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Hakuno Kishinami (岸波 白野きしなみ はくの, Kishinami Hakuno?) is the protagonist of Fate/EX series, acting as the Master of Saber, Archer, Caster, or Gilgamesh depending on which is chosen in the Moon Holy Grail War. The character is male or female depending on player preference, and their name and a nickname can be selected as well.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The real Hakuno's chamber

In reality, Hakuno is not a human participant of the Grail War, but an NPC created by the Moon Cell, based off an existing person. Hakuno's "other self" in the year 2000 was a patient with Amnesia Syndrome, a degenerative brain disease that caused memory loss and would eventually lead to death. A doctor who could potentially cure the disease was found, but died in a terrorist attack before an operation could be performed. (It is hinted that this doctor was Twice H. Pieceman.) It was decided that the patient would be cryogenically frozen until treatment became possible. Because of the world's technological stagnation, no progress was made, and he/she remained in this state for 30 years. After entering the Moon Cell, the NPC Hakuno sends Rin/Rani this information, in the hopes that she will be able to find and help his/her other self.

After being created in SE.RA.PH as an NPC, Hakuno, like Twice, somehow gained self-awareness. Unlike Twice, he/she did not regain any memory of a "previous life" due to the fact that the original was an amnesiac to begin with. Believing him/herself to be a normal human, Hakuno unknowingly took over the position of another participant who had died in the preliminary selection for the war. As an NPC rather than a human, Hakuno cannot enter the Moon Cell without being deleted as invalid data, like Twice - however, the Moon Cell requires more time to process the contradiction caused by the existence of the frozen body in the real world, and so he/she is not instantly deleted and has enough time to make a wish.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Hakuno's Tsukumihara clothing

The male protagonist has brown hair and eyes and wears the standard Male school uniform (男子学生服, Danshi gakusei fuku?) of Tsukumihara Academy, and wears a black T-shirt beneath his jacket. The female protagonist has long wavy brown hair and eyes, and wears the standard female school uniform of Tsukumihara Academy. Beneath her Female school uniform (女子学生服, Joshi gakusei fuku?), she wears black turtleneck and black pantyhose. Rin Tohsaka first thought Hakuno to be a NPC because Hakuno looked too plain to be an actual person.

In Fate/EXTRA CCC, the male and female protagonist have alternate outfits called Classic Male uniform (旧男子学生服, Kyū danshi gakusei fuku?) and Classic Female uniform (旧女子学生服, Kyū joshi gakusei fuku?). While their original attire is styled after the blazer uniforms of high school students, their alternate clothes are styled after the more traditional Japanese military styled school uniforms. The male protagonist wears a black gakuran style uniform, with a high collared coat with gold buttons, black trousers, and brown shoes. The female protagonist wears a dark navy sailor school uniform with a red scarf, a pleated skirt, black knee socks, and brown shoes. Their other outfits are called Boy's gym suit (男子体操服, Danshi taisō fuku?) / Girl's gym suit (女子体操服, Joshi taisō fuku?) and School Swimsuit (スクール水着, Sukūru Mizugi?). Players can customize Hakuno with ornaments such as glasses and gloves.

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Personality[edit | edit source]

Hakuno is initially lost over as to what they should be doing in the Holy Grail War. Their resolve to fight is lacking because they don't know what they wish to accomplish. The Grail is won by individual motivation, but they lack the core of motivation to claim it. That makes for a large handicap without the drive to win. They are neither someone who fights out of obligation like a soldier, or even someone strong-willed who always fights with their eyes on the prize in front of them. That is a great weakness, and even if their Servant had the greatest Noble Phantasm, they would still lose to someone with that drive. Not knowing that they were inadvertently entered in the Holy Grail War, they cannot imagine that their reasons to fight were not very strong in the first place to have been cast aside so easily.

They know nothing of the Grail War, and even one round in, they still lack knowledge of even important concepts like Noble Phantasms. It is repeatedly pointed out by others that Hakuno is rather dense and sometimes fails to understand basic things especially ones related to a magus, making them look like a rather hopeless Master among a crowd of talented Masters.

However, Hakuno does come to acknowledge and appreciate their allies, and can become visibly worried if something happens to Rin/Rani or their Servant. According to Dan Blackmore, Hakuno starts out at the beginning of the War as an inexperienced and "green" Master, easily frightened by the other Masters such as Julius. This changes over time as Hakuno becomes more and more determined to not let the lives lost during the War to become meaningless.

