contract with the Body of Hakuno after she is taken captive.
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