Hans Christian Andersen(WP) (ハンス・クリスチャン・アンデルセン(WP), Hansu Kurisuchan Anderusen?), Class Name Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?), is the Caster-class Servant of Kiara Sessyoin in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War of Fate/EXTRA CCC. He is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Order conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



A real person, born 1805 and died 1875 due to liver cancer. Now he is remembered as one of the Three Great Fairy Tale Authors, but half his lifetime was full of frustration and agony.[2][6]

Born as the son of a shoemaker, he desired to be an actor but gave up without showing any results. Afterwards, he set his eyes on being a poet but he was harshly evaluated. Finally, a book he published at his own expense began to sell and he used that money to leave the country. The book he wrote using his trip as his inspiration, the "The Improvisatore(WP)" was finally recognized by the world. He was thirty by then.

Afterward, he switched to a writer of fairytale but his way of doing so was plainly after his more freely written works had been acknowledged, so it was a masochistic move on his part. As if to reflect that, his fairytale are full of elements of his own life: violence and misfortune, poverty, and finally a literary style that painted death as salvation. Using the form of a fairytale, he continued to paint a hopeless world where one could only grieve one's poverty and death was the only escape, all while masking all the emotions swirling his chest with those beautiful sentences.

And even after he become famous, he never had female companionship and spent his entire life a bachelor. According to one theory, he did have someone he had feelings for, but due to his pride and complex regarding his appearance, he missed the chance to confess his feelings numerous times.

At the age of 70, he died due to liver cancer. It seems that he died clutching a letter from his first love, which he would always carry around with him.[2][5]


Andersen appears to be a young boy around the age of 10 in formal clothing.[6] Despite this, he has the voice of a man much older and his body is covered in scales, burns, frostbite and a myriad of other traits taken from his stories.

Though Heroic Spirits should be at the "golden age" depicted in their myths, he interprets it as his childhood being the time when he was most overflowing with sensitivity. He also gains the characteristic of sudden understanding, such as looking over materials of his former self and finding them so rambling to the point of embarrassment. Even a prodigy becomes a normal person once they're out of their twenties. He also theorizes the possibility that he was summoned at that age due to that evil woman's interests.[7]


Andersen is incredibly blunt, often pointing out people's flaws. Because of his high rank in observation, he understands their failings quite easily and points them out, but it is not because of malicious intent, merely understanding.[5] He is not so much a bad person, as simply following his Master's directions. Although he hates his Master to the point to call her the crystallization of the ugliness that is women, he believes that a Servant is their Master's ally, even to the depths of hell.

He is not only blunt with everyone, but also with himself. He calls himself a man you could find anywhere, he says that he has no fighting ability and that basically he's useless, a third-rank Servant well-suited to his disgusting Master.

When he sees Hakuno Kishinami for the first time, he points what an amazingly ordinary face he/she has, pointing that's how a buffoon should be. He thinks that stupidity is called a sin, but as a member of the masses, to be tossed about by the world is good fortune. At any rate, one gets to enjoy both good and evil. That is called living a full life. To Andersen, we are all born from our mother's wombs simply to laugh at the ugliness of the world. One can't trust other people, and more specifically one can't trust women.

Andersen says that to say the truth is his job. Human lives have worth, every person is a leading actor, but those who produce a fine performance, who have the curtain fall on a masterpiece, are the small handful of victors.[8]

He has a introverted, self-assured, and passive personality. As a dour, pessimistic poet, he has no intention of being liked by others, and as it no longer has any worth for him to discover, he lacks any intention of enjoying life. Andersen does not desire anything from the Holy Grail. The cause is probably that he didn't attain even one of the things he desired when he was alive.

"Let’s assume that life has value. That is probably something even lower than what people have delusions of."
And so he conducts himself as one who hates everything in the world.

"But, well, even if I hate the world, it’s not as if I detest it. If there is something worth loving, it would be fine to once again light the firewood in the fireplace of frozen affection."
He is truly a bothersome man.[5]

Though Andersen always criticizes Kiara, he is not Hakuno's ally either. That is just the manifestation of the impartiality that distinctive to him. As Andersen is methodical like an author, being helpful is his true nature. First of all, if one does not think to entertain the readers, to serve the readers, then one is not fit to be a writer.

He has a dark nature and is a pessimistic poet who has no desire to be liked by others.[2][6] Furthermore he is no longer able to see any remaining value in himself, and completely lacks the notion that he should enjoy, or is able to enjoy his life.[6] But he will not laugh at the efforts of people who decide "let's live correctly" and "let's achieve this all our power." Because that is what he once dreamed of, the form of a society that wished to be like that. Although he was summoned as a Servant, he has no wish or desire. This is probably because while he was alive he was unable to obtain anything he wanted.[6]

The reason Andersen advises Hakuno who was trying to resolve the incident, even while telling them, "Your actions are futile. Just leave those girls alone," in a flabbergasted manner, and never delivered definite repudiation against Kiara who was causing the situation to deteriorate, even while cursing her by saying, "Greedy, impudent, and on top of that, a liar! Only the demon in a fairy tale could be as unsightly as you!", is because both Hakuno and Kiara were earnestly "living their lives with everything they had."

In the end.
"A final light (sentence) for that unrewarded life."
That is this Servant's foundation.

Andersen who, though he was a world-famous author, did not attain even one of the things he desired. The writer of fairy tales who, while speaking of love, never once attained it. To him, a story about "a life where one struggles then disappears without being compensated" is what should be told. Humans who become happy easily are the same as scenery to him. They can just be happy of their own accord.

"I want to give a final light to the lives of people who were abandoned by even God," is the nucleus of Andersen's soul. If someone come to a stop on the final path and then turns around, he should be able to see a fragment of this Servant's truth.[5]


Caster's analysis of Lancer

Answer: About the red Lancer.
I'll ask about the red Lancer.]
Andersen: Aaah, the daughter of dragons employed by BB. She's an unsightly woman. That her appearance is so goes without saying, but the same applies to her character.
Her upbringing is unsightly. Her ideology is unsightly. Her disposition is unsightly. Her sense is unsightly. I can't bear to look at her.
At a glance, she appears to be prideful, but others don't see the truth behind that. That pride isn't directed at anyone.
She's an utter laughingstock! That woman treats humans the same as pigs. In other words, she's doing nothing but holding her head high in front of a bunch of pigs!
That woman is the personification of narcissism, but well. Just what is love exactly? Something you steal? Something you bestow?
A woman who has yet to understand that principle is the most unmanageable monster of this world. That woman seems to take pride in her own beauty but—
Hah. No matter how how you adorn the outside of a bag stuffed full of garbage, the rotten smell of its contents won't change at all.
To be stubborn regarding their beauty is a woman's nature. You should take care. The unsightly nature of those hands will propagate.
One day the women you are acquainted with speak only similarly abusive remarks.