In Fate/EXTELLA, as the ruler of SE.RA.PH, Hakuno demonstrates a serious and level-headed calm to situations, though can be surprised and shocked by certain situations like any other character. This kingly aptitude has earned them loyalty of other Servants - including former enemies they fought in the Grail War such as Gawain and Li Shuwen. However, after splitting themselves into three different parts to prevent the Regalia from being used to destroy the Moon Cell, Hakuno's self is broken up amongst his three selves.

The Soul of Hakuno, the Master of Caster, shows a cool and level-headed approach while at the same time being something of a pushover, easily folding under Caster's tyrannic actions. That said, they are very passionate and like their Mind and Body counterpart, they show nothing but the utmost faith and love for their Servant.

The Mind of Hakuno seems to share most of their original self's traits prior to splitting, though has vague recollections and is often confused. They are easily worried about Saber, despite knowing that she is capable of handling herself well. They are also courageous, willing to fight alongside Saber even knowing the danger such a thing would pose.

The Body of Hakuno is, arguably, the closest to Hakuno Kishinami when they first became apart of the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. Incapable of remembering anything, they are understandably terrified of Altera when they encounter her in Titan Form and look for the easiest chance of escape when made a prisoner. However, after discovering Altera's pain and sorrows, they are more willing to try and find a way to save her, even though in doing so risks the destruction of the Moon Cell, which they tried to prevent in the first place.

A recurring trait of Hakuno is their unwavering determination to never give up hope. HAKUNO described it as the reason Hakuno won the war. This is evident when numerous opponents - and even Hakuno's own Servants - repeatedly request Hakuno to give up on their fruitless journey. Even when faced with superior enemies, Hakuno never backed down.

Role[edit | edit source]

Fate/EXTRA[edit | edit source]

Hakuno begins as a student and friend of Shinji. During the Prologue where the player plays the Initial Protagonist, the two versions of Hakuno can be seen during the week since they are in the same class as Shinji and the Initial Protagonist. By the last day, after the player chooses one of them, they are revealed to perceive something strange about the school, and wind up also following Leo and the Initial Protagonist through a secret doorway.

After obtaining their own effigy, they come across the Initial Protagonist's body after he had failed to defeat another effigy. Hakuno is also defeated by the effigy, and while dying, begins to lament their fate. They refuse to give up their life, as they are afraid of the pain, losing their senses, and becoming a corpse. Feeling that they shouldn't have to disappear for no reason at all, after all of the pain and headaches, they decide that they need to rise up because they have yet to fight of their own volition and on their own terms. Thus, they are answered by Saber, Archer, or Caster.

Unlike the other participants, Hakuno does not regain their real memory once the war begins, and has no recollection of their true identity or reason for joining the war. With no wish to make, they fight only to survive, becoming increasingly disturbed over the fact that they must murder others with no real purpose other than raw survival. In roughly the middle of the game, Hakuno uses a Command Seal (or two) to rescue either Rin Tohsaka or Rani VIII, who becomes a close friend and ally. After defeating all opponents, they become the victor of the Grail War.

In the game's climax, Hakuno, along with their Servant and friend, reach the core of the Moon Cell and meet Twice H. Pieceman, who tries to convince the protagonist to use the Moon Cell to wish for the advancement of the human race through war. Hakuno refuses and defeats Twice's Servant Saver, killing Pieceman. Upon entering the Moon Cell with his/her Servant, they are recognized as "invalid data", but are able to use the Moon Cell to learn the truth about his/her true identity and send this information to Rin/Rani before being deleted.

Last Encore[edit | edit source]

Main article: HAKUNO Kishinami

The female Hakuno Kishinami is portrayed in flashbacks as the original Hakuno of Last Encore's timeline and dies in the opening scene. HAKUNO Kishinami, the protagonist of the show, is not the original male version, but a collection of grudges from dead Masters given form using Hakuno as a template.

Hakuno was the former Master of Saber, and together they defeated a number of opponents (including Julius and Leo) until they reached the final floor and fought against Twice H. Pieceman and Saver, a battle which they ultimately lost. Nine hundred years later, HAKUNO became Saber's new Master.

Hakuno periodically appears through flashbacks and communicates directly with HAKUNO once. It is discovered by HAKUNO that in her dying moments, Hakuno had wanted to live longer than anyone else.

Saber eventually arrives at the site of Hakuno's death and leaves a flower on the spot, asking for forgiveness for leaving her alone for so long. As part of a promise to not let Saber die alone, Hakuno appears one more time in the final episode, just as Saber begins to fade, to fulfill said promise through HAKUNO.

Fate/EXTRA CCC[edit | edit source]

Hakuno is the main character of Fate/EXTRA CCC. Each gender has an alternate costume like the three Servants. The player can also summon Gilgamesh as their new Servant.

