Hanei Misawa (三澤 羽居, Misawa Hanei?) is a student at Asagami Private Girls Academy and roommate of Akiha Tohno and Souka Tsukihime.[1]



Hanei, nicknamed Hanepin, is a first-year student rooming with Akiha and Souka.[1]


Hanei possesses an easygoing personality, described as "the most therapeutic character in all of Type-Moon" who "has a huge number of hidden fans." Described as "absolutely hopeless" at keeping her possessions in order, her personal effects can be found spilling over onto her roomates' desks. She is skilled as crafting small goods with her dexterous fingers and scrupulous nature, both teachers and students requesting items from her. Accepting them without hesitation, she is always busily working on projects.[1]

She is very close to Souka, who looks out for Hanei due to her easygoing personality. While considered to be a "lopsided pair" with the larger Hanei, the students consider them to be a "match made in heaven" and the "school's best couple", although Souka vehemently denies it.[1]


Hanei is described as "pretty large for a girl," and she possesses the largest breasts out of all females in the Tsukihime franchise.[1]


Kagetsu TohyaEdit

Hanei appears in the Kagetsu Tohya side story "A Story For the Evening".[1]



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