Caster's analysis of Caster

Answer: About my Servant
[This is a good opportunity. I'll ask him about my own Servant.]
Andersen: Your Servant? Let me see, bring them out. I'll give you my expert opinion on every nook and cranny, down to their sphincter.
Caster: ...Ufufufufu. You believe that because of your shota appearance, any abusive remark will be forgiven, yes? Alright, to the rooftop! I'll blow you all the way to the Sakura Labyrinth!
Andersen: I believe you and I are equally foul-mouthed. More importantly, what's with those fox ears? There's a limit even to gaudiness. You're the one who should feel embarrassed.
Caster: They are not gaudy; they are a charming idiosyncrasy! Though a child like yourself wouldn't understand!
Andersen: I prefer cat ears. If I have no choice, I will accept dog ears. The meaning of fox ears' existence is even below that of a typo.
Come back the day before yesterday. With you, the writing brush won't progress even a twitch.
Caster: Su-SUNSHINE 2030!
That was close, I was so pissed I was about to make the sun explode... I haven't been so humiliated since that jerk Abe!
My master, let us take our leave! To converse with this uncooperative and precocious brat would be to take one hundred wounds without attaining a single advantage!
Andersen: Wait, Fox Ears! I have rethought my position. Those fox ears aren't so bad. How unsightly they are is especially fine. Let me take a bit of a closer look at them.
Caster: Hey, why are you touching them without my permission!? E-even though I haven't even let my master touch them yet!?
Andersen: Oh. Hm. Let's see. I see. ...Tch, so they're real.
... (sigh) I had hoped that they were a new kind of costume play. You are a disappointment.
Caster: You're a disappointment as a character! How should I put this? Aren't you being harsh only with the predictions about me!?
Andersen: As they say, "The child is father to the man." I'm find it nothing but irritating, but it seems that I can't help but respond to things reminiscent of fairy tales.
Caster: My master, your directions! Please give me the directions to send this boy, who's so insubstantial that just breathing on him would send him flying, roll...ing?
...Hey, you precocious brat. Just what is going on underneath those clothes of yours?
Andersen: What, are you interested in my being nude?
Caster: No.
Andersen: I see. Well, I had that theory that pink is something-or-other in between my ears. But... as expected, your eyes are sharp, no, your ears are sharp.
As you guessed, my skin isn't something that should not be put on display. It's the curse of the little mermaid and the little match girl. I'm being corroded by the stories I myself wrote.
Caster: ...
Andersen: It's basically suffering damage from the gossip of my admiring readers. Whenever I write a book, they decide, "The person wrote this is like this, no doubt."
My legs are covered in merman scales; my arms in burn scars. My heart is a demon who loves bad ends.
That's the price of fame. Rather, the readers are grasping the its essence. How they view that person depends on their own opinion; that much is given.
It should be the same for you, Fox Ears. You admired humans and even reincarnated as one, but in the end, you were regarded as a monster by humans.
Among Japanese juvenile literature, there exists "Gon, the Little Fox." That is how you are.
You love humans, but by assisting humans, all that awaits you is a death born from misunderstanding. But--
But it's because he helped them without their acknowledgement that his love moves human hearts. Fox Ears. Your devotion, well, will one day reach your master.
Caster: ...Hmph. Your concern is unnecessary, especially as it feels misdirected.
...But, well, to bare my fangs against a child would be immature, yes? So I will let you off without sending you rolling this time.
Andersen: That was fast. Already sweet for me?
Caster: A time when I'm sweet for you wouldn't come even if the sun was destroyed!

Caster's analysis of himself

Answer: About Andersen
[I ask this Servant who appears like a young boy, Andersen, about himself.]
Andersen: About me? Foolishness, and pointlessness, have come to a pinnacle here. After all, I'm exactly as I appear: a man you could find anywhere.
[...No, based on his appearance, he's full of mysteries, which is why I have questions.
What kind of powers does he have?
Can he fight with that physique of his?
Most importantly, why does he look like a child?]
Andersen: As if I know. When I was summoned, I already looked like this. Of course, I have no fighting ability. Basically, I'm useless.
[Andersen himself declares that he's useless. Just how far do Sesshouin Kiara's worries extend?
Even if Kiara were to be an A-class wizard, teamed up with a Servant like this, her Holy Grail War would come to nothing.]
[Also, Servants are supposed to appear as they were in their golden age as depicted in the myths and stories that served as their foundations.
Andersen isn't keeping with this rule.]
Andersen: I am following it. In my case, the interpretation is: My childhood was when I was most overflowing with sensitivity.
There is also the tendency towards sudden epiphanies. It's to the point that when I look over the materials of my former self, I find them so rambling that it's enough to make me want to die.
Don't be concerned. It's just that even a prodigy becomes a normal person once they're out of their twenties. Rather than that, what I'm afraid of is...
I don't think this is how it is, but there is the possibility that I was summoned at this age due to that evil woman's interests.
I do want to ask her, but even I'm afraid of knowing the truth. So, don't bring up this matter.
Kiara: Oh my, oh goodness, for some reason, I'm hearing such a cheerful voice. May I join your conversation as well?
Andersen: ...
[Andersen heaves a heavy sigh. There are simply too many things I can surmise as the cause of his melancholy.
I should restrain myself regarding this question...]

Caster's analysis of Rin

Answer: About Rin
Well then... it's been a long time coming, so how about Rin.
Andersen :: Rin Tohsaka. A freelance wizard who's won some fame in Asia. She seems a gifted young hacker, hostile toward Leo B. Harway. Active and decision-focused. She's the aggressive, predatory type no matter how you look at her, but she's more of a doe than she is a panther. She looks completely self-reliant, but that's just an act. She's the kind of person who can't live without regulating herself like that. What you would call a genius of hard work. There is no being more pleasing to the eye than a hard worker overflowing with talent.
Kiara :: Ah... a high evaluation, coming from you. It seems you have strict standards for well-bred young ladies...
Andersen :: That's only where you're concerned. A girl who's doted on from birth, "oh my butterfly, oh my flower," a girl like that will never become a decent woman. First of all, Rin Tohsaka comes from a notable family, but the circumstances of her birth were harsh. Since she was young she's had not a single relative. This may be the reason she can't be honest, the reason she makes such a fuss over money.
Kiara :: ...is that so? Then, her third SG? Is that her true nature?
Andersen :: It may be her true nature, but it will never show on the outside. A person's disposition will certainly be inclined in one direction or another, but it will never be purely one-sided. Imagine an hourglass. The sand empties out, but the vessel's shape doesn't change, does it? It's the same as that. The opposing nature empties out, but our instincts cannot tolerate the emptiness left on that side. Consequently, sand returns to the nature opposite our own, as a taboo. This is in order to create a proper balance. So, as Rin Tohsaka progresses toward her ideal, she also displays her weakness. You'll never hear "I want to be controlled" from someone unfamiliar with the advantages and disadvantages of being on the controlling side. A sadist must be diligent, a masochist must be greedy. Which is the slave and which is the attendant changes, depending on your perspective.
It changes depending on your perspective... so, in a concrete sense?
Andersen :: That would be love, I suppose. The one who loves most strongly can truly be called the side in control. This theory applies to all things. Which is why the whole world is so idiotic! It overturns everything in the end!
Kiara :: *sigh* You're a very troubled person, aren't you. If you shout such violent opinions in public, the fault falls on me your Master. Please restrain yourself a bit, Andersen.