In this timeline, Hakuno had contracted with a Berserker-class Servant and successfully made it to the sixth round. Hakuno had also chosen to rescue Rani during Rani's battle with Rin, meaning Lancer and Berserker were their opponents.

BB's meddling caused Hakuno to lose their Servant and require them to contract with one of four optional Servants.

The "True Ending" of the CCC route features Sakura performing a "big cheat" by utilizing the resources of the Moon Cell to send them to Earth. They are not in the body of the sleeping original in Japan, but rather an abandoned facility in a different location. She gives them an artificially created, complete human body with their mind and memories from the Far Side transferred into it. They have no way of knowing how the Holy Grail War on the Near Side will end after leaving, and there still exists the version of Hakuno within the war that still has the possibility to win and arrive at the core.[5]

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail[edit | edit source]

The male Hakuno is the main protagonist in the story of Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail with Caster as his Servant.

Fate/EXTELLA[edit | edit source]

Both Nero and Hakuno have emerged victorious in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, thus giving them control over the Moon Cell Automaton computer, which has the power to grant a wish. As proof of their kingship, they have obtained the Regalia ring. At some point in time, Hakuno had encountered the admin of the Moon Cell, Archimedes, who informed them of a terrible threat known as the Umbral Star, a predatory planet that consumed and harvested life every 14,000 years. As it happened, the Moon Cell's update programming was around the same time as the Umbral Star, or the Velber, would reawaken and resume their quest of destruction. Not wanting their servant to get involved, Hakuno went with Archimedes to the Dark Zero, where the Vanguard of the Velber was sealed away when it first attacked the Moon Cell. However, to Hakuno's surprise, the White Titan was a giant woman, sleeping inside a room filled with golden treasure. Archimedes, panicked, says that they should defeat the Titan now with the Regalia, though before Hakuno can act, the Titan awakens. At first, it shows no hostility, even greeting Hakuno until it becomes hostile after Archimedes repeated shouts that they should eliminate the Titan. Hakuno is then captured by the Titan. It is then learned that Archimedes was, in fact, a servant of the Velber, who was going to eliminate Hakuno if they had gone along with his plans, but to his joyous surprise, they were unwilling to attack the Titan upon seeing its calm nature.

Realizing that if the Regalia is destroyed, and the Moon Cell left vulnerable, Hakuno makes a last resort decision to split themselves into three parts; Mind, Body, and Soul. This action shocks Archimedes, believing that they wouldn't even be so desperate, but as a result of their actions, the Regalia is separated into three pieces. The Mind of Hakuno Kishinami has returned to Nero Claudius' side, while the Soul has returned to Tamamo no Mae, who has begun to set herself up as a tyrant of her own land. Meanwhile, the Body is left with the Titan, and is left amnesiac, unable to recall most of anything, much like how Hakuno first started out in Fate/EXTRA. Unfortunately, the action has horrible ramifications as later learned. Without a Soul or Body to stabilize the Mind, Nero's Master would suffer the effects and even go into a catatonic state at the end of the Flame Poem Arc. The Body is much in the same way, though in contrast, it would degrade and eventually break down without a Mind or Soul to help it function. The Soul, on the other hand, would be able to function all by itself without the aid of Hakuno's Mind or Body.

In the game, the three Hakunos each command their own party:

The Mind of Hakuno commands Nero Claudius, whose party consists of Nameless, Gawain, Cu Chulainn, and Li Shuwen.

The Soul of Hakuno commands the party led by Tamamo no Mae, which consists of Karna, Elizabeth Bathory, Lü Bu Fèngxiān, and Medusa.

The Body of Hakuno is in command of Altera's party, as she leads Gilgamesh, Jeanne d'Arc, and Iskander. The Body of Hakuno also serves as the Master of Artoria in her side story, though it is worth noting that the game never outright considers them as her Master in the narrative.

Flame Poem[edit | edit source]

The Mind of Hakuno dreams of their encounter with Altera and future events, such as Saber battling against her Titan form - Sephyr. However, due to the mechanations of Archimedes, they are unable to recall most of anything. At best, they recall Altera as a black giant. They eventually awaken in the Throne Room of the territory ruled by Nero, who is initially worried about their amnesiac state. She then catches Hakuno up to speed: they defeated countless Masters and Servants and prevailed, becoming the rulers of SE.RA.PH, with the Regalia on Saber's ring signifying her status.

