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« Gardens... float up."
"Let me show you the castle in heaven that no human touches. The hanging gardens──Hanging Gardens of Babylon!!"
"Become ashes like ants. Fufu... Fuhahahaha! »


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« Tiamtum Uumuu, activate...!"
"Tiamtum Uumuu, activate...! Feel honored, it’s nothing you could usually see. Be mowed down by the power of the Age of Gods... Fufu... ahahahahaha! »


Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Aerial Garden of Vanity (虚栄の空中庭園
, Kyoei no Kūchū Teien
Hangingu Gādenzu obu Babiron
?) is the garden of Semiramis and her strongest and largest-scaled Noble Phantasm that she proudly owns, a giant floating fortress which the Red Faction uses for their main base in the Great Holy Grail War. Rather than an Anti-World Noble Phantasm, it would be more accurate to call it a giant Bounded Field. It is an enormous fortress capable of housing thousands of soldiers, assembled with systematically ordered floating masses, covered in floors of marble, stone balconies, many pillars, and every kind of plant life entangled and intertwined over the construct in a manner described as a "unification of unsightly disorder and luxurious beauty." It contains a throne room used as its main means of control, allowing Semiramis to cause it to activate by touching a large jewel on her throne's armrest.[1]

It is an irregular Noble Phantasm that is impossible to manifest with magical energy like regular Noble Phantasms. Like Caster of Black's Golem Keter Malkuth, it requires worldly materials and time to construct before it can be utilized. It is "vanity" itself, so the conditions for its activation are strict. In a process of construction that takes at least three days, soil, stone, minerals, wood, plants, and water of a fixed amount must be gathered from the land in which she once lived, ruins in the vicinity of Baghdad, Iraq, and only with their preparation can the activation proceed. It requires enough money to buy a small country to obtain all of the necessary materials. The more money used in its construction, the more its Mystery deepens and the more the Garden is strengthened. The complicated ritual is due to that she did not create the construct, have anything to do with its construction, nor even have actually seen it during her lifetime.[1]

Due to the misunderstandings of countless people, their mental image of it being built by her resounding strong, and with the added Mystery to her legend after her death, it has become her Noble Phantasm that she instinctively knows it to have been inscribed into her legend. The ritual allows for the "illusion" to become reality, becoming a Noble Phantasm that should be impossible to exist. As a counterfeit turned real, it therefore possesses "vanity" in its title, allowing those who knows its truth to only feel a sort of scorn for its existence by feeling that "Semiramis didn’t build the Hanging Gardens." It can be said vanity is not fragile, and due to the materials having been gathered and the construct materialized, her vanity has been turned into "truth" in the modern age. Although previously an illusion, it is "far more absurd and ridiculous" than the real thing.

Rather than the description of a garden, or even a fortress, it is more aptly described as a floating weapon, manifested as an "enormous fortress hanging in the air" in line with its name. The act of it activating is enough to bring other Servants to awe, even eliciting a brief response from the normally stoic Lancer of Red. Although similar to a Temple constructed using Territory Creation, surpassing even the highest-grade normal Temples, it is not meant to be a fortification but a Noble Phantasm for offensive use. It does not boast great speed, taking an hour to travel a number of kilometers, but it is capable of moving towards an enemy stronghold and "hanging" midair to prepare for attack. The only way for enemies to attack is with flying mounts or planes, but she can easily defend it with her flying Dragon Wing Warriors and powerful magecraft. Preparing spells before battle, she can immediately generate magical circles around her, above the opponent, and below the opponent to be launched at her leisure.

  • Hanging Gardens' main defensive mechanism

Her abilities are normally fairly low, but she boasts that nothing is impossible for her within its confines. Even if it is to travel to another country, it is always treated as her personal field that increases all of her parameters in rank, boosts her fame level to the highest class, and revise attacks in her favor,[2] adding a plus modifier to her attacks.[3] It becomes possible for her to utilize magecraft that reaches into the realm of Magic, using EX-ranked blasts capable of overwhelming even A-ranked Magic Resistance. While she would not normally be able to construct an army sized amount of Dragon Tooth Warriors, creating three thousand for use in one battle is an easy task for her. The greatest weakness of this Noble Phantasm is that she only gains its benefits within it and becomes rendered nearly powerless upon leaving its confines, but it has no great impact on her due to it being a moving fortress that she has no need to leave. It can be compared to barricading herself in a fortress able to deploy weapons of mass destruction, likening a frontal assault on her as her enemies presenting themselves to be killed by her.

In a normal Holy Grail War, this Noble Phantasm wouldn’t be used in the first place. Though there’s also the material cost, the real problem is the three-days-three-nights ritual for it. This is a necessary ritual in order to hammer in the nails of “truth” into this falsehood. This three-days-three-nights duration has no special allegorical significance to it; Semiramis’ chant simply requires seventy-two hours to complete. The bigger the Garden is made, the more nails are needed to be driven into it all over. Therefore, in a normal Holy Grail War, as long as Semiramis doesn’t secure an excellently concealed location beforehand, the Hanging Gardens is useless as a Noble Phantasm. And most of all, Semiramis won’t willingly try to make the Hanging Gardens unless her Master is interesting enough.[1]


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