Caster's analysis of Rani VIII

Answer: About Rani
Well then... it's been a long time coming, so how about Rani VIII.
Andersen :: Rani VIII. Left behind by an alchemist, presently living in hiding at Mt. Atlas in Egypt, the final homunculus. You could call her a new kind of human. In Western Europe, where human rights aren't granted to clones, she'd be regarded as something on the order of an AI with flesh. Her physical capabilities are below that of a human, and she would have difficulty struggling for existence in the natural world, but this is the virtual sea. A world where calculation functions are power. Rani VIII's specs are equal to those of the Moon Cell's administrative AIs. If she hadn't been made with that extraneous feature called a heart, she would certainly have become the strongest Master. Passive and result-focused. She's the reserved, submissive type no matter how you look at her, but she's more of a pure young girl than she is a doll. She's not yet a fully developed vessel. She's unable to accept logical inconsistencies, or the impurity called chaos. If her task was "to protect the Labyrinth," perhaps she was an even better Sentinel that Rin Tohsaka.
Kiara :: A pure young girl... the one who wants to control everything?
Andersen :: Right. Control is an ideal. Being unable to allow anything to stray from her ideal, you could all her an extreme neat-freak.
A neat-freak... but, no... Rani's second SG was pretty far off from obsessive neatness...
Andersen :: So she won't allow extraneous things like undergarments. Try getting up from your bath and walking around naked. It's so refreshing you'll want to shout. I often do so when I suffer writer's block, incidentally.
Kiara :: Is that so. By the way, Andersen. Do you have some work you ought to be doing?
Andersen :: The task I'm currently undertaking is only one volume. What, do you have some additional request? That's over the cap. Do you want to make be suffer even more?
Kiara :: No, don't worry. I won't push any excess work on you, even accidentally. I, Kiara Sesshouin, have so sworn.
Andersen :: Splendid... though I miss requests when I don't have them. What about it, Kiara. I was planning quite a long plot, but...
Kiara :: I won't assist you even by accident. Using magic to run around naked... Is your Noble Phantasm "Story-King"?
Andersen :: — !
Kiara... was that...
Kiara :: Wh, what it, everyone. You suddenly fell silent. Did I, say something problematic...?
Andersen :: No, it's nothing. By the way, you can pull up a seat-cushion. That was an amazing improvised turnabout. The naked king, streaking, "story-king"... I thought you were completely useless, but I'll revise my opinion. Though the poor fashion itself was boring.
Kiara :: I, I didn't mean it that way! That was just an accident, an accident!

Caster's analysis of Jinako Carigiri

Answer:About Jinako
Well then... it's been a long time coming, so how about Jinako.
Andersen :: Jinako Karigiri. A computer security officer living in the janitor's room. Age unknown, personal history unclear. Her Servant is Lancer. Her battle experience is nil. Her talent as a wizard is below average. But she is first among the female Masters when it comes to her girth. And she's most likely rotten.
Mhm, mhm. — wait, is that it!?
Andersen :: What more do you need? Or do you really want to know about the interests and idiosyncrasies of that flesh-cushion? There's a limit to speculation, you know? No matter how much luxury you raise it in, even top-quality pork is still pork! Look —
Kiara :: Why are you looking at me?
Andersen :: As you can see, the hatefulness of a cow is beyond compare. Though beef isn't easy to digest anyway. Poultry really is superior. It may be low in nutrients, but the beauty of the bird's form stands out even through excess flesh! I am decidedly a bird-man.
...what is this man even talking about. And I think I understand what Kiara means when she says they can't fight. There really may be no way to use this Servant...

Caster's analysis of Gilgamesh

Answer: About my Servant
...this is a good opportunity. He can tell me about Gilgamesh. Who is this arrogant Servant, and how can I control him, I'm begging you, please tell me.
Andersen :: Your Servant? Well then, bring him out. I'll give you an expert opinion on every nook and cranny, down to the asshole.
[Wait I'm rethinking this plan --]
Gilgamesh :: A smart-mouthed man, aren't you. You should be skewered without opportunity to vindicate yourself for such insolence toward the king, however — if you were going to make reckless comments at the risk of your own life, you wouldn't have come forward beforehand. That's right, you have narrowly escaped death, mongrel.
Er...? Why were sword points being turned on me just now...?
Andersen :: Good grief. Flagged for death at the speed of light, and backing off just as quickly. As I would expect of, let's say, an orthodox young lady unabashedly declaring her harmlessness. You should thank me.
This is ridiculous! Isn't it Andersen who was impolite!?
Gilgamesh :: Of course not, the insolence was on your part, mongrel! An insolence that turns the evening sour, to have another judge the value of a king, and furthermore to ask right in front of me! If this peddler of letters did not offer his life, your head would roll for this!
So, that's it — !? But didn't tell me that I was free to research him, before...
Andersen :: To study history from others and to learn others' opinions are two different things. This man, while set in his own ideas, is disgusted by the narrow views that permeate society. "If you wish to know me, make your inquiries alone, struggling forward by your own power" — is that the aesthetic you demand, King of Heroes?
Gilgamesh :: Your speech is dull, but your eye for people is first-rate. I thought perhaps you were a mad dog begging for death, but your character is that of an adventurer who challenges despair. You put your life on the line to speak the truth. You put your soul in every reckless utterance. To you, to give up your words would mean the death of your soul. Compared to that, actual death is nothing to be feared.
Andersen :: Quite right. Therefore I will fulfill myself, King of Heroes.
Gilgamesh :: Oh?
Andersen :: Though my tongue may be cut out where I stand, as I have been asked, I will speak my estimation of you without reservation! To start at the conclusion, you don't qualify as a Servant! I can't give you a single point! And as a Heroic Spirit? That doesn't bear discussion! No matter what records you consult, Gilgamesh was a ruffian that brought suffering to his country and his people. Calling you a king of men would make me laugh. A fool who united heaven and earth, ruling over men without governing his country. A King of Heroes is just that, and not to be called a king of men even by accident. That principle of kingship is simply to reign. You establish yourself as a king, but that state is nothing but a storm with will. First you destroy. And after that you cannot even promise a good harvest. And in that sad state you gather the riches your subjects produce. Greed. Cruelty. And conceit. Those three things raised to their ultimate form and then made into one — that's what you are.
So, so close, I can't listen to this...! Gilgamesh holds his imposing stance just as it is, not so much as twitching, looking on as Andersen slings abuse at him. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed him right now, with that –
Gilgamesh :: —–.
— refreshed, expression...?
Anderson :: Serfs raise their crops, kings raise their countries. But you didn't even raise a country. You did at all nothing but kill and pursue your self-satisfaction. Your nation, your followers, your legend, none of it continues after you. The only thing remaining to you is yourself. Is this contract, too, nothing but an amusement to distract you from your boredom? An adjudicator who enjoys human emotions without understanding them. That is your true nature, Gilgamesh. Hakuno Kishinami. Don't think you'll come to understand this man. You should act as his Master and nothing else. All right! Feel free to take my life now! I have said what I wanted to say!
Gilgamesh :: Heh. I have no need for your life. It is utterly insignificant. That was not an estimation of value, in any case. It is a story you have written. If your tale portrays the king, it will find room in some corner of my library.
Andersen :: Well, that's good, I didn't fancy dying here right — wait. You recognize its worth? Then pay the fee! Will the famous golden king really just listen and be done with it!?
Gilgamesh :: There's nothing for it. When offset by such vilification, this is the assessed value of your work. If you want payment, reassess next time, mongrel. Though you a literary master with a twisted nature, after all...
A malicious grin crosses Gilgamesh's face. ...these two may actually get along better than expected...