After a moment of rest, Saber introduces her generals, though she is initially confused by Nameless' presence. Afterwards, she and Hakuno depart to claim the new lands being constructed by the Moon Cell, though encounter opposition in the form of enemy programs, commanded by Elizabeth Bathory. Nero and Hakuno make quick work of the enemy, but shortly after, they suffer from the effects of the split. At that moment, Tamamo makes her appearance, declaring war against Nero whilst also revealing her possession of Hakuno's Soul, as well as one of the three Regalia pieces. Additionally, she reveals she has claimed half of SE.RA.PH, much to the shock of Nero.

The following day, Nero investigates the mysterious anomalies and tries to access the Moon Cell's core for information, only to discover that, in spite of possessing a Regalia, she does not have access to this information. At this moment, the Caster-class Servant Archimedes arrives. Initially hostile towards him, Archimedes earns her trust and explains the cause behind these anomalies: every 14,000 years, the Moon Cell undergoes a scheduled maintenance update, and he is tasked with making sure everything goes as planned. Hakuno's victory and royal administration were apart of this update, but at that moment a mysterious force appeared and attacked Hakuno.

Archimedes states that, because of this entity's interference, the Regalia was split, along with Hakuno. In order to return Hakuno to normal and restore the Regalia, Nero and her party begin a conquest to reclaim SE.RA.PH. They invade Tamamo's territory: the Millenium Capital, and soon engage in battle. Nero emerges victorious and intends to strike Caster down, but Hakuno's Soul stands between them. Understanding that, regardless of how they were split, Hakuno would never abandon their Servant, Nero allows Tamamo to live, though she is annoyed by Tamamo's show of affection to the Soul.

Archimedes arrives shortly after. Despite Nero allowing Tamamo to hold on to Hakuno's Soul, he says that once the two Regalia merge, so too will the Mind and Soul. As Tamamo and Nero argue, Elizabeth Bathory arrives and swipes Tamamo's Regalia. She attempts to put it on, but much to her shock, the Regalia is destroyed not long after, much to the shock of everyone present. Tamamo then uses the moment to escape.

As Archimedes tries to rationalize what happened, a woman in white appears. She easily dispatches Archimedes with Void Cells before she easily overpowers Nero. To Nero and Hakuno's surprise, a third Hakuno; the Body, emerges. Due to the aforementioned split, they do not remember anything and thus cannot recognize Nero, much to her dismay. Before Altera can destroy Nero, she uses the Regalia to escape.

Sometime afterwards, Nero holds a meeting with her generals and Archimedes. Lancer and he both state that Altera and her forces have destroyed and overtaken over 80% of SE.RA.PH. Wanting to retaliate, Nero launches an offensive strike and soon encounters Altera again. Like before, Nero is unable to hold her own, but Altera relents the final blow and leaves. Elizabeth later appears, revealing the name of their true enemy: Velber, a force that infects, devours and consumes everything every 14,000 years. After defeating Ruler, Nero demands answers from Archimedes.

The Caster-class Servant then reveals the true purpose behind the Moon Cell Holy Grail War. As the Moon Cell, even in times of major conflict, has always been a mere observer that records and documents everything that ever happens, it has never considered anyone an enemy, save for one: The Umbral Star. When it first appeared, it wiped out over 80% of Earth's earliest civilizations and even hacked into the Moon Cell, stealing possible futures and scenarios. In the event that Velber would come again, it needed someone that could defend it. The answer would be the victor of the Moon Cell Holy Grail War.

Archimedes also reveals Altera's origins. Though she is a Servant, she is also a champion of Velber and is far stronger than normal Servants. Enough so that she has Iskander, Jeanne and Gilgamesh on her side. After processing this information, Nero and Hakuno return to "My Room", though the former quickly realizes that Altera is present. She confronts her and manages to hold her own for a brief time, though she realizes that her opponent holds no joy in destruction and actually felt enjoyment in her fight with Nero as she compares the both of them and remarking that they are similar. Nero calls her out on this, even pointing out that she was smiling, something that stuns Altera.

The next day, Nero and Hakuno enter the final battle against Altera. After managing to repel Gilgamesh, Nero engages with Altera in a final battle. The latter is stunned by how Nero was managing to slowly overpower her, despite the obvious difference in their stats. Nero claims that her power is derived from her passion and bond with Altera. Wanting to show Altera, who she now realizes is more than a mere warrior of the Umbral Star, that she doesn't actually like to destroy everything, uses her Noble Phantasm. Altera is left in awe of the golden theater and its brilliance before she is swiftly defeated.

