Harriet Frise (ハリエット・フリーゼ, Harietto Furīze?) is a student attending Kagamisaki High School in Mahou Tsukai no Hako.



A freshman at Kagamisaki High. Blond foreigner with a childish appearance. She attends class 1-2. Partner of the maid Marie Muller.



Once time, when she went to have lunch on the rooftop, she met with Chikagi and Hibiki. As she grew used to Hibiki's pushiness she kept on investigating them.

After that, her identity as a magus was disclosed by Sunao and fought against her, but ultimately lost. Just as Sunao was about to deliver the final blow, Harriet was saved by Marie. Harriet said that she'd not be eating lunch with them anymore, but changed her mind as Hibiki handed her out a lunch.

Her outward appearance and mindset aren't that of a high-schooler. Her actual age seems to be around elementary-school. More than a tsundere, she's more like a child that can't be obedient. She was stiff at first but was caught off guard by Hibiki's lunch. She hate Mary's sandwiches because they look like plastic.

Actually, she's a magus, and her purpose is to search and investigate the Holy Scripture Triten. She visited Ahnenerbe under the pretenses of having her "supplies depleted" and "to caught them off guard", ignoring Trendel's orders.

Her parents were killed by the Holy Church henceforth she turned her hatred towards Sunao.




Harriett's golems

She possesses a familiar called Alraune, based on the experimental Galgen Mainleinn. A full-fledged completely autonomous parasite-type familiar that creates golems using soil as its core. She called forth a dozen Alraunes to fight Sunao, but was overwhelmed by a full-armored Sunao and eventually defeated. Harriet's magic isn't that strong, so she has to be supplied from Marie.


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