Caster's analysis of Kiara Sessyoin

Answer: About Kiara
Andersen :: You want to know about this woman? She's just what she looks like, but what kind of anecdote do you want to hear? How she saved people lost in this transient world? Or when she was devoured by believers who came to her seeking salvation?
Kiara :: Andersen. Please stop that. Those aren't the kind of pleasant stories you should be letting others hear.
Andersen :: I'm just stating facts. Kiara Sesshouin. The last officiating monk of the barely surviving Shingon Tachikawa school. This woman works to deliver others from worldly desires, and thus is a beautiful siren calling them to ruin. After saving many people, she was betrayed by those she saved. The disgusting thing is — that even still she didn't change her way of life, and still held out her hand to people. She never even tired of it. This woman's bodhisattva tendencies are already Naraka itself!
...the Shingon Tachikawa school. If I remember correctly, that's a sect of Shingon mikkyou, generally considered heretical. The union of male and female, holding the two as one in your mind, breaking down the boundaries of your self and by drawing power from the "other side" becoming one with the universe... essentially, reaching enlightenment, which was its foundational doctrine and technique. Incidentally, they worship Dakini, and Dakini is identified with the Vairocana Buddha and Amaterasu-oh-mikami.
Of course, that was all in ancient times. In the present all magic and secret rites on the earth are dying out. Even Mt. Koya, which drove the Shingon Tachikawa school into a corner of history, is presently open to new forms of Buddhism.
The story as Andersen tells it is fragmentary, but it sounds like Kiara Sesshouin saved many lost people with the doctrine of Tachikawa-ryu as her foundation. The reason someone like her was participating in the Holy Grail War. She must have wanted to ask the Grail for –
Kiara :: Heehee, you make too much of it. To save the people of the world — such a grand wish would be too much for me to carry. All I can do is fulfill my own desire. And because of my shameless desire to save people, I participated in this battle. I'm no different from any other Master. All wishes are equally worthy. You can't compare wishes to those of others, called this one good and that one bad. Mine is for myself. Yours is for yourself. And that's how people ought to be.
Andersen :: And so you say grand things again! Master. Your pleasures make no sense to anyone but you. What you want for people isn't salvation. You take all their selfish desires onto yourself. And that's what you enjoy. You feed on others, and without them you'd be less than shit. What incredible filthiness! You're the most hideous parasite in the world!
Kiara :: ...you, you surprise me, Mister Drunkard. A useless, unnecessary gift. I thought you were too worn out to write even third-rate pornography, but you have opinions if nothing else. A parasite — indeed, that is without doubt the true name of god.
...in that moment. For no reason, a chill ran up my spine. Kiara, accepting Andersen's abuse with a gentle smile. She was just indescribably beautiful like that. A philosophic view that smiles and says "you're right," as he calls her ugly. Kiara Sesshouin is the real thing. She's completely different from those sham preachers on the side of the road. ...it's at the point that, until I reach that level, a chill of thinking I could face any hell there is runs through me.

Caster's analysis of BB

Answer: About BB
Andersen :: I suppose BB is a Master too. That woman is... well, an idiot. A hopeless fool. For the sake of one thing, one goal, she loses sight of everything else. That's what I call an idiot. The terrifying thing about idiots is that even as they lose everything they won't let go of that one, precious thing. To respond to a question with a question, what do you think of BB? Is she an idiot? A hindrance?
> An idiot
[>] A hindrance.
Andersen :: And what do you think of that behavior?
> ...it's cute I guess?
[>] ...it's scary I guess?
Andersen :: And that's the image you have of BB at present? Hmph. As I suspected, you're an idiot too. You dare to share your thoughts with me, forgetting that we're under BB's command. I don't know if she'll retaliate later. That woman responds to good will with hate and to hate with good will. It's just as well, though. If BB gets lost in hating you and forgets about us that'll be most helpful. BB is evil, and our common enemy. As Kiara and I lack the power to fight, all we can do is leech off your efforts. In compensation for our leeching, I'll give you one piece of advice. "How?" is an important question. And "why?" is an equally important question. Don't forget. There is a reason for everything. A protagonist isn't equal to a woman who just resolves questions.

Caster's analysis of Hakuno Kishinami

Answer: About me
Andersen :: About you? Your true nature? You have a breast full of courage, don't you! Or rather, your chest is average and unassuming. There are various limitations on our privacy here, but...
Kiara :: ...Andersen. Why are you sneaking glances at me like that?
Andersen :: It's fine, the demands of this world have no upper limit! You can live in a corner, not losing to shameless bags of water!
His concern is so excessive it's maddening. If this were the Holy Grail War, it might have come to "Sword Or Death" with this Servant.
Andersen :: ...However... Entrusting your self-analysis to a stranger crosses the line from foolishness into courage. Very well, I'll see through you without restraint! ...I could put on airs like that, but with you it's no good. You're a typical, generic savior-type protagonist. Loved by the readers, loved by the characters, loved even by the plot. Boring. Short cuts aren't my style. I can't talk about you, and you don't have enough value. You can ask me again... never.
Kiara :: ...*sigh* You're saying something heartless like "it's not worth talking about you," aren't you. There are things that trouble even Andersen's poison tongue. My apologies, Hakuno.
Andersen :: Don't mistake the facts, you fool. I didn't say that I didn't want to talk about her. I said that she has no substance.
"No substance"... Isn't that an even harsher description?
Andersen :: I can't speak of something that isn't there. Hakuno Kishinami. You still have nothing at all. I tell stories of things that are lost. Of giving one's life in compensation, of destroying something, the details of ending a life. But it's too soon for you. I'm a contrarian who can only tell a story of loss. You don't need to stop here like this. Hurry and clear the fog of secrets, come to know yourself, and run toward a future where profit and loss flit about you.
Andersen says it lightly. It might be my imagination, but his voice is — there's a warm, comforting echo to it, like a prayer for the well being of a youth heading off on a journey and facing battles.
Kiara :: How unusual. Or was that perhaps gentleness in your eyes, Andersen? It sets my heart racing. Heehee. Your big sister might develop impermissible feelings.
Andersen :: Who are you calling my older sister, damn it. Look in a mirror and masturbate to your whorish body you perverted bitch in a nun's habit.
Kiara :: Wha – oh, what to say... Aah, my Servant really is such a bad boy...

Caster's analysis of Passionlip

Answer: About Passionlip
Andersen :: Passionlip. All that excess fat. The visage of a girl that is pure, but therefore cruel. An ironic tale. Lip's own personality was masochistic, but her actions toward the object of her affections became sadistic. That's because her strong love, her selfish wish to be loved, and her desire to monopolize resulted in something like binding the one she loves. Lip was animated by a devoted love, but consequently... "I'll embrace you with these claws," "even if your body is crushed they won't let you go," "if you but whisper 'love' I'll be satisfied." ...the name truly does describe the body. The "lips" that take in their favorite thing, chew it as if making love, soaked in the after taste and licked clean, she was none other. She was the incarnation of imprisonment. To me those claws appeared to be a bird cage that would close around you and never let you go. But still, even if you don't want that, nothing comes of it. Love is very heavy. It is the claws that tear off the wings of freedom people wear. Once you take on the burden of another's life, you can't float free. Her you-know-whats being what they were, when you think about it they're as the stimulus of life, a happy weight.
...I see. Though destroyed with those final words, Andersen's commentary captures Passionlip's true nature. She stood against us not out of hostility, but out of a counter-productive love.