Like before, the Body of Hakuno protects Altera. Unlike in their first meeting when she called them her "prisoner", she calls them Master. Seeing that, like herself and Tamamo, Altera also had a bond with Hakuno, she spares her and even goes so far as to make her both a prisoner and a guest of her own kingdom.

Archimedes soon arrives to the scene and shows his disappointment with Nero's decision. He is surprised that she managed to defeat Altera, given her incredible power and shows her the same respect he always had. However, he soon reveals his true allegience and removes his clothing, revealing the mark of Velber on his body. He pins Nero down and forcibly alters Altera's "Star Sign" skill, rewritting it to "Umbral Star" and forcing her to become her White Titan self: Sephyr.

Hakuno's Mind is left in enormous pain, breaking down due to his/her Body's close proximity to Altera's current state. Realizing that Altera cannot be returned to normal, Nero engages in one final battle. She defeats Sephyr, but much to her sadness, Hakuno's Body is crushed under her crumbling remains, yet they somehow remain acceptant of their fate. Archimedes is unperturbed by this outcome, stating that he wasn't finished. Before he leaves, though, he states that Hakuno would soon regret his/her actions.

After he leaves, Nero rushes to their side as they are unable to remain conscious any longer. They finally suffer the fate of the resulting split and left comatose for a great deal of time. When they next awaken, they find Nero close to them. She says that the Regalia was successfully restored and that everyone in SE.RA.PH now recognizes her as Sovereign. She was even able to create Hakuno a new Body, though she didn't need to hunt down their Soul as it as somehow bonded to them, even when separated.

In the credits, the glowing line that shows Nero's timeline is cut short. Given Archimedes explanation that every world has a finite amount of time before the Quantum Time Lock, it is possible that Nero's timeline is one of the "dead ends" that the Moon Cell will erase.

Orchid Words[edit | edit source]

The Soul of Hakuno awakens in "My Room", encountering Elizabeth who Tamamo has made as her maid. She tries to convince Hakuno to escape, though as she does, Tamamo soon learns that her Master has awakened and calls for them to appear.

Dawn[edit | edit source]

Golden Poem[edit | edit source]

Side Stories[edit | edit source]

Capsule Servant[edit | edit source]

The female Hakuno appears in both Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka route. The female Hakuno is a silent opponent that Shirou considers her pretty good. Rin saw her with Archer and they get along pretty well.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Kotomine comments that they are the most helpless Master he has seen, ranked as E- in quality by the Moon Cell, and due to their lackluster abilities, they greatly weaken their Servant. They slowly grow while defeating their opponents.

While possessing the ability to use a wide variety of Mystic Codes, allowing them to utilize a number of different abilities, the protagonist seems to lack more specialized abilities of other Hackers, being unable to code new material into their environment or directly attack via magecraft. They rely upon knowledge from their Servants and help from Rin or Rani to counter and utilize such methods when necessary.

In Fate/EXTRA CCC receives from Kiara Sessyoin the Codecasts: Thesis of the Still Heart (五停心観ごじょうしんかん, Gojō Shinkan?) is a codecast skill that allows you to access someone Secret Garden and Ten Thousand Colored Stagnation (万色悠滞ばんしょくゆうたい, Banshoku Yūtai?) that allows people to enter the hearts of others and controlled entirely by the network.

In the Fate/EXTRA Manga, Hakuno showed the capacity to overwrite the codecasts of others, neutralizing Shinji's hacking without the use of Formal Wear. However, in later chapters he is seen using the following Code Casts:

  • view_status; - A codecast skill that displays an opponent's information.
  • gain_str; - A codecast skill that increases Saber's strength.
  • hack; - A codecast skill that damages and stuns an enemy Servant's skill.

Development[edit | edit source]

Creation and Conception[edit | edit source]

Hakuno lacked a default name in Fate/EXTRA, and they were simply referred to as "Yourself" in promotional materials. The name "Hakuno Kishinami" was first used for the male version in the manga and Drama CD versions, and the female was later referred to by the same name in the official promotional comics for Fate/EXTRA CCC. As of Fate/EXTRA CCC, the name is set as the default for both genders. Due to the abundant use of Francis Xavier (フランシスコ・ザビエル, Furanshisuko Zabieru?, lit. "Francisco Xavier") as a joke answer during Fate/EXTRA, the two genders have been given nicknames, Zabio (ザビ夫?) for the male and Zabiko (ザビ子?) for the female. Kinoko Nasu also took to referring to them as such in the Fate/EXTRA CCC dictionary.

Reception[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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    Or is it true to history and the weakest Master, who was not involved in the events of CCC, made it to the Nucleus?
    There are countless possibilities, all which speak of a hope filled future.


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