Caster's analysis of Meltryllis

Answer: About Meltryllis
Andersen :: Meltryllis. Fat amounting to nothing. The visage of a girl that is proud, but therefore tragic. An amusing tale. Melt's own personality is sadistic, but her actions toward the object of her affections become masochistic. That's because her absolute love, her motherly feelings, and her dedicated spirit result in something like accepting everything from the one she loves. Melt is animated by a controlling love, but consequently... "I'll keep waiting," "I will affirm even the ugly parts of you," "I'll keep protecting the 'love' you whispered." A "cradle" that accepts the man she loves, dissolves all pain, and offers him paradise even at the cost of her own body, she truly is none other. She is the incarnation of isolation. I can't help but see those thorns as swords that protect you from the world. But it would be rash to accept them as a goodwill. Love always comes with pain. It makes people fight within themselves and causes growth. Meltryllis' love holds nothing but pleasure. Closed away in that soft, gentle paradise, you could forget even the fact that you are human. Happiness alone will never lead to wisdom. Human beings are creature that are always growing. Meltryllis must know that that's our greatest weapon.
...a love without growth. A paradise where time is stopped in a single moment of satisfaction. That seems to be Meltryllis' true nature.


William Shakespeare
Alter Ego



Caster is the servant of Kiara, although his class is Caster he is usually referred to using his true name Andersen because Kiara, who has abandoned participation in the War, revealed it. Despite being Kiara's Servant he interacts with Hakuno Kishinami from a neutral standpoint.[6] Throughout the game he has conversations with Hakuno, he warns Hakuno not to trust Kiara. In the true ending route he and Kiara are the final boss however instead of actual fighting Caster takes the place of the Master and performs code casts on Kiara.

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail[]

Caster and Kiara were quickly killed off by Saber.[9]

Fate/Grand Order[]

GUDAGUDA Honnouji[]

Andersen appears under the name Takenake Andersen. Toyotomi Gilyoshi orders him and Kuroda Mephisto to give him a plan when Ritsuka and Mash’s desire to fight him angers him. Takenake says he doesn’t have a plan and complains that the world setting is low and doesn’t make any sense. After the three are defeated, he reveals he played along because he liked his given name. He is glad though that doesn’t have to hear Toyotomi’s laughter anymore. He also calls the Japanese setting bad for him since he may run into a crazy nun. He then to tells the group to do these types of events sparingly before finally disappearing.

Fourth Singularity: London[]

Andersen is a Servant that materialized from the Demonic Fog. He works with Henry Jekyll as an informant to remove the fog. Ritsuka, Mash, and Mordred meet in a bookshop while searching for the Magical Tome in Soho. He informs them that the Tome is in the study next door. Deciding it to be too dangerous to fight indoors, the group lure it outside. Their attacks are useless when Andersen reveals it’s a Stray Servant placing people into a dream in search of a Master whose psyche it can take form from. He names it Nursery Rhyme, turning it into a girl named Alice. After defeating her, the group return to Jekyll’s apartment now joined by Andersen.[10]

When Jekyll informs the group that Jack the Ripper is attacking Scotland Yard, Mordred asks Andersen if he can make Jack easier to defeat like he did with Nursery Rhyme. Andersen replies Nursery Rhyme was an exception, so Mordred leaves annoyed with him.[11]

He is pleased to see them return, having heard about the massacre at the police station. He tells them to rest, noticing done so in some time. He then reveals that Servants are materializing from the fog. Since Servant can’t be summoned without the Grail’s influence, he suspects the Grail created the fog. After Ritsuka, Mash, and Mordred leave, Jekyll thanks him for manipulating them into going on patrol since they were under a lot of strain.[12]

Later, Andersen requests the others retrieve data from the Clock Tower to prove his theory about the Holy Grail War. Mordred and Jekyll however reveal its entrance, the British Museum, was destroyed before Chaldea arrived. Nonetheless, the group head there joined by Andersen, William Shakespeare, and Jekyll.[13]

Arriving at the Museum, the group digs through its rubble to find the underground entrance to the Clock Tower. They find it and head down to find the mages were killed. They soon come across a warded library door, so Andersen and Jekyll investigate inside while the others guard the door. The spells on the books prevent them from leaving with them, so the others must defend them until Andersen gets the information he’s after. Andersen eventually finds the data he was after, so the group return to the apartment.[14]

Back at the apartment, Andersen reveals the Servant Summoning Ritual was adapted from one that summons seven of the strongest Heroic Spirits to fight a powerful enemy. He suspects that someone predicted the group’s coming and placed the information about the ritual for them to find. He doesn't think it was a mage, and he doesn't why a Servant would do it. Suddenly, the apartment is attacked by a group of Helter Skelters. Though they won't break in, Andersen finds them a nuisance, and demands the group dismantle them.[15]

Andersen and Shakespeare later go to the chamber of Angrboda, the source of the fog, after Ritsuka, Mash, Mordred defeated Nikola Tesla and Artoria Alter, with Sakata Kintoki and Tamamo no Mae helping with the former. He disagrees with Shakespeare’s assessment of Mordred’s character as someone who kills any who pity her. He explains she is easily taken in by a certain type of person, such as Frankenstein. He seems to recognize Tamamo and demands Mordred slay to her before Shakespeare. However, a mysterious figure appears from a Rayshift-like distortion. Andersen agrees with Shakespeare that they need to flee, haven’t expected the mastermind to reveal themselves at this stage. The figure expresses disappointment in Gilles de Rais, Romulus, Jason, and Tesla for their failures. He then reveals he is the mastermind behind the Incineration of Humanity, Solomon. He reveals the ring of light seen in the skies of the Singularities is his third Noble Phantasm, Ars Almadel Salomonis. Out of his interest in Mash, he summons only four of the Demon Gods and attacks the group. The group kills one of the Demon Gods, however, Solomon kills Shakespeare, Kintoki, and Tamamo. Mash implores Romani to rayshift them home, but Solomon’s presence makes that impossible. Solomon declares he outranks all Servants, regardless of their ranks as Heroic Spirits. He then tries to kill Mordred, but Andersen blocks his attack. Andersen explains the original Heroic Spirit summoning system created by the Counter Force summons them as Grand Servants to protect humanity from a threat born from humanity. Solomon confirms the system used in the Holy Grail War is a degradation of the original. He then declares he is the Grand Caster and kills Andersen.[16] 

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Andersen is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[17]

Subspecies Singularity I: Shinjuku[]

Andersen hides out in a abandoned waiting for the moment he's needed. That moment comes when he joins Jeanne Alter, Edmond Dantès, and William Shakespeare to confront James Moriarty in Barrel Tower. The writers then combine Märchen Meines Lebens and First Folio to summon the Great Detectives. After Moriarty's defeat and the meteor Bennu's destruction, Andersen and Shakespeare soon disappear together.[18]

Subspecies Singularity IV: Salem[]

When Leonardo da Vinci learned the Singularity's interior was a recreation of 17th century Salem, she asked Shakespeare and Andersen to write a scenario for infiltrating it. The scenario they wrote was for Ritsuka's party to a troupe of traveling performers. Da Vinci chose Robin Hood, Charles-Henri Sanson, Nezha, and Medea (she refused) to accompany Ritsuka for this scenario, taking Shakespeare's opinion into account.[19]

After Da Vinci reveals a medieval automaton returned from the Singularity, Andersen is annoyed she didn’t lead with that instead of the failed attempts of the U.S. Army. He then complains that he’s exhausted from writing a manuscript on such brief notice. He tells Thomas Edison that he can’t join the expedition into Salem after the former said he’d go in first. Shakespeare then explains he and Anderson the scenario they wrote. Andersen complains it was frustrating to devise a scenario for amateurs, yet he is proud of the script. He dismisses Edison’s concern about sending Medea into Salem, though he is surprised she changed her mind about joining the expedition. Later, when Mash demands to accompany Ritsuka, Andersen is impressed that she memorized the script, and asks Shakespeare if his script needs support. Shakespeare replies that Mash can be the troupe’s prompter. After Ritsuka’s party rayshift to Salem, Andersen dismisses Da Vinci’s concern that Mash is a little young to experience humanity’s dark side, pointing out Ritsuka and Mash have seen nearly every side of humanity by now. He calls the notion of a traveling troupe into a puritan village to have been insane from the beginning. He is then shocked to see that Medea didn’t actually accompany the others.[19]


Human Observation[]

Andersen demands Ritsuka give him inspiration for a new story. With Mash, the two travel to France. Andersen is inspired to write when ghosts of soldiers from Hundred Years War manifested by the Grail’s power approach. After destroying the ghosts, the group head for Rome at Andersen’s demand. There he throws a mud-ball at a passing soldier and mocks Roman soldiers as being absent-minded. This triggers a fight between the group and the soldiers. Afterwards, they board a pirate ship, where they’re immediately surrounded by its crew. After defeating the pirates, they return to Chaldea. Andersen explains his reasoning for visiting different eras was to observe its people, the weapons they used, and how they fought. He states even primitive combat reflects human thought. He considers the differences between each era to be a great reference. After his proclaiming disinterest in mankind, he considers writing a book about Ritsuka and Mash.


Andersen has the form of a young boy for an unknown reason, and as he was summoned that way, not even he knows for sure. He's one of the Three Great Authors (三大作家, San Dai Sakka?), The Brothers Grimm(WP), Aesop(WP) and Andersen. While he is one of them, he is the only one who produced his own literary works as the others are editors and collectors who compiled folklore and legends, he was the only one who created new stories, so an author in the truest sense of the word. Among his masterpieces are "The Little Match Girl(WP)," "The Little Mermaid(WP)," "The Emperor's New Clothes(WP)," "The Snow Queen(WP)," "The Ugly Duckling(WP)," as well as others. It's still said that the model for the "girl" in “The Little Match Girl,” was Andersen’s poor mother who worked tirelessly so that her son could be educated and left the world without once enjoying it.

During the events in the Shinjuku Singularity, it is shown that Andersen is capable of fabricating Phantoms.[20]

Differing from other Servants, he is a non-combatant that never directly engages in battle. He lacks fighting ability and even calls himself useless in that regard. He takes the role normally reserved for the Master after Kiara's transformation, providing healing magecraft and utilizing his Noble Phantasm to support her. In Fate/Grand Order, he summons central aspects from Thumbelina(WP), The Little Match Girl(WP), The Nightingale(WP), The Snow Queen(WP), The Red Shoes(WP), and The Little Mermaid(WP) to fight.


Class Skills[]

  • Territory Creation (D Rank): Creation of a territory that is advantageous to himself as a magus. In Andersen's case, it is not a type of territory created for intercepting incoming enemies, but one that bewilders even the eyes of the foolish enemy Master. In the Study he created in a place no one can found, he skips out wo-, no, continously moves his brush. A certain Master had had her patience run out with this style of overtruanc-, no, procrastination; she then made a small box, locked him inside, and make him write as fast as he can.[4]
  • Item Construction (C Rank): The ability to create various tools by means of magic. Although he does not know of any magic, it seems like he can more or less write up things by his literary works that put his Noble Phantasm to practical use.[4]

Personal Skills[]

  • Human Observation (A Rank): Andersen has the ability to observe and understand human beings with his personal skill. This is the ability to observe and understand human beings and it's not just limited to observing people, as he can even hypothesize the livelihoods, likes and lifestyle of people whose names he doesn't know. For this skill, something resembling eidetic memory is required. While Andersen is a pessimist, the basis of that pessimism is not rejection but understanding. The only thing he can do is spin stories, but it's for that specific reason that he has continued to swear that he would approach reciting those stories with more sincerity than anyone else.[5]
  • Innocent Monster (D Rank): He is currently being corroded by his own stories, suffering damage from the gossip of his admiring readers due to this skill. In Andersen's case, it is Curses of the Readers (読者の呪い, Dokusha no Noroi?). Having become too famous as a writer of fairy tales, Andersen's original personality is being painted over by the image of a writer of fairy tales. The readers decided "The person wrote this is like this, no doubt." whenever he wrote a book, so he is personally affected as such. His legs are covered in merman scales from The Little Mermaid(WP), his arms are covered in burn scars from The Little Match Girl(WP) and his throat is sliced with intense pain. He says his "heart is a demon who loves bad ends", and that is the price of fame from the readers grasping the true essence of it. Their view of the person depends on their own opinions.
  • High-Speed Incantation (E Rank): The ability to hasten magic incantation speed. It seems like in his case, instead of magic it benefits the progress of writing his manuscript.[4]

Noble Phantasm[]

His Noble Phantasm is Märchen Meines Lebens, the German title of Andersen's book "The Fairy Tale of My Life", originally titled "Mit Livs Eventyr" in Danish. The book is an unpolished manuscript of Andersen's autobiography, he calls it "the supreme commentary of all my works," the compilation that is the record of his way of life, his other self. With this, it is possible to grow someone from a "human being" to a "main character." With a few pages written only a few coincidences will occur but with the work completed said human being will grow into their ideal self. This way was how his Master, Sessyoin Kiara was able to become a earth mother reaching a state close to that of a True Demon. While said like this it would seem an omnipotent Noble Phantasm, the gloomy personality of Andersen and his pride as an author will not allow someone to reach their "ideal self" so easily. Also, it is needed to be someone that incites considerable lust in Andersen to this to work.[5]


  • Piece of Kai (カイの欠片, Kai no Kakera?) - A codecast skill that increases endurance.
  • Tears of Gerda (ゲルダの涙, Geruda no Namida?) - A codecast skill that increases magic.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]




He is called Hans Koyasu-chan Andersen (ハンス・子安チャン・アンデルセン, Hansu Koyasu-chan Anderusen?) in Fate/GUDAGUDA Order because Takehito Koyasu(WP) has also voiced Mephistopheles.

Creation and Conception[]

Similar to how the various Lancers are related to vampires, the team wanted to link Caster to nursery rhymes and make him a märchen-like character. Eventually the team settled on the current “who would think there could be such a hateful fairy” version of him.[6]


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    • Master: Kiara Sessyoin
    • Identity: Hans Christian Andersen
    • Gender: Male
    • Height, Weight: 146cm/39kg
    • Alignment:True Neutral
    • Strength: E
    • Endurance: E
    • Agility: E
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    • Luck: E
    • Noble Phantasm: C

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    Human Observation: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Marchen Meines Lebens: A Story Just For You
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit
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    • マスター:殺生院キアラ
    • 真名:ハンス・C・アンデルセン
    • 性別:男性
    • 身長・体重:146cm/39kg
    • 属性:中庸・中立
    • 筋力:E
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    One of the world's three great writers of children stories.
    It is deemed that there is nobody who doesn't know "The Little Mermaid" or "The Little Match Girl"
    Born in 1805, died in 1875 from liver cancer.
    Although he is now considered one of the three great writers, it has been said that half of his life was filled with setbacks and distress.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 146cm・39kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Denmark
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral  Gender: Male
    "You know I am sensitive to fashion? Since it is a shortcut for easily finishing a manuscript after all!"

    Level 2 Bond
    A gloomy and pessimistic poet.
    Maybe because he disliked his own life, the figure that he has been summoned with as a Servant is - as you can see - that of his childhood.
    "This means my period as a child was when I had the most talent!"
    Thus is his abandonment-like evaluation.

    Level 3 Bond

    • Innocent Monster: D

    Indicates the depths in which the truth was twisted by rumors, disregarding the intentions and appearance of the concerned person.
    In Andersen's case, this is a "curse from the readers".
    Many readers think that "for a man to write such story, he must surely be heartless" and, as a result, he is sustaining "the same wounds as the protagonists of the fairy-tales he wrote" all over his body.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Human Observation: A

    A technique to observe and understand people. Not only observing, but the capacity to conjecture about the daily activities, likings and even the lives of people whose name are unknown, and also the memory to not forget about these are considered important.
    Andersen is known as a pessimist, but what lies at his foundation is not rejection but understanding.
    What he can do is just to spin tales, but exactly for this reason he continuously vowed to remain more sincere than anyone else towards reciting.

    Level 5 Bond
    "A Story for Your Sake"
    Rank: C  Type: Anti-Unit
    Märchen Meines Lebens.
    The raw manuscript of the autobiography he wrote, "A Story of My Lifetime".
    By writing down the ideal life・way of being of the observed individual in a single book, said individual is strengthened into his "ideal figure".
    ...however, that is only if he can complete the manuscript.

    Even after becoming famous, he had no female acquaintances and remained unmarried for life.
    According to one theory, there was someone he had feelings for, but on countless occasions he let the opportunity for a confession escape due to a high pride and complex towards his own appearance.
    He died of liver cancer at 70 years old.
    Story goes that he died clutching a letter from his first love, which he always carried with himself.

    ハンス・クリスチャン・アンデルセン - キャスター



    人間観察 A
    高速詠唱 E
    無辜の怪物 D

    陣地作成 D
    道具作成 C



    属性:秩序・中庸  性別:男性




    ランク:C  種別:対人宝具


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    Marchen Meines Lebens (A Story For You)
    The unpolished manuscript of Andersen's autobiography, The Fairy Tale of My Life. To Andersen who said, "Generally, what I write is projections of myself," The Fairy Tale of My Life is the culminating record of his way of life, which he compiled as "the supreme annotation of all of my works."
    To put it another way, it is Andersen's other self. Although everything they produce is their other self to an author, this written manuscript forms the nucleus of that other self.
    Each and every page of this book, through the magical energy provided by the people who love the author known as Andersen, takes the shape of "the Andersen that the readers see," and can take action as that other self.
    But that is not the true worth of this Noble Phantasm. Just as an author produces stories, by wiping this book clean and starting over from the beginning, it becomes possible to raise "a single human" to "a single leading actor."
    The result... the extent of growth increases the further the manuscript progresses. With only several pages, only a few coincidences will occur, but with all the pages, in the event of the manuscript's completion, the person who was the subject of the manuscript will grow to their "supreme form," just as they imagined.
    Just looking at it, it appears to be an omnipotent Noble Phantasm, but Andersen's personal gloomy philosophy of life, which is deeply rooted in his heart, that "there is no finale that brings happiness to humans besides death"; his resignation that "there is no way that everything will turn out well"; and finally, the pride he holds as an author, which will not permit such a convenient development, will not allow someone to attain their "ideal form" so easily.
    Of course, the craftsmanship of the "story" also changes depending on Andersen's motivation. Basically, attaining "the supreme form of that person" is impossible without a subject that incites considerable passion in him.

    The Three Great Authors
    The great writers of fairy tales whose names reverberate throughout the world... Grimm, Aesop, Andersen... He is one of them, but he is the only one among them who wrote original works.
    Compared to the others, who were editors and collectors who compiled folklore, legends, and the like, he is the only one who, by producing new stories, was an "author" in the truest sense of the word.
    His masterpieces include: "The Little Match Girl," "The Little Mermaid," "The Emperor's New Clothes," "The Snow Queen," and "The Ugly Duckling," as well as others.
    Also, it is said that the model for the "girl" in the "The Little Match Girl" was Andersen's mother, who worked without pause in order to send Andersen to higher-level schooling and left the world while poor and having never once experienced pleasure.

    Human Observation
    Andersen's personal skill. Rank A.
    The skill to observe and understand people. It is not simply observing but also hypothesizing the livelihoods and preferences, all the way to their life, of people he may not even known the names of. This requires a tremendous memory that does not forget easily.
    Though Andersen is known as a pessimist, the lies at its foundation is not rejection but understanding. The only thing he can do is spin stories, but it is for that reason that he continued to swear that only with what he speaks of will he be more sincere than anyone else.
    Though he criticizes the way BB and the Alter Egos go about love as "unsightly," "in bad taste," and "conceited," at every opportunity, underneath that is a profound understanding and identification, as well as a reprimand. It goes without saying that most of the abusive language he spills onto them is not to completely deny them but to serve candid advice filled with warnings.
    ...Well, that he hates woman is also an unchangeable truth.

    01 - 貴方のための物語(メルヒェン・マイネスレーベンス)

    02 - 三大作家

    03 - 人間観察




    High-Speed Aria [E]
    A skill that hastens magic incantations. In his case, it seems to give a small benefit to his writing speed rather than his magic.
    "The speed at which I write is slow. Before that, I basically have no motivation so there's no way I'd write professionally!"
    says the person himself.

    Innocent Monster [D]
    An indication of the extent to which gossip has distorted the truth, without concern for the actual person's will or appearance.
    In Andersen's case, it is "the curse of the reader." Having become too famous as a writer of fairy tales, Andersen's original personality is being painted over by the image of a writer of fairy tales.
    Andersen, who has materialized as a Servant, is having his limbs eroded by the images of fairy tales that represent him. It's hidden by his western-style clothing, the skin underneath is afflicted by merman scales, match burns, and frostbite, and when he speaks, his throat is sliced with intense pain.

    Item Creation [C]
    The ability to construct various implements through magecraft. While he does not know magecraft, by putting his Noble Phantasm to practical use, it seems he can more or less produce what can be found in his literary works.
    It appears his specialty item is "a love letter that conveys your feelings, 100%," but considering Andersen's own experience with love, although not impossible, it's hard to request.
    Again, when he was alive, he had a strange habit:
    "Isn't it possible for me to be mistaken for dead when I'm sleeping and be buried?"
    was his fear and it is said that he was so overwhelmed with anxiety that he always had a note with, "I am not dead," written on it on his body.

    01 - 高速咏唱 [E]

    02 - 無辜の怪物 [D]

    03 - 道具作成 [C]




    Personal Background I
    A real person. Born 1805, died 1875 of liver cancer. Now, he is one of the three great authors, but half of his life was full of setbacks and suffering.
    Born as the son of a cobbler, he aspired to be an actor but gave up without showing any results. After that, he aimed to become a poet but received harsh criticism. Finally, the book he published at his own expense began to sell decently well, and using that money, he set out on a trip outside the country.
    His name-making work, "The Improvisatore," which had the inspiration he found abroad as its source, was finally acknowledged by the world. He was thirty.
    Thereafter, he shifted to being a writer of fairy tales, but he clearly became a writer of fairy tales because those works were appreciated more than his more freely written works, meaning it only caused him pain.
    As if to represent that, his fairy tales are full of naturalistic elements: violence and misfortune, poverty, and finally, are painted in a literary style that sees death as salvation.
    Borrowing the appearance of fairy tales, he continued to depict the grief of being desperately poor and the hopelessness of how death was the only escape from that. ...While masking all the feelings swirling in his chest with the beautiful presentation of his composition.
    Still, even after he became famous, he lived out his life as a bachelor, not associating with women. According to one theory, it seems there was someone he had feelings for, but due to high pride and a complex regarding his own appearance, he missed the chance to confess countless times.
    He died of liver cancer at the age of 70. It is thought that he died grasping a letter from his first love which he always had on his person.
    Andersen as summoned by the Moon Cell manifested, of all things, as he was as a boy before he became famous.
    His alignment is Lawful Neutral. He has a introverted, self-assured, and passive personality. As a dour, pessimistic poet, he has no intention of being liked by others, and as it no longer has any worth for him to discover, he lacks any intention of enjoying life. Andersen does not desire anything from the Holy Grail. The cause is probably that he didn't attain even one of the things he desired when he was alive.
    "This is assuming that life has value. Most of it is probably lower than people's delusions!"
    he says, acting as if he hates everything in the world.
    "But, well, while I hate the world, it is not as if I detest it. If there is something worth loving, then it would be fine to one again light the firewood in the hearth of frozen affection."
    ...Truly, what a bothersome man.

    Personal Background II ("Blank Page" before clearing the CCC route)
    "I will depict your life. You are truly the crystallization of the ugliness that is women. It is a story that makes me want to vomit everything."
    Though Andersen always criticizes Kiara from beside her, he is not [the PC's] ally either. That is just the manifestation of the impartiality that distinctive to him. As Andersen is methodical like an author, being helpful is his true nature. First of all, if one does not think to entertain the readers, to serve the readers, then one is not fit to be a writer.
    Andersen is hardened as a pessimist, but he will not laugh at the efforts of people who decide "let's live correctly" and "let's achieve this all our power".
    Because that is what he once dreamed of, the form of a society that wished to be like that.
    The reason Andersen advised [the PC] who was trying to resolve the incident, even while telling them, "Your actions are futile. Just leave those girls alone," in a flabbergasted manner, and never delivered definite repudiation against Kiara who was causing the situation to deteriorate, even while cursing her by saying, "Greedy, impudent, and on top of that, a liar! Only the demon in a fairy tale could be as unsightly as you!", is because both [the PC] and Kiara were earnestly "living their lives with everything they had."
    In the end.
    "A final light (sentence) for that unrewarded life."
    That is this Servant's foundation.
    Andersen who, though he was a world-famous author, did not attain even one of the things he desired. The writer of fairy tales who, while speaking of love, never once attained it. To him, a story about "a life where one struggles then disappears without being compensated" is what should be told. Humans who become happy easily are the same as scenery to him. They can just be happy of their own accord.
    "I want to give a final light to the lives of people who were abandoned by even God," is the nucleus of Andersen's soul.
    If you come to a stop on the final path, if you have the opportunity to turn around--you should be able to see a fragment of this Servant's truth.

    01 - 人物背景Ⅰ



    02 - 人物背景Ⅱ



    アンデルセンは厭世家として固まってしまったが “正しく生きよう”“全力で事を成し遂げよう”とする人間の努力を笑わない。


    事件解決に奔走する岸波白野を「無駄な事を。あんな女どもは放っておけ」と呆れながらもアドバイスをし、事態を悪化させていくキアラを「貪欲で厚顔でオマケに嘘つき! 童話の悪魔でさえおまえほど醜くはあるまい!」と悪態をつきながら決定的な否定をしなかったのは、ひとえに岸波白野もキアラも“自分の人生に一生懸命”だったからだ。






    “神さえ見捨てた人間の人生に、最後の光を与えたい” それがアンデルセンの、魂の核である。


  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 6.6
    [v] Fate/EXTRA material - Encyclopedia: Andersen [Servant], p.158 [T]

    Andersen [Servants]
    Andersen is a Servant that appears in Fate/EXTRA CCC.
    He is a poison-tongued shota writer. His Master is Kiara Sesshoin.
    Although his class is Caster he is usually referred to using his true name Anderson because Kiara, who has abandoned participation in the War, revealed it. Andersen appears to be a young boy around the age of 10.
    Despite being Kiara’s Servant he interacts with the player from a neutral standpoint.
    He is remembered throughout the world as one of the three great fairy tale authors.
    He possesses no ability to fight, thus he does not take any part in combat throughout the game. His position in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War ever so slightly insinuates, “Without victory, without defeat, I am the one to judge this story.”
    He has a dark nature and is a pessimistic poet who has no desire to be liked by others. Furthermore he is no longer able to see any remaining value in himself, and completely lacks the notion that he should enjoy, or is able to enjoy his life.
    Although he was summoned as a Servant, he has no wish or desire. This is probably because while he was alive he was unable to obtain anything he wanted.

    “Even if life had some sort of value, it would surely be far less than most people fancy it to be.”
    Like this, we can see that he has a distaste for everything in the world.
    However, his true nature is to be helpful to others, and if you rely on him, he will certainly live up to your expectations. Like a good author he is conscientious, and he pays attention to all the small details. In short, he is a male tsundere.
    Of course, in the first place, without the desire to entertain and to please your readers it would be impossible to work as a writer.
    While Andersen is decidedly pessimistic, he advocates “Live properly.” and “Do everything you can to pursue your goals to the end.” and would never laugh at the hard work of others. This is what he once dreamed that society would actually typify.


    Andersen’s young appearance is in complete contrast with his choice of words, and his voice is like a sword that cuts you in two.
    In general he considers everything to be completely terrible, worthless and useless so conversation instantly freezes over when he joins in. His poisonous tongue has made Kiara stop dead and have to pull herself together more than a few times.
    However, while he may come across as trying to seem self-important with his pessimism/view that humans are worthless, he is similar to Archer in that if you take what he says in a level-headed manner you will realize that he is simply speaking the truth. Andersen isn’t looking down on and criticizing others, but rather just revealing the fact of things in his own sincere way.
    To digress once again, we originally considered making him a Tinkerbell-like, fairy-from-a-fairy-tale-book-like character.
    In EXTRA and CCC we see two completely different sides to him.
    Similar to how the various Lancers are related to vampires, we wanted to link Caster to nursery rhymes and make him a märchen-like character. Eventually we settled on the current “who would think there could be such a hateful fairy” version of